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First Cloudflare, now DDoS-Guard: Kiwi Farms all but finished after bill comes due for years...

NYC mayor laments not being told earlier about arsenic in public housing complex drinking water

If Palin finishes in 3rd place in the blanket primary, Will Peltoka win the general election?

My coworkers were "swatted" by a Karen for "Acting While Black"

Tired of trickle-down economics': Biden calls for expansion of unions in Labor Day speech

*MSNBC doing some serious work, discussing U.S. history, *EDIT

Jimmy Holmes playing with Dan Aurbach

The Complicity of the Textbooks

Chasing Red Cotton Flower Noodle Soup Across America

Evening + Sunset, southern MD

The Message of the Republican Party: Don't Tread on Me. I Tread on You.

Their Body Their Choice


NPR: What a special master does, as told by a special master............

The GOP reaction to Biden's speech shows that his anti-MAGA strategy is working

Note to Zeus: When will this wingnut infliction/affliction be over? - I'm 75. - tick tock.

U.N. expert 'alarmed' over curtailment of LGBTQ+, intersex rights in U.S.

It's been 21 or so months since tfg was tossed out

On Labor Day, We Remember Our Past and Look Toward a Bright, Inclusive Future

CNN: John Yoo was just being consulted on Anderson Cooper ...

Ukrainian hackers created fake profiles of attractive women to trick Russian soldiers into sharing t

Putin approves new foreign policy doctrine based on 'Russian World'

WOW: Republicans, CNN try to slam Biden, it backfires horribly - Brian Tyler Cohen

Red wave crashing? GOP momentum slips as fall sprint begins

God's Away on Business

Special Master: unclutch your pearls, unwring your hands

Judge cites 'reputational harm' to Trump in ordering a Mar-a-Lago special master and pause in probe

emptywheel has a deviously good suggestion

Lindsey Graham's worried his alpha male will lose in 2024

We got the votes; question is whether everyone will have...

Arizona AG's office proves there's no pony for MAGA cult under the manure of '2000 Mules'

Analysis by Philip Bump: Figuring out how many 'MAGA Republicans' there actually are

Russia's war has already 'burnt' a quarter of its budget: 'There's no money, but you hold on'

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

Russia's war has already 'burnt' a quarter of its budget: 'There's no money, but you hold on'

'Trump Judges Do Not Believe In The Rule Of Law': Legal Expert On Judge Granting Special Master

5 September 2020 Lake Travis t----** boat parade disaster, lest we forget.

Russia Sanctions 25 More Americans, Including Sean Penn, Ben Stiller....

Trump simply can't handle being an ex-president.

Fetterman: We make steel. In New Jersey, Dr. Oz makes crudit

Where to Draw the Line in Reproductive Care


Biden Takes Aim At Republicans Says 'Democracy Is At Stake' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

We now have mockery of a sham of a travesty court bossing the DOJ on spurious grounds.

Battleground 2022 US Senate Elections that the Democrats are most likely going to win.

Thinking About The Special Master

Fetterman: We make steel. In New Jersey, Dr. Oz makes crudit

I believe this judges Special Master decision will only add to the motivation of Dems and others to

IMHO the Special Master ruling was mostly a move to avert GOP disaster in Nov. 8 election.

Theists online are getting to be more of a headache.

Why isn't this special master crap considered obstruction?

Wes Freed, Visual Artist Who Designed Drive-By Truckers' Albums, Dead at 58

Trump 'Stole' Top Secret Material, And Special Master Ruling Won't Save Him, Says SCOTUS Lawyer

Tuesday Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Good Autumn Day Livestream

I demand to know if Judge Cannon

Bolsonaro Summons Evangelicals and Ruralists to Show Strength on September 7

I finally figured it out? Maybe? Maybe not?

The wars for Colombia's cocaine containers Part 4: Cartagena

Any idea who will be the special master to oversee the documents Trump stole?

Dem Nominee For Georgia Sec. Of State Warns Of Voter Purges - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Seriously, how could the country trust any Special Master selected by Trump team to not be a clear

All of the instances where Trump was allowed to operate under different rules


Continued Demoralization...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the other Las Vegas....

Al Franken with some humor

I like this guy's take - he was one of the NY AG Trump University prosecutors

Top Republican Strategists FREAK OUT On LIVE TV over Biden wearing Aviator Sunglasses - Meidas Touch

Michoacn biogas firm turns to sargassum as new source, plans plant in Quintana Roo

The Big Lie that Legal Experts Can't, or Won't, Tell Us

Perhaps it should be put on the back burner a while, and let it simmer until it is ready...?

Beschloss: John Mitchell celebrates a legal victory, 1974

Koala mother collects her baby:

Collins gave it all she had......lotsa time, ah, not a lot of time, just the best time. 👍🏻 ♥️ 👍🏻

Pool boi

We want to do our part to get Democrats elected. We are retired and on fixed income. We have....

