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Some recent threads got me thinking...

Republicans make MASS EXODUS From RADICAL MAGA Party and share why WITH US - Meidas Touch

Putin: Russia may halt energy exports if West caps prices

Power outage at Austin airport causes delays, frustrates passengers

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 8, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Humphrey Bogart

Las Vegas police search a local official's home after a journalist's stabbing death

Trump ally wants details of wealth excluded from foreign agent trial

Putin says wants to restrict destinations for Ukraine's grain exports

Did I miss a thread here today?

The Senate GOP is spilling its dirty laundry all over the place, and it couldn't be more fun

Angels with large 'wings' shield students from harm at Utah pride march

Angels with large 'wings' shield students from harm at Utah pride march

Joe Biden Absolutely Humiliates Heckler During Speech - Ring of Fire

Michigan judge rules 1931 law criminalizing most abortions is unconstitutional

Judge nixes Oaf Creepers leader's bid to delay Jan. 6 trial

MAGA Meltdown: Bill Barr Thinks DOJ 'Getting Very Close' To Having Evidence To Indict Trump - The Beat

My Library Has Better Records Than The National Archives

Is it just me who thinks the most important questions are being ignored right now.

The CDC has people confused about COVID.

Judge Removes Republican Official From Office For Participating In Capitol Riot - Ring of Fire

Ghost Town on a Rail Line

Menendez becomes third Democratic Senator to test positive for COVID-19 this week

Meet the artists who created the Obamas White House Portraits

Gym Jordan OBLITERATED for DIVISIVE and TONE DEAF Tweet about 'Real America'

Texas Paul REACTS to Dr. Oz GOING FULL MAGA on Fox News - Meidas Touch

Active shooter in Memphis, multiple shootings, streaming on FB

On the Cobalt-to-Challis Stage Coach Road

Murphy's Romance (1985) PG-13

Trump's getting his plane flight ready: Timing is interesting, dontcha think?

When did religious belief become an excuse to discriminate?

On the Treacherous FS-172 Road (Wilderness Corridor) to Pinyon Peak

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP's paper plots....

Man wanted for multiple shootings across city, police say

Turning On Trump: Barr Suggests DOJ 'Very Close' To Indicting Trump - The Beat - MSNBC

Snap blunder allows Democrats to tap into trove of GOP voter data

Think about this for a moment...

Michelle Obama on Democracy - The Lincoln Project

Bannon faces indictment over alleged fundraising scam - ABC News

California On The Edge Of Rolling Blackouts Due To Extreme Heat - NBC News

Cards Against Humanity adds surcharge to orders from anti-abortion states: (Twitter)

Sen. Whitehouse on Originalism and Right-Wing Political Influence on Judicial Decision-Making

The "classified documents" issue is a big, f'n deal

Any advice for a small town campaign manager for city council?

Carmina Burana: O Fortuna - Timpani Moments

This will make you go hmmm?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

I'd say Andrew Yang has found his VP candidate for 2024...(email)

Police serve search warrants in killing of Las Vegas reporter

Amtrak, freight railroads maintain positions in latest Gulf Coast filings.

Steve Bannon 'En Route' To Surrender Over New Charges In New York, Lawyer Says - All In - MSNBC

Mutineers Isle! The tides have turned - this was posted on a CONSERVATIVE forum

Anne Garrels, long time foreign correspondent for NPR, dies at 71

Okay folks...4% of you haven't been doing your jobs...


Found on FB

D.C.-area forecast: Cloudier and cooler today, then brighter and nicer late week.

About this nonsense that Darth Traitor "declassified" the documents--

Putin On Ukraine: Russia Has 'Not Lost Anything' In Conflict - NBC News

"Praying Lady" hijacks public school board meetings

Wednesday's Argle Bargle

Two different shows, two different reactions.

New UK Prime Minister questioned on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Muhammad bin Salman....

When Smetana's Vltava (the Moldau) is performed you can easily let yourself be carried away

Trump Aide Is Subpoenaed for Jan. 6 Grand Jury

How One Modernist Building in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest Changed Cinema Forever

Bird Talk

Don't give the GOP even a second to breath

As he awaits sentencing in one case, Bannon is indicted in another; Donald Trump's nuclear meltdown


'Don't Vote': A Look At Blake Masters' Emails To His Vegan Co-op At Stanford University

Tweet of the Night:

Fugitive suspect in Saskatchewan stabbing rampage is dead

It's electrifying!

I had the very unpleasant experience of listening to the Miami-Dade school board monthly meeting.

Memphis shooting

Scoop: Dems' accidental GOP data mine

Ohio docs say new abortion law has them working against oaths to do no harm

Police arrest county official in reporter's stabbing death

Faux News on memphis shooting

Things that affirm my atheism

Israel Says 'High Probability' Its Forces Killed Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh - All In - MSNBC

Good News? Most Americans see Trump's MAGA as threat to democracy: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Just a Few People Crowned Some of YouTube's Earliest Hits

The Kinks, live in Paris, 1965 (several songs - 21 minutes)

what happened to jonathan turley?

