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The fact is that I had zero emails that were classified

Donald Trump CALLS FOR COUP (again) on Labor Day on his Failing Social Media Platform - Meidas Touch

Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back

Greg Abbott has failed all of us - Beto for Texas

Bill Barr says judge was 'wrong' to appoint special master in Mar-a-Lago investigation as Trump requ

Massachussetts primary

Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Underwater robots are studying the 'Doomsday Glacier' in Antarctica. What can we learn?

So what happens now to the RISK ASSESSMENT? Does that stop also? nt

Bay Area hit with record temperatures; officials ask Californians to conserve energy

BREAKING: Trump is still f**ked

Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

CNN is reporting, sourcing WaPo, that material on a foreign nation's nuclear secrets were

So I read an article today that lobstering is a danger to whales.

Legal implications of decision to appoint special master to review Trump documents - PBS NewsHour

NLRB Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Joint-Employer Standard

Judge removes lawmaker from office for January 6th participation (CNN)

Norm Ornstein FTW

Eight former Defense Secretaries issue a 'thinly veiled indictment' of Trump

So who the hell is Liz Truss, anyway? Even the Brits aren't exactly sure

this is how globes were made in the 50s

GOP Tries to Neutralize McConnell-Scott 'Distraction'

Texas Paul RESPONDS to legend Dan Rather's question about the GOP with the PERFECT answer - MT

Press Secretary WRECKS Ted Cruz in perfect smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Republicans privately say they wish Trump would shut up and stop trying to be a martyr

A giant sticker of Ted Cruz holding Greg Abbott's pregnant belly appears in Southtown.(San Antonio)

Trump's Pledged 1/6 Pardons Showcase Embrace Of Radical Far-Right - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about New Mexico, Jan 6, and the 14th Amendment....

Trump's Truth Social Deal Is Reportedly Falling Apart proving everything Trump touches dies

Can Trump's Narcissistic Collapse Start Civil War Featuring Dr. Bandy Lee

Newsom signs fast food worker bill, gives workers power and protection

Help! Looking for someone that can help my 90 y/o mom with her computer. Will pay.

Neal Katyal on the nuclear-capability documents found at Mar-a-Lago

If the Trump special master decision sounds incoherent, you're not alone

Cities you don't know were apparently destroyed by BLM/Antifa

99 degrees currently....but the animals are keeping their cool, with misters, popsicles, and more

We EXPLAIN CNN's BIZARRE and ABRUPT shift to become a RIGHT-WING Network - Meidas Touch

Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Tweet: Biden cabinet meeting meme

In trying to understand whackery the Chump judge did I have tried to

Josh Shapiro's campaign, in first ad of $16.9M buy, declares Doug Mastriano's 'too risky for PA'

Today I posted how stupid the Trump judge was getting involved in the secret document investigation.

Trump Media deal - the timing of the trading spike oddly coincided with...

Last Week in the Republican Party: September 6, 2022

The Lincoln Project-This one goes out to all the Christian Nationalists.

The World's Climate Catastrophes Are All Interrelated

The Lincoln Project-This one goes out to all the Christian Nationalists.

It's Now 114 Here In Fresno California

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Sure enough, Trump is sucking the air out of the GOP's midterm momentum

Chuck Rosenberg: 'Major Concern' With A Special Master 'Is That We're Just Slowing Down The Process'

SC senator (R)

All 10 victims identified in deadly floatplane crash into Puget Sound

Teachers from Seattle Public Schools overwhelmingly vote to authorize strike

In case you see that SC Senate removed rape and incest provisions from the bill

Great Start to PBS Frontline

Darude - Sandstorm

Sad news out of Memphis, Tn.

Wait, wait, wait, wait...

Escaped chimp is like: You can TELL by the way I use my walk ...

California braces for rolling blackouts amid 'extraordinary heat event,' PG&E warns 500k customers

Ilhan Omar calls Ted Cruz a 'miserable little weasel' for attempting to overturn Biden's student-loa

A tiny ray of hope wrt the Cannon blast. (from a WaPo opinion piece)

Darude Sandstorm on Boomwhackers!

Donald Trump is so whiny.. just like a spoiled three year old wearing his parents down


B.J. Thomas - Rock And Roll Lullaby

Material On Foreign Nation's Nuclear Capabilities Seized At Mar-a-Lago (MSNBC)

Sandstorm by Darude Meets Metal

Trump's Remaking Of Judiciary Appears To Pay Off In Mar-A-Lago Case - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Workers Rights Amendment will be on the ballot in Illinois.

Pressure on Trump loyalist Jeffrey Clark as ex-DoJ colleague works with prosecutors

Does national security trump everything else? Can Biden now declare of state of emergency and order

Attorney General Maura Healey won the Democratic primary for Massachusetts governor on Tuesday,

The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About

Requiem for a Dream (Lux Aeterna) Meets Metal

Texas State Police Deflect Blame, Downplay Their Role in Uvalde Shooting Failures

I'm bottle feeding kittens

Maura Healey wins Democratic primary for Massachusetts governor

Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) Meets Metal

Why do they have to wait until after the elections in Nov? Trump is not running for anything.

