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Special counsel reveals plans to use Trump's phone data at trial

Texas Supreme Court rules against woman who sought abortion for medical emergency

Special counsel reveals plans to use Trump's phone data at trial


Question about being blocked.

A Pa. lawmaker wants to make any state money for universities contingent on standing against antisemitism

Trump Holdovers Still Dot U.S. Attorneys Offices

MAGA Is Fascism

If you have long term care, you probably can itemize your deductions

Now THIS would be a Hallmark Christmas movie worth watching

Elon Musk's X is encouraging users to follow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after reinstating his account

Taylor Swift donates $1 million to help tornado-ravaged communities

Trump & his attorneys promise he'll testify in NY fraud trial; at the last minute, Trump punked out - Glenn Kirschner

Texas top court rules against woman who sought abortion for medical emergency

Happy Days - Guess Who's Coming to Christmas...Link

🕎 Fifth Night: God's Candle is the Human Soul (Proverbs)

With 6 More Reactor Approvals, Poland Now Plans 24 Small Nuclear Reactors.

MSNBC/CNN Difference In Headlines

Weissmann: 'No downside for Jack Smith' in SCOTUS move cornering Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Project Veritas CEO quits, citing 'strong evidence of past illegality and past financial improprieties'

At COP28, Indigenous women have a message for leaders: Look at what we're doing. And listen

MAGA is TERRIFIED of Taylor Swift's Political Activism

Rudy's Odd Behavior

Man sues NYC after he spent 27 years in prison, then was cleared in subway token clerk killing

Crucial update in Trump's DC criminal trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Barry Manilow loved his 'crazy' year: Las Vegas, Broadway and a NBC holiday special

Hasbro laying off 1,100 workers as weak toy sales persist into holiday season

Donald Tusk becomes Poland's prime minister with the mission of improving European Union ties

Rude Pundit - The Republican Strategy: Make Everyone Think Democrats Are as Fucking Awful as They Are

Trump ducks stand after his own lawyers said 'People that are afraid cower' - Deadline - MSNBC

This state is counting the human casualties from a drug meant for animals

Wells Fargo, other mortgage lenders under scrutiny for pricing exceptions: CNBC

Judge exonerates Marvin Haynes in 2005 Minneapolis murder

Neil Young - Rockin In The Free World

Wisconsin Republican leader stands by fake Trump elector, will keep him on elections commission

What is the point of the HIPAA law?

Legal Eagle - Trump's Worst Lawyer, Alina Habba, May Be Disbarred For This

GE completes testing sustainable aviation fuel on 10th aircraft engine model

Jack Smith GOES FOR THE GOLD in turning to Supreme Court - Talking Feds

Elon Musk Appeared on the Alex Jones show today.

Who Will Be On The Texas Ballot In 2024?


Losing: Trump's failures drag down 'red fizzle' Congress to 'worst' session in years - The Beat - MSNBC

Jack Smith reveals he has extracted data from the phone Trump used in the WH-- and can use it to pinpoint his location

House Republicans eye Wednesday vote to approve impeachment inquiry into Biden

Great Egret (Ardea alba) in a Cypress/Tupelo Swamp

Danny Bonaduce retiring from KZOK Seattle's Classic Rock Station

AWAY IN A MANGER - Revised to Reflect Current Events - Don Caron - Parody Project

Know why NO appeals court or SCOTUS can rule that Trump has the immunity get out of jail free card?

Anazing how available folks are

Youtube no longer working. Shows the program but will not open and play.

Special counsel asks Supreme Court to take up Trump immunity case - CBS News

Supreme Court INSTANTLY Makes KEY RULING in Trump Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the military review of the Teixeira case....

Donald Trump Claims Debating Hillary Clinton TOOK MORE COURAGE THAN DYING IN COMBAT!!!

*To Sir with Love on TCM now,

Most competitive US Senate Races in 2024.

BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court rules against woman who sued to get abortion due to medical emergency - The ReidOut MSNBC

George Santos Begins Revenge Tour With Scorching Attack on Fellow Republican

Fearing attacks, Jews in Egypt cancel public Hanukkah celebrations

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

October's massive turnout of the youth vote in Poland was partially driven by abortion

Why Jack Smith asked the Supreme Court to decide Trump's immunity claim - MSNBC Reports

Poland's Law and Justice party loses power after eight years of authoritarian rule

Anti-Union Elon Musk Messed With Sweden & Got Wrecked In Court & The Market - Rodecast

Special Counsel SLAMS Trump's delay tactics in POWERFUL new filing - Talking Feds

Rick Wilson snark at its best

New York City apartment building partially collapses - ABC News

Special Counsel Has Trump's Cell Phone Data

The Cold Water Pasta Hack - has anyone here tried this method for cooking pasta?

Putin's Power Play - Eastern Express - TVP World

Trump-MAGA losses in 2024? Videos show playbook and peril for fired McCarthy & indicted Trump - The Beat - MSNBC

'Is that really her?' Liberal Jews say Elise Stefanik, hailed as a hero of the House antisemitism hearings, has baggage

I don't think The Supreme Court will rule a president has immunity.

