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Arizona Man Arrested for Making Online Threats Against Federal Agents and Employees

Rudy Giuliani gets new legal news he's been dreading - Brian Tyler Cohen

Shawn Willsey's Iceland Eruption Livestream... The volcano has opened up.

Iceland volcano erupts after weeks of quake activity

Texas power plants have no responsibility to provide electricity in emergencies, judges rule

2022 federal elections in the US not tainted by foreign interference, officials say

Trump Fuck Your Nazi talk

The Moment Donald Trump Exposed the True Depravity of the GOP - Rebel HQ

Well elves and elfettes how has it been goining at the new jobs you selected at the North Pole.? I bet you all have

'He will sell out Trump before he will go to jai': Meadows loses in Georgia RICO ruling - Deadline - MSNBC

Uh huh.

Apple to Halt US Sales of Smartwatches After Patent Loss

U.S. senators line up to oppose sale of U.S. Steel to Japanese firm

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon says Zelenskyy's use of Inuktitut 'brought tears to my eyes'

yes , lady, who works in media.

YouTube mom who gave parenting advice, Ruby Franke, pleads guilty in child abuse case

All In The Family - Edith's Crisis of Faith Part 2

NASA's Tech Demo Streams First Video From Deep Space via Laser (featuring a cat named Taters chasing a... laser!)

Have fun sleeping

Feelings and Vibes Can't Sustain a Democracy

Michelle Mone: 'I'm sorry for not saying straight out: Yes, I am involved'

Chris Geidner: What happened after Justice Thomas threatened to leave the court

Fetterman says he'll work to block 'absolutely outrageous' US Steel sale

Republicans seek expanded executive powers on border security - MSNBC Reports

Is it okay to wear a forty year old fox jacket to a

Trump Supporter Has Mental Breakdown Live on Stage, Crowd Goes Silent! - Luke Beasley

Pillow guy stands for Jesus, principles and truth..

Instructions to the young folks

Senate confirms Biden nominee to run Social Security Administration

George Clooney Says There's 'Not Enough Drugs in the World' to Get Him to Play Batman Again...

how about some boudoir photography with a super hot DU model......

*Lydia after 25 years, now on MPT (PBS ch 22)

Lukashenko's Cunning Survival Game - Eastern Express - TVP World

I don't need to say more

Iceland eruption start caught on camera

Trump's criminal associates Sidney Powell & Kenneth Chesebro "apologize" for their Georgia crimes - Glenn Kirschner

Jim Ladd, disc jockey who was a fixture of L.A. rock radio in the 1970s, dies at 75

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Mark Meadows and removal....

Trump cites First Amendment in fighting Ga. charges

Jenna Ellis Rips "Anti-Liberty" Christian Nationalism - Waldorf Nation

Shapiro administration cancels $10.7 million contract for Pa. voter roll system upgrade

Velshi: 'He knows what he is doing' - Trump echoes Hitler at campaign rally - Velshi - Deadline - MSNBC

David Mitchell's (3:26) funny rant on Christmas

Superstar Democrat Torches Republicans, Drops Truth Bombs On Her Own Party - Pondering Politics

Stephen Fry to tackle antisemitism in Channel 4's alternative Christmas message

Could somebody please post Don Caron's latest, "Go Rest Ye, Weary

FEC revises rules for candidates drawing salaries from campaigns

Rudy Giuliani sued again after he lies about Ruby Freeman and Shae Moss again - Velshi - Deadline - MSNBC

Tesla removes Disney+ from vehicles amid Elon Musk's Twitter beef with Bob Iger

Manchin Says He Won't Be a Spoiler

Conservatives move to keep abortion off the 2024 ballot

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Swift Beef in Grand Island to pay $275,000 for allegedly polluting water

New reporting details Justice Thomas' complaints over his Supreme Court salary - Deadline - MSNBC

US Cannabis Consumers Now Prefer High Potency Premium Products, Rosin And Infused Pre-Rolls: Who's Buying What?

Disgraced former mayor was a racist authoritarian -- even back when

Today is 51st 'anniversary' of accident + death of then Senator Biden's wife and daughter,

Meet one of the participants in the MAGA insurrection, Sara Carpenter, 53 yr old former NYPD

Wrong holiday I know but still funny 😄

118th Congress most unproductive in modern history - has few laws to show for its first year

Rachel is covering the national wave of bomb threats against synagogues.

