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BREAKING: DOJ to APPEAL Corrupt Trump Judge Mar-A-Lago Search Ruling and files for PARTIAL STAY - MT

Sitting at Boch Center in Boston waiting for Diana Ross.

Cat with Condescending Look Has a Touching Story

Breaking: Shooting at Uvalde memorial park

Waxing Gibbous, 93% visible, + moon setting and reflections

DJ Trump - The Lincoln Project

A bit of career advice for the Trump attorneys:

Early Summer Snow in the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Idaho

So pardon my ignorance, but what happens next with Bannon?

The iPhone Isn't Cool

Tweet of the Day

Another great series to watch: Reservation Dogs on Hulu.

Another great series to watch: Reservation Dogs on Hulu.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Michigan ruling and a Republican choice....

Rising seas fueled by climate change to swamp $34B in US real estate in just 30 years, analysis find

What kind of car is that?

Legal experts praise DOJ move in Mar-a-Lago investigation

Michigan Supreme Court: Abortion amendment must appear on ballot

an update on the in god we trust signs in texas

Pennsylvania state troopers under investigation for posing for Trump photo while in uniform

Ukraine update 🇺🇦- this is funny 😆😎

MAGATS are too stupid to know Bannon ripped them off.

Bernie Sanders says he'll vote against keeping the government open if Manchin's 'disastrous side-dea

Gun owner moved to tears at Beto rally, pledges to vote for Beto - Brian Tyler Cohen

U.S. reveals more classified records may be missing in Trump probe

Dude! Is this like your first time walking on the moon? Jeez.

Michigan's high court puts abortion question on Nov. ballot

Schooling Loose Cannon

How much is enough? Another mass shooting in Uvalde

If you like seeing Steve Bannon in handcuffs, this video is for you

A glorious day indeed! The bulb for my

CNN's on-air talent get the message

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

DOJ Hits Back In Trump Criminal Probe, Appealing Review For Secrets Trump Stole - The Beat - MSNBC

Another shooting in Uvalde

Miss your daily Toons today?

Lagoon off Lake Erie

Fresno Unified releases video showing principal assaulting special needs student

How to take a happy mugshot.

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: The Trump Documents Scandal The Daily Show

Oh! It feels good to be back in cooler temps!

Bannon indicted again; DOJ appeals "special master" ruling; former US Attorney exposes Trump & Barr

In 1982 a man broke into the queen's bedroom

'They Ain't Got No Shame': Biden Brutally Mocks Republicans Bragging About Projects They Voted...

Enough with the queen!

Another funny - Twitter responses to this pic of Pat Sajak and Empty Greene

Biden sends new $675M defense package to Ukraine - CNBC Television

My Story About the Queen

The Queen, WWII and 1993

The GOP has the perfect scam for their followers.

Chinese man gets trapped aloft in hydrogen balloon for 2 days, traveling 200 milles.

Seth Meyers - FBI Agents Found Nuclear Documents in Trump's Mar-a-Lago Residence - Monologue 9/7/22

Helen Reddy - Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady

Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

DOJ Appeal Reveals More Classified Records May Be Missing In Mar-a-Lago Probe - All In - MSNBC

☦️ EASTERN ORTHODOX: Orthodox Christians Commemorate the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 08 September

Yes, Congress *can* Constitutionally codify Obergefell

a-ha - Take On Me

Exceptions to American Exceptionalism - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown

We are creating a new class of monarchs, Billionaires.

has anyone gotten the new covid booster for omicron?

South Carolina senators reject a near-total abortion ban

Convicted Whitmer kidnap plotters send private eye to juror's workplace

This time last year, we were returning from evac due to Caldor fire -NOW...

The Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady


friend of mine who lives in calaveras co had to come over here and said that the temp was

The disgusting cruelty of Ohio's extremist abortion ban is intolerable

Aileen Cannon, a 38 year-old lawyer with no judicial experience and limited resume - LIFETIME appt.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way


'They don't recognize the party.' GOP group launches campaign against J.D. Vance

Laura Nyro - And When I Die

Ukrainians emotional after being liberated from occupation

Fmr. Foreign Secretary On The Queen's Remarkable Ability' To Put People At Ease - All In - MSNBC

STRONTIUM 90 - Every Little She Does Is Magic

Faux news on the queens death

Uvalde shooting (The one today)

Bunny Sigler - Love Train

Brutal assessment of Aileen Cannon's credentials (Twitter thread)

Aileen Cannon is just ONE of the ridiculously unqualified "judges" appointed by tfg.