Zelenskyy wants US to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism - ABC News

Jon Stewart Tweet:

Gasoline prices are expected to continue to fall after Labor Day and some states could see below $3

This bird must think he's a cat:

T.Rex - Jeepster (German TV show Beat-Club, 1971)

Dana Milbank On GOP Using 'Fascist Techniques': 'It Is Un-American' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Brazil judge suspends easing of gun laws, citing election violence fears

Whale shark seemingly swimming in the stars. Twitter.

President Biden praises unions, touts Inflation Reduction Act - ABC News

Venezuela: Armed forces make largest pot bust in a decade

OMG they lost Fat Leonard

Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Holding on by it's 'Fingernails,' According to New Study

This is pretty fascinating. Foolish Baseball's take on Maddux's "76 Pitch" complete game

News Anchor Has 'Beginnings Of A Stroke' During Broadcast

*9 to 5 on HBO now, ch. 502

steeleye span - Allison Gross

Who Is The Most Extreme Republican Swing State Senate Candidate

Stock futures rise after major averages post third straight week of losses

Ukraine says nuclear plant offline after Russian shelling

Uvalde Schools Open Back Up Tomorrow Following Shooting That Killed 21 - NBC News

Trump tried to get a case before Qannon on another occasion

Buxtehude's 'Sonata' played by Eroica Trio

I guess in retrospect

Stoned Soul Picnic Laura Nyro

Tuesday Digit: 5/10 - Darkened skies with areas of heavy rain and a flood risk for the morning

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (live, acoustic, on the beach near The Hague, June 1993)

*Lounge* forever! - great don't have to shower, Dog licked/cleaned behind my ears!

How Bad Is the Mar-A-Lago Opinion? Talking Feds

Furious Texas Paul OBLITERATES Trump Rally in UNCENSORED Rant of the Year - Meidas Touch

California governor signs landmark law for fast food workers

Does anyone know when the studen loan relief...

BREAKING: Corrupt Trump Judge IGNORES LAW and Rules for Trump in Mar-a-Lago Search - Meidas Touch

I knew this somehow ran on older pager technology, but I just wanted to tell anyone/everyone

Mexico abandons hope to rescue miners as authorities plan to recover bodies

Providence area flooding closes I-95, leaving drivers stranded for hours

They cooked holiday burgers/weiners & I gagged/coughing

I'm not quite sure how to ask this question.

OK you DU/Lounge stop making me love you more, you know who you are!

My girlfriend and I binged The Handmaid's Tale

*On WETA, ch 26, Amanpour, re: Liz Truss,

8 mo old Roku failed to connect to wifi-all attempts to fix failed.

Your honor, I object to the sexist implications

Tweet of the Day

Over sensitive Siri?

Lounge love - turn up yr volume

Lies, Politics and Democracy - Tuesday on PBS Frontline

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi: They Want Classrooms To Almost Be Like Trump Rallies - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Tsk, tsk, tsk. At one time there was widespread repect for most judges...

The Obamas visited the White House to unveil their portraits. Has anyone painted

I think the weather service needs to dumb it down a bit. For people like me.

Desperate Trump goes on HYSTERICAL and BIZARRE social media rant SLAMMING Fox as RINOS - Meidas Touch

Holy shit. Freaking blood thinners.

And just like that... OPEC agrees to lower production to offset dropping oil prices.

Body found during search for missing Memphis jogger, police say

Answer the phone!

Pole Dancers Are the Latest Target of Far-Right Grooming Panic

If you paid your entire student loan...

'Deeply Problematic': Experts Question Judge's Intervention in Trump Inquiry

Judge Cannon couldn't even keep her Florida Bar license active a few years ago.

B&W film photo of students participating in a Chesapeake Bay Foundation program

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are most likely going to win.

Even Greg Abbott thinks he should be voted out of office when he forgets he's talking about himself!

Even Greg Abbott thinks he should be voted out of office when he forgets he's talking about himself!

Navy Vet SLAMS Marjorie Taylor Greene for calling Afghan Refugees TERRORISTS - Meidas Touch

Legal question. If the documents were illegally removed from the WH

PASTORS PREPARE TO SUE TEXAS over its abortion law- arguing it violates their religious freedom

"Truth Social" is gone!

PASTORS PREPARE TO SUE TEXAS over its abortion law- arguing it violates their religious freedom

Judge grants Trump request for special master to review documents found at Mar-a-Lago - PBS NewsHour

Exclusive: Deal partner for Trump's Truth Social fails to get backing for SPAC extension

'Huge win': McCabe on Trump's special master ruling - CNN

(Jewish Group) The Black Jews of Ghana who discovered their roots through a vision

Germany asks Israel's forgiveness for handling of massacre - DW News

Glenn Kirschner on DOJ - "They're Treating Trump, an Abject Lifelong Criminal with Kids Gloves..."

