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What to know about escalations in Venezuela and Guyana's territorial dispute - PBS NewsHour

Israeli hostage killed during attempted rescue according to victim's Kibbutz - MSNBC Reports

Israel-Gaza war: Half of Gaza's population is starving, warns UN

*Barbra in Brooklyn on MPT (ch 22) now,

Seasoned scuba diver dumbfounded after encountering several species for the first time: 'Something's not right here'

*Barbra in Brooklyn on MPT (ch 22) now,

MAGA Is Fascism

Eddie Murphy's "The Distinguished Gentleman" available free on youtube

The secretive X-37B space plane is headed back into orbit with a boost from SpaceX

How Mike Johnson Helped Open The Door To Creationism In Louisiana Public Schools

Democrats, Biden campaign condemn blocking of emergency abortion for Texas woman

Anyone else here watch the latest Hunger Games movie and think of what is going on with Trump?

I met "Ruth" (as in RBG) at the dog park today

Government shutdown looms as lawmakers prep for holiday break - Katie Phang - MSNBC

David Trone's sucessor in MD-6 is going to be more progressive.

'The people have spoken': Elon Musk restores the X account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after poll

GOP Lawmaker's Nastiness Comes Back To Bite Her

Trump-Loving C-SPAN Caller Gets Shut Down By Republican - Rebel HQ

Hanukkah Third Night: For Every Day Miracles

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Kate Cox can come to California for reproductive care.

White House reups Biden's pledge not to pardon son if convicted: 'Nothing has changed'

Texas GOP

About Penn and its culture:

Cuddle kits

Motive Behind Derek Chauvin Stabbing Revealed

Hypocrisy with Florida GOP leader amid sex scandal - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Greyhound bus service returns to Mississippi's capital city

CNN's Jake Tapper Mocks Rep. James Comer's Hunter Biden Theory To His Face

Grateful that the phrase; "I agree with Elise Stefanik" has never entered my mind

New Info About Fani Willis' Trump Plans Revealed

Putin's Russia is closing in on a devastating victory. Europe's foundations are trembling

💲 The Truth Behind "Self Made" Billionaires: Robert Reich

CNN Host Mocks Republican's Biden Probe To His Face in Brutal Interview - Pondering Politics

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, actual good news


Multiple dead as tornadoes tear through Tennessee: 'Sad day for our community'

Critics sound the alarm over the possibility of a second Trump term - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

4th suspect arrested in murder of gay man at Phoenix park

Barnes and Noble's "Banned Books Section" FTW (Tweet)

Chattanooga Volkswagen Workers Announce Push To Join UAW, United Auto Workers

Just saw a meteor heading past San Diego!

Marjorie Taylor Greene caught lying in court

91 Characters Voiced by The Legend Phil Hendrie

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Wisconsin, electors, and a settlement....

Fmr. Palestinian peace negotiator: Palestinians should choose their own leaders - Velshi - MSNBC

New York AG suggests Trump experts helped push her fraud case forward

Overnight Interstate 5 lane closures continue as WSDOT demolishes bridge

In Texas, Ken Paxton takes abortion law into his own hands

Democrat John Whitmire elected Houston mayor, defeating congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

What else?

na zdrowie

Egyptians head to polls in election overshadowed by Gaza war

The Man Who Was Godzilla

Hong Kong seeks to boost turnout in 'patriots only' election

2024 Primary Election Calendar Through March 23 (will be updated frequently)

AOC says Democratic Socialists and Justice Democrats weren't responsible for her first election win: 'When it looked app

#VelshiBannedBookClub: 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower; by Stephen Chbosky - Velshi - MSNBC

India's opposition cries foul after state election defeats

Wisconsin sports, sorry.......UW women's volleyball ARE GODDESSES!!!!!!

Guatemalan election valid, court says

Ukraine Condemns Planned Russian Presidential Election in Occupied Territory

FED UP CNN host utterly EXPOSES Trump for his NON-EXISTENT healthcare plan

Bomb Reports also became Part of the Election Campaign in Serbia

Elaine Benes had the MOVES baby !! (Twitter clip)

Zimbabwe by-elections: Polls open in controversial vote

Trump Handed MAJOR BLOW in Court of Appeals, More DEVASTATING than a GAG - Meidas Touch

Democrats, Biden campaign condemn blocking of emergency abortion for Texas woman

NY Times and Washington Post have decided a second term Trump will be...

