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How a 'Goon Squad' of Deputies Got Away With Years of Brutality (Mississippi)

I accidentally alerted on a post in a thread rather than the OP as I intended.

Musk lashes out at advertisers leaving X over rise in hate speech - PBS NewsHour

Pro-Trump attorney who helped orchestrate fake electors plot cooperating in Nevada criminal probe


Apparently, what the cyber truck is all about.

Port, Tacoma Schools plan $73M maritime skills center on waterfront site

Seattle City Council committee shelves capital gains tax proposal

New text messages show Rep. Scott Perry's effort to install a Trump sycophant as Attorney General - Deadline - MSNBC

Judge won't bar Biden administration from cutting down Texas razor wire on border (and she's mad about it)

Thousands of fake Facebook accounts shut down by Meta were primed to polarize voters ahead of 2024

Anti-abortion state Supreme Court justice recuses himself from Arizona abortion lawsuit

Republicans protest

MSNBC Cancels Medhi Hasan and Yasmin Vossoughian

GOP senators accuse Sen. Durbin of 'destroying' the Senate Judiciary Committee - MSNBC Reports (2 videos)

🚨 LIVE: Gavin Newsom & Ron DeSantis DEBATE - Brian Tyler Cohen

Las Vegas man indicted over threats to Jewish senator

Biden backers rev up write-in campaign in New Hampshire to avoid loss

Israel Knew Hamas's Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

Judge blocks Montana's TikTok ban

Sec. Buttigieg on 'MAGA Republicans': 'We are not about the chaos and the drama' - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump was warned ignoring a subpoena was a crime in classified documents case

Will any of the Congress people involved in the insurrection

GOP senators feel ambushed by Trump's policy promises

Don't Complain about your Burrito at Newark Taco Bell!

Biden Threatens To Block GOP Plan To Send 3,000 People Back to Federal Prison

8 more hostages released from Hamas captivity on the seventh day of the ceasefire - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump was warned ignoring a subpoena was a crime in classified documents case - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump's Lawyers Says He DOES NOT Have to SUPPORT The Constitution

In praise of the ignore list.

The Biggest Threat to Jobs of the Future - More Perfect Union

Israel Knew Hamas's Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

Am I the only one thinking we should RatF*ck the GOP primaries?

So, the tables were turned on a stunt that McConnell and the Senate GOBers used in the past!

Stevie Wonder - The Universe is Watching Us - Our Unimaginable Fate

Thursday Joke Thread

Mike Luckovich-Santos Claus (he took credit cards, cash, jewelry, liquor)

I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution than someone who burns the

The New Yorker: "Bob and Don: A Love Story" (Newhart and Rickles ).

President Biden's statement on the passing of Henry Kissinger:

Cyberattack caused 'temporary disruption' to Staples online ordering

Thursday Night Football: Seahawks or Cowboys?

The Autumn vegetable season has started--not as colorful as earlier, but still yummy!

How long are the WA US Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell going to serve in the US Senate for?

Martha and the Muffins - Black Station White Station

Mother and son sentenced after helping steal Pelosi's laptop on Jan. 6 - MSNBC Reports

Belarus: Unwilling War Participant - Eastern Express - TVP World

Henry Kissinger and the Moral Bankruptcy of U.S. Elites

Senate Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow - MSNBC Reports

Kentucky reaches a new low in white Christian nationalism

I know this is well after the anniversary, but I have a question I've never seen addressed re: the JFK assassination.

Are the Jayapal sisters(Pramila-WA and Susheela-OR) going to run for the US Senate in 2028 if and when

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Michigan and cleanish energy....

Muskrat suspended cartoonist Mike Luckovich's account?

Millions of Seniors Struggle To Afford Housing, About To Get A Lot Worse, Rising Wealth Inequality: NPR

Rep. Santos on House floor: 'I have been convicted of no crimes' - MSNBC Reports

Rick Beato interview - Joe Bonamassa: His Influences, Technique, and Soloing Style

Trump NY gag order back on; Scott Perry's conspiracy is showing; McCarthy says Gaetz deserves "jail" - Glenn Kirschner

Remembering Matthew Shepard, 25 years after his murder

if you love thomas hrt benton's art, poke me.

Trump Coup bombshell: Secret texts tie indicted plotter to Congress, as March trial looms - The Beat - MSNBC

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

many moons ago when i was a much younger computer enthusiast.

