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Capitol Rioter Nabbed in Bumble Dating App Sting

Things President Biden has achieved in his first term?

A loving note from a father to a closeted son.

Swimming Pools and Granite Countertops: How College Dorms Got So Expensive

Texas begins flying migrants from US-Mexico border to Chicago, with 1st plane carrying 120 people

Excellent meme about Republicans:

Hawley blocks McConnell-backed nominees, escalating feud

Judge orders immediate enforcement of Georgia election workers' $148M judgment against Giuliani

Arkansas rules online news personality Cenk Uygur won't qualify for Democratic presidential primary

US finds fewer cases of avian flu in wild birds, a good sign for poultry

White South Carolina couple 'harassed Black neighbors with burning cross'

White South Carolina couple 'harassed Black neighbors with burning cross'

Boston mayor apologizes to Black men wrongly accused in 1989 murder that shone spotlight on racism

Seattle Hospital sues after Texas Attorney General asks for handover of patient records

Bruce Springsteen, "Santa Clause Is Comin' to Town":

Judge Luttig: 'The Supreme Court should affirm this decision' - Trump removed from Colorado ballot - Deadline - MSNBC

SiriusXM sued for allegedly trapping customers in unwanted subscriptions

I talked to the NM SOS office about removing Trump

Biden administration must stop removing razor wire barriers from Texas border, judge rules

IMHO... and I'm not a lawyer and didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night... the Colorado thing

Trump doubles down on immigration comments, claims he has never read Mein Kampf - Deadline - MSNBC

The Constitution's insurrection clause threatens Trump's campaign. Here is how that is playing out

RFK Jr. is now admitting that he traffics in conspiracy theories to

Willow Biden and her mom gives The Dodo a White House Holiday Tour!

The Constitution says you can't run for President if you are under 35.

Wisconsin elections commission rejects complaint against Trump fake electors for second time

Chick-fil-A could soon open on Sundays in some locations

Senate adjourns until 2024 without deal on Ukraine, border security

I can now say I personally know someone arrested for the Jan 6 riot

CO Sec. of State Jena Griswold: 'There is no loophole in the Constitution' for Donald Trump - MSNBC Reports

Almost a quarter of Trump supporters oppose having him on ticket if convicted: Survey

Snowcap Hummingbird - Costa Rica

Rite Aid facial recognition misidentified Black, Latino and Asian people as 'likely' shoplifters

Right-wing social media platform Parler plans to relaunch early next year

42 percent of GOP Iowa caucusgoers say 'poisoning the blood' remarks make them more likely to support Trump: poll

Wisconsin elections commission rejects complaint against Trump fake electors for second time

TO THE JAIL - Jingle Bells for Trump - Don Caron - Parody Project

Hey Republi"can'ts"

**Watch Democracy Now! check local listings, tremendous info/interviews provided

Trump's rivals tip toe around Colorado Supreme Court decision - Deadline - MSNBC

🎄🎄🎄😎 Christmas MEMES galore!! ❤️✌️🎶

Clarence Thomas Threatened to Resign Over Salary Concerns in 2000

my late momeam in on equinox and left this earth on dec 21st. 23 years years ago . misss u mom terribly

Graduate Calls Out Bridget Zieler

Trump Iowa Rally Recap: Holiday Edition (TLP video)

Trump asks Supreme Court not to act on election interference immunity issue - MSNBC Reports

OK Ready, Say "Chirp-Peep!" OK Ready, Say "Squeak!"

Risk of penile fractures rises at Christmas, doctors find

Does conversion therapy work for bigots?

BOMBSHELL court decision SLAMS Trump's 2024 prospects - Talking Feds

US crude exports set a record high amid market share war with OPEC

Israel releases Palestinian prisoner amid serious health concerns

Not The Onion: This Hummus Profits from Genocide

Brianna Ghey's killers found guilty

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn and Tara Sub for Mike!

This is a question for constitutional scholars...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about drill instructors and fact checking....

Weaponization of the 14th Amendment: Recent Colorado SC Ruling Ain't All Cherries

People think Apollo didn't have enough fuel to get to the moon?-Youtube video.

Iowa Rally Recap: Holiday Edition. Lincoln Project

We gonna party, or not? Thu, Dec 21, 2023, 10:27 PM

French MPs pass controversial immigration reform

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Disqualified from 2024 Ballot, Colorado Court Says in Shock Ruling: A Closer Look

A Bacterial Protein Can Transport Heavy Highly Radioactive Actinides.

