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*Frontline (tonight,) Netanyahu.

Star Trek: TNG - The Inner Light - Ressikan Flute and Piano (Tin Whistle)

Cute little fetch kitten:

Rachel Maddow on Joy Reid RFN!

1) dog checks out reflection in puddle; 2) Kitten's first mirror experience:

Al Franken: Year in Review: Molly Jong-Fast & Mark Leibovich Look Back at the Year in Politics

Master Calendar of Trump Court Dates: Criminal and Civil Cases

Oh, the weather outside is frightful:

New York will set up a commission to consider reparations for slavery

Tuberville May Drop Remaining Holds

In 1961 Mickey Mantle hit

That was fast...

What is the path to peace in Gaza? Here are 10 ideas

Welcome to the Frontlines of Freedom - Renew Democracy Initiative

Did I say stop?

Bob Ross' portrait of Trump

Hundreds of false bomb threats to Jewish institutions are believed to originate from outside the US, FBI says

What could interest rate cuts mean for the 2024 election?

Trump co-defendant Chesebro testified in Nevada to avoid charges: Court records

I'm in MN for my mother's funeral

Bombshell: Trump disqualified from ballot - Brian Tyler Cohen

Are you just dying to purchase a 1971 AMC Gremlin ? Have $33,895 ? *

Even if the Supreme Court overturns the Colorado decision, I think there has been irreparable damage to Trump's campaign

North Carolina's 2024 election maps are racially biased, advocates say in lawsuit

Congress erupts after court disqualifies Trump from Colorado ballot

Steve Schmidt: How trump's rhetoric is Shockingly similar to Nazism -The Warning

If scotus overrules colorado finding, it opens the door to ignore state rules

Civil rights groups file federal lawsuit against new Texas immigration law SB 4

Expert hired by Trump's team to investigate fraud reveals findings - CNN

Insurrection is TREASON, meanwhile in Trump Campaign headquarters....

Colorado Supreme Court blocks Trump from Colorado primary ballots - FOX31 Denver

Ginni Thomas' J6 participation looms large in congressional recusal request letter for Justice Thomas

How many tfg-related cases can SCOTUS take in less than a year?

Never ending story:

tfg is coming real close to actually threatening Pres. Biden

2nd tweet--kittens!

Colorado Supreme Court removes Trump from 2024 ballot - CNN

Attorney on what comes next after Colorado Supreme Court removed Trump from 2024 ballot - CNN

Trump disqualified from Colorado ballot, State Supreme Court rules - CBS News

Lawsuit against former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice dismissed after she turns over records

Movie night:

QAnon Shaman Gets Dissed By His Hero Matt Gaetz - Rebel HQ

I stumbled on this forum and have a question.

Last car post: Don't care about the environment ? * I present, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am at $135K **

TCM remembers 2023

Interdimensional portal:

Trump's busy month: Ali Velshi looks at the former president's busy legal calendar - Deadline - MSNBC

Alec Baldwin escorted by police after heated confrontation at pro-Palestinian rally in NYC

Dis my kitty now:

Trump campaign lawyer testified in Nevada fake electors case to avoid prosecution, transcripts show

You thought the Christmas tree was safe in there?

Trump lawyer torched for bragging about being sanctioned nearly $1 million over "frivolous" lawsuit

Black woman punched in face as protesters of Israeli-Hamas war disrupt holiday party in Detroit

Such a cute pounce:

New surveillance video shows teens' violent escape, attack of staff member at Echo Glen

So what if tfg cant be on the ballot?

There's always that one kit in the bunch that's a little higher maintenance:

missing woman, UPDATE

Now Watch How Dozens Of Talking Heads Will Be Commenting On This Colorado Ruling And......

Stefanik meets with Trump at Mar-a-Lago after she is silent about Trump's immigration comments - Deadline - MSNBC

Thomas should recuse from the Colorado ballot case

Office of the President

missing woman, close cousin to a friend of mine UPDATE

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High (from The Wildlife Concert)

Republican US House panel chair subpoenas Attorney General Merrick Garland

missing woman, close cousin to a friend of mine UPDATE

Prominent (Cincinnati) Republican judge leaves party, cites Donald Trump as 'a big part of it'

Panicked Fox Hosts Try to Shut Up Co-Host as She Proves They Are Liars - Luke Beasley

BREAKING: Trump DISQUALIFIED by Colorado Supreme Court from Election - Meidas Touch

While the vote to keep slob off the ballot was 4/3 the vote on the question of insurrection by the slob was unanimous.

The Supreme Court has some good political reasons to rule with Colorado

Israeli man charged for inciting terror, rape, genocide of Palestinians

I think its worth it for all of us to stop and really think about it for a min that Fascism

Colorado Justices Cited Justice Gorsuch

Who is Jamie Raskin going to endorse in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary?

