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Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP): What You Need to Know

All In The Family - Christmas Day At The Bunkers

The U.S. Wants Israel to Scale Back the Gaza War. What Leverage Does It Have?

What kind of Christmas cookies are you baking?

"Poisoning the blood of our country", "vermin", "threat from within".... right out of Hitler's Mein Kampf

Legal analyst on Rudy Giuliani's $148 million defamation civil judgment - Katie Phang - MSNBC

The Secret Trump Recording that will Come Back to Haunt Him Tim's Take

SCOTUS case on mifepristone access 'could have devastating consequences for the entire country' - Katie Phang - MSNBC

What? It's Saturday!

US and Britain say their navies shot down 15 attack drones over the Red Sea

The World's Oldest Settlements Were Built by a Culture Nobody Expected

Confederate memorial to be removed in coming days from Arlington National Cemetery

House GOP authorizes baseless Biden impeachment inquiry - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Polar bear cub cuddles & chomps on Mama:

Dad Does NOT Want Cats In His Home

So has anyone had a dental bone graft?

Alex Jones proposes $55 million legal debt settlement to Sandy Hook families

In another fit of roid rage Marjorie Traitor Greene Wants Democrats and Media Figures Jailed

Rep. Balint: It's embarrassing to watch House Republicans - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

I halp!

Labor News & Commentary December 10, 2023 temporary subcontracted workers to in-unit Microsoft employees

Congress is leaving town without solving two major debates. A look at the unfinished business

Saw an open-carry shitbird at the grocery store today.

Shoebill walking carefully down the stairs:

Senators Hold Up 43 Biden Diplomatic Nominees as Crises Roil World

Happy Caturday! Cats vs trees

Rep. Crockett on next steps in GOP Biden probe: 'They don't care what happens next' - MSNBC Reports

Trump lawyer blasts Jack Smith's urgency for ruling in immunity case: 'It's un-American'

Happy Caturday from Larry the Cat

Oldie but goodie--ferret takes human to view her babies:

Trump slams Sununu during New Hampshire rally: 'Spoiled brat'

The holiday kitties have arrived to help you decorate

IDF did not have intelligence on hostages mistakenly killed

Pupper taking TikTok by storm:

Trump is mad at Cruz and Hawley because they haven't endorsed him.

Horse cavalry in WW2?

Attorney reacts to missing intelligence from final days in office

Who's a big boy?

Just finished my Christmas shopping.

Andrew Kirtzman: The key to understanding the 'catastrophic fall' of Rudy Giuliani - Velshi - MSNBC

40 percent of student loan borrowers missed first payment since COVID pause, officials say

When you've tried everything else...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Taylor Swift, a comedy club, and international relations....

Ted Cruz runs away over question he can't answer - Brian Tyler Cohen

highplainsdem's post of cat video's couldn't have come at a better time.

James Carville Explains... F YOU Mike Johnson

I will tread WHERE EVER I want!!!

Rosanne Barr is nuts

Opinion GOP baffled that 'We Don't Care if You Die' is not a winning slogan

Enjoying a Prince Edward tonight.

'They are going to arrest people who get abortions': The true intentions of ending Roe - Velshi - MSNBC

Kitten makes giant air biscuits:

IDF kills two women taking shelter at Gaza church, Catholic authorities say

(1) pocket pet; (2) Incoming!

Florida DUers - that weather sure looks nasty

Owl & budgie:

A cult has a distinct advantage over a coalition in US politics

Tell us what you use to decorate your tree--tinsel. popcorn, glass ornaments, plastic ornaments. your kids ornaments.

VA-10: Race to replace Rep. Jennifer Wexton in Northern Virginia gets crowded

New Hampshire governor's prediction: A Haley landslide in his state

On top of your tree--star, angel, nothing, other.

Stirring the pot

SNL sketch comedy series returns on tonight with host Kate Mckinnon

India: Bonded Labor Is Illegal But on The Rise, Captive In A Chicken Coop: NPR. Debt Bondage, Forced Labor, Peonage

John Fetterman says he's 'not a progressive' as he breaks from left wing on Israel, immigration

Russian Army in Shambles: Shocking Losses Revealed - Set Back by 15 Years! - The Gaze

"Poisoning the blood of our country"?