I know a good number of peolle here aren't religious

Please D.U. This poll

'Most dangerous person': Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen slams Trump on racist remarks - The Beat - MSNBC

Your go-to department store for Christmas when you were a kid?

Fake Generational Warfare

The Atlantic: The Colorado Ruling Calls the Originalists' Bluff

Dense fog rolls into western Washington, covering Seattle on Dec. 20

MAGA's Laughable Plan To Help Trump Win In Colorado - Raw News And Politics

Robert Reich: "It's the constitution folks."

Rudy Giuliani suddenly faces the possibility of jail - MSNBC

What happened to Republicans' love of states rights?

HOPE Lawrence O'D's OK,

🎭 This Masquerade - George Benson

Jamie Raskin - 'Bullseye': Trump's Colorado ballot banishment accords with Constitution top Dem says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Ex-Wagner officer says Kremlin ordered 'atrocities' in Ukraine

Consumer confidence blows past expectations, surges by most since early 2021

New Texas immigration law "impossible" to enforce, sheriff says - CBS News

The history of the insurrection clause--and why it 'plainly' applies to Trump - All In - MSNBC

The American Judiciary Is Failing Its Trump Test: No other American defendant would get this kind of kid-glove treatment

Colorado Supreme Court makes surprise move to ensure US Supreme Court upholds Trump ruling - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm a pacifist, atheist Arab and I'm praying for IDF soldiers

Bypassing congress, Argentina's Milei decrees sweeping economic deregulation and privatization measures

Bypassing congress, Argentina's Milei decrees sweeping economic deregulation and privatization measures

**Vindman brothers coming up on Lawrence show (Ali Velshi sitting in.)

Rep. Scott Perry Could Be The Next Insurrectionist To Be Kicked Off The Ballot

The Final Speech from The Great Dictator (

Enough!! Let's settle this once and for all

Seattle Hospital sues after Texas Attorney General asks for handover of patient records

My huge 2024 Prediction: Niki Haley will upset Trump and win the Republican nomination for president.

Ron DeSantis on the Verge of Total Collapse in GOP Primary - Let's Talk Elections

Hamas Sees Peace as Weakness

'This you?': Conservative justice cited in Colorado decision disqualifying Trump - All In - MSNBC

Why the Dow just tumbled about 500 points after nearly hitting a record

The original version of Going Down The Road Feeling Bad - Cliff Carlisle

She hates when we share this.

'Slamdunk': Why Supreme Court must 'defend states' rights' if Trump ballot exclusion appealed - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Trump Iowa Rally Recap: Holiday Edition - The Lincoln Project

☦️ Greek Orthodox Christianity - 'St. Spyridon, Wonderworking Bishop'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked For Yet Another 'National Divorce' Plea

Trumps goes after Moss and Freeman in winter 2023 when he was not President. He can be sued.

Trumps goes after Moss and Freeman in winter 2023 when he was not President. He can be sued.

India-Canada ties: Canada's PM sees change in India's tone after US involvement; Pannun murder plot - WION

Fox News Liberal Triggers MAGA Lawyer into Meltdown on Live TV - Pondering Politics

Trump Files COWARDLY Response with Supreme Court - Meidas Touch

i was at a department store today buying a jacket. they had a credit/debit card machine as usual and it demanded a tip

Bald eagles just hanging out on someone's front porch:

MTG Gets Triggered By Lindsey Graham For Using Simple Logic - Rebel HQ

75 Alaskan Rivers Turn Bright Orange, Tainting Water Supply, Endangering Humans and Wildlife; Scientists Investigate Sto

Backers say Florida abortion ballot initiative on track ahead of signature deadline

Breaking down the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I eat you face!

How Ron DeSantis' $100 Million 'Death Star' Collapsed

Shift in Pakistan's anti-India rhetoric amidst election frenzy? - WION

2nd tweet--excited monkey's first experience of snow:

Judge orders MAGA congressman TURN OVER secret phone evidence from Jan 6 - Talking Feds

Archie Bunker's Place Archie Mourns Edith The Norman Lear Effect

Gorgeous horses:

12 states where the fate of abortion rights could be on 2024 ballots

Colorado Supreme Court justices face a flood of threats after disqualifying Trump from the ballot

Thinking swimming man is drowning, baby elephant rushes to save him:

Yes, the music AI-pocalypse has arrived: AI can now compose and sing your songs or create from scratch

Revised ballot language submitted for Arkansas government transparency amendment

2nd tweet--Young elephant enjoys a mud slide:

North Dakota abortion ban challenged, with focus on medical exception

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) on his 2024 presidential campaign - ABC News

We may as well pack it in as a nation if SCOTUS doesn't uphold Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment in regards...