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 9, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: The Idea of America

Most Common Languages Spoken Around the World and Their Native Speakers

The Kinks, live in Paris, 1965 (several songs - 21 minutes)

An arrest has been made in the stabbing death of a Las Vegas investigative reporter, police say

Carol Leonnig: Nobody at Mar-a-Lago would have the clearance to review this information

5 Omicron symptoms that are more common now than the 'classic' COVID signs

The SC IS ABOUT TO HEAR A Very Important Case

Michigan GOP leaders encourage rule breaking at poll worker training session

Usually fearless attorney/investigator Jenny Cohn asks for eyes on her personal safety.

Beto BLASTS Greg Abbott in SCATHING new campaign ad - Meidas Touch

Lest we forget: Day 219. 508* mass shootings. 545 deaths.2089 wounded.

Thursday Morning Good Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Positive Autumn🍂Day Livestream

Colorado clerk Tina Peters pleads not guilty in election security breach case

WOW: Michelle Obama delivers SPEECH OF THE YEAR that TRUMP needs to hear - Meidas Touch

*Pete Souza on Lawrence show now.

Neal Katyal on Lawrence O'Donnell just now

Sometime in the last two hours

Lauren Boebert does not know how to read polls -or purposely distorts them. Makes a fool of herself

Kimmel: Trump Lashes Out at the FBI, Nuclear Secrets Stashed at Mar-a-Lago & Don Jr's Saddest Video

Tailleferre's 'Harp Sonata' played by Elinor Bennett

Go Bag Blues

Cat With Grumpy Looks Sits Like Buddha and Acts Like Garfield

Small Faces - All Or Nothing (Stockholm, Sweden 1966) + 1966 interview

Small Faces - All Or Nothing (Stockholm, Sweden 1966) + 1966 interview

Rogue One Was a Minor Miracle

Trump's classified Mar-a-Lago documents, catalogued

'DOJ Is Tiptoeing Around Donald As If He Was King' Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Says - ReidOut

'Banking while Black': Woman wins casino jackpot, but Michigan bank won't cash check

*On Amanpour now, war's effects.

Fed's Brainard: There's a risk of raising rates too much

Beto BLASTS Greg Abbott in SCATHING new campaign ad - Meidas Touch

Ukraine widens counteroffensive - ABC News

I can smell the Devil Magic. I can smell it cooking after tonight

Trump Told White House Team He Needed to Protect 'Russiagate' Documents

Bookends - Simon and Garfunkel

Mask still required at New York Comic Con, even with cosplay

Trump Told White House Team He Needed to Protect 'Russiagate' Documents

Obamas At WH Portraits Unveiling Show Their 'Love Of This Country' Says Plouffe - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The race begins: Philly Council members Maria Quiones-Snchez and Derek Green are running for mayor

Sarah Palin LOSER Song - Fix News

(HOLY FUCKING CHRS..... ) lawrence Odonnell

The Daily Show - Obama's Weird White House Portrait Unveiled & Apple Announces iPhone 14

Smithsonian and U.S. Army join forces to save works of art and culture threatened by war.

Enough of Quiet Quitting: It's Time to Talk About Quiet Firing

What is the most east and west you have ever been in the US?

Seth Meyers - Biden Says Not Every Republican Is a MAGA Republican - Monologue 9/6/22

Haven't watched CNN since they went to fox light but

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: Fellowship of St. Moses the Black -Linking ancient African Christianity...

cross posting from General as this is about Michigan

Trump confessed AGAIN to stealing classified documents. Tell me how we're a nation of laws?

Bullshit ads

Biden administration jumps into rail, union talks hoping to avert strike

Moon not visible now, due to clouds, but

'Lawlessness': Laurence Tribe Condemns 'Courts Faithful To Trump' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Power out for third evening in a row.

'We've Got To Win': Beto Blasts Abbott's Inaction On Guns - The Last Word - MSNBC

Doomscrolling linked to poor physical and mental health, study finds

Adagio in D Minor - John Murphy

Bidens Hosting Obamas' Portrait Unveiling A 'Family Reunion' Souza Says - The Last Word - MSNBC

It Turns Out There Are "Trump Judges" After All

If you tell the truth and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

'We've Got To Win': Beto Blasts Abbott's Inaction On Guns - The Last Word - MSNBC

Try to Remember the Kind of September

Human, has anyone seen this?

US citizen jailed on child porn allegations in Honduras

Missy Mazzoli's 'Dissolve, O My Heart' played by Jennifer Koh

Mexico will acquire 9 million doses of Cuban vaccine for children ages 5-11

Watch as Superman turns up at Chilean president's press conference

So this lady made Halloween cookies that were supposed to look like eyeballs.....oopsie

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Rep. Plaskett On Holding Trump Accountable - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Evangelicals flex muscle in Brazilian election race

It Wasn't Just Oil Companies Spreading Climate Denial

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 9, 2022

'Try To Remember', Josh Groban sings...

