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'No White House participation whatsoever': Merrick Garland douses Team Trump's interference claims


Facebook Jokester hit with a FELONY for Police Parody - Institute for Justice

Don't go trick-or-treating... They want to kill you!!!?!!

Facebook Jokester hit with a FELONY for Police Parody - Institute for Justice

Tweet of the Night:

Mastriano Once Said Women Who Violate Proposed Abortion Ban Should Be Charged With Murder - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Cuban referendum and party and policy....

Liz Cheney dropping more bombs..says she will campaign FOR DEMOCRATS '..if that's what it takes.'

Are there any fans of Abbott Elementary here?

Canada Tweet of the Night:

Trumps friend Tom Barrack accused of working secretly for the United Arab Emirates... trial...

Neo-MAGA: Bannon Ally's 'Neo-fascist' Win Tests U.S. And Italy - The Beat - MSNBC

New York Power Authority burns green hydrogen in retrofitted GE turbine, cuts emissions 14%

Tucker on NordStream pipeline sabotage: Did Biden do it?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about students in Virginia....

Russian commentators turn on each other.

CREW: Trump's staggering record of uncharged crimes

Last-ditch Republican midterm stunt goes down in flames - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Christian author says 'Christian nationalism' is out of step with the historic faith

Russian conscriptions

California attorney general warns Temecula not to pass abortion ban

Reminders Of Tampa's Vulnerability, And Of The Fact That No One In Power In FL Is Thinking Long-Term

The Onion has just done its best headline ever

A clump of cells has rights, but not the woman carrying them.

Twitter Points Out Apparently Darkened Photo Of Stacey Abrams

Riggleman On Roger Stone: 'Every Time They Open Their Mouth, They're Lying' - MSNBC Reports

Police in San Bernardino, California say they shot and killed a 15-YEAR-OLD KIDNAPPING VICTIM

Majority of home buyers and sellers want to live in a state with legal abortion, Redfin survey shows

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Another Immaculate Inning

What Will Life Look Like as MAJOR Rivers Run Dry?

All the Young Dudes

Last Week in The Republican Party - September 27, 2022

A Poignant Essay On The Hurricane Donna I Have Known

Texas' Top Law Enforcement Officer Doesn't Like When Laws Apply To Him - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump adviser Roger Stone, on video, outlining Trump's plans to overturn the election results

Sarasota shuts off h2o to barrier islands and closes bridges ahead of monster hurricane.

Seattle mayor announces $7.4 billion budget proposal

Breaking down the world's population when it reaches 8 billion

Texas's Corrupt Attorney General Got Paid While Texans Suffered. This Candidate - More Perfect Union

Farmers among Russians drafted into the military, Putin says

University Of Idaho Warns Employees Could Face Felony Charges If They Promote Abortion Or ....

A Tale Of Two MAGA Extremist Candidates For Governor - All In - MSNBC

Wanna bet Deathsantis eventually promises to end hurricanes?

Putin's doom - - Pretty good interview with Mark Galeotti

Sago worm billed as astronaut food

Trump fan who assaulted Officer Fanone on Jan. 6 sentenced to more than 7 years in prison

Krakow cancels Roger Waters gigs, urges him to visit Ukraine

MAGA Rallies are GETTING Embarrassingly SMALL crowds - Meidas Touch

Why the New Legal Attack on Biden's Student Loan Relief Is Already Doomed

Alameda sheriff strips 47 deputies of service weapons, admitting they failed psych exams and ....

Best of luck floridians

Trump Tells MAGA Crowd 'We Have To Keep Our Country Gay' In Hilarious Fumble During Speech

Anita Hill sure aged better than her harasser and his wife

Unintended consequences

Young people will save us

For those who think we should stop worrying about COVID transmisison -

Why The Oath Keepers Trial Defense Could Spell Trouble For Trump - All In - MSNBC


Mike Fanone gets a MAGAt phone call tonight:

Embattled Congressman Matt Gaetz Garners Only Six Viewers On Newly Launched Twitch Stream Channel

Everyone involved in this pro-Trump brief knows better -- including Ken Paxton

Anyone have memories of Parish Hall or Church Punch?

Rowan Atkinson interviews Elton John at Hysteria 3 (1991)

Georgia has declared a state of emergency ahead of Ian

An off-duty Massachusetts National Guard member aggressively confronted a tour bus full of senior ci

Federal court finds 3rd Iowa ag-gag law unconstitutional

The Russian soldiers knew that this was the end - Military Mind - TVP World

Even GOP operative Karl Rove thinks Texas Republicans are extremists and will pay the price.

Has trump left those who attempted to destroy our democracy on January 6th on his orders

Re: Ian. Where is DeSantis? We need to push this just as Repukes would

History of the Raiders 1960 - 2004

Reasonable left, irresponsible right

CA bans criminal investigations & prosecutions of pregnancy loss, stillbirths, miscarriages.

