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This angers me.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid II

Bill Maher New Rule: From the River to the Sea

Watch: Santa given clearance to enter Irish airspace this Christmas

Lets be real on the GOP Inquiry.....

Who saw the Dallas/Buffalo game?

Chileans reject new constitution

White House and Senate negotiators race to reach a border deal, with Ukraine aid on the line

Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil

Michigan man sentenced to 51 months for role in Jan. 6 riot

Ukrainian drone video provides a grim look at casualties as Russian troops advance toward Avdiivka

Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember

Shocking verdict against Rudy Giuliani serves as a warning shot for Donald Trump

Killing Joke - Full Spectrum Dominance

Trump, again, praises dictators and rails against immigrants -- again sparking backlash

Killing Joke - New Cold War

Seattle shelter for Native people set to close as U.S. hits highest reported level of homelessness

Lindsey Graham Triggers Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Hot Button Issue - Pondering Politics

how soon before drone attacks start popping up here in the USA?

Killing Joke - European Super State

Judge 'could put him in jail': Weissmann on consequences if Giuliani refuses to pay up - Inside w/ Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Jenna Ellis Rages Against Christian Nationalism

Killing Joke - Euphoria

Canadian Hydroelectric Power Generation Fell to the Lowest Level in a Decade Sept 2023 Because of Climate.

Buffalo Nichols "The Fatalist Blues" - So dangerous sounding.

Trump invokes Putin and Kim to support his 'political persecution' claims in new speech

Calls for Gaza ceasefire smeared across dozens of buildings

Are the Cowboys pretenders?

Trump Uses Hitler's "Poisoning The Blood Of Our Country" Line During Rally - REFLECT

The shame and the money are bad enough for Giuliani, but

United Nations Security Council to vote on allowing Gaza aid access - via land, sea and air routes

Debbie Dingell outlines how Biden can win back Michigan voters amid concerns over Israel handling - NBC News

U.S.-'Not My Country'...if a Putin sympathizer, anti-immigration, white supremacist would be elected to the White House.

Does NC US Representative Virginia Foxx look like the lady from the Tick Pick commercial?

Lindsey Graham: 'I could care less' what language Trump uses to describe migrants

Thank you Tesla owners..for helping capture people who key cars

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a letter for you all....

Cory Doctorow: Enshittification podcast about big tech

Victor Shi: Holy Cow.

Did he mean his Bavarian grandfather Friedrich of Whitehorse and Seattle brothel fame?

Trump holds rally in Nevada a day after controversial comments about immigrants - NBC News

Senior homes left dangerously understaffed amid assisted-living boom

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee were freaking amazing.

An Apple a Day...

Rep. Lee leads civil lawsuit against Trump for violating the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act on Jan. 6

Urgent: Ukraine's Cry for Help - Desperate Need for 155-mm Ammo Shells! - The Gaze

Doctor who treated freed Hamas hostages describes physical, sexual and psychological abuse

Biden campaign calls out Trump's recent anti-immigrant comments as 'parroting Adolf Hitler' - MSNBC Reports

Democrats "overperformance" in off-year and special elections, is a referendum on the Biden Administration

Physicist Discovers 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible

Harry Potter's stunt double: 'Breaking my neck made a man of me'

Willie - an effin class act

Democrats are gearing up to 'unravel' Republican supermajorities across the country in 2024

Joshua Mollel: Tanzania says student killed in Israel by Hamas

Donkey loves his new ball to death:

Ali Velshi: We can't find solutions if we can't agree on basic, historical facts - Velshi - MSNBC

120 years ago today

Cat & dog wrestling:

Police pursuits measure likely headed to Washington's 2024 ballot

BREAKING: Car collides with vehicle in President Biden's motorcade.

