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Iran hangs 'child bride' for murdering husband despite international calls for clemency

Trump recorded pressuring Wayne County canvassers not to certify 2020 vote

How does this sound to you? "Christmas Power Metal!"

Florida has removed 1 million registered voters, 90% of them Democrats or Unaffiliated

Trump recorded pressuring Wayne County canvassers not to certify 2020 vote

FBI sees surge of 1,800-plus reports related to Israel-Hamas war, top DOJ official says

More on this please

Someone just posted a thread here about

I was recently reminded of this and thought it apropos for the times. Maybe NSFW Brit humor.

Another call from dr UPDATE last post

Read it yourself: All 673 books removed from Orange classrooms

Will the Rodriguez Family's College Dreams Survive the End of Affirmative Action?

Penn donors are hosting a fundraiser for the representative who called on Magill to testify

Israeli military campaign in Gaza now sits among the deadliest and most destructive in history

Will the Gavle Goat survive this Christmas?

France 24 (video) Shooting in Prague today - The media reports they immediately started trauma counseling!

Biden believes U.S. Steel sale to Japanese company warrants 'serious scrutiny,' White House says

Jay Leno Headline:

Trump seeks to delay E. Jean Carroll civil trial to consider options, including potential Supreme Court review

How Hot Ones Legend Smokin' Ed Currie Grows the World's Hottest Peppers Heat Eaters

Nice Biden interview with Conan O'Brien

Herzog: Three times more aid could be entering Gaza if not for UN's 'utter failure'

Man Accused of Ramaswamy Death Threat Is Charged With Threatening Christie

Exclusive: US scrutinizing airline frequent flyer programs

High-speed transportation firm Hyperloop One to shut down

Ed Burke verdict: Former Chicago alderman found guilty in corruption trial

"I Spent 5 DAYS on America's Longest Greyhound Bus. It Was HELL."

UNSC resolution is 'one we can support': US envoy to UN

Dog who sat courtside at Lakers game reportedly makes more than NBA minimum salary

Gerard Depardieu makes obscene remarks about 10 yr old, facing consequences as honors revoked

Frank Figliuzzi Interview, Part 2: the current state and likely trajectory of the Trump prosecutions - Glenn Kirschner

Kelly Clarkson singing Waiting for my Dearie (Brigadoon) when she was in high school.

Dog who sat courtside at Lakers game reportedly makes more than NBA minimum salary

Colorado Supreme Court facing a flood of threats after disqualifying Donald Trump from ballot - Deadline - MSNBC

Some Mexican pharmacies are selling full bottles of Adderall. But it's actually meth.

The Snake Oil Willie Band

Republican Attorneys General interfere in Jack Smith request to Supreme Court

Experts: Despite Giuliani's bankruptcy, defamed election workers "can collect every penny he has"

3 police officers found not guilty in Manny Ellis case

Seattle's $250K club: ZIP codes that require a mid-six-figure salary to afford a home

Rudy Giuliani's bad week continues as he files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York - Deadline - MSNBC

A January 6 defendant's Google search history outlines a timeline of the Capitol riot events -- law enforcement says

4 Indian soldiers killed and 3 wounded in an ambush by rebels in disputed Kashmir

Changes to UN Gaza resolution 'go too far' for some Security Council members

Jack Smith asks Supreme Court for 'immediate, definitive' answer on Trump immunity claim - Deadline - MSNBC

U.S. and Europe Eye Russian Assets to Aid Ukraine as Funding Dries Up

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rudy's next chapter....

Mary Trump slams 'Vile' trump enabler Stephen Miller

Giuliani's worst nightmare comes true with major development - Brian Tyler Cohen

Kansas attorney general urges county to keep ballots longer than is allowed to aid sheriff's probe

The Eye-Popping Details of Rudy Giuliani's Bankruptcy Filing

House GOP concludes embarrassing 2023, taking almost as many votes for Speaker than bills passed - Deadline - MSNBC

Kellyanne Conway Asks Gov. Kristi Noem If She Could Bar Biden From South Dakota Ballot

Fact check: Are Colorado Supreme Court justices 'unelected,' as GOP has claimed?