2nd tweet--Piggies playing in water:

Loser Kari Lake Is Getting Ready For Her Next Big Loss - Waldorf Nation

PA-HD140: Prokopiak Earns Democratic Nomination For Special Election

Congress leaves for holiday break pushing Ukraine aid, border security talks to January - PBS NewsHour

54% of Americans Approve of Colorado Kicking Trump Off Ballot -- Including a Quarter of Republicans

PA: Beaver County now has more registered Republicans than Democrats

New York legislation could force Chick-Fil-A to open doors on Sundays - ABC News

WI: Fake Trump electors again avoid Elections Commission discipline

DeSantis - Already A National Train Wreck - Is Bleeding Out In Florida 🍊

Panda startles himself awake:

Col. Eugene Vindman: 'U.S. needs to step up' support for Ukraine - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Western Pa. lawmaker introduces legislation to bar employers from suspending healthcare benefits for striking workers

My sister forwarded me a TikTok of a young woman against Biden.

'Ewww': Internet erupts over photos of Mike Johnson at 'purity ball' with his daughter

'Repugnant': Federal judge blocks California law that would bar guns in many public places

Trump Allies Lied About Jan 6 Rally, Inspector General says - Raw News And Politics

New York studying reparations for descendants of enslave - ABC News

'Enormously important protection of democracy': Tribe & Luttig on CO barring Trump from ballot - Velshi - The Last Word

Florida Referendum Would Protect Abortion - and Down-Ballot Democrats

Colorado Justices Face Threats

Trump Vows to Amp Up the Hitler Talk

NY: Broome County redistricting committee approves newly redrawn district map

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about that Catholic changes regarding blessings....

Appeals court shoots down extension in North Dakota redistricting case, Redistricting Committee meets

Challengers attack Georgia's redrawn congressional and legislative districts in court hearing

New polling finds cracks in Trump's base; criminal cases making an impression - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

AZ: Athena Salman (D) to leave Legislature, focus on abortion rights measure

WI: Sheboygan DA appeals ruling that made abortion legal, pushing issue closer to Supreme Court


The Doors - Wintertime Love

After Ohio Supreme Court dismisses six-week ban appeal, advocates work to unveil total abortion ban

Unable to log in

Why recent polling is not the thing that worries the Biden camp - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Why is France not posting ANY new Covid numbers when

How long after the hostage situation is resolved one way or another

Welp, he finally killed Twitterx

I think Elon broke twitter again and it has Xed out.

Original records leave no question that the 14th Amendment applies to Trump - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Heider Garcia sworn in as the next elections administrator in Dallas County

Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor seeking election to judge

Congo extends chaotic election as opposition calls for rerun

Serbia to hold election rerun at 30 polling stations

Waxing Gibbous, 52% visible

'I am deeply grateful,' Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea not seeking re-election

Israel's interior minister defends refusal to delay municipal elections

I'd Buy That for a Dollar: Chevy Dealership's AI Chatbot Goes Rogue

DE: Ready to vote? Special election to replace Georgetown-area Rep. Ruth Briggs King Thursday

Colorado 14th Amendment case puts Supreme Court conservatives in a bind - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Heckler Ruins Trump's Big Moment - Rebel HQ

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina kicks off election campaign amid an opposition boycott

VA: Candidates for 9th State Senate District Special Election have been decided

Since the Colorado decision is stayed until SCOTUS makes a decision...

Internet tonight: bad news and bad news.

Trump's ENTIRE Business Could END in an INSTANT with New Ruling - Meidas Touch

War in Ukraine Has China Cashing In

was going to post this in the Latino forum but...

Just found this guy on Youtube.