Friday's digit: 9/10 - Sunshine, light breezes and slightly above-average temperatures

Kimmel: Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away at 96, Indicted Trump Has GOP Support & MyPillow Mike is

The full Harvest Moon is expected to reach its peak illumination on Sept. 10 just before 6:00 a.m.

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 11, 2022 - Deanna Durbin Double Feature

Protective cat attacks man

BREAKING: Trump makes INSANE and DESPERATE statement in response to DOJ Notice of Appeal - Meidas Touch

The KLF Feat. Tammy Wynette - Justified and Ancient

Goodness, Josh Allen

Democrats will have 54 US Senate seats after the 2022 elections.

TCM Schedule for Monday September 12, 2022 - Radio Days

Judge CooCoo Cannon didn't think up this appeal. She got the case because she's a malleable moron.

Was (Not Was) Feat. Ozzy Osbourne - Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)

Under Orders, Under Fire

SC Democrats call on their party's US Senate nominee to quit

I apologize if this has been posted:

I dare say that had any of those who post here---including the many unquestionably decent and

The Daily Show: Queen Elizabeth II's Death Elicits Wide-Ranging Reaction & Steve Bannon Indicted

Michael Jackson with Princess Stephanie of Monaco - In The Closet

We are working on convincing voters that the Democratic party believes that government can do good

They'll never walk alone

McConnell has no worldly opinions on...

Friday Sweet September Morning Vibes With Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Billionaire: The Fed won't say it out loud, but it really wants a higher unemployment rate

Treasury Secretary Yellin flying to Coach

Hurricane Kay in California?

Sundown this evening.

Bucking the tide - I think Trump should get a special masturbator

The Daily Show: Labor Sec. Marty Walsh - The Future of Work in America

What Happens to the British Monarchy Now?

Years ago tfg was roasted at the Friars club, and then...

She was not my Queen but I still feel a sense of loss. She was THE Queen.

Buffalo Bills demolish LA Rams 31-10.

i hope it is safe to post this here.

GOP statehouse candidate refuses to apologize for racist tweet

A question responding to a post yesterday by MVD...please read the whole post, my question is later,

Why is Tiffany Smiley, R candidate for Senate from WA, hiding the names

New Fox Spin: You can find out about other nation's nuclear capabilities on the CIA website

Beto RALLY brings FORMER REPUBLICAN to tears in POWERFUL video - Meidas Touch

She had her head on straight! trumps & Obamas

SC Democrats call on their party's US Senate nominee to quit

Biden does impression of repubs taking credit for infrastructure they voted against

Remember the PATRIOT Act?

Beto RALLY brings FORMER REPUBLICAN to tears in POWERFUL video - Meidas Touch

Justice Gorsuch Said Findings of Probe Into Leaked Roe Draft Opinion Will Be Made in Report

'Trump World Isn't Impressed': Why Bannon's Apparently Facing Charges With Little MAGA Support

Biden: 'Republicans Don't Have a Clue About the Power of Women,' But 'They're About to Find Out'


A Long-Shot Push to Bar Trump in 2024 as an 'Insurrectionist'

'The Queen Means Different Things To Different People' Activist Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Has a sloth ever made you cry?

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Judge approves $2.46 billion Boy Scouts reorganization plan

Klobuchar pulls vote on bipartisan tech bill, says agreement 'blown up' by Cruz amendment

CORRECTION TO THIS STORY: Judge Cannon's father-in-law is NOT Federalist Society BIG WIG

Steve Bannon stars in the new to be released series...Hawaii BO

Seth Meyers: FBI Seized Nuclear Docs Stolen by Trump at Mar-a-Lago, GOP Hypocrites Shrug: A Closer Look

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Demings speaks in Fort Pierce; tells interview, 'Let's don't play politics with people's lives'

Lawrence O'Donnell: DOJ Tells Trump-Picked Judge She's Risking National Security - The Last Word MSNBC

Bad Livers. Full version. (with bonus asscrack)

Indicted Bannon Can't Be Pardoned By Trump This Time - The Last Word - MSNBC

Russia and US clash over Western weapons for Ukraine

Probably a repost. This is some freaking sexy dancing. Could watch this all day.

Spinners at Dead and Company.

i think putin's goal is to increase the russian population base

More people in Russia falling out of 5 story window 🪟

Two. Two. Two mints in one. 😁 Hough & Isserlis, Takacs Quartet

In Appeal, DOJ Explains Judge Cannon's Error In Pausing Trump Documents Investigation - Alex Wagner

Office Depot: "View our top picks for you. Where'd you go?"