Israeli spies running for office? Missouri attorney general candidate adopts conspiracy theory, derails own campaign

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump being off the ballot in Colorado....

I hope like hell TFG is the kGOPb nominee in 2024 bc Biden is his perfect foil

Oh gosh, I kept hearing sirens for what seemed like an hour.

A Palestinian baby girl, born 17 days ago during Gaza war, is killed with brother in Israeli strike

Uh Oh, Donald: Colorado Edition - The Lincoln Project

Judge Engoron Tears Donald Trump to Shreds

CNN projection

Scientists may be using a flawed strategy to predict how species will fare under climate change, suggests study

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

MONTH FROM HELL continues for Giuliani - Talking Feds

Avdiivka Ukraine weather forecast for December 20 ( current Ukraine war hotspot )


Senate approves remaining military promotions held up by Sen. Tuberville

Can trump win the gop primary without Colorado?

NYTimes Poll Reveals Biden Can Win in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

NAACP files lawsuit seeking to reject North Carolina state, congressional maps

"What do most mobilized people want?" - Break the Fake - TVP World

'Real surprise': Rachel Maddow reacts to Trump getting kicked off Colorado ballot - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The CO decision

FED UP Rachel Maddow DROPS THE HAMMER on Trump after his most DESPICABLE comments yet - Meidas Touch

Tony at Galveston beach

The Koch network is now backing Nikki Haley. The lawsuit to get Trump kicked off the Colorado ballot was

Missouri Supreme Court strikes down law against homelessness, COVID vaccine mandates

This Coloradoan concurs with this: 🤣

Jewish Groups Line Up In Support Of Biden's Muslim Court Pick Assailed By GOP

Defense lawyers suddenly ditch Trevian Kutti for offering 'help' to Georgia election worker Rudy Giuliani defamed

Christmas isn't just about giving and getting a bunch of useless shit! It's about the son of God who was

Justice Boatright decision is incorrect

Deranged Roseanne Barr Leaves MAGA Audience SPEECHLESS

Minnesota Flag That Had Right-Wingers Freaking Out Is Finally Unveiled

Conservative Rages Against Women's Suffrage - Waldorf Nation

Rick Reacts: Colorado SC Bars Trump From Ballot

All military promotions are through, including the 4 star generals

US Senate confirms Oklahoma's Sara Hill as a federal judge, overcoming GOP opposition

Seth Meyers - Election Workers File Second Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani After $148 Million Win - Monologue 12/19/23

"He's Getting Crazier!" - Chris Christie Hits Trump Where It Hurts - Rebel HQ

Black gay conservative gets surrounded by white supremacist conservatives who don't like him

Late filing may impact lawsuit by Michigan GOP lawmakers seeking to overturn voting initiatives

Bombshell report: Gifts flowed to Clarence Thomas after he complained about salary - All In - MSNBC

The Robert's Court Is Supposed To Be Originalist

Putin's Blame Game: Denies Responsibility Amidst War! - The Gaze

Amarillo City Council says it needs more time to debate abortion travel ban

Does the Colorado ruling only apply to the primaries, or will it also

Michigan expands places where people can register to vote

A thought from my feeble brain

Judge says removal of Confederate statue at Arlington can proceed

Ohio Supreme Court rejects six-week abortion ban appeal

Calling it early...

'Democracy or dictatorship': What's next now that Trump's kicked off Colorado's ballot? - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Russia presents electric car Amber, public wishes it hadn't -- photo

FL: Abortion rights amendment on track for 1.4 million signatures by New Year's

We've all been chewing on Colorado court's decision to bar tfg from the ballot. Do you think Scotus will get involved?

Is Texas' new immigration law SB4 unconstitutional? - CBS News

Queens Democrat indicted for casting 20 absentee ballots, district attorney says

Baby Goat Frolics

☦️ Ave Maria' (harp rendition) ✝️

Frontline: Clarence and Ginni Thomas: Politics, Power and the Supreme Court

'Ave Maria' (harp rendition)

Just when I thought I couldn't hate Trump more, he moves the neddle

Colorado judges on Hannity: Wow a Trump official targeting officials by name and photo, how could this end poorly?

Chris Hayes: The war in Gaza must end - All In - MSNBC

Alphabet to limit election queries Bard and AI-based search can answer

Pueblo man who allegedly tampered with election equipment has case dismissed

Shocking Origins Of Oncoming Authoritarian Take Over EXPOSED! - Thom Hartmann

'Trump Knows What He's Doing': The Creator of Godwin's Law Says the Hitler Comparison Is Apt

Crispin Glover - These Boots Are Made For Walking

Kan. man admits scheme to illegally sell avionics equipment to Russia

Is anyone else here listening to VP Harris on Lawrence O'Donnell?