An amazing speech from today by Chuck Schumer

'F*** Yourself': Elon Musk & MAGA's 'X Plan' go up in flames at bizarre, dumpster fire finance talk - The Beat - MSNBC

1988 US Presidential and US Senate Election in OH.

New MSNBC programming

My World Is Empty Without You - The Supremes

I am hearing impaired, so I can't tell--Is Don Jr. saying something here, or is he just tweaking?

BREAKING: Israel obtained Hamas battle plan more than year ago, NYT reports - All In - MSNBC

Cook Political Report shifts Montana Senate race toward GOP

Judge dismisses Indiana state's lawsuit against TikTok over child safety concerns

So Israel had the Hamas plan a YEAR before it happened?

No Fun League (chapter 2,743)

Chevrolet Holiday video

Louisiana Legislature gets time to draw congressional map in third redistricting session

Anti-abortion AZ Supreme Court Justice recuses self from abortion case


I asked the Social Security to change notification back to snail mail

Alleged architect of Trump's fake elector plot cooperating with investigators - CNN

MT: District court drag ban case paused while state appeals to 9th Circuit

The Amazing Race........

Every Animal Deserves a Home

My Girl/Get Ready- The Temptations 📀

The GOP hypocrisy of denouncing George Santos while coup plotters remain in Congress - All In - MSNBC

Elephant Raya's Life Before and After Rescue - ElephantNews

I'd buy more hard&paperbacks if they came w/ free kindle book too

Attention Spoiler police: NO spoiler/review here. Napoleon.

Desantis taller than Newsom on Fox. (What a metaphor)

Moms For Liberty Deletes Tweet In Support Of Founder

New York Dem Dan Goldman: Santos 'lied, cheated and stole his way into Congress' - MSNBC Reports

Walkin' Up to Take the Witness Stand (Winter Wonderland) Cohen & Caron - Parody Project

The remarkable story of Sesame Street - created primarily to help Intercity Children

"Criss cross rhythms that explode with 'appiness"

David Pakman: Trump rioter QAnon Shaman interviewed by leftist, goes bad quick

GOP senators walk out of vote on subpoenas in U.S. Supreme Court ethics inquiry

'Bitter shock': Schiff calls out GOPers in power despite involvement in attempts to overturn 2020 - The ReidOut - MSNBC

I finally got my current Covid shot.

Gavin Newsom Is Crushing Ron DeSantis As Sean Hannity Helplessly Watches

Rep. Swalwell Rips GOP For Feeding Depressed, Sore Loser Trump - REFLECT

What Works for Treating the Common Cold? Many Doctors Say 'Not Much': NPR

So desperate to dismiss strong consumer spending numbers, they're calling it "doom spending"

Prosecutor Says Trump's Lawyers Screwed Him Over With Incredibly Dumb Move - Ring of Fire

Santos makes UNHINGED COMMENTS ahead of EXPULSION VOTE - Talking Feds

SNAP Tweet of the night - Newsom/DeSaster floorwipe...

About Scott Perry's Phone

'Use our leverage': U.S. should pressure Israel to protect civilians if bombing resumes, expert says - The ReidOut MSNBC

Was This Henry Kissinger's Worst Crime? - Thom Hartmann

See how this disabled horse reacts when he's happy

Deplorables vs. vermin coverage on the news:

Boston, MA: A Reception with President Joe Biden and Special Guest James Taylor - Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Texas attorney general sues Pfizer, claiming vaccines didn't end pandemic quickly enough

Los Angeles, CA:An Evening with President Joe Biden and Jill Biden with Special Guest Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi

My Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is blooming

What a repeal of the Affordable Care Act could mean for Americans - CBS News

Anyone surprised that the Israeli intelligence analyst whose warnings were dismissed

'Anomalies in the rear bumper' lead Border Patrol agents to $3M in meth weighing 100+ lbs

Fox News Karen Has Gone Off the Deep End Yet Again

Ron DeSanits Gets ABSOLUTELY SCHOOLED in Debate by Gavin Newsom

Mr. Treason Gagged Once Again After Losing At Appeals Court - Rodecast

Rep. Santos speaks one-on-one with CBS New York ahead of expulsion vote - CBS New York

Kimmel: Expulsion Looms for George Santos, McCarthy Says "F**k You" to Trump & The Golden Bachelor Finale

What's with all the Thomas Hart Benton posts?