Police fatally shoot Black woman who called 911 for domestic violence

*TCM now

JAILHOUSE WALK - (Jailhouse Rock) Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video

Mary Trump slams 'vile' Trump enabler Stephen Miller - The Beat - MSNBC

Do you remember any special outfit you wore as a child for Christmas Day? I remember a black velvet dress with lace

Patriots thread: Mac Jones.....

Rate Presidential Effectiveness by International Comparisions

'Dukes Of Hazzard' Actor John Schneider Denies Threatening Joe Biden: "I Absolutely Did Not Call For An Act Of Violence

Jan 6 Rioter Arrested After Being Catfished On Dating App - Rebel HQ

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn and Tara sub for Mike!

Jon Stewart with "Donald Trump" at Autism fundraiser

Is donald trump Tired Of Winning? Ask Jonathan Karl

AOC's Republican challenger is a racist J6 participant with a Queens accent.

I'd much rather live next door...

Don't Let It Show - Alan Parsons + Cover by Pat Benatar

Hey everyone!!! Our own DFW has a new video out "Jailhouse Walk".

A terrible, George Floyd-like verdict in Tacoma WA tonight.

do any of you call and or imitate birds? any results?

Jack Smith is a boss

Fox News loses it when Biden calls Trump exactly what he is - Pondering Politics

Congressional staff tried to protect Gazan churches by sending locations to Israel

Wow, this is wild. America's DE M-SHORAD: The Future of Laser Defense

Detroit radio vet Ken Calvert, voice of 'Bad Boys' Pistons, dies at 72

'Stolen' seats: Trump's fate hangs on Supreme Court justices he nominated, expert warns - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Stolen' seats: trump's fate hangs on Supreme Court justices he nominated, expert warns

He quietly built a $13 million fortune. In death, he gave it all away.

Celtics thread: Jaylen Brown or Jason Tatum.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Begs Alina Habba To Get Trump Junior Off The Hook For Fraud - Farron Balanced

Rep. Tim Burchett (R) says some Republicans have been compromised by Russia & blackmail

Newly exposed Trump recording creates massive legal problem - Brian Tyler Cohen

Bankrupt Giuliani Is Hawking Dubious Supplements For Cash - Waldorf Nation

'It's not over': Colorado ruling is a warning to pro-coup lawmakers, says Ifill - All In - MSNBC

Again: @GovBillLee 's insidious A-F grades are to make schools in lower income areas look bad so privatizers can market

Navalny's daughter has theory about what Russia wants with her father - CNN

DNC announces 'record' fundraising haul as GOP flounders

Happy Winter Solstice To All

Pay Up Rudy and Thank You Colorado: The Cornfield Resistance/ Professional Left Podcast

'Black, Brown and Beige'

'Rudy is not broke': Giuliani files for bankruptcy as $148 million judgment comes due - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Hamas Tried to Drive a Wedge between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Will It Backfire? - William Spaniel

'Epic downfall': Giuliani bankruptcy reveals depths of financial ruin - All In - MSNBC

Trump makes FAR-FETCHED ask of Supreme Court - Talking Feds

Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Nigh

Kitty update

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims He's Never Read Mein Kampf After Quoting Hitler, Praising Putin: A Closer Look

The GOP Has a Major Fundraising Problem Going Into 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Trump reportedly caught pressuring 2020 MI election officials in newly revealed audio - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Arkansas coalition submits measure to amend state Constitution's education clause

☦️ "Why Are You Downcast, O My Soul?"

Showing great courage, Massachusetts police stormed

How a new way to vote is gaining traction in states -- and could transform US politics

Candidates set for PA 140th House District special election

Yes or no. Did you get your picture taken Santa every year at the mall or store? Do you or parents still have them?

