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Archives: December 25, 2023

My favorite Christmas song.

Chris Cornell - Ave Maria

Law enforcement investigating threats to Colorado justices after Trump ruling

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Just A Song Before I Go

Bringing the receipts: Rep. Jasmine Crockett's viral moments of 2023

Christmas Eve without any snow (here anyway)

Top attorney warns of massive Republican threat in 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

James Comer in PANIC MODE after his OWN CORRUPTION is Exposed

To those posting the multiple threads about "why doesn't the 14th Amendment automatically kick in"

Musical Christmas card. Peace

Colorado Secretary of State: Americans show up when freedoms are under attack - American Voices - MSNBC

VP Kamala Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff wish us all Happy Holidays......

Potential hostage situation in downtown LA, Nakatomi Plaza

Conan O'Brien Says College Kids Helped Make 'Late Night' Successful

Christmas parade in Denmark:

HUD Secretary: Biden working to make homeownership a 'reality' for all Americans - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

I'm gonna catch it!

Santa spotted over the Idaho Panhandle (left side of image)

Taylor Swift TRIGGERS even more MAGA Republicans

☦️ Carpatho-Rus Troparion for the Nativity of Christ

Cathy Burton & Omnia - Hearts Connected + Lyrics

New pup settling in

Anyone else watching the Godfather movies

My birthday is September 24th. By my calculations

Parrot decorates his little Christmas tree:

Bethlehem's Silent Night amid war on Hamas - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Attack kitten:

Laura Lynch, Dixie Chicks founding member, dies at 65 in head-on Texas car crash: 'Laura had a gift'

O HOLY COW - A Christmas Parody - Marcus Bales & Don Caron - Parody Project

Climbing the walls:

☦️ Orthodox Archangel Voices sing the Nativity of Christ Troparion

Fox buries his cookie in the snow:

Laura Ingraham's Brother EXPOSES Dark Past of Sister

Santa Larry, Mall of America's first Black Santa, spreads holiday cheer - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Snow leopard & her cubs:

Revealed: how US residents are funding illegal settlements in the West Bank

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Three baby clouded leopards enjoying the fall:

The birth of the annual "NORAD tracking Santa" ritual

Israeli air strike kills at least 70 Palestinians in central Gaza refugee camp, health officials say

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie W/O using Google

Trump appeals claim of immunity in D.C. election case - MSNBC Reports

December 1972 - The Christmas Bombing of Hanoi

You're in the wrong neighborhood, pal!

Cat's first Christmas tree:

The Mousetrap (I don't remember where this came from?)

Lunch today

Enya - Adeste Fideles

Trump files immunity appeal to D.C. court as legal deadlines loom - Velshi - MSNBC

Art Installation: Baby Jesus in an incubator in Bethlehem

Merry Christmas Eve to my beloved Loungers!

'Swamped with death threats': CO Sec. of State on fallout from Trump ballot ruling - Velshi - MSNBC

eBay seems to have removed alteration to their Best Match search algorithm

Merry, Merry Christmas my DU friends and family

Former Israeli sniper says war on Gaza is strengthening Hamas - Velshi - MSNBC

Phoebe Buffay - Smelly Cat

Let's talk about belief, Trump, and SCOTUS....

Merry Darthmas!

Mother of Vermont shooting victim says leaders contributing to hate - Velshi - MSNBC

Mehdi Hassan's show tonight was a "best of" the past year -- I'm sure I had missed some of these segments earlier.

ABBA: Nu aer det jul igen [Now, It's Christmastime Again]

Have we done this yet ? DECK US ALL WITH BOSTON CHARLIE .... nt

Penguins having fun near Antarctica

Blast from the past- Air America radio host goes on CNN to defend War on Christmas!

IDF: Bodies of 5 hostages recovered from Gaza tunnel - MSNBC Reports

My best friend Carlos and I were 11 or 12. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and dark out.

GOAT - Levitation Sessions (Full Set)

The only thing more scary than the attic was the basement! 😢

Supreme Court CHIEF JUSTICE Faces MASSIVE TEST on Trump's Plan - Meidas Touch

@ Home & neighborhood

'Glory to the Heroes' documents the resilience of those on Ukraine's front lines - PBS NewsHour

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went full what-about when pressed about election denialism

Southern MD skies, Christmas Eve 12/24

Waxing Gibbous, 91% visible

President Biden and the First Lady read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - The White House

What should our border/migrant stance be?

Oiche Nollaig Shona Duit!!!

At least 68 killed in central Gaza in airstrike, adding to weekend's bloodshed

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight...

Ukraine calls on male citizens abroad to join army

Santa Has Arrived

O Holy Nightmare

Was a time I could eat a half a dozen pierogis, four golubtsi, and a couple of shashlik.

I think veterans should have every right imaginable because they served our military and risked there lives too

Grounded charter jet freed to leave France. Lawyer says most passengers expected to return to India

BREAKING: First part of Epstein contact list released

How a 'perfect storm' of issues is causing a sharp rise in homelessness

Christmas Eve gathering

Wisconsin State Rep. Greta Neubauer: 'People want their democracy to be real - MSNBC Reports

A song for Christmas Eve:

'Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house...

Why the Jewish Way of Living Matters

The year that shook the Nation: Symone reveals why 2023 was a year of reckoning - Symone - MSNBC


How do I delete ads

Merry christmas DU! I hadnt seen it yet, so i thought id put it here for all our new friends this year! Enjoy!!

How Is Tr**p Spending/Celebrating Christmas?