New Hampshire's proposed 15-day abortion ban would effectively outlaw the procedure

Love watching PBS pledge week

With Europe's Far-Right Wave At His Shores, An Ancient City's Mayor Pleads For Moderation

SNL Tonight. Adam Diver hosts. Olivia Rodrego is the musical guest.

School Days Florida Style - A Ron DeSantis Parody - Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video - Parody Project

Democrat John Whitmire elected Houston mayor, defeating congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

Trump lawyer says he will take stand in fraud trial regardless of gag order

I have another cat/work story.

University of Pennsylvania President resigns amid criticism of anti-semitism testimony - Symone - MSNBC

History has taught us that people who believe in Democracy...

A harvest of memories (WP)

PAC paid for expert witness testimony in civil fraud trial

Pro-Palestine rallies at UCLA, Penn and elsewhere did not call for "Jewish genocide."

Why Stefanik's 'Anti-Semitism' Grandstanding Is Completely Ludicrous - The Majority Report

Dan Fogelberg - The Last Nail

One of the TX Supreme Court justices re: Kate Cox abortion

Average White Band - Pick up the Pieces

Texas Supreme Court blocking emergency abortion approval: 'It's obviously disappointing' - Symone - MSNBC

Chicago Transit Authority - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

LSU QB Jayden Daniels overcomes being out of playoff hunt to win Heisman Trophy with prolific season

While Gazans Suffer, Hamas Reaps the Benefits

Russia puts prominent Russian-US journalist Masha Gessen on wanted list for criminal charges

"The U.S. just added 199,000 in jobs, a consecutive 35 months of job growth under Biden. By the way, this seems like a g

Army/Navy game. Did this actually happen?

SEC v. Jarkesy; the astonishingly broad question the court wanted to ask is whether the Securities and Exchange

Republican gets destroyed on air by fed up reporter - Brian Tyler Cohen

Imperfect Sacrifice

Tesla CEO And World's Richest Man Elon Musk Is Fighting To Avoid Paying Child Support To Ex-Girlfriend Grimes

Elon Musk Fans Horrified When His GROK AI "Goes Woke" - Turns Out Grok Is A Huge Fan Of Trans Rights And Joe Biden

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hollywood accidentally helping Putin....

Doonesbury Plus

I got a knock on the door a bit ago.

RFK Jr. Confesses To Flying On Jeffrey Epstein's Plane... Twice - Rebel HQ

Black Sabbath - Wasp / Behind The Wall Of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B.

Sunday Funnies

He doesn't neglect the spares:

Republicans Land a Terrifying Blow in War on Voting Rights (ft. @LukeBeasley) - Pondering Politics

Republicans gain seats in Houston City Council runoffs

Ukraine's President heads to Argentina, hoping to win Global South's support - WION

SNL: Weekend Update

Trump DISQUALIFICATION Reaches New Stage, New INDICTMENTS Emerge - Meidas Touch

09 Dec: Reality Check. Russians Try a New Tactic. Regretted Immediately. - Reporting from Ukraine

Some people are very time line oriented. Maybe we could have

Russia strengthens its influence in African countries - Tara O'Connor - TVP World

Dohaforum2023 is officially opened under the theme Building Shared Futures.

SNL: College Presidents Cold Open

DOJ Indicts Hunter Biden Again But "Biden Crime Family" Conspiracy Still Bull Sh!t - Rodecast

Tighter EV rules target imported Chinese vehicles in Turkey - WION

Europe in Crisis! Hungary's Secret Dealings with Russia Exposed! - The Gaze

Breakfast Sunday 10 December 2023

If Paxton and Abbott claim authority, make them personally pay her medical bills

California moving co that touts fit employees sued by feds. Too few over 40 employees

The GOP has a young person problem

Former La Habra police chief sentenced to more than 11 years for role in Jan. 6 riot

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Major Award Edition

The quickest way to end the fighting in Gaza.......

I can't find laundry detergent in powdered form.

Dumb, dangerous and deviant': Rick Wilson dumps on Trump inner circle lining up for jobs

Trump's Past Actions Come Back to HAUNT HIM in Federal Court - Meidas Touch

Anybody here have experience with urinary tract infection? I think I got a problem I might go to urgent care this mornin

Police Ticket Charity Group For Feeding Homeless People - Rebel HQ

Fluffy Cat Runs As Fast As A Cheetah And Beats Her Dad In Every Race

Wordle 904 Dec 10 ***Spoiler Thread***

Tensions Grow In South China As China Fires Water Cannons At Philippine Ships In "Control Measures" - CRUX

The Siege of Nanna on the couch has been broken

US Wants to buy up to 3 Mn barrels for strategic reserve - WION

On this day, December 10, 2021, Michael Nesmith died.