RonJohn Calls For 'Saving This Nation' After Plotting To Overturn 2020 Election

DOJ to appeal special master ruling, arguing classified documents aren't Trump's 'personal records'

Tina Peters pleads not guilty to 10 counts, but her deputy cuts a plea deal to testify against her

Grand jury reportedly probing Trump leadership PAC's fundraising, spending

DOJ Turns To Trump's Post-Election Fundraising; Bannon Is Frog-Marched To Face The Music - Alex Wagner

*The Monuments Men NOW on HBO, ch. 529, StarzHD

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Bill To Ban 'Right-To-Work' Laws

Biden says women in the U.S. were 'awakened' when Roe v. Wade was overturned

Revive I-5 to return after Labor Day weekend break

Inslee To End All COVID Emergency Orders By Late October

Double rainbow appears over Buckingham Palace - CBS News

Ukraine captures Lieutenant General Andrei Sychevoi (Андрей Сычевой) commander of the "West" group

Queen Elizabeth II's Reign Spanned A World Of Changes - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

UK Enters New Era In Time Of Economic Tumult - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

A video on Twitter under a tweet that was just posted. "SLAVA UKRAINI!" "SLAVA NA VIKI!"

DOJ Plans To Appeal Special Master Ruling - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Colorado GOP challenger refuses to apologize for referring to Black candidates as 'chimps'

A Look At Queen Elizabeth's Storied Friendship With The U.S. - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Country club takes down 9-11 themed menu and apologizes..

FSI Director Michael McFaul Honored by the Government of Ukraine with State Award

JD McPherson - Precious

BREAKING: Corrupt Trump Mar-a-Lago Judge Issues TWO ORDERS after DOJ Notice of Appeal - Meidas Touch

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/8/22

British competition show: Interior Design Master

Breakfast Friday 9 September 2022

Donald Trump's biggest 2024 problem isn't what you think it is - CNN

how to negotiate with the ignorant tight ass club

You would think with my past I would HATE this sound.

The Queens corgie

mayor cantrell recall

Wordle 447 ***Spoiler Thread***

'On A Cruise' - Linda Richman from SNL

What I Got ...

Can't believe they are going to make a MAN queen. This woke nonsense has gone too far.

Neal Katyal: "The DOJ brief criticizing the Special Master ruling is a work of art."

Orin Kerr: "DOJ's motion for a partial stay in the Mar-a-Lago search case is really interesting."

N. Korea says it will never give up nukes to counter US

And don't come back!

Trump Is Trying To Influence Judge Cannon

WOW! Overturning ROE has shined a giant spotlight on the horrors of banning abortion.

Friday TOONs - End Of An Era

This week's major U.S. economic reports (September 12 - September 16)

Don't Confuse Revenge With Justice: Five Key Differences

Yesterday, Stinky Man was very angry, upset, when he learned he could not be a crook anymore.

Non-Americans who live in a country that has sensible gun laws,

I think m Cohen was right,

Most Americans see Trump's MAGA as threat to democracy: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Recounts How a Congressman Once Told Her 'It's a Shame' She Won

On this day, September 9, 1971, "Imagine" was released.

Magnificent history my black ass

January 6 Committee to Hold Hearing This Month

On this day, September 9, 1956, Elvis made his first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

California: "Renewables Held The Line"

From 2017: "A Texas sheriff threatened this woman for having a "F**K TRUMP" bumper sticker."

Vitamins D3 and K2: Understanding the Synergy

UN chief asks world to 'massively' help flood-hit Pakistan

Dems on top MI court block GOP 'game of gotcha' attempt to remove abortion measure from Nov. ballot

Dems on top MI court block GOP 'game of gotcha' attempt to remove abortion measure from Nov. ballot

Some 3,300 Texans were members of the Oath Keepers, including cops, military and elected officials

Steve Bannon's indictment reveals the truth about Trumpism

8am September 9, 2022, The Queen is still dead. This is going to dominate the media

FL Federal Court DISMISSES Trump's lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

John Kelly thinks Mark Meadows was too "meek" with TFG...

The cover of next week's New Yorker.

When do the January 6 Committee hearings resume? I thought they said September.

Revealed: Ginni Thomas's links to anti-abortion groups who lobbied to overturn Roe

If he succeeded in stealing this country's most sensitive secrets, could he have stolen a bomb?

One spot left!

The Rundown: September 9, 2022

Personally, I'd love to know how King Charles feels about a woman running his country?

Rubio Blasted Clinton for Her Emails. Now He Says Trump's Theft of Top-Secret Records Is No Biggie

The origin of Super Villians: Clayface

One way to stop the using of a judge by someone who appoints that person.

