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Question About The Giuliani Penalty

Mark Meadows may be stuck in Georgia state court after appellate hearing

Senator Warren demands answers on reports of Meta censoring pro-Palestinian content

When reporting about the GA election workers it was mentioned that they are broke

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NATO, congress, and Trump....

Congressman Thompson Statement on the Damages Awarded to Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss

Intense coastal storm to drench D.C. area Sunday and Sunday night.

New Hampshire attorney general files civil rights lawsuit against neo-Nazi group for drag story hour protest

Will Donald Trump go down as the worst President in the history of the world?

Challenge to block on 6-week abortion ban dismissed by Ohio Supreme Court

Giuliani hit with nightmare verdict in defamation trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Medical debt collection agency Commonwealth Financial Systems shut down by federal regulators

Hot Dogs in Unusual places (Facebook page - safe)

US manufacturing output increases in November, underlying trend soft

Fox Host Torches Biden Probe Republican Over Bombshell News! - Pondering Politics

Oklahoma governor signs executive order defunding DEI efforts in public colleges

Lauren Boebert Tries to Prove Biden is Corrupt, Fails Miserably! - Luke Beasley

Clueless Republican Gets Obliterated By Dem During Intense Debate - Rebel HQ

Meta's Threads app launches across EU in blow to competitor X

Jury returns crushing financial award against Rudy Giuliani for defaming Shaye Moss & Ruby Freeman - Glenn Kirschner

It's Hi Ren's first birthday!

Shohei Ohtani's contract with the Dodgers could come with bonus of mostly avoiding California taxes

COVID and flu surge could strain hospitals as JN.1 variant grows, CDC warns

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani hit with $148M verdict for defaming two Georgia election workers - Deadline - MSNBC

Pentagon has ordered a US aircraft carrier to remain in the Mediterranean near Israel

'The devil is a liar': See mother and daughter speak after Giuliani ordered to pay nearly $150M - Deadline - MSNBC

Huge smile when I saw this in my email inbox

DU formatting was broken for me for about an hour, so I was on Twitter

Mark Meadows again tries to dodge Georgia charges, judges seem unconvinced

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,' 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Lead Late Night Talk Show Ratings

SpaceX Launchpad Near Wildlife Area Prompts More Litigation

Conan O'Brien's Hilarious White House Tour - REFLECT

US wants role for 'revamped' Palestinian Authority in Gaza after the war

Trump Made $160 Million In Foreign Business Deals While President - Ring of Fire

GOP senator says Biden can't be impeached for pre-presidential actions

That Girl - Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid...Link

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs anti-DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) executive order

Mark Meadows 'shoots his shot' tries to get his case moved out of Fulton County - Deadline - MSNBC

Proud Boy Who Threw Rock At Capitol Doors On Jan. 6 Sentenced To 5 Years

Trump lawyer nightmare: Giuliani ordered to pay $148 million for election lies - The Beat - MSNBC

Impeaching Biden? They're doing it out of pure SPITE.

Israel suspended a number of police officers caught on video seriously assaulting a Palestinian photojournalist

MAGA Gun-Nut Proves He's Not Smart Enough To Own A Gun - Rebel HQ

Trump's crisis deepens as Biden jobs boom undercuts MAGA lies - The Beat - MSNBC

MUST SEE: Jamie Raskin delivers fatal blow to Republicans

Empire of the Sun - Standing on The Shore (La Tronix Remix) & (Lifelike Remix) 2009

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rudy and the find out portion....

Ok, ok, I don't like what the challenges are on the Amazing Race.....

Caps, Wizards complex in Virginia could get largest arena subsidy ever

OpenAI Suspends ByteDance's Account After It Used GPT To Train Its Own AI Model

sonora current conditions for this day fri dec 16 .2023

GOP senator says Biden can't be impeached for pre-presidential actions

Rudy Giuliani hit with devastating verdict in defamation trial! - Pondering Politics

Rib Roast

Rudy Giuliani blasts Biden on his way out of court in Georgia defamation case - Associated Press

Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay $148M in Georgia election defamation case, Speaks leaving court - Scripps News

In a dark country, a ray of light.