SNAP tweet of the day (DeSantis)

Wednesday Digit: 9/10 - Perfect for many, perhaps a touch too cool for some. -Dan, CWG

Cuba is in a nation-wide blackout, state media says

Kimmel: NASA Goes Full Armageddon, Sad Giants Fan Shows Up, and Jimmy & Guillermo in the Brooklyn

Biden Says GOP Will Cut Social Security if They Win

Russia under pressure as thousands of military-age men have been leaving the country - DW News

Millionaire Martin Mobarak probed for torching $10M Frida Kahlo painting in NFT stunt

Trump Is In Trouble Because Judges Aren't Buying His 'MAGA Make Believe' - Ring of Fire

Partners continue restoring oysters in Southern Maryland.

Jeffery Moore (R FL) KKK costume photo emerges


Wednesday Morning Autumn Vibes Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Positive Mood Livestream

The Daily Show: NASA Hits Asteroid & Illegal Russian Referendum Held in Ukraine

Ron DeSantis And Greg Abbott In Major Fight Over Immigrant Flights - Ring of Fire

Rick Caruso is running a new ad of Karen Bass praising scientology...

People built in harm's way. Here comes Ian.

Canadian Tweet:

Satellite images show 10-mile line of cars fleeing Russia

Who are the Germans waiting with open arms for? - Break the Fake - TVP World

A fav Will Pitt post

Ron DeSantis Tells Sean Hannity He's 'Thankful' for Biden's Assistance as Hurricane Ian Approaches

IMO, Kim Mulkey is a POS.

Tweet of the Late Night:

GOP: Doug Mastriano Is A Lost Cause - Raw News And Politics

hating this laptop

Texas couple finds fully automatic military-grade M16s in storage cases purchased online

Trump Reveals Why Lindsey Graham Keeps Kissing His Butt - Ring of Fire

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

Florida Braces For Hurricane Ian. Is DeSantis Up To The Test? - The ReidOut - MSNBC

OMG! Florida really is the penis of America!

European leaders blame Russian 'sabotage' after Nord Stream explosions

Stone May Join Club Of Pardoned Trump Henchmen Who Commit More Crimes Says Expert - The ReidOut MSNBC

Brazilian Businessmen Fund Arms Campaign


Mark Meadows Was In Direct Contact With Operative Plotting To Seize Voting Machines - Ring of Fire

Exploring Ken Paxton's idiosyncratic view of the law

Grieg's 'Holberg Suite', 2 from Cecil Armstrong Gibbs ('A Spring Garland' not accessible)


Veteran RIPS 'Stolen Valor' Candidate J.R. Majewski

Harry Litman: 'Smart Lawyers And Donald Trump Tend To Part Company' - The Last Word - MSNBC

5-time Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming has fled Russia.

The Last, Painful Days of Anthony Bourdain

Ted Cruz pulls disgusting stunt as his own party publicly abandons him - Brian Tyler Cohen

U.S. Ambassador To UN: 'We Will Never Accept' Putin's Attempt To Annex Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

31 years ago, I Produced this public access show in Pasadena CA...

Federal Police Sees Suspicious Transactions in Bolsonaro's Office

Iranian Journalist: Iranian Women Are 'Leading A Revolution' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Senate Votes To Advance Short-Term Funding Bill, Avoiding Government Shutdown - NBC News

Trump directed Democratic staffers of color to serve food during a White House dinner, books says

Ghoulish moans are haunting the intercoms of American Airlines flights

Why are Amtrak Tickets so Expensive?

Arctic Monkeys on Jimmy Fallon Thursday nite

Alex Vindman who EXPOSED Trump EXTORTING Ukraine SLAMS MAGA GOP for Backing Putin - Burn the Boats

Harris To Visit Demilitarized Zone After North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile - NBC News

Ghost town relics

This is not a back and white picture.

Brazil election: 'We'll vote for Bolsonaro because he is God'

DeSantis Gets SCRAMBLED Over U.S. History Question

SWEDEN: Rise of Far- Right Party w Neo- Nazi Roots Both Expected & Shocking, Natl. Elections - NYT

Facebook Must Not Allow Trump Back on the Platform

Brazil's prisons generate income, say pastoral workers

Men Paying $27,000 For One-Way Flights Out Of Russia - Raw News And Politics

Cognitive Dissonance - Republican hatred of the Federal government vs. their dependence on FEMA cash

I don't know much about crack ...

Interesting Article by Ion Sancho in 2019 regarding Roger Stone's dirty tricks in 2000

Pro-Choice Activists Played the Long Game for Impressive Takeover of Forced-Birth Fundraiser

'We Need To Call Them Out': Gov. Newsom Wants Democrats To Push Back On GOP Governors - Alex Wagner

Thank You

Apparently the Library of Congress has the worlds largest flute collection

Ian Satellite loop from the NOAA website. WOW. (Updated with new image)

Just watched on YouTube Super Bowl 18.