On this day, December 10, 1941, Tommy Rettig, "Jeff Miller" in the original "Lassie," was born.

Hollywood Celebrities Are Spending Big To End Lauren Boebert's Career - Ring of Fire

On this day, Friday, December 10, 1971, "The Brady Bunch" episode "Getting Davy Jones" aired.

On this day, Friday, December 10, 1971, "The Partridge Family" episode "Guess Who's Coming To Drive" aired.

'Morally, this is obscene': GOP divided over stripping compensation for radiation victims from NDAA

On this day, December 10, 1978, Ed Wood died.

It's not just US--UK Parliament Office Building (design life 120 years) falling apart after 23

On this day, December 10, 2021, a memorial service was held for Bob Dole at Washington National Cathedral.

Have Mercy

Bomb threat sent to Takoma Park restaurant and bar, canceling drag brunch event

🎄Gift idea. Keyboard for arguments on the internets

Musk's own AI describes him perfectly

Ukraine in 'mortal danger' without aid, Olena Zelenska warns

For those with earwax buildup issues....

On this day, December 10, 2019, Philip McKeon of "Alice" died.

We had no donations yesterday (here are all the current links)

Goddamn the Polls, Full Speed Ahead: A Secular Sermon for a Sunday

China Enters Deflation Nightmare; Financial System & Ideology; Chinese Economy; US-China - China Update

On This Day: T.R. credited with ending war between Russia and Japan - Dec. 10, 1906

Israel accused of staging surrender video

Anyone else have a Blendtec?

On this day, December 10, 1971, Frank Zappa was pushed off the stage by jealous boyfriend Trevor Howell.

On this day, December 10, 1965, The Warlocks performed for the first time under their new name, The Grateful Dead.

The GOP is Full of Cowards and Liars with Texas Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett

On this day, December 10, 1967, Otis Redding was killed in a plane crash.

Is there any way to reach and deprogram a maghat?

On this day, December 10, 1973, CBGB opened.

Iran stops Mahsa Amini's family from travelling to receive human rights prize

Foster Pittie Wouldn't Trust Anyone Until...

US trying to close 'gap' between Israel's intent and resulting Gaza death toll: Blinken

It ain't Christmas until we've seen THIS:

'Buying Quiet': Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas

Godless children? Study suggests it's a better alternative

Israel ready to act against Houthi rebels if international community fails to, national security adviser says

shutting down long range ops for now . will be just reporting temps . looks like a long dry spell.

On this day, December 10, 1946, Ace Kefford of The Move was born.

Well I can't get the damn thing to preview. But the link is correct

Iran regime attacks 'Zionist lobby' in US over campus disputes

Is there an astrological situation that affects appliances?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Smith talking to Trump's intel team....

Here's Where Prices Are Actually Coming Down

Santa's reindeer --- but with dogs. (ha!)

How does this happen???

A Cat and A Bean Bag Chair

Dog sled 🛷 😆

They all changed their mind

Diane Schuur has a birthday today.

HERE YOU GO, you CAN Thank me later

A snowy night in Switzerland

Musk Fanboys Melt Down After Ralph Nader-Founded Car Safety Group Trashes Cybertruck

Republicans to meet allies of Hungary's Viktor Orbn on ending Ukraine aid

"Black Balloon Flower"

The "dark money ATM of the right" is funneling money to hate groups while hiding donor identities

Peachy keen

DeSantis' wife prompts Republican reminder of Iowa nominating process rules

Troubling poll numbers? Biden has a plan for that.

IDF attacked from UN school in Gaza; 5 soldiers, hostage Sahar Baruch killed

Dear Mr. Floyd........💷💰

Tesla drivers run Autopilot where it's not intended -- with deadly consequences

Trump Takes 2024 Lead as Biden Approval Hits New Low, WSJ Poll Finds

Anyone watch Romney on Press the Meat?

It's Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.

Lebanon's Hezbollah fires drones, Israel mounts air strikes

Any fans of Jujutsu Kaisen here?