Conservative Member of Parliament demands government respond in English (to make for a better clip)

AZ Swing Voters Don't Want Trump Or Kari Lake - Raw News And Politics

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump co-defendant Jeffrey Clark chose to communicate with me today - The Last Word - MSNBC

Rocket fired from Gaza shot down, IDF confirms. blasts in northern Gaza. Alert sounds in Holit. Ceasefire expired

UPDATE: London council will not light Hanukkah candles over fears of 'inflaming' tensions

☦️ Orthodoxy - Psalm 42:11, In text and in song...

Good One-Liners

Kamala Harris claps back at Kevin McCarthy in epic takedown - Pondering Politics

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Lying' Republicans want Santos gone but still support Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Does Santos Have Dirt On His Repug Colleagues In The House That He Can.....

This is a song by Bruce Springsteen that perfectly describes what me and my dad went through when I enlisted in

The "unforgivable" legacy of Henry Kissinger - The Warning with Steve Schmidt

Republican Officials Consider Shaking Up Primary Debates

Mira Y Oye: Joe Biden Is Interviewed On Radio La Campesina!

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Pride is priceless' for K.I.N.D Fund students in Malawi - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Gaza ceasefire has ended

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, schedules, and orders....

How many class of 2000,2006,2012,and 2018 Democratic US Senators are going to be left?

30 Nov: Preparation Completed! Ukrainians To Make A Massive Attack - Reporting from Ukraine

Rep. Perry's central role in Trump's election scheme exposed by 'clerical error' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Boebert Calls Remote Workers Lazy; Gets Hilariously Schooled - Waldorf Nation

Federal Judge DOESN'T HOLD BACK, Gives STARK WARNING on Trump's PLANS - Meidas Touch

Russia's Main Link to China 'Paralyzed' After Tunnel 'Sabotage'--Reports

Coveted Latino voters get familiar ally in fight against disinformation - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Behind the Scenes of Netflix Productions - Sustainability Series [Part 3 - Hydrogen Power Units]

Cosmic Queries - Pot Luck with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Dr. Staci Gruber

Donald Trump's gag order reinstated in civil fraud trial - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Cat attacks Muslim Sheikh leading prayer

Two Nevada state troopers killed. Car plows into them as they check on sleeping motorist

Trump's Own Lawyer Just Torched His Best Defense In Classified Docs Case - Rodecast

Is X Toast? The aftermath of Elon Musk's outburst to advertisers - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump Toon: Trumps Healthcare Plan Revealed

History in the Marathon

Yet more Florida crime

'You better not tell Homer Simpson about it': Red Lobster raises prices on popular shrimp deal - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

TX Rep. James Talarico On Lee's Voucher Scam

Latino voters prioritize inflation and economy in 2024, new polling shows

Just listened to Ben Meiselas' take on the Newsome-Desantis debate and he characterized Newsome's side as....

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, December 1, 2023

The court hereby orders Map 1 as the remedial plan for Galveston County.

Ex-Marine pleads guilty to federal charges in Planned Parenthood clinic firebombing

Wordle 895 (Dec 1) ***SPOILERS***

Breakfast Friday 1 December 2023

Frank Zappa on America being taken over by Republican Facists

Negotiations between Israel and Hamas continuing, Qatar Foreign Ministry confirms

Penguin Random House and bestselling authors sue Iowa over school book-banning law

Israel launches strikes on Gaza as fighting resumes after truce expires

Analysis: US seeks to reshape Israel's war on Hamas

NASA Artemis moon landing in 2025 "unlikely" as challenges mount, GAO report says

'The Gospel': how Israel uses AI to select bombing targets in Gaza

Watch the DeSantis vs. Newsom debate in 3 minutes - POLITICO

House passes resolution to block Iran's access to $6 billion from prisoner swap

Biden Hosts Angola's Leader for Talks of Rail Corridor, Energy Security

LGBTQ+ teens won a grant for their school. Adults sent the money back.

Judge denies Texas request to bar Customs and Border Protection from cutting razor wire at border

U.S. Congress 'cannot fail when it comes to Ukraine' says Senator Bennet - MSNBC Reports

Victim in Burlington shootings speaks out

Ex of man charged in Burlington shootings had police remove gun from home

Memories of Elizabeth and this Italian restaurant,I'm at her Moms in Jersey.

On This Day: Trans woman outed on front page, becomes celebrity - Dec. 1, 1952

A Landspout Tornado over Kansas (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting (The Reflex Revision) (just dropped) + Velvet Lies (Luke Million Remix)

The underlying issues of "gun possession".