Russian s-300s are blowing up

Return To Decency: The Bidens Host The Obamas For Reveal Of Official Portraits - The 11th Hour MSNBC

The Election Official Who Tried to Prove "Stop the Steal"

Bolivian indigenous women break barriers through mountaineering

Seth Meyers - Amber Says What: FBI Raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Dolly Parton Dog Wigs and Quiet Quitting

New Report On Extremist Group Shows Alarming Penetration Of Civic Institutions - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Colombia Amazon deforestation rose in first half of the year

I have to hand it to folks like Billy Barr ...

Axios: Fed's Brainard sees a risk in raising rates too much

Dems accuse Ronchetti of disingenuous shift in abortion messaging

Bolsonaro mixes campaign politics, military displays on Brazil bicentennial

Colombia's war crimes tribunal exposes hundreds of Medellin's alleged terrorism sponsors

Bannon Reportedly Faces Indictment Beyond Protection Of Trump Pardon - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

I think a lot of you will enjoy this.

Chiquita to trial for financing terrorism in Colombia

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton

Justice Claims Risk of Violence and Suspends Bolsonaro's Gun Decrees

Michigan Example Exposes Dishonesty Of GOP Insistence On Abortion As A 'State Issue' - Alex Wagner

The Alcaraz-Sinner match was something else.

Mexico plan to militarize premier police force draws rights fears - Al Jazeera

Miami Dade school board rejects LGBTQ history month over fears it violates 'Don't Say Gay'

In Obama Portrait Unveiling, An Important Reminder Of Democratic Transitions Of Power - Alex Wagner

Iran condemns two women to death for 'corruption' over LGBTQ+ media links

Panama City man receives 9 life sentences for sexually assaulting child

Body of British aid worker captured by Russian proxies shows 'signs of torture'

Glenn Kirschner: What Did Trump Know? Election Denier Caught on Tape & What is a "Stop Work" Order?

Saky airfield: Ukraine claims Crimea blasts responsibility after denial

Inside a Maya village where locals live without power -- and fight to preserve their culture

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/7/22

Trump-Appointed Judge Is Not Keen to Hear More about How She's Bad at Law

Using bamboo to make some sophisticated old furniture - Bamboo Sofa

This Indian tree is a disease fighting superhero. Unbelievable benefits here

Mysterious Reef From Millions of Years Ago Discovered in Vast Australian Desert

Astronauts could 3D print tools and parts from titanium and Mars dust

A 31,000-year-old leg amputation in Borneo may be world's oldest surgery

A Gigantic Solar Eruption Just Emerged From The Far Side of The Sun

Residential exposure to petroleum refining could be related to strokes in the southern United States

Sanctions on Russia are 'declaration of economic war', says Vladimir Putin - BBC News

Dana Milbank: How reactionary is MAGA? Try the first century B.C.

Robert Costa reports on documents found at Mar-a-Lago - CBS News

Police say Memphis shooting suspect killed 4 during rampage

In Kharkiv, a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo....

Wordle 446 ***Spoiler Thread***

Whose Birthday is it today?? Why, it's BERNIE SANDER'S 81st BIRTHDAY!!

To be fair, let's give Top Secret Docs to Obama, Bush Jr., and Jimmy Carter.

Japan, South Korea and the US agree to strengthen security ties over Pyongyang threat - CNA

The Chief of Staff manages the Oval Office. Meadows knows about the secret documents.

Blinken, in Kyiv, unveils $2B in US military aid for Europe

My girlfriend and I hit 5 months together this Friday

To honor Teidrich: What kind of sh*thole doctor...

Hillary Clinton's take on secret documents

Question about mirrorless

Breakfast Thursday 8 September , 2022😍

America Is a Rich Death Trap

🔥 Happy Birthday Bernie Sanders 🎉 🐦

On this day, September 8, 1932, Patsy Cline was born.

Trumps bizarre behavior has forced Garlands hand.

How A-Sha Noodles Became the Hottest Name in Instant Ramen

There is now NO reason to not indict Trump. He is worthless scum at this point. nt

When She Was My Girl, 1981 tv clip

After Trump is indicted, Cannon should be impeached and indicted herself.

On this day, September 8, 1897, Jimmie Rodgers was born.

On this day, September 8, 1994, USAir Flight 427 crashed on approach to Pittsburgh.

'An excuse to racially profile': How Florida trains police on bias

On this day, September 8, 1944, a V-2 rocket came down in London for the first time.

Remember, The reason Trump took the documents may not be a logical reason.

The Nihilism of MAGA World

The littles are doing great

Queen Elizabeth II dead at 96 after 70 years on the throne

Queen Elizabeth apparently quite ill....

Trump news - live: Ex-president 'says he kept secret Russia documents to stop Biden shredding them'

What is the primary reason Trump has not been subpoenaed?

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an exhibition

Trump is financially assisting Jan. 6 rioters?

At Shakespeare's Globe, a Nonbinary Joan of Arc Causes a Stir

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/7/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 09/07/22

On this day, September 8, 1966, "Star Trek" premiered.

The Rundown: September 8, 2022

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING can be sorted out if we get two more Senators.

Recipe For Love

QE 2 and friends

I've seen America's future if the Trumpers win: It's what Lebanon looks like right now

If the DOJ chooses the Special Master over the appeals process?