Appeals court reject Meadows' bid to remove his Georgia case to federal court

Israel separating families in Gaza, taking men to undisclosed locations in mass arrest campaign, activists say

David Trone is 4 years older than Chris Van Hollen and has 8 years less seniority than Van Hollen.

Just want to share a great show we watched on National Geographics (Disney plus channel)

Seth Meyers - Rudy Hit with Stunning Defamation Verdict, Trump Embraces Fascist Rhetoric: A Closer Look

Justice comes in different shapes and sizes!

Ron DeSantis Brutally Heckled During Iowa Campaign Event

At least 13 dead, 178 injured after a massive fuel depot explosion in Guinea's capital

The Locomotion - Little Eva + Grand Funk cover

Justice Department creates database to track misconduct records by federal law enforcement

How Jews Escaped Their Dismal Fate

Trump fraud trial: Saying 'a lie is still a lie,' judge rejects Trump's request for directed verdict

Gershon Baskin on IDF mistakenly killing hostages: 'It should have never happened' - MSNBC Reports

Florida deputy acquitted of all charges for failing to intervene in Parkland school shooting

Police went to a Berkshires middle school after receiving a complaint about an explicit book

'Total body slam': Neal Katyal on Mark Meadows' RICO clash - Katie Phang - The Beat - MSNBC

Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline 🎸

Looks like Rudy may be headed for the slammer...

Scientists had a groundbreaking conversation with a humpback whale in her own language and it could help humans chat wit

House Democrats Are Favored to Win Back House Control in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Putin: New NATO member Finland didn't have problems before, but now it will

U.S. intelligence finds Cuba tried to influence Florida races during 2022 elections

America's Most Corrupt Mayors Have a Friend in the Supreme Court

If Giuliani continues to lie and defame, he could find himself in jail: DOJ vet - The ReidOut - MSNBC

My family tree.

New report uncovers dirty truth about beloved toilet paper brands: 'Must take urgent action'

'Cowards': Journalist on Trump and his sycophants amid Trump's latest anti-immigrant rhetoric - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Wide Angle: Washington Has Lost the Plot

GO REST YE WEARY CONGRESSMEN - Greg Trafidlo & Don Caron - Parody Project

Russia Tried to Weaken Democrats Ahead of 2022 Midterm Vote, U.S. Spy Agencies Say

Stop the Lies! Russia's Sinister Plot to Smear Ukraine Revealed! - The Gaze

four dead in Arizona, Husband shot & killed wife, son and another man, and himself

Who is trumps puppet master and speechwriter

Florida man pleads guilty to threatening to kill Supreme Court justice

Complaint accuses DeSantis campaign of illegally coordinating with Never Back Down

Israeli Official Suggests Gaza Be 'Flattened Completely, Just Like Auschwitz Today'

Former Miami Young Republicans director arrested over Jan. 6 charges

U.S. HHS Secretary asks Arkansas to re-enroll Medicaid-eligible children who lost coverage

Company Refused To Hire 49 Yr Old Due To His Age, Feds Say. Now He's Owed $90,000

WHAT'S NEXT for Giuliani? GLUM FUTURE ahead - Talking Feds

Revised ballot language submitted for measure to restore abortion rights in Arkansas

5th Circuit denies Louisiana's appeal in congressional redistricting case

Oklahoma Democrats again open their primaries to independent voters

DOC MORRIS (Dutch Pharmacy) Christmas commercial

Monsanto hit with $857 mln verdict over PCBs in Washington state school

Part 53: Social Media and Violence in Los Angeles and Beyond - Do the Ends Justify the Means?