Happy 93rd birthday to our Bob Newhart.

** President Biden should order the DOJ to not turn over any of the stolen documents **

The Daily Show: Trump's "Special Master" Halts Stolen Docs Investigation & The UK Gets New PM

Dotard's rally in Ohio to be held while there is an OSU game going on

New video of Putin with his military chiefs.

The 'Careful' planning of TDFG and JD Vance

The front page of Drudge Report is pretty funny. "Trump had Nuke Docs, was he selling?"

BREAKING: Trump stolen documents at Mar-a-Lago included FOREIGN NUCLEAR SECRETS - Meidas Touch

U.S. appeals court upholds Washington state's conversion therapy ban

So, in Barnstable, MA, the election is so secure that....

If a U S "asset" or "assets" die because a federalist judge grants a serial lying moral degenerate

They weren't hemorrhoids.

A loose cannon misses its mark. Just sayin'!

Trump's clownsel obviously didn't see the story about nuclear secrets before Fox appearance

Trump's History Of Seeking Out 'His' Judges Continues With Mar-a-Lago Case - All In - MSNBC

Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream (from the '68 Comeback Special)

PG&E outage blocks, seems to be a 50 which half of them are in and a 5O

increasing chance of substantial tropical rain in So Cali this weekend to end heatwave

Michael Jackson - Thriller

The Federalist Society, the Federal bench, and the Republican Party --

LA, Hackers Infiltrate 2nd Largest US School District In Growing Trend

Plaintiff/Strike lawsuit firm is going after Digital World Acquisition/Trump Media

Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins

Woman Tased And Arrested For Fleeing And Eluding For Proceeding To Safe Well Lit Area

Tomorrow is the unveiling of Barack and Michelle Obama' portraits

Seth Meyers - Trump's Month of Mounting Criminal Scandals Intensifies as Biden Surges: A Closer Look

If they don't at least indict Trump they might as well declare all ex-presidents above the law.

Sonny and Cher - I Got You Babe (live on Letterman)

Playground Logic Has Republicans Shouting "It's Not Fair!"

Trump Rally Highlights Jan. 6 Case Of Alleged Neo-Nazi - All In - MSNBC

worth reading - Slate "The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About"

Democratic Pennsylvania candidates John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro greet each other

Democratic Pennsylvania candidates John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro greet each other

Legal Expert On Trump-Appointed Judge: 'This Is More Like Food Court Than Judicial Court'- The ReidOut

Dooley Wilson - As Time Goes By (from the movie "Casablanca")

I love this board.

The Trump search case judge doesn't get the national security stakes

The queen of rockabilly, Wanda Jackson - You Bug Me Bad (1962)

Be the first one on your _____,

Biden is right: MAGA Nazis are dangerous fascist extremists

Democrats, the. pill. is. next.

Opinion The GOP reaction to Biden's speech shows that his anti-MAGA strategy is working

Trump revealed to have stolen NUCLEAR documents at Mar-a-Lago - Brian Tyler Cohen

The GOP reaction to Biden's speech shows that his anti-MAGA strategy is working

WA Po: 2022 Massachusetts primary elections results

Frank Sinatra sings "As Time Goes By" to Ingrid Bergman

Daily Chocolate May Rescue the Brain From Cognitive Decline

Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won

Dr. Oz Gets Roasted! Again! #4 Dr. Oz Jokes #1 The Mack Cheeze Show

DeSantis has officially turned Florida into a global embarrassment

DeSantis has officially turned Florida into a global embarrassment

Radiation pressure and using a laser pointer to flip a light switch:

Steve Bannon faces state indictment in N.Y., will surrender Thursday

Yet Another Curveball in the COVID Mutation Nightmare


On Locus & Lotus

Steve Bannon faces state indictment in N.Y., will surrender Thursday

So, nuc secrets at Trump's dump?

Jimmy Kimmel is BACK & Recaps Trump's Terrible Summer

Trump's lawyer mocking the idea that the stolen documents included nuclear secrets *this morning*

I'm so glad Seth Meyers is back

Chet Atkins & Leo Kottke - Sleepwalk (Live 1987)

Somebody has struck back

The premiere of the new Hunter Biden film was as wild as you'd think

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

So he has Nuke secrets in his own home

GOP Wants To Be 'Party Of Law Enforcement' While Putting Target On FBI Says Kurt Bardella- The ReidOut

Mossad is trending on Twitter for some reason 🤔

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 7: Introducing the Soundies, Part 1

Highly classifed doc's at Trumps House

"All Quiet on the Western Front" trailer:

Eddy Cochran - C'mon Everybody (Live 1959)

Grateful Dead - Viola Lee Blues - 1967 - Monterey Pop

Bill Barr SLAMS Trump and CORRUPT Judge for Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Order - Meidas Touch

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Pleasant mid- to upper 70s for highs, but points off for plenty of clouds,

Question about DOJ

An Interesting Viewpoint in Environmental Science and Technology.