An ex-professor spreads election myths across the U.S., one town at a time

Edward VIII abdicated because he wanted to marry a divorcee

Under Bill Clinton and previous Presidents N. Korea never built a nuclear weapon or an ICBM

Watching Bannon's perp walk video, I having an odd feeling!

Shipping giant changes course to save Sri Lanka whales

You raised $135.00 on September 8, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

I'd let her do my crudites shopping before I'd let that NJ doctor:

WOOD TV8 to host gubernatorial debate Oct. 13

You raised $25.00 on September 8, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

My little King of Comforting

Right now on Morning Joe.

You raised $20.00 on September 8, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

Father And Daughter Take The Same Photos For 35 Years (+ 6)

Wannabe Gov Michels funds location tracking of abortion seekers

Help me understand: Why does the raise in interest rates help us?

Half of Japan governing lawmakers tied to Unification Church

Hillary asks Melania: "How's your summer going?"

Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit against Clinton over 2016 Russia allegations

Yinzer Alert: Pittsburgh Brewing launches commemorative Iron City Beer can for Bill Cowher

Frank Figliuzzi boils TFG running for president again down into this analogy.

A peaceful moment for you today

AOC's Fight for the Future

The Beatles - Her Majesty

Bask in the glow from this pic of the Obamas

Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit against Clinton over 2016 Russia allegations

Woman Finds a 'Broken' Pittie Puppy Abandoned

Ambrosia - Mama Frog

As someone who planted his first fruit trees over 40 years ago, I feel qualified to

Guess where I put the catnip

Otis Redding was born on this date.

US changes names of places with racist term for Native women

Ron Filipkowski: "Didn't hear Steve Bannon complaining about NY's liberal pretrial release policies

Hoyt Curtain was born on this date.


From an election denier's Twitter account, about the filing of frivolous claims

Indiana's new abortion law runs afoul of Religious Freedom Restoration Act, lawsuit claims

British royal family's new line of succession after Queen's death

The truth about Walker

Man arrested after beheading young mother in middle of San Carlos street: law enforcement sources

SC State Sen. Katrina Shealy (R) respond to the legislature removing exceptions for rape and incest:

Michigan Supreme Court orders abortion rights, voting access initiatives on ballot

The Buddha

Cannon or Bannon?

Judge throws out Trump's RICO lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and Democrats

Trump pulls troopers photo from atop his social media after controversy erupts

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 9, 2022

Which position did Cannon apply for with her obscene "Special Master" decision:

Board of State Canvassers meeting about to begin.

Charming and funny story about Queen Elizabeth and a couple Americans

And.....we're off!

Hillary Clinton to Melania Trump: 'How's Your Summer Going?'

Someone tell the mayors of NY and DC to stop whining.

Roundtable: Amid Tributes to Queen Elizabeth, Deadly Legacy of British Colonialism Cannot Be Ignored

On the nose comment by Rachael Abell, the school-committee president in Beverly, Massachusetts:

Approaching storm complicates California wildfire fight (UPDATED)

Queen Elizabeth Wore a Ruby Tiara That Wards Off Evil to the Trump State Banquet


Exploring The U.S. and the Holocaust, Sept 18 -- Ken Burns calls it his most important documentary

Posted without comment

'You have to run': Romney urged Biden to take down Trump, book says

Why are connies such piss poor listeners? Discuss

'The environment is upside down': Why Dems are winning the culture wars

Are people yet talking about Dems for 2024?

MAGA rioter complains that Googling her name always brings up links to her insurrection arrest:

Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year

Restoration Movement news for Friday, September 9, 2022

This may be petty, but the appearance of TFG makes me think

Otis Redding would have been 81 today.

NOW THIS has a great summary of the Clustertrump

It was said that Nixon hoped to encourage romance between daughter Tricia and Prince Charles.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Trump might have more documents....

Appalachians Protest Manchin's Mountain Valley Pipeline Plan; Sanders Decries "Disastrous Side Deal"

so i needed some irish comedy today.

so i needed some irish comedy today.

Herschel Walker's response to question about the closure by Wellstar of ATL Medical Center:

Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On - About the documentary

Jonathan Alter: Trump threatened to sue me in 1990...