'Should be investigated': George Conway reacts to new reporting on Clarence Thomas - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

SNAP post of the day... (the feckless Rand Paul)

Democrats' rift over Israel turns physical, leading to black eyes in Detroit

Outgoing Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards won't rule out another run for office

WI: Former state GOP Chair Hitt on 'UpFront' says GOP false electors 'tricked' by Trump campaign

AJC: Kemp plays Santa to 308,000 Georgia teachers, state employees with $1K bonus

this should be a campaign ad

Bagged Spinach Recalled in 7 States Due To Potential Listeria Contamination

NJ: Judge tells Salem County to certify Penns Grove election

Cry, Eagles, Cry

Nikola founder Trevor Milton sentenced to four years for fraud conviction

Tesla removes Disney+ from vehicles amid Elon Musk's Twitter beef with Bob Iger

'They're cheering the day one dictator': Psaki reveals why Trump's rhetoric is working - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

More than 100 people killed in earthquake in northwest China

New revelations complicate matters for Clarence Thomas' defenders

Maddow sounds the alarm that voters are loving Donald Trump's new Hitleresque campaign

Trump Co-Defendant Watches His ENTIRE LIFE UNRAVEL as Legal Plan FAILS - Meidas Touch

Maddow sounds the alarm that voters are loving Donald Trump's new Hitleresque campaign

Maddow: Why does Trump keep talking like a fascist? Because it works. Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump Kept Hitler Speeches 'In a Cabinet By His Bed,' Said Ex-Wife Ivana Trump in Resurfaced Interview

Sex scandal, rape accusation drive Florida GOP to strip chair's power in model of self-policing - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

This may be the most important post I have hit "Return" on. It's about indoor smoking pollution.

Roseanne: the perfect opening act for Don-the-Con

Presumptive GQP nominee faces Sharp Criticism over Hitlerian immigration remarks- CBSEveNews

DEMAGOGUE DONALD needs to be the nickname Joe & Kamala use

Lawsuit says Georgia's lieutenant governor should be disqualified for acting as Trump elector

Hamas's Cheap, Makeshift Drones Are Outsmarting Israel's High-Tech Military

The Lincoln Project-What a difference a year makes.

Kentucky lieutenant governor undergoes 'successful' double mastectomy, expects to make full recovery

Why Ex- FBI Agent Asks If Trump Gave Putin Top Secret Intelligence - Thom Hartmann

How Leonard Leo's Dark Money Network Orchestrated a New Attack on the Voting Rights Act

Wordle spoiler

OK, here's some silliness to run by your MAGA friends and neighbors. The "pee-pee tapes" are real and Putin....


Maddow: Why does Trump keep talking like a fascist? Because it works.

From Alex Jones to neo-Nazis, civil lawsuits offer a means of fighting a public menace - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Live Iceland eruption coverage from Agenda Free TV

Sen. Whitehouse Recaps His Trip to Dubai for COP28 - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

War of Words: "Zelenskyi vs. Zaluzhnyi Crisis" is Fake! - The Gaze

Ukraine and Westinghouse sign agreement to Build A Nuclear Plant.

What happened to the coverage

Houthis bombing ships in Red Sea. BP reroutes its oil tankers

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about AI, the funny, and the unfunny....

Fallout Continues In GOP Leader, Moms For Liberty Rape Allegation - Raw New And Politics

White snake wearing a little red Christmas hat:

Thomas talks resignation?

The beautiful comet moth:

Chocolate train sculpture by Amaury Guichon:

2nd tweet--Another awesome Chocolate sculpture by Amaury Guichon

Flame of the revolution is still burning, Iranian American activist says - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Icelandic volcano on the on Reykjanes peninsula erupted yesterday after weeks of earthquakes:

Fox Host Massively Triggered, Begs Viewers to Focus on P*rn Scandal - Luke Beasley

Rep. Garcia: Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric is 'infuriating' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

A wind surfing crow:

Trump co-defendant SUFFERS BLOW OUT by appeals court - Talking Feds

Cool! A cylindrical pink building 17 stories tall, with a giant dragon curling around its entire height:

Jamelle Bouie: Rich conservatives aim to keep 'Clarence Thomas satisfied' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

MSNBC Host CONFRONTS Republican to his face for BLATANT LIES on live TV, HE SQUIRMS - Meidas Touch

Russia Is Not Getting Rich Because of the War - UATV English

Fox Host Destroys Colleagues With GOP Quotes - Rebel HQ

'Echoing' fascists: The rising alarm in Donald Trump's rhetoric - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A Trump Presidency Would Be Like Gasoline On This Simmering Fire - Raw News And Politics

Could Taylor Swift decide the Election?