MI: Former House GOP staffers charged with embezzlement and conducting a criminal enterprise

I'm getting tired of the wording of this Dem pol message

The 2024 Ohio Supreme Court races will have critical impacts on the lives and rights of Ohioans

Trump STEPS RIGHT INTO Jack Smith's TRAP in Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

Trump told officials not to certify Michigan vote

There are only two kinds of Republicans.....

WI: Vos (R) floats letting voters decide on abortion ban, but Evers vows veto

Don't tell Mosley the Greyhound to get off the bed!

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us (Live on The Midnight Special, 1974)

Judge halts Minnesota law barring donations by businesses with level of foreign investors

CA-SEN: New California US Senate Race Poll; Schiff, Garvey Rise

Hey if anyone knows...have a wood burning fireplace

US utility firms offer builders cash and trips to fit new homes with gas appliances

Scientist use AI to discover first new antibiotic

Texas Republicans in one rural county will hand count ballots. Experts say it's "a recipe for disaster."

Federal judges order 13 Michigan House and Senate districts redrawn

Colorado Supreme Court justices face violent threats over Trump ruling - CBS News

Screwdriver, parts issues with Chinese toys confound Ron DeSantis

☦️ Truth be told, I'm hurting, struggling, grieving

Republican Texas Official Threatens To Remove Biden From Ballot To Avenge Trump - Farron Balanced

Frank Zappa - Watermelon in Easter Hay (Live 1988)

GOP isn't giving up on keeping NY congressional lines in place for 2024

DE: Republicans retain State House seat in Sussex County following special election

Wall Street compounds housing crisis for home buyers - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kansas attorney general urges county to keep ballots longer than is allowed to aid sheriff's probe

Trump Insults Taylor Swift In Jealous Outburst - Rebel HQ

'Get rid of runoffs' Georgia Sec. of State looks to end the extra elections

DR Congo votes on second day of chaotic general elections

Who will lead Israel and Palestinians after the war ends? - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

NY-03: The GOP's replacement for George Santos says some Muslims 'won't like' her running for Congress

Administrative election errors rise as Pa. counties struggle to keep voting officials

Quotes from old movies, #1-#50, re-posted with answers

War Escalates: Ukraine Strikes Inside Russia! Unprecedented Moves Unveiled! - The Gaze

DNC chairman announces 'record' fundraising haul heading into 2024 election

High suburban turnout may be the new norm

Ad obscuring part of screen

Real simple question:

Cochise County supervisors plead not guilty in Arizona election interference case

Why the U.S. immigration system is strained and unable to handle record number of migrants - PBS NewsHour

First Song you can remember from childhood.

Voting At 16? Newark May Lower Age For School Board Elections

Giuliani MUST PAY UP! - Talking Feds

Florida Abortion Advocates in Sprint to Secure Constitutional Amendment: Petition Deadline Looms

Wisconsin speaker (R): Medical weed bill coming soon, abortion should be voted on, impeachment unlikely

A preview of Virginia Democrats' 2024 pro-reproductive rights legislative agenda

"IF JANUARY 6th HAD WORKED, WHAT WOULD TRUMP HAVE DONE WITH JOE BIDEN? Or TO him? The dark, evil answer to that questi

Ted Cruz: Liberal Men Can't Please a Woman! Has he Looked in the Mirror?


MO: Only 1 of 17 filed abortion ballot measures garnering signatures ahead of spring deadline

Jack Smith keeps heat on Supreme Court to deal with Trump issues quickly - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

keep on file -- a really solid social service agency for those in need near Phoenix.

MAGA says, "Let the people decide." The voters, law enforcement and 60+ courts have already decided that they lost.

does a 4 or 5 year age difference matter?

My "Favority Movie of All Time...I cried for ...Happness .."It's A Wonderful Life". First time I ever cried because I..