So, I've been skimming through the ruling that dimissed TFG's suit against Clinton (and others)

Rachel Bitecofer FTW

Some carvings for the colorscapes art festival Norwich NY this weekend

The postcard Paul McCartney sent to Ringo Starr the day after the rooftop concert.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Law & Crime on the judge throwing out Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Upon learning TFG was illegally in possession

The Daily Show - Trump's lawyers set to "Mambo #5"

60 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

More warnings from Memphis PD

This cat looks like he just tied a damsel to some railroad tracks (Twitter)

From The Irish Times (ouch):

The latest case of white rage in Florida

BYU says it cannot corroborate allegations of racist slurs at volleyball match, ending investigation

'There was no warning' Pallbearer killed by officers at West Virginia funeral

And the Moron of the decade aside from tfg

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long (live at Monterey, 1967)

Trumpier than Trump

'Substantial victory' for Kyiv as Russian front crumbles near Kharkiv

Roundtable: Amid Tributes to Queen Elizabeth, Deadly Legacy of British Colonialism Cannot Be Ignored

No links or quotes, but one freeper just posted "repeal the 19th amendment"

Danger! Danger! Danger!

A ? about OMA-DM on a newish Android phone

'It's near collapse' Knox Co. judge describes current situation with Department of Children Services

If a smile is needed.

"The Rich Mothers of the Insurrection" in New Republic. I found this fascinating

The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About

I learned a long time ago - NEVER get between a cat and it's food

Mom says trans eighth-grader was questioned by Texas officials at school

Colorado GOP challenger refuses to apologize for referring to Black candidates as 'chimps'

General Staff: Russia has lost 51,900 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24.

Democrats peg inflation to corporate greed on campaign trail

Southern MD morning

MonsterHunterWorld lceborne- ArenaFight - Barioth

Dollar General's newest shoppers: People making $100,000 a year

Frederick Douglass understood something that former President Barack Obama would later grasp and use

Caught on Tape: Doug Mastriano Prayed for MAGA to 'Seize the Power' Ahead of Jan. 6

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

TCM tonight:

I, Steve Bannon, Rode A Freight Train All Night To Get To Court, And This Is How You Treat Me?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 9, 2022)

WATCH LIVE: Biden gives speech in Ohio on boosting American manufacturing

Now you know: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the only

⚽️ No EPL (English Premier League) matches this weekend

We have reached 30 entries for the Summer photo contest!

Doug Mastriano's security bubble insulates him from prying eyes and dissenting views

Florida's largest school system blocks LGBTQ History Month declaration

Just the start of what Trump will do to win in 24

Anyone in the Fort Myers area online?

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" Anecdotes from a clinic-disturbing/powerful

It didn't start with Trump: The decades-long saga of how the GOP went crazy

New York governor declares disaster emergency after polio found in wastewater

Tweets of the lunchtime 😝

Dark Brandon is kicking ass righ now in OH

Michael Sheen's spinetingling Wales v England World Cup speech on A League of Their Own gives viewer

Ukraine war: UN says blackout threatens Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Fairview Fire Rages in Southern California, As Storm Threatens to Bring Floods

New York declares state of emergency over polio to boost vaccination rate

Top state officials gear up for Supreme Court case that could end democracy

'Unhinged' Trump's response to DOJ appeal exposes split with his lawyers

Parts of Washington experience worst air quality in the world, NWS says

Just a wee bit of dis and dat

In Voter Fraud, Penalties Often Depend on Who's Voting

Wall to Wall coverage of the UK -- little for Biden

Hillary Clinton has a few questions ...

Man arrested after beheading young mother in middle of San Carlos street

A judge ripped the far-right Oath Keepers founder over 'bewildering' arguments for delaying a Capito

Gorsuch says he's 'looking forward' to a report on the Supreme Court's investigation into the leak

I'll be amazed if this country can't protect itself and prosecute a blatant criminal

Hey! My religion says ....

Mercury's next period of retrograde motion lasts from September 9 to October 1, 2022!

Putin said, "I am sure that we have not lost anything and will not lose anything,"

Killing of Mexican public workers reflects cartel brutality

Golden Retriever Comfort Dogs Support Uvalde Students Returning to School After Texas Shooting

County official charged in Las Vegas reporter's murder held without bail

Lies, Politics and Democracy (full film) FRONTLINE (2 hr docu)

well, here's a cure for my irish blues.

Why Trump must be prosecuted

Scooter riding daredevil completes stunt with epic fail

Revealed: Ginni Thomas's links to anti-abortion groups who lobbied to overturn Roe

Video of a Russian T-72 fleeing Ukrainian troops, discarding men and then crashing into a tree.

With Queen Elizabeth II's death, what changes in the UK? The national anthem, money and more

Trump presented his Russia hoax theory to a court. It went poorly.

Memphis is still my home, and I love it

Washington Supreme Court OKs virtual life term for teen

China shuns cooperation with UN rights office over report

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

Waters near Whidbey Island to be dyed red

International District community members push back on planned homeless shelter expansion.