Chileans Reject Second Proposed New Constitution in Referendum - Bloomberg Television

President Biden's Security Motorcade Involved in Collision

The throughline from America's pre-Roe past to the post-Roe present - Velshi - MSNBC

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - The Dramatics 📀

Scientists 'saddened' by near-total loss of endangered species in Gulf of California

After COP28 promise to phase out fossil fuel, will Biden pause massive new fossil fuel developments? - Velshi - MSNBC

Federal judge rules school board districts illegal in Georgia school system, calls for new map

Israel Pushes Back on Increasing Calls for Cease-Fire - Bloomberg Television

"Sex is a normal activity and part of our human experience"

Officials open tuberculosis probe involving dozens of schools in Nevada's most populous county

24 MONTHS OF TRUMP'S MESS- A Reminder - Don Caron - Parody Project

Seattle Forfeits $7.3 Million Grant for Stalled Out First Avenue Streetcar Project

US to suspend rail operations on the southern border due to migrant surge

'Mind-boggling': Retired general on Hamas tunnel in Gaza - CNN

Serbia's populists claim a sweeping victory in the country's parliamentary election

Chile Voters Reject New Draft Constitution: Election Officials

Democrats are gearing up to 'unravel' Republican supermajorities across the country in 2024

Willie Nelson's 90th birthday party.....CBS. now.

MA: House approves paid time off for Election Day voting

Kansas Supreme Court rules against Kris Kobach and Scott Schwab in election law case

I am deeply sorry for my post on...'TIME"...That one was my mistake...Sorry again to all in the lounge.

Chad holds referendum on new constitution amid opposition protests

Snoop & Willie

Pennsylvania Republican party embraces election fraud conspiracy theory around 2023 state Supreme Court race

17 Arrested of Illegal Online Election Betting in Taiwan

Funny Christmas party exchange 🎄I hope you enjoy.

Tensions run high as DR Congo approaches election

After COP28 promise to phase out fossil fuel, will Biden pause massive new fossil fuel developments? - Velshi - MSNBC

Can a state count all its votes by hand? A North Dakota proposal aims to be the first to try

Some background on slime ball Jamie Comer

AR: Greenland voters seek to add Sunday alcohol sales to special election ballot

El Paso businesswoman, mother of Beto O'Rourke dies

Hillary Clinton FTW

Whitmer's fight for abortion rights helped turn Michigan blue. She's eyeing national impact now

CBP to suspend border railway crossings in El Paso, Eagle Pass due to migrant surge

The Swedish-funded Freedom Theatre in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank largely destroyed by Israel, staff taken

I decided to have a cigar tonight.

Kate Cox abortion case sets new precedent - American Voices - MSNBC

Serbia's populists claim a sweeping victory in the country's parliamentary election

Could we ban Twitter posts here?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 19: Christmas Marathon

GOP leaders reject Kansas governor's proposal for Medicaid expansion

Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

"Left vs Right" ...Do You Know Where Those Terms Came From....Here is where those terms originated..

The impact of federal immigration policies on Texas communities - American Voices - MSNBC

Hamas needs to be obliterated!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 20: Christmas Marathon

Supreme Court Drops MAJOR HINT that Spells DOOM for Trump's Life - Meidas Touch

Why Do We Treat Republicans With Kid Gloves

Striking the right message on immigration amid Senate negotiations - American Voices - MSNBC

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Presents: Holy Shit: The Sunday Sermons Season 2 Episode 5: 2023 Year In Review

Russia - Out! The Danube Commission Expelled an Aggressor State from the Organisation - UATV English

Virginia Bch, Richmond, Fairfax Receive Millions For Trails, Road Safety Improvements

Tag, You're it!

Legal expert breaks down New York Times expose on dismantling Roe - American Voices - MSNBC

Growing up golden:

Could the local news crisis get any worse? Look at Scranton.

Dog teaches a puppy how to play with a ball:

How Republicans in Washington focus more on revenge and political theater than governing - American Voices - MSNBC

I'm miserable tonight.

Gotcher nose!

I'm just finishing my last PTO for the year

MAGA Speaker CAUGHT in TRAITOROUS Lies on Live TV, Putin LOVES IT - Meidas Touch

Johnny's Midnight Madness: ...Brian Hyland

Thousands of Israelis rally after IDF mistakenly kills hostages held by Hamas - MSNBC Reports

Trump snaps on stage, loses it at his own rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

WHAT is your Favorite Movie OF ALL TIME ????

Haven't really partaken for many years myself, thinking of getting my son some pot for Xmas and looking for recomends

Even Bankruptcy Won't Save Rudy Giuliani

Why isn't a file full of the highest top secret information which has gone missing

'Historic verdict': See the lawyer who got Rudy Giuliani on the hook for $148 million - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what low intensity means and a question....