Suspects from Nice terror attack go on trial in France - DW News

Ali Velshi w/ Stephanie Miller: Trump Never Goes Away, His MAGA Republicans Advertise Chaos 24/7.

An Iridescent Pileus Cloud over China - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Turkey's official annual inflation tops 80%, experts put it much higher - DW News

Thirty-five civilians killed in convoy blast in Burkina Faso

Trump's DERANGED rally, Trump judge ORDERS special master, Biden and Dems fight for workers and MORE

France, Germany will help each other face energy crisis, Macron says - FRANCE 24

Listening to BBC talking about Truss, it seems she's enamored...

Progress of the Ukrainian offensive - TVP World (Poland)

Yesterday was the Munich Olympic Massacre...

Kazakhstan emancipates itself from Russian influence - TVP World (Poland)

Kay strengthens to hurricane status in path toward Mexico, southwestern US

Tuesday 6 September 2022 💃

Barry White, September When I First Met You

Deal partner for Trump's Truth Social fails to get backing for SPAC extension: Reuters, citing sourc

US: Russia to buy rockets, artillery shells from North Korea

Japan's state funeral for Shinzo Abe to cost more than L10m

Former Federal Prosecutor SLAMS Trump Judge after BIZARRE and DANGEROUS Ruling - Meidas Touch

So conservatives cried socialism.

Wordle 444 ***Spoiler Thread***

Propagandist: Soviet gulags are better than German concentration camps - Break the Fake - TVP World

Typhoon batters S. Korea with 3 feet of rain, damaging winds

After starring roles in the Bible, shepherds and their flocks are hot again.

Tuesday TOONs - Had It Up To Here

DOJ Dilemma

Lede of the week

I woke up to a much different situation, this morning

From new shoes to language lessons, Roanoke region reaches out to Afghan refugees

Exactly what are narcissists afraid of...Dr. Les Carter video 13:15 run time

On this day, September 6, 1995, Cal Ripken Jr. played a baseball game.


Team tRump is pushing for a Special Master named John Barron.

wtf happened to lindsey graham?

Biden seeks to separate 'mainstream' Republicans from 'Trumpies' in Wisconsin speech

Russia's Nord Stream Pipeline Closure Lands Economic Blow Against Europe

Power outage here in Northern CA - 3 hours remaing

Reviewing the past litigations of team Trump since 2015 and the lawyers he has chosen, the outcomes

My SE cell phone won't charge.

Please bring Obama out

New UK leader promises to tackle energy crisis, economy

Does This Greenland Melt Graph Strike Anybody Else As A Bit . . . Unusual?

To Mask, or Not to Mask: Theaters and Concert Halls Face a Dilemma

Politico's New Owner Invited Colleagues to 'Pray' for Trump's Re-Election

BTRTN House and Senate Midterms Snapshot: How Far Have the Democrats Really Come in the Last Month?

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 8/28-9/3/2022

BTRTN House and Senate Midterms Snapshot: How Far Have the Democrats Really Come in the Last Month?

The Rundown: September 6, 2022

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1972

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for November 2022

Kamala Harris Tells The Nation, "This Is the Beginning of the Next Era of the Labor Movement"

Trump Went Judge Shopping and It Paid Off in Mar-a-Lago Case

Election deniers repeatedly visited Ga. county office at center of criminal probe, video shows

Wow... Chris Matthews on Morning Joe...

Tweety is on Morning Joe Scum now n/t

Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest winners draw from state's splendor

Yo, Mr. Trump! I hear your looking for a "special" Special Master, amiright ?

Pakistan floods: Officials struggle to stop biggest lake overflowing

Expert: Dems need to expand Supreme Court to counter the conservative assault on democracy

And so say all of us😀😀😀😀😀😀

Palin urges Begich to drop House bid; Begich declines

NPR: Leaked e-mail-Fox producer's warning against Jeanine Pirro surfaces in Dominion defamation suit

Putin approves new foreign policy doctrine based on 'Russian World'

Half Of Our Justice Department Is Not Impartial, It Is Partisan

How long will it take to appeal the stolen documents case to the Supreme Court?

New surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into GA county's election office

Special Master Approval Could Open The Door To 'Months Of Litigation' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Americans Are Breaking Up With Their Work Friends

Fox producer's warning against Jeanine Pirro surfaces in Dominion defamation suit

RockinRio star decides to mingle with crowd: (Twitter)

DOJ had docs for a month -The process of photographing and dusting them for prints was done long ago

I'm giving these boys just a FEW MORE MINUTES and then I've got to start on my errands

surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county's elections off

Buddy Bolden was born on this date.