Chester Zoo celebrated the birth of a female eastern black rhino, Zuri's calf, on November 12:

Opinion: Abortion is not going away for GOP in 2024

Florida man, 4 of whose 5 children were born of immigrant mothers, says immigrants are "poisoning the blood

MSNBC host EXPOSES Republican Speaker with his OWN WORDS, MUST-SEE Takedown - Meidas Touch

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Anyone know the current emigree rate out of Russia?

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS!!! Brutal Ad Exposes Republican Inaction on Solvable Gun Violence!

Jimmy Page's Chopin Prelude n.4 - Arms Concert New York 1983

Baby Woolly monkey enjoys head scritches:

The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe

Its always exciting to meet a celebrity....

Alert mother monkey:

ABBA - Waterloo (Eurovision 1974)

ABBA - Honey, Honey

The Small Faces - Itchykoo Park

S.O.S.: Warthog Defense Removed by YouTube (here is what happened) - Professor Gerdes Explains 🇺🇦

The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

This Is a baby fossa:

The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

'You just can't come on here and lie': See GOP lawmaker fact-checked on Biden impeachment - Symone - MSNBC

The Syndicate of Sound - Hey, Little Girl

Amur leopard cubs:

SNAP post of the night (Boebert)

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Him Or Me? What's It Gonna Be?

2 white raccoons:

Congress Kills Trump's Plan To Withdraw The US From NATO

The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic? (Ed Sullivan Show)

"Taylor Swift Challenge" benefits Animal Shelters across America

Dame Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (live in 2011)

Meadows is toast

Martin Kerr Music

The Honeycombs - Have I the Right?

MAGA Royalty

This Happened 1,074 Days Ago

Judge denies request for more time for North Dakota redistricting

The Seekers - The Carnival Is Over

Son of Sen. Cramer now charged with homicide

The Who - My Generation (The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour)

Watching an MSNBC doc about Wendy Davis / her historic filibuster

North Dakota defends DAPL, Standing Rock fears for its water

Secretive church in Kenya welcomes LGBT+ ministers and worshipers

so, any sports betting folks here?

Sparks - Mickey Mouse (Live on SNL)

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Slams GOP Border Demands In Exchange For Ukraine Aid

State Bar disciplines Arizona lawmaker who represented 'fake electors'

The Muledeers - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1960)

The Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw

If you are a Detroit Lion's fan.....

Crime Fell Dramatically in 2023

Latest picture of Kira!

Israeli airstrike killed a USAID contractor in Gaza, his colleagues say

Beatles - Helter Skelter

Black church leaders 'on the fence' on Biden endorsement amid Israel-Gaza war

King Crimson - 20th Century Schizoid Man

ELP - Lucky Man

Half of us think Israel is bad. Half of us think Hamas and Palestinians

Rapid City's Grand Gateway Hotel issues court-ordered apology for racist comments in long-running controversy

Does Johnson County student have the right to start a Satan club? Protesters raise hell

Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

Pink Floyd - Money

It's a Beautiful Day - Bombay calling

Trump Quotes Putin

Sometimes, nature just scares the bejebus out of me.

SD Labor Department to cut job services staff, close offices

Johnny's Midnight Madness- Cordell Jackson

I just met Hakeem Jeffries' first cousin at a Christmas party.

'Poisoning the blood of our country': Trump ramps up anti-immigrant rhetoric - CNN

Maestro is fantastic!

update 2 elder men needing hand -- need ALEVE pain med, can send via amazon.

Question about Rudy Giuliani...

'Fascist rhetoric': Expert reacts to Trump's anti-immigrant comments - CNN

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what it would take to make the US plan work....

SNL: Christmas Awards Cold Open

Sign in a laundromat right next to single socks hanging on hooks...

Tuba Skinny - Papa's got your bathwater on

Sunday Funnies 12/17/23

SNL: Weekend Update

Trump plots his return: Pardons, payoffs and payback

Anybody remember the scene from Home Alone where Kevin says "Buzz, your girlfriend, woof!"?