Former judge: 'Clarence Thomas will recuse himself when Ginni flies' - All In - MSNBC

Trump to appeal Colorado ballot disqualification - CBS News

Ford just added 100 hidden-for-decades photos of concept cars to its online archive

Scott Perry's Phone Is Unsealed, Halleluia

Russia's Chess Game Exposed - Eastern Express - TVP World

VP Harris blasts Trump's 'poisoning the blood' rhetoric: 'A leader is someone who has empathy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kari Lake Humiliates Herself With The Real Reason She Hates Obama - Rebel HQ

Ramaswamy pledges to 'withdraw' from Colorado ballot amid Trump removal

Rick Reacts: Colorado SC Bars Trump From Ballot

Court blocks US government destruction of Texas border razor wire fencing

Debut author loses agent/book deals for creating fake accounts to tank ratings of other authors

There was a woman at my local Kroger today, coughing productively, coughing coughing and handling various produce items.

Judge orders Rep. Scott Perry to disclose 1,600 messages to federal prosecutors

Judge Luttig (on MSNBC now) believes that SCOTUS will AFFIRM the Colorado SC's decision nt

A few random songs on a Tuesday. Starting with JTE

Who's next ?

J. Michael Luttig: An unassailable, masterful ruling that should be upheld by scotus.

Nice example of tilt shift

Reproductive rights group urges Ohio prosecutor to drop criminal charge against woman who miscarried

So, for the first time I've started watching the West Wing

ACLU of Montana challenges law defining the word 'sex' in state code as only male or female

Old-growth forests sequester much more carbon than younger forests.

West accuses Iran of illegally testing missiles, transferring drones to Russia, enriching uranium

West accuses Iran of illegally testing missiles, transferring drones to Russia, enriching uranium

Former Haitian senator sentenced to life in prison in 2021 assassination of Haiti's president

1700 year-old knit child's sock from Egypt

Islamic Jihad releases video of two Israeli hostages pleading for their release

Animal Funnies

VP Harris: Israel has a right to defend itself, and how it does matters - The Last Word - MSNBC

VP Harris: Abortion rights 'is an issue that will be resolved next November' - The Last Word - MSNBC

FBI seizes BlackCat ransomware website, offers decryption key

Some call it multi-tasking...

VP Harris reflects on the barriers she's broken as Vice President - The Last Word - MSNBC

Wisconsin Assembly's top Republican wants to review diversity positions across state agencies

Setting over the river. (thru window)

Turkey links Sweden's NATO bid to US approving F-16 jet sales and Canada lifting arms embargo

Texas Lt. Guv Threatens to Take Biden Off State's Ballot After Colorado Ruling

タツノコプロ OP・ED集 [1965〜1983]Tatsunoko Pro OP/ED [1965-1983] early ANIME

My first novel has been published and is on sale on Amazon

Meadows removal decision spells trouble...FOR TRUMP! - Talking Feds

Jon Stewart mashup.

India suspends 141 lawmakers as ruling BJP accused of stifling opposition

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about updates on negotiations and plans....

Waiting - The Lincoln Project

Breaking down Trump's disqualification from Colorado ballot - CBS News

Clarence Thomas

St. Louis Gay Bar Owner's Attorney Alleges Police Misconduct in Crash & Arrest Incident

Only two prior 14th amendment disqualification cases involved prior convictions.

Cyprus says a joint operation with Mossad has foiled a suspected Iranian plot to kill Israelis

Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Traitor Trump From 2024 Ballot - Rodecast

Canada says all cars and trucks must be zero emission by 2035, industry unhappy

Blue Origin successfully launches New Shepard rocket - Reuters

Chilean voters reject conservative constitution, after defeating leftist charter last year

"Merry Effing Christmas" countdown's bulletin edition with keith olbermann

Giuliani's Money Woes Were a Focus of Ukraine Inquiry, Records Reveal

Hybrid Threat: Finland and Baltic States' Response - Aurimas Navys - TVP World

'Not a qualified candidate': CO Sec. of State on removing Trump from ballot and what's next - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Airtight' Colorado Trump case will be a test of Supreme Court's originalist principles - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Jeff Tiedrich:

'A masterful decision': Conservative scholar says Colorado decision will stand the test of time

Locked out of local government: Residents decry increased secrecy among towns, counties, schools

Moms for Liberty's overtly anti-public school rhetoric has fully seeped into the Republican Party, making

Raskin - 'Every legal question': Thorough work by Colorado Supreme Court puts Trump in tough spot - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Wordle 914 (12/20) ***Spoilers!!!***

We're in the Boulder Beach campground in the Lake Mead Rec. area...

States are trashing troves of masks and pandemic gear as huge, costly stockpiles linger and expire

Shocking Truth: The Hidden Agenda Behind US Aid to Ukraine Exposed! - The Gaze

Biden vetoes resolution disapproving of US CFPB's small-business loan rule

Does the Colorado decision mean every state can adopt its own interpretation of what constitutes "insurrection"

So lucky!!!