Without Culture, Freedom Is Impossible

Lula widens lead over Bolsonaro less than a week ahead of Brazilian vote -poll

Middle Age Riot tweet about MTG:

Roger Stone's Comments On Violence And Rejecting Results Of The 2020 Election in Documentary - Symone

Recognizing Components Is Key To Fighting Extremist Violence: Anita Hill - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

12,000-year-old elephant remains discovered in Chile

Next January 6 Hearing Postponed Due To Storm - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Good luck, Florida

Malaria cases surged in Central America after a fungal pandemic wiped out frogs

Baby giggles:

2nd tweet: baby's first queso--

In Maya society, cacao use was for everyone, not just royals

Corruption under the State of Emergency in El Salvador: a democracy without oxygen

Does she have "guilty" written on her face?

Rescuers search for mother, daughter missing in sinkhole

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/27/22

FOX pushing rainbow fentanyl panic for Halloween:

Efforts to restore power in Cuba are underway after Hurricane Ian triggered an island-wide blackout

DEA warns of threat over 'rainbow fentanyl' - CNBC Television

Tweet of the Week

Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting

Breakfast Wednesday 28 September 2022

Stephen Colbert - Guest CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward

A decade of progress for small-scale farmers in Cuba

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin, Russia, and mobilization....

Go to Google and search for 'nasa dart' !!!


American mountaineer Hilaree Nelson found dead after fall from Nepal's Mount Manaslu

Russian proxies in Ukraine claim victory in annexation votes - Al Jazeera

Marjorie Taylor Greene Likens Dems To Hogs, Wants Help Shooting Them Dead

Texas 12-Year-Old Allegedly Shoots Her Dad Then Self in 'Murder Plot' With Pal

War On Halloween! Fox News Wants To Cancel Holiday In Latest Right-Wing Freakout

Progressive Democrats frustrated with 2022 primary losses

Zelensky calls to remove Russia from UN Security Council

South Carolina lawmakers won't pass stricter abortion laws

DeSantis Praises Biden as Florida Gov. Changes Tone Before Hurricane Ian

Four best Tom Hanks movies?

Greene's new ad encourages Dangerous Violence using suggestive violent gun rhetoric.

Lizzo Plays Crystal Flute Owned by James Madison Live in Concert

GOP Candidates Strip Abortion and Trump Connections From Their Campaign Websites

Hear why Democratic strategist doesn't like his party's midterm strategy - CNN

Rolling Stone ranks top 100 TV shows of all time

William Pitt has been added to the In Memoriam page

Roger Stone sought a second pardon from Donald Trump after the January 6 Capitol riot:New York Times

Hurricane Ian strengthens into a Category 4 storm on its way toward Florida as officials warn

Which US Senate Seat are the Democrats are most likely to win? GA,NV,Both, or Neither?

Rise of far-right party shows racism deep-rooted in Israel

Standing up for abortion rights is standing up for democracy

Morning DU ☀️ Time for a range of motion workout 😀

Nice Truthout article on Will Pitt.

Politics NDP calling for probe of grocery store profits as food prices continue to rise

We Might Have Underestimated The Size of The Asteroid Behind Earth's Largest Crater

Mars is littered with 15,694 pounds of human trash from 50 years of robotic exploration

Reich: The truth behind "self-made" billionaires

Alpine Negroni

Pollution from Florida mining a concern with Hurricane Ian

Hillsdale College full racism (and charter schools)

Trump Saw Staffers of Color at White House, Assumed They Were Waiters, Book Says

Astronomers discover secret star at the center of gorgeous Cat's Eye Nebula

Tiny Swimming Robots Treat Deadly Pneumonia in Mice

So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Bever Lee.

Unprecedented access: Inside Tasmania's orange-bellied parrot captive breeding program

See the striking facial reconstruction of a Paleolithic woman who lived 31,000 years ago

Artificial islands surrounding British Isles were used for ancient parties, archaeologists find

The Right's Pedophile Problem Is Getting Worse

Looks like Ft. Myers/Cape Coral is in imminant danger (2hrs)

Shooting at Roxborough High School after football scrimmage leaves 14-year-old boy dead, 4 others...

The worst thing about Supreme Court Clarence's Thomas failure to declare

Florida Braces For Category 4 Hurricane Ian

I'm baking a birthday cake tomorrow

Reuters: SCOTUS "stepping on the gas" in its turn to the right...

On this day, September 28, 1901, Ed Sullivan was born.

Oklahoma panel rejects clemency for man in baby's killing

11-year-old dolphin dies at Mirage on Las Vegas Strip; 3rd since April

Ian just shy of a Category 5 hurricane as it nears Florida

Hear what supporter of Jan. 6 rioter told Fanone during rioter's sentencing - CNN

Storm surge for Lee County Florida.