Seattle announces three finalists for police chief

People found this Tacoma library branch 'depressing.' A $6 million face lift is coming

Roe v. Wade WAS the compromise decision. It protects a fetus in the 3rd trimester

Never underestimate this quiet guy.

This is infuriating: we are already too many!

Ron Brownstein: What the Student-Loan Debate Overlooks

Michigan Republicans Stumble in Dress Rehearsal for Overturning Future Elections

Ukraine liberates over 20 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast

Just making new friends during trial

Judge Threatens Trump Lawyers With Possible Sanctions Over Clinton Lawsuit

An ugly GOP election scam in Michigan unmasks a big right-wing lie

sweet picture--Queen Elizabeth & her Corgies:

Andy Borowitz wrote a book (PROFILES IN IGNORANCE). He signed one for Marjorie Taylor Green 😂:

Everett settles $860K claim over 'inadequate' design of Grand Ave bridge

God Speed Queen Elizabeth

Dear Trump Supporters, Get it yet?

Computer experts urge GA to replace voting machines

Putin's next problem: Russian mainstream-media is screaming for endless Holy War against Ukraine.

Trump social media company loses vote to go public and raise money to keep running

Stupid question about masks

What Will Happen to Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Now?

New ad from mysterious PAC running against Abbott in Texas

Treasury sanctions Iran's intelligence ministry for alleged cyberattack on Albania

Parisian Squirrel Wakes Family Up By Building Nest in Their Window

An ex-professor spreads election lies across the U.S., one town at a time

Aileen Cannon, a 38 year-old lawyer with no judicial experience and limited resume, was handed a...

Calves Have the Sweetest Bond With Girl After She Rescued Them

Former U.S. attorney dishes on how he held line against Trump White House

What's TFG trying to convey when he puts his tongue behind his front teeth?

Baby goat is reunited with his mom

If Charles were smart he would abdicate. He might reign over the collapse of the monarchy.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out about Trump's treasonous charges

Rachel: New evidence emerges of Team Trump politicizing the Justice Dept.

GA men kill 2 Sheriffs

Trump took dozens of boxes with him to Bedminster on 5-9-2021

Anybody remember the "queen" in naked gun?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain / Who'll Stop The Rain (Shuffle Dance)

Quantum Leap is returning:

Norm Eisen: DOJ Snookered Trump Judge Aileen Cannon With Its Savvy Mar-a-Lago Appeal

Randy Rainbow tonight!

An eternal battle rages on...

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know (official video + shuffle dance video)

Mortgage rates are at their highest level since the Great Recession...

She was a 'quintessential pro-life Texan' until she needed to flee her home to get an abortion

Mary Trump w/ Thom Hartmann: "My Uncle Donald Trump Thrives on Division and FOX News Spreads It..."

Scored a day off today. Anybody want to hang out?

There are two heroes in my life right now.

How do I delete this account?

Student Loan Forgiveness Critics Are Wrong About Who Benefits and Why

These 12 Democrats voted to confirm completely unqualified Aileen Cannon

Any flight sim fans out there?

well, i'm a big step closer to home today.

Mastriano doubles down on no abortion exceptions for rape, incest or the mother's life.

Gov. Kristi Noem tried to avoid ethics hearing, seal records

Randos are spamming Judge Cannon with applications to be America's Next Top Special Master

'Dark Brandon strikes again': Biden offers blistering assessment of GOP's glaring hypocrisy

Cartoons 9/9/2022

Community Transit's on-demand rides in Lynnwood start Oct. 20

Only division is of nation from those who seek its end

Here are the proposed new Canadian bills

Michigan GOP worst nightmate..abortion and voting rights will be on ballot in November

Everett Herald journalists vote overwhelmingly to unionize

Comment: Abortion bans with medical exceptions present threat

I was a bad picker today.

Doug Mastriano Prayed to Overthrow Government

The Last Picture Show (Redux)

Climate-denying GOP needs crash course in capitalism

LGBTQ+ advocacy group releases list of 'worst' college campuses for queer students

Here's What It Means To Be 'Two-Spirit,' According To Native People

Here's What It Means To Be 'Two-Spirit,' According To Native People

Here's how much the new Starbucks CEO could make in his first year

Trans students in Oklahoma are suing the state over its transphobic "bathroom bill"

Trans students in Oklahoma are suing the state over its transphobic "bathroom bill"

Trans students in Oklahoma are suing the state over its transphobic "bathroom bill"

The Supreme Court Is More Unpopular Than Ever. That Could Help Democrats.