When It's Your First Time at the Gym and You're Not Sure How the Equipment Works

UN envoy calls for deployment of 'protective presence' in Palestinian land occupied by Israelis

Friday Talking Points -- A Seinfeldian Impeachment Inquiry

We intend to collect every nickel of the damages: Lawyer for victims in Giuliani defamation suit - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Putin said one word too many - Break The Fake - TVP World

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

I nearly nearly became a victim of Big Pharma greed.

Older Americans to pay less for some drug treatments as drugmakers penalized for big price jumps

Democrats Land Huge Victory Ahead of 2024 House Elections - Let's Talk Elections

Friday Night Brandy Buzz. Ask me anything.

Chopin - Complete Nocturnes

Maggie Haberman weighs in on Giuliani verdict - CNN

Watching Rudy Giuliani Self-Destruct

Moms For Liberty Co-Founder Booted From Position On School Board - Rebel HQ

FOLLOWING THE LAW-LAW-LAW-LAW-LAW - Trump Parody - Deck the Halls - Don Caron - Parody Project

Uh-oh--the Iowa Republican party is now 65% male:

CNN anchor confronts RFK Jr. by replaying his comments on vaccines

'Oseh Shalom'

OMG! Hear about effect on Shaye Moss's 14 year old son,

Cari Beauchamp, Hollywood Historian and Author, Dies at 74

The same as it ever was!

Russia's Diminishing Regional Grip - Eastern Express - TVP World

The same as it ever was II

Flu, RSV and Covid hospitalizations surging, CDC warns - NBC News

Giuliani Ordered To Pay Nearly $150 Million For Defamation - Raw News And Politics

France to ban far-right Catholic group for 'legitimising violence'

Hobbs deploys the National Guard to help reopen the Lukeville port of entry

'Heroes': Dem strategist honors Georgia election workers after Giuilani defamation verdict - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Putin would would like to see 'more constructive' U.S. president towards Russia, spokesman says - NBC News

Ok this might sound crazy. Or illegal. But here goes. Cornell West Has suggested Biden might decided to not run in 2024.

Wow, Santa's Not Fucking Around With That Naughty List This Year (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Grateful Dead -- The Closing of Winterland (12/31/78)

'That's it?': Chris Hayes blasts Trump coup lawyers' apology letters to Georgia - All In - MSNBC

On the 70th Anniversary: The Legacy of Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace Speech.

Federal Judge PONDERS Extreme Punishment for Rudy and BIG LIES - Meidas Touch

James Lee Burke Fans

Bombshell new report on the Supreme Court's abortion leak - All In - MSNBC

Ex-British foreign secretary on solving the global refugee crisis - All In - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Sunday, December 17, 2023 - Christmas Marathon

TCM Schedule for Monday December 18, 2023 - Christmas Marathon

Todd Rundgren: A Wizard A True Star Complete Album LIVE

Why does the mainstream media continue to cozy up to MAGA extremists?

New Moon Tonight . . .

Seth Meyers - Hunter Biden Criticizes Republicans for Ridiculing His Struggle with Addiction - Monologue 12/14/23

How America's love of avocados is affecting Mexico's forests - CBS News

MUST SEE: Jamie Raskin delivers fatal blow to Republicans - MSNBC

borowitz report updates & new posts: "From now on please refer to Rudy as "America's Prisoner." & MORE!

'Madness': Trump world furious over massive Rudy Giuliani defamation verdict

Haley is considered the "moderate" in the race. Nonsense. No GOP candidate is moderate.

"There's a Big Concern": Trumpworld Is Afraid of RFK Jr. Playing 2024 Spoiler

There's a crescent moon visible tonite, but this old tune popped into my noggin:

Eyewitness testimony and footage reveals escalation in Israel's occupation tactics in West Bank

So, that's nearly $935 million so far ... what lucky defendant will push it over the billion mark?

Skiers, snowboarders and sledders can look to visit tribal-owned ski resorts that are in operation in December.

If Rudy's looking for some cash flow, he should open a fried chicken franchise ...

Just for the record, people. The "daily caller" is NOT a legitimate news source.

There's always a tweet:

What is going on? Within the last ten minutes, tweets are suddenly not loading.

Megyn Kelly Attacks Taylor Swift And Gets Crushed - Rebel HQ

Middle Age Riot tweet:

WI woman describes grief after being forced to flee for a termination for a devastating diagnosis - ABC News

Germany steps up for Ukraine:

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 12/15/23 (Season Finale)

Stagg Bowl - NCAA Division III Championship Results

What I wanna know. Anal Fistula and Putin had a sit down. A.F. had one translator who was not allowed to take notes.