The life of roses.

You raised $115.50 on September 5, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Behind a neofascist facade, Patriot Front is really just another 'white nationalist pyramid scheme'

Trump having stolen "state secrets" which he was no doubt selling to our enemies was part of the ...

"The Courts Will Hold"

You raised $130.00 on September 5, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

The Conservatives Made Everything in Britain Worse (Yes, Even the Weather)

New evidence linking Sidney Powell to the Georgia voting machine breach

Kathy Hochul (NY-GOV) campaign ad: "The Day"

Jake Hanrahan: Seven years ago today I was released from prison in Turkey.

63 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

You raised $110.50 on September 5, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

You raised $25.00 on September 5, 2022 Democratic Underground for DUer Stephanie DuBois


No joke: If you need some catharsis: Today's Keith Olbermann podcast

French firefighters, fawn (Twitter)

Night Time Gardener

You raised $100.00 on September 5, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Brazilian Forest Activist Murdered Wks. After Summit Organized By Murdered Brazilian Forest Activist

Distinguished University Professor Nikki Giovanni announces retirement

Three spots left in the photo contest. YEAH!

How deranged anti-Obama conspiracy theories led America to Donald Trump

KO: "Arrest DT while we still can!"

Neal Katyal: This special master opinion is so bad it's hard to know where to begin.

Who Loves Global Warming? The Corn Mealworm, Which In The Past Couldn't Live Beyond 40N . . .

ohh , hot , hot . hot. sonora projected hi for today is 111 by nws . rest of the week in lo 100ds .

Today's Olbermann podcast is very good

I assume Trump wants the DOJ to appeal the judges decision, delay is his game.

"The Report" movie, USMC vet actor

Really Marco Rubio?

America is finally waking up to the fascist danger: Let's hope it's not too late

Power Point editting got me like this

Pic Of The Moment: Some People Are Saying That This Is Where Judge Cannon Got Her Law Degree

'Deeply Problematic': Experts Question Judge's Intervention in Trump Inquiry

Why do I no longer see Stephen Colbert on DU? n/t

"Fat Leonard" (Navy Bribery) escapes from House arrest. Cut off GPS anklet.

The Rio Grande Dried Up This Summer In Places We've Never Seen; TX: "Praying For A Hurricane"

"What is going on with men in their late 30s?"

Loose Cannon

Truss to freeze household energy bills with subsidy: source and reports

We all know this is true.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about CNN....

When the neighbors come home drunk at 4am

India's Gay Families Deserve Legal Protections, Top Court Rules

Philly 'Walking Artist' visits the gravesites of Tubman and Douglass

Politico's new German owner has a 'contrarian' plan for American media

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

More women Dems are running in northern Michigan

On the whole "Nobody wants to work" comment. . .

JD Vance +"DeSantis, Eyeing 2024, Rallies With the Trump-Backed Far Right"

Hundreds of cyclists join memorial ride for woman killed on her bike in Bethesda

Elephant uses car to scratch. Car doesn't come out of the encounter so well:


Putin attends joint military drills with China, others

For last time as Senator, Leahy will offer keynote remarks on implementation of the Leahy Law

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 6, 2022

Hillary Clinton reveals lingerie ad that prompted trademark pantsuit look

Exotic pets first brought monkeypox to the U.S.,

Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark under the gun as colleague cooperates with investigators: report

The 11th circuit has judges appointed by Trump, Garland has to consider that.

"In My LIfe" - Bette Midler

Steve Schmidt twitter thread

"I'm really rich": Trump claims he doesn't even "need financing" as Truth Social deal falls apart

Pro-MAGA D.C. Cop Secretly Worked to Undermine Seth Rich Investigation

George Monbiot: New U.K. PM Liz Truss Has "Extreme Neoliberal" Anti-Labor, Anti-Environment Record

If he's so filthy rich, he SHOULD spend his own money

Stumbled upon this in my list of quotes... true then, true now.

Important announcement.

Indigenous Americans ruled democratically long before the U.S. did

Judge removes Griffin from office for engaging in the January 6 insurrection

Hillary again addresses the facts about her emails and the ZERO classified docs among them

Yeah, in my opinion, Trump sold our secrets.

An essay from March 2022: Right-wing extremists are today's hippies

New Mexico County Commissioner removed from office under 14th Amendment

Missouri secretary of state throws support behind controversial election theory

New policy gives moms more postpartum care coverage

We discount the Kraken lady at our own peril

Neon Abyss - PS4 - Review

NYT Op Ed - George Mason U Libertarian thinks: School Is for Wasting Time and Money

UFO's?? in Texas????