Biden leans into abortion rights in speech to Democratic activists

(Jewish Group) A tiny New Mexico Jewish community trying to buy back its historic synagogue building

Ukraine's Eastern Advance Puts Forces Close to Key Town

(Jewish Group) U of Wisconsin apologizes to Jewish students after 'Zionism is genocide' graffiti

(Jewish Group) ADL will review its education materials after Fox News calls the group 'far-left'

Is this a browser issue, a DU issue, or an OS issue ?

From Eisenhower to Biden, queen met every US president but 1

(Jewish Group) Goyim Defense League founder arrested in Poland after demonstrating outside Auschwitz

(Jewish Group) Vermont, Becca Balint is running for Congress, a second-generation Holocaust survivor

Poll: Plurality of Americans say they support Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

Outtakes of the astronauts struggling to walk on moon (Twitter video clip)

Just once I wish Bannon was capable of telling the truth

(Jewish Group) At Bergen-Belsen, an activist born in DP camp commemorates loss and life

Fetterman celebrates unions, Oz wants to cut regulations: how Pa. Sen. candidates compare on jobs

(Jewish Group) More than 100 Jewish groups back the bill that would codify same-sex marriage

More than 100 Jewish groups back the bill that would codify same-sex marriage protections into law

Poll: Plurality thinks Trump broke the law in classified docs scandal

Perfectly Accurate Pics And Memes That Capture What It's Like Living With Cats

Remember how Republicans said 'Don't say gay' law only applied to grades K-3? Big lie

Jewish Democrats Ad-Blake Masters is a nightmare for American Jews and Democracy.

"There's some breeders here!"

Jewish Democrats Ad-Blake Masters is a nightmare for American Jews and Democracy.

Jewish Democrats Ad-Blake Masters is a nightmare for American Jews and Democracy.

A sick joke

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is not fit to serve

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about midterm polling errors....

Maureen Abood's Lebanese Sfouf Cake

Distractions 09/09/2022

Michigan Republicans Sue To Overturn 2020 Election Results - Ring of Fire

Why would Cannon ask if Trump is willing to let the DOJ do their job?

Distractions 09/09/2022 posted in photography

A publisher abruptly recalled the '2,000 Mules' election denial book. NPR got a copy.

Koko the gorilla's last message to humanity

As a person who fell for Trump's con in 2016 ...

Michigan State Supreme Court approves 'Promote the Vote' amendment,

Michigan State Supreme Court approves 'Promote the Vote' amendment,

The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About

Steve Bannon's indictment reveals the truth about Trumpism

The ad that pissed Trump off. Maga Suckers!

Ex-White House Lawyer Calls Trump a 'Narcissist'

Hurricane Earl swipes Bermuda, but Atlantic mostly quiet near season peak.

this is kinda cool. Packaging systems are an example of engineering design excellence

Nicole on msnbc explaining doj look into tfg post nov grifting

Biden says he will attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral

sea iguana. cute or not?

Yahoo News: Stocks Up. Woo to the hoo! (Having a hot flash.🤭)

"Leon" Russell Bridges & The Starlighters - All Right, Swanee River

Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz

Compilation--Exercising with your best friend:

Postcard from 79261

I am seeing clips of Charles talking about his Mother, I cannot imagine me there

Like a Disney fairytale:

Dan Rather has some thoughts on Trump. "Toddler in chief. Mine, mine, mine, mine"

Babylon 5 to return with a secret project featuring original cast

MacKenzie Scott donates a record $275 million to Planned Parenthood

??? - Mitt Romney Urged Biden to Run for President

Disney+ is offering a month of streaming for just $1.99, for new and returning

Compilation--C'mon, man, do your job!

This Photo

DOJ appeals Judge Cannon's ruling in Trump's theft of classified documents case - Glenn Kirschner

DOJ appeals Judge Cannon's ruling in Trump's theft of classified documents case - Glenn Kirschner

Update on my cancer

I think this toon is cute. :)

My pet clam ran away!...

Tweet of the Afternoon:

CNN is now to the right of Bill Barr

Amy Coney Barrett Has Ties to Right-Wing Group in LGBTQ+ Rights Case

Slava Ukraine!

Biden:Imagine if we just hold the House and add 2 more Democratic senators. We'll codify Roe v Wade

A competitive Senate race in North Carolina has Republicans worried

John Oliver Talks Televangelism -- [frightening similarities to RTump marketing]

I've done my duties Paddington, please take me to my husband.