A Time For Everything

Weird Thrift Store Shirts (and more)

They sanitize, normalize & minimize his clearly out of bounds behavior & enable him

Moore v Harper Could End Our Democracy

Steve Bannon expected to surrender in New York on border wall fraud charges

US lobster put on 'red list' to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales

Buffy Sainte Marie: Censored by U.S. Presidents and a Newspaper, Vindicated by Covert Operative in C

No TOONs post today - schedule conflict

Richard Cur de Lion was born on the day (8 September 1157 - 6 April 1199)

ECB Raises Interest Rates by a Historic 0.75 Point as Europe Stares at Recession

Bill Barr's new role

IRS move toward free e-filing could end years of corporate domination

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall to three-month low

Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates to 14-Year High

Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates to 14-Year High

Four killed in hourslong Memphis shooting rampage before suspect arrested, police say

Don't forget, Stinky Man gets indicted today.

There's a constituency for racism, misogyny, homophobia, nationalism, xenophobia and fascism...

Almost half of Michigan local officials report harassment and abuse, survey finds

Bill Barr: Liar, Thug, Bully, Stupid: New Book By Former SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman

Does it seem like the Cable Networks have cut back on the Trump news today?

Just 2 days ago QE 2 and the new P.M. Liz Truss .... Like her or not she has class

Updated COVID-19 booster available in Michigan

My sister's Messenger got hacked

Marine Heatwave Pushing Northern Oceans' Water Temperatures To Record Highs This Summer

Any Researchers here know what the former Texas Rep/DNI Ratcliff has been up to since 2021?

Reality Winner story/interview coming up on Morning Joe

Guy Sees Dog On The Side Of The Road And Runs Straight To Her

CNN anchor Bernard Shaw dead at 82

The Oscar goes to... 💞🤣🤣

Peppa Pig features same-sex couple for first time in show's 18-year history

Breaking: Steve Bannon to surrender to face NY indictment

Bernie Shaw R I P

Goat and his little monkey friend

Former top Trump White House aide Steve Bannon surrenders in New York court to face criminal charges

I like post apocalyptic art. I have a question for some of y'all who know more about guns than I do

Lawsuit wants to 're-run' 2020 election, voting experts say claims don't add up

MI: Lawsuit wants to 're-run' 2020 election, voting experts say claims don't add up

"Oh, my Grace, I got no hiding place."

todays projected high is 108.

You raised $155.50 on September 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

You raised $275.00 on September 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

An Open Letter to Georgia Voters:

When a man with a pistol shows up outside a congresswoman's house

MI Republican squirms when reporter confronts her about telling poll workers to 'act like spies'

Trump Pushed Officials to Prosecute His Critics, Ex-U.S. Attorney Says

You raised $50.00 on September 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stephanie DuBois

GOP donor pool unexpectedly shrinks as midterms near

I was reading the accounts of the Queen's health and my mood took a sharp turn. Arthur noticed

Miami Dade school board rejects LGBTQ history month over fears it violates 'Don't Say Gay'

You raised $25.00 on September 7, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

61 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Aretha Franklin's Unsealed FBI File Shows Bureau Tracked Her Civil Rights Activism

You raised $10.00 on September 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

I can't wait to see

You raised $10.00 on September 7, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen's death

Our Worst Fears About Trump Have Come True (Bob Cesca)

U.K.'s New Leader Lays Out Sweeping Plan to Cap Energy Prices

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Senate Candidate Thinks Voting Is Meaningless

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 8, 2022

How Much Money Has Marjorie Taylor Greene Lost on Trump's Social Media Company?

Spread the word.

I can't believe all the trash Burners have left along the road

Elizabeth served as a mechanic

Gloves off, Biden embraces tough tone on 'MAGA Republicans'

Operation Unicorn, not Operation London Bridge

Doug Mastriano hits familiar campaign themes on multiple stops through Pittsburgh area

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Bannon, New York, and developments....

Names of elected officials and police chiefs are on a leaked Oath Keepers list

Fed's Powell hopeful inflation can be tamed without pain of Volcker era

Nuclear Experts: Demilitarized Zone at Zaporizhzhia Plant Needed to Avoid Chernobyl-Level Crisis

The Lincoln Project-Sucker Game-this ad will piss off TFG

The Lincoln Project-Sucker Game-this ad will piss off TFG

Consumer unit expenditures in 2021 were $66,928; a 9.1% increase from 2020

Trump-era oil and gas leases in Montana and the Dakotas could be invalidated, thanks to settlement

Employment is projected to increase by 8.3 million jobs from 2021 to 2031

TFG Threatens Fox News With Lawsuit For Allowing 'Perverts' of Lincoln Project to Run Anti-Trump Ad

In new ads, GOP candidates brazenly misrepresent their position on abortion

Famine by October? Somalia & East Africa Face Humanitarian Crisis Amid Climate Change, Ukraine War

Federal grand jury probing Trump PAC's formation, fundraising efforts: Sources

It was never hard to figure out how Trump got away with everything as president.

Happy Birthday Pink!

The Death Party

Tomorrow is special master day. What will the DOJ decide to do?

Bannon charged with money laundering, conspiracy in 'We Build the Wall'

Simple Homemade Churros Recipe (video)

I can't wait for the seditious conspiracy trials to begin.