Escaped chimpanzee returns to Kharkiv zoo on keeper's bicycle

King Crimson - Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With (Live)

This cat had more blocks in the 70s than Jabbar and Chamberlain combined.

Chile Goes Back to the Drawing Board After Voters Overwhelmingly Reject New Progressive Constitution

Badfinger - Baby Blue (live, 1972)

DOJ's likely strategy to appeal/nullify Cannon's ruling:

Can any of the secret documents be tied to the CIA missing informants?

Newly obtained surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county's

TCM later:

To this day I haven't heard of any investigation into who dropped the pipe bombs

Exclusive: Pro-MAGA D.C. Cop Secretly Worked to Undermine Seth Rich Investigation

Came upon a dragonfly yesterday . . .

Ugh! I had to have my MasterCard cancelled...

More Than 100 Children Baptized At NC School Without Parents' Permission: Report

RIP Barbara Ehrenreich: Exposed Inequality in "Nickel and Dimed," Opposed Health-Industrial Complex

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 6, 2022)

'Here come Miss Ann': Black people know the likes of Margaret Court all too well

Hillary weighs in.

"The Human Psyche Was Not Built for This" (How Republicans in Montana hijacked public health)

Gym Jordan tells GOP candidates not to 'shy away' from banning women's rights

Anyone remember when Trump's loan with (I think) Deutsche Bank is due?

Rented a car this weekend

Opinion: Judge's ruling for Trump is astonishing

White, Christian Nationalism is based on faulty historical perceptions and on error in interpreting

In 2016, Rubio Had Sharp Words For Clinton's Server, But Now Downplays Trump's Documents

'That's right: zero.' Hillary Clinton obliterates Donald Trump's false equivalency about classified

Is Junior dead drunk or is he high on drugs -- or both?

Tomlin confirms Mitch Trubisky as Pittsburgh Steelers' starting QB

Trump's Lawyers Might Think They Just Won. They Still Botched the Case.

Escaped chimpanzee returns to Kharkiv zoo on keeper's bicycle

More Than 1 In 2 Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall

Dr. Oz Campaign Hires Actors To Play Convicted Felons Supporting Fetterman

Kitten Steals Great Dane's Bed And Tries To Eat Out Of His Bowl

(2019) In Britain, prime ministers come and go. Larry the Cat stays.

Voter ID, minimum wage petitions make Nebraska's November ballot

"Unfit for the bench": Experts accuse Trump judge of "obstruction of justice" over Mar-a-Lago ruling

Thanks so much again DU!

Federalist Society judges are not jurists - they are Political Operatives, like Steve Bannon or

Magico Guitar Trio performing Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo a la Turk

'Full-time work doesn't pay': Why are so many working American families living day to day?

Asking for a friend...

List of States That Might Tax Student Loan Debt Cancellation Dwindles

Juul to pay nearly $440M to settle states' teen vaping probe

Minnesota may tax student debt relief?

'Trump Judges Do Not Believe In The Rule Of Law': Legal Expert On Judge Granting Special Master

How in the fuck....

Fox producer's warning against Jeanine Pirro surfaces in Dominion defamation suit

Police investigating how Michigan voting machine wound up for sale online

We need to weaponize the name Peter Thiel the way they've weaponized G. Soros

Peter Thiel's Investment Firm Is Backing a Menstrual Cycle-Focused 'Femtech' Company

Russia is purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea, US official says

Van Der Graaf Generator - Every Bloody Emperor

The Legend of John Henry - Johnny Cash - Live

At the World's Oldest Restaurant, the Fire Has Been Burning for 239 Years

tiedrich: if you fucknuts really think that Trump can magically wave his hands and declassify anythi

So far, Herschel Walker's most notable accomplishment has been making

Mother, daughter tried to avoid paying overtime to Pittsburgh-area healthcare workers

Nation's Armed Insurrectionists Say Biden's Speech Hurt Their Feelings

Democrats Should Not be trying to save the Republican Party. 🤷🏾‍♀️

If you haven't heard enough from Don jr

Nature - Arctic Lakes Are Drying Out And Draining About 100 Years Earlier Than Projected

The new owner of Politico invited colleagues to pray for the reelection of Trump

Neal Katyal's Twitter thread on Judge Cannon's decision


Rijksmuseum Sinking: Falling Groundwater Damaged Pole System That Is Building's Foundation

Republican Campaigns Silent on Health Care

Popular Food Truck Accused of Luring Women Into a 'Cult'

Newly obtained surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county's

Cartoons 9/6/2022

3 wildfires near Suiattle River grow from 200 acres to 1,300-plus

Andrew Weissmann: A Ruling Untethered to the Law

On this day, September 6, the 1952 Farnborough Airshow crash occurred

Majority of minor league baseball players vote to support union, paving way for MLBPA membership

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who decried 'climate alarmism', to take on UK energy brief

Search suspended: 1 dead, 9 missing in Whidbey Island seaplane crash

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who decried 'climate alarmism', to take on UK energy brief

"Trump's lawyers might think they just won. They still botched the case."