Minnesota Democrats are ATTACKING their Rethug opponents on..

A giant sticker of Ted Cruz holding Greg Abbott's pregnant belly appears in San Antonio

In Praise of Teachers - Robert Reich

Man, RW Drudge hates trump

A wonderful thread about TFG with articles that take you back. Watch your blood pressure...

Healy to Face Trump-Backed Republican in Massachusetts

Dem candidates, ask voters: Will you let Republicans ban birth control, the pill, condoms next?

Miles Taylor: Donald Trump had the Chernobyl of presidencies. We will be dealing with the fallout

McCarthy to Rollout 'Commitment to America'

Erwin Chemerinsky: Even the Founders Didn't Believe in Originalism

In Praise of Teachers - Robert Reich

Do FISA judges have TS clearance enough to be selected as Special Master?

Toots and the Maytals - Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver cover, 1973)

Judge Loose Cannon is trying to nail shut a barn door that is off its hinges...

The rarest human diseases.

Anatolia Shepard in training and the sheep are so encouraging. ❤️So sweet

How would you spend $14.45?

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Israelites

Curious, the timing of the nuclear document story.

I'm willing to let the DOJ arrest TFG on Christmas Eve. What a

Temporary Pump Provides Guarded Good News For Fragile Jackson, MS Water System - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Lies, Politics and Democracy

Richard Ace - Supernatural Thing (1975)

Watching Jimmy Fallon, I love Hillary's uninhibited laughter

Lawrence O'Donnell: Defendant Trump 'Has No Reputation To Protect' - The Last Word - MSNBC

HRC was on Fallon tonight. She said she is NOT running for President.

Maybe Trump gave Israel's nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia

WaPo: Docs About Foreign Nukes Seized From Trump's Mar-a-Lago - The Last Word - MSNBC

If it is proven Trunp shared our nuclear secrets what % of Republicans will still support him?

White supremacist group crashes New Jersey Labor Day parade and tries to march

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Guests Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Jefferson Airplane - Uncle Sam Blues - Woodstock

Secretary Walsh On Biden's 'Amazing' Legislative Feats - The Last Word - MSNBC

I like this quote from Rep. Jaime Raskin

Scientists Turn Plastic Into Diamonds In Breakthrough

The Frontline program on PBS was scary, especially at the end

parody acct Donald J. Drumpf

Bisbee tunnel

3 GOP proposals to help working families (Are they serious?)

Steve Bannon CRIMINALLY CHARGED and SURRENDERING to POLICЕ in NY - Christo Aivalis

Dominion has a strong case against Fox News. That's bad news for (alleged) liars.

Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list

Saint-Saens: 'La Muse et Le Poete'

Two Republican foes of Dan Patrick support Democrat Mike Collier for lieutenant governor

Two Republican foes of Dan Patrick support Democrat Mike Collier for lieutenant governor

Wynton Marsalis - Standard Time - Caravan

Wednesday Sweet Morning Bossa Nova and Jazz Music for Autumn

Lies, Politics and Democracy

How the biggest Republican stronghold in Texas could cost Gov. Abbott his job

How the biggest Republican stronghold in Texas could cost Gov. Abbott his job

Report: Foreign Country's Nuclear Information Found At Mar-a-Lago - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Just a Question About Judge Loose Canon

Gerry Mulligan's old horns are up for auction ...

Trump Intensifies Violent Rhetoric Amid Reports Of Nuclear Secrets At FL Estate - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Assessment Of Foreign Nation's Nuclear Capability Among Seized Mar-a-Lago Documents: WaPo - Alex Wagner

Trump Judge's Special Master Ruling Wreaks Havoc On Damage Assessment Of Mar-a-Lago Stash- Alex Wagner

Designated control officer....from the WP regarding the nuclear secrets Trump stole

Dubious Court Rulings Show Consequences Of Trump's Judicial Confirmation Spree - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves was too busy attacking LGBTQ people to fix Jackson's water problem

California weathers heat wave without rolling blackouts

David Muir's exclusive interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy - ABC News

On thin ice: China and the future of Antarctica - ABC News (Australia)

Ukraine issues stamps celebrating Patron the sapper dog.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/6/22 - Season Premiere

Eastern Economic Forum: Russian President speaking at annual gathering - Al Jazeera

Stephen Colbert - Guest Journalist Alex Wagner

Stephen Colbert: Guest Comedian/Journalist/Actor Roy Wood Jr. ("The Daily Show")

Fox News and the GOP's reaction to Trump selling our nation's top secrets including our most

Breakfast Wednesday 7 September 2022 💃

The Trump fanatic judge is as dumb as the Trump fanatic lawyers who ruined their careers.