AOC's Fight for the Future

"Attack Philanthropy": Right-Wing Billionaire Fueled Climate Denial & Conservative Judges, Schools

When you lie on your resume

Cows run to listen to little girl's music:

Bernie: LIVE on the floor of the U.S. Senate ... The Planet Over Fossil Fuel Profits

Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway original, covers by Spencer Davis Group, Small Faces

Dog knows hula hoop is supposed to go round 'n round:

Pennsylvania community halts largest sewer privatisation deal in US history

Rick Wilson (The Lincoln Project) responds to Trump lawsuit threat:

Morbius, now playing on Netflix

Goat & little monkey friend:

How Biden's Unheralded National Industrial Strategy is Recasting U.S. Foreign Policy

The 2022 midterm elections -- and what the data really says

Stopgap funding bill set to dominate September agenda

Small Faces - Tin Soldier (German TV's Beat-Club, 1967)

Cat working from home:

Bannon Faces Up to 15 Years in Prison on New Charges

Fetterman will debate Oz-one debate

'Stop hurting America, you greasy two-bit grifter.'

Another public admission traitortot lost...

Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Comin' (German TV's Beat-Club, 1967)

Compilation --clever business names:

LIVE: Put The Planet Over Fossil Fuel Profits

Each Justice of the Supreme Court is assigned Judicial Circuits.

Compilation--ninja animals:

Anyone want to bet that when QEII passes, IQ45 will make it all about him?

Mama Owl and her 2 little baby owlets

Bird wants to "help" fold laundry:

'This is the future': rural Virginia pivots from coal to green jobs.

Golden Earring - Radar Love (live in Amsterdam, 12/12/2015 - check out drum solo starting at 5:58)

We have a big problem up here in DFW.

Trump's Gone Full QAnon. There's No Point in Denying It Anymore.

How's Jimmy Carter as he approaches his 98th birthday

Embryos with DNA from three people develop normally in first safety study

The destruction of our Democracy will also result in the destruction of the economy.

Methinks Fani may want to speak with Gini. Fani should set a date. nt

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 8, 2022)

The Dreadnoughts, they're here to help

More about the latest grand jury subpoenas re: TFG's fund-raising fuckery:

Trump Pushed Officials to Prosecute His Critics, Ex-U.S. Attorney Says

NATO chief warns of hard winter for Ukraine and its backers

The Trump voters are near the end their journey, path, they chose long ago.

Bird Instruction

How fire suppression made California's wildfires worse

Brittany Spears: "I'm an atheist now, y'all."

Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor (live at the LA Forum, 1973)

How Scientology Exploits Foreign Workers

Bird Instruction

I'm not a grumpy old man! I've just given up on being polite to idiots spouting bullshit!

US soldier who posted about killing Black people given top security pass

I said this before and I will say again.

Humble Pie - Natural Born Bugie (aka Natural Born Boogie - German TV's Beat-Club, 1969)

Pastoral Scene on the Road to Cobalt

Is there going to be another season of "Norsemen"?

Trump tweets prompted DOJ to investigate John Kerry because he 'annoyed the president'

Teens were sent to Wyoming ranches for therapy. They say they found a nightmare of hard labor and...

Given the potentially catastrophic national security threat

Nullifying Dobbs

Reuters: Ukrainian general says huge gains made in lightning counteroffensive

The DOJ can get Trump's hand-picked judge removed from the case -- here's how

Wow, everyone on MSNBC is

Trump's Post-Election Fund-Raising Comes Under Scrutiny by Justice Dept.

So, wait, the painting with the shrubbery wasn't the official portrait?

Donald Trump told staff he needed to protect 'Russiagate' docs

The dark reality of legal weed in California

A publisher abruptly recalled the "2,000 Mules" election denial book. NPR got a copy.

More Than Six in Ten Perceive Wrongdoing in Trump's Stash of Government Docs at Mar-a-Lago

Holocaust survivors fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine find safety in unexpected place - PBS NewsH

I don't understand this.

Henri the existential cat, if you haven't met yet, or post your favorite...

The hidden danger posed by a MAGA takeover of the House

Serious question

"Pieces of Her"

Republican leaders in Michigan training poll workers to **break the rules**

US soldier who posted about killing Black people given top security pass

New York City Schools Will No Longer Have Snow Days: 'Sorry Kids,' Official Says

Longtime CNN anchor Bernard Shaw dead at 82

Washington mayor declares public emergency over migrant arrivals from Texas, Arizona

Superimosed image of their pet as they scatter his ashes at the pond

Are projects covered by the infrastructure bill being implemented?

Weekly Ludi #40

Trump Support Collapses, Majority of Independents Don't Want 2024 Run

Man Charged with Sending Death Threat to Sen. Ted Cruz, Calling Him the 'Chuckle-F***' Zodiac Killer

I think EVERYONE would agree with Trump on this

Anyone lose smell and/or taste due to COVID?

The Queen died.

The Queen died this afternoon - just announced.