"Catastrophic" Hurricane Ian to hit Florida today

Ian Live Streams Wed am (storm chasers)

In Brazil's Mato Grosso state, deforesters foot the bill for political campaigns

Wednesday TOONs - Missing Person

Trump renames Maggie Haberman --"Maggot" and disses her book...

The Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trials. Key word conspiracy.

JFC! Florida Hurricane Brief is a Donnie Dipshit Cabinet Meeting

The best part of waking up

University of Idaho tells faculty that talking about abortion could have criminal repercussions.

Woman charged in Capitol riots now serving as a 'captain' for Herschel Walker's campaign

Sanders Statement on Removal of Big Oil's Side Deal from Government Funding Legislation

Fmr. GOP Chair Michael Steele: Polls are wrong. There will be a pink wave. Dems to hold House.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Likens Dems To Hogs, Wants Help Shooting Them Dead

Arthur really let me know I'm 'one of them', last night

The Weekly Pull: The Human Target, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Old Dog, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (9/28/2022)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for December 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #205: Immaterial Girl in an Immaterial World (9/27/2022 Edition)

"Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe" Vol. XII

The Rundown: September 28, 2022

Bobby Banas is bananas to watch. video from 1963

World's central banks financing destruction of the rainforest

World's central banks financing destruction of the rainforest

538: Progressives Took A Step Back In The 2022 Primaries -- But They're Playing The Long Game

The Lyman pocket is closing in Ukraine

Stewart Rhodes is using a defense that invokes Trumps name.

61 % of the GOP believe

The Russian people were mostly OK with Putin as he de-stabilized other countries...

per CNN: U.S. Embassy Warns Americans to leave Russia now

NASA Panics After Asteroid Fires Back

So Was Mark Meadows A No Show At The Special Grand Jury?

NKorea test launches missiles on eve of Harris trip to Seoul

#french film actress Brigitte Bardot was #BornOnThisDay, Sept. 28, 1934.

This was a big chunk of my day yesterday down here in SW Florida.

North Korea Launches Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

Bank of England to Buy Bonds in Bid to Stop Spread of Crisis

British POWs Aslin & Pinner on Good Morning Britain.

How does Motherfucker say he's a racist piece of shit....

You raised $695.00 on September 27, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Russia's War in Ukraine to Cost Global Economy $2.8 Trillion, OECD Says

"take the useless perverts and criminals....there's enough to feed the meat grinder...."

Christian nationalist 'ReAwakening' rally, headlined by Michael Flynn, coming to Missouri

You raised $25.00 on September 27, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Barnes Senate WI

THESE are the races that will determine control of the House of Representatives! Please help!

You raised $25.00 on September 27, 2022 Democratic Underground for Chris Jones Gov AR

"Our end goal was to brutally murder Pence & Pelosi, & sadly today they are still breathing"

You raised $100.00 on September 27, 2022 Westlund WI State Senate

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Senator Bernie Sanders on midterm elections, 2024 presidential election

From Keith: Oathkeeper trial about to reveal tfg insurrection connection: "Stewart Rhodes" trial

You raised $15.00 on September 27, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Cissy Strut

You raised $500.00 on September 27, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Three examples of adding corporate insult to climate injury.

Matt Drudge Goes All In Against Trump: Calls Him Demented

Neoliberalism - the ideology at the root of all our problems

You raised $1,360.00 on September 27, 2022

Trump Offers to Lead Negotiations to End Russian Invasion of Ukraine: 'The Entire World is at Stake'

Holy Shit - it's Cat5

Ian is at 155 MPH and strengthening. This is Cat 5 territory.

Russia-Ukraine War Sparks Energy Grid Concerns in Mass. Ahead of Winter

Russia-Ukraine War Sparks Energy Grid Concerns in Mass. Ahead of Winter

SE Florida DUer checking in

Whales like music too...

Koko Taylor was born on this date.

Artist makes medieval armor for cats

Gazprom threatens to stop paying Ukraine gas transit fees

Live graphics of Ian.

🔴 LIVE - Hurricane Ian Coverage With Multiple Storm Chasers

anyone here ever make a "dump cake"?

Revealed: 5,000 empty 'ghost flights' in UK since 2019, data shows

41 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Voting Info

Hurricane politics when a sadistic thug is involved

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 28, 2022

Re RBG: Trump would sarcastically raise his hands to the sky in prayer and say: "Please God. ..."

A Russian commander inspires the new recruits!

DeSantis needs to be careful when he sits down after this presser. He has so much

Bill McKibben: Victory Over Big Oil as Sen. Manchin Forced to Drop "Hideous Deal" on Energy

Roger Stone, Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 coup: Is a major bombshell coming?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who hit Nordstream....

Charlotte Harbor, Florida is flowing in reverse.