Why Massachusetts's Governorship Is The Likeliest To Flip In 2022

How a Harmless Teacher Got Branded 'Pedophile' by Extremists

This southern white man reflects the thoughts of too many. We must make guys like him irrelevant.

The remnants of the right-wing People's Convoy seems to be extremely troubled

Cowboys for Trump Founder Barred from Public Office

the vote on Aileen Cannon Senate confirmation hearing 2020

Rape, incest exceptions pulled from S Carolina abortion bill

What to know about Liz Truss, UK's incoming prime minister who models herself on Margaret Thatcher

Democrat in most flippable district in America issues perfect takedown of Republican opponent - BTC

Russia's VTB launches transfers in Chinese yuan bypassing SWIFT

Republican Strategist Reacts to Dr. Oz and MAGA Republican Ads - Crooked Media

Canadian police surround home in search for stabbing suspect

NYT: Judge Unseats Official Who Trespassed at Capitol on Jan. 6 as Insurrectionist

And now you know how the name 'TRADER JOES' came about.

Biden vs Trump - The Lincoln Project

The summer drought's hefty toll on American crops

Fake trump elector escorts I T specialist

This is a pretty interesting CoinkyDink

Was Listening To Thom Hartmann Today

"It's Not a Gun Bro" - LAPD Footage Shows Suspect Holding Car Part

Trump's Pennsylvania Rally Confirmed Everything Biden Said In His Speech - Ring of Fire

"Lies, Politics and Democracy," an examination of profound & mounting threats to American democracy

It's that time of the year. Anyone have a good experience with a 3D printing firm?

Nuclear Inspectors' Report On Zaporizhzhia Power Plant Indicates Violated Nuclear Standards - NBC

SCOTUS's selective reading of history ignored 19th-century women's support for 'voluntary

How do I change my Twitter password?

Possible heads up for people looking to get their next COVID booster

Judge Loose Cannon REJECTS the Amicus brief we saw last week.

Dan Patrick vs. Mike Collier: Race for Texas Lt. Gov. heats up

Well, this is an interesting take on a possible second term - the 22nd Amendment

How do I make certain the gif or pic I am copy pasting is safe?

A longtime conservative insider warns: The GOP can't be saved

White Supremacy: Same Dog, Same Tricks-Time to Change the Training

Stolen documents and immigrants working at Mar-a-Lago

'Money talks': DeSantis goes after small-scale voter crimes, is silent on FPL and Matrix

Catholic health care's wide reach can make it hard to get birth control in many places

'Privatization Is On The Table': Gov. Reeves Gives Jackson Water Crisis Update

Question on the DOJ:

Labor Day 2022: What WA Workers Think About Unions

We saw a healthy amount of rain Monday night and Tuesday morning, DC.

Why do we accept the "judges are randomly assigned" trope?

Troth Truth Senchal - Fix News

Moira Donegan: Jane's World

Hey gang look what came today

Is this a possibility ?

New Episode of 43-15 Featuring Starbucks Organizers Fired in Anderson, SC

E-cigarette maker Juul will pay $438.5 million to 34 states.....

Tending to Grass, and to Grief, on a Tennis Court in Iowa

Ex-Miss America Mund's entry pushes Dem out of ND House race

Crimea warned to prepare bomb shelters as Ukraine makes gains - ABC News (Australia)

Solomon Islands accuses Australia of "foreign interference" after election offer - ABC News (Aus)

Driving the "Most Dangerous Road in Idaho"

ohhh hot hot hot. current high for sonora ca 108.

Was Biden right? Or was Biden wrong? The national media won't say

Politico: Things are changing at CNN as Chris Licht is starting to hire new people...

I haven't seen any Beto commercials but

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 6, 2022

"Judge" Cannon is to jurisprudence what Don Knotts was to powerlifting. nt

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey welcomes President Biden on Labor Day

Loose Cannon rejects amicus brief opposing special master

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Cara Mund and North Dakota....

Today would be my father's 83 birthday. (Not a happy post. Trigger alert.)

Cara Mund turns in signatures for independent run at North Dakota's lone US House seat

*BREAKING*Former Attorney General William Barr Lambastes Judge Loose Cannon. Says DOJ Should Appeal

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Moira Donegan: Jane's World

Woman adopts a shelter cat. Then doctors tell her to give the cat up.

Kharkiv, Ukraine: Chimpanzee escapes from local zoo, wants jacket, then agrees to return to the zoo

Well, hell... Trump was a Romney election denier

Had a guest drop in . . .