Chalmers University of Technology: Resource-efficient and climate-friendly with sodium-ion batteries

Wow! Rudy G. Has to pay $148 in defamation case!

House GOP reeling after a top recruit blasts Trump on tape

The 2024 Presidential Election as of December 15th, 2023 - Let's Talk Elections

An Oasis in Our Food Desert

Florida GOP Is Ready to Boot Christian Ziegler: 'He's Not Donald Trump'

State secrets lost: Swalwell blasts Trump over missing Russian intel report - Katie Phang - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universiatt Munchen: Harvesting more solar energy with supercrystals

Iowa Democrats announce in-person precinct caucus locations for 2024

Moss & Freeman lawyer: $148M win over Giuliani can't fix everything - Katie Phang - The Last Word - MSNBC

5th Circuit denies Louisiana's appeal in congressional redistricting case

MAGA Hero Chickens Out At Trial & Gets Hit With $148 Million Verdict By Jury - Rodecast

MI-08: Another Democrat is running for Michigan's open 8th Congressional District seat

Assessing the Supply Chain Risks of Electric Vehicles and Their Sustainability.

Ohio abortion rights advocates move forward with plans to snuff six-week ban

Georgia middle school teacher accused of threatening to behead Muslim student

Tobacco veto override continues fight between Ohio cities and state

☦️ Orthodox Christian and Catholic ✝️

'Mission has never been more critical': Real consequences of anti-abortion laws - Katie Phang - The Last Word - MSNBC

From the River to the Sea - Bill Maher. Needs its own thread

WI: State's highest court to weigh if Amazon delivery drivers are independent contractors or employees

Same as it ever was...

CA: Temecula School Board's Conservative Majority Evaporates After Resignation

Latino Democrats in the Senate decry Biden's concessions in border and Ukraine talks

GOP Leader Accidentally Makes FATAL ADMISSION when Attacking Judge - Meidas Touch

Ron DeSantis expects shortened lifespans to shore up Social Security

PA-13: Farnham (D) Expected to Challenge Joyce (R) In Central PA Race

PA-SEN: PA AFL-CIO Endorses Casey For Senate

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about eagles and industry....

NJ: An odd campaign is underway -- and it's from within the judiciary

NJ-SEN: Breaking down the county-by-county battle between Andy Kim and Tammy Murphy

NM: Judge rejects effort to toss evidence in Solomon Pea's (R) election interference case

Giuliani's race to rock bottom sets stage for pending Trump trials - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Red State District Court Judges appointed by Joe Biden, confirmed

FL: Orange Democrats form election protection team amid supervisor's departure

Just devastating': U.S. searching for stack of intelligence on Russia missing under Trump: reports

CO: Boulder County GOP refuses to certify 2023 election results

Reality of women and pregnancy complications leaves GOP flummoxed - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Chewy's sale has my cat's favorite food on sale right now

ME-HD122: Special election to be held March 5 to fill vacant state House seat in South Portland

Attacks from Houthi-controlled Yemen hit two ships - US official - Reuters

Serbia's Vucic seeks to reassert populist dominance in elections this weekend

Wyoming judge to rule on abortion laws, including first-in-the-nation ban on abortion pills

Thomas's Trumpworld entanglements prompt calls for recusal in Trump Jan. 6 cases - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Ohio Supreme Court dismisses AG Yost's abortion appeal

Did New York Just Beat Trump at His Own Game? - Thom Hartmann

Missouri Republicans withdraw controversial abortion bill

Missouri attorney general doesn't want to explain his high cost estimate for abortion amendment

I always suspected Trump fed intel to Russia, but was Mark Meadows in on it too?

Fern Michaels strikes again: New Sisterhood novel and New Godmothers novel

Reclaiming Idaho: Ranked-choice voting on the ballot

Naval Showdown: UK and Norway Join Forces to Boost Ukraine's Navy! Shocking Details Revealed - The Gaze

'Vindicated': Jury makes strong statement for truth; Giuliani ordered to pay $148 million - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Why did US car companies abandon the sedan?