AnyDream: Secretive AI Platform Broke Stripe Rules to Rake in Money from Nonconsensual Pornographic Deepfakes

Rand Paul did the Heimlich on Senator Joni Ernst......

With winged legs, orchid mantis sets gliding record

Wait. I thought this was an EVERY day perk of being a fur baby parent.

'Devastating loss': Hollywood figure killed inside home in random attack by woman, LAPD says

US has informed Israel it will impose visa bans in next few weeks on Israeli settlers engaged in violence

Meta closes nearly 4,800 fake accounts in China that tried to polarize US voters

How Artificial Intelligence Gave a Paralyzed Woman Her Voice Back

The AP Interview: Ukraine's Zelenskyy says the war with Russia is in a new phase as winter looms

Texas grid faces winter after failed attempt to get more power online

Barrister fined 250 pounds for giving Nazi salute in court

Kremlin critic fined for failing to report own activities - while in prison

Israel releases map 'advising Gazans of safe evacuation zones' as it resumes strikes

The Autumn-Winter issue of The Progressive Post is out (free download)

Mia Schem: Wounded festival-goer in Hamas hostage video freed

Israeli prisoner release shines light on system of detaining Palestinians without charge

Revisiting the Trump Access Hollywood tape

UN deplores 'catastrophic' resumption of Gaza fighting

This news about Scott Perry's seized phone needs re-posted

We are done: Russians refuse to fight and lay down weapons. Ukraine destroys crucial "brain center" - The Russian Dude

Hunter Biden is making Republican Rep. Andy Biggs look like a wuss

Ukraine blows up main railway connection between Russia and China

Why does the M$M refer to Netanyahu using an affectionate childhood nickname?

What happens next if GOP Rep. George Santos is expelled from Congress?

Former N.J. Trump golf club worker says she was sexually harassed, tricked into signing NDA

Newsom Gets Absolutely Destroyed by DeSantis in Debate Liz Peek, FOX News

On this day, December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama.

Donald Trump Still Wants to Kill Obamacare. Why?

Ebb Tide

Newsom Finally Gives Ron DeSantis What He Deserves To His Face! - Luke Beasley

On this day, December 1, 1958, a fire broke out at Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, Illinois.

The Bogus Historians Who Teach Evangelicals They Live in a Theocracy

A toned-down defense bill is looking likely. That could hurt Johnson.

Du Donut Report

Top DC Characters 10-7

The Shocking New Report; China Mourns Kissinger; China's Economy & Housing Crisis - China Update

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/29/2023

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for February 2024

Art of the Week: Week of 11/29/23

No More Dry Burgers: McDonald's Overhauls Its Biggest Item

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for February 2024

The Rundown: December 1, 2023

The origin of Superheroes: New Warriors

On this day, December 1, 1938, Sandy Nelson was born.

About Scott Perry's Phone

Elliot Erwitt has died at 95.

Well done by Newsom

On this day, December 1, 1933, Lou Rawls was born.

Democracy's Deserters

Shane MacGowan of The Pogues has passed away

Biden Wants to Abolish the Fees Trump Charges at His Resorts

Florida Democrats plan to cancel presidential primary, enraging Dean Phillips' campaign

On this day, December 1, 1923, 100 years ago today, actor and comic Dick Shawn was born.

10X Increase In Global Dengue Cases Reported To WHO 2000-2019; 5.2 Cases In 2019

The Lancet - +/- 70,000 Europeans Across 16 Nations Died From Extreme Heat During 2022

TX Property Insurance Rates Up 22% In 2023; Most Billion-Dollar TX Disasters Ever Took Place In 2023

Looking for something offbeat & sweet? "About Scout."

I'm afraid I've become what I never wanted to be

Pfizer to discontinue twice-daily weight loss pill due to high rates of adverse side effects

Nationally, about 85,000 people are getting PrEP through community health centers, MAGA want to defund that program

Fabiola Santiago: If Moms for Liberty co-founder had sex with a woman, why is she targeting Florida's gays?

How many times must I let an uncontrolled dog jump on me before pepper spray

Why would Israel not call a vote of no confidence on Netanyahu from the release of the NY TImes

Post & Beam

Musk is literally Homelander

'A dumpster fire': DeSantis struggles grow in GOP presidential race

You raised $550.00 on November 30, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

$50 million proposed to speed up high-speed rail service from Orlando to Tampa

Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis debate abortion, taxes, crime and who's the bigger bully

George Santos gets one thing right about Republicans: Their expulsion vote is "theater"

Sweden's far north sees sun for last time this year

It All Started With a Smile

Supreme Court weighs hearing Jan. 6 cases that could affect Trump prosecution

The violence is Trump's goal

What US agents knew before a Sikh separatist was killed in Canada

If/when the Mango Mussolini goes to jail they should

ELO - Can't Get It Out of My Head

Any Republican who says a "conviction" matters to expelling Santos. remember to...