"Eric Greensmith battled retirement boredom by becoming a lifeguard. He's 67."

Mike Luckovich-Lincoln has been saying mean stuff about us

Someone explain. Who was the judge that signed

(Jewish Group) 'Modern Jewish Comfort Food' gives classics a 21st-century spin

A Life Is Not Saved Just By ...

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups, Israeli diplomat blast Marjorie Taylor Greene for calling Biden Hitler

(Jewish Group) Are too many Germans converting to Judaism? The debate is roiling Germany's Jews

Rubio calls Trump document scandal a "storage issue" - Morning Joe Highlights

(Jewish Group) Swedish hospital wrongfully fired doctor who complained of superior's antisemitism

The Ouster of a County Official as an "Insurrectionist" Creates Ominous Precedents for Trump

(Jewish Group) Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Jewish leader face murder-for-hire threats

Canada but salient to the US these days. Tweet:

Bought a ton of LP records a week ago at a sale.

I was today years old before I learned that turning my phone sideways

To paraphrase the inestimable Hawkeye Pierce, "the instrument has yet to be invented that could

Dobbs makes all the difference. Both sides know it.

The judge who ordered a special master, I hope her decision ruins her career.

Cockatoo Falls in Love With His Human Granny

New CNN chief's first major hire is retired cop who recently lied about the NYPD spying on Muslims

Complaint filed with 11th Court of Appeals against Judge Cannon

Anyone here who in the past few days said absolutely this abomination of a ruling by the MAGA judge

So insulting to Jiminy Glick- tweet by Mark Hamill

Trump judge's ruling in Mar-a-Lago case proves Biden was right: MAGA is fascism

If you think these past few years have been crazy, Wait till you see 2023 and 2024.

"I'm really rich": Trump claims he doesn't even "need financing" as Truth Social deal falls apart

Stewart Rhodes had "a complete, a near-complete breakdown of communications" with his lawyers,

Democrats Hold the Edge in Political Ad Bookings

President Barack Obama's best moments on camera

Rape, incest exceptions pulled from S Carolina abortion bill

Is the Michigan Supreme Court going to take up the abortion ballot initiative?

Trump media deal suffers blow as SPAC fails to win extension

The Real History of the Romani People and the Misnomer of Gypsies

*FRONTLINE: Lies, Politics, and Democracy

Feelings Police Don't Approve Of Free Speech - LackLuster

You would think even a person as brain dead as a MAGA devotee

Video Shows Georgia County Official Escort Trump Operatives Into Election Office (Caught Red Handed)

Dr. Oz on Incest

Are you supposed to tell a city when you move out?

The special master order for Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents is perverse and potentially disastrous

Me: "We're Germany in the 30's." Him: "What do you mean?"

New Oz ad The Wizard of Lies

Never Forget Three Types of People In Your Life

Dr. Oz on Incest: More Than First Cousin? 'Not a Big Problem.'

January 6th Committee Members Suggest Trump Is Still Inciting Violence - Ring of Fire

covid update 2 Husband's work - covid positive no a big deal just don't show symptoms-come to work.

Remember Stephen Colbert?

Jonathan Pie: Welcome to Britain. Everything is Terrible. NYT Opinion

America is finally waking up to the fascist danger: Let's hope it's not too late

Conservatives Are Now Freaking Out About Biden Wearing Sunglasses - Ring of Fire

How to Handle Required Withdrawals From Retirement Accounts

So far so good hurricane watchers

Soldier Who Said He Wanted Combat Experience to Kill Black People Booted After FBI Probe


Who decided that Ms. Cannon would receive the case?

Tiny Bulldog Almost Didn't Make It -- Then He Met This Kitten

Military Must Beware of 'Extreme Strain' from Political Divides, Warn 13 Former Defense Leaders

The silence from DOJ is very loud. Maybe that's a good thing.

Multi Vortex Tornado Near Edinburgh, Scotland - Sept. 6, 2022

Once Again; trump Fomenting the crowd to acts of Violence (Barbara McQuade & Glenn Kirschner)

MAGA man asked if Trump should be charged with treason

Mother and pup receive first toys ever! (4,000 research beagles)

Why Trump World is suddenly focused anew on the Russia scandal

A new cert petition asserting the 14th Amendment establishes fetal personhood has been filed

Oath Keepers' founder Rhodes fires lawyers, seeks delay in Capitol riot trial

US farmers face plague of pests as global heating raises soil temperatures

Dog Found After Being Hit By Car is Learning How to Walk and Trust Again

'Lies, Politics and Democracy' looks at Trump's takeover of GOP -PBS Frontline, starting in 3 hours

Pro-MAGA D.C. Cop Secretly Worked to Undermine Seth Rich Investigation

He's saying mean things (Luckovich cartoon)

Crazy Fast! Watch Her Type 185 Words A Minute. A World Champion IBM Selectric Typist

Placebo - Shout

Ari has a Special Report coming up

Here is my view on the Georgia election video......