The Newport Tower

Frank Sinatra's views on organized religion - 1963 Playboy Interview

Heavy fighting across Gaza as Israel presses ahead with renewed US military and diplomatic support

National Park Service Teaming Up With Tribes To Tell 'More Complete Story' Of U.S. History

Governor Hochul : Calls for Genocide of Jewish People Violates New York State and Federal Law

CEO of Twitter Posts Brain-Meltingly Idiotic Message About Elon's Foulmouthed AI Grok

Did you know you can recycle Babybel cheese packaging?

Did the President pay a condolence visit to someone in LA?

I'll touch your leg if I want to!

Missouri House Democrat is kicked off committees after posting photo with alleged Holocaust denier

Cutest kitten gesture:

The GOP just conflated antisemitism with anti-Zionism. That's problematic.

Thank you everyone for your advice on the UTI.

Jesse Roper. "Horizons"

Cat moves his bed to take advantage of the sunlight:

Netanyahu sucks up to evangelicals for $$$

2nd tweet--cute puppy attack:

Nap Attack

Smugglers are bringing migrants to a remote Arizona border crossing, overwhelming US agents

Closed-door meeting thwarts bid to let Atlanta residents vote on Cop City

Looks like the vast majority of American Jews want a ceasefire

OT - Am I the only one who noticed no one is posting TCM schedules for Thursday and Friday anymore?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 10, 2023)

24/7 Relaxing Christmas Ambience🎅Instrumental Christmas background Music 🎁Christmas Carol Music 2024- MUSIC ONLY

Tennessee DUers how are you this morning?

What food would you not want on the traditional Christmas dinner menu. Mine is beets with hardboiled eggs , vinegar .and

The Strategy for Precluding a trump Dictatorship

My Absolute Favorite Christmas Video - Really Funny!

On this day, December 10, 1941, Tommy Kirk was born. His career was going great, until ...

Dems Call Out Attempts to Silence Black and Brown Members of Congress

*O*S*M* Fingerstylist Adrian Legg: Guitars and Other Cathedrals

'Save Sarasota, Deport the Zieglers': Locals Want Couple Out

Steel Pulse: Chant a Psalm

Osibisa: Woyaya (Criss-cross rhythms that explode with happpiness)

Americans' Views of the Israel-Hamas War

Netanyahu Must Be Politically Destroyed, or Israel Will Go Down With Him

Republicans to meet allies of Hungary's Viktor Orbn on ending Ukraine aid

Vet says this odd cat is extremely rare

Bombino: Takamba

The first Youtube video I viewed of a lights display on a house

Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Sastanqqm

Woman Finds Tiny Kitten In Her Backyard

Liz Magill's ouster at Penn will help the worst people take down free speech, higher ed

Jimmy Dludlu: Tara Tara

Weather coming

DAY 4 Prayer - Human Dignity. Prayers to add to Chanukah prayers for those ceasefire inclined.

Osamu Kitajima: Masterless Samurai

Not an order, but a suggestion

Rabih Abou-Khalil: Catania

Ugh. No fun

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 10, 2023?

The Budos Band: Up From the South

Shokazoba: Green Paper Slaves

Hunger, thirst and chaos in southern Gaza as hostilities drive humanitarian aid to the brink of collapse

Biden Should Breakout the Charts - It worked for Ross Perot boosting his campaign!

Steve Schmidt explains why Nikki Haley is no match for donald trump - The Warning

Fulton Co. DA Fani Willis signals Jail Time possible for trump, co-defendants in Georgia case

(The Guardian) Cop28: 'failure is not an option,' says summit president - as it happened

Black lung threat increasing among coal miners - CBS Sunday Morning

Republicans FREAK OUT When Dems Stop Playing Their Game Not Click Bait

Dutch-American Friendship Treaty - heads up wannabe expats

'Buying Quiet': Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas

If I Were A Carpenter - Bobby Darin

Delightful collage of old movie star greats dancing to Uptown Funk

Netanyahu defies Biden: He boasted about controlling US and going against US for ground invasion.

Rep. Jayapal obliterates CNN's Bash attempt to carry a 'Hierarchy of Oppression' Israeli narrative.

AIPAC's anti-democratic attack on Jamaal Bowman & the Squad for a humane cease-fire advocacy is shameful.

Netanyahu Sr. Advisor thinks the world is blind. Does he really want to compare atrocities?

The Trans Athlete Moral Panic: A Rant

Feral Horses Shot by Helicopter in Plans To Cull 14,000 (Australia)

Ryan Grim's new book's buzz on the Squad is high, especially in Right Wing media. We interviewed him.