Russian Food Apocalypse: Sanctions Turn Russia into a Soviet-Style Nightmare! - The Gaze

'Incredibly dishonest': Report blows the lid off Supreme Court overturning of abortion rights - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

GOPer Stuns Republicans with Brutally Honest Attack On Trump - Rebel HQ

Beavis and Butt-Head - Do 'Gruntruck - Crazy Love'

Trump's Coup Clowns - Dec 15, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Israeli military says it mistakenly killed 3 Israeli hostages - MSNBC Reports (2 videos)

Lead story on ABC World News Tonight: Giuliani Lead story on NBC Nightly News: Giuliani Lead story on CBS

15 Dec: Critical Damage! Russian Military Crippled. The Russian Offensive In Danger - Reporting from Ukraine

What happens if Rudy Giuliani can't pay for his false claims? - MSNBC Reports (Aired before the numbers were announced)

Breakfast Saturday 16 December 2023


Georgia election workers lament Giuliani's lies as jury reaches $148 million verdict - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

What is the optimal number of belt loops?

DeSantis on nom: "If Trump loses he will say it's stolen no matter what ...... he will try to deligitimize the results"

OPINION: Nearly 50 congressmen and senators are quitting. Can you blame them?

Republicans are 'under the thumb' of Trump, Putin on Ukraine aid: Presidential historian - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Court revives lawsuit over Connecticut rule allowing trans girls to compete in school sports

$3 per gallon gasoline is in sight amid record U.S. oil production

Senators eye border deal framework as early as Sunday, though parole policy remains sticking point

Israel Urges U.S. Not to Discuss 'Two-State Solution'

US approves $300 mln support for Taiwan's tactical information systems

'Trump isn't going to win': Analyst makes case that major 'MAGA defeat' is a certainty

How an Attempted Coup is Unfolding in Guatemala - TLDR News Global

Authors of 'The Big Fail' on what the U.S. learned from the COVID-19 pandemic - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Wordle 910 Dec 16 ***Spoiler Thread***

Merry Christmas from Michael Ortega

Trump TERRIFIED of SPEEDY TRIAL that will END HIM - Meidas Touch

India to inaugurate world's biggest office - WION

The Secret GOP Plot To Change Our Constitution Slithers Forward, ALEC: Thom Hartmann

Ohio Supreme Court dismisses AG Yost's appeal, clears path for abortion ban to be blocked

Federal judge denies cattle industry's request to temporarily halt wolf reintroduction in Colorado

Preliminary IDF report: Hostages killed by IDF in Gaza waved white flag, one yelled for help in Hebrew

USPS: 'It's Going To Delay The Mail' Fight Over DeJoy 10 Yr Austerity Plan, Slash Jobs, Close Sorting Ctrs

DISTURBING Leaked Video of MAGA Speaker GOES VIRAL - Against All Enemies

What happens if Rudy Giuliani can't pay for his false claims?

Transnistria: The Strangest Place on Earth - Places

Israel tempers claims of imminent Hamas defeat as both sides seem set on long war

Peter Strzok speaks about missing Russian Intelligence Mark Meadows walked off with....

Chris Hayes: How did the US narrowly avoid a Trump Dictatorship Jan 6, 2021?

Sanders Introduces Resolution to Investigate Israel's Indiscriminate Bombing Campaign in Gaza

Kuwait's ruling emir, Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah, dies at age 86

"China's Situation Is Dire" - More Bad Economic Data Chinese Economy & 'Propaganda Work' China Update

Judge says TikTok must turn meeting records over in U.S. states probe

J.R. Majewski redux? GOP scrambles after audio reveals candidate in must-win seat blasting Donald Trump


Contaminated Apple Sauce and lead poisoning

Israeli, Qatari officials to meet in Oslo on Saturday: Report

Black Ohio woman criminally charged after miscarriage underscores the perils of pregnancy post-Roe

On This Day: Forest region site of deadly WW2 battle following surprise invasion - Dec. 16, 1944

On this day, December 16, 1945, Tony Hicks of The Hollies was born.

Elections officials say Assemblymember Vince Fong can't run for Congress in Bakersfield

On this day, December 16, 1977, "Saturday Night Fever" was released.

Horsegirl - Anti-glory

Indiscriminate Slaughter.

Giuliani's Victims GET READY to SEIZE his Assets after BRUTAL Verdict - Meidas Touch

UK Shoots Down Suspected Drone Targeting Commercial Shipping in Red Sea

Weekend TOONs

Blue Christmas Services

You know you're an adult when you walk into your regular grocery store. .