Oklahoma school districts report unusual delay in receiving federal money

Israel should make Gaza look like Auschwitz - council head

I haven't driven a car for 35 years now.

This is Ron DeSantis's charm offensive, I guess:

Biden near car crash

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Elon Musk (Season Finale)

Here's A Lie I bet you don't know about

US lithium mine leads to 'green colonialism' accusations - BBC News

Why The Port Of Baltimore Is Getting A Makeover - CNBC

Smyrna woman killed after being hit by 3 vehicles, including state trooper

17 Dec: Nice! Huge Russian Convoy Annihilated in a Forest Ambush - Reporting from Ukraine

Kentucky Supreme Court affirms voting districts in gerrymandering challenge

Breakfast Monday 18 December 2023

Trump Faces COMPLETE DEVASTATION in NY Fraud Trial, NO ESCAPE - Meidas Touch

Ex-Trump Ally Trashes Fox News On Live TV - Rebel HQ

Traders earned millions anticipating Oct. 7 Hamas attack, study says

NV: State GOP chair drops all pretense of neutrality, tells Reno rally to caucus for Trump

Senate GOP enters critical stretch for fending off bad candidates

Kentucky Judge Strikes Down Charter Schools Funding Measure

Rust challenge set for argument in February

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman in the Supreme Court, to lie in repose

Father of hostage mistakenly killed by IDF: We demand to see documentation of the incident

Wordle 912 (Dec 18) ***SPOILERS***

Hillary Clinton Burns Donald Trump's Putin Praise With 1 Word

Serbia's ruling populists claim sweeping victory in election - WION

Southwest Airlines agrees to $140 million penalty over 2022 holiday meltdown

On this day, December 18, 1981, the "SCTV Staff Christmas Party" episode was aired.

Israel's 'killing rage' will fuel conflict for 50 years, warns ex-UK defence secretary

Ukraine cautiously adapts to a wartime economy as businesses and consumption pick up - CNA

On this day, December 18, 1981, the Tupolev Tu-160 "White Swan" first took to the skies.

After the weekend's heavy rain, Charleston, SC, and Georgetown, SC, experienced flooded streets, homes, and businesses.

On this day, December 18, 1981, 35 million people around the world watched a Rod Stewart concert.

Sec. Austin makes unscheduled stop in Kuwait to pay respects to late emir

On this day, December 18, 2017, an Amtrak train running on a new route derailed near Olympia.

On this day, December 18, 1987, "Moonstruck" was released.

On this day, December 18, 1972, the "Christmas bombings" of North Vietnam began.

This Made Me Leave Russia. Probably Forever... - The Russian Dude

On December 16, 1946, Benny Andersson of ABBA was born.

Feds bust leader of neo-Nazi cult who used Discord and Telegram to groom and exploit children

A Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in California forest. Let the trolling begin

Israeli minister visits family of hostage Samer Fuad El-Talalka, who was mistakenly killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza

Seasonal Venn diagrams

Robert Reich: What about Trump's dementia?

Mossad head David Barnea meets with CIA chief and Qatari PM in Warsaw

Shooting inside a church has nothing to do with fighting Hamas: Italy tells Israel

The Real COVID Crime Is the Lies DeSantis' Lapdog Spreads

How is the 2015 political YOU different from the current YOU.

My local Tory MP is in hot water!

Storm drenches Florida and causes floods in South Carolina as it moves up East Coast

On this day, December 18, 2000, Kirsty MacColl was run over and killed by a powerboat.

Labor News & Commentary December 12, 2023 UAW files unfair labor practice charges against Honda, Hyundai, and Volkswagen

'Potential dysfunction' of a second Trump presidency has Wall Street in a panic

Pantone 2024 Color of the Year: "Peach Fuzz"

Monday TOONs

Green Man bas relief

Robert Reich: What About Trump's Dementia?