Cutting Off Ukraine Aid Would Be an Economic Disaster

To catch up with the sun

Al Gore criticizes the 'direct conflict of interest' of COP28 Summit president

CNN's Jake Tapper is tired of their shit.

If you were an elf/elfette at the North Pole, what job would you want? I would want to make gingerbread houses.

One of my favourite human beings died last night

'Sociopath': Trump on track to win 2024 & be a 'dictator' warns his coauthor from 'Art of the Deal'

I feel sick about "information"

2023 Goodreads Choice Awards

Rabbi Jay Michaelson: "Elise Stefanik's Calculated Demagoguery on Antisemitism and Free Speech"

Found an interesting article about the future of Israel

3 UNLV faculty members were killed in the Las Vegas campus shooting

Colorado medical team cut 65-year-old Lakota man's hair without permission, family says

CBS Sen. Sanders: "Israel is losing the war in terms of how the conflict is perceived''

World War Two: When 600 US planes crashed in Himalayas

Storm Fergus Brings Tornado Chaos to Leitrim Village, Ireland

Sometimes doing the right thing can be heroic.

How trump could turn the U.S. Military into his own Army Loyal only to him.

Most Funeral Homes Don't Know How To Bury Muslims. These Women Want To Change That.

Tracing Trump's Rise Back to John McCain & Sarah Palin (with David Grann) Next Level Sunday

Tornado watches AND warnings in NC **UPDATE**

National Park Service Teaming Up With Tribes To Tell 'More Complete Story' Of U.S. History

Philippines says Chinese coast guard used water cannons against its vessels for a second day

Small Town BIG Things

Missouri Republicans Introduce Bills to Charge Women Who Receive Abortions With Murder

How do I send a message to another DUer?

Washington Downs No. 7 Gonzaga, 78-73, In Seattle

Cartoons 12-10-2023

A gigantic new ICBM will take US nuclear missiles out of the Cold War-era but add 21st-century risks

IEA assessment of the evolving pledges at COP28

Gloves off: Gavin Newsom deals fatal blow to Ron DeSantis - Brian Tyler Cohen

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 11 December 2023

Missouri propose law to charge women who have abortions with homicide

Comment: More work needed after mixed report on State of Sound

Near Mt. Index, Forterra secures key piece in conservation puzzle

Index-Galena Road, Mountain Loop Highway close for season

Non-Fiction of the Week 10 December2023

More than a few misogynists hate the idea

Even Fox News is Celebrating Biden's Economy! - Pondering Politics

Cigna abandons pursuit of Humana, plans $10 billion share buyback

After antisemitic rants, Lynnwood council changes public comment rules

Comment: Taking financial interest in costs of climate crisis

Hamas leader Sinwar said to have fled north Gaza by hiding in humanitarian convoy

Kevin McCarthy on Trump: America doesn't want "retribution". But he still wants to kiss orange ass.

MAGA Evangelicals Get Shut Down By Bible Quote - Rebel HQ

Mitt Romney says he doesn't see 'any evidence' to authorize Joe Biden impeachment inquiry

Some of Norman Lear's work. Now Archie Bunker is running for President.

Almost one in ten Australian men have committed a sexual offense against children, study finds

Trump defends dictator comments amid NYC soiree filled with MAGA diehards

How Finland's underground bunkers are used in peacetime - DW News

Russia Celebrates Republicans Blocking Aid to Ukraine With a Missile Barrage

Almost one in ten Australian men have committed a sexual offense against children, study finds

Building wind power, canceling coal -- it's all drowning under borrowing costs

Help! I need the perfect Christmas movie!

Great resource for MST3K fans

Yikes, Saturday Night Live is bad......whew.....and I do really like Adam Driver

E. Clapton - Let It Rain

Elon Musk's BRAND NEW Disaster

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Dems going after Wall Street on housing....

Kamala Harris Revealed What the U.S. Wants to See After the Israel-Hamas War Is Over

And my Bucs win!!!

"The Holocaust was a Hoax"

Arthur had a very sweet way of waking me up, this morning

Gov. Josh Shapiro and other officials denounce antisemitism at Philadelphia rally


Bernie Sanders: AIPAC is a right-wing organization that supports extremist Republican election-denier candidates

The real reason why Trump is probably not testifying is because he's been caught lying about the size of his penthouse.