MAGA Goes Scorched Earth On GOP For Not Bowing Down To Trump - Rebel HQ

Lynnwood daycare allegedly drugged kids with Benadryl before they napped, lawsuit says

Growing push to remove Ivy League leaders following Capitol Hill testimony - ABC News

How could anyone think God sent tnis Moron??

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Embarrasses Himself in Court; Trump Backs Out of Testimony in NY: A Closer Look

update on two elder brothers needing a hand, living in car for now

What to make of Trump's 'dictator' comment FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

What Ukraine must do to keep EU membership bid alive - Reuters

please put sally and greg rhodes on your prayer lists . i was just informed that greg rhodes has pacriatic cancer. we do

Jack Smith Hired A Supreme Court Expert

Rudy's lawyers claim if Freeman & Moss get the damages they seek, "it will be the end of Mr. Giuliani."

Panera Founder: 'Workers Aren't Motivated To Make Shareholders Richer' - Waldorf Nation

Giuliani on Trial: Smearing, defaming, attacking election workers will cost him - MSNBC Reports

Meet Michael R. Dreeben, Jack Smith's pick to argue the government's immunity case before SCOTUS.

Supreme Court Orders Trump to Respond to Jack Smith

It Takes 4 Justices For The SC To Take A Case

Jack Smith Outsmarts Trump, And Other Trump Legal Updates - Raw News And Politics

No Menorahs, Please - WSJ Editorial

Ukraine turns to cheaper drones as US aid stalls - CNN

Holocaust survivors to hold virtual Hanukkah ceremony amid antisemitism fears.

GreenH Electrolysis to build hydrogen production and refueling station for India's first hydrogen train

Australia announces plans to halve migrant intake - Reuters

Lara Trump is peddling a "Trump girl" MAGA hat with Barbie-style lettering, for a mere $47

Israel accuses UN of not doing enough to facilitate entry of aid into Gaza

House expected to take vote on Biden impeachment inquiry - MSNBC Reports

"But everything I said about them is true.....of course I don't regret it"


Are we at that point?

Why the "hamas could end this at any time" excuse doesn't work

I think the Supremes will side with Jack Smith either 7-2 or 6-3

Jack Smith demonstrates that when there's a WILL to make the courts move faster...

☦️ Orthodox Church - St. Herman of Alaska + December 13

The Russian car market is dying. Chinese manufacturers are taking the place. - UATV English

TX-18: Sheila Jackson Lee files for reelection after losing Houston mayor race

What is your favorite Christmas cookie ??? Can you please some recipes?

Wisconsin secretary of state calls for fake Trump elector to be removed from elections commission


Zelenskyy arrives in Washington to push for Congressional aid - MSNBC Reports

Progressives face growing primary threats over Gaza stance

Giuliani's Defense Says $43 Million in Damages Would Be 'Death Penalty'

The Guardian: Revealed: over 160 representatives with climate-denying track records got Cop28 access

Molly Jong-Fast: Donald Trump's "Dictator" Promise Is No Joke

Appeals court DELIVERS BLOW to Trump in criminal case - Talking Feds

Lauren's Blog - My One Year Anniversary!

Texas Supreme Court rules against woman at center of abortion battle

Guardian - Cop28: Australia, US and UK say they won't sign agreement that would be 'death certificate' for small islands

CA-SEN: California mayor flips Senate endorsement from Schiff to Lee, citing Gaza stance

Lauren's Blog - My One Year Anniversary!

Why is everybody so sure this Supreme Court will rule the right way

Dupe post

AP: Agreeing to agree: Everyone must come to consensus at COP28 climate talks, toughening the process

Idaho Supreme Court hears oral arguments from Babe Vote, Secretary of State on lawsuit appeal

Arkansas AG rejects proposed ballot measure to make government transparency a constitutional right

New Hampshire man arrested after making threats to Vivek Ramaswamy - MSNBC Reports

Any word on when the Colorado Supreme Court will decide

BBC: COP28: UN climate talks in jeopardy in fossil fuel backlash

Arkansas school district asked to end revival-themed halftime show

Defamation damages trial targeting Giuliani's comments begins - CNN

NJ-GOV: N.J. is 'worth fighting for,' Steve Sweeney (D) says in announcing bid for governor

PNNL: "Energy Droughts" in Wind and Solar Can Last Nearly a Week, Research Shows

PA Building Trades Council back Kenyatta (D) for auditor general, Stollsteimer (D) for attorney general

'History on a fast boil': Tribe on Jack Smith taking Trump case to SCOTUS - The Last Word - MSNBC

Do dictators typically jail or remove Supreme Court Justices they don't like?