Is the constant terrorism

On This Day: 10 mo. massacre ends with 5 miles gained. "Men are mad!" - Dec. 18, 1916

If The House Sends A Criminal Referral For Hunter Biden

Taiwan reports 2 Chinese balloons near its territory as China steps up pressure ahead of elections

NFL playoff picture: Steve Kornacki breaks down postseason races in Week 15 FNIA NBC Sports

Biden said to be increasingly frustrated by dismal poll numbers

U.S. Army reserve captain downplayed threat posed by Maine mass shooter weeks before attack

CIA director William Burns meets Israel's Mossad chief in Europe in renewed push to free Gaza hostages

Trump's rhetoric in final campaign sprint goes to new dark extremes

Merrick Garland Plays Pontius Pilate

Japan's Nippon Steel to buy U.S. Steel in a $14.9 billion deal

Context is everything ...

Trump notes he was indicted more times than the 'great' Al Capone

Coal use hits record in 2023, Earth's hottest year

Grid monitor warns of blackout risks as coal plants retire

Strasbourg France Christmas Market at 60fps.

Lek and Elephants Share Special Moments of Pure Happiness with Fresh Red Dirt - ElephantNews

MAGA couple misses flight to be in Trump's presence. He gave them hats.

One child killed and several people injured in Israeli strike on maternity ward at Nasser hospital

Joe: trump becoming more Explicit on how he wants to take down U.S. Democracy

BP halts oil and gas shipments through Red Sea after rebel attacks

Two Texas Billionaires' Effort to Turn Texas Christian Nationalist

Pee Wee Crayton was born on this date.

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson was born on this date.

On this day, December 18, 1966, the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" TV special aired for the first time.

Trump's rhetoric goes to new dark extremes

Keith Richards has his 80 birthday today.

so, is this a new thing? jesus was a palestinian.

Today is Keith Richards' 80th birthday, and his 40th anniversary! (+ Rolling Stones, live, 1972 - Happy)

You raised $100.00 on December 17, 2023 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

Russian opposition leader Navalny fails to appear in court as allies search for him

You raised $10.00 on December 17, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Right-wing tantrum over Jill Biden Christmas video accidentally reveals how much MAGA hates America

You raised $15.00 on December 17, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Shocking New Report on China's Demographic Crisis; Chinese Economy; Middle Class Woes - China Update

Zaz Zuh Zaz

Kinzinger: "A lot of my colleagues are going to have kids who are ashamed of their last names"

No Jews, no protests? Sudan is in free fall

Tired of search emails for the 'unsubscribe' button?

Dogs barking Jingle Bells 🔔 🐶

Christmas wishes -by Tom Tomorrow

Unusual, clever nope:

BTRTN: Who Will Be Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame? Who SHOULD Be? An In-Depth Analysis...

BTRTN: Who Will Be Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame? Who SHOULD Be? An In-Septh Analysis...

2nd tweet--Killer kitten:

German brigade in Lithuania set to be combat ready in 2027


"To see his eyes as this came across the radio..."

Pope Francis Allows Priests to Bless Same-Sex Relationships

New cover of Greg Lake's I Believe In Father Christmas by Marillion + the incomparable original

A gang of robbers in Colorado found themselves high and dry after their getaway car got stolen, police say

The Orange Degenerate's Horrible Lawyer STEPS INTO IT Again during LIVE Speech

New cover of Greg Lake's I Believe In Father Christmas by Marillion + the incomparable original

Pope approves blessings for same-sex couples if the rituals don't resemble marriage

Pic Of The Moment: Time To Stop Ignoring The Nazi Elephant In The Room


A "Delicate Matter": Clarence Thomas' Private Complaints About Money Sparked Fears He Would Resign

Israel Found the Hamas Money Machine Years Ago. Nobody Turned It Off. (Doesn't look good)

Driver Who Crashed into President Biden's Motorcade Charged With DUI

A "Delicate Matter": Clarence Thomas' Private Complaints About Money Sparked Fears He Would Resign

In the TV Studio

A "Delicate Matter": Clarence Thomas' Private Complaints About Money Sparked Fears He Would Resign (Pro Publica)

Biden said to be increasingly frustrated by dismal poll numbers

Guy Drives A School Bus Full Of Dogs

Oldest human settlements located.

What a perfectly shitty hypothermia day out there...

Some Trump fake electors from 2020 haven't faded away. They have roles in how the 2024 race is run

Fir & Cross

John Fugelsang: I love days where Pope Francis enrages the fake Christians by acting like Jesus.