Ex-Special Master Kenneth Feinberg Foresees Problem With Trump's Case

The Queen Has Passed

Queen Elizabeth II dead at 96

BREAKING BBC NEWS TV has announced Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

It's official. From the Royal Family:

BBC QUEEN ELIZABETH II has died, live news broadcast

BREAKING NEWS: Orange Man from Florida announces he is now King of England.....

Docs: Utah lawmaker told Mormon bishop not to report abuse

So Apple has made the brilliant decision not to allow physicial SIM card in the Iphone 14

Sona Jobarteh - dJarabi

Gov. Inslee, local leaders break ground on I-90/SR18 interchange improvements project

The future queen volunteered in the Auxiliary Transport Service in WW2

Black Delta Movement - Hot Coals (live & studio version, 2018)

Screenshot of DU just now

Michael Harriot - White Water Welfare: Jackson, Baltimore and the other racial wealth gap

A hurricane will make its closest pass to Southern California in 25 years, adding to California's

Letter from 650+ Groups Opposing Fossil Fuel Projects and Proposed Permitting Reforms

GQ October issue - AOC on cover

To any that would kick Elizabeth now

Fucken dog whistle Ron Johnson

Senate Republicans Have Put Stranglehold on Nominations

Republicans run head first into the same-sex marriage trap

Support of false election claims runs deep in 2022 GOP field

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Ukrainian celebrity Patron

Probably the last official business by the late Queen Elizabeth - meeting the new Prime Minister

WI Sen. Ron Johnson Says Don't Worry, He Was Just Lying About Not Opposing Gay Marriage

On this day, September 8, 1922, Lyndon Larouche was born.


Ukraine launches surprise counterattacks against Russian troops while they're distracted

Tonight I will raise a cup of tea and nibble a McVitties Rich Tea Biscuit in her memory

Who is the king?

Why is there no medical help for tinnitus?

Heroin overdoses are vanishing from D.C. The reason? Fentanyl.

Friend of mine met the Queen-Elizabeth 2

Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way (Live)

Eric Swalwell tweet about Queen Elizabeth

From ABC News: Jimmy Carter's statement on Queen Elizabeth

Pete Souza just tweeted one of his favorite photographs of Queen Elizabeth

The Queen and Paddington Bear - Platinum Party at the Palace

Forbes tweet with video of the rainbow over Buckingham Palace

It looks like Charles is the guy who can prorogue the UK and Canadian parliaments now.

Link Wray with Jason & the Scorchers - Live - Denmark

QAnon Is Losing it Over the Queen's Death

Mary Peltola on Queen Elizabeth and honoring our elders

VW Beetle converted to electric in one day - 13:46

Britain's new monarch to be known as King Charles III

Statement from President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

My favorite Queen Elizabeth story: Ms. Alice Frazier

appalachiablue posted a Link Wray video a minute ago, and the gears started grinding

Speaker Pelosi's statement on death of Queen Elizabeth II:

Ukraine war: US approves $2.6bn in aid for Ukraine and allies

i hate to be that person, but for some of us, this is a grand day. i'm irish.

Queen Elizabeth II in "The Naked Gun"

'Margaret and I are thinking of you in your great loss'

Docs: Utah lawmaker told Mormon bishop not to report abuse

Florida Student and Professor Sue Education Commissioner Over 'Stop WOKE Act,' Alleging First

The End of Kiwi Farms, the Web's Most Notorious Stalker Site

King Charles III has issued a statement on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II:

A statement from His Majesty The King:

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth.

Does anyone here remember what happened when Trump visited the Queen and did his own

St. Petersburg Officials Demand Vladimir Putin Be Tried for Treason in Letter

Bannon pleads not guilty to NY state charges of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud related to b

How Ron DeSantis helped Florida Power & Light raise electricity rates by $5 billion

I don't believe in an interventionist God, but as the flag was being lowered on Windsor Castle

Video of Bannon's perp walk while handcuffed

The cover of next week's TIME:

On Sept 12, 2001 -- 24hrs after 9/11 -- Queen Elizabeth ordered the U.S. national anthem be played

Why is there no MAGA like party in the U K?

3 years ago caught these pics of an osprey kid, who is now old enough to make a full life.

St. Louis' Private Police Forces Make Security a Luxury of the Rich (ProPublica)

Statement by President Obama and Mrs. Obama on the Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Jeff Tiedrich on Bannon

The Demise of Roe v. Wade Has Fired Up Democrats

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter on Queen Elizabeth II:

Rainbows appear over England

President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton on the passing of Queen Eizabeth II

Lindell TV: For those who don't find Fux Noise or OAN stupid enough

If you like seeing Steve Bannon in handcuffs, this video is for you.

Would Trump be flattered or pissed

Marshall Islands: Chinese pair plotted 'mini-state' in Pacific nation

Remember when Annie Liebowitz asked the queen to take off her crown for her next photo

Trump aide subpoenaed, FBI seeks interview related to Jan. 6 investigations: Sources

A suicidal son, an iconic bridge and the struggle to keep people from jumping

During WW II, Elizabeth initially became a truck mechanic to help with the war effort

What King Charles thinks of the orange fuck

Cartoons 9/8/2022

A suicidal son, an iconic bridge and the struggle to keep people from jumping

China extends coronavirus lockdown of megacity Chengdu indefinitely, with no end in sight to strict

Monroe father gets 9 months for 'despicable' hate crime

Will trump have the audacity to "make a statement" about the Queen's death?