Alabama's Shocking Plan To Murder a U.S. Citizen - Thom Hartmann

Cool video of a Basket Star

Politicians, workers seek accountability after sudden closure of St. Louis nursing home

'A masterful decision': Conservative scholar says Colorado decision will stand the test of time - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A look at the possible reintroduction of grizzly bears to Washington

Giuliani Sued Again By Election Workers For Continuing Election Lies - Rodecast

I find it rather interesting that TFG hasn't started his library yet....

So, how will this work?

Polls open in high-stakes DR Congo election after fraught campaign

'A War of Ideals': The culture wars entering U.S. classrooms - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

El-Sissi wins Egypt's presidential election with 89.6% of the vote and secures third term in office

Fox Host Says Senate Sex Tape Is Worse Than January 6th - Waldorf Nation

U.S. Cannabis Rescheduling May Happen Close to 2024 Election

Mississippi local officials say human error and poor training led to election-day chaos

Serbia's ruling populists say weekend elections were fair despite international criticism, protests

AZ: Complaints question ethics of judges in election challenges

Iraq's ruling Shi'ite alliance leads in provincial elections -initial results

Honoring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Hungary's uncertain future in the EU - Bohdan Nahaylo - TVP World

No way SCOTUS would allow Colorado to ban Trump.

German court orders repeat of 2021 election in parts of Berlin due to glitches

NY-03: Mazi Melesa Pilip (R): Rising Political Star or Enigma on Abortion Rights?

Trump STRIKES OUT In Court of Appeals After DEVASTATING Legal Mistake - Meidas Touch

Congress is Likely to Switch Party Control After 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Russia To Rebuild Its Potential And Threaten NATO by 2027? - Good Times Bad Times

Louisiana lawmakers settle on dates for redistricting, crime special sessions

CA-31: Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi Endorses Gil Cisneros (D)

"American pioneer": See Biden's tribute to trailblazing Justice O'Connor - Full speech - MSNBC Reports

Haley takes aim @ De Santis

The Scheme 26: The Judiciary Committee Votes for Subpoenas - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

How to stay safe from the 'triple threat' respiratory Illness this holiday season - MSNBC Reports

Mark Meadows Loses Against Fani Willis At Appeals Court - Rodecast

19 Dec: First-Class Execution! Ukrainians Create a Perfect Meatgrinder - Reporting from Ukraine

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/19/2023

Detectives claim LAPD chief sought investigation of Mayor Bass over USC scholarship

Killings of Palestinian children are soaring in the West Bank. Advocates say it happens with impunity

Arizona becomes a Democratic state after 2024?

Overly broad terrorist watchlist poses national security risks, Senate report says

New protections for very old trees: The rules cover a huge swath of the US

Breakfast Wednesday 20 December 2023

The 80+ million who voted for Joe Biden need to be on BLUE ALERT

Netanyahu seeks to delay trial: Report

IRS to offer pandemic-related relief on some penalties to nearly 5 million taxpayers

Judge orders Rep. Scott Perry to turn over nearly 1,700 cellphone records in Jan. 6 probe

Mary Trump Splatters Uncle With Priceless Picture After Colorado News

Biden administration policy differences reportedly behind delay in Gaza ceasefire vote at UN

Why Turkey is Angry With America - TLDR News Global

EPA to disperse $600M in anti-pollution grants through regional organizations

Update on my wife and our separation due to COVID and her Green Card - recent news again

speeding St. Louis cop crashes patrol car into gay bar. beating, arrest and 36 hrs in jail for bar owner

CNN: The United States is producing more oil than any country in history

Raids on Gyms and Draft of Students: Mobilization Russia-style - UATV English

TSA at JFK Airport Criticized After Agent Tried To Take a Passenger's Mobility Aids

On this day, December 20, 1947, Steven Wright of the Easybeats was born.

Israeli tank fired at home with captives inside on October 7: Report

Floridians Protecting Freedom confident they have enough signatures to put abortion on the ballot

When does CO get a new US Senator?

another affluenza teen: drunk driving Mercedes, offers to Venmo witnesses to let him go

Talk about bending over backwards... (CO State Supreme Court)

On this day, December 20, 1941, the Merrie Melodies cartoon "Wabbit Twouble" was released.

"Insurrectionist oath-breakers"

What more is needed, re. Colorado decision . . . .

On this day, December 20, 2009, Arnold Stang died.

'Incompetent dumpster fire': Michigan GOP rocked by financial turmoil and infighting

It was a full house, last night. Err, rather I mean a full bed.

On this day, December 20, 1957, "Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank" was aired.

On this day, December 20, 1946, "It's a Wonderful Life" was released.

Musk and Tesla are battling unions across Scandinavia. What comes next in the labor dispute?