Alina Habba BLOWS IT with FATAL MISTAKE in Court, SCREWS Trump - Meidas Touch

Column: The Supreme Court is waging war on young people

16 Dec: Massive piles of Russian corpses create a barrier in front of Ukrainian positions - Reporting from Ukraine

Chinese land grab in Bhutan amid border talks - Inside South Asia - WION

Breakfast Sunday 17 December 2023

Wheelchairs that turn into electric vehicles - WION

Dallas-area megachurch faces backlash/questioning of tax exempt status for opulent Christmas show

Visibly Unwell Trump Makes DISTURBING Announcement During Off-the-Rails Speech - Meidas Touch

UK and Germany call for 'sustainable' ceasefire in significant tonal shift

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) O Christmas Squeeee 2023 Edition

Boston Tea Party turns 250 years old with reenactments of the revolutionary protest

France calls for 'immediate and durable' truce in Israel-Gaza war

Dangerous Xenophobic Rhetoric; Echoing Hitler and Mussolini from the Orange Degenerate

Wordle 911 (Dec 17) ****SPOILERS****

On this day, December 17, 1961, the Niteroi circus fire happened in Brazil. Over 500 were killed.

On this day, December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright took to the air for 12 seconds.

On this day, December 17, 1969, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki were married on the "Tonight Show."

NonFiction of the week 17 December

Summary: Researchers argue those with dyslexia are specialized to explore the unknown. This explorative bias has

Trump quotes Putin and Hitler at NH rally.

Top strategist resigns from DeSantis-backing super PAC with less than a month before Iowa caucuses

Democrats need to pull themselves together and remember: Biden is still better than Trump

UN aid trucks to enter Gaza from Israeli territory starting Sunday, Israel says

On December 17, 1982, the "Christmas Show" episode of SCTV, with the "Johnny LaRue Street Beef" skit, was aired.

UFC Fighter To Name Son For Tucker Carlson, Vows His Son Will Be "Home-Schooled, Unvaccinated"

The U.S. defense secretary travels to Israel to push leaders there to scale back war.

@BANDMAID Yokohama Arena 10th Anniversary Tour Final (Kanagawa, Japan - November 26, 2023)


On December 6, 1979, Andy Kaufman performed his Elvis act on the "Johnny Cash Christmas" TV special.

Kenya's discreet church set up to welcome LGBT worshippers.

Hey Rudy

Linking accounts to local bank

On this day, December 17, 1944, soldiers of the Waffen-SS carried out the Malmedy massacre.

I LOVE this Beatles anecdote. (They almost reunited on SNL!)

I wouldn't either: FL Man Refused To Pay For Waffle House Tattoo

Starbucks' Offer to Resume Contract Talks Comes with Some Serious Fine Print

Israel - Hamas war: France calls for 'immediate and durable' Gaza truce

On this day, December 17, 1941, Dave Dee, of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, was born.

Doonesbury Plus

That monster under my bed

As a reversal of political poll questions here-are there many polls that were accurate a year before the elections?

Adam Kingzinger on Trump's... odor:

You raised $173.00 on December 16, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Fill me in about Zuckerberg's Hawaii development

The Ticketmaster Con

Workers who smoke weed will have new protections in 2024

On this day, December 17, 1983, the Braddock Road, King Street, and Eisenhower Avenue Metrorail stations opened.

The House Is Rockin - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

News Publishers See Google's AI Search Tool as a Traffic-Destroying Nightmare

Dr. Seuss on Тяцмp Meme

On December 2, 1967, Small Faces released the song "Tin Soldier."

Progress builds toward L.A. hotel strike settlement as union reaches deals with 10 more hotels

Sloop Slanting Across Buzzards Bay

The End of Our Road - Marvin Gaye

Parts of China gripped by record-low temperatures as icy snap intensifies

DeSatan strikes again: Florida the only state to turn down millions to lessen emissions

Soul Serenade

My painting of York Minster

U2 Please Come Home (for Christmas)

John Mellencamp I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus


A lot of the trumpers in the background do not look like happy campers listening to #Trump rag on and on. @Acyn 17h

Like he ever cared?

NOAA - Temperatures For Nearly All Of Lower 48 Will Be Well Above Normal Leading Up To Christmas

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top - Ernie Ford's 16 Tons 🪒

If Merrick Garland would have started investigation from the day he was appointed.