Michigan GOP leaders seek Karamo's dismissal as report alleges the party is facing bankruptcy

MI: Whitmer (D) signs bill repealing abortion insurance law she fought against a decade ago

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jack Smith seeking Trump case SCOTUS fast-track is 'high-speed history' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Experts urge investigation of 'coordinated plan' to compromise election software

'Beyond a loser': Weissmann blasts Trump double jeopardy claim in Jack Smith case - The Last Word - MSNBC

Why did the DC appelate court need SCOTUS to prod them to action?

Kimmel: George Santos Demands $20,000 from Jimmy Kimmel, Trump Bails on Court & Clooney Christmas Surprise

Senators Tester & Brown on how Democrats can win in red states - The Last Word - MSNBC

HR 1525 - an important act to toughen requirements for civil asset forfeiture

D.C.'s longest-operating hotel, infamous and beloved, to close its doors

Midnight Madness: Darlene Love- "All Alone On Christmas"

'The need for speed': Jack Smith adds specialist to shortcut Trump delay tactic - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Kate Cox Isn't Close Enough To Death To Qualify For An Abortion, Texas Supreme Court Says - Rodecast

Maddow: 'This Congress is pitiful': Historically weak output from a vital institution - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

FL: Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee backs Tom Keen in HD 35

New Haven police investigate draping of a Palestinian flag over a menorah near Yale campus

*De-Lovely on HBO now!

I See Liz Cheney Is On A Book Tour Promoting Her Book On Tr**p......

Brooklyn saw high voter turnout in uncontested Council races. Why?

Republicans commit serious mistake ahead of 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

Great DC Court of Appeals Panel for Special Prosecutor Jack Smith on immunity appeal

Attorney wants court to ignore racially tinged comments involving Arizona GOP's election laws

The whereabouts of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny were unknown on Monday as officials at the penal

Florida man convicted of voting with his late father's ballot in 2020 presidential election

Election of GOP-endorsed city council candidates in Houston joint runoff may shift power dynamics in city hall, expert s

Will the GOP's Self Proclaimed "Moses" Split the Party in 2024? w/ Peter Montgomery - Thom Hartmann

(Jewish Group)-President Biden-"You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist and I am a Zionist."

ME: Lewiston mayoral race heads to runoff election Tuesday

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SCOTUS expediting consideration of Trump's claim....

MI Special Election: Here Are The Candidates Running For 2 House Seats

Poland's parliament elects Donald Tusk as prime minister

WA GOP fights secretary of state's effort to track election misinformation

Long Live the Republic!

Russia's Military Threats Exposed! Russia's Shocking Threats to Soldier's Families - The Gaze

Trump Lawyer Who FLIPPED is now BURYING Trump Alive in Court - Meidas Touch

Arizona Supreme Court will weigh whether women have a right to an abortion - or not

We Need To Talk About The United States' Mental Health Crisis, Larger Causes: Robert Reich

Io, Saturnalia.'

State House Democrats announce effort to enshrine abortion rights in New Hampshire Constitution

CNN's Jake Tapper Laughs At James Comer's Hunter Biden Lies - REFLECT

Ohio AG: six-week abortion ban unconstitutional, but Supreme Court case should go on

India Rising, China Reversing? - Good Times Bad Times

California Parents Advocate For Anti-Trans Initiative To Make Ballot

'It shouldn't have happened': Photos of stripped Palestinians addressed by Netanyahu senior advisor - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Who drinks alcohol

Texas abortion ban, Republican politics drive woman out of state for life-saving care - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Heather Cox Richardson - Letters From An American. In Hungary, Orban has cracked down

The Real Reason the GOP Wants Hunter Biden - Thom Hartmann

Massive monument to falsified Confederate history soon to leave Arlington

China's banking system is in free fall right now, says Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass - CNBC Television

Turkey Says No Rush to Finalize Sweden's Bid to Join NATO

I am going to ask a question....

11 Dec: Breaking point! Russians lose the upper hand - Reporting from Ukraine

Jack Smith Makes A Brilliant Move To Stop Trump's Delay Tactics - Rodecast

Wisconsin Woman Takes Her Gun Into an MRI Scanner And Gets Seriously Lucky

In case you missed @GOP Speaker Moses declaration......

Prosecutors Give SNEAK PREVIEW of the Evidence for 2024 Trump Criminal Trial - Meidas Touch

Grandparents For Truth: When the parental rights group Moms for Liberty kicked off its second "

Kaitlan Collins Presses Ron Johnson On His Lies About Trump's Fake Elector Scheme - REFLECT

Jack Smith files with SCOTUS to weigh in on Trump's claims of immunity - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The problem for OPEC is U.S. production surging, says Energy Aspects' Amrita Sen - CNBC Television

Joan Donovan on the harms of disinformation after dismissal from Harvard - the 11th Hour - MSNBC

Upside to insomnia --

Cop28 draft climate deal criticised as 'grossly insufficient' and 'incoherent'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/11/2023 - He's back!!!

Republicans say they believe in free speech. Except when it comes to Israel.