Can I Recover A Post I Accidentily Trashed?....

Israeli president retraces father's footsteps at Nazi camp

We all have learned the horror of when large numbers of people lose the ability to rationalize.

The Daily Show: Trump's "Special Master" Halts Stolen Docs Investigation & The UK Gets New PM


About those documents on nuke secrets of a foreign country:

So did the slobfather declassify

Can The Judge Have Second Thoughts And Reverse Her Decision?......

The Rise of Mobile Gambling Is Leaving People Ruined and Unable to Quit

Trump's fake electors: Here's the full list

Aileen Cannon: Exhibit A as to why we must retake the Senate!

Oh, well, we certainly wouldn't want to influence the outcome of an election,

I have a feeling we'll be hearing about the contents of those nuclear secrets soon enough.

Ukraine offensive in the east.

only Biden could have improved USPS this much!

Astronauts' blood shows signs of DNA mutations due to spaceflight

What Is Really Starting To Bother Me Is How Many Cable News Hosts & Talking ....

Let me say say this about Steve Bannon.

Oath Keepers List Includes Police Chiefs, Elected Officials

FYI: Judge Cannon is not stupid.

New Ad Attacks Fetterman for Pulling Gun on Black Jogger

Wednesday TOONs - Delay, Delay, Delay

THE Question

TX Politicians Proclaimed That Industrial Hemp Was Drought-Proof. Farmers Found Out It Wasn't.

Question About Appealing Cannon's Ruling

At least the injunction must be appealed and swiftly reversed.

The daily news is still all about Trump.

Greenland's September Melt Spike Biggest Seen In 40 Years Of Records; 12 Billion Tons/Day

The Weekly Pull: Fantastic Four: Full Circle, Poison Ivy, Star Trek, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (9/7/2022)

What is orange and corrupt?

The Webcomics Weekly #202: It's Simple Ride or Die (9/6/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: September 7, 2022

Reminder: It is alleged tfg ate some documents and flushed the others down

Fascist cops beat man for no good reason. Disturbing video.

It would seem to me they could quickly eliminate 99% of the documents from inspection.

Capitol rioter who was turned in by his ex after he called her a 'moron' was sentenced to 9 months

What would happen if Jesus attended a MAGA rally

"It's not like he took nuclear secrets," they said.

😃🇺🇸🍺❤️🗓❗️What's your go-to brew?

Yesterday, before the nuclear documents leak, I said I could wait until after the midterms for

Qvangelicals Neighbors new sign Biden is the Antichrist

Biden just did a MIC DROP moment! Someone screamed MAGA!! at his live speech in Milwaukee. People we

Another trump nuclear take

Tucker Carlson on 2022 GOP candidates: Don't 'emulate' Lindsey Graham-but to make FUN of him........

TS Documents. It's more than TFG.

Is Quiet Quitting Real?

Does TFG love this country? He never said so. I posted a challenge to my tRump loving FB friends.

WAPO: Analysis: Senate Republicans want Trump to show them the money

Why are Fox viewers so ill-informed? Well...

Trump Works For Putin

Louisville police included multiple lies in Breonna Taylor warrant, former detective admits

Tammy Baldwin and Susan Collins: The Senate must stand together on marriage equality

62 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Crimes of the powerful: Why the Mar-a-Lago "special master" decision is so dreadful

California's Hellish 'Heat Dome' Turns the Bay Area Into an Oven

The Mechanics of Espionage. My take.

DNC weighs Manchin's permitting reform deal

anyone here read 'a promised land' ?

All the former president's lawyers (that we know of)

Welcome to Liz Truss' Britain. Everyone's going on strike

Trump's post-president name given to him by the Secret Service:

Trump ambassador Kelly Craft joins Kentucky governor's race

Marriage is having the freedom to do.

Check out this big dog at the ballpark in KC last night!

Motown Museum unveils new renderings as expansion work heads into homestretch

Parole board saw high risk of violence in Myles Sanderson, but approved his release anyway

Trump-backed challenger Geoff Diehl wins GOP governor nomination, AP projects

MA-Gov: Trump-backed challenger Geoff Diehl wins GOP governor nomination, AP projects

Laura Ingraham and friends trash media for reporting on "leaked" nuclear documents

Watch A Republican Candidate Furiously Backpedal From His Own Words On Abortion

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

☀️Punchbowl News AM: NEW: Inside the feud rocking the Senate GOP

Shelling resumes near Ukraine nuclear plant, despite risks

On Trees and Democracy: An Arborist's Open Letter to Herschel Walker

DC/MD/VA: Additional 7000-series trains returning to Metrorail service September 12

Trump stolen documents at Mar-a-Lago included FOREIGN NUCLEAR SECRETS

Jackson has never been able to fix their water system without state and federal help.