X CEO Linda Yaccarino publicly backs Musk after he says 'f*ck yourself' to advertisers

Mike Luckovich-We the jury find you "Gullible"

Anyone know when they'll start the Santos hearings???

Santos expulsion vote will occur in the 10 AM hour...

Latin America remembers Kissinger's 'profound moral wretchedness'

Gallup Poll shows half of U.S. approves of Israel's war in Gaza as 45% oppose it

Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults

US to limit Chinese firms, battery parts from winning EV tax credits

Melissa Barrera showed solidarity with Palestinians. Hollywood showed its persistent double standard.

Paul McCartney and Wings: "Mull of Kintyre"

A Wanker law, hopefully will bite the dust......

Anti-LGBTQ+ laws are impeding elimination of Aids, UN says

A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.

Scores reported killed in Gaza after Israel-Hamas truce collapses

A fossil fuel holiday message from TFG.

Talk about misleading! Check out this headline on Reuters:

Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman on Supreme Court, dies at 93

Sandra Day O'Connor R I P

Sandra Day O'Connor, has died at age 93, per a court statement.

WV Could Get Stuck Cleaning Up Coal Industry's Messes, Crisis Emerging In KY, OH, PA, VA: ProPublica

Skipping dinner with my wife's friends

Statement from Texas Democratic Party on Cornyn and Carnival Cruz bowing to Harlan Crow

Congressman Brandon Williams (NY-22-R) has an engaged policy discussion...

GOP Melts Down As Dick Durbin Uses Its Tactics For Advancing Biden Judges

I have only one thing to say about Sandra Day O'Connor

I saw "The Holdovers" last night.

I'm having a really bad day, today, but a cousin shared this and it made me smile


Thank you mahatmakanejeeves for posting a Lou Rawls birthday thread.

A federal appeals court has ruled that Donald Trump ***CAN*** be sued for inciting the Jan. 6 crowd.!

Ridiculous - GOP Wisconsin bills would require libraries to tell parents what books their kids check out within 24 hrs.

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Friday, December 1

House GOP Leaders Oppose Ousting George Santos

Biden Soars To Staggering Lead With Young Americans In Trump Rebuke

Chicago CTA: Yellow Line remains closed two weeks after crash, as investigation continues

BREAKING: House in a 15-min vote on CFPB resolution; expulsion vote on George Santos to follow

Georgia election interference case: Friday hearings could provide clues in Trump case

If the IDF knew, Netanyahu knew too.

Ex-Mueller prosecutor: Court "gaffe" reveals evidence of Scott Perry's "complicity" in Jan. 6 scheme

Tesla's CYBERTRUCK hits the streets today after a two year delay......

Trump can be held civilly liable in Jan. 6 riot, judges rule

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the pause ending and what's next....

Corporations were the good guys for about five seconds

Judge O'Connor's headstone should only be inscribed with

Republicans suffer major loss in crucial swing state - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Midnight - Los Angeles

By the Republican Standard for expulsion

The guys in the yellow vests - Zaka

Everyone is saying that Desantis sounded exactly like Rabbi Glickman...

Was warned documents possession was a crime

Santos expulsion vote live (Update, he's been expelled)

So far one Democrat voted no, and one voted present. If the votes for yes

George Santos has been expelled

They fired the shit heard round the world...

Poor George

Video of me doing stand-up comedy about "chickens & caterpillars"

When you were a kid, what Christmas gift of yours did not perform or look like the one in the commercial.? Dear

House votes to expel indicted Rep. George Santos from Congress

After years of uncertainty around undated ballots, Pa. announces changes to the ballot envelopes to reduce voter errors

Tim Alberta: The Bogus Historians Who Teach Evangelicals They Live in a Theocracy

Florida Couple Famous for Over-the-Top Christmas Light Display Revealed to Be Squatters

Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults

112 House Republicans -- and 2 Democrats -- voted against expelling George Santos despite a damning House Ethics Committee

Pic Of The Moment: Before It Goes Down The Memory Hole...

About half an hour ago, I can't view DU properly on my Pixel phone. It's fine on my Dell laptop *FIXED*

sonora ca weather observations .