On This Day: United States invades Panama - Dec. 20, 1989

US Gulf of Mexico oil auction is largest since 2015

This is crazy! Fox's Bret Baier compares Student Loan Relief to Trump's Coup attempt

On this day, December 20, 1922, Geoff Mack, who wrote "I've Been Everywhere," was born.

What Drove Colorado's 14th Amendment Trump Ruling? Common Sense & History

The SCOTUS will find a way to say that abiding by the Constitution is illegal.

On this day, December 20, 1999, Hank Snow died.

No way will THIS Supreme Court uphold the Colorado Supreme Court decision. I think we are deluding ourselves

No reason to buy into any argument, that Trump is being singled out. Because

Israeli hostages mistakenly killed by IDF were recorded on canine unit camera, but footage wasn't checked

Never count on the Supreme Trump Court!


Defeating Dobbs? Jury nullification.


Wide generational gap persists on views around Israel-Hamas war: poll

Climate Risk To US Real Estate Markets May Be Substantially Understated


The Weekly Pull: The Original X-Men, Star Wars: Revelations, Kaijumax, and More

Multiversity's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Maker of popular gift cards sued over alleged 'card draining' scam risk

Republicans Who Aren't On Board With Biden Impeachment Have Been Warned

Cocoa grown illegally in a Nigerian rainforest heads to companies that supply major chocolate makers


The temperature in St Andrew Jamaica was 69 last night

WAPO--Here's the Civil War history they didn't want you to know

Wednesday TOONs

How Bad Was 2023's Heat? Tree Ring Data From Ponderosa Pine Bigelow 224 Show Us

Al Jazeera broadcast captures moment strike hits building in Rafah

Giving a certain person's life meaning. You know who you are!

So Trump is going back to his scare tactics of.........

Trump, Attacked for Echoing Hitler, Says He Never Read 'Mein Kampf'

"Worship" - Jon Batiste (LIVE on The Late Show)

Ty Cobb: Supreme Court will rule 9-0 in Trump's favor

One thing of which I am certain:

It is said that "Great minds think alike".

Weekly Skews - 12/19/23 - Satan Claus is Comin' to Town

"Human, I'm trying to sleep here"

AI cannot be named as an 'inventor,' top UK court says in patent dispute

U.S. Current-Account Deficit Narrows in 3rd Quarter 2023

Remember Bush v. Gore?

Alan Parsons has a birthday today.

If you're going to play the poll game, come correct

Monster Hunter World: Bazelgeuse Hunt

Rudy Giuliani was MAGA before MAGA

Just had a great interaction with Social Security

What's Going On

E.U. strikes major migration deal, signaling Europe's rightward shift

Something even the most corrupt, ignorant member of the Roberts court understands.

About Scott Perry's Phone

Video shows prior escape of Israeli captives mistakenly killed by Israeli soldiers

Musical Christmas card

There's always a tweet....Trump from 2016

Leading Oz Marine Scientist: "Unprecedented Mass Coral Bleaching And Mortality" Likely In 2024

Mid-December Temperatures +/- 15C Above Historic Averages In Southeast Australia

Is there still a "Spiritual" forum

Scientists Brace For Assessment From Flooding, Wave Damage Along Great Barrier Reef (Cyclone Jasper)

You raised $20.00 on December 19, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"Good news! You're on scotus! Bad news: Your overlords are bums."

Karma, of the Instant variety, has been busy busy busy

Federal judge orders Rep. Scott Perry to turn over nearly 1,700 records from his phone to the Special Counsel

If you're out shopping today....😄 🎄

Judge Engoron Makes It Clear That Trump Is Heading For Financial Doom

So, Any-hoo --- Wife Wants A Ruffle-Front Blouse Now

I found Kevin McCarthy's spine!

Do you have a Bumpus type family with dogs or cats in your neighborhood? Edit to add it is from A Christmas Story

'On now-debunked narrative that Garland's DOJ wasted 2022'

Anyone heard from Boebert about her state's court ruling?

Russia has an electric car now!

Alone - The Bee Gees 👥

Why I'm against hydrogen cells, central solar plants, and question nuclear options?

"The Tesla Killer:" Russia Introduces Ugly First Electric Vehicle 'Amber'

Rick Wilson twists the knife: 'That's never going to get old Donald. Ever.'

"How sweet to be a Cloud Floating in the Blue!" - A.A. Milne

Christmas tree cluster ( in space)

Seattle, other cities use creative workarounds to ditch gas

This meme has no punchline 😎

Christmas tree in Green & Gold

Nearly a Quarter of Trump Voters Say He Shouldn't Be Nominated if Convicted

Regarding the appeal to the SC on the colorado decision

Political Experts React to the Best Ads Attacking Donald Trump and Republicans w/ Brian Tyler C

What's your favorite candy? I like those small Andes candies.

So if the CO decision backfires, so might SCotUS's overturning it.