LAT: As border extremism goes mainstream, vigilante groups take a starring role

Monday marks 51 years since President Biden's first wife and baby daughter died in a car accident.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 18, 2023)

Trans people are finding safe haven in an unexpected place: upstate New York

Was the judiciary the cheapest branch of government for the Republicans to purchase?

talk about entitled

US archbishop secretly backed bid to free priest convicted of raping child

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 18, 2023

Pope condemns targeting of unarmed civilians in Gaza

Yes or no, Virginia

Vivek Ramaswamy: Everything You Didn't Know About His Sh*tty Past

Hostage Deaths Fuel Israelis' Doubts About Netanyahu

Give Russia's Frozen Assets to Ukraine Now

Moms for Liberty - The latest cesspool of RW hypocrites

A Monumental Prehistoric Discovery In Siberia Rewrites Human History, Scientists Say

Former pilot says the FAA appears to be investigating Florida's top law enforcement agency

Golfer Padraig Harrington on kids and sports:

Classified Docs On Russian Interference Last Seen With trump Have Gone Missing

​​Al Jazeera's Marwan Bishara on IDF Killing AJ Journalist, the 3 Hostages & U.S. Support for Israel

Is there anyway that x shows up rather than

Trump fake electors from 2020 have roles in how the 2024 race is run

Jan. 6 officer: Republicans would "keep us from protecting the Capitol" if Trump tries another coup

They Do It for Trump: Behind the GOP's shifting excuses for abandoning Ukraine

Why isn't the FBI searching every place that orange cancer resides?

Judge throws out Kabwe lead-poisoning case against Anglo American mining

"Free-Speech Absolutist" Musk Is Abetting Modi's Suppression of Voices in India

Benign calcified uterine fibroid

The Cuomo Legacy and New York's Political Crossroads with Errol Louis

Musk's X Under Investigation Over Alleged Breaches of Illegal Content Laws

'The damage is done': Experts warn Gaza has reached the point of no return

Did your Social Security payments increase? Or your pension?Did you start IRA withdrawals? Did you increase withholding?

U.S. Jewish Leaders Urge Biden to Form Post-war Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiative

On December 15, 1944, the Japanese prisoner of war transport ship "Oryoku Maru" was sunk in Subic Bay.

Has Trump said the "poisoning the blood" thing twice now?

Today's Tiedrich rant: holy shit, Donald Trump and his worshipers are the whiniest diaper-babies ever

A minor who died in a poultry plant accident got the job with the identity of a 32-year-old, company confirms (warning)

Do you still hang Holiday stockings? if so, what do you place inside them?

One of Trump's Iowa supporters admits he has nothing to offer.

He will be known as 'Ron DeShoeLift' until the end of time.

European Union investigating Musk's X over possible breaches of social media law

Not a real important question but here goes...

The "Third Rail" of the American Media

Hundreds of US synagogues receive bomb threats as spree continues despite arrests

Bloomberg: Forecast for US Recession Within Year Hits 100% in Blow to Biden [2022]

Ye makes antisemitic remarks, rants about Hitler, Trump and co-parenting in latest tirade

Man arrested in antisemitic attack outside Georgetown synagogue

It's Absurd That Dave Rubin Keeps Getting Away With Being So Stupid About His Own Policies

President Biden: "They're the wrong polls"

Driver Who Crashed into President Biden's Motorcade Charged With DUI

My doctor gave me an Rx for my creaky joints,........

😆 teleworking the next two days then off until next year.

Can We Tell What Chapter Of Mein Kampf Tr**p Is Now Reading By......

I knew I was old when walking past a cemetery a woman and little girl ran away

Does Trump want to be Hitler? No. He wants Hitler to be remembered as a Trump wannabee.

Habba brags about losing case

What Does Ukraine Think of the U.S. Now? (with Terrell Starr) Next Level Sunday

Thom Hartmann: Should Democrats Trade the Southern Border for Ukraine?

Ron DeSantis campaign finance story

Family vlogger Ruby Franke expected to enter plea agreement in child abuse case

4-year-old shot dead in front of parents in 'unimaginable' road rage crime

my suspicions finally confirmed- 'post birth abortion' is neonatal hospice.

Use the Constitution to Protect the Constitution

TCM Saturday 12-23-23: A day of Cary Grant and Christmas, plus The Thin Man, Little Women, The Shop Around the Corner

Is the format of DU temporarily messed up?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Biden impeachment inquiry....