The slow pace of justice with regards to TFG and his crimes might work out for the best

On this day, December 16, 1777, Virginia became the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.

For "reasons", we had to purchase a vehicle yesterday. It's the best, most luxurious vehicle we've ever had...

So the lady at butcher was telling me she doesn't get men were so complicated.

On December 10, 2019, Gershon Kingsley died.

Rick Beato - The Impact Of Short Form Content On Music

Republicans Say Joe Biden Indicted Hunter (His Own Son) To Protect Him - Lovett or Leave It

The Bulwark Looks Back at 2023! Ready for 2024? (All Star Episode) The Bulwark Podcast

To remember a thing of such beauty from 1992

Watched an interview with George Clooney last night.

At 0530 on 16 December 1944, with a massive, 90-minute German artillery barrage, the Battle of the Bulge began.

Forget what he said.

Let It Bleed

Palestinian poll shows a rise in Hamas support and close to 90% wanting US-backed Abbas to resign

Muslim Civil Rights Group Condemns GOP Senators' Treatment Of Muslim Court Pick

I want to say a general thanks to the people of NYC.

Excellent Video On Greenland Ice Sheet And The Scientists Tracking Its Behavior

Rudy Giuliani has demonstrated why the deep state is a thing

Jeopardy host a scab

In Ohio a miscarriage leads to a charge of "felony abuse of a corpse"

If Settler Violence Wasn't Enough, Israel Is Now Depriving Jordan Valley Palestinians of Water

Rescued Kitten Now Sleeps In Guy's Beard

On this day, December 16, 1773, hundreds of crates of tea were dumped into Boston harbor in protest against the Tea Act.

On Friday, December 16, 1960, a United DC-8 and TWA Super Constellation collided in mid-air over Staten Island.

"Egregious": Oklahoma Republican governor's ban on diversity programs "raises significant concerns"

Federal judge rejects request from Oregon senators who boycotted Legislature seeking to run in 2024

More on Mercury retrograde -- a coping strategy : )

Lawsuit claims CPAC knew of past allegations of sexual misconduct by Matt Schlapp

Keith Olbermann Podcast 15th December 2023

If you saw a car flip and roll into the median, would you stop to help?

Israel and Qatar explore revival of deal for Gaza hostages- WSJ

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about more info on GOP vs MAGA....

Sweet little Carys FINALLY gave me a slow blink

Tree trimming

'The Devil Is a Liar!' Ruby Freeman Speaks Out After Blockbuster Giuliani Verdict -- Is Trump Next?

Tensions rise among Democrats over looming border deal

Are you an early or last minute Holiday shopper?

Beethoven was born on this date.

Written by Jackson Browne at age 16

WATCH: Hamas violently seize a humanitarian aid convoy and shoot civilians on their way.

Noel Coward was born on this date.

You raised $125.00 on December 15, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

'Igor is coming home': Shaker Heights grants ex-police officer custody of K-9

You raised $1.00 on December 15, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

How the Trumps Indict Themselves - Joe Conason

Leaked Tape Exposes Gaetz's Mega-Donor Hypocrisy - Rebel HQ

Israel's UN envoy: Hamas attacked al-Aqsa Mosque, Iron Dome came to defense

A Bend In the River

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 16, 2023)

If TFG is ruled to be immune from prosecution...

Wife of Israeli hostage: 'We begged war cabinet, warning that fighting might harm the hostages, unfortunately

Costs of election denial

GOP struggles to outrun Texas, Supreme Court abortion cases

Hamas turns Gaza streets into deadly maze for Israeli troops

Jamie Raskin blasts social media giants for spread of misinformation

Can't make defamation judgment go away

How a well-timed legal assault unraveled Mississippi's stellar record in vaccinating kids

Yeah, my dream comes true.

The handsomest president in the world today (no politics please just superficial discussion of looks)

Very long read, but worth it: NYT "48 Million Americans Live With Addiction. Here's How to Get Them Help That Works"

Tucker Carlson: It's "Possible" 9/11 Was an Inside Job, suggests a crime is being covered up.......

trumpClown ROASTED for NEW Grift, GOP gets the HUMILIATION They Deserve - Alien Super Show

Education Department launches new probes of Stanford and 5 other schools over alleged discrimination

Israeli officials 'more willing' to negotiate captive release: Report

Paradise by John Prine

😻🙀😸 More Victorian Catmas Cards 🙀😸😻

Do you prefer to give or receive gifts? I prefer to give gifts and really want nothing in return . Last year I sent my

Police Tech Isn't Designed to Be Accurate -- It's Made to Exert Social Control

Ron DeSantis expects shortened lifespans to shore up Social Security

Quaker Oats recalls dozens of granola products due to potential salmonella contamination

Is there anything so STUPID that the SC could just rule in ONE DAY?