Pic Of The Moment: Spineless GOP Candidates Criticize CO Supreme Court Decision To Kick Trump Off 2024 Ballot

S.F. judge upholds state privacy law cited in prosecution of antiabortion activists

NJ police officers used taxpayer dollars on problematic training, comptroller's office says

*******BREAKING*******US Consumer Confidence Perks up in December

? to the legal beagles here re: CO decision and possible SCOTUS appeal

Video of election worker in GA?


please dont take this away from me.

Bonnie Raitt - Runaway

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 20, 2023)

What's putin and his puppet the Lying King's next move after Colorado,

Rite Aid's 'reckless' use of facial recognition got it banned from using the technology in stores for five years

Story #7,484,321 on why there is no point talking to Maga.

Flowers 'giving up' on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 20, 2023

Alan Dershowitz seeks wife's permission to represent Trump in 14th Amendment case

The pros and cons of getting settled into my new job.

Was Putin behind the Hamas Israel attack?

"This Is a Colonial War": Historian Rashid Khalidi on Israel, Gaza & the Future of Palestine

Referencing the Divine....

Judge Luttig: Yesterday's decision was a historic, constitutional decision

Misinformer of the Year: Legacy media

I have heard

Excellent short documentary about the Pinelands

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Scott Perry's phone and Jack Smith....

Ukraine-Russia war: Rat bite fever strikes Russian troops

tiedrich: Colorado just 14th Amendmented the fuck out of Donald Trump CRY MORE, DONNY

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - 2

China meddled in the 2022 election because it figured Biden wouldn't retaliate: US intel report

USA Launches Military Coalition after Houthis Red Sea Attacks Raising Risk of USA Iran Conflict - Joe Blogs

He Went That Way Official Trailer (HD) Vertical

Nearly 350,000 Russian troops, 45,000 pieces of military equipment eliminated during invasion

The 2020 Election and the Struggle for America's Soul with Ben Ginsberg

If SCOTUS decides the 14th Amendment doesn't require a conviction

Xi straight-up told Biden that China is going to take over Taiwan, report says. It could end in war.

25-year-old man charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend has been granted 9 bonds in 1 year

UPDATE 2-Russian court fines Google $50.8 mln over 'fake' information -TASS

Company unveils bladeless 'honeycomb' wind turbines -- here's how this super-efficient technology could let clean energy

So I just got suspended on Instagram

Comcast says hackers stole data of close to 36 million Xfinity customers

Biden: 'No question' Trump supported insurrection in light of Colorado ruling

Pope Condemns Israeli Killings of Palestinian Christians; Relative of 84-Year-Old Mourns Her Death

I like Christmas. I like the season. I like all of it.

No fire plans, keys left out and no clean laundry. Troubled South Carolina jail fails inspection

Victor Shi: The youth are doing just fine, folks.

O hai.

Florida parents say 2-year-old was restrained during Rosa Parks reenactment at day care

Xi warned Biden during summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with China

Are my ears on straight?

Cop Conducts Search for 'Gender Queer' Book in Eighth-Grade Classroom

Group that planned Jan. 6 rally lied about Capitol march plans, government report says Leaders from the pro-Trump group

Republican tries to defend Trump on air, falls on her face - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Under Attack": TX Law Targets Immigrants as Trump Cites Hitler, GOP Pushes for Border Crackdown

Xi straight-up told Biden that China is going to take over Taiwan, report says. It could end in war.

Red Sea Crisis Hurts China; 90% Collapse In Mutual Funds; Chinese Economy - China Update


Help me! I'm melllting!

Righties are accusing Delta Airlines of shipping illegal aliens

Republican Gets Schooled by Anchor During Heated Exchange - Rebel HQ

Chip Roy: Trump 'hangs out in his basement in Florida, afraid to actually debate'

Trump says he never read Hitler's 'Mein Kampf,' doubles down on anti-immigrant phrase

Just received a text from "SurveyMonkey" for a political poll.

What is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment?

Surrealistic Christmas card

'Shocked and heartbroken': Woodinville garden store Molbak's to close

Lawyer who fought to have Trump kicked off Colorado ballot reacts to ruling - MSNBC Reports

Online vs. Real life:

Cartoons 12/20/2023

ST. LOUIS METRO NEWS Bar:PM Owner Arrested by St. Louis Police Was Beaten 'Terribly,' Attorney Says

3-day-old baby saved following Israeli air raid on Rafah

2nd tweet--WTF is that thing?!

'Transition' from fossil fuels must be more than pledge

France passes controversial immigration bill amid deep division in Macron's party

So near, yet so far away!