Guy has 6 DUI's, and killed four people!

Republicans finally go too far with ridiculous stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

Southwest $140M fine is a message to other airlines, says Secy. Buttigieg

The Pogues -- Fairytale of New York (RIP Shane MacGowan)

Trump defends former influencer convicted of election interference who has racist, antisemitic past

The Woman Who Fought the Texas Abortion Ban

Today is the anniversary of the fatal car crash in 1972 that killed Biden's wife Neilia and one-year-old daughter Naomi,

Is all your holiday shopping done? I still have to get some food, but I'll wait until later in the week.

Josh Hawley's Racist Gotcha Moment Backfires Spectacularly

"Native Homelands Along the Lewis and Clark Trail" (2006)

Could we possibly

What's the difference between DjT and Hitler?....

I'm sitting in a diner in a small, Illinois farm town.

What are your favorite - maybe obscure - Holiday Movies to watch during these weeks?

Ukraine Military Aid Will Run Out on December 30

Philip Bump: Journalism needs to learn how to defend itself

TFG is asking for en banc review of the DC Circuit opinion on Judge Chutkan's gag order

Jimmy Kimmel Explains Why Life Without Trump As President Is So Great - Farron Balanced

Three court of criminal appeal judges up for reelection targeted by Ken Paxton's political revenge machine

Messy Primaries Could Upend Senate Races

Pro or con, what is your opinion of Elf On the Shelf? I read the book at home and used the elf as a go together with

Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl

Young Americans Turn Against Boomers Over Social Security

Time to play BAD CARDS: MAGA MADNESS edition. . .

Cacio e Pepe Recipe, apaghetti with black pepper

Joe, you need a "Go for the throat" campaign manager.

In a big win for Columbia River I-5 bridge backers, project lands massive federal grant

Pharmacists Say They Can't Do Their Jobs Well, Mistakes Can End Careers: CNN

Cartoons 12/18/2023

Martindale man gets 6 months in jail for killing unarmed driver.

Coast Guard crews suspend search for missing kayaker off Edmonds

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

House Democrats call on Clarence Thomas to recuse from Trump 2020 election case

White Chocolate Chunk-Macadamia Nut Cookies

Inside The Russian Propaganda Mill Beaming Out Of A Florida Strip Mall

Trump bemoans record stock market as just making 'rich people richer'

Former Children's chaplain sentenced to 60 years in prison for recording sexual abuse of child

Trampled Under Foot - Led Zepplin

Which Majority-Minority Districts Are Held By Republicans In Texas?

Donald Trump's escalating rhetoric makes many likely Iowa Republicans more likely to back him

ARTICLE: Melania Trump selling Christmas ornaments complete with her signature for $45

Authoritarianism Expert Spots Trump Line Showing Who He'll Target After Immigrants

Trump again appeals Judge Chutkan's gag order after being shot down by DC court

Holding on for dear life:

When the "war on woke" is over, the only entertainment left for Trump cultists will be Dear Leader's speeches

Judge issues order keeping Confederate memorial at Arlington Cemetery for now

Inside the Booming Business of Cutting Babies' Tongues

Who would imagine that "my client is a nut" wouldn't be a compelling closing argument?

Jan. 6 officer interview on the insurrection and "dictator wannabe"

Overturning Roe Has Been a Horror Show

Blue Monday - New Order 🔵

Judge issues order keeping Confederate memorial at Arlington Cemetery for now

Trump echoes Hitler -- and MAGA hears it loud and clear

I have no illusions about Joe Biden

Top House Democrats Back David Trone for Senate (MD)

What are your plans for the holiday? Vacation, staying at home, visiting relatives, or others?

Attorneys for Kentucky woman seeking abortion withdraw lawsuit

Nevada GOP 'fake electors' plead not guilty to felony charges in Las Vegas

Nevada 'Fake Electors' Plead Not Guilty

Shelburne Falls From the Watchtower

Court of appeals *rejects* Mark MEADOWS bid to move his Georgia charges to federal court

Long Wavelength Sol

Ding dong ditch:

Appeals court rejects Mark Meadows' bid to move his Georgia case out of state court

***NEW*** Three in ten Trump voters wants a criminal as president

Steve Schmidt Warns Us All about the Orange Degenerate's recent Fascist Remarks -The Warning

Clarence Thomas complaints about his pay made republicans scared he would quit

Axolotl & crab both enjoy theme park ride:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Justice Thomas, pay, and what's next....