Stephen Colbert - Guest Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney

Breakfast Tuesday 12 December 2023

The shadow of austerity--and authoritarianism

Steve Forbert - Romeo's Tune (1979)

If a state requires a woman to continue with a pregnancy that might kill a woman

SpaceX scrubs back-to-back launches of X-37B spaceplane and 23 Starlinks

texas claims a fetus has rights or doesnt depending on the case

Google loses antitrust case over Android app store brought by Fortnite maker

Give your enemies cash

The new Prime Minister of Poland will help Ukraine from Day One!

GOP clash nixes Johnson plan for floor showdown on surveillance reforms

The health care busts that follow mining's boom-time benefits Good mining jobs with good benefits can counterintuitively

Former Mar-a-Lago employee-turned-witness repeatedly contacted by Trump and associates before documents charges

Does the GOP Plan To Arrest Trump's Critics? - Thom Hartmann (Thom mentions EarlG's Pic of the Moment on DU!)

Groups Want Full Federal Appeals Court to Revisit Ruling Limiting Scope of the Voting Rights Act

Dubai's ENOC Group launches the region's first green solar/hydrogen fuel station

US House passes bill banning uranium imports from Russia

Do you personally know any individual who went from the political left to the political right?

On this day, December 12, 1985, Arrow Air Flight 1285 crashed after takeoff at Gander, Newfoundland.

FED UP Officer TURNS AGAINST Republican Leader, DOESN'T HOLD BACK - Against All Enemies

Wordle 906 Dec 12 ***Spoiler Thread***

December 12, 2000, a date that will live in infamy

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear sworn in for 2nd term in Republican-leaning Kentucky

Florida school board to vote on demanding resignation from Moms for Liberty co-founder

On this day, December 12, 2000, General Motors pulled the plug on Oldsmobile.

Judge upholds Texas TikTok ban on government devices

Sheffield Forgemasters set to regain key nuclear accreditation

Poll: A fifth of Black voters want 'someone else' instead of Trump or Biden

Time Matters

A 'WW3 Flashpoint' Just Intensified; Chinese Economy: Policy Debate; Hong Kong Elections - China Update

Medical staff shot and killed inside Kamal Adwan Hospital

Ian Gibson, 2000 AD Star Artist, Co-Creator of Halo Jones, Passes Away at 77

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/6/23

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 12/3-12/9/2023

The Rundown: December 12, 2023

'Jack Smith's Bold Move'

Pliosaur discovery: Huge sea monster emerges from Dorset cliffs

Satan exposes GOP free speech hypocrisy


Higher education must help protect democracy

The Little Thief

On this day, December 12, 1980, "Sandanista!" was released.

On This Day: SC rules on Bush v Gore, called a perversion by critics - Dec. 12, 2000

This is how Israel enabled Qatar to send millions to Gaza

Tuesday TOONs

@RonDeSantis, #Republican is wearing his "Big Boy" boots with the cute little elf toes..........

Consumer prices rose 0.1% in November from the prior month

Don't be a stupid voter. You will regret it. Very quickly. Within less than 2 years.

Rude One: The Republican Strategy: Make Everyone Think Democrats Are as Fucking Awful as They Are

Barry Manilow's Christmas Special should be available to stream as of today

Thames Water Apologizes After Leaving 200 Tank Trucks Of Raw Sewage In Surrey Town For 6 Months

Pharmacies share medical data with police without a warrant, inquiry finds

Claudine Gay keeps her job

Trump's 'lizard brain' has 'talent for divorcing words from their meanings': conservative

**UPDATED with video** Stephen Colbert 12/11/2023 describing when they gave him morphine and dilaudid in the hospital

The Canadian Dentsl Health Care Plan

Copernicus - Canada's 2023 Wildfire CO2 Output Accounted For 23% Of Total Global Wildfire Carbon Emissions

Some Morning Color

"Conservative Christian"? Now THAT is an oxymoron

"Conservative Christian"? Now THAT is an oxymoron

Inflation fears down, consumer optimism up: Economy may start to help Biden with voters

President Claudine Gay Will Remain in Office, Harvard Corporation to Issue Statement in Support

What happened on MORNING JOE this AM?

We had no donations yesterday (here are all the current links)

if youlove treen, antiques, or violins, poke me. + 1 name. rothschild.

Rock On, Alberta! Province Home To World's Single Most Methane-Productive Abandoned Gas Well!!!


Nude painting row at French school sparks teacher walkout

This Feeling

Four more hotels reach tentative labor agreements with Unite Here

Jason Kander: Josh Hawley is vulnerable in next year's Senate election. Even Donald Trump knows it

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in NC on Monday to promote new $1 billion passenger rail.

Frank Sinatra was born on this date.

sharing my fb post from this morning- fake images

OPEC General Secy Orders Members To Opppose Any COP Proposals To Limit Fossil Fuel Productions

Dionne Warwick has a birthday today.

Wot Cyber Truck doing?