Live Beach Cam - Ft Myers bar/pier

Asteroid Diversion? Earth Still "Careening Headlong into Climate Catastrophe," Says NASA Scientist

Joe Biden is Johnny on the Spot for Florida

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman named prime minister

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman named prime minister

"Lady Justice": Dahlia Lithwick on Women Who Used the Law to Fight Racism, Sexism Under Trump & Won


Alzheimer's drug shows promise in early results of study

If TFG cared, he could use his mental powers to stop Ian.

What Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson Don't Understand About War

What exactly has De Santis done?

Radar estimates 170mph winds with Hurricane Ian

Boebert slammed for 15 anti-veteran votes after boasting of support for troop

John Kerry: Putin Is More In A Corner Than Anyone Would Like Him To Be - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Florida now

Tickets now on sale for 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' benefit screening

Moscow's proxies in occupied Ukraine regions report big votes to join Russia

This is very cool IMHO

GOP Still Not Aggressively Calling Out What Happened On Jan. 6 - Morning Joe

The hourly advisory still shows unchanged at 155 mph

Newsom outlaws pink tax.

Ian has hit the barrier islands in Lee County.

Can't say enough about the men and women of the Hurricane Hunters

old dog waits each morning to greet 90-yr-old friend on his morning walk:

Reading social media you would think MAGA is a subsidiary of the Russian Federation

Take a tour through this tardis of a bookshop

BRACE FOR THE STORM The Ike Dike will transform Galveston. See how in a fly-through tour.

Dan Rather: 'When the coup fits...'

William769 signing off.

Clever goat

BRACE FOR THE STORM The Ike Dike will transform Galveston. See how in a fly-through tour.

AP/MSN: 'Eco-warrior' and Earth First! co-founder Dave Foreman dies

Fort Myers, FL : People go swimming in the storm surge.

Voting in FL post hurricane

Trump being CANCELLED---by republicans:

Mississippi Scandal Just Got Worse For Former GOP Gov

Did Hans Neimann Cheat at Chess With a Sex Toy? This Coder Is Attempting to Find Out.


Reed Timmer tweet from southern tip of Pine Island, FL

Lara Trump gives her son a "Character Building" exercise

47 California deputies who failed psychological tests stripped of guns

Fresh Evidence Emerges of Alleged Russian Atrocities in Once-Occupied Ukraine

A DC federal judge dismissed Sidney Powell's counterclaim against Dominion Voting Systems

Sanibel Island incoming storm surge pic.

Success of Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Hailed As 'Historic Moment'

Tucker Calls Putin - The Lincoln Project

Spending Bill Survives Senate Test, Staving Off Government Shutdown Threat

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 28, 2022)

Russian mobilization of Crimean Tatars tantamount to 'ethnic cleansing,' official says

Tampa Bay has dropped 5 feet since this morning. Its gonna get backhanded hard

Students for Life sent -- and now proudly displays -- a letter DEMANDING that GMU ...

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Another gun crazy man threatening to do a Las Vegas style mass shooting

Tucker Carlson: The U.S. blew up the Nord Stream pipelines (?)

Some hospitals rake in high profits while their patients are loaded with medical debt

The Lyman Gap grows smaller by the hour

Middle Age Riot tweet about sexism & racism:

To Restore Trump As President, Millions Of Supporters Believe Force Necessary

Fleeing Texas AG Gets Bailed Out By GOP-Friendly Judge

My dream blog...

Anyone else watching "Blonde" on Netflix?

Remember when Pat Robertson blamed Katrina on "the gays"?

Reminder Hurricane warnings and storm surge warnings now for the NE coast of Fl now

I want a crank installed at the foot of my casket that when turned plays

Truss Takes a Bold Economic Gamble. Will It Sink Her Government?

Didn't Read The Article Before Commenting? Science Says It Really Shows

After sharp right turn, U.S. Supreme Court conservatives step on the gas

Mike Causey, 'Federal Diary' columnist for three decades, dies at 82

Matt Gaetz Throws Tantrum Because No One Takes Him Seriously


President Biden Speaks About Florida and Hurricane Ian

Can someone explain how they get wind readings in the eyewall

French Senate report denounces sexual abuse in porn industry

Never-before-seen images show Rikers inmates locked in caged showers, left in soiled pants, etc.

FACT SHEET: The Biden Administration's Preparation for Hurricane Ian SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 STATEMENTS

Burglary of $90K worth of equipment knocks Grays Harbor fire station out of service

Boy, 15, fatally shot in Harrisburg: police

Dr. Howard Forman on the purpose of vaccines.

Seattle City Council moves forward with plans to revamp Third Avenue neighborhood

What happens when salt water floods land/fresh water sources, wells, etc.

Did I miss it?