The Long And Ugly History Of Gerrymandering In The United States

History has bad news for Trump and his hope for Supreme Court salvation - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Back to baking : Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Report exposes the truth about red state voter fraud task forces - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

The History and Evolution of Godzilla

Should Democrats Trade the Southern Border For Ukraine? - Thom Hartmann

Life is...

Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware will be the 3rd black female elected to the US Senate.

Orlando Sentinel: Orange school district pulls 673 books from teachers' classroom shelves

Federal judges order 13 Michigan House and Senate districts redrawn

Who are the majority of rape victims? Our culture does not want to admit it



Well, that was a wakeup thunderclap.

today I was talking to a young man in an electronic chair and no feet

Trump recorded pressuring Wayne County canvassers not to certify 2020 vote

New report on Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 results in Michigan could add to his legal problems - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Judge Makes SCORCHING RULING against Trump as his ENTIRE Case COLLAPSES - Meidas Touch

FLIP denounces death threat against Colombian journalist

Israel And Genocide: Not Only In Gaza

'This presidential election is serious': No Labels floats possible 'coalition government' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bon Iver!

Trump's Retribution: Evangelical Cristian Leaders MIA

'Jesus was Palestinian': Boston Common nativity scene vandalized

Newsweek: Brett Kavanaugh Could Strike Killer Blow Against Donald Trump

Colorado justice with roots in El Salvador sided with Trump

El Salvador: Statement at the US House Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Unchecked Human Activity Is Pushing Ecosystems Toward the Brink

'It's all trash': Trump fans furious at conservative outlet over surprising poll report

The Endangered Species Act is Needed Now More Than Ever

High speed chase. Two dead.

'Immigration is an economic issue': Broken immigration system worsens U.S. nursing shortage - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/21/2023

A New Feminist Approach to the Law of Pregnancy

Schutz's Angels and the Other Christmas Oratorio

Wheelchair pushers sentenced (athletes pushed wheelchair off top of stairs while disabled woman was in restroom)

FDA warns about copycat versions of Ozempic diabetes drug

Breakfast Friday 22 December 2023

US Treasury's financial crimes unit lays out access plan for shell company data

Judge says DeSantis spread false information while pushing trans health care restrictions

Interesting facts about Rudy Giuliani's childhood?

22 December 1944 "To the German commander: N U T S ! The American Commander

How Change Can End Corporate Abuse

On December 21, 1922, ventriloquist, actor, voice artist, and inventor Paul Winchell was born.

On December 20, 2014, Darlene Love performed "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on Letterman

On this day, December 22, 1963, "The Judy Garland Christmas Show" for that season was broadcast.

On December 21, 1924, "The New York Times" ran a story that did not hold up well at all.

Panamanians remember 1989 US invasion and continue to demand justice and accountability

Wordle 916 Dec 22***Spoiler Thread***

Ottawa launches temporary visa program for Palestinians in Gaza with ties to Canadians

US Air Force to reclaim Pacific airfield that launched atomic bombings as it looks to counter China

Ancient Landmass Emerged and Disappeared 70,000 Years Ago


Wooden slips dating back over 1,700 years unearthed in central China

On Bloomberg TV: According to recent swing state polls Trump has up to 20% support among Black voters

***January Photo Contest Theme!***

New evidence suggests Harappan civilisation is 7,000 to 8,000 years' old

Explaining to Otis the yellow lab Carpe Diem does not apply here.

Photo: Palestinians line up for a meal in Rafah, in southern Gaza, on December 21, 2023

Remains of palace, barns dating back 4,000 years found in central China

Pacific storm that unleashed flooding barreling down on southeastern California

The brothers, last night, deep in snuggleville

Ancient bricks reveal enigmas in Earth's magnetic field

Early Neolithic high mountain settlers were already carrying out complex livestock and farming activities, finds study

MAGA "Logic"

Israeli group accuses Red Cross of 'biased and apathetic' response to Gaza hostages

On This Day: Embargo Act pumps up American manufacturing, at short-term cost - Dec. 22, 1807