Florida bill banning Pride flag would make showing support for LGBTQ people a 'political viewpoint'

Hamas posts video of three elderly Israeli hostages

Report: Justice Clarence Thomas pushed for higher salary, speaking fees - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

FDA's human food chief does not think spiked lead in applesauce was an accident

Investigation into an Inquiry into an Impeachment - Talking Feds Podcast

18 Dec: Imminent threat! Russians are encircling Ukrainians in Novomykhailivka - Reporting from Ukraine

'Discomfort is fuel for growth': Psychologist Adam Grant on unlocking your full potential - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Tuesday 19 December 2023

Pentagon Warns Ukraine Aid Funds will Run Out on Dec. 30 - Bloomberg Television

"Bank of Dave" on Netflix

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/18/2023

Organizers of Jan. 6 rally withheld information that would have changed security plans, says government report

Senate GOP Likely to Back Losing Candidates for 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Hunter Biden to be arraigned on tax charges in January

U.S. NASA uses laser to send video of a cat named Taters over 19 million miles

Russia's Main Problem Is not NATO Expansion, but Its Own Policy - UATV English

Google to pay $700 mln to US consumers, states in Play store settlement

If you have about 50 minutes to invest,

Wordle 913 (December 19) ***SPOILERS***

FDA finds 'extremely high' lead levels in cinnamon at Ecuador plant that made tainted fruit pouches

Rudy Giuliani lawyer shifts blame to St. Louis-based Gateway Pundit in defamation case

Wichian Temthong, the man held with the hostages Israel mistakenly killed

'Morally indefensible': experts urge Cameron to back instant Gaza ceasefire

Pa.'s Fetterman wants to block U.S. Steel sale to Japanese firm; Casey calls it 'bad deal'

FED UP Combat Vet TORCHES Trump over Latest ATTACKS on America - Against All Enemies

PSA: Your niece will not appreciate you trying to teach her 2yo to wail like Janis

Coal-state Kentucky just broke ground on its largest solar farm

On this day, December 19, 1968, The Dean Martin Christmas Show was aired.

On this day, December 19, 1914, 1949 Boston mayoral candidate Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. was born.

UN agencies voice anger at attacks on Gaza hospitals

Labor News & Commentary December 15, 2023 Starbucks violated labor law in Salt Lake City store

On this day, December 19, 1914, 1949 Boston mayoral candidate Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. was born.

On this day, December 19, 1914, 1949 Boston mayoral candidate Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. was born.

Release of five wolves in the Colorado mountains begins first-of-its kind state reintroduction

IDF can't "determine with certainty" source of Nasser Medical Complex damage, where 13-year-old girl died

Russia Cuts Oil Production Again - Questions Raised Over Production Problems as Income Falls $74BN - Joe Blogs

Seth Meyers - Nikki Haley Criticizes Trump by Saying He Could've Stopped the Jan. 6 Attack - Monologue 12/18/23

Next up: TFG's lawyers appeal because the Bazooka Bubble Gum Comic

On December 18 and19, 2009, "Snowpocalypse," DC's biggest December snowstorm, struck the DC area.

All I want for Xmas

Pro-Palestine protestors storm Democratic holiday party. One woman punched in face

An earthquake in northwestern China kills at least 127 people and is the deadliest in 9 years

Video of soldier standing in front of cannon while firing is 'a serious incident,' IDF spokesperson says

"They're Killing Their Economy" Is China Heading For Japan's Lost Decades? - China Update

Edith Piaf was born on this date.

Dark Brandon Coffee, ya'll - to go with the Dark Brandon coffee mug...

They are after me again.

Border collie herding ducklings!

Professor Longhair was born on this date.

Little Jimmy Dickens was born on this date.

The Dutch are riding their bikes on two new solar cycle paths

The last, best folksinger, Phil Ochs, was born on this date.

Cornell Dupree was born on this date.

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 12/10-12/16/2023

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/13/23

David Frum: They Do It for Trump

Arizona man indicted after allegedly threatening to kill FBI agents, employees, Justice Department says

''Barbara McQuade: Former Georgia election workers 'just want Rudy to shut the hell up'"

On This Day: Russian human rights champion and wife released from exile following hunger strikes - Dec. 19, 1986

Happy Holidays DU and thanks in advance for any help.

Tuesday TOONs

What Comes With The Next Generation Of Climate-Juiced Hurricanes? Why, Microplastics, Of Course!!