I have a simple weight loss goal; be able to lie on the beach without

Man attacked by gator, arm snapped off

How One State Resisted Political Extremism -- Against All Odds

Working Hypothesis #2 Re: TFG Selling Nuclear Secrets

You raised $100.00 on September 6, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Obamas returning to White House for official portrait unveilings

MAGA: Joe Biden Hurt My Feelings

Judge says Fauci, Jean-Pierre have to turn over emails to social media companies to Schmitt


Please proceed

You raised $25.00 on September 6, 2022 Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Angels with large 'wings' shield students from harm at Utah pride march

Middle Age Riot tweet of the morning:

Peter Navarro talks about being persecuted:

Could any of these documents have info on the Malawi Space Program?

Let Me Love You

I'm trying to understand this special master thing

"Who are we to judge our president"?

Warnock calls Herschel Walker's bluff:

How can we find out who TFG gave nuclear secrets to when Judge Loose Cannon halted the investigation

Steve Doocy rips Trump: Nuclear secrets not 'the kind of thing you should have' in a desk drawer


The Catholics are lying for Jesus errrr....GOPers

Shark Kills US Tourist Snorkeling In Bahamas

Pic Of The Moment: National Security Is Just A Joke To Team Trump

A great quote that shows the ongoing delusion that is the GOP (H/T Driftglass)

Judge's order for Trump special master is deeply flawed, legal experts say

File this in the DUH! file . . .

How can Garland delay indictment at this point?

Since when does an opinion being legally flawed matter?

Wounded Ukrainian soldier holding a kitten that looks like my dearly missed & loved Majik

Nebraska 'Freedom Fest' speaker tells 'bad joke' about George Floyd

Trump Declares Himself a 'Perfect Physical Specimen'

BREAKING NEWS: Legally embattled Trump lands in Puerto Rico, demands asylum

Al Caiola was born on this date.

airplane plus the moon

The largest armed labor uprising in American history was 101 years ago

So some people think it's just cool to let him leave sensitive data lying around? Really?


Frank Figliuzzi; This is Bad

Netflix: Saudi Arabia and GCC warn streaming giant over violating 'Islamic values'

Sonny Rollins has a birthday today.

Would trump fleeing the US do more harm to MAGA than the DOJ indciting/arresting/convicting?

Oath Keepers members list includes military, law enforcement, politicians

On this day, September 7, 1964, The "Daisy" commercial aired on TV.

Tiedrich for the win

Child/cat early bonding - Good days ahead

Still have a landline? You can amaze young people

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 7, 2022

S-FRD documents

Justice Department seized senator's phone over 'well-timed stock sales'

Flying pet birds on a leash:

Mr X is on 2nd course of Pavloxid

Peacocks seem impossible:

Oaf Creeper membership list published: police, military, politicians

If you're curious - The most expensive colleges in each state

Bears enjoy really good scratches:

Editorial DA Ozanne must investigate #TRumps #Wisconsin fake electors

Democrat's write-in Assembly bid puts Vos in three-way match after narrow primary win

Catch me if you can:

Elie Mystal on the Four Investigations into Trump & Why Progressives Should Push to Expand the Court

Southern California wildfires grow with little containment

British woman Liz Trussell, who tweets as @LizTruss, has been spending the morning replying to ...

Poll: Democrats lead Republicans among those who say they'll 'definitely' vote in midterms

Has anyone seen the statement by the Republican National Committee

Clever pupper:

Great. Son's HS is on lockdown from a texted threat

In an escape from the constant drama of our modern world...

ARENA FIGHT Brachydios - Monster Hunter World

The irony of Trump pilfering nuclear secrets from our national intelligence services.

Could the DOJ shut down Mar-a-Lago and clear everyone out of it, since it is a crime scene?

Niece of Palestinian American Shireen Abu Akleh, Killed by Israel, Wants Biden Mtg. & Indep. Inquiry

Cute pupper winks (2nd tweet):

'I Would Be In Handcuffs' If I Had Taken Documents Out Of Office, Says Fmr. Defense Sec

Texas Judge Says HIV Drug Mandate Violates Religious Freedom

Speeding woman on cocaine kills drunk driver high on meth in North Las Vegas, police say

Arthur was showing off his spots and stripes, this morning

Giant keyboard

Russia Imported Iranian Drones That Malfunction in Battle

asked if he communicated with his brother Gen. Charles Flynn on J6. Flynn got angry and walked out:

Barbara Ehrenreich Remembered: How She Covered Poverty & Started Economic Hardship Reporting Project

Maura Healey Could Make History in Run for Massachusetts Governor

Obamacare can't require coverage for certain HIV prevention drugs, federal judge rules

Republicans have awoken a sleeping giant who is really pissed off.

Newly uncovered emails show Blake Masters' long history of hating democracy

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 7, 2022)

Kids- Gotta admire their honesty and lack of restraint

(no shit!) tiedrich: so what's a nuclear spy gotta do to get arrested around here

It Was War. Then, a Rancher's Truce With Some Pesky Beavers Paid Off.