"A lot of people have reached out to us with thoughts and prayers" - Desantis, at presser 09.28.2022

Listening to DeSatan talking about the hurricane -

Mom smacks the shit out of kid for dangerous stunt

Have they postponed the January 6th Hearing today

Chuck Grassley Voted Against Getting Dark Money Out Of Politics

Trump weighed bombing drug labs in Mexico after he mistook adviser, new book shows

Where Did Water Come From?

Most of us would feel sympathy for someone whose home was destroyed by an arsonist. But,

Ft Meyers/ Tampa folks stay safe! Ian's packing a power punch even though it's low to mid Cat 4!

Shooter at St Vincent's Hospital, Sherwood Arkansas

Dead infant found at Graysville Canoe Launch - And so it begins

Hints from religious conservatives about how they would change American Democracy...

Disney World, Universal Orlando, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex close ahead of Hurricane Ian

Were the hearings canceled?

Florida doesn't start panicking about hurricanes until the Waffle House closes.

GOP Vows to Impeach Biden, Will Get Back to Us When It Figures Out What to Impeach Him For

I have an appointment this afternoon to get my 3rd Covid booster. Has anybody had the Covid booster

Mike Lindell's voter fraud expert had his phone seized at the airport

Republican Herschel Walker invokes Jesus to dismiss holding a gun to his wife's head

Arkansas senator (R) suspended over filing frivolous complaint

Time Explanation. Now I understand!

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan challenges his parole denial

Jackman, Reynolds Set For "Deadpool 3"

Ian is not weakening and it's crawling

Pure Poison Viper Tobi Kadachi -Monster hunter world

Glenn Youngkin hosts donor retreat amid presidential speculation

One guy in florida

Incredible Magician!

Big COVID-19 waves may be coming, new Omicron strains suggest

Hi everyone, do you grow Basil?

Remember, like the cowardly rat he is, Meadows played both sides of the fence on J6.

Hey California!

Grown up time w/Karine Jean-Pierre

Corporate groups sue U.S. consumer watchdog alleging legal overreach

Former Kan. GOP governor endorses Kelly's re-election

*RARE* first person view of storm surge. This camera is 6 feet off the ground in Ft. Meyers

Fort Myers, FLorida...

emerald toucanet in the cloud forest

2nd time in a month I had to stave off

Waking up between 2 & 4 A.M.? - yip, am doing all the wrong things

Right-Wing Populism May Rise in the U.S. - Galston

Another One Bites the Dust: Dr. Oz Takes Back His Election Denial

New CBO report: The poorest *half* of America -- 150 million people -- hold only *2 percent* ...

AZLD4Candidate has arrived in China.

Heard This Song For The First Time Today (Warning:It's DARK!)

What I haven't heard from MSM is much about the effects of global warming

Wonder if the Republicans new thing is to just not answer questions about abortion?

So many care. Then there's DeSantis.

TFG almost fired Ivanka and Jared in a tweet, said the latter spoke like a child

Judge: Indiana can't enforce abortion burial, cremation law

Olbermann's Sept. 27 podcast was quite intense ....

Providence Swedish workers latest to land big pay raises with new contract

Lizzo plays flute?!

Jeff Tiedrich: Want to make Kyrsten Sinema irrelevant?

Hurricane hunters, ride'em cowboy!

GOP Candidates Strip the MAGA From Their Campaign Websites

***General John Kelly said TFG was a "fascist" who was unfit to lead a constitutional democracy***

PA Gov candidate Mastriano said charge women with murder for abortion

Cartoons 9/28/2022

Dropkicking these pics of (soon-to-be Senator) Tim Ryan:

I took a break from watching hurricane coverage to make some lunch and this happened

Pollution from Florida mining a concern with Hurricane Ian

As campaign struggles, Doug Mastriano plans '40 days of fasting and prayer'

No penalty for Lynnwood council member's 'underinformed' views on racism

Just how racist is the MAGA movement? This survey measures it.

Anchor Pub ex-owner arrested again, released on Oregon sex crime warrant

Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz in message against hatred

Judge green lights defamation lawsuit against Fox, Lou Dobbs

I have watched baseball for 60 years and have never seen this.

U.S. policy is responsible for Venezuelan refugees

Were You Looking Forward To Student Loan Forgiveness? Have A Koch And A Frown.

Katie Couric reveals she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Highway 9 work could disrupt travel through Lake Stevens

Eye Opening Conversion

Iran's anti-veil protests draw on long history of resistance

Cat-egory 3 hurricane (purricane):

Will's Tavern

Trump judge's own special master rebukes her for limiting his ability to do his job

Sidney Powell's claims against Dominion Voting tossed by judge


The Dropkick Murphys put their spin on Woody Guthrie lyrics in new album

A new story of Trump-era DOJ political pressure requires a hard look

Gas prices: Going up or down?

I am so gonna catch that!

I am worried about Ali and crew. Be safe!