Happy National Stay Home and do Something Day That Would Get You Arrested if you Do It In Public

I don't know how to explain my feelings about the USA without fueling accusations of anti Americanism

Ohio Republicans plot to thwart voters who backed 'immoral and evil' abortion rights

You raised $375.00 on December 18, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Liz Cheney: On Jan 6, Trump thought it would help him to let police officers be violently attacked, so he did. He sat in

HRC nails Phony Soprano with one devastating word.

Poll Finds Wide Disapproval of Biden on Gaza, and Little Room to Shift Gears

Young voters bailing on Biden

Pope Francis approves blessings for same-sex couples if the rituals don't resemble marriage

'Destroy him completely': Anti-Trump conservative begs Biden to get 'vicious'

If you haven't discovered Michael Popok, please listen. He's a very knowledgeable attorney.

Major cleanup underway after storm batters Northeastern US, knocks out power and floods roads

"I will defend life before suffrage" 😳 one vote (by the man) per household

If TFG said he would liquidate undocumented immigtants what % of his supporters would abandon him?

Discussion with an asshat on FB


Gaza hospital director admits Hamas uses hospitals for military purposes

Soldiers find bomb in Shejaia medical clinic, seize weapons, 'UN' vest - IDF

Great show on Britbox

Florida GOP censures Chair Christian Ziegler and strips him of authority amid sexual assault investigation

Florida was supposed to be the future of the GOP -- now the state party is in shambles


Black Israelis mobilized for their country, as soldiers, volunteers and social media warriors

Same poll showing Joe Biden with a 34% approval rating has him leading Donald Trump

I posted this on my FB Timeline...Feel Free to use and Share.

Trump is desperately trying to block this expert witness in E. Jean Carroll case

Man accused of leaving dog in garbage bag in Family Dollar dumpster

Man gets a big surprise after adopting this dog

Keir Starmer joins Rishi Sunak in calling for sustainable ceasefire in Gaza

Gaza hospital director admits Hamas uses hospitals for military purposes

This Tiny Primate Is The World's Cutest Animal

The eternal question- Is TFG the pinnacle or the nadir of the Republican party.

Clarence Thomas Threatened to Leave SCOTUS Without a Raise? The Dark Side w/ JVL & AB

Really cool scene from a really lousy movie!

In a 14-1 vote, Philadelphia becomes first city to deem 'medical deportation' unlawful

Lol the photo NBC used for this piece on Nikki Haley

White House backs industry effort to standardize Tesla's EV charging plugs


Hillary vs Melania Meme

Mercy Mercy Me (18 minutes)

As a child or adult, what was/is your least favorite holiday tradition? Mine as a child was visiting all relatives

Biden Leads Among Likely Voters

Not so perfect score from queer workers

Same judge who presided over Giuliani's $148M verdict will handle his new case

A Real Treehouse

O Christmas Tree, how snow-laden are thy branches

Are smart phones making students dumber? There's a chart at the link. Scores started falling fast in 2012

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday in a foreign language. You can use Google. Don't forget the country it

Hamas did what Netanyahu couldn't, Egyptian Christian tells 'Post'

I got a great deal on a 2020 Chevy Bolt yesterday

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Arlington, monuments, and messages....

Expert hired by Trump to find election fraud proved the conspiracy theories were bullshit

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 19, 2023)

Our new flag

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs law making illegal immigration a state crime - CBS News

Prosecutor on punishing Trump attorneys over weak apology letters - Brian Tyler Cohen

UPDATE Jan. 24, 24 My old cat is winding down

Books removed from Texas plantation for being too focused on slavery

On that stupid motherfucker, Meadows

OIG Report on Dept. of Interior actions on Jan 6th. March to Capitol was planned ahead

Capitol Hill stunner: 2023 led to fewest laws in decades

Strict new entry requirements for Britons travelling to the EU will come into force next autumn, prompting fears of huge

Froomkin: In 2024, newsrooms will be under intense internal pressure to defend democracy

I'd like to move back to PA

We need to heed Rachel. This NOW is beyond staring at what once was the trainwreck; NOW is nearer to Project 2025.