New research is uncovering the hidden differences in how people experience the world. The consequences are unsettling

New Reuters/Ipsos poll finds a 4 point Biden lead in the 7 battleground states

Outgoing Tortoise Asks Strangers For Butt Scratches

Gov. Chris Sununu to announce endorsement in Republican presidential race at Tuesday event, sources tell WMUR

Betelgeuse nearly disappeared - for some - in rare eclipse last night

Sunset @Old Silver Beach

Sky Blue Pink

good news for a change.

Everything is terrible, we're all going to die, and America is doomed The Dark Side w/ JVL & AB

One fist of iron, the other of steel

Old Nantucket Light-Ship

Diseases including chicken pox, meningitis, impetigo, upper respiratory tract infections spreading in Gaza

"Washington not alarmed"

Spread this Meme around Social Media

Why I moved back to Los Angeles

US Woman Takes Her Gun Into an MRI Scanner And Gets Seriously Lucky

7 am morning conditions @ sonora ca

Options For The Supreme Court re: Jack Smith's Request

I believe the SCOTUS will act quickly and will find Trump has no immunity. The problem then becomes convicting

Will Trump punish republicans who don't

Evangelical Christian support for Trump's candidacy is "absurd"

Is China's Economy Collapsing? Economic War! Michael Hudson & Richard D. Wolff

Google Most Searched Playground Interactive Doodle

The Secret Behind AI Drive-Thrus? It's Humans Doing the Work.

***Fall Seasonal Photo Contest Finals***

***Finals Posted in GD***

'Ballsy Move': Experts Praise Special Counsel for Not Playing Trump's Stupid Reindeer Games


A missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels strikes a Norwegian-flagged tanker in the Red Sea

Time's person of the year birthday is tomorrow

Pic Of The Moment: Well, Here We Go I Guess

*O*S*M* Yoshida Brothers(Japan): Moyaru (Sprouting)

Giuliani continues to smear Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.

*O*S*M* Gamelan (West Java): Kedah Kesaha (Whom to Ask)

What do you plan on serving for Christmas dinner? Mine is a ham, potato salad, cole slaw, cucumber salad, stuffed

*O*S*M* Uakti (Brazil) : O Trenzinho do Caipira

Uncontrolled chemical reactions fuel crises at L.A. County's two largest landfills

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 12, 2023)

? For chili experts

8 arrested, 2 cited after pro-Palestine protest causes major backup at Lowry Tunnel

*O*S*M* Gabby Pahinui (Hawaii) : Pu'uanahulu

Sharing this original DU post that speaks for itself. Sharing here, by email, and on Facebook

*O*S*M* Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico): Tamacun

*O*S*M* Strunz and Farah USA : Heat of the Sun

quit being so sloppy , joe . (sloppy joe sandwich )this is not a swipe at our prez. i love the guy to peices .

Trump on Hannity's show: 24 false or misleading claims in 5 minutes

5 million veterans screened for toxic exposures since PACT Act

*O*S*M* DuOud (France): Interluth

Elon Musk Vows To Lobotomize His AI So It Stops Being Left Wing - Promises To Take "Immediate Action."

Marjorie Traitor Greene

'I am a Zionist,' says Biden at Hanukkah event, promises continued military assistance to Israel

Europe is almost out of arms

The Guardian: UK minister departs Cop28 as climate talks reach crisis point

I just watched the CBS Special about Norman Lear.

The Guardian: Rich countries failing to show leadership to break Cop28 impasse, activists say

Ok you talked me into it! Early Silver Morning Sun

Meanwhile, street preacher's stunt backfires

Today's Tiedrich rant: oh look, the "Jews will not replace us" crowd is now pretending to give a shit about antisemitism

'Clarence Thomas has no shame': Recusal seems unlikely as court takes up Trump appeal

Elephant Playtime Compilation! - ElephantNews

The following paragraph came from Dumpy's Truth Social account

Turkish MP Has Heart Attack While Saying Allah Punishes Pro-Israel People

'He's almost 80!' Giuliani lawyer blames his age for continued smears of election workers

SIPHONING: Expert witnesses are draining Trump's defense funds

He's not dangerous because he is "strong". He is dangerous because he is "weak".

Tucker Carlson Addresses Trump Running Mate Speculation With Next-Level Toadying

Israeli Military Exposed as Mastermind Behind Infamous Anti-Palestine Social Media Account: Report

House Republicans prepare to interview Hunter Biden, though it's unclear if he'll appear

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 12, 2023

Axios - some info on Impeachment inquiry votes

The Guardian: WTO chief urges countries to prioritise subsidies that tackle climate crisis

Insulting to have 'nonsense Republicans' on impeachment inquiry panel, Crockett says

Russia Has Lost Almost 90% of Its Prewar Army, U.S. Intelligence Says

Diplomacy, Not War: Daughter of Released Hostage Urges Israel to Reach Deal to Free More Captives

Scenes that used to be in movies, but no longer are.

Tim Dunn, the powerhouse GOP donor, to sell his West Texas oil company for $12 billion

Obeida survives and issues a chilling ultimatum. Will Hamas execute all hostages?

The Independent: Cop28 - LIVE: Warning climate summit on 'verge of complete failure' as fossil fuel fight drags on

Eric Swalwell Calls Out Anti-Abortion Activist For 'Disinformation' (from a year ago)

Rep. Dan Goldman calls House's impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden "a Sham" -The Warning

Climate Activists Outraged as COP28 Draft Text Drops Call for Fossil Fuel Phaseout

Earth's population has exceeded 8 billion. Will "pro-lifers" soon be demanding universal abortion?

'It's PATHETIC': Liz Cheney calls out McCarthy for trump endorsement

Today is "Psycho Day" here in Phoenix!!!!

Democrats need to have a plan like Republicans Did

Day 6 Prayer to be added to Chanukah Candle Lighting - for those seeking peace

What Christmas/Holiday drink is your favorite---eggnog, cider. hot chocolate or an alcholic drink? Mine is hot cider

When you realize that the last day of the 2023 will be ......123123

Message for the Right to Lifers

Talia Lavin - Natural Born Killers: Arson, acid, and the deadly war against abortion rights

Judge rebukes Giuliani over 'defamatory' comments he made about Georgia election workers during defamation damages trial

Rush Limbaugh's plan for conservative victory was to gerrymander while in power, and no compromise with "libs"

Texas Woman Denied Abortion for Nonviable Fetus, Flees State, "One of Thousands" in Similar Position

Tuberville has spoken

Ukraine's top mobile operator hit by biggest cyber attack of war so far

Canada's new dental-care plan could impact nearly 9 million Canadians -- are you one of them?

Graphic Videos and Incitement: How the IDF Is Misleading Israelis on Telegram - from Haaretz

Reichsbrger: German far-right extremists charged with planning violent coup

Kentucky woman seeking court approval for abortion learned her embryo no longer has cardiac activity

Trump Is Now Selling Pieces of His Georgia Mugshot Suit

'Stunning' threat in Texas abortion case steps up Paxton criminalization crusade

Biden tells donors Israel is losing support and that Netanyahu must change his government

The sinister court decision denying Kate Cox an abortion, explained

Cat And Dog Have Been Inseparable Since Day One

Canada, Australia and New Zealand issue joint statement calling for efforts towards a ceasefire

I've never seen any one event both polarize and anger the members of DU as the Hamas attack has.

AP: 5 big promises made at annual UN climate talks and what has happened since (No big surprises...)

Joshua Wright Files Title IX Suit Against George Mason; Court Dismisses His $108 Million Defamation Claim

Paterns from Caligliari, Sardinia

What's the worst Christmas movie you've ever seen?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2 unwise Trumpworld statements....

Hanukkah candles at Poland's parliament extinguished by far-right MP Grzegorz Braun

Who's really behind the drive to impeach Joe Biden?

Question about packaging weed.

Arab Group & Islamic Group on Palestine - Media Stakeout - UN Security Council

I want to give recognition to our fellow military & allies personnel responsible for Operation Christmas Drop.

Reuters: COP28 enters the final hours of climate negotiations

Has Sean Hannity Been Infected with Trump's Cognitive Decline? - Pondering Politics

My Josh Hawley ad

Arizona's Supreme Court to hear case on state's 1864 abortion ban

Starbucks says it wants to ink first union contracts next year

There's no known photograph of Homer Plessy (of Plessy v Ferguson fame)

Marysville could get $250,000 in federal money for flood mitigation

Claudine Gay remains Harvard President

Newsmax calls out Republicans' Biden impeachment: "a joke" - Brian Tyler Cohen

Abundances of Some Heavy Elements Result From Fission of Transuranium R-process Actinides.

What Christmas movie lifts your spirits everytime that may not

Colorado Cattle Industry Sues Over Wolf Reintroduction on the Cusp of the Animals' Release

What a little dickens the black bunny is!

Cartoons 12/12/2023

Jordan denounces Israeli expropriation of land in Silwan

US declassifies intel on Russia's staggering losses as Zelensky pleads for aid

2nd tweet--Karma gonna getcha:

Losing the Plot: The "Leftists" Who Turn Right

With newfound snow, Stevens Pass, Mt. Baker to open this week

this is not parody. i repeat -- this is not parody

2nd tweet--Otter snacking in bed:

So, who thinks that Coach Tubby is colluding with Motherfucker?

Biden tells donors Israel is losing support, Netanyahu must change his government

Netanyahu and Biden Voice Divisions Over War's Next Steps

Tucking in the little ones:

Netanyahu vows to block Palestinian Authority from Gaza rule

Arizona court weighs 1864 abortion ban that risks 'conditions of misery'

Fluffy--"Hold my beer":

2nd tweet--Kitten determined to achieve bipedalism:

Famous opening shot in Hitchcock's film 'Psycho' takes place on December 11th in downtown Phoenix

NOAA Arctic Report Card 2023

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 13: Paddy Chayefsky - Part 2

Kentucky woman who sued for abortion access says embryo no longer has cardiac activity


"A sham, an extreme political stunt": Democrat tears into GOP at impeachment hearing - MSNBC Reports

Turkish MP Has Heart Attack While Saying Allah Punishes Pro-Israel People

US consumer inflation eased slightly last month as gas prices fell, though some costs kept surging

I recommend puzzle books for distractiom

China's cyber army is invading critical U.S. services

McConnell putting the knife in Zelenskyy's back shortly after walking him around the Capitol

Are Republicans genetically different from Democrats? Or just dumber?

2nd tweet--Giving the adopted kid plenty of love:

LIVE 3PM NYC: Emergency UN General Assembly - East Jerusalem & Palestinian Territories

GOP Sen. Flabbergasted on CNN When Pressed on Unsubstantiated Claim

On this day, December 12, 1988, the Clapham Junction rail crash occurred.

How the 2016 election could factor into the case accusing Trump of trying to overturn the 2020 race

Don't stop. I paid for a full hour.

Ron John the clown Flabbergasted When Asked to Back Up Evidence-Free Claim

After meeting with Pres Zelensky, Moses will not give aid to Ukraine

"Burn Them All Down": In leaked memo, Amazon fumed over piece by Riverside artist

What is Zionism

Notification someone has replied to a post.

Deafie here. Could someone please tell me what this cute cockatoo says?

Israeli military begins pumping seawater into Gaza tunnels: WSJ


Florida school board may seek ouster of Moms for Liberty co-founder over Republican sex scandal

'Stunning' threat in Texas abortion case steps up Paxton criminalization crusade

2nd tweet--Handsome ringneck parrot admires himself in the mirror.

Russia Has Suffered Staggeringly High Losses

Jack Smith Is Going to Expose Trump--With His Own Cell Phone Data

"Completely unacceptable": Rep. Barragan on Hispanic lawmakers not being part of border talks - MSNBC Reports

'We'll Be at Each Others' Throats': Fiona Hill on What Happens If Putin Wins

Eastbound gaggle

Special Counsel Jack Smith will use trump's Cellphone Records during Trial

Westbound bunch

If Presidents have immunity, then why have they had pardons after leaving office, to avoid the law?

If Trump believes he has immunity, he should work with prosecutor Jack Smith

Pigeon & cat BFFs:

NBC removes Al Michaels from NFL playoff coverage, per report

House Republicans vote down "open and transparent" amendment to Impeachment Inquiry

Food Lines Are Back To Russia!

'Far more dangerous': GOP insider Liz Cheney sounds alarm on second trump term

New York's top court orders new House district lines

Pharmacies share medical data with police without a warrant, inquiry finds

Musk's own AI "Grok" turns on him

Republicans Are Already Expecting Their Biden Impeachment Push To Backfire

Former Georgia election worker testifies in Giuliani Defamation trial

So what is a "reasonable" immigration policy and its processes?

"The truth needs to be screamed just as loud and just as many times as the lies."

Have any Dems commented on how cutting or eliminating legal immigration will jack up food prices

George Santos on Cameo is COMEDIC GOLD

Text Messages, Emails Show KBI Had Full Knowledge Of Raid On Kansas Newspaper's Office

Jill Stein--get out now and endorse the President or quit running.

Text Messages, Emails Show KBI Had Full Knowledge Of Raid On Kansas Newspaper's Office

New York's highest court allows state Democrats a chance to alter congressional maps, possibly

Democrat Says Elise Stefanik Plagiarized Her Letter To Universities

Tuesday Joke Thread

Texas high school basketball player beat up coach after being benched for poor sportsmanship

Israel Begins Pumping Seawater Into Hamas's Gaza Tunnels - Per Wall Street Journal

FBI arrests an 'internet pornography personality' on Jan. 6 charges

A New Dawn For Democrats In Texas?

Great Egret (Ardea alba) in B&W (simulated Ilford Pan F Plus 50)

The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go

He's right behind me, isn't he?

Listening To Randi Rhodes Podcast from 11th December 2023

@TheRickWilson: 'You need to tell people [2024] is not a choice between good and bad,

A Texas supreme court justice campaigned on his wife's decision to carry a high-risk pregnancy they knew might kill her

Top Court Clears Path for Democrats to Redraw House Map in New York

In the first Dirty Harry film,

Biden and Zelensky will speak shortly. CNN 5:15 PM EST

Right Wing Fascists trying to fuck up University of Pennsylvania

Seriously why do major media outlets use netanyahu's childhood nickname?

Alfred vs. Joker

Froomkin: Here's what news organizations need to tell the public about the 2024 election

Defining an Idiot: Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker's Speech to Northwestern Graduates

Super PAC DeSantis Team Communicated with Super PAC

If Trump Wins: "Inviting the Dark Ages Across the Planet" Amanpour and Company

South Africa says Israel is acting contrary to Genocide Convention

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 13 December 2023

Krugman: Watch What People Do, Not What They Say About the Economy

More Humiliating News for Ron Desantis Tim's Take

Which 10 countries voted against the UNGA ceasefire resolution?

Russia has lost 85% of its troops.

In 'Rustin,' a 'deputy' civil rights leader finally gets his due

Hasbro cuts 20% of its workforce as toy sales slump

Let's talk about Trump's belief in his immunity

GQP Biden Impeachment - Luckovich Cartoon

The Execution of Two Abortion Providers in Fascist France (1943).

FBI arrests an 'internet pornography personality' on Jan. 6 charges

Patches visits with his pal Tiger at the back door 5 PM

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 12, 2023

Trump is a Criminal! That Means Justice Must be Served! (with David Frum) The Bulwark Podcast

Biden warns that Netanyahu needs to change his government

US agency takes first step toward requiring new vehicles to prevent drunk or impaired driving

Israel Is "Losing Support" Over the War in Gaza, Biden says

Politics White House open to new border expulsion law, mandatory detention and increased deportations in talks with Con

Southern MD sunset 12/12

The Guardian: Last-ditch attempt to forge fresh Cop28 deal after original rejected

Nicole Sandler Show -trump claims to sell pieces of his Mug Shot suit for profit

Stefanik criticized for support of Trump after push against campus antisemitism Representative celebrates

Canada says it supports a ceasefire in Gaza, parting ways with US policy

Russia has 107,100 new Covid cases

Apple Tightens Passcode Security on iPhones to Thwart Thieves (coming soon)

Who was the baby in 'It's a Wonderful Life'? Twins remember child stardom at NY festival

If you have student loans, please read this (regarding a December 31st deadline)

Media Matters sues Texas attorney general over response to Elon Musk dispute In a complaint filed in federal court Tuesd

Media Matters sues Texas attorney general over response to Elon Musk dispute

White supremacist Nuck Fuentes who dined with Trump calls for 'death penalty' for non-Christians

Man charged after flying to US with no ticket or passport: FBI

BLACK SABBATH - Killing Yourself To Live

If the SCOTUS rules that the POTUS has absolute immunity from prosecution as tRump asserts

LA Confidential

Jack Smith reveals CLEVER plan to PIN TRUMP DOWN - Talking Feds

Supreme Court allows Texas county to use a map judges deemed a racial gerrymander

🕎 Sixth Night: For Our Ancestors

Jack Smith will use Donald Trump's phone data from January 6th in election interference trial - Deadline - MSNBC

34 Billionaires Signed Up To Attend COP 28; 1/4 Made Their Money In Fossil Fuels, Beef, Mining, Cement, Petrochemicals

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SCOTUS, Washington, and conversion....

Congress looks to block US agencies from buying Americans' data

No longer a Covid virgin.

Bodies of 2 hostages recovered in Gaza, Israel says

Dump's NFT grift just got even slimier.

The real Walt Starr

Biden was asked Tuesday about reports that Israel has begun test-flooding some tunnels in Gaza

UK Met Office - Potential Breach Of 1.5C In Global Average Temperature Increase By Next Summer

'We stand firm no matter what Putin tries,' Zelenskyy says in press conference with Biden - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump campaign recognized legal risks of false electors, still went forward

Winter rose. Tucson, Arizona.

Democrats get news of the decade ahead of 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

Senate Democrats press Thomas to recuse himself from Trump immunity case

A good friend I served with - a fellow USAF SNCO is on that Kool-Aid. FYI he's a short drive to my left, but - well look

Orangetan's worst business failures

'That's insane, to be honest': Zelenskyy slams suggestion of ceding territories to Russia - Deadline - MSNBC

Ceasefire Votes By Country

Albert Hammond - I Don't Wanna Die In An Air Disaster

Berlin finds Abbas's 2022 Holocaust remarks incite hatred, but can't pursue charges

Is Netflix in financial trouble?

MAGA Republican Shut Down by CNN Host in Brutal Interview! - Luke Beasley

The Guardian: California children sue EPA over 'intentional' role in climate crisis

So the Texas Supreme Court vote on Kate Cox was unanimous.

Trump is panicked by Jack Smith's bold move with the Supreme Court - Pondering Politics

Ukraine will become NATO member 'when all allies agree and conditions are met,' Biden says - Deadline - MSNBC

Hamas welcomes UN call for ceasefire in Gaza

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, '8 Days (Of Hanukkah)' (Tiny Desk Version)

Jack Smith didn't give a shit about those threats

Bad Time - Grand Funk Railroad

Here's what Fiona Hill just said about MAGAts withholding Ukrainian aid

"Don't want you to give up hope": Biden speaks with Zelenskyy at the White House - MSNBC Reports

Biden Slams MAGA Republicans "Stunning" Vote To Withhold Ukraine Aid - REFLECT