Former Trump aide asks judge to dismiss Hunter Biden lawsuit tied to laptop

Jan. 6 rioters the far right claimed were antifa keep getting unmasked as Trump supporters

About Polls - Ever Hear Of Push Polls-They Are Real

WHAT WOULD TRUMP HAVE DONE TO BIDEN IF JAN 6 HAD WORKED? - 12.22.23 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Gas Utilities' Fight Against Climate Protection Just Beginning, As Colorado Towns Discovered

Obamacare Is Booming

Jan 6: If Trump and his people REALLY were outfoxed by some meddling antifa kids...

Fed's favorite inflation gauge shows prices rose at 3.2% annual rate in November, less than expected

'Medicare for All' bill becomes part of Dean Phillips' presidential pitch

2024's public domain is a banger -Cory Doctorow

Texas Abortion Disaster: The Inevitable Result of Decades of Sexist Legislation

Friday TOONs

Warming Unleashes Acid Flows From Minerals Once Locked Up In Permafrost - Entire Arctic Rivers Devoid Of Life

Autumn (Torty)

What's your Brew Hue? ☕️ I'm a C3!

Biden pardons thousands convicted of marijuana charges on federal lands and in Washington

✿ Happy Green Spiders ✿

Top Wisconsin Republican wants to put (restriction to) abortion laws on a future ballot

Ohio prosecutor says he's duty bound to bring miscarriage case to a grand jury

One small step...

It's the 10th anniversary of the ice storm that nearly took me out.

A New Hampshire man pleads guilty to threats and vandalism targeting public radio journalists

Former Michigan House GOP staffers charged with embezzlement and conducting a criminal enterprise

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and AG Ken Paxton promised retribution for votes they didn't like. Here's who they are targeting.

Rainy Day Dream Away

Philadelphia Used Car Salesman Charged with Stealing Over $2.5 Million from Customers Who Sought Wheelchair Accessible V

I Will Not Recuse - Luckovich Cartoon

RWNJs in Huntington Beach CA propose ban on Pride, Black and women's history celebrations

Prices Fell in November for the First Time Since 2020. Inflation Is Approaching Fed Target.

It's weird that Trump knows passages from Mein Kampf but not the Bible

Biden to issue pardons for certain marijuana offenses

Cops recover second sex video involving scandal-plagued Moms for Liberty leader

Public participation can save elections and democracy - such as Michigan 2020

Sweet Pea

What situation comedy/comedies did you enjoy as a kid? Mine was Bewitched, That Girl, Dick Van Dyke Show, What about you

Russia Plans to Mobilize Ukrainian Children in Occupied Territories

It's Time!

Again? Seriously? People are in danger and Texans with big hats and badges do nothing

How about a little inspiration this morning? Carole King - Beautiful.

my fave browser of choice has died .

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 22, 2023

From the Writer of The Simpsons: Nuclear Power and the Simpsons.

When Will Scott Perry Turn Over His Texts And Emails

Congressman told to hand over hundreds of texts and emails to FBI in 2020 election probe

🇺🇳LIVE 11:30 Security Council Meeting - United Nations

Christmas Canceled in Bethlehem as Churches Mourn 20,000+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza

How can tRump quote Mein Kampf if he's never read it? An explanation is obvious . . .

Decision about Nebraska's return-to-office order may not come until last minute

Pic Of The Moment: New Audio Tape Busts Trump And RNC Head Ronna McDaniel

Ronna Romney McDaniel is on the hook for election interference

Does anyone else remember just how -whiny- Trump was?

Not saying Тяцмp is a Nazi Meme

KY Gov Beshear Talks 2nd Term, Democrats' Future, GOP Legislature: KY Pub Radio

Here are several people with 'poisoned immigrant' blood.....

Gazan Attorney Who Has Lost 60 Relatives in Israeli Attacks Says U.S. Is "Complicit in Genocide"

Photo at Mar-a-Lago shows Trump standing on toe pads to counter lifts in shoes pushing him forward

Deleted Video Shows Speaker Mike Johnson's 'Purity Ball' Past

The $57 billion cost of racial and ethnic inequity in Philadelphia's housing market

Breaking: Santa Claus comes out as democrat.

Update on the visiting cats

arrest ken paxton

Snia Guajajara, Brazil's First Indigenous Peoples Minister, on Climate & Protecting the Amazon

Conservative Men Would be Grossed Out By "Real" Women's Anatomies

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 22, 2023)

Frederick Douglass Mural In His Hometown, Easton, Md Draws Some Divisions: NPR

"[DeSantis] door knockers openly told Iowans that they themselves were in fact Trump supporters"

Ronna McDaniel could be charged with attempted bribery of 2020 Michigan election officials.

A Christmas favorite, White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin

How Putin's Right-Hand Man Took Out Prigozhin

Wearing a mask to a protest is a jerk move

An Obama should run in 2024

AAA report that 115 million will be traveling. How many complain about the economy?

The Power Network Behind Florida's Power Couple

Mike Luckovich-Clarence Thomas will not recuse himself

Today's Tiedrich rant: holy shit, Donald Trump just got caught making more election fuckery phone calls

UNSC passes resolution on Gaza aid delivery

Injured patients 'waiting to die' in northern Gaza as last hospital shuts down, amid rising 'catastrophic' hunger levels

Thomas Zimmer: Militant Democracy vs Donald Trump

Tribes Sue Six Oil Giants for Climate Deception

The Right-Wing Israeli Campaign to Resettle Gaza

What Are TERFs So Scared Of?

Authorities encountering record number of migrants at the border each day amid unprecedented surge

Despite ethics concerns, Shapiro will keep accepting tickets from a group that gets state money

Monkey rescues kitten that fell into a well. Ah shucks, got the feels...

Please allow me to posit this notion:

Millions Have Been Displaced in South Sudan, but Where Is the Outrage?

sonora ca spot forecast for today , christmas and beyond . clear

Joe Rogan Brutally Fact-Checked on His Own Show For Calling Biden Mentally 'Done' -- Over Something Said By Trump

Can Too Lick My Nose!

The first version of the Hobbit (15 minutes animation from the early 60s)

UN Chief's Press Conference - United Nations

The US promised to return stolen lands to Native Hawaiians a century ago. Most are still waiting

Biden signs executive order allowing further sanction enforcement on Russia

US abstains as UN Security Council passes call for pauses in fighting between Israel and Hamas to get more aid into Gaza

inside Ukraine's flower industry -

Lawsuit to boot Trump off West Virginia ballots is dismissed because plaintiff lacks standing

Which story line in Love Actually is your favorite?

International flight from London diverted to Yakima from Seattle due to weather

Weissmann: trump Audio Recordings in Michigan could mean New Jack Smith Criminal Charges

Question 0n Ukraine here.

Workers at two Omaha Starbucks seek to become unionized

Wayne County, Michigan (Bribery situation)

"Americans are really, really unhappy about grocery prices.".............

Doggo contemplates where he will Summer in 2024.

Secret Service Probes Actor's Call for Biden Hanging

Christmas Chemistry: Synthesis of an Essential Oil from Myrrh

Part 55: Sexual Violence and Retaliation at USC - Accountability Journalism for Victims Rights

You raised $235.24 on December 21, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

'Caught' a few, on river and over cove

Rescue Pittie Gets A Christmas Surprise Two Years In A Row

Why Shrinks Have Problems

Above Lake Dillon, Colorado

if you like, collect comic book super hero art, poke me.

I suspect Texas is trying to get rid of liberals

With a one-sentence order, the SC declines to fast track tRump immunity claim.

Supreme Court caves! Will not hear immunity claim!