Foreign Interference Targeting Election Infrastructure or Political Organization, Campaign, or Candidate Infrastructure

Artificial intelligence can find your location in photos, worrying privacy experts

"The Game-Changing Medicare Update for Lymphedema"

I don't see a forum for working on your home which I thought we had. Anyway I decided

Not so perfect score from queer workers

Tracking politician's stock trading - for fun and PROFIT (Instagram clip)

The disgrace of trumps language is echoed by Lindsey Graham. Tuesday baby.

Anybody have a room to rent -- anywhere?

Ducking mad

Dear Mr. Grassley: Who asked you to preside over the joint session to count the electoral votes?

US Promotion of Banned Fukushima Seafood Contradicts Biden's Cancer Initiatives

OMG. Joe's eulogy of Sandra Day-OConnor. He is so f'ing good.

🤓 Nerd memes 🤓😳👀😄

Scam Alert

Is Clarence at

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 19, 2023

Review of the U.S. Department of the Interior's Actions Related to January 6, 2021

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs 'Fuck The Constitution, Sue Me' Immigration Bill

Trump super PAC prepares to go on attack against Nikki Haley in New Hampshire

​​Israel's War on Children: Journalist Describes Destruction in Gaza, Escaping to Egypt with Family

Isn't there someone somewhere who can get close enough to the SlobFather and tell America if he just soiled himself?

Liking / reccing - is it engaging enough?

Worst Nostalgia Play Ever: Get Ready For Tump v. Biden 2.0 The Bulwark Podcast

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have suspended a group of soldiers ...

Elise Stefanik Silent on Trump

Israel signals readiness for cease-fire in exchange for hostages; Hamas to discuss deal in Cairo

Dr. Seuss on Тяцмp Meme II

Palestinian American Woman Tries to Save Family After Mom Dies Awaiting Evacuation from Gaza

"Beyond Our Imagination": Journalist Describes Total Destruction, with Fellow Gazans Buried Alive

Coronavirus subvariant JN.1 growing fast in US, already dominant in the Northeast

The Least Popular Member of Congress

4 people, including a child, dead after murder-suicide shootings in Phoenix

Part of the Problem

GOP puts political hacks in charge of college and pretends to care about young people

200 People Tied to Jeffrey Epstein Will Be Named

At my old job, my office window looked out over the Safeway across the street.

A few months ago I contacted the local university about donating my body to their medical school. In the mail today

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's 'sick and tired' of being around 'stupid people' in Congress

Starvation as a Weapon of War: Human Rights Watch Denounces Israel for Denying Gaza Access to Food

WaPo: Economy is ending the year in remarkably better position than almost anyone on Wall Street or the MSM predicted

Target blamed theft and violence for 9 store closures. Crime is higher at locations it kept open nearby

The Clarence Thomas Scandal Is Somehow Looking Even Worse

Give extras to charities. Have a couple of boxes of christmas bags, wrapping paper and bows. Will take up to

Poor Things -- dance scene

'Crisp' southern MD morning 12/19

If your palm itches it means you're going to get something.

Here's the oath of office every member of the Secret Service takes

Organized Labor Year in Review (AFSCME)

Cleveland, Ohio. America's best example of turning around a dying downtown

Nearly 200 People Tied to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Will Be Publicly Named in New Year: Judge

Hamilton man gets 10 years for killing his father

Israel's Opposition Leader Has a Message for Democrats. They May Not Like It.

Keir Starmer pitches for summit with Joe Biden ahead of 2024 elections

Let's start a thread wishing everyone on DU a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday. Season's Greetings or Have a nice day,or

A missing laptop could be key to prosecuting Trump. This rural Georgia county only recently admitted that it exists

That's All, Folks: Chevy Camaro Production Officially Ends

CNN just now-

Sandra Day O'Conner helped appoint George W. Bush president.

After Ohio Supreme Court dismisses anti-abortion arguments, advocates work to unveil total abortion ban

Wheatland: The Palouse

If ya wanna see some outfuckingstandingly cheesy kung fu movies, FreeVee's got 'em.

Question. Does every state have there own rules on how their elections are run?

The "Green Marine" has passed on...Graham Dale USMC

Ukraine military seeks extra 500,000 soldiers - President Zelensky

Joe Biden plans to ban logging in US old-growth forests in 2025

Trump's Legal Team Freaks Out Accusing Jack Smith Of Unlawful Actions

How Cars Turned Into Giant Killers

New music video from the Rolling Stones - Mess It Up

Tommy Tuberville absent as Senate votes on military promotions: report

My DU formatting just went crazy again

President Biden plans to ban logging in US old-growth forests in 2025

Heads up for tonight on Lawrencet 10.00pm

Manu Raju: Just asked Mitch McConnell about Trump's "poisoning the blood" comments.