Does anyone here know about californias new law

Conservative Judge Rules Against Kari Lake, Greenlighting Defamation Suit To Go To Trial - Rodecast

Breakfast Thursday 21 December 2023


U.S. Supreme Court to play pivotal role in 2024 election - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Is a Two-State Solution Better Than A Ceasefire? - Thom Hartmann

From 'training champions' to 'militant approach': The war for the soul of American Christianity - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

MAGA Snowflakes are triggered by recent court ruling - Pondering Politics


Trump's Coup Clowns - Dec 20, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

A cave painting found in Egyptian Sahara depicts a nativity scene 3,000 years before Jesus' Birth

NYT update on St Louis police crashing into bar then beating and arresting owner. review of bystander video

Rite Aid banned from using facial recognition tech - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Credit Boom in Russia: People are Becoming Increasingly Poorer - UATV English

Every Single Court RACES to CRUSH Trump - Meidas Touch

When you're a 6'5 350 lbs grown Samoan man... but you're also a little girl's dad:

Oh, it's on!

Sometimes a boop goes the other way:

MAGA Speaker Goes OFF-THE-RAILS at Trump Rally, Exposes ENTIRE Movement Instantly - Against All Enemies

20 Dec: It started! The biggest battle of the war. Russians deploy 80'000 troops. - Reporting from Ukraine

Mesa Arch Sunrise - Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Federal judge blocks California law that would have banned carrying firearms in most public places

Milky Way Over Vermillion Cliffs AZ and Arches National Park, Utah

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/20/2023

White Pocket Fold in Vermilion Cliffs AZ

Moms For Liberty Founder's Shocking Hypocrisy Called Out By Student - Rebel HQ

Canada plans to phase out sales of gas-powered cars, trucks by 2035 - CTV News

White House 'working closely' with Mexico to resolve border rail closures

Why one rail link could block peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan - Mapped Out - DW News

Rhapsody in Sandstone

Wells Fargo employees vote in favor of unionization

Argentina's president Milei pushes austerity plan despite protests - DW News

Oregon appeals court finds the rules for the state's climate program are invalid

Huntington Beach, CA. No more Black or women's history month. Might celebrate revolutionary war or oil discovery month

Wordle 915 Dec 21 ***Spoiler Thread***

On this day, December 21, 1967, "The Graduate" was released in the United States.

Lake Ontario Ice Sculptures by Timothy Corbin

Photos: Ice Crystals Form on Frozen Bubbles

On this day, December 21, 1968, Apollo 8 was launched from Cape Kennedy.

Photo: Mongolia's Mystical Tsaatan Reindeer - Full Moon

On this day, December 21, 1967, "The Christmas Story" episode of "Dragnet 1967" was aired.

On this day, December 21, 1988, a bomb exploded on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

On this day, December 21, 1970, the F-14 flew for the first time.

Food pantries exist for families like this.

On this day, December 21, 1950, Hank Williams recorded "Cold, Cold Heart."

Feline and anthropomorphic 29 new geoglyphs discovered in Peru

Rise of archery in Andes Mountains dated to 5,000 years ago--earlier than previous research

Ancient Scythians Did Make Leather Out of Human Skin After All

On this day, December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon met in the White House.

Marking the Solstice: Ireland's Ancient Stone Circles...

California cops and firefighters are taking their pensions to Idaho's 'Little Orange County'

Ukraine war: Kyiv forced to cut military operations as foreign aid dries up - BBC News

For those of you who are Guitarted as I . I just discovered Grass roots scalloped neck Stratocasters.

Focus on the specific issue re. Trump and the 14th Amendment

Anthropologist's mapping project shows how Peru transformed after colonization

US Child Poverty Doubled In 2022, Thanks To Joe Manchin. We Must Reverse Course

Seth Meyers - Trump Says Immigrants Are "Destroying the Blood of Our Country" - Monologue 12/20/23

Jethro Tull Christmas Album CD2 Christmas Live At St Brides 2008

Josie and a blue heron at KVI

FED UP Combat Vet EXPOSES Right-Wing Plot to DESTROY America - Against All Enemies

The hardest thing about the holidays is having to act like you are 'OK'. It's exhausting

Why Stop With Donald Trump? There Were Other January 6 Insurrectionists.

Colorado Supreme Court justices face a flood of threats after disqualifying Trump from the ballot

Study: Record-Setting Straight-Line Winds May Be Directly LInked To Warming Climate

Federal judge blocks California law that would have banned carrying firearms in most public places

Lol, somebody had to do it.