Should Venezuela invade its oil-rich neighbor? Maduro will put it to a vote Sunday

Why Elon Musk continues to unravel -The Warning with Steve Schmidt

DeSantis calls on Florida GOP chairman Ziegler to resign amid criminal investigation


NY special election to replace Santos

A quote from a war criminal

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966) Official Trailer

Question for cell phone enthsiasts

George Santos Was Already Guilty of a Crime


Misleading January 6 video edit fuels FBI conspiracy theories

Chinese prisoner's ID card apparently found in lining of Regatta coat

Ukraine says it blew up railway in eastern Russia

Penguin Random House and bestselling authors sue Iowa over school book-banning law

Live Reaction to Gavin Newsom vs. Ron DeSantis Debate! Thursday Night Bulwark

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 1, 2023)

B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get - Live, Farm Aid Concert 1985

What I think the Dems, nationally, need to take from the arc of the George Santos story

Newsom camp: Hannity, DeSantis cheated. They dispute the charges.

DC circuit rules a president running for re-election is not acting as the president

Next Up: Santos gets his own TV reality show.

The Christian Right Wants to Force Teachers to Out Trans Kids

The Fourth Estate is failing in their duty to inform the public

Give the Kremlin an Inch and it Will Take Half of Europe

Another batch of Inuit Mask paintings

When my daughter was six or so I asked her if she'd like a puppy for Christmas. She screamed

Durbin "I've said time and again there cannot be one set of rules for Republicans and a different set for Democrats.

Majority of Republicans vote to keep Santos in Congress

There's a storm coming. We all know it. And yet Americans are pretending that everything is normal.

George Santos: The Musical ...

Votes to expel Santos - Wisconsin delegation

Why Afghanistan is still at war - CaspianReport

County Supervisors indicted for messing with an election in Arizona

TX: Tax cuts, teacher pension increases at stake after misinformation-led challenge to '23 election

Thank Media And Social Networks For Mass Economic Despair

21 State AGs Sign Amicus Brief: No Negative Incidents From Trans People In Bathrooms

((Underreported: WH report on 2 years after climate change effects on migration report))

Agriculture officials confirm 25th case of cattle anthrax in North Dakota this year

Comedian Bill Burr defends his wife, mocks Trump supporters -Morning Joe - MSNBC

Why Aren't Senate Democrats Investigating the Trump Family?

NY Democrats to meet tonight to screen potential Santos replacements

WV Could Get Stuck Cleaning Up Coal Industry's Messes, Crisis Emerging KY, OH, PA, VA: ProPublica-(App)

Balance of Nature says it is back in business after FDA shutdown

George Santos Expelled, Republican Majority Shrinks, Triggering His MAGA Allies! - Pondering Politics

Idiot mittens!

We could use a DEMOCRACY CAMPAIGN with buttons and bumperstickers reading "Vote Democracy" & "2024: The Year Democracy"

The NY gag order on Trump was reinstated. So he goes after the Judge's wife.

2nd Lawsuit against book ban. Penguin Random Housefiled a lawsuit Thursday challenging SF 496

On November 26, 2003, the supersonic passenger jet Concorde flew for the last time.

OUCH! Newsom Completely Destroys DeSantis in Contentious, Entertaining Debate

Republican nominee for George Santos' vacant seat

We've released a major patch to the new DU software

Cats are why we can't have nice things... but it's worth it (Twitter)

Elie Mystal: Why Senate Republicans Threw an Epic Hissy Fit Yesterday

The "unforgivable" legacy of Henry Kissinger The Warning with Steve Schmidt

Pressure builds to eliminate fossil fuel use as oil executive takes over climate talks

Has anyone seen "Another Life?"

When does George Santos get a talk show?

The Sad Ending of Sandra Day O'Connor's Judicial Legacy

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 1, 2023

Judge orders FBI to hand over 9/11 documents on Saudi spy

When I hear a crash, thud, smash or bump, one name comes to mind: Sian

When does George Santos skedaddle out of the US? And where does he go?

Video: Daily Show on War Criminal Kissenger

US lawmakers push for federal holiday honoring Rosa Parks on the anniversary of her arrest

Schrodinger's Culprit

"Mass Assassination Factory": Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll

I'm on a Caribbean cruise right now...

Raskin on MSNBC now. So good to see him looking so hale

The Trump job applications revealed

Need a laugh?