"As a meteorologist, Hurricane Ian is the nightmare storm I worry about most"

STILL 155 mph, for over 5 hours now. Has to be the most consistent hurricane ever

This little boy appreciates how hard his mother works:

As I watch Ian coverage, I am made to wonder, as I often have . . . . .

Opinion: Ron DeSantis Is Making an Asylum Crisis of His Own

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in southwest Florida as a category 4 storm

Will Ian be to Desantis as Katrina was to W

"Anti-Government Anger Isn't New--but the Source of Today's Anger is Different"

18-years of Climate-Change denial by the Fascist party and its Big-Oil funders:

Why is someone in Northern VA sending me an Ohio Absentee Ballot Application

When a baby or toddler pets an animal, we say, "Pet nice." Well, turn about is fair play:

So, this guy is sitting in a plane, flying INTO Russia...

Church & State Separation Key to Democracy. Fascist Spain: Babies Taken, Sold to Wealthy, 'Red Gene'

Uvalde parents are protesting outside school offices

Jumping with seals:

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Internet?

They'll vote to end to Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, etc

Stephen Fry with a spot on answer about God.

Christiansburg Food Truck Rodeo returns

Zorro cat + mini-me:

Lara Trump slammed for calling this "character building", twitterverse says call CPS

Little jump rope dancer has skills:

Tiniest goatlet makes friends with baby:

Someone buy this artist a charcoal pencil:

Russian state TV pundit gets drafted and goes crazy.

Southern MD morning and afternoon 9/28

If I were a Republican right now

Compilation: when you hear the neighbors arguing:

The "One Bad Apple" explained

Watch Prez Biden warn oil company thugs not to raise prices, gouging Americans due to the hurricane.



If the GOP gains control they've promised to:


Sharknado in Fort Myers!

Best explanation of Trickle Down Economics I've Read

RIP Joe Bussard (legendary record collector)

Trump is 'quiet quitting' special master case after making 'terrible blunder': legal expert

LOL! New loading icon!

Danish queen strips four grandkids of royal titles to give them normal lives

Proof that dogs are pack animals:

TCM Schedule for Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Humphrey Bogart

Jim Cantore in the storm:

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 30, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Fredric March

Romance novel cover model pleads guilty to dragging cop down stairs FACEDOWN on Jan. 6th

Will Ted Cruz be consistent and delay Hurricane Ian relief funding like he did with Hurricane Sandy?

Darn it, Linda! Play.With.Me

We're going to be seeing some horrific and heartbreaking film footage, tomorrow

The SS Minnow

An inspiring anti-fascist song, sung by two Iranian women without hijab:

Al Gore on my mind today ... Florida. The Irony ...

Top Songs of 1958

Photos show 10-mile line at Russian border as many flee mobilization

Activists Flood Election Offices With Challenges

Rubio is on CNN with Jake Tapper regarding Ian.....🤮 🤮 🤮

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 28, 2022

New book claims Trump may have called Dingell pretending to be reporter

"My Brother Is So Far Gone": How Male Influencers Turned The Men In Their Lives Toxic

I'm really glad they postponed the January 6 Committee Hearing. turned out to be a very good call.

Shark seen swimming down the street in Ft. Meyers Beach

Cop Slams Pregnant Woman - In Her Own Driveway

On this day, September 28, 1938, Ben E. King was born.

Walking around in Rome, near the Trevi fountain and we see a McDonalds. WHT?

Puppy Was Lifeless Until She Heard Her Rescuers

Looking at the size of the hurricane on Google Earth

Woman brings an unwanted kitten home. And this is how her dog reacted.

Drama Queen Rescue Cat Has Special Trick To Get Attention

Records contradict Majewski's account of military punishment (On top of lying about combat)

Donald Trump considered bombing drug labs in Mexico, according to new book

Donald Trump considered bombing drug labs in Mexico, according to new book

Trump implied he wasnt using same toilet as his Black predecessor

Matt Schlapp Goes In The Toilets

Failed Psych Tests Sideline 47 Sheriff's Deputies

Life in rural Russia six months after sanctions

Hurricane Ian's remnants will douse parts of the Mid-Atlantic this weekend into early next week.

Hurricane Ian's remnants will douse parts of the Mid-Atlantic this weekend into early next week.

Doxxed Doctors, Library Bomb Threats, and Attacks on Pride Centers: A Week in Escalating Anti-LGBTQ.