In Case You Missed Coverage Of This Week's Storm In The Northeast, NBC News Video

UN rewrites Middle East map as Jordan borders Gaza in social media post

Shocking: Chinese Confidence In Economy Plunges To 0%; US-China & Taiwan; Housing & Drones - China Update

It boggles the mind that the Dotard is still being considered as a viable candidate.

Press Releases Wells Fargo Workers Win First-Ever Union Election 20 Dec, 2023

When you hear magaloons

Joe S. rant listing gop clowns: "'ve got a Speaker channeling Jim Bakker...". LOL. Almost spit out my coffee!

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Ongoing Comic

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Limited Comic Series

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/20/2023

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Graphic Novel

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Writer

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Artist

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Colorist

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Letterer

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Cartoonist

The 2023 Golden Issue Award for Best Cover Artist

Art of the Week: Holiday 2023 Edition

The Monkees sing the Spanish carol "Riu Chiu" live, acapella in close harmony

no future posts until the 27th

Happy Solstice! Here's '7th Child'

Are there rethugs in Mexico

"I'm not a witch", "I'm not a crook"

Thursday TOONs

The Constitution's Insurrection Clause Threatens Trump's Campaign. Here Is How That Is Playing Out

A recent painting of my cat

Honda recalls 2.5 million cars because of stalling risk. See if your car is one of them.

A painting I did of my cat sleeping

More US auto buyers are turning to hybrids as sales of electric vehicles slow

Thailand sends 3 orangutans rescued from illicit wildlife trade back to Indonesia

Gross Domestic Product (Third Estimate), Corporate Profits (Revised Estimate), and GDP by Industry, Third Quarter 2023

Blinken calls out other countries for not demanding Hamas surrender and 'stop hiding behind civilians'

Chump rivals all say we don't need unelected judges to decide, voters should,

First Growth Forest

On This Day: World doesn't come to an end, as many feared - Dec. 21, 2012

You raised $795.00 on December 20, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $7.00 on December 20, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

If 7 Maids with 7 Mops

Looks like little man Gov @RonSantis got new boots.......

You raised $15.00 on December 20, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Scientists successfully replicate historic nuclear fusion breakthrough three times

Mike Johnson owes "the secretive networks that form the backbone of the American Right" big time

On this day, December 21, 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in Los Angeles.

happy solstice to those who celebrate

ads on Morning Joe 😳

tRump will be denied because Section 3 turns on legislation of "heretofore"

"Feast of the Seven Fishes." Wonderful holiday movie!

Would DUers please explain to me WTF is volatile about

Peetie Wheatstraw (Wiliam Bunch) was born on this date.

Defamation Case Against Kari Lake To Go Forward, Judge Rules

Has any Republican/conservative has expressed any concern for Israel killing Palestinian civilians?

Frank Zappa was born on this date.

Donald Trump Is An Evil Genius

US intelligence analysis warns Hamas' influence has grown since its attack on Israel

Cataracts, bummer

Israel exploring construction of humanitarian compound in northern Gaza after fighting subsides

Guy Rescues An Egg And Becomes A Swan Dad For Life

US Initial Jobless Claims Tick Up, Remain Near Historic Lows

Nimarata Nikki Randhawa Haley will not condemn the Slobfather's

The GOP has adopted a terrifying new role model - Thom Hartmann

Lawfare page on pending Insurrection Clause litigation

Democrats Keep Hoping It's Curtains for Trump. He's Still Center Stage.

Czech police responding to reported shooting in Prague - Europe live

Ohio prosecutor says he's duty bound to bring miscarriage case to a grand jury

Wisconsin prosecutor appeals ruling that cleared way for abortions to resume in state


Jack Smith added a Supreme Court specialist. Trump has the Missouri lawyer who sued Joe Biden.

Dress code: How a Winnipeg codebreaker cracked one of the 'world's top unsolved messages'

GOP voter-fraud crackdown overwhelmingly targets minorities, Democrats

Per Keith Olbermann this morning. . baby hitler and his nazi-ettes.

The economy isn't great for a lot of people, according to polling.

conditions for sonora at 0735 pst cloudy. . temps 47 degrees f and last nite was a 3 blanket nite for me .

George Conway: The Colorado Ruling Changed My Mind

Well, this is destressing... Russian person-in-street interviews on "Should we invade Poland next?"

Wisconsin leader pivots, says impeachment of state Supreme Court justice over redistricting unlikely

Colon cancer is rising in young Americans. It's not clear why.