Liz Cheney Shuts Down Fox News Host's Defense of Trump to His Face! - Luke Beasley

Pope condemns attacks on civilians in Gaza: 'It is war; it is terrorism'

Pope condemns attacks on civilians in Gaza: 'It is war; it is terrorism

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 19, 2023

Ex-Proud Boys leader is sentenced to over 3 years in prison for Capitol riot plot

Polls show many GOP voters warm to Trump's authoritarian rhetoric

Fall and Spring my buddies like to pose

Why Trump needs voters to see Biden-era job numbers as 'fake'

TV says Biden losing support of young voters

Big Lie (song)

Will the eruption of the volcano in Iceland affect flights and how serious is it?

How holiday travel is shaping up at Sea-Tac Airport

White House announces new steps toward launching its climate corps for young people

Xfinity notifies its customers of data breach linked to software vulnerability

Long Train Runnin' - The Doobie Brothers - Live

Cartoons 12/19/2023

Alexandra Petri (satire): Thanks for being a Supreme Court Patreon! Don't forget to claim your perks.

This Stray Dog Was Impossible To Catch!

Everett nurses reject tentative agreement with Providence

WA sets aside 2,000 acres of forest for conservation, including in Sultan

Jury: Monsanto must pay $857M over PCBs in Monroe school

$3 per ride: Sound Transit sets new fare for all Link trips

🚨Breaking: Disgraced journalist Charlie LeDuff was arrested on domestic violence charges last night.

Whidbey Island has one of highest wildlife-vehicle crash rates

Why Did Financial Institutions Refuse to Honor Her Power of Attorney? - Jean Chatzky

Mike Luckovich-You're are too old! I'm supporting the Grinch

Harrop: Moms for Liberty leader taking liberties with backers

Mike Luckovich-You're are too old! I'm supporting the Grinch

My neighbor Fred...

Why Did Financial Institutions Refuse to Honor Her Power of Attorney? - Jean Chatzky

Texas governor signs bill that lets police arrest migrants who enter the US illegally

Richard Ojeda Roasts Trump's Dangerous Stupidity - Rebel HQ

FTC deadline pushed back for Kroger-Albertsons antitrust decision

Immigrant rights groups sue Texas to halt new law allowing arrests of migrants

Immigrant rights groups sue Texas to halt new law allowing arrests of migrants

Houthi attacks on commercial ships have upended global trade in vital Red Sea corridor

Creepy news: "Trump Laying Groundwork to Co-opt Military in 2025" (TPM)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Georgia, lawyers, and speculation....

My friend and former neighbor gifted me a wooden table

Photos: Protesters enter US Capitol to demonstrate against Gaza war

Trump signals seriously dangerous move ahead of 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

Love NYT Pitchbot

Appeals court says Mark Meadows can't move Georgia election case charges to federal court

'Suspension' vs 'sustainable cessation': The word games of war

Senate Republicans recoil at Trump 'poisoning the blood of our country' remarks

13-year-old who planned to shoot up synagogue enters plea to write a book report on WW2

See how GOP lawmaker defended Trump's 'poisoning' remark

Vice President Harris' full statement on the launch of the National Law Enforcement Accountability Database:

Conservative judge delivers major setback to key Trump ally - CNN

University of Geneva: Exoplanets'climate - it takes nothing to switch from habitable to hell

Just curious. What happened to "Image Dump"?

Got these scenes while out and about this morning . . . Guess where I was?*

Yippie, just saw an ad for New Years Eve on CNN with Andy And Anderson!!!!!

Judge Hilariously Pans Trump's 'Million Dollar Witness' - Waldorf Nation

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump and Mark Meadows both had a shitty day in court. boo fucking hoo

Troubling footage: IDF artillery deliberately fired over soldier's head

Rudy Giuliani Back On Newsmax Doing The Same Old Thing After $148 Million Verdict

Trump Praises Indicted Fake Electors And Complains About Them Being Treated 'Unfairly' - Ring of Fire

Russian Senators Declare War On Reptiloids!