Amish stop sign

Why Cornel West Is Broke

Georgie Santos

Why Cornel West is Broke

Ukrainians Exploded Deep into Russian Rear Areas Ukrainian War Update Artur Rehi 670K subscribers

The tabs and the collapsible sidebar update. MAGNIFICO!

Hugs for EarlG and our other tech gurus who continue working

Ohio GOP endorsed the apricothellbeast today.

e-books or physically hand held books? I like the hand held books. I like the feel and smell of real books

11 minutes

Israel Informs Arab States It Wants Buffer Zone in Postwar Gaza, Sources Say

Has there been another layout change?

Photos: Jordanian private field hospital in Gaza in service

House votes to expel Rep. George Santos from Congress - MSNBC Reports

So I was in a meeting at work when the news about O'Connor broke.

An initiative to encourage non Jewish folks to put a menorah in their window alongside other holiday decorations

BTRTN: Hey, House Republicans... You Expelled George Santos for Doing Exactly What Trump Does

Free book from Laurie R King

Some Holiday Joy

The lock has already been changed on George Santos' former congressional office door

Rightwing personalities use X to bring antisemitic theories to light in US

Unpacked the Nativity scene today.

Awesome School Board speech about diversity

Resumed Bombing of Gaza Will Be Crushing to Palestinian Students Shot in U.S., Says Victim's Mother

"Election Interference" (tfg) False argument: No one's civic right to run overrides criminal law.

Court denies Jussie Smollett's request to toss conviction

Farewell to George Santos, the Perfect MAGA Republican

Case Against Henry Kissinger: War Crimes Prosecutor Reed Brody on Kissinger's Legacy of "Slaughter"

Mike Lindell's Delusions Get Debunked To His Face - Rebel HQ

Israel preventing aid trucks from entering Gaza via Rafah border crossing, PRCS says

Did Christian homophobia come from a mistranslation of the Bible?

Top Florida Republican official faces sexual assault investigation

Ewwww no likey the tabs on mobile

How often have we heard "The Constitution Isn't a Suicide Pact"

So, was Santos crying on his way out?

UK in Deep Trouble - Nottingham Declares Bankruptcy, 30% of Councils at Risk as Housing Crisis Grows - Joe Blogs

Anyone with a link to the ReTHUGs who voted to expel

Hold On

WIFI problem, I think.

Dasha Burns -- where did NBC find her?

The "Tush Push?" It's been moving the Eagles.

Study illuminates formation of US east coast during break up of supercontinent Pangea

Bad Day For Trump, Ex-POTUS Can Be Sued For Capitol Attack

Far out on the new appearance.

Project 2025: A Threat to Global Democracies

Trump attorneys facing Fulton Co. judge for first time - CNN

Newsom Had The Sickest Burn During His Debate With DeSantis And Hannity

BREAKING: Judge Aileen Cannon sues Trump for lack of payment

Karma will catch up to you eventually.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 1, 2023

DOE Report Finds Clean Energy Jobs Grew in Every State In 2022

State council updates energy efficient standards for new buildings

Slobby not immune from 1/6 lawsuits

Cartoons 12/1/2023

Man sentenced for racist threats to Edmonds animal control officer

Why are all the tabs covering the top of the pages?

Why are all the tabs covering the top of the pages?

Any day now: All eyes on snow forecast at Stevens Pass

Comment: Is longer truce in Mideast too much to hope for?

Jubilation on The View

Harrop: Why fascination and fealty to Ivy League education?

Paul Rodgers - Living It Up (from his new album, Midnight Rose)

Texas grid faces winter after failed attempt to get more power online

"Her goose failed to lay the egg": Judge issues scathing rebuke of Kari Lake's latest election suit

Trump Can Be Sued Over Capitol Riots

Hamas says offered to hand over remains of hostage baby, family

Inside Donald Trump's Campaign for Young Voters

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Santos and what happens now....

The only reason Santos is gone- He stole from his fellow Republicans

Felicity Huffman Talks College Admissions Scandal for the First Time: 'I Had to Break the Law'

How to use DU's new Share By Email function

Meidas Touch: Alina Habba, Trump Lawyer HIT with Very DISTURBING Allegations in New Lawsuit

Cornel West is one broke motherfucker.

Tennessee's penalties for HIV-positive people are discriminatory, Justice Department says

Egrets Energetically Egressing

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Explain it to me like I'm 5: Durbin's "power move" yesterday.

Trump Gets the Nightmare News He's Been Dreading! - Luke Beasley

Neighborhood chicks!