It appears Judge Loose Cannon may have been appointed in hopes of an insurance policy for the dotard

Imagine if you were the head of the country whose information was breached ...

Delaware court denies Musk request to delay Twitter trial but approves request to add whistleblower

Tick tock tick tock

Trump ordered a nuclear reactor on the moon in his final days as president

I'm gonna take this as a *YES*: Did Michael Flynn have contact with his brother on Jan 6th?

Child Rape Victims Have 'Options' and Other Wild Things the GOP Says About Abortion

When I was young, I was poor. But after decades of painstaking difficult honest work I'm no longer

Hillary walks through how top secret docs delivered in a locked briefcase: 'How did he get them?'

On visit, NC group finds no Biden 'open border.' Instead they see a war on migrants

On visit, NC group finds no Biden 'open border.' Instead they see a war on migrants

Pregnant women held in AL jail to "Protect fetuses"

Steve Bannon lashes out after report of impending NYC charges: 'They will have to kill me first'

A Good News vs. Bad News Poll

Dr. Oz said the uninsured "don't have the right to health"

The Trump 'special master' ruling violates the principle that no-one is above the law

What Will It Take to Stymie Right-Wing Supervillain Leonard Leo?

Do you remember the day after he lost - The world felt the nightmare was over

Which is worse?

La Isla Bonita

DAMMIT- The Pet Rock was my idea- Now I missed out on this

World's Largest Cruise Ship to Be Scrapped Before First Voyage

18a U.S. Code 6: Procedure for cases involving classified information.

what does this represent?

Michael Flynn: From Government Insider to Holy Warrior

Mar-A-Lago nuclear revelations make it 'almost impossible' for Trump to escape charges: legal expert

How could you blow thru $7 million dollars in 30 seconds?

"No One is Above The Law": Donald Trump and the Myth of Justice

New York lifts mask mandate for public transit, correctional facilities, shelters

Michigan Republicans Sue To Overturn the Results of the 2020 Presidential Election

New COVID Boosters Arrive In Washington This Week: What To Know

Police search county official's home in connection with reporter's killing

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's nuclear documents....

Can we arrest Dumbo as a material witness and bypass the Cannon fuckyou?

TvNewscaster has on-screen stroke

TCM later:

"Stay In Your Lane!" Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Senate Roll Call Vote To Confirm Judge Cannon

'I'm Sick of People Who 'Defend His Bullsh*t!'

Speaker Pelosi: "Democrats intend to Hold the House."

New: MAGA Insurrectionist Disqualified From Holding Political Office by New Mexico Judge

Democratic attorneys general candidates rake in donations post-Roe

Dawning, southern MD 9/7

Major League Baseball Players Association joins AFL-CIO

Major League Baseball Players Association joins AFL-CIO

Better Call Trump-----Video

CROSSPOSTED FROM GD: Pregnant women held in AL jail to "Protect fetuses"

Judge O'Conner strikes again: Insurance companies covering PrEP violates religious freedoms

Inside the Investigation That Secured a Guilty Plea for 84 Wildfire Deaths

DOJ/FBI leakage of nuclear stuff yday was masterful. Covered DJT in shit, again.

The Obamas head to the White House for the unveiling of their portraits

LIVE 1:30PM Biden unveils official White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama

LIVE 1:30PM Biden unveils official White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama

Holy Effin Shit - look at those happy faces at the White House

President Biden Delivers Remarks at President Obama's Portrait Unveiling

Google, Facebook ought to pay for news they use

For many workers, 'quiet quitting' isn't an option

emptywheel: Aileen Cannon Prioritized Donald Trump's Reputation over CIA Assets' Lives

Why trumpers are, indeed, terrible people

TFG: FBI took medical records proving I'm "a very healthy, absolutely perfect physical specimen"

First look at Obama's portrait painted by Robert McCurdy

Cartoons 9/7/2022

How bad is it, really?

Ukrainian Troops Advance in East as Kyiv Seizes the Initiative

Massive leak of right-wing membership to radical right groups leaked! Law enforcement and military..

Is Chip Roy Scared To Debate His Democratic Challenger, Claudia Zapata?

Off-duty LEO murders two in East Bay city, NOT in custody, wanted, armed and dangerous

They Say It's Dobbs

I'm wearing out the Latest Threads tab anxious for the BREAKING NEWS on the traitor

Powerful New Antibody Neutralizes All Known COVID Variants (Pre-clinical)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says 'we need men to be speaking up' about abortion rights

What A Treasure Jacqueline Kennedy Was As First Lady

Got My New Moderna Booster Today - a Tip

On my third tissue and Obama has just started his speech.

Whitmer expands lead over Dixon in Michigan governor race: poll

UPDATE: Corrupt Trump Judge REJECTS brief submitted by former DOJ prosecutors on Mar-a-Lago Search

"and the fact she's fine" LMAO! President Obama killed me

SO BEAUTIFUL! "Barack and Michelle, welcome home!"