Argentina's president warned of a tough response to protests. He's about to face the first one

Mark Meadows Loses In Court And His Only Option Is To Flip On Trump - Ring of Fire

Cocoa grown illegally in a Nigerian rainforest heads to companies that supply major chocolate makers

Antique Christmas tree ornaments

Some state abortion bans stir confusion, and it's uncertain if lawmakers will clarify them

Someone complained about a book in a Great Barrington classroom. Then the police showed up.

1st tweet--rainy days; 2nd tweet--clever, well-trained dog:

House Dysfunction by the Numbers: 724 Votes, Only 27 Laws Enacted

US veto not off table as UN Security Council vote looms

Xi warned Biden during summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with China - MSNBC Reports

Elon Musk says letting workers unionize creates 'lords and peasants'. What?

Giuliani Never Puts Up, but He Never Shuts Up Either

Fargo this season!!!!!!! OMG!

Political experts examine America's divisions heading into 2024 election

So about Trump's "Dictatorship for only one day."

Mother of Black child, 10, sentenced for urinating in public refuses to sign probation terms

Right upper quadrant calcification

Scott Perry's phone and Ginni Thomas

The Fight To Stop A Deadly Nursing Home Takeover - More Perfect Union

Trump's Hitler Fantasies Put Republicans on Defense

cross posting from movies- he went that way.

Narrow streets, Caglieri, Sardinia

The stock market is going INSANE, it must be thanks to Trump, right?

THE BLAST EFFECT This is how bullets from an AR-15 blow the body apart

Trump claims that his Hitler statements are different. Yeah, Hitler's were in German.

Fox Anchor Crashes + Burns Trying To Excuse Trump Hitler Rhetoric - Rebel HQ

Mt. Rainier this week from KVI Beach,

The Racist Moronic Scapegoating Continues

Political Corruption in the LAPD Exposed? The Case Against Chief Michel Moore and Rick Caruso

Strategy Session Live Trump's Hitler Fetish, DeSantis' Decline 2023 Wrap Up & Look Ahead

Texas is demanding gender transition records from a Seattle hospital

Senator Sanders: The U.S. must not veto a reasonable resolution to stop the hostilities ...

GOP voter-fraud crackdown overwhelmingly targets minorities, Democrats

Manure Spreader (Rudy) - Luckovich Cartoon

Democrats Who Win.

Historian Rashid Khalidi on Israel, Gaza, & the Future of Palestine

GM buys out nearly half of it's Buick dealers across the country, who opt to not sell EVs (New Wildcat EV pic)

As The year ends, try this

As The year ends, try this

Isn't an impeachment the same as an indictment? I remember people saying that

A bit of light fun on Disney+ with Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Avlon and Honig debate merit of Colorado ruling against Trump - CNN

POLL: Fascist tRump Evoking Of Hitler Grows His Support

Houthi leader threatens to attack US warships if Washington targets Yemen

Cheato asks Supreme Court to stay out of immunity dispute for now

I wonder how Cynthia Nixon's "hunger strike" is coming along. Any updates on this *

RCMP respond to report that a woman tried to place a "straight pride" sticker in store window.

Colorado, the 14th Amendment, and the right's January 6 revisionism

The House passed a whopping 27 laws last year!

Any solution to the Israel-Hamas War requires realism.

An historic decision for the Supreme Court

Why do the MAGAs think a Colorado Caucus is a magic back-door?

Rep. Cuellar: "Those types of numbers, we just cannot sustain that at all." - MSNBC Reports

From CNN: "SiriusXM sued for allegedly trapping customers in unwanted subscriptions"

TFG has filed his opposition to the SCOTUS reviewing Judge Chutkan's immunity ruling

This MAGA Congress is historically embarrassing (Literally.) - Pondering Politics

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Put Off Hearing Case on Immunity Claim

"He must be Cognitive"

IMO the insurrectionists still in Congress should be barred from running for national office again.

U.S. reaches a deal with Venezuela to release an ally of President Nicols Maduro in exchange for 10 jailed Americans

I started a thread in the Lounge so all Du folks can wish us all a Happy Holiday, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas.

Here Are the Other States Where Trump's Ballot Eligibility Faces a Challenge

J6 Investigation vs DOJ Investigation

What did the Ghost of Tsushima Eat? Recreating Samurai Food!

Regarding the "poisoning of the blood"

COVID-19 cases rising in U.S. as new "variant of interest" emerges - CBS News

Right-Wing Ghouls Literally Calling For Palestinian Genocide

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective -A REUTERS Investigation

Global banks see no recession, US companies are more circumspect

Josh Shapiro for those interested. Always impressive.

Trump lawyers urge supreme court to reject fast-tracking immunity decision

New 'Washington Post' CEO accused of Murdoch tabloid hacking cover-up

Trump quote on a State keeping a candidate off the ballot.

New York sues SiriusXM, accusing company of making it deliberately hard to cancel subscriptions

Pittie Obsessed With Santa Gets The Ultimate Surprise

Lessig: The Supreme Court Must Unanimously Strike Down Trump's Ballot Removal

Republicans are right, let us let "people" decide elections, get rid of the electoral college

The mocking of "Alpha Male" Nick Adams never gets old...