More photos of AndyS

Quaker Recalls Granola Bars and Granola Cereals Due to Possible Health Risk

Hmm... now with the revelation of the Russian intelligence documents

On the road with Steve Hartman last night. You will love this!

Petri: GOP baffled that 'We Don't Care if You Die' is not a winning slogan

On his deathbed, her father told her a secret: He was a fugitive and had robbed a bank in Ohio

Israel recovers bodies of 3 hostages taken by Hamas

Rudy is a defense attorney's nightmare

One Parent Got 444 Books Removed from a Wisconsin School District

I was a little brat on Christmas morning, when I recall those days many years ago. Here's what I'd do

Nobel laureate sues French concrete maker Lafarge over alleged Islamic State support

Gaza hostage Inbar Haiman killed in captivity, family confirms

Random scrolling online...

Medicare and pharms... thank you Joe Biden

How American citizens are leading rise of 'settler violence' on Palestinian lands

Tell me how the Presidential polls are wrong.....

Israeli military says soldier opened fire on hostages holding white flag

The Secret Trump Recording that will Come Back to Haunt Him Tim's Take

MAGA's Dumbest Biden Impeachment Moments in 2023 - Pondering Politics

Another TFG Rally-it is time to laugh at TFG supporters

OMG-A Pastor in NH refers to lying, selfish #trump as the chosen one!!......

Cartoons 12/16/2023

In interview, Snohomish County's new sheriff outlines playbook for 2024

Edmonds police chief candidate sues, saying racism cost him job

I present to you an Onion...

Longtime state ferry commuters: 'This is the worst it's been'

McCarthy-endorsed Vince Fong can't legally run for Congress, California secretary of state says

Bengal cat that mimics the wildlife, lol.

Cardin staffer linked to sex tape leaves Senate

Confederate Memorial at Arlington will be removed despite GOP opposition

Florida abortion measure tops 753K signatures

Prosecutor drops new legal bomb on Giuliani - Brian Tyler Cohen

Richard Ojeda ROASTS the GOP's Failed Impeachment Circus

The new flag of Minnesota

tfg knows that his only hope of not coming across as a total criminal loser during the campaign next year is if

90 terror operatives detained at northern Gaza hospital (video of guns hidden in NICU incubators and warmers)

Just Got Done Tuning My Piano

A Biden Miracle-Taking TFG's destroyed economy and managing a "Soft Landing"

The Media Bias Chart - August 2023

#BREAKING 🇫🇮 Russia with the help of illegal migrants has just launched an big assault on the Finnish border !

Another Triumph for Vladimir Putin

Jordanian King's daughter takes part in airdrop over Gaza.

What is the first movie you remember ever watching?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 16, 2023

When is Jamie Raskin and Anthony Brown going to formally endorse Angela Alsobrooks for the US Senate?

Voter apathy and concerns about violence mark Iraq's first provincial elections in a decade

What are you streaming these days?

UK: Ex-Tory council leader backs Labour in by-election to replace disgraced Peter Bone

Most people think the U.S. crime rate is rising. They're wrong.

Matchbox Twenty - 3 AM (song about when he was 12-13, taking care of his mom as she fought cancer)

Dean Martin - Let It Snow

Women's rights take centre stage in DR Congo election

Devine Nine news: My Kappa Alpha Psi brothers just defeated Alpha Phi Alpha on...

Today I made a favorite family Christmas treat.

Democrats are likely to get a 1 seat loss in the US Senate in 2024(WV-Manchin-D).

As effort to open Arizona primaries fizzles, election reformers target Republican measures

Metro eliminating $2 SmarTrip card fee for seniors

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy setting up another GOP vs MAGA event....

Fox News liberal: nightmare abortion story will destroy Republicans - Pondering Politics

This is my boy, Bruiser.

MAGA Lawmaker Freaks Over Milk, Santa, + Obama's Race - Rebel HQ

A little more than a decade ago, CATL didn't exist. Today, the Chinese company makes 37% of the world's EV batteries.