World's Oldest Evidence of Surgical Amputation Lay Hidden For 31,000 Years

Starbucks loses appeal, will rehire 7 fired Memphis workers

Starbucks loses appeal, will rehire 7 fired Memphis workers

Photo: Obamas' White House portraits being unveiled

Nancy Pelosi's office rejects 'utter nonsense' report she wants to be the US Ambassador to Italy

Why hasn't DOJ appealed Cannon's ruling?

I will admit that I am sometimes petty. It is ONE of my fervent wishes that

A 'doomsday glacier' the size of Florida is disintegrating faster than thought

The Fourth Estate is Crumbling

Trump, Vance Schedule Rally At Same Time As Ohio State Game

Woman adopts senior chihuahua. Then she discovers his unusual behavior.

Russian occupiers are seeing new signs in Ukraine

Stray Cat Penetrates a Man's Heart And Never Wants To Part Again

I don't want to hear a peep from Barr

Portrait unveiling for the Obamas was amazing

When tRump gets arrested and needs housed....Does he go to Gitmo?

Owner of older model Prius . Catalytic converter stolen 4 times this year..same car

Human Skin Didn't Always Fear The Sun, Not Until A Huge Change 10,000 Years Ago

OK portraits have been unveiled- over to the US Open - spoiler

Trump did The Obama's a favor

Top state court judges defend their election oversight at U.S. Supreme Court

The right's war on health has a new target: Children's hospitals

Creating Security Issues, One Election Conspiracy at a Time

Putin threatens to tear up fragile Ukraine grain deal in bellicose speech

A question for the republican presidential candidate:

Who here would like to get a physical in a festival-like setting? Dr. Oz thinks the uninsured would:

TX extremist judge's ruling is really trying to destroy the ACA

New Cannon Toons

This would make Trumps pucker string go loose.

Nick Begich refuses Sarah Palin's request to drop out of Alaska congressional House race

Catholic League President: Some Of Those Kids Priests Abused Were Full-Grown Adolescents

Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list

Texas airport loses power: 'Complete chaos right now'

Dr. Oz Says Uninsured Have No 'Right to Health'

Michelle went there. And it was beautiful. I cried.

Schumer announces same-sex marriage vote

SCOTUS selective reading of US history ignored 19th-century support for 'voluntary motherhood'

Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

Does a fetus have the right to hold its host hostage?

"This is how gaslighting works."

Judge strikes down 1931 Michigan law criminalizing abortion

Southern MD afternoon and later

Got my booster today and asked for a flu shot too but...

Ron DeSantis Caught Cheating - Steve Hofstetter

Here's an idea: seize Mar a Crapo in an asset forfeiture seizure ...

Oil dives more than $4 on strong dollar, recession fears

The unveiling


The Problem With The Classified Document Crimes,

Hochul Lifts Mask Mandate on New York Public Transit (NY)

Ain't That A Whole Lot of Love, Taj Mahal, *Jesse Ed Davis, The Guardian; Native Americans, Rock

Fed's Brainard sees further rate hikes, restrictive policy for some time.

Texas' abortion laws caused excruciating delay for Houston woman's pregnancy loss treatment

Hey NASA listen up.

David Rothkopf: We Need to Know Trump's Motive For Taking Classified Documents

kid gets off the bus after first day at kindergarten..... (watch)

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 7, 2022

Barack Obama Thanks Biden For 'Faith In Our Democracy' At White House Portrait Unveiling (MSNBC)

Frontline has a special coming out called 'Michael Flynn's Holy War' (watch preview)

MAGAs and Fran Lebowitz

Money laundering

Not going to lie, these are difficult but rewarding!

*Error* Florida Supreme Court declines to vacate automatic stay, keeping 15-week abortion ban

Legal immigration has plummeted since the pandemic, contributing to labor shortages and cutting GDP

interesting idea for traffic lights. not sure how it would work at certain intersections though...

MSNBC AG Barr says doj getting close to indictment

Cyber Ninjas CEO tied to alleged breaches of voting machines in Georgia, Michigan

Pres. Obama: I wanna thank Sharon Sprung for capturing everything I love about Michelle *Twitter*

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 10, 2022 - Featured: Jack Weston

Here is a long-nosed potoroo and baby eating fruit from mama's pouch

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 September 2022

No GOP or MAGA should be in charge of anything...

So FUCKING tired of "religious rights" trampling everyone else's other rights. . .

Florida Attorney General's office takes aim at Florida privacy clause in abortion fight

Florida Attorney General's office takes aim at Florida privacy clause in abortion fight

Did Bannon turn himself in today? Will they go arrest him? Chase him around in a

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 370 cops, 100 active duty, and 80 politicians....

Meals on Wheels???

(Jewish Group) With $73 million and counting, this organization backbone of Jewish aid for Ukraine

Breanna Sharp, 13, died in a stairwell. No one reported her missing. No one seemed to care.