Where were you when you heard/ how did you hear?

Queen Elizabeth

LTE: Biden has pointed out a clear threat to our nation

Aramco Team Series: Saudi-Tied Tournament Causes Push to Void Trump's N.Y.C. Golf Contract

'Lord of the Rings' Cast Unifies in Support for 'Rings of Power' Cast Amid Racist Attacks

Remember when TFG butted in front of the Queen

New Malaria vaccine could reduce deaths by 70% in 'breakthrough moment', experts say

Savor the end of summer with pisto, a Spanish vegetable stew

Official's DNA linked to Las Vegas reporter's stabbing, police say

States wasting billions on new highways, rather than fixing old ones

Late Wednesday TOONS

Another US congressional delegation in Taiwan amid tensions

which is your favorite anchor? (watch)

DOJ Appeals Trump judge appointing special master

A long legacy....

Now would be a great time to arrest the would-be American monarch...

DOJ will appeal judge's decision to grant Trump's special master request to review seized docs

Ukraine reportedly liberates Kharkiv Oblast settlements in its second recent counteroffensive effort

Harper my Corgi.

Gloves off, Biden embraces tough tone on 'MAGA Republicans'

Queen Elizabeth's many visits to Kentucky

the grace, the balance, the paws, the tail

US: Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians forced to Russia

Steve Bannon is an unruly heap of body soil animated by a malevolent spirit, but ...

Biden taking victory lap in Ohio

message from Paddington

Justice Department to appeal judge's ruling on special master in Trump search

Charlie Baker Won't Endorse GOP Nominee for Governor

Bicentenial, 1976 - Independence Ave - The Queen and VP Rockefeller motorcade RIGHT in front of me.

some good news. steve bannons perp walk

Ex-royal cop recalls Queen joke (twitter video)

Princess Elizabeth was met at Washington National Airport, 1951, by President Truman: #HSTL

Can someone in charge PLEASE go check in on Fort Knox

Did Queen Elizabeth ever visit Missouri?

A close look at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch reveals a common culprit

Hey Admin, how about a Celebrity in Memoriam forum

The Royal Dogs and Horses

Princess Elizabeth was met at Washington National Airport, 1951, by President Truman: #HSTL

The Queen when the Trumps visited

It's hard to imagine a world with

Ken Paxton and the GOP's so called 'Women's Bill of Rights'

My cat and Charles: Many years ago, I was watching a documentary on

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Memphis and how it can change....


Federal judge in Texas rules in favor of a company that denies coverage of life-saving HIV drugs

Lavasioth - Monster Hunter World

Dr. Oz falls flat on his face with mistake of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

FBI file on the Queen released

How many other Trump supporters have bailed on him? Geraldo's one.

Therapists in California and Hawaii Are Striking for Mental Health Care

Rising seas could swallow millions of U.S. acres within decades

Anybody here into Bob James?

Magnificient event when the Queen hazed the crown prince of Saudi Arabia at Balmoral

Morning + afternoon looking east, southern MD 9/8

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 September 2022

Across the Desk - S6:E8 (OK (D) Party Chair - Alicia Andrews)

Hillary Clinton: Trump's classified Mar-a-Lago docs 'should concern every American'

Climate tipping points of coral die-off, ice sheet collapse closer than thought

Michigan GOP Chiefs Instructed Poll Workers to Break Rules During Training, Video Shows

If Bezos can have a spaceship, so can my boys

Former NSA Translator Prosecuted By Trump WH Weighs In On Mar-a-Lago Documents (MSNBC)

Running scared: DeSantis avoids statewide TV debate Editorial

Study: Four major climate tipping points close to triggering

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 8, 2022

Poisonous, stinging Trump-hair-looking puss caterpillars infesting Florida

King Charles-ugh- I had really hoped William would be next

GOP leaders at a literal loss for words about Biden-era job growth

Gonna appeal Trump's judge disappointing decision!

Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Duran Duran, Elton John and MORE on the death of the Queen

In appeal, DOJ says urgent FBI be permitted to investigate empty folders with classified markings

Everything Wrong With Judge Cannon's Ruling

I wonder what Morrissey is going to have to say about the death of the Queen ...

Mike Luckovich-Queen of Hearts

In their Appeal, The DOJ basically called the judge an idiot.

St. Petersburg Officials Demand Vladimir Putin Be Tried for Treason in Letter

Everything that Trump touches...

Joe did this

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-6: Money, That's What I (Don't) Want Edition

Why russian propagandists are OBSESSED with Queen Elizabeth II's death

Any self respecting perp would have his raincoat thrown over his head by his lawyer

America's greatest living talent? My vote.

Awesome ad against Blake Masters

Although she was a lovely lady

Michigan Supreme Court spokesperson John Nevin... (EDIT... WE DID IT! FUCK YEAH!)