Trump denies reading "Mein Kampf" in first rally after Colorado ballot ruling - CBS News

Conspiracies, Twitter, and "Settler Colonial" Israel (Ben Parker & Yair Rosenberg) Bulwark Podcast

Lock Him Away (The Liar Bleats Tonight)

Memories are short, but Trump-era disasters shouldn't be forgotten

been having one of those days where i cant fell forth a farn. gah seriously

Republican voters could end all this

Accused of echoing Hitler, Trump offers the wrong response

Liberal Redneck - Merry Christmas and Hail Satan, Y'all!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and Godwin....

In deciding Trump's ballot eligibility, the Supreme Court should apply the law without fear or favor

Right Angles v Perception Building-Wise

Why At Least 4 Different Countries Claim To Have The World's Biggest Christmas Tree

If immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country,

White supremacist sentenced for threatening jury and witnesses at synagogue shooter's trial

I agree with SoS Blinken

Pear Tree in Distress

Trump Gag Order Opinion Reissued by US Appeals Court -- Minus Redactions

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie W/O using Google

Will be my first Christmas without LilBit

Federal judge says research can't be used to link acetaminophen to autism, ADHD

Jan. 6 rioter nabbed in Bumble dating app sting pleads guilty to assaulting officers

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 20, 2023

Texas-based housing developer accused of targeting Hispanic borrowers in predatory lending scheme, lawsuit says

Israel-Hamas war: More talks on fresh ceasefire, more than 20,000 killed in Gaza, officials say

The Sycophant Christmas Magat parade to honor Orange Jesus has all the usual suspects and suck ups.

Today's Tiedrich rant: Colorado just 14th Amendmented the fuck out of Donald Trump

Joy to the World - Handbell Choir

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 21 December 2023

Toyota recalling 1 million vehicles for potential air bag problem

Obamacare Enrollment Sets Another Record Even As Trump Threatens The Law Yet Again

Texas Businesses Rebel Against State Abortion Ban - Waldorf Nation

Pope Condemns Israeli Killings of Palestinian Christians; Relative of 84-year-old Victim Mourns Her Death

Mmmmm Salad Fixing

Robert Reich: It's pretty simple that US Constitution prevents trump from holding federal office

Robert Reich: It's pretty simple that tfg doesn't meet the requirements for elected office

Rite Aid's 'reckless' use of facial recognition got it banned from using the technology in stores for five years

Good point on Nicole Wallace show about those saying let voters decide about Dump.

Protesters scream at mother of Naama Levy, raped hostage

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to EPA air pollution regulation

Skid in home sales snapped as easing mortgage rates give buyers breathing room

Hanta virus (mouse borne) is causing illness among the Russian invaders

For LilBit on Christmas Day

U.S. Privately Moves To Block Another Option For International Accountability For Gaza

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was Honored To Meet With Capitol Rioter Shaman - Farron Balanced

Hey D.U. ers Can you please go bounce this

Jethro Tull for this night before the winter solstice. Sleigh ride, anyone?

Judge HOWELL has ordered immediate enforcement of Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss' judgment against Rudy

Youth are right to expect radical changes in our politics, economy and society

No matter what, Trump won't stop running

How pro-Russian 'yacht' propaganda influenced US debate over Ukraine aid

White Supremacist Sentenced For Making Threats During Synagogue Shooter Trial

Another Trump-adjacent fatal staircase fall just waiting to happen.

North Dakota judge to hear request to temporarily block part of abortion law that restricts doctors

The fitting end to Donnie Dumpster Fire

What Can I Say - Boz Scaggs 🕶 (+ Duane Allman Extra)

Hamas kills bid to revive ceasefire deal, hostage release -WSJ


Trump Loses It, Rages Over Bombshell Court Ruling! - Luke Beasley

Israel uncovers major Hamas command center in Gaza City as cease-fire talks gain momentum

This is confusing to me.

Schools in UK 'face legal risks if they follow new transgender guidance'

Interview with Frank Figliuzzi; "The FBI Way" -Glenn Kirschner

Zelenskyy's Top-Secret Military Plan Revealed! Mobilizing 500,000 Troops for Ukraine's Defense! - The Gaze

Colorado GOP is discussing switching to a caucus if Trump remains off the primary ballot

Sigh. I'm not looking for a great holiday season this year. Too many people are gone.

$750 a month, no questions asked, improved the lives of homeless people

DU no longer works in Google Chrome

Video shows Texas National Guard soldiers appearing to ignore a mother and baby's pleas for help in the Rio Grande

The Shinehead Story

Feds raided Rudy Giuliani's home and office in 2021 over Ukraine suspicions, unsealed papers show