Supreme Court won't fast-track ruling on Trump's claim of immunity

Migrant crisis spreads to a remote mountain town as winter descends (WP)

Adam Serwer - The Marriage Plot: There's a reason that politics is reshaping relationships.

A senator wants the Marines to explain why wounded troops weren't told the truth

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 22, 23

How stupid are Wisconsin republicans?

Do you ever visit relatives graves?

Violent online rhetoric heats up after the Colorado ballot ruling on Trump

Missouri school board that previously rescinded anti-racism resolution drops Black history classes

Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream (Official Lyric Video)

Video shows police knew Maine shooter was a threat. They also felt confronting him was unsafe

We need a thirteen justice Supreme Court.

Why is it that Red states have the most crime?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, recordings, and Michigan....

John Fugelsang: I want the reality show about Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss living in Rudy's Manhattan mansion NOW.

Winter Time-lapse Film

Christmas in Prison (Bright Eyes feat. John Prine)

Donald Trump's team forced to deny that he 'smells'

US Claims Huge Chunk of Seabed Amid Strategic Push for Resources

Favorite Book Titles

Trump on 'poisoning the blood' remarks: 'I never knew that Hitler said it'

A Black woman in Ohio was charged after miscarrying in her bathroom. Experts warn of the dangerous precedent.

21 Dec: Unbelievable! Ukrainian Bridgehead Withstands 150 Russian Tanks and BMPS - Reporting from Ukraine

Harry Litman on SCOTUS decision

Four teens sue San Francisco and police chief over mass arrest of youths at 'Hill Bomb' skateboarding event

Live: President Biden and Jill Biden read to Children

A Mississippi mother was shot in the head after police opened fire during a car chase

🚨Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns gerrymandered maps!

Biden administration unveils hydrogen tax credit plan to jump-start industry

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a question on foreign policy negotiations....

Cartoons 12/22/2023

Everett approves new committee to spearhead AquaSox stadium upgrade

TPM "Fruit of the Corrupt Court"

Everett approves minimum jail sentences for repeat offenders

Federal court takes aggressive action in Trump trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Does anybody else notice how the missing binder of intel on Russia

Biden impeachment means never having to show evidence

New Ad: Dictator Donald - The Republican Accountability Project

How global warming escalated 2023's climate disasters

And That Appears To Be Their Final Solution

How Czechia plans to connect Europe's major rivers - CaspianReport

Assessing 6 Claims by the GOP in the Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Arizona Democrats' No.1 Message: "Republicans Want To Destroy Our Democracy"

Israel blows up 'subterranean city' in Gaza where Oct 7 massacre was hatched

Bank Profits Plunge; $54 Trillion Sector At Risk; Rare Earths; US-China: Military Tensions - China Update

Hookers + Drugs! GOP Lawmaker Spills Secrets Of Conservative Colleagues - Rebel HQ

this nation isn't the country I thought it was growing up

Punishing their own but passing few laws, a Congress in chaos leaves much to do in 2024

New Audio Proves Trump Was Directly Involved In Attempted Michigan Election Sabotage - Rodecast

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders new legislative maps in redistricting case brought by Democrats

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders new legislative maps in redistricting case brought by Democrats

"I seek to dismantle the United States"

John Schneider's Joe Biden TWEET

Russian soliders in Kharkiv are being struck down by a mystery 'mouse fever' - Times Radio

Biden administration unveils hydrogen tax credit plan to jump-start industry

U.S. engine maker facing largest Clean Air Act penalty ever over emissions test cheating accusations

DNC sues New Hampshire over election law backed by Republicans

I posted all my holidaze cards already , but saved one for DU 🌲

Republican Party

Trump says he didn't copy Hitler and I believe him!

Charlie Sheen was attacked by his neighbor in his Malibu home

Never Back Down SuperPAC Backs Down on DeSantis

Joe Rogan accidentally humiliatesTrump on his own show - Brian Tyler Cohen

Seattle Children's Hospital sues Texas AG

Record Surge of Migrants at the Southern Border

I finally got one of those scam phone calls about supposed viruses on my computer.