Poll Shows Generational Chasm Over US Military Support for Israel

Sort of OT. I'm working from home today. I've got WETA on in the background.

What A Morning!

Joint chiefs chairman holds first call with Chinese counterpart in over a year

The GOP made one fatal mistake in 2020 ;

Missteps over years allowed a Detroit serial killer to roam free

In just one month, Postal Service to raise price of Forever first-class stamps to 68 cents

Texas and Florida migrant relocation

NYT article with link to long paper written by two members of Federalist Society on why Trump isn't eligible to run

NYT August article with link to long paper about why Trump isn't eligible to run for president

Be Thankful For What You Got

Trump should be rotting in jail instead of running for president: Morning Joe

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 21, 2023)

Mifepristone challenge is about more than abortion access -- it's about keeping ideological interests out of fact-based..

Opera Dog Singing Christmas Songs 🌲

The Best and Worst Political Takes of 2023 (Including our own!) Pod Save America

Yeah...can't argue this point...

It is hard to think of how much resources are wasted because of one man's grievance

If Adolf Hitler was alive today...

12 Journalists Arrested, 44 Assaulted Across the US This Year

Court Kicks Trump Off Ballot! Trump Plagiarizes Hitler! Better Polls for Biden!? The Next Level

Trump lawyers' Supreme Court brief 'damaged' by his own input: former prosecutor

New analysis casts doubt on Israeli military's al-Shifa Hospital claims

'I'm offended by it': Bill Barr calls out 'racist overtones' of trump's rhetoric

Getting through my holiday treats list

Elon Musk or The Weeknd? Who is The Most Annoying Person of 2023?

Conway predicts how Supreme Court may rule on Trump's presidential immunity filing

Neo 'Civil War' Hollywood Blockbuster Coming to Theater Near You, Amid 2024 Election

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 21, 2023

New York AG Delivers FINAL BLOW to Trump at End of Trial

Colorado supreme court justices face death threats after Trump ruling

Colbert explains why dude booted from Colorado ballot

A call to action for protection of journalists in Israel-Gaza war

Dead Meadow - No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover)

"The Hostages Weren't Our Top Priority": Israel's "Bombing Frenzy" Endangered Hostages Held in Gaza

Everybody's favourite bird has its own special day! 21st December is #NationalRobinDay #WinterSoltice

SAY WHAT?! Jesse Watters, Laura Ingraham Double Down on Ridiculousness

The War on Christmas is Real


As our Republican compatriots love pointing out, we're a republic, not a democracy

The GOP blasted Biden when the Taliban overran Kabul.

20,000+ dead Palestinians

Never forget trump wanted Obama kept off the ballot and tried everything in his power to do so.

"The U.S. and Israel Stand Alone": World Demands Ceasefire as Gaza Death Toll Tops 20,000

House committee to investigate allegations of plagiarism against Harvard president

Thom Hartmann - Project 47: Trump's & the GOP's Dystopian Nightmare Plan for America Revealed

NYPD overtime pay in the subway went from $4 million to $155 million this year

Colorado Disqualifies Trump from Ballot, Triggering Battle over Constitution's Insurrection Clause

Child sex abuse images found in dataset training image generators, report says

I'm calling BS on a narrative that's become widespread: The idea ...

The Year A.I. Became the User and We Became the Tool

Elie Mystal: Texas's Latest Act of Anti-Immigrant Cruelty Is Blatantly Unconstitutional

Trump's Escalating Racist Rhetoric & the Far-Right's Plan for a Slow Civil War

Thinking about the Colorado case

Say hello to our new MIR Team!

I think I lost my cat in the only way thati can deal with.

Rudy Giuliani Files for Bankruptcy Protection After Court Loss

Giuliani files for bankruptcy after staggering $148M verdict

Breaking - noun/verb/9/11 just filed

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary poll

Rudy Giuliani, facing a $146 million judgment, files for bankruptcy in New York

'Monitoring mechanism' remains sticking point in UN Security Council

Jack Smith just filed another request of the Supreme Court,

Pine and Stew

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with red paint and 'Free Palestine' message

Anyone ever had or have an abdominal aorta aneurysm?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about two Rudy developments....

AI breaks human record time for Labryinth game.

Prosecutor on US Supreme Court Allowing Trump's disqualification to stand - Brian Tyler Cohen

Just my opinion: The unbelievable Specter of Trump, an enormously ignorant and dangerous villain...