Sustainable point

Dogs can smell when we're stressed out, a new study shows

Abandoned Pittie Has The Best Reaction To Getting Adopted

Desantis found time to talk to Hannity on the radio

Lightning strike

Charlie Crist is on Nicolle Wallace now n/t

Hurricane Ian

latest on IAN from Denis Phillips 5pm

tweet of teh afternoon

Biden on ending hunger in US: 'I know we can do this'

COVID-19 infections increase risk of long-term brain problems

Dear Florida

I Had No Idea Nicolle Wallace Actually Married Michael Schmidt

How Democrats can flip the crime issue against the GOP

Saudi Arabia funds TFG and JK through Public Investment Funds & LIV Golf

Huge Social Media Merger Announcement:

Mark Sumner of the Daily Kos does top drawer analysis of the war in Ukraine

Jessica Valenti: Abortion, Every Day (9.28.22)

DeSantis calling for Volunteers

Ilya Smirin: Chess commentator sacked for sexist comments during match

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 September 2022

Texas militia leader Lucas Denney has been sentenced to FIFTY TWO months in prison

Huge burst of convection in the eye for a storm over land. Amazing

Some pictures from the anniversary

Remember hurricane sandy that hit New Jersey

Stocks rally, bonds soar in relief after UK calms markets

Ian evacuees from SW Florida are hurting

Brian Kemp is playing the racist card AGAIN.. darkening Stacey Abrams' skin in ads

What Lessons Can We Learn From History?

Former MoviePass execs are being sued by the SEC for lying to customers

Where are The Villages located in relation to Hurricane Ian's track?

It's Called Fashion - John Fetterman

Missing Cat Rings Her Family's Doorbell Weeks Later, Frantically Meows To Be Let In


Mark my words: DeSantis will take credit for rescuing the refugees

War in Ukraine: Veteran Russian Diplomat Reveals Kremlin's Plan Conflict Zone

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Faces Dual Threat From Tornados, Hurricane Ian

The Alt-Right Playbook: The Cost of Doing Business (Innuendo Studios)

TN legislature this week: Crisis of furries and litter boxes in schools (quit electing dumbfucks)

This is why the Earth is screwed. And no, your Tesla and digital thermostat don't help.

JD Vance EXPOSED in fatal blow to campaign - Brian Tyler Cohen

How Trump's Mar-A-Lago Lawyer Just WAIVED Attorney-Client Privilege And Threw Trump UNDER BUS

DeSantis: 42,000 Linemen Prepared To Restore Power In Response To Hurricane- MSNBC Reports (9 videos)

Hurricane Ian Will Leave 'Catastrophic Footprint' Says FEMA Administrator - Deadline - MSNBC

How Florida's power will be restored (and how Puerto Rico's is currently)

BREAKING: New Scathing Filing In Mar-A-Lago Special Master Case Says NO VENDORS will Work With Trump

Things are bad in Ft. Meyers.

MSNBC showed Naples FL emergency vehicles in the station with asshole deep water.

BREAKING: Special Master CALLS out Corrupt Judge Cannon and She Complies - Meidas Touch

Cop Slams Pregnant Woman - In Her Own Driveway

Mike Luckovich-Bodyguards

"Grossly inflated, objectively false, and therefore fraudulent and illegal."

Treasury rejects U-turn on mini-budget despite turmoil

BREAKING: DOJ SLAMS and MOCKS Trump in NEW Mar-A-Lago Special Master Filing - Meidas Touch

President Biden will provide Florida with all of the disaster assistance it needs.

Idaho: Drag performer sues blogger for defamation over edited video

Moscow tries to draft fleeing Russian men at the borders

DeSantis: First Responders Will Wait Until Hurricane Ian Passes To Begin Rescues - MSNBC Reports

LGBTQ advocates, women worry in Italy after Meloni's win

Fetterman, Shapiro lead in latest polls; Pa. voters still have unfavorable view of Oz

why i hate donating to political campaigns

Howard Stern interview of Hillary was great

San Bernardino PD thankful to the Hurricane for taking their teenager killing off the news.

Senate just passed Sanders and Kaine's resolution supporting free fair election in Brazil

MAGA 'Road Map To An Insurrection': Jan. 6 Insider On Connections To Riot And Meadows Texts - The Beat

Should be a bigger story..

How much bigger is Hurricane Ian than 2004's Cat.4 Charley? This much ...

The Democratic Party US Senate seats after 2022 base is 51 and ceiling is 54.

Study: Heat wave led to unprecedented melt of Swiss glaciers

McConnell endorses bipartisan bill to prevent another Jan. 6

Flying home

My Patron stamps came today all the way from Kyiv!

Gang blockade cripples Haiti fuel supplies, hospitals prepare to close

U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses Republican Mehmet Oz in Senate race

Sunset, southern MD 9/28

West Central FL update

Billy Strings - Rosa Lee McFall.....Portland, Me, 2021.

Jared Yates Sexton: Different Stage, Same Problem

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Trump legal team shakeup....

Keep in mind, when NY and NJ needed help after SuperStorm Sandy, Congressman Desantis voted NO

A Deep Dive Into the Inky Waters at Mar-A-Lago

Biden to oil industry: Don't raise prices due to hurricane

What Is the Permanent Problem?

Former Staffer Says Ron DeSantis Is Trashing Trump As 'Moron' In Private - Ring of Fire