Live at the Bitter End 1972

Millions want the Nazi-loving prick back in the White House. WTF happened to America?

Looking north from Gov. Th. Johnson Bridge, southern MD, plus

Trump Team Rips Accusation That Ex-President 'Smells' - Waldorf Nation


Southern MD sunset, 12/22

Ron Howard has a question Meme

Maine Police Feared Confronting Lewiston Gunman Weeks Before Deadly Mass Shooting

Supreme Court Issues MAJOR RULING in Trump Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

Tom Nichols

Governor Tony Evers: My statement regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision in Clarke v. WEC. ⬇️

Trump's immunity claim won't be expedited by the Supreme Court - All In - MSNBC

I won a $1,000 gift card!

anyone dealing with ITCHING SKIN from Eliquis blood thinner med?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: 'Tis the Season for Treason!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Wisconsin and impeachment being super unlikely....

BREAKING: Supreme Court won't immediately settle Trump immunity claim - MSNBC Reports

How we Mainers doing out there?

Trump Just Tanked the GOP's Chances in the 2024 Ohio Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

Who's afraid of Nikki Haley and the Koch Brothers?

Trump puts out a 2-second video:

The entire album is an entire evening of playing it over and over

I think Jack Smith was on a fishing

Gadi Haggai: White House says US-Israeli hostage dead in Gaza

Ted Cruz Tries Stand Up Comedy, Fails Miserably! - Luke Beasley

question re what a pro aquarium cleaner will do

Pornhub owner to pay victims $1.8m in sex trafficking case

Report of recording that shows Trump pressuring Michigan state officials not to certify 2020 vote - MSNBC Reports


#TrumpSmells Becomes Top Trend in U.S. As Claims of Putrid Odor Go Viral

Mexico's president is willing to help with border migrant crush but wants US to open talks with Cuba

Im voting for President joe biden & thats on period

Trump rails after poll shows Haley within 4 points in New Hampshire

Missouri could schedule an execution date for Marcellus Williams as early as Jan. 3 for a crime he did not commit.

Wonder if tfg is possibly bribing judge canon, and the corrupted SC justices ?

Anyone's cat make bisquits on them

I'm Voting For Roland Gutierrez In The Democratic Primary - Here's Why

Taliban official says Afghan girls of all ages permitted to study in religious schools

China Debt Crisis Implodes as Property Developers Urgently Require $450 Billion Bailout to Survive - Joe Blogs

What's your opinion on SC decision?

Trump CAUGHT ON TAPE committing election fraud in Michigan - Talking Feds

The Key To Getting Trump To Trial Pre-Election

*The Lion in Winter on TCM now

Genesis - Abacab (Live Version from Three Sides Live) 1982

Explainer: Will the new UN Gaza aid resolution make a difference on the ground?

North Dakota lawmaker (R) made homophobic remarks to officer during DUI stop, bodycam footage shows

A Bridge too far

MAGA Doofuses Go Nuts For Trump's Dictatorship Promise - Rebel HQ

I think its a fucking riot that The Defendant has to deny he smells, literally, like shit.

Missouri school board that previously rescinded anti-racism resolution drops Black history classes

I know the feeling

About Trump's team having to deny he smells:

B 52s - Private Idaho (Extended Long Version) 1980

Trump, RNC chair caught on tape meddling in Michigan 2020 vote, report says - All In - MSNBC

More Christmas Chemistry: Key Odorants of Frankincense, cis and trans Olibanic Acids

Flowers 'giving up' on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists

I Can Imagine That Kinzinger's Comment That Tr**p Smells Has.....

'You no longer represent us': New Jersey Muslims mobilize against longtime congressman over Israel stance

'Stunned': Secret Trump recordings 'tell a different story', says reporter who heard them - MSNBC Reports

Democrats sue New Hampshire over GOP-backed election law

Weird Justification

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