DirecTV is giving HBO and Max free this week.

Tylonn J Sawyer, White on White: Stone Mountain, 2019, oil on canvas

Politico: 'They're getting killed among women': Skeptical female voters stand in way of GOP Senate

Jan. 6 defendant turned in by ex he called a 'moron' gets nine months in prison

Suspect in Sask. stabbing not on James Smith Cree Nation, still at large

This is the most thrilling marble race... that you will see on the internet today

STUDIO Killers live

Democrats Try To Keep Momentum In Midterm Homestretch - NBC News

Maeve as a given name.

Innocent man facing the death penalty saved by Seinfeld creator: 60 Minutes Australia

Baseball player tosses baseball to young softball player then this happens

George Harrison's Version of "It Don't Come Easy" by Ringo Starr (1970):

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Oz says he would have certified Biden's win over Trump

Wow. I have nothing else to say.

What do you typically view DU on?

Eugene Robinson of WaPo and MSNBC makes a good point

George Harrison's Version of "It Don't Come Easy" by Ringo Starr (1970):

Southern MD day & sunset, 9/6

Dig up your relative or a GOP voter or politician who died in the past 30 years, like McCain

For a serious dose of solace, go watch 3000 Years Of Longing.

SC Senator: Teenagers can get married, but can't get contraceptives

"Vietnamese mossy frog" - this is amazing camouflage

"These are the people telling you to homeschool your kids"

New cert petition asserting the 14th Amendment establishes fetal personhood has been filed

WAPO: Trust in teachers is plunging amid a culture war in education

It is one thing to say," I told you so" nothing will happen to Trump. However

Spike Jones & His City Slickers with Doodles Weaver - Dance Of The Hours

Bringing forward this discussion from 2021 since the original author replied to my thread...

Fox producer's warning against Jeanine Pirro surfaces in Dominion defamation suit

Dave Wasserman: 'The Odds Of A Democratic Senate Are Much Higher Than They Were 3 Months Ago - MSNBC

Chef Jose Andres is starting a podcast called "Longer Tables"

Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin'

10.5 million children lost a parent or caregiver due to covid-19

Billionaire Delusion Syndrome (BDS) should be in the DSM-5.

Elvis Presley - Suspicion

the FBI continue to search for people from the J6 insurrection: this is a pretty clear photo

Horslips - New York Wakes (Irish Celtic rock from 1977)

Nat. Security Lawyer: 'Spit Out My Coffee' After Reading Trump Team Filing The Katie Phang Show

FBI Investigating Cyber Attacks On Schools By Ransomware Group - NBC News

Edith Piaf - Le Billard Electrique

Keep up with all the lawsuits against the orange con here

Shocking Audio of Dr. Oz DEFENDING INCEST "more than first cousin away" surfaces - MeidasTouch

are these jitterbugs? dancing blueberries? Homaemus proteus?

Democrats Seize On The Shifting Political Landscape After Roe Decision - Deadline - MSNBC

TFG hires Atlanta lawyer famous for defending rappers in GA election probe

Russian TV: Trump is "simply incredible" - "our candidate"..." in whom we place all of our hope"

We DISSECT what makes MAGA a FASCIST movement point-by-point - Meidas Touch

Boy! Are they coming home to roost?

Joyce Vance 'Profoundly Sad' About Trump Being Granted Request For Special Master - Deadline - MSNBC

Jim Jordan: MAGA Should Brag About Overturning Roe

Coco Gauff........ spoiler

The FBI is still looking for Jan. 6 terrorists/traitors.

I'm not going to predict it but wouldn't it be ironic if

PSA - Hillary and Chelsea will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight. nt

Can we talk about modern Social Anthropology here?

Caught in the crossfire of our cultural war. But I'm okay with it.

Newly obtained surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county's

Former Pentagon Leaders Warn of a Dangerous Era

Trump Will 'Do Anything For His Own Political Gain' Says Fmr. Nat'l Sec. Official

Best-selling horror writer Peter Straub has died

Well, this stinks. "Sling" is having tech problems for quite a while now and I missed Ari. Am

St. Vincent - Dig A Pony - 2/27/2009 - Great American Music Hall

When you control the courts, you can get away with everything

'Let Him Go' Vs. 'I'd Like To Punch Him In The Face': How Biden, Trump Handle Hecklers - Morning Joe

Tweet of the Evening:

Now GOBers thinks Biden is posing a treat cuz he wears aviator sunglasses!

Dude just doesn't get it.

Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago