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Cliff Richard - Devil Woman

World's First Hydrogen-Powered Tugboat Ready to Begin Operations in the Antwerp port area

Gloves Off: Democratic Star Shreds Marjorie Greene, MAGA Republicans in Epic Takedown! - Luke Beasley

Do you think US/Israeli/NATO intel assets have a handle on where weaponized drones are built in Iran?

Could Americans Be Undeserving of a Democracy?

Pro-Palestine protestors arrested in Royal Oak during peaceful rally

Republican Gets Brutally Mocked By CNN Host On Live TV - Rebel HQ

Texas is dusting off the Jim Crow legal playbook to use against women like Kate Cox

'Putin has congratulated House Republicans for stalling aid package' says Rep. Mikie Sherrill - Deadline - MSNBC

Rudy Giuliani attacks poll workers' lawyers -- and claims they're tied to Hunter Biden

Project Veritas' New CEO Bails Citing 'Past Illegality' Of Organization - Waldorf Nation

Police identify second person of interest in Detroit synagogue leader murder

On this day, December 12, 1851, Joel Roberts Poinsett died.

KGB agent and smuggler disguised as a orthodox priest - Break the Fake - TVP World

'Putin is banking on the United States failing' Biden holds press conference with Zelenskyy - Deadline - MSNBC

Labor News & Commentary December 5, 2023 House Democrats call for investigation of Los Angeles hotels

Letters to the Editor: Israeli Arabs serve in government and sit on the Supreme Court. How is that apartheid?

I posted about Mara Gay discussing Ruby and Shaye yesterday but didn't have a link. Here it is:

What's the FBI doing at this house in Plano Tx

'Call Sinwar for ceasefire': Gilad Erdan holds up sign with Sinwar's phone number at UN

UAW wants to unionize Tesla. It faces a tough and high-profile battle with Musk

Giuliani Commits Defamation During His Ongoing Defamation Trial - Rodecast

Texas Democrats Enter 2024 Cycle with Larger Slate of Candidates, Poised to Contest More Republican Seats Across State

Albert Hammond - It Never Rains in Southern California

$7 trillion spent EVERY YEAR on investments that FUEL climate change.

Disgraced Fox News Hosts Promise Violence If Trump Convicted - Rebel HQ

United Nations General Assembly votes to demand immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Here's what Elon's TwitterX AI Grok had to say about school vouchers

Your move orange man

Is this where we are, now?

Former employee-turned-witness repeatedly contacted by Trump and associates before documents charges - CNN

Home Studio Cover of Petty's The Waiting

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter honored with first-ever CNN Heroes Legacy Award

New just in time definition of GOP...

Michael Cohen: Trump took easy way out by canceling court testimony - CNN

DeSantis' campaign and allied super PAC face new concerns about legal conflicts, AP sources say

Democracy And The Need To Support Ukraine.

"The old he-coon walks just before the light of day" : Do you remember this famous Florida politics quote ?

Russia Without Putin: Explosive Anti-Putin Campaign Unleashed! - The Gaze

Biden announces $200M in aid for Ukraine as Zelenskyy meets GOP skepticism in Congress

4 free, new Covid tests are available again.....

PBS News Hour: Why some climate experts are criticizing what's happened at the COP28 climate conference

Velshi: 'Evil done to innocent people': Jury hears testimony in Giuliani defamation trial - Deadline - MSNBC

Golden Globes 2024; Full Nominations List (full list)

BOMBSHELL NEWS signals TOTAL BLOW to Mar-a-Lago property manager - Talking Feds

WSU, OSU block Pac-12 revenue payments to departing conference schools

Exposed: Trump's WH cell phone cracked open by DOJ prosecutor Jack Smith for coup trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Life in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine is grim. People are fleeing through a dangerous corridor

Want a new resource for World War Two History ? Consider WW2TV on Youtube

Andy's Rose: May He Rest In Peace

US increasingly alone in Israel support as 153 countries vote for ceasefire at UN

Zelenskyy pleads for Ukraine aid at Capitol and White House, says to U.S.: Our fight is yours

Need some hope in hard times? These Democratic Governors got you. - Pondering Politics

Two more House lawmakers announce they won't run for reelection

Democracy Versus Dictatorship

Last Week in the Republican Party - December 12, 2023 - The Lincoln Project

Would you recommend using a red snapper head for the base of

CBS' Robert Costa Astounded By Kevin McCarthy's New Donald Trump Claim

Photos from Andy's Life:

Is Trump directing the anti-Ukrainian policy for Republicans?

Sununu's Haley endorsement is a huge blow to Chris Christie

Seth Meyers - President Biden Hosts Hanukkah Reception at White House - Monologue 12/11/23

Donald Trump's lawyers again ask for early verdict in civil fraud trial, judge says 'no way'

Are you there God? It's Me, Michael.

Putin and Russia are squealing with delight at the fact that the MAGA GOP are threatening to end Ukraine aid.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's off-camera comments....

Bombshell News Threatens to Sink Trump's Legal Defense! - Luke Beasley

Reuters: Energy groups launch two green hydrogen projects in Italy

Netanyahu has 'no vision' for Gaza after war, says Israeli journalist Tal Schneider - MSNBC Reports

GOP Aid Skeptics - Eastern Express - TVP World

FURIOUS MSNBC host TORCHES Texas Attorney general over DESPICABLE decision - Meidas Touch

Will These Phone Records Expose The J6 Command Center At The Willard Hotel And....

Haley gets endorsement from Gov. Chris Sununu ahead of pivotal New Hampshire primary

Conservatives Melt Down After Iowa Is Forced To Allow Satanist Display - Waldorf Nation

Liberal Redneck - Why Does Texas Hate This One Pregnant Woman So Much?

Andre Braugher has passed

Maybe Jack can refresh your memory Gym

For those who knew AndyS . . .

Fox News Liberal Humiliates Idiot Co-Hosts with Ease - Rebel HQ

For those who knew AndyS:

Michael Cohen's lawyer in hot water after citing court cases that don't exist

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Jon Voight is the James Woods of Randy Quaids

Texas Abortion Ruling

Biden warns Israel is losing support for war operations amid crisis in Gaza - MSNBC Reports

Firefighter climbs onto melting ice to save Husky

Giuliani FACES RECKONING in BRUISING day in court - Talking Feds

U.S. intelligence assesses Ukraine war has cost Russia 315,000 casualties - source

Pelosi is on Wagner discussing the BS impeachment inquiry n/t

E-commerce company Etsy is the latest target of a baseless far-right conspiracy theory: "The new Wayfair"

Statement from President Joe Biden on November consumer price index

Speaker Johnson....

In Fulton County, Judge McAfee DENIES Jeffery Clark's Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction.

Does Sherrod Brown run for Governor in 2026 if he does not get re-elected to the US Senate in 2024?

Apple & Google Suffer as Epic Games Win Court Case Putting $200 Billion App Store Business At Risk - Joe Blogs

Andre Braugher, actor from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'Homicide: Life on the Street', dead at 61

'Nightmare scenario': Texas woman ultimately had to flee state for abortion - All In - MSNBC

Between FL,MO,and TX, Which US Senate seat the Democrats are likely to win?

Fani Willis is 'ready and willing' to move up Trump's trial date: report

We ain't too proud to beg: TCM schedule posting crew wanted.

US agency will not reinstate $900 mln subsidy for SpaceX Starlink unit

AOC BRINGS THE HEAT, Torches GOP during live hearing

if Kate Cox were to return to Texas in a week or two, will she be in legal jeopardy?

Florida AG launches antitrust investigation after FSU football snub

Republican Speaker is Coping Hard About Failed Party - Pondering Politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene SCREWS Over Veterans For Insane Reason

Ukrainians Anxious as US Aid Package Remains in Doubt VOANews (youtube)

Downsizing, dejunking, cleanouts on the horizon

Reel Santas: Post a Pic of Santa from TV or a Flick

I swear, stuff is wearing out faster than I can replace it. And I hate the internet.

Jack Smith asks Supreme Court to rule promptly on Trump's claim that he is above the law - Glenn Kirschner

DeSatan is running as a liberal in the CNN town hall.

NY vs Santos - Million Pieces Evidence

Velshi video 'Evil done to innocent people': Jury hears testimony in Giuliani defamation trial

How Amazon Is Ripping You Off: Robert Reich

Putin 'desperate' to silence Alexei Navalny in last-ditch crackdown on defiance - Maxim Tucker - Times Radio

Zelenskyy visits D.C. as Republicans block Ukraine aid - All In - MSNBC

Trump Announces Most HUMILIATING Grift of ALL TIME - Meidas Touch

Larkin Poe - "Bolt Cutters & the Family Name" (Live on Rockpalast)

The War on Drugs - Under The Pressure

Turn on Lawrence right fucking now

OMG Lawrence!

OMG Lawrence!

Putin's Secret Alliances Unveiled! What's Behind the Closed Doors? - The Gaze

Faux's Watters cuts off comedian

Zelenskyy makes his case to Congress for more U.S. aid in Ukraine's fight against Russia - PBS NewsHour

MAGA Republicans ATTACK Taylor Swift out of FEAR

Taylor Swift is Gay & Travis Kelce is a Fake AI That Plays for The Kansas City Chefs - Gay News - Lovett or Leave It

Just a heads up...

Straight from the Russian trenches. "Glory to Ukraine!" - Military Mind - TVP World (Graphic Content Warning)

Kentucky woman seeking court approval for abortion learned her embryo no longer has cardiac activity

GOP Mega-Donor UNLOADS On Trump's 'Disgraceful' Presidency

$200 million to Ukraine - Biden and Zelenskyy meeting - UATV English

How Jack Smith plans to use Trump's phone data in election case - CBS News

Haydn's 'Trumpet Concerto'

Trolling of the week !! (Pedo Award for Matt Gaetz) Tweet

Where are the husbands of these women

I believe if drumph is elected its over how to we guarantee he isn't

Rudy Giuliani screws himself at his own trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

If Trump wins, inviting the dark ages across the planet

Speaker Maga Johnson says he wants a "clear articulation" of Ukraine's strategy----

Special counsel lists possible expert witnesses in Trump election case - CBS News

if you love antiques, treen, violins, poke me.

Swiss company to send 60 mine clearance vehicles to Ukraine (more)

'Insane': Giuliani may have defamed GA election workers again as jury to decide damages, expert says - The ReidOut MSNBC

Irritation (You might recognize the source)

Dead - Live - 11/15/71 NFA- GDTRFB

TOP Prosecutor THROWS SHADE at Peculiar Hunter Biden INDICTMENT - Meidas Touch

Florida school board recommends ouster of Moms for Liberty co-founder over Republican sex scandal

Is anyone else not getting political Holiday cards?

Jason Isbell is on Colbert's Late Show tonight

'If Trump is elected, this will be the last election under our Constitution': Cassidy Hutchinson - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Out-of-state anti-abortion groups attempt to "intervene" in Wyoming high court lawsuit

Kimmel: Trump Sells Mugshot Trading Cards, Republicans Fight War on Gay Nutcracker & Matt Gaetz Gets Pranked

☦️ History of Orthodox Christianity in 3 parts

The making of AC/DC's Back In Black Classic Rock Magazine

'The fact is, he has no respect': Pelosi blasts Johnson's embrace of 'no basis' Biden impeachment - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' & 'Homocide: Life on the Street' Actor Andre Braugher Dies At 61

When we can see the movie...

Lawrence O'Donnell: Justice Kavanaugh destroyed Trump immunity claim 25 years ago - The Last Word - MSNBC

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Anti-Hate' Message Amidst Amid Israel Hamas War Is Viral

Def Leppard - Bringin' On The Heartbreak

When will the mrdia explain why a serious group of Republicans met Putin on 7/4/17?

Seth Meyers - Biden Accidentally Calls Marine One Helicopter "Air Force Helicopter One" - Monologue 12/12/23

A country in need of reform

Video (via twitter) of the TENNESSEE TORNADO yesterday. Holy hell.

Zelenskyy blasts calls for Ukraine to cede territory: It's 'a matter of life' - The Last Word - MSNBC

The right is truly stooping to this about inflation

Oh Jeez another one of their gotcha resolutions.

I'm just dropping by for a visit:

Andre Braugher has died.

This little one is just revving up with that one leg:

K.I.N.D. Fund student: 'We will take care of these desks' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Baseline metric offers Democrats hope for retaking the House

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, Russia, and numbers....

Moms for Liberty cofounder refuses to resign from Sarasota school board

'A political dust storm in the Central Valley': McCarthy's succession is getting messy

Pupper tucks himself in:

Pro-Israel group plans to take on Squad members

Top New York Court Orders New Congressional Districts In Major Win For Democrats

Fred Guttenberg:

Arizona GOP Officials Charged With Election Crimes - Raw News And Politics

Pleasant Green: How Scammers Spoof Any Phone Number to Present an Air of Legitimacy

Patient Golden Retriever & feisty kitten:

George Santos Eyes a Return to Congress After Unceremonious Expulsion

Human! Do you have a dog in your mouth?!

Israeli Soldiers Seen Shooting Palestinian in West Bank, Then Shooting Him Again on the Ground

Supreme Court allows Texas voting map challenged by civil rights advocates

2nd tweet--Impressive ninja rabbit moves:

Alabama AG: Private individuals can't bring Section 2 Voting Rights Act claims

Commission recommends design for 'monument to the unborn' at Arkansas Capitol

Johnson vs Johnson: Republican speaker shreds his own argument for Biden impeachment - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

MT: Cascade County Clerk and Recorder stripped of election duties

Arizona Supreme Court weighs the future of legal abortion

Pupper really goes after lights on iPad:

Rep. Randall Gaines announces candidacy for Louisiana Democrats chair

Benson (D) unveils new online FOIA portal for Michigan Department of Elections

Whoa! I burned my mouth just watching this!

Michigan attorney general investigating $25M grant to ex-House speaker's (R) aide

Pupper determined to cuddle with less enthusiastic cat:

Progressives want every Senate candidate from NJ to back a change to state's ballot designs

'Viewing their faith through the prism of politics': How Evangelicals ended up in the Trump camp - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Hide 'n seek with cute Dachshund puppy:

NY: WFP calls on Ken Jenkins to recuse himself from redistricting commission

PA: 'Fight Like Hell' PAC Endorses Wild (D), Deluzio (D) For U.S. House

The Philly ethics board dropped its case against the 'super PAC' that backed mayoral candidate Jeff Brown

New Mexico Supreme Court weighs whether to strike down local abortion restrictions

Finland to reopen two border crossings with Russia - but for how long? - DW News

this is how my cat sleeps

MacKenzie Scott donates $6 million to Latino voter group

The Shocking Origins of Trump's Popularity Revealed - Thom Hartmann

Wisconsin lawmakers weigh bipartisan ranked choice voting bill as opponents push to ban the method

12 Dec: Time to go home. Russians realized the offensive was a mistake. - Reporting from Ukraine

It's no longer a two-Party system in America. It's fascists, liars, fools and crackpots, against the rest of all of us

NJ-SEN: Andy Kim says he supports open, line-free primary for Senate

Florida lawmaker (R) wants to put slavery reparations on the ballot

Detroit workers dump thousands of used absentee ballot envelopes

Biden holds joint press conference with Zelenskyy - ABC News

Native American tribes intervene in case that seeks to remove ballot dropboxes

Democrats' Secret Weapon in 2024

Why Ethiopia is struggling with scarce grain supplies - DW News

Top Republicans JOIN JACK SMITH, TURN AGAINST Trump in Court of Appeals - Meidas Touch


Can Big Oil Lobbyists Really Save the Climate? - Thom Hartmann

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Proudly Announces Heather Williams as New Permanent President

Zelenskyy makes pitch to Republicans for Ukraine military aid - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Wednesday 13 December 2023

'That's not American': Neal Katyal shows why Supreme Court will shut Trump down

Inflation and the economy: Fact vs. feeling - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Court of Appeals DROPS Easter Egg in Opinion SLAMMING Trump -Meidas Touch

The marvelous Mia: Child star with Down syndrome lands leading role in Christmas movie - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Argentina's Milei Devalues Peso by 54% in First Batch of Shock Measures

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/12/2023

35 Months Since the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol

I lost 8 pounds and it is staying off.

Plaintiffs in a Georgia redistricting case are asking a judge to reject new Republican-proposed maps

FBI issues warning of lone actor violence for holiday events

New Mexico Supreme Court Weighs Whether to Strike Down Local Abortion Restrictions

Dinner last night,

Senate confirms Harry Coker Jr. as national cyber director

Raskin: Chairman Comer calls American people "low IQ" for not understanding his impeachment investigation....

Kanye West's album with antisemitic lyric and long list of famous collaborators on track to debut Friday

Austrian teen arrested for alleged plan to attack Vienna synagogue

Rutgers U suspends Students for Justice in Palestine amid further campus uproar over Israel

Biden to meet in person Wednesday with families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas

I lost my family to Z-Patriotism. - The Russian Dude

Huntington Beach is sticking it to 'woke' California. Some residents ask at what cost

Why Hungary Doesn't Want Ukraine to Join the EU - TLDR News EU

I'm starting to feel better

Ten Israeli soldiers killed, including a high-ranking battalion commander, in worst loss for IDF

Wordle 907 Dec 13 *** Spoiler Thread***

Here's one for future car-trivia buffs...

Possible "good" news re: Navalny

New Florida law blocks Chinese students from academic labs, Top state ed officials need to approve any proposed hires

GM and Komatsu will add hydrogen fuel cells to an electric mining truck


DU will not run on my computer, but it does on my tablet.

Israeli leaders are ignoring our calls for a ceasefire. You shouldn't

Tesla recalls nearly all vehicles sold in US to fix system that monitors drivers using Autopilot

3 people never to trust Meme

Does anyone know why over 800,000 Americans died unnecessarily from Covid?

Donald Trump says he'll sell you a piece of the 'priceless' suit he wore in mugshot -- but read the fine print

Labor News & Commentary December 7, 2023 Washington Post Guild is striking for the first time in decades

Wednesday TOONs

Countries clinch unprecedented deal to transition away from fossil fuels

Sign the No Contract, No Coffee pledge on our website (Starbucks)

Have you seen the new Christmas postage stamp?

House Dem Pinpoints GOP Colleague's Biden Rant: 'Too Much Fox News'

Here's another video of me doing stand-up comedy

Federal housing agency says it helped 94K households exit or avoid homelessness this year

The Webcomics Weekly #263: Home For the Chaos Days (12/12/2023 Edition)

The Rundown: December 13, 2023

Mark Drakeford to stand down as Labour first minister of Wales

Donald Trump sells cut-up pieces of suit he wore in mugshot - for $5,000

An Iowa fight over a Satanic display reminds us: Republicans believe "free speech" is only for them

Ann Coulter Joins Critics Of Texas' Brutal Anti-Abortion Decision

COP28 Nations Reach First-Ever Deal to Move Away From Fossil Fuels

Delegates at UN climate talks in Dubai agree to 'transition away' from planet-warming fossil fuels

On This Day: Just as soldiers were about to leave, Saddam hiding place found - Dec. 13, 2003

Keep shining the light

You raised $270.00 on December 12, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

GOP Lawmakers Banned from Re-Election for Walkout

DU journals

Toxic libertarian billionaires are the bane of the Republic

Photos: Graves damaged by Israeli army in a cemetery in Jabalia, Gaza

Serious question


Notable Reactions to COP28 Deal...

What Is Going On In Texas

Alabama's prison labor program amounts to "modern day slavery," lawsuit claims

Will Joe Biden be impeached? Democrats issue warning as House Republicans prepare to approve investigation

Sian is the Mistress of Mischief

Doctor Who Christmas Single - 'The Goblin Song'

Trump's second term could 'provide strategic windfalls' to Russia

Dropped by a glacier

Will evangelical maga women and family who

Friends are all posting photos of their Christmas decorations and I'm thinking about getting rid of the

Broad Reach off Maravista

Why Brett Kavanaugh already shot down Trump's immunity-from-prosecution claim -- 2 decades ago

Scientists' Takes On "Historic" COP 28 Deal

Loseronius of the Year ...

Preview - It's America, or Trump (Lincoln Project)

Tobi Kadachi Hunt, Monster Hunter World トビカダチ、モンスターハンターワールド

An Epic antitrust loss for Google - Cory Doctorow

Hunter has fucked them up big time

WE AREN'T SAVING UKRAINE; UKRAINE IS SAVING US - 12.13.23 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Universities Have One Last Chance to Confront Left-Wing Antisemitism

An Influencer Ended Up With $60,000 of Shrimp and Squid at Lunch, and It's Kind of Her Fault

Rudy's major misstep

Green Onions

At least the sham Benghazi hearing was about an actual event

Fetterman defends 'reasonable' border talks as fellow Dems fume

Hamas not responding to attempts to get hostage negotiations back on track

Democrats' state legislative committee names new president

The media has been scaring the fuck out of us with scary polls

Preview. The Lincoln Project

TFG's lawyers compare Jack Smith to the Grinch, determined to keep his trial schedule and ruin Christmas

Oh no.....another Colin Kaepernick episode.....but it's LaBron James......

Trump's lawyers tell an appeals court that federal prosecutors are trying to rush his election case

Winter Wizard

A bold question

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UN assembly vote and what it means....

Hunter Biden tells reporters he is in DC to testify at a public hearing,

We Have Big China Economy News; The Explosive US Plan To Fight China - China Update

White House announces new state-based gun violence initiative

Supreme Court to decide whether abortion pill will remain widely available

Hunter Biden: "Let me state as clearly as I can: My father was not financially involved in my business ...

weather obs for sonora ca on 12/13/23/

Hunter speaking

Need help finding the title of a movie

Trump's defense fund has spent more on Mar-a-Lago than on legal services

Trump loses immunity bid in Carroll defamation suit, to seek Supreme Court review

Defamation Trial Keeps Getting Worse for Rudy (and The Don)

*O*S*M* Hamza El DIn (Sudan) : MALISH INWAN

*O*S*M* Dead Combo (Portugal) : Povo Que Cais Descalo

Carlos Montoya was born on this date.

6'4", 215 lbs

*O*S*M* Liu Fang (Canada) : Yi Ge Ren

Penn faculty fear the donor who started the effort to oust Liz Magill is attempting to set the agenda for trustees

*O*S*M* Loide (USA): Il Re Del Mio Cuore

Did I miss the unveiling of tfg's official White House portrait?

Supreme Court to decide whether to restrict abortion drug nationwide

*O*S*M* Ghazal (IIranian & Indian): The Rain

Anyone notice this similarity?

China Attacks Philippines Ship & Accuses USA of Violation as Tensions Rise in South China Sea - Joe Blogs

Hunter Biden defies congressional subpoena to appear privately for deposition with GOP investigators

*O*S*M* Sam Fan Thomas (Cameroon): No'haa

Army of Trump trolls runs online campaign with flood of hateful posts

Jeff Baxter has a birthday today.

Supreme Court will hear a case that could undo Capitol riot charge against hundreds, including Trump

*O*S*M* Tisaris (Brazil) : The Sophia conflict ll

Hamas Not Responding to Requests for Negotiations

Loses bid for presidential immunity in E Jean Carroll defamation suit

Know who should keep her pie hole shut right now?

I won't tell--what did Santa get your furry friend/friends and not furry pet friends for Christmas?

Tom Verlaine of Television was born on this date.

I'm confused, do Texans have like lifebars floating above their heads like in Mortal Kombat or something?

On this day, December 13, 1945, Robert Martinez, of ? & The Mysterians, was born.

Weekly Skews - 12/12/23 - Are Book Fairs the Devil? (No.)

In case you missed Hunter Biden news briefing

Jim Jordan

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 13, 2023)

Tesla recalls nearly all US cars

is there just a computer discussion group on du? thanks .

The Judiciary Has Policed Itself for Decades. It Doesn't Work.

On this day, December 13, 1925, Dick Van Dyke was born.

Is Putin Winning? Fiona Hill Says, 'He's About To. And It's on Us.'

On this day, December 13, 1977, Air Indiana Flight 216 crashed.

i am into old programing languages , esp basic . were there any business apps in basic ? i know there are a ton of

When I get all the text on the left side on the home page

Found on FB

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Decides To Monetize That Suit He Tore Up In A Rage

It was chilly up in the garden this a.m. But pretty...

Recordings describe 2020 Oval Office photo-op where Trump was briefed on fake electors and January 6

The Will Rogers Experiment - Episode 32

Democracy On Life Support with Tara Setmayer The Enemies List

Woman sneaks gun into MRI, gets shot in the buttocks

Trump should be embarrassed that George Santos is even smarter than him.

Site is not always tethered. Think that is the correct

So Will Magats Send A Criminal Referral To DOJ

i got a shot of this beggar with one hand out asking for spare change while he was flipping me off with the other hand..

Documents show Republican-led states struggling to clean voter rolls after leaving ERIC

'Leave The World Behind'

"My father was NOT financially involved in my business": Hunter Biden speaks outside Capitol

Amid outcry over Gaza tactics, videos of soldiers acting maliciously create new headache for Israel

Introducing the "Abortion is OK in this health performance range" card

Trump Said Too Much Too Soon

Monumental, Youngkin announce deal to move Caps, Wizards to Virginia

2nd Circuit appeals court rejects his claim of "presidential immunity" in the civil defamation case of E. Jean Carroll

Shlomo Karhi, Minister of Communications, says it straight out and clearly

As Costs and Demand Skyrocket, Abortion Funds Struggle to Keep Up

Exclusive: Recordings describe 2020 Oval Office photo-op where Trump was briefed on fake electors and January 6

TCM tonight

tfg supposedly selling 20 minute encounters with Kim Guilfoyle to raise money for legal defense

Spread of Disease in Gaza Endangers the Hostages Held by Hamas, and Will Soon Even Risk Israel

From the Washington Post for December 12, 1997: Santa's Mixed Musical Bag

Day 7 For those seeking peace - Chanunkah prayer to add to the lighting of the candles

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 13, 2023

Chuck Grassley admits "I have no evidence ... the fact haven't taken me to that point where I can say the president is

Do DUers use patient portals?

The Crucifucks - s/t (1984)

2017 Women's March redux- Your remembrances, energy, & photos

Phase Down, Not Phase Out: COP28 Deal on Fossil Fuels Disappoints

Trump's Most Embarrassing Night of 2023 Ballot Box with Bill & Tim

The truth about Wreaths Across America

Vietnamese Girls React Full Metal Jacket (first time watch)

Iowa Workers Almanac: Child Worker Sues After Terrible Accident

Dog was terrified of everything in the house except...

Republicans talk about "grooming" but ignore their own huge problem with it

Chom Pu and Mauy Lek are making friends with Jai Dee herd and joins them eating lunch - ElephantNews

Jimi in Maui - Voodoo Child (1970)

This AM, the Jerusalem Municipality demolished 4 buildings in E. Jerusalem

100,000 posts by hlthe2b: so glad you are here!

Shipping Christmas Packages Least Expensive Way

Forty-one students arrested, booked within University Hall following second sit-in demanding divestment, ceasefire

I used my wife's pinking shears for cutting wrapping paper. Now the

Palestinian Diplomat Nada Tarbush: Israel & U.S. Are Isolated on Gaza

The U.K. has their Rabid Right too, sadly... (Jonathan Pie 3 minute epic rant, TicTok)

When you were young what did you think was a good present?

With the US Supreme Court agreeing today to decide

'Carol Of The Bells' played on a hammered dulcimer

On this day, December 13, 1948, Harry Truman accepted two Christmas turkeys at the White House.

Conservatives are all for free speech unless it's not with their values. LOL

So, how many times have GOPers completely ignored subpoenas?

Republicans have a built in advantage. Propaganda, lies, and voters that buy it all.

Donald Trump Says He Can Only Work Over Christmas If He's Planning a Coup

How Republicans convinced themselves America was meant to be a "Christian nation"

Rep. Greg Casar on GOP's Hard-Line Immigration Demands in Ukraine Funding Request

Maria Montessori on teaching peace

Anyone else desperately tired of the same stupid TV commercials played over and over again?

Perfect Holiday card to send to your MAGA friends

On this day, December 13, 1928, "An American in Paris" premiered at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Sen. Sanders: Letter to President Biden - stop funding this war, support UN efforts for a humanitarian ceasefire

You've heard of a BFD?

Argentine economy minister - who profited from last major devaluation - announces deep cuts, record devaluation

Argentine economy minister - who profited from last major devaluation - announces deep cuts, record devaluation

Civil War (the movie)

The White House is hosting nearly 100 US lawmakers to brainstorm gun violence prevention strategies

Middle Age Riot tweet: "I'm going to tell my grandchildren this was Mike Johnson."

Better awareness of RSV in older adults is needed to fight a growing burden

GOP GONE BONKERS! Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Hunter Probe & Trump Selling His Suit?

A first-time author lost a book deal after she was accused of trying to sabotage reviews of other authors

Is anybody playing Whamageddon this year?

Liz Chenet needs to get off the fence to be credible.

Why Brett Kavanaugh already shot down Trump's immunity-from-prosecution claim -- 2 decades ago

Unfortunately for Orangetan, I'm not his alibi

Senator Chuck Grassley admits he has "no evidence" and the facts don't point to President Biden's

Seattle City Council passes historic plan to reduce building emissions

An Analysis of the Biden Impeachment Inquiry (Just Security)

Dear Ma and Pa MAGA: Donald Trump Never Faught for You, He Only Validated Your Hate. #shorts

Cartoons 12/13/2023

State lacks Spanish-speaking nurses

GOP presidential candidates forced to weigh in on the Kate Cox Texas abortion case

Colleges must add anti-Semitism awareness to efforts

Patriots have reportedly already decided to move on from Bill Belichick in 2024

Two men indicted for selling eagles in 'killing spree' of 3,600 birds

'We must end the bloodshed': Congresswoman Barbara Lee

The Con GOBers made some good points!

Who here is surprised that the GOP (as a whole) is refusing to even discuss the Texas elephant in the room.

A New York Court May Have Just Determined Control of the House in 2024

DOJ rejects Phoenix's request for draft of police investigation

Biden Says Netanyahu Must "Change" His Government--But Vows "Unshakeable" Support Either Way

Republicans Reject "Open and Transparent" Clause From Biden Impeachment Rules

Works both ways doesn't it...?

Growing Number of Republicans Say They'd Back Trump--Even With a Felony

Fed holds interest rates steady, signals 3 decreases next year

Trump Asks SCOTUS for Immunity & Texas Strikes Down Abortion Exemption The Daily Show

Lawsuit Alleges 'Modern-Day Slavery' In Alabama Prison System

Democrats EXPOSE Republicans' GAME-CHANGING SCAM

Turner Classic Movies' Ben Mankiewicz Knows the Power of 'Nostalgia' (Newsweek)

Federal Reserve keeps key interest rate unchanged and foresees 3 rate cuts next year

Monumental, Youngkin announce deal to move Caps, Wizards to Virginia

Favorite Christmas sweets to make or eat? It can be cookies, cakes, breads. or candies. I make nut / apricot Kolache

Illinois NAACP leader is asked to step down after likening migrants to 'savages' and accusing them of rape.

Chris Jansing is worthless.

Michael Cohen's former attorney ordered to explain citing cases the judge believes don't exist

Supreme Court makes surprise move in Trump trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Update: Bridget Ziegler won't resign (Moms for Liberty extremist)

(A) Rated Marist Poll- Biden 49% TFG 48%

Trump Repeatedly Reached Out To Mar A Lago Witness After He Helped Hide Documents

US Capitol Arrests: Tanya Bishop

Visibly Confused Republican Implodes When Confronted on Biden Probe! - Luke Beasley

Carys is keeping her eyes on me

Tantric - Breakdown

The Biden economy seems to be doing okay. (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

Rats are more human than you think

The Dow Jones hit a new high today-- 37,000

Provocative Sex Is Back at the Movies. But Are We Ready for It?

Trump Thrown UNDER THE BUS in SECRET RECORDINGS by Co-Defendant

Hiding eagle,

The Dow Jones just hit an all-time high.

Shane MacGowan's (The Pogues) funeral was breathtakingly beautiful

Not sure what kind of hawk this is, it only sat still outside my window for a few seconds

Biden campaign just released a new ad that compares Donald Trump to Venezuelan dictators Hugo Chavez & Nicolas Maduro

Judge Chutkan has stayed proceedings pending Motherfucker's appeal, now at the Supreme Court

We Have Mounting Proof That Cruel Men Control Women's Bodies in Red States

Biden campaign just released a new ad that compares Donald Trump to Venezuelan dictators Hugo Chavez & Nicolas Maduro

Rising sun shines on juniper over southern MD @ river.

2 SC men hit with felony and misdemeanor charges over alleged roles in Jan. 6 Capitol breach

Gordon Lightfoot - Shadows (1988 Version)

See Barack Obama surprise kids as "Skinny Santa" in Chicago

Is Israel indiscriminately bombing Gaza? White House would not say

Jokes from my brother part uno

Jokes from my brother part dos

US delaying sale of M16 rifles to Israel over settler violence: Report

The final batch of jokes from my brother (part the third:)

A good afternoon boogie in the kitchen song

Going into 2024, know your Christians.


Chef dies inside after tasting Gordon Ramsay's Pad Thai 😆

OOPS - another batch of jokes from my brother - WHY TEACHERS DRINK

People At The Park Wouldn't Let Their Dogs Play With This Pittie

Judge puts hold on Trump's federal election interference case while appeals process plays out

Heading toward sunset, went out (without jacket!)

A legendary transformation on huge guardian dog 😮 Great Pyrenees

As Rachel's book, Prequel, describes; the justice system failed

NYAG Letitia James: "Today, after 11 weeks of trial, we rested our case against Donald Trump

Ben Collins: The cable news kayfabe is dead

Worth every moment

Ukraine faces second day of huge phone and internet outage after suspected Russian cyberattack

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 13, 2023

Israeli hostage families demand immediate clarification from Netanyahu over apparent decision to halt

Protestors block downtown LA freeway for 2.5 hours

Dow rallies more than 500 points to record, closes above 37,000 for the first time

'Green Nobel' prize to recognize environmental work in Amazon rainforest

Odds on impeachment inquiry? Since we've near 50% & there might be a few sane Repukes,

J6 and Mar-A-Lago obstruction charges for Chump (and others) in peril

Christmas hairstyles made easy...

Florida abortion rights activists win over Republicans in ballot measure push

James Carville Explains... Why Mike Johnson is a POS

Florida abortion rights activists win over Republicans in ballot measure push

US agency will not reinstate $900 mln subsidy for SpaceX Starlink unit - Reuters

Why You Should Wear A Mask When Gardening

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 14 December 2023

BREAKING: Supreme Court agrees to hear Jan. 6 case which could upend trump's Prosecution

Republican Senators Weigh Biden's Immigration Offer

Moriarty is an embarrassment

The year's best meteor shower -- the Geminids -- is tonight (Wednesday night into Thursday morning).

The year's best meteor shower -- the Geminids -- is tonight (Wednesday night into Thursday morning).

Bison Cow Frost. Photo by Tom Murphy.

My reflections on snippets of Harris' gun violence speech today

2nd tweet--Compilation--funny babies:

Los Angeles freeway blocked by Jewish protesters against Gaza war

Jerry Seinfeld sets Israeli policy? Who Knew?

Revealing exchange on speculative impeachment inquiry

Every thing I know about autodidacticism...

Man charged with murder of Jewish leader Samantha Woll

Raskin Slams "Stupid, Blunderous" Republican Impeachment Inquiry During House Debate

Monumental, Youngkin announce deal to move Caps, Wizards to Virginia

Coming to a theater near you: CIVIL WAR

One Democratic "Yay" for the Biden impeachment hearing to go forward, WHO would that be? n/t

Unanimous YEA. "When you have nothing, do stunts"

Red Courts, Blue Courts

Court upholds judge's ruling ordering new election in Louisiana sheriff's race decided by one vote

Here's A Look At The Thompson Center's New Design

Sexy Zone-Live-Make me bright

All 221 Republicans just voted to open a Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Boys and Men -Hokkaido

Reply to post that was self-deleted was posted as a reply to a different post.

The United States is currently

Putin, minutes ago:

Tribute to Art Bell-Bumper Music

Mike Luckovich-GOP Doctor-Not having a viable fetus and a risk to life will not affect your due date

The Irony.

I think there is no way Biden doesn't get impeached

Swalwell: "I want to give James Comer some credit."

Marge Greene tries to butt into Comer and Jordan's press conference and Jordan cuts her off and they walk away.

The only thing I want to say about the bogus

🕎 Seventh Night: For the Land/State of Israel

Republicans Vote To Authorize Impeachment Inquiry Against Joe Biden

Dark Brandon is taking credit for Bidenonics

Moms for Liberty cofounder refuses to resign from Sarasota school board

Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon defends support for impeachment inquiry on Biden

Israel suffers heaviest combat losses since October, diplomatic isolation

Rory Stone, a Scottish cheesemaker, claims to have made the world's stinkiest cheese. Customers can't get enough.

The SEC looks to help stabilize the $26 trillion Treasury bond market with new rules

Obama surprises Chicago kids dressed as "Skinny Santa"

All in The Family - Edith's Christmas Story...Link

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about policy, Biden, and student debt....

Let's face it...this could be the last chapter in the story of American democracy...

Raskin Slams "Stupid, Blunderous" Republican Impeachment Inquiry During House Debate - REFLECT

MSM Narrative is Should the Dip Win, He'll Drop Prosecutions or Pardon Himself.

Fucking republicans taking the country another step to authoritarian rule

General Motors Did Not Get The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Memo, Either - CleanTechnica's Tina Casey strikes again

Georgia election worker tearfully describes fleeing her home after Giuliani's false claims of fraud

Visibly-Nervous Republicans Fumble as Hunter Biden goes Live - Pondering Politics

2 "Nope, nope, nope!" tweets:

Jamie Raskin humiliates Jim Jordan with smackdown of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

'I'm a real person': Trump faces wrath of former election worker at Giuliani trial

Masha Gessen's Hannah Arendt Prize has been canceled because of their essay on Gaza.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shut Down By Jim Jordan During Hunter Biden Presser - REFLECT

Nebraska union files legal action against Pillen's return-to-office order