Gaming charity fundraiser pulls out of Florida, citing 'Don't Say Gay' law and Covid safety

Are you grumpy about the news focus on the late queen?

Charlie Crist questioned on The View today about switching parties

Tucker Carlson's latest lame attempt at humor

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

frost and freeze alerts for montana & parts of north dakota. winter is actually coming....

To St Petersburg councilors accusing Putin of treason: Turn yourselves in.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 9, 2022

Illinois man pleads guilty to assaulting Reuters journalist during U.S. Capitol riot

Man accused in fatal Wisconsin parade attack withdraws plea

Tweet of the Evening:

Canadian Tweet:

On msnbc Ari; former tfg lawyer predicts tfg indictment soon.

Federal judge blocks Arizona law restricting filming of police

Brutal winds whip Southern California as Tropical Storm Kay boosts already-hot temps and starts dous

Doug Mastriano caught on video praying for MAGA to 'seize the power' during the days leading ...

Bannon perp walk retweeted by Aunt Crabby:

The Despotism of Isaias Afewerki

lol! a tiedrich reply to little miss lauren gagbert (i mean bowbert--or whatever her name is)

Yeshiva University doesn't have to recognize LGBTQ student group for now, Sotomayor rules

I'm wondering what the following TFG events might do

'They don't recognize the party.' GOP group launches campaign against J.D. Vance

Kris Kobach resigns from We Build the Wall board after nonprofit indicted on money laundering

Joe Biden gets to select the US delegation to attend the Queen's funeral

Hillary is so damn likable

Republicans to Trump: Pony up more cash in battle for Senate

Kris Kobach resigns as lead counsel for We Build The Wall

THIS IS NOT RIGHT -- A Review by Sen. Whitehouse, MVP of the Senate, on why it is not.

Beginning October 1, 2022, the Move Over Law in Maryland will expand

Trump social media company loses vote to go public and raise money to keep running: report

Sheldon Whitehouse On Climate Costs, and What Our Executive Can Do To Get Us To Zero Emissions

I see Rick Wilson mostly, and Tara Setmayer too at times, of the Lincoln Project...

The Infinite Previous

A queen Elizabeth story from FB...

She was a 'quintessential pro-life Texan' until she needed to flee her home to get an abortion

Unpublished Tulsa World letter...

U.S. Supreme Court's Sotomayor lets Yeshiva University bar LGBT student club

Montana adopts permanent block on birth certificate changes

Who ya rooting for in this one??? Carlos or Frances.......(and it IS FrancEs)

Trump Faces Monday Deadline To Respond To DOJ Filing - Deadline - MSNBC

Borowitz: Putin Says He Is Losing War in Ukraine Because F.B.I. Seized Stuff He Needed

Full Speech: King Charles III Promises 'Lifelong Service' After Death Of Queen Elizabeth II - MSNBC

Labour's Harriet Harman reveals Queen invited her to tea after she was sacked

WTF? CNN discussing whether Biden should include Trump in US funeral delegation

Here we go again - US Open semis

Hot Button Cultural Issues Become Winning Topics For Democrats - Deadline - MSNBC

A chill reggae song

You know, it's perfectly obvious Piers Morgan is obsessed with Meghan Markle.

Sunset, southern MD 9/9

Merriam Webster: We Added 370 New Words to the Dictionary for September 2022

Allies push for US weaponry after seeing impact in Ukraine

NBC News Confirms Biden Will Attend Queen Elizabeth's Funeral - MSNBC Reports

Quitting smoking: Tapering off

I'm hoping that QE II's last act of service to her people (and humankind) comes with her departure.

Skeleton Of 17th-Century "Vampire" Unearthed With Sickle Across Its Neck

CBS, NBC & ABC - I Understand Broke Into Programming Today To Televise The King's.....

"Mr. Ivan's Wild Ride" (30 sec tweeted video clip)

Abortion Amendment WILL Appear on Michigan Ballots After MI Supreme Court Hands Down Scathing Ruling

Someone get Herschel into a remedial American history class

Trump is a 'deeply wounded narcissist' who is 'incapable of acting other than for revenge'

Trump Lawyer's PROPAGANDA COLLUSION with Fox EXPOSED after HUMILIATING Court DEFEAT - Meidas Touch

NEW UPDATE: the plot thickens - new photo evidence of boxes of documents leaving MAL...

"WE WERE WRONG" Asteroid Apophis May Impact Earth Afterall?

Belarusian Women Train As Soldiers In Poland, Amid Plan To 'Liberate' Their Country

Steve Bannon Tells Charlie Kirk 35 MAGA Allies Got Raided Day of Indictment