Watching my DVR copy of Jimmy Kimmel and in a segment he was showing slides of what

Abortion will be on the ballot in Michigan (Supreme Court rules to allow ballot initiative)

Anyone know Randy Fine from Florida?

Ukrainians welcoming their soldiers as they liberate the villages now...

After debate citing indoctrination and Nazis, Miami-Dade School Board rejects LGBTQ month

US DOJ to Appeal Cannon Ruling...

Good day for all. Steve Bannon in handcuffs.

Trump statement on the Queen's passing

GOP Officials Caught Instructing Poll Workers To 'Secretly' Break Rules: Leaked Audio

Tucker Carlson Malfunctions Over AOC Brilliance - The Damage Report

Biden Is Closing In on Naming IRS Chief to Succeed Trump Appointee Rettig

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II

"What do conservatives mean when they say they love America??"

Politico: The People Who Said Biden Isn't Smart Are Looking a Bit Dumb

Michigan Supreme Court approves proposal to put abortion rights petition on November ballot

Reject this dirty side deal.

Justice Department to Appeal Ruling on Special Master

King Charles III makes first statement as monarch after death of his mother

Reject this dirty side deal.

my STARWARS collection has expanded

World on brink of five 'disastrous' climate tipping points, study finds

The Lincoln Project. Please Sue us donald.

New York honors Queen Elizabeth at Empire State Building

This is where we are in America -

What was your favorite car?

Taking Documents Home 'Height Of Irresponsibility': Fmr. Defense Secretary

C.O. Rachel: DOJ scruitinizing tfg's post-election scam fundraising

Glad that it will be Biden, not Whiny, who will sign the condolences book at the

Germany increases troop presence in Lithuania - DW News

Capitol Rioter Sentenced To 9 Months After Ex-Girlfriend Rats Him Out - Ring of Fire

Posted without comment

I have a feeling that this Dildo will be a little hard to swallow.

Wait--the queen died so we must pray for Trump?

Your Home May One Day Have Its Own Clean-Hydrogen Unit

Best news video I've seen all day!

Russian Officials Propose Overthrowing Putin, Charging Him With Treason


Some thoughts on King William... sooner than one might think.

Florida Supreme Court cites "human error" in accidental release of ruling in abortion case

Meeting the Queen...

Joe Biden unveils Trump's official White House portrait

Will President Biden go to the funeral?

Steve Bannon SURRENDERS in NY as he is INDICTED on new STATE CRIMINAL CHARGES - Meidas Touch

A layman's level explanation of today's motion from DOJ

James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

I'm thinking President Biden will be invited to attend the Queen's funeral...

Andrew Weissman: DOJ Notice To Appeal 'Puts It To The Trump Team' - Deadline - MSNBC

GOP Officials Caught Instructing Poll Workers To 'Secretly' Break Rules: Leaked Audio

I don't care about the royal family. Monarchies shouldn't exist.

Hillary asks: "How was he even able to get these documents out of the building?"

Is Sir Elton John going to sing Candle in the Wind at Queen Elizabeth 2 funeral?

LOL! "having a teenager is like living in a haunted house..."

President Biden On Death Of Queen Elizabeth II: She 'Defined An Era' - MSNBC Reports

Perfect example of how watching FOX creates an alternate reality

A few questions about the "appeal"?

pig facts: a cute meme

No links, or quotes, but freeperville barely reacts to the DOJ challenge of the Cannon decision


Looking Back At Queen Elizabeth's Memorable Encounters With U.S. Presidents - MSNBC Reports

You can't pull one over on QANON...

Carnegie Mellon: A statement regarding recent social media posts by Uju Anya.

Well I think the hummers are officially done........just changed their feeder and

What happened to Steve Bannon, in jail, bailed out

DOJ Appeals Judge's Order For Mar-a-Lago Special Master

'I Don't Understand It': Hillary Clinton On How Documents Ended Up At Mar-a-Lago - Morning Joe MSNBC

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

President Biden orders flags at half staff after the passing of HRH

Remember this ?

GOP to lean into the migrant caravan thing and Hunter Biden to distract from Trump's crimes

Outstanding Article About Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Drought, Siltation, Hydropower And All The Rest

Garcia vs Jabeur.......

Man brings home a parrot. Now he can't use his kitchen counter.

Trump's DESPICABLE Attorney tells media it's FUNNY Trump is accused of stealing NUCLEAR SECRETS - MT

We are mispronouncing the Governor's name.

President Biden delivers remarks at Democratic National Committee reception (live)

The Trump crime investigations could damage Republicans hopes in November.

I have some royalty bloodlines in my family.


Police investigating shooting at Uvalde park. Damn it.

Reports of another shooting in Uvalde

Democrats will have between 53 to 55 seats in the US Senate after the 2022 Elections.

Maria Sharapova is on ESPN's coverage of the US Open.

Joe Biden Hammering Donald Trump in Latest Head-to-Head Poll

Mwenso & The Shakes - Resolute (Live, 2020)

Sunset, southern MD 9/8

Black historian: My group threatened, called N-word in Florida town infamous for racist attack

Tennessee elected officials, law enforcement on Oath Keepers membership list, report finds

The Queen remembered in rock and roll...