"BREAKING: Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss have sued Rudy Giuliani for ongoing defamation. They seek damages and an injuncti

Trump Telephone - The Lincoln Project

Would the military shoot unarmed protesters if TFG ordered them to?

Trump Out of Control, Explodes into Dangerous Rant! - Luke Beasley

Anyone here familiar with Byron Preiss and "The Secret"?

Crazy Mail Lady

December light

Breaking: Appeals Court rejects Meadows' request to move GA case to federal court.

Appeals Court rejects Meadows bid to move Georgia case

Everyone expected a recession. The Fed and White House found a way out.

MTG THREATENS LINDSEY GRAHAM for Admitting There's No Evidence Against Biden!!!

Removing unhoused people from tent camps in Albuquerque argued before N.M. Supreme Court

Yikes... Trump quotes his favorite book and it's terrifying. - Pondering Politics

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 17, 2027

Guilty as Sin

15 Reasons Appalachia Might Not Exist One Day

Trump Echoes Hitler In Yet Another Anti-Immigrant Speech - Waldorf Nation

Somehow I got on Tammy Murphy's mailing list.

Windy southern MD noontime

Take him at his word.

Trump leads Biden in all swing states. Morning Consult Bloomberg News poll.

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Climate Change Taught In Schools

DxTeen -Snowin'

Trump is defending him, Trump Jr. called his account "maybe my favorite Twitter account of all time."

I remember celebrating the Roe v, Wade decision with my mom and sister in 1973.

Not gorgeous, but a few in neighborhood to share:

This adds to the growing body of research supporting medical treatment for young people with gender dysphoria.

Southern MD afternoon and evening12/18

Former Marco Rubio Intern Arrested for Storming the Capitol on Jan. 6

Parents and brother beat boy because he became a Christian, Tennessee cops say

Did anyone care when WaPo reported in 2015 that Fred Drumpf was arrested at a Klan Rally in NYC? That was just his Dad??

All that old footage the History Channel Shows...

How to tell when you're talking to AI. (Expedia)


STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Let there be peace on Earth

TCM soon

John Oliver Picks a Fight with Elon Musk

Exile -Flower song

Abbott signs law allowing Texas to arrest Migrants.

"Happy 80th to Keith Richards....and a reminder to never crash the stage of a Stones show"

Texas immigration law known as SB4, allowing state to arrest migrants, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott

Jay-ed Must be Magic

Dire Straits - Walk of Life

Giuliani Sued Again for Defamation

Justice Department creates database to track misconduct records by federal law enforcement

The Power is BACK on!

Business Before The Court (Clearance Thomas) - Luckovich Cartoon

Eruption in Iceland has started

Lalo Schifrin must be spinning in his grave. And I can't imagine what Frank Sinatra would have to say ...

Fujii Kaze --Kazeyo

A Christmas Rose . . .

The Far Left and the Possible Left

A mix of reform-minded and tough-on-crime justice bills are now law in Pa.

Former Georgia election workers sue Rudy Giuliani again, asking judge to permanently stop him from lying about them

Oral Arguments for DC Circuit immunity appeal have been set for Jan. 9, 2024

'Just Shut The F*ck Up!' Vivek Ramaswamy Disses CNN's Van Jones During TPUSA Conference

SNOWPOCALYPSE 14-year anniversary from Dec. 18-19, 2009.

All In The Family - Edith's Crisis of Faith Part 1

Trump NAZI rhetoric disqualifies him from office.

The things they say without thinking!

'Broke' Clarence Thomas Begged For Raise Before Taking Billionaire Bribes - Waldorf Nation

Pentagon announces new international mission to counter attacks on commercial vessels in Red Sea

US seeks to claw back Russian oil trade under the G7 price cap

Freezing residents of Russia's Irkutsk region - Break the Fake - TVP World

Presumptive Dictator denied motion for directed verdict in blistering ruling.

Nati Pastorutti - Sapo Cancionero (En Casa)