Wayne Co. (Detroit) Commission passes cease-fire resolution in Israel-Hamas war after weeks of delay


Why people still fall for fake news about climate change

Southern MD sunset 12/19

Adding Fuel To The Fire (MSM Devoting So Much Time Talking About Tr**p).....

And here dies the American Experiment - putin wins

Dave Grohl on stealing Disco drumming for "Nevermind"

St. Paul, MN using leftover Covid funds to cancel medical debt of residents

Haven't you ever enjoyed having the perks of a wealthy friend? Oh Clarence... you're so judicial

The appellate courts speed things up, signaling an end to Trump's dirty game of delay, delay, delay - Glenn Kirschner

Single Word Sparks Chaos: Trump Devotee's Emotional Outburst

Only two pitchers in baseball history

Conservatives move to keep abortion off the 2024 ballot

New nuclear deflection simulations advance planetary defense against asteroid threats


senator tubberville says trumps poisoning the blood comment wasnt tough enough

Exclusive Preview: Vice President Kamala Harris on abortion rights in 2024 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Any glassware collectors here?

Young voters explain why they're bailing on Biden -- and whether they'd come back

Texas Senate poll (University of Texas)

Powerhouse Democrat Demolishes Trump's Unhinged Legal Defense - Pondering Politics

Umm I Just

Donald Trump makes long shot bid to toss gag order in election interference case - Deadline - MSNBC

Police crash car into St. Louis gay bar, then arrest co-owner

First Quarter, 41% visible

Greyhound bus stops are valuable assets. Here's who's cashing in on them

Fmr. prosecutor calls Mark Meadows' legal loss 'damaging for the Trump side' - MSNBC Reports

I have a general question about Go Fund Me...

The lesson of the missing Russian binder -- and the former POTUS who yelled 'Hoax'

The Colorado Supreme Court holds that Trump is disqualified from holding the presidency.

conditions for sonora ca . thunderstorm!!!!!!!

Where's Noa? A forensic analysis of her kidnapping and what it says about Israel's hostage crisis - NBC News

Donald Trump is barred from Colorado's 2024 ballot, the state Supreme Court rules

Colorado Supreme Court disqualifies Trump from 2024 ballot, pauses ruling to allow appeal

Shooting of 3 Israeli hostages 'is an impetus for renewed diplomacy' toward a pause, says Clarke - MSNBC Reports

Abortion-rights backers 'confident' they have signatures to make 2024 ballot

Florida abortion-rights backers 'confident' they have signatures to make 2024 ballot

Starting off Winter with rivers flooding?

Let Me Make this Pellucidly Clear

Philly Inquirer: Fetterman's betrayal of progressives is why young people are turning off politics

Rescue squirrel loves scratches:

'Extreme, pitting neighbor against neighbor': Texas Gov. Abbott signs law targeting migrants - Deadline - MSNBC

Why LEDs haven't yet cut energy use for lighting

This pupper is always lying in wait (wait for the ending):

Senate Republicans 'scurrying away from reporters' after Trump's Hitleresque rant: report

If US SCOTUS takes Colorado ballot issue, Clarence must recuse

Binders From The White House - Rocky Mountain Mike

Kitty on a pool table:

1950's Christmas at the movies🌲

How Many Xmas Cards?

No, he's not adopted. Why do you ask?

Why Mark Meadows' latest defeat in court matters

Country rap?

Racist pro-Palestinian protestor arrested at a rally promoted by a "journalist" from Vice News.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Sound on--They understand each other:

And a planespotter's twofer, a shameless Southwest photobomb

The appellate courts speed things up, signaling an end to Trump's dirty game of delay, delay, delay

The appellate courts speed things up, signaling an end to Trump's dirty game of delay, delay, delay

Hey MAGA, want to be in the know?


The force is strong with this one:

*Been watching Democracy NOW on a PBS channel in DC area,

Cheetah cub and rescue pup are best friends at Cincinnati Zoo:

BREAKING: Trump kicked off Colorado ballot - The Beat - MSNBC

2nd tweet--tiger baby with pacifier:

Israel Offers Hamas One-Week Pause in Fighting

Hearing aids. --- it's getting about time. Problem is, they're expensive and I don't want to lose them.