THE DIRTY SECRET: Public healthcare's enemies are corrupt politicians coerced by the private sector.

A Black woman was criminally charged after a miscarriage. It shows the perils of pregnancy post-Roe

Chris Hayes ridicules the Fox News reaction to the good November jobs report with economic reality.

Putin supporters formally nominate him as independent candidate in Russian presidential election

Hydrogen Station Network Status in Germany at 10:30 AM CET, Friday Dec. 15, 2023

Republican US House Members from NY likely to lose due to redistricting.

Job approval ratings June and election day Gallup

$100 Billion For War: Russian Economy On the Verge of Collapse - UATV English

CO: Ballot initiative wants to remove marijuana use as a disqualifier for concealed carry permits

Please complete this statement.------My SO has way too many_____________________. For my SO , he has way too much

If Trump is in prison in the second half of 2024, how is he gonna campaign?

CA-20: McCarthy mentee Vince Fong determined ineligible for congressional candidacy

Leon Redbone/Shine on Harvest Moon

Cardin staffer linked to sex tape leaves Senate

Trump goes full Hitler.

North Dakota State University Bisons vs. University of Montana Grizzlies

Cardinal found guilty of embezzlement in Vatican 'trial of the century'

Please - Strange Ways (1968)

sold some albums today

Voting rights decision may curb push to diversify Georgia, Alabama utility commissions

Photo: "The hourglass is running out": Thousands demand immediate return of remaining hostages

Here's why Jack Smith seeks review of Trump's immunity claim in TWO COURTS at once - Glenn Kirschner

Al Jazeera to refer 'the assassination' of its journalist in Gaza to International Criminal Court

They need help and support but all the GOP does is refute science and punish them. How totally fucked up!

As deadline looms, Broward County is a focus for Florida abortion rights petition drive

Fringe-Left Groups Express Support for Hamas's Invasion and Brutal Attacks in Israel

For those who haven't spotted the link to the Quaker breakfast food recall site

Just listen to this hour long Podcast. "The Bulwark Looks Back at 2023! Ready for 2024?" IMO worth 60+ minutes.

Thankfully, Andy Borowitz is still posting on FB

How Long B/4 He Starts Wearing The Arm Band?

Ben-Gvir stands behind officer who beat photojournalist

Caught eagle as heading out!!! AND AND

U.S. Elected Officials Targeted by Vandalism and Threats Following October 7 Attacks

Senior cardinal convicted of embezzlement in historic Vatican fraud trial

Nervous rescue cat cuddles only with one person

Buck Owens/Together Again

Looney Tunes in North Carolina

Flying home from Puerto Rico. Delta has free wifi.

Hobbs Sends National Guard To Arizona Border

Floyd Cramer/Last date

Oh, oh, oh! Kate McKinnon is hosting SNL tonight

Mayim Bialik Bows Out as Host of Syndicated 'Jeopardy!'

Sunset time, southern MD (Dunkin parking lot) AND

Any sardines fans here?

BREAKING: U.S. warship shoots down 14 drones over Red Sea - MSNBC Reports

Recalling almost every Tesla in America won't fix safety issues, experts say

I'm resigned to hearing the same 5 songs during the holiday season

Metro riders should prepare for repairs to part of Red Line in downtown DC

*Norman Lear on MPT NOW, ch 22 PBS

The Hogwarts code of conduct.

*Norman Lear on MPT NOW, ch 22 PBS

*Norman Lear on MPT NOW, ch 22 PBS

A Christmas Carol: 8 Facts You Might Not Know About Charles Dickens' Story And Its Many Adaptations

Alex Jones offers to pay Newtown families at least $55 million over school shooting hoax conspiracy

Yuletide Movies: Rating the Best 'Christmas Carol'

Israeli families call on Netanyahu to act following death of three hostages - MSNBC Reports

Yuletide Movies: Rating the Best 'Christmas Carol'


Just a quick update on my condition.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hospitalized in L.A. after breaking his hip

Freddy Fender/Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Kremlin's Manhunt Goes Global: Activists on the Run Face Putin's Long Arm! - The Gaze

Trump to Get SLAUGHTERED by Jury EVEN HARDER than Rudy in January - Meidas Touch

Dec. 16, 1974: Mick Taylor announces he's leaving the Rolling Stones