Jack Smith asks high court for 'immediate, definitive decision' on Trump's immunity claim David Edwards December 21, 202

Ted Cruz Goes Completely Nuts During Deranged Speech - Farron Balanced

Pic Of The Moment: The Rudy Giuliani Story

Santa Claus Fired for His Views on the Middle East

Antisemitism rampant in U.S. public schools, report finds

Festive Pine Cone Chocolate Rum Balls Recipe (video)

Paul Whelen "wrongly detained?"

Little food, a beating and lice: What freed Israeli hostages are saying about being held by Hamas

Donald Trump's Colorado Problem Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Carpenters - For All We Know - The Andy Williams Show (1971)

Tiedrich: horny moron brags about being J6 rioter, ends up in prison

How did I get this old and not realize this Rolling Stone's song was so horrific????

Maggie Haberman Warns If SCOTUS Upholds Trump Ballot Ban 'He Will Get Kicked Off The Ballot Almost Everywhere'

Briefing at The White House with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, National Security Council Coordinator for....

Edit , as I worded wrong and I am sorry. This is happening in the DU Lounge. Anytime my posts go to the top of the forum

Just ate a "daytime" THC gummie. It says on the package that it will...

Russia spends $12 billion to keep aviation sector in air - Reuters

Democrat Attacked Live On-Air During TV Interview

Vin Diesel Accused of Sexual Battery

Fetterman, Breaking With the Left on Israel, Rejects 'Progressive' Label - NYT

Trump's immigration rhetoric changes the politics of El Paso, Texas - MSNBC Reports

Ron Filipkowski FTW

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani files for Bankruptcy in New York

Electric scooter Bird Global steers into bankruptcy protection in bid to repair its finances

Mass shooting at University on Prague (Czech) by 24 year old student. 15 dead.

7 months inside an online scam labor site

John Schneider Calls for Joe Biden's Execution After Losing on The Masked Singer

He Stole Hundreds of iPhones and Looted People's Life Savings. He Told Us How

My exciting life.

Remember the Silent Majority?

Brett Kavanaugh Could Strike Killer Blow Against Donald Trump

Harvard president's corrections do not address her clearest instances of plagiarism, including as a student in the 1990s

Couple Lets Their Kitten Pick Out Their Family Christmas Tree

Jack Smith To SCOTUS: Yes, There Absolutely Is A Reason To Rush Trump's Case

To all Star Trek fans, wishing you a Happy Holiday in Klingon Qismas Botivjaj

Have we learned something from the Vietnam era?

Got my new hearing aids ...

Maggie Haberman: Trump world sees Colorado ruling as 'a gift'

Podcast "Who Killed JFK?" I am spellbound

Let's see... there's John Schneider, Caitlyn Jenner, Ted Nugent *

Where are all my witches, goddesses, druids and priestesses?

In Memoriam 2023 - Artists who have passed away this year

Jordan expands probe into Smith's handling of Trump cases

The kittens' reaction to meeting ducklings for the first time is too cute

I fought the IRS and won (partially) on RSU's

Roid rage queen accuses Biden of treason

Made two P.B.J.

US supreme court urged to make 'immediate, definitive decision' on Trump's immunity

Cartoons 12/21/2023

No Labels finally comes clean. Their intent is to elect Trump.

How Americans Are Gouged On Drugs They Helped Create - More Perfect Union

Everett police turns off Facebook comments, citing online threats

Should Port of Everett expand its boundaries? Voters to decide

To fill prescriptions, Darrington residents drive 56 miles

Next time I go to the VFW

Putin's escape of sanctions isn't reason to end them

Environmental campaigners filmed, threatened and harassed at Cop28

Wonder if the SC finds Trump immune, will that work for Biden too?

GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants to cut Federal Reserve jobs by 90% and have it address the growing wealth gap

Racing greyhound unravels when he starts living inside

Mike Flynn's Hall of Fame Induction Sparks Board Members' Resignation

You remember we lost Dug to cancer, we just adopted Banjo

High Suburban Turnout Might Be the New Norm

Researchers uncover on/off switch for breast cancer metastasis

As the Arctic warms, its waters are emitting carbon: Study

Texas Abortion Disaster: The Inevitable Result of Decades of Sexist Legislation

Jim Jordan Expands Probe Into Special Counsel

I thought Apple would hit $200 by the end of the year.