After Americans Nearly Wiped Out Southern Longleaf Pine, Restoration Efforts Slowly Begin To Move

Extraordinary piece: Opinion Free My Son's Palestinian Killer to Free the Israeli Hostages Held by Hamas

Texas power plants have no responsibility to provide electricity in emergencies, judges rule

Trouble In Paradise

the latest trump grift

'Make more Italians,' Elon Musk says as star guest at PM's political conference

For those that missed this post about SalmonChantedEvening. A reminder....

56 Australian Coral Islands At Risk Of Disappearing, Changing Maritime Borders In The Process

MTG Says Good Jobs Don't Belong In Her District

Sunak's Missed Targets Mean Another Disastrous Winter For Britain's National Health Service

Strengthening storm batters Florida with heavy rain and winds as it heads up the East Coast

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about resuming negotiations....

Something for your Sunday morning coffee

Guy Who Urged Planting a Trillion Trees Begs People to Stop Planting So Many Trees

'He is right!' Lindsey Graham melts down when asked about Trump 'parroting Adolf Hitler'

The CO2 Concentrations at Mauna Loa are 25.91 ppm higher than 10 years ago.

Why I'm reluctant to sign the "Limiting government interference with abortion" petition

Genius or Madman? Argentina is in Deep Trouble - will Javier Milei Save or Destroy the Economy? - Joe Blogs

Any one here use "Hoopla?"

Roe Rage Is A Thing

Who Doesn't Like Nikki Haley? Turns Out, Most Republicans (w/ Whit Ayers) The Focus Group Podcast

Pour another cup of coffee,

Trump quotes Putin condemning American democracy, praises autocrat Orban

Photos: Desperate Palestinians seize boxes of water from aid truck

Dec. 17, 1963: A landmark date in Beatle history ...

The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang

A volunteer effort is hoping to save California's Joshua trees

Guns as a treatment for erectile dysfunction?

US 'Shocking Move' Hits China; Vietnam-China; China-US Economy & Trade - China Update

The first airplane flight took place on this date.

My household tip of the day --- You're welcome.

Saw it on the Internet: Note to Rudy

IDF uncovers largest-ever Hamas attack tunnel, near northern Gaza border crossing

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 17, 2023)

On This Day: Napoleon tries to wage economic warfare - Dec. 17, 1807

Worst. Congress. Ever. By Dana Milbank

Trump's NH rally last night

Cheap Trick - I Want You to Want Me (from Budokan!)

Shouldn't Mark Meadows be charged with the Hatch Act too?

Melania Gives BIZARRE Public Speech after Renegotiating Prenup (All Trumps are crazy!)

On being self insured: My health insurance does nothing to insure my health.

MORE hot coffee

Photo: Hundreds attend funeral of hostage Alon Lulu Shamriz, killed by Israeli soldiers

Clarence Boddicker's 2043 OCP 6000 SUX -- Whatever Happened To It?

garageband alternative?

Identity theft: Think twice before scanning a QR code -- here's why

I have a couple of issues I'd like to report in order of annoyance. ;-)

Trump Shredded For Claiming 4 Years Of His Presidency Were 'Greatest' We've Ever Had

The response to Reince Priebus defending TFG's blood poison comments was beyond wanting

Let's stop funding George Santos' theatrical dishonesty - he's not even a good liar

Israel faces new calls for truce after killing of hostages raises alarm about its conduct in Gaza

South Korea's military: North Korea fired a ballistic missile toward eastern waters

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 17, 2023?

Reince Priebus is a -----ing ghoul and a dime store Goebbels

A New Threat to Diversity at Elite Colleges

Lesbian and trans woman beaten by group of men in Miami, video shows

Black American solidarity with Palestinians is rising and testing longstanding ties to Jewish allies

Today's Tiedrich rant: Day One Dumbfuck is still out here doing his Shitty Hitler act

Graham says Biden impeachment inquiry narrative 'falling apart'

Rod Stewart, Faces - You Wear It Well 🇬🇧

Texas power plants have no responsibility to provide electricity in emergencies, judges rule

It's becoming more difficult for me to respect my elders. Primarily because I can't

Why was Kash Patel seeking Russian Binder docs last year?