Former Olympic gold medalist to be sentenced for storming Capitol on Jan. 6

ok, now I get it...

Nearly 2 months into the war, many Israelis have no idea if their relatives are dead or alive

Protester sets self on fire in apparent 'political protest' outside Israeli Consulate office in Atlanta

Couple brings home a rescue cat. Guess what she did for 3 days.

Federal appeals court says Trump is not immune from civil lawsuits over Jan. 6 Capitol attack

🚨 BREAKING: Florida appellate court upholds congressional map, reversing trial court's decision

Tiny Kittens Found In Road Climb Up Their Foster Mom's Legs

Looking south toward Bay @ Patuxent from Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge.

Ancient Cities Uncovered in the Amazon by Lidar Technology

16 year old Ruby Leigh - The Voice

Tiny Stray Kitten Follows Guy Home And Never Leaves

Santosization - The Lincoln Project

Looking north @ Patuxent from Governor Thomas Thompson Bridge

Pfizer is sued by Texas over COVID vaccine claims


Santos Clause - Luckovich Cartoon

James Carter - Blues For A Nomadic Princess

Cloudy/Rainy view of Patuxent River southerly toward Chesapeake Bay from Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge

🚨 BREAKING: Florida appellate court upholds congressional map, reversing trial court's decision

Gloves off: Pete Buttigieg finally shuts down Lauren Boebert - Brian Tyler Cohen

Forbes New: Why Cornel West Is Broke

What do you call a wild ghost party?

Inmate stabbed Derek Chauvin 22 times, charged with attempted murder, prosecutors say

Family Values? FL GOP Chair Accused Of Sexual Assault, Threesome - Rebel HQ

I confess that little Rhian has a special place in my heart

Spotify wrap up says I listened to 57 genres this year

Raw Spitt - The Freedom Under Certain Konditions Marching Band

Klete Keller, Olympic gold medalist, gets 36 months probation in Jan. 6 riot case

Germany seeks to become less attractive to asylum seekers - FRANCE 24

A West Virginia federal judge has struck down the law banning 18-20-year-olds from buying handguns

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How I Clean My Room

Could a field be included on the Posts Page that reflect recs of individual comments?

Help me! I'm stupid!

"When I Get Home...."

Question about quote limits

"I Don't Have Any More Passwords Left In Me..."

Are my eyes deceiving me or do I now need only one click so see my posts?

***Comments Thread for the Fall Seasonal Photo Contest***

Iran and Tajikistan: Frenemies No More - Eastern Express - TVP World

MSNBC Cancels "The Mehdi Hasan Show," Sparking Uproar

***CLOSED Fall Seasonal Contest Submissions***

Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults

Submissions are open for the Fall seasonal photo contest

Submissions are open for the Fall seasonal photo contest

In addition to other good news, official hurricane season is over!!!

That phenomenon where, after a person is shown solid evidence refuting a held position

Argentina's Milei picks former neo-Nazi to key Treasury Solicitor General post

That moment when... (shot of vote tally and the clown's forlorn face)

Wildlife Photographer of the Year - People's Choice 2023

Biden reacts to video of Boebert being a dumbass

Argentina's Milei picks former neo-Nazi for key Treasury Solicitor General post

The vote on George Santos expulsion from the House

So, Spring/Summer, 2024, I'll be replacing my rotten cedar deck rails.

With update today:

Russia limits women's access to abortion, citing demographic changes

Turn on Ari on those who ousted Georgie while defending

Avoid Cantaloupe, Products & Fruit Medleys Unless You Know Origin-Brand; Salmonella Outbreak 34 States, Canada, 3 Deaths

Democrat Destroys Fox News Host On Fox News - Rebel HQ

Just had a kitchen fawcett replaced-$600.00 how in the hell can lower income people survive?

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

The people (of the Photography forum) have spoken!

5th Circuit orders Texas to remove buoys from Rio Grande

Any of y'all seen Napoleon? What do you think, is it worth seeing?

I want to apologize to my DU friends.

On Holiday Depression

What's going on with ali velshi at MSNBC?

Did you know if you're 81 you've got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel,

5th Circuit rules Texas must remove river border buoys

Fuck George Santos

How the Winklevii's (Winklevoss twins) Second Act Went Bad

Blink 182 -Dammit

Posh English types ordering their eggs 'over easy' - no wonder Americans love 'Saltburn'

Desantis didnt own a Bible. Staffers had to rush order Bible from Amazon for swearing in