Love the longer version of John Travolta as Santa Clause advertisement.

Full Panel: 'No working mom is bringing up Hunter Biden' in voter focus groups - NBC News

I don't know if this is the right category

What's for Dinner, Sunday., Dec. 10, 2023

Counties in MD that Angela Alsobrooks will carry in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic primary.

Republican Nazis Are Intent On Killing A Healthy Woman To Save A Dying Fetus - Rodecast

Biden will host Zelenskyy at The White House on Tuesday

Al Franken: In Remembrance of My Dear Friend Norman Lear

Trump doubles down on 'dictator for one day' comments in new speech at New York gala - Velshi - MSNBC

A Court Case - SNL

2 Pa. lawmakers say it's time for their colleagues to stop running for 2 jobs at the same time

Zelensky to Visit White House This Week

Joni Mitchell in 1970 demonstrates what 'LIVE' is ALL about!

Talk of a Trump Dictatorship Charges the Campaign

No Sense of Humor?

Sunday Joke Thread

Hamas Warns No Hostage Will Leave Alive

Trump Dismisses 'Threat to Democracy Hoax'

Trump will not testify in fraud trial. Chickenshit traitor.

The Republican party created Trump. They're wholly responsible for him.

UN general assembly to likely vote on Gaza ceasefire demand on Tuesday

Obama's tan suit scared them more than Trump's dictator promise - Pondering Politics

No mosquitoes this year in the Florida Keys. Ain't science grand?

Sophie the Birthday Girl turns 8 today.

The Guns Were Said to Be Destroyed. Instead, They Were Reborn.

Senate Republican says US needs to accept Ukraine will 'cede some territory' to Russia

David Petraeus - Russian Army Is Crumbling, Russia Will Never Be Able To Beat Ukraine - Info Flow

The era of the electric vehicle is really, really, here...

Just in case, you wondered, the electric vehicle era is definitely here.

Their stolen land in Orange County was given back. Now they're ready to heal

Governor Anne Richards of Texas giving her views on abortion.

Could Biden assure other NATO countries that if they pick up the slack and keep Ukraine supplied that he

Republican scheme stuns the entire nation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Who said this: "If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier... as long as I'm the dictator. Hehehe."

UExpress the website crashes my laptop

Politico: Jack Smith reveals sweeping scope of bid to debunk Trump election machine claims

Great! Next Year's Climate Conference Will Be Hosted By Azerbaijan - Like The UAE, But w/o The Need To Pretend To Care

I want to talk about the Jury service format.

Anyone know (for sure) which trial will be the FIRST for TFG. NY trial ending soon, so

Simply Because Something Is A Lie Doesn't Mean We Won't Lobby For It - At Least 475 "Carbon Capture" Lobbyists At COP28

John Bolton: trump could do 'Irreparable' Damage in a second term

Ukraine's Zelenskyy will meet with Biden, congressional leaders amid standoff over more aid

Loss & Damage Pledges So Far In Dubai Cover 0.2% Of Average Annual Climate Damages To Developing Nations

Trump Accuses Casey DeSantis of Voter Fraud

Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs 🎷

In a reversal, Donald Trump says he will not testify in his own defense in New York fraud trial

Surrendered / buyback guns: only piece stamped w serial no. destroyed, other pieces sold as kit

The plans have been hatched: How a second trump term can Upend Government on Day One

Macy's receives $5.8 billion buyout offer, sources say

Rainy Day 😆 MEMES 😳 #'s 12 & 35.

Query for Old Timers Who Remember Post 9-11 Laws Restricting US Civil Liberties...

Rep. Jasmine Crockett: TX abortion laws are 'opposite of being fiscally responsible' and 'pro-life' - Velshi - MSNBC

Vikings-Raiders ZERO to Zero, With...

On this day, December 10, 1994, advertising executive Thomas J. Mosser was killed by a bomb mailed by the Unabomber.

*Charlie Wilson's War on HBO now.

Can we discuss the possibility of having unlimited immigration? What about no immigration?

Trump Descends into Utter Confusion Live on Stage in New York! - Luke Beasley

🕎 Fourth Night: For Jewish Community

Red Bell Peppers

Populations Of Australia's Threatened Birds Drop 60% In Past 40 Years - QLD, SA Saw Biggest Declines

Nationwide Directory Of Where To Recycle Plastic Bags Pulls Plug After Reporters Show No Such Recycling Took Place