Yeah--he's a genius alright:

Gingrich says Colorado ruling on Trump risks 'truly disastrous' confrontation

Trump: 'I'm not an insurrectionist'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Lindsey Graham taking heat....

Former federal judge: Colorado's Trump disqualification not 'anti-democratic'

Donkees 30,000 posts, great pictures and interesting politics

12/21/23 Sunset 3:57PM

GOP impeachment strategy bets big on bribery allegations

Tennis fans may be the most liberal of all sports fans

A Simple Explanation for Economic Discontent

Sen. Tillis to introduce legislation barring federal funds from states 'misusing' 14th Amendment

Mouse Fever is mowing down Russian invaders

A Broken Immigration System Is Hurting the Economy

'Surprising' southern MD dawn 12/21

This is Ron DeSantis' Florida-

Old man parks his car...

World War Zero

Black, Gay Trump Supporter Shocked He Got Bullied At Right Wing Event - Waldorf Nation

Lisa Rubin on MSNBC Deadline: White House discussing bankruptcy for Guiliani. Ewwww

Last day of the year will be 123123. Just an observation

I'm wondering why they filmed themselves on this trip to Israel and put this out (Jared and Ivanka)...

Greek government to implement LGBT+ marriage

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 21, 2023

Sun 'setting' @ 4:49PM southern MD 12/21 (winter solstice) SPECIAL gift, last 3 pics!

Peace On Earth - From Lauren's Blog

What would Elvis say? (What would Trump say?) Here is our Jailhouse Walk! An early X-mas present!

Northern Gaza no longer has a functional hospital, WHO says

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Presents: Throwback Thursdays!

I'm so glad Burke got convicted

Fetterman, Breaking With the Left on Israel, Rejects 'Progressive' Label - NYT

Giuliani Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Desert Mountain Tribe - Take A Ride

Never too late to start shopping. There are 12 Kmarts remaining in the US

Long-awaited UN Security Council vote on Gaza may soon be underway (6:30pm NYC)

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 22 December 2023

Bidenomics Is Working for the Middle Class - Janet Yellen

Associates of ex-Michigan House speaker charged with embezzlement; case against Chatfield still open

Texas should have their federal funds reduced due to sending migrants to Chicago.

'The Color Purple' Removed From Schools Under New Florida Law

Can the 20th Amendment help Whiny Donny?

How the hell can AG TX Ken Paxton start jailing people in another state Washington for not complying with his order?

Republicans and insurrectionists want a "mulligan" for January 6th attack upon our Capitol.

Serious question


For the third year in a row, ACA health insurance plans see record signups

Sen. Sanders: The U.S. must not provide another $10 billion to Netanyahu's right-wing extremist government

Happy Birthday Frank

Aftermath of a rainy day . . .

"Dueling Jingle Bells" and "Joy to the World" by the Brothers Young

Biden and Mariah Carey are "fans" of each other 🤗

Adam Conover: Your Amazon Returns Are Thrown in the TRASH (Business & Environmental, Etc Impact)

Ukrainian Partisans Gave Russians an "Explosive 2023" and Plan for 2024

Glynn Simmons declared innocent after serving 48 years in prison - believed to be the longest of any exoneree

John Schneider Probe Opened By Secret Service After'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star Urges Public Hanging Of Joe Biden

Maine delays decision to remove Trump from ballot

For those who say the people can decide to re-elect Trump by the ballot box. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mike Luckovich-At least he's no longer echoing Nazis....

Mike Luckovich-At least he's no longer echoing Nazis....

Genuine question here...

UN says more than 1 in 4 people in Gaza are starving because of war

🚨🚨Trump recorded pressuring Wayne County canvassers not to certify 2020 vote

Gio Mee - Don't Let Go

Long lines and broken chargers: Demand for powering EVs outpaces infrastructure

Its not your imagination..lots of people are sick and hospitals are filling up

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective -A REUTERS Investigation

Colorado SC 14th ruling and USSC reaction: A Supreme Court Scholar Weighs In

'Fat Leonard,' a fugitive now returning to the US, was behind one of the military's biggest scandals

weather conditions @ 1600 pst.

One year after Franco Harris' death, Joe Greene echos Pittsburgh: 'I think about him all the time'

Steve Schmidt thinks removing trump from the Ballot may not be the Final Answer.