SC will kill Biden's student loan forgiveness program.

MI judge rules state abortion ban unconstitutional.

For Richer or Poorer--Prosperity Gospel Misleads On Needs

Swiss retailer rolls out 'coffee balls' to replace capsules

UPDATE: A judge ruled that Michigan's 1931 abortion ban violated the state's constitution, striking

Lawmakers advance near-total abortion ban to full Senate after stripping rape and incest exceptions

Michigan's 90-year-old abortion ban is unconstitutional, judge rules

Bwwaaaaaas for the MAGAt ReTHUgs SPOILER

Merrick Garland Finally Traps Trսmp with Two Bold Moves - Christo Aivalis

trump portrait also revealed

'Twas waiting for this to appear,,

In a rare move, the group of all 50 states' Supreme Court chief justices wrote to SCOTUS, urging ...

Saskatchewan sick f*** in custody. CBC News

Judge DENIES Trial Delay for Stewart Rhodes

2 West Point alumni launch effort to honor first Black soldiers of the Civil War

More candidates skip debates, bar press during midterms


New York Fired Racist Prison Guard for Identity Evropa Membership

What Would Leo Do???

Pregnant Black activist serving 4 years for protest comments

what will Secret Service do?

@POTUS: Barack and Michelle, welcome back.

Fighting Fire with Flerd

Trump's OWN cabinet member issues bad news for Trump ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Surviving the Holocaust' DW - Hideouts of Polish Jews Used to Escape Transport to Camps Documentary

"The Country is better today than it was when Joe Took Office"

Watch Alex Jones go Insane

If a CEO took company trade secrets when they left what would happen?

Daily Kos Elections announces publication of 2020 presidential results for new House districts

Fetterman to POLITICO: I will debate Oz

I give Bill Barr full marks on this, Trump case ?s and why the Special Master ruling is so flawed.

Might this not be just a wee bit too early to be dealing with?


Does the RTumpster...

Rifles, Tasers and Jails: How Cities and States Spent Billions of COVID-19 Relief

Myles Sanderson, suspect in Sask. stabbing rampage, arrested

Dr. Oz owns shares of companies that supply hydroxychloroquine, a drug he has backed as COVID ...

The surviving suspect in a stabbing rampage in Saskatchewan has been arrested

Next April, Girl Scout cookies will have a raspberry chocolate cookie!

Tweet: Fetterman to debate OZ

SC Senator Shealy (R) goes off on her colleagues about removing abortion exceptions

U.S. cited 'domestic terrorism' in search tied to Oath Keepers' lawyer

With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again

Do the MAGA "marks" understand that Trump pardoned the guy who defrauded them?


Michigan GOP leaders encourage rule breaking at poll worker training session

Jan. 6 panel urges judge to allow ex-Trump aide Meadows' testimony

Drag show, ca.1940

With only 8 countries with nuclear capabilities

Former Secretary of Defense walks through what would happen to him if he took the documents Trump

SOILWORK - "vergivenheten" #Playthrough

The Unlikely Coalition Behind Medicaid Expansion In South Dakota - More Perfect Union

Greece warns another European war could be on the horizon as Turkey hints at the possibility of an i

Dana Milbank: How reactionary is MAGA? Try the first century B.C.

How many watched Frontline last night?

Louisville police included multiple lies in Breonna Taylor warrant, former detective admits

Neighborhood corvid

WaPo Report Underscores Why DOJ Took Unprecedented Step To Search Mar-a-Lago - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump's Lawyer Suggests Stolen Documents Could Actually Be Invisible - Ring of Fire

Dr. Oz said "the male organ" is "the dipstick of health."

The ReidOut does it again. Michael Cohen on. Good show so far tonight. nt

'Women Are Fired Up' Following Overturning Of Roe, But 'Do They Come out In November?' - MSNBC

A California School District Is Asking Families To Rent Rooms To Teachers: NPR

A California School District Is Asking Families To Rent Rooms To Teachers: NPR

Trump Boasts About His Wealth As Truth Social Deal Falls Apart - Ring of Fire

Ohhhhhhhhh, Jessica Pegula has changed her outfit for the night tennis match.

Secy. Cohen: Trump Possessing Docs 'Pertaining To Nuclear Weapons' Is 'Stunning,' 'Unprecedented'

Green Says She's A Prophet- God's Talkin NONSENSE

Artists speak. (Obama portraits) Tweet

Texas Judge Rules Coverage of Anti-HIV Medicine Violates Religious Freedom

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to win.

Sister's death from ovarian cancer led to early detection for tennis legend Chris Evert.

Obamas Return To White House To Unveil Official Portraits - MSNBC Reports

Union approval hits highest point since 1965

Video Shows Sidney Powell Allies Getting Access To Georgia Voting System - Ring of Fire

Sweden's idyllic holiday island of Gotland militarizes in face of Russian threats