Whenever I'm able to carry all of my groceries with one arm my

Been noticing lately when watching videos

The best line ever so far on Murdoch Mysteries: "The Canadians are eating our garbage!" 🚨Possible Spoilers 🚨

What Holiday stories will you read to your children, grandchildren or younger relatives this year?

Scientists in Antinuclear Hellholes Develop a Means to Measure Tritiated Water Vapor in Nuclear Plants

Being a straight woman is uniquely challenging......

For those concerned about Alexa listening to them Amazon has introduced a male version "Alex".

Why did Trump say African, Hispanic, and Asian immigrants are poisoning our blood?


The rise of AI fake news is creating a 'misinformation superspreader'

My good luck just came to an end.

Supersedeas bond / Appeal Bond ?

Thoughts and Prayers and Gun Violence in America.

Carys is out so I got a new photo

Yikes: Sometimes people ask me who the young people are who attend Charlie Kirk's events. This is a sample from Day 1.

Israel finds large tunnel adjacent to Gaza border, raising new questions about prewar intelligence

Maybe ole Whatzisname might oughta be nervous about Giuliani outcome

Do you have a specific holiday ornament that brings back memories to you? Mine is a glass ornament with red. white and

Will Diaper Don openly call for Eugenics?

Starving Palestinians loot aid trucks as desperation mounts in Gaza's Rafah

Do you send Holiday cards?

The Big Lie About Tesla Is Finally Exposed

Car brands pronounced by native speakers

If TFG wins

Paul Rodgers is 74 today.

I ate a kids meal at McDonald's.

Federal agency quashes Georgia's plan to let pharmacies sell medical marijuana

Possibly the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Obstacle to Rudy's Defamation Appeal

Chris Wallace told to give back Taylor Swift bracelet after criticism of 'Time' honor

Prolific Chicago sculptor whose public works explored civil rights, Richard Hunt dies at 88

George Takei - Umm, who wants to tell him? (regarding Don jr.)

Will TFG call for forced sterilization of non-whites?

Trump speaks and shows his inner Fascist beliefs. Trump is telling you what he believes to your face.

'Prison or bullet': new Argentina government promises harsh response to protest

Texas Supreme Court declines to revive billionaire's defamation lawsuit against Beto O'Rourke

The Quest for Racial Equality Has Always Been Different for Rural Americans

Pope speaks out after IDF sniper kills two women inside Gaza church, per Catholic authorities

I have a new moniker for TFG

*Doc Martin marathon on WETA today, PBS ch 26.

*Doc Martin marathon on WETA today, PBS ch 26.

OpenAI's technology is upending our everyday lives. It's overseen exclusively by wealthy, White men (SURPISE!)

Ukrainian winter punch...Uzvar!

What goes under your tree- a train, a village, a Nativity. other or nothing. We know what goes on top, now what

Cartoons 12/17/2023

Brent Terhune on the devil statue in Iowa State Capitol (humor)

Finally got my tree up ... now I can relax

Nikki Haley

Biden impeachment inquiry risks backfiring on House GOP

Israel and Hamas are both open to a renewed deal involving a ceasefire and hostage release

Jake Tapper Donald Trump, quote one of our nation's foremost adversaries, Vladimir Putin, as a sort of character witnes

Meanwhile From the fox Sewer: Holidays "are wild with wokeness"

Trump declares 'the American Dream is dead' in latest attack on Biden

Why is this story buried on Page 10 of the Post?

IDF shows 'SOS' and 'Help' signs that hostages killed by troops put on Gaza building

Manchin says 'we all should be concerned about the support that Donald Trump has'

Enjoying the heck out of "Kim's Convenience"

Texas City lifts shelter-in-place after chemical release earlier Sunday

All I Want for Christmas is an NFT / Redux (Donald Trump Song Parody)

Union Busting

Republicans and The Single Party Impeachment

Trump and MAGA utterly DESTROY THEMSELVES with More Taylor Swift Attacks, KARMA INCOMING

Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. Oksana Markarova says "all eyes" are on Congress for funding - Face the Nation

Southern MD rain and haze, 12/17

TCM tonight

Go back to your nest, you're drunk

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 18 December 2023

The Clash - Ivan Meets G.I. Joe (Remastered) [Official Audio]

James Comer Announces He's Done With Fox News Because They Won't Let Him Lie

Clarence Thomas & Samuel Alito want to end marriage equality & they won't stop there

Dear Media: The leading candidate on the right is a rapist. He's openly fascist, quoting Hitler now at kkklan rallies.