U.S. military members perform 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' - (with a twist) PBS NewsHour

The legal reckoning: How Trump's mugshot and more defined 2023 - Symone - MSNBC

Trump Just Gave Jack Smith A Big Christmas Present

Newly exposed document shows GOP abortion plans

James Comer in PANIC MODE after his OWN CORRUPTION is Exposed - Meidas Touch

Joe Rogan mocks Biden for 'Revolutionary War airports' gaffe but aide fact checks & corrects him on who actually said it

yardwork! Congratulations! 60,000 posts!

Christmas Truce

ENYA - Oche Chiin (Silent Night)

MUSHROOMHEAD - The Heresy (Official Video) Napalm Records

Merry Christmas DU!

How To Cook Julia Child's One-Pot Chicken Dinner

Meanwhile the Scourge of Guns Continues

Trump Ally Nicholas Fuentes Seeks Death Of Non-Christians

A Christmas prayer

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Live 1991)

Here's a lovely Christmas song for everyone, from 1964!

I painted this for my nephew

*New Era of Downton Abbey on HBO now.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) Beatles people! And to all of DU, a Good Night.

Merry Xmas to My DU Friends!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a question about progress....

I Can Think Of A Very Good Reason

Wait! What Happened! The Germaphobe

Listen to the Angels - NEAL & LEANDRA

Monster Hunter World: Dodogama hunt

The Bidens read The Night before Christmas.

HBO is producing a Santos biopic

Christmas Mass in Bethlehem

She Immigrated Legally. She Married a U.S. Citizen. But She Was Denied Citizenship for Working in Legal Cannabis.

**TCM Auntie Mame NOW!

Stay Safe And Warm. Bless All Of You And Yours.

Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

Christmas celebrations in Ukraine: Many celebrate on Dec 25 for first time - FRANCE 24 English

Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry

RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis

Blink-182 - Won't Be Home For Christmas

Dropkick Murphys - "The Season's Upon Us"

24 Dec: Finally! First F-16 squadron already terrorizing Russian aviation - Reporting from Ukraine

Unbelievable :santa: It is Christmas Day and here in Mid Wisconsin, it is 50 Degrees F and light rain!!

Breakfast Monday 25 December 2023

Trump's unhappy Christmas: Republican rivals 'closing ground' in 2024 presidential race - Times Radio

☦️ Ukrainian 'God's Son Is Born This Night'

Two Seasonal Pieces

Friend from Texas told me how to protect my home...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. ✨ [White House Christmas decorations shown as story is told]..........

About morning people...

Ukraine received $1.34 bln under World Bank project - finance ministry

Ukrainian Christmas Carol

Maersk says it will resume shipping in the Red Sea

☦️ Some Carpatho-Rus Christmas Carols

Christmas Day storm forecast to bring blizzard conditions to Plains and Midwest

Trump's 'toe pads' spark social media firestorm: 'What an alpha male'

On this day, December 25, 1967, the Christmas episode of "The Monkees" was broadcast.

Pope at Christmas Eve mass: "Tonight, our hearts are in Bethlehem"

On this day, December 25, 1967, the Christmas episode of "The Monkees" was broadcast.

On this day, December 25, 1942, George Linus Cobb died.

Wordle 919 (Dec 25) ***SPOILERS***

Today, December 25, 1821, is the autograph date on Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 31 in A-flat major.

On this day, December 25, 1946, William Claude Dukenfield, aka W. C. Fields, died.

Tinned copper

Russia Bans Female Presidential Candidate, Venezuela Claims Guyana, El Salvador Bitcoin Citizenship - Joe Blogs

Beijing records longest cold wave in modern history

Bad air forces Pakistan to shut schools and markets and seed the clouds.

On this day, December 25, 1899, Humphrey Bogart was born.

I'm beginning to get a little more optimistic about the election

I've had the blues the reds and the pinks. One thing for sure

Sixty-one years ago today, December 25, 1962, "To Kill A Mockingbird" premiered in theaters.

Warthog Defense is back: Youtube reinstated our channel - Warthog Defense

Egypt floats ambitious plan to end Israel-Hamas war and create transitional Palestinian government

🚪📦 🎄Rejoice! The DU Door Buzzard Returns 🎄📦🚪

On this day, December 25, 1884, Evelyn Nesbit was born.

Ukraine snubs Russia, celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25 for first time

On this day, December 25, 1924, Rod Serling was born.

Merry Christmas, 1947, (?) from the Tucker Corporation

On this day, December 25, 1973, "Magnum Force," starring Clint Eastwood, premiered in theaters.

The Hallelujah Chorus and forgetting tradition

Monday Christmas TOONs

Key IDF officer reportedly voiced concern about Nova festival, but was told to OK it


Thousands join huge migrant caravan in Mexico ahead of Blinken visit

STAN FREBERG - Christmas Dragnet (1953) / Yulenet (1954)

IDF reveals: This is how bodies of five Gaza hostages were found, recovered

Christmas Must Be Tonight

How Much Would Kevin's Grocery Trip from Home Alone Cost at Aldi?

Christmas dinner cancelled

Prominent LA Conservative synagogue relocates Shabbat services due to planned pro-Palestinian protest

Christmas - The Who

When Hitler tried to redesign Christmas

Went to a great Christmas Eve service with

Right-Wing Shill Tulsi Gabbard Smuggles Antisemitism Into TPUSA Speech

"O Come All Ye Faithful" (Bluegrass Version), by the Brothers Young

You're scaring me mister!

A Herblock Christmas

If Republicans Said the Quiet Parts Loud About the War on Christmas

Lying down and vomiting between courses: This is how Ancient Romans would feast

Proposed passenger rail line through Napa County (CA) is eligible for funding

Merry Christmas