Conservative Ohio Supreme Court Delivers Big Win For Abortion Rights - Rodecast

Clarence Thomas is outraged that the Supreme Court refused to take up conversion therapy case

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 17, 2023

Victoria Neave Criado vs. Nathan Johnson: The Showdown No One Saw Coming

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a "difficult partner," Sen. Chris Coons says - Face the Nation

So I had a heart attack back in April.

Colorado Football Player Finds Dog While Hiking

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Tucker's doing....

Stranger on the Shore/Acker Bilk

🎼 Beethoven: Meet The Band - Saturday Night Live

Ukrainian troops fighting on Dnipro river say official claims of success are misleading: 'There are no positions. It's a

Anyone seen a $ figure on how much earned income is above the SS taxable limit annually?

Blue Bayou/ Linda Ronstadt

Ukraine has destroyed 90% of Russia's pre-invasion forces

Billy Bob Thornton on "Bad Santa"

The last pitch thrown by Bob Gibson

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams

Willie Nelson/Im a Worried Man ft Toots Hibbert

There Is a Path to Victory in Ukraine

My wife choked last night, and she did not know the universal sign of choking.

Florida Republican Party suspends chairman and demands his resignation amid rape investigation

U2 - One

Please do not use the phrase "do-nothing Congress". It's do-nothing REPUBLICANS that are the problem.

Kate Cox's case reveals how far Texas intends to go to enforce abortion laws

This may be the political scenario in 2024: Our 2024 presidential candidates may both be women...

PBS Reruns: Sunday 9PM 🐂 All Creatures Great and Small On Masterpiece

Christians have been warning us about the antiChrist for 2000 years.....

🎄 Dokken - Santa Claus is Coming to Town. 🤘

I'm baking blackberry muffins for my co-workers.

Eenie, meenie, miney

Beethoven vs Ray Charles - Saturday Night Live - Happy Birthday Ludwig!🎈

2023 Call the Midwife Holiday Special will premiere on Christmas Day on PBS at 8pm ET.

No, it's not "some say" Donnie Dipshit is "parroting Hitler"

Early evidence suggests GOP impeachment push might help Biden

Repair a frayed shirt colloar: would this work?

If you consider yourself someone who supports disabled people, read this.

How NASA Learned To Fly The Space Shuttle Like A Glider

How Much Longer Can The Media Ignore Trump's Fascism?

Willie Nelson's 90th Birthday Celebration will air tonight at 8:30 PM on CBS

Are you able to keep secrets told to you confidently? Or do you let them slip out?

An email from the Biden-Harris campaign on Trump's statement in New Hampshire today.

Sunday evening weirdness - have it your way!

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience...

Florida Republican leaders vote to strip authority from party chairman accused of rape

WORDLE: Seven Things We Learned Analyzing 515 Million Wordles NYT article

Re: Biden vs. DjT in 2024... remember:

Israel opens aid crossing to Gaza while stepping up bombardment

He's got this


A financial fraud for decades

If the partisanship behind the impeachment is a secret, Republicans are blowing it

Are There U.S. Standards For Car/Truck Headlights?.....

America-pull yourself by your bootstraps. Yeah right.

White House calls out Trump's immigrant comments as 'fascist'

Pa. Democrats endorse Kenyatta for auditor general, Bizzarro for treasurer

Top Republican gets the ultimate humiliation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Judge rejects delay of ruling backing North Dakota tribes' effort to change legislative boundaries

How Jill Biden's White House Christmas Decorations Compare to Melania Trump's

Black dog wasn't getting adopted likely due to color

Ron DeSantis wanted to change the way campaigns were funded. Then the fights started.

Florida Sex Scandal Shakes Moms for Liberty, as Group's Influence Wanes

I didn't really like Mayim Bialik as Jeopardy Host but

Spending around Pa. Supreme Court race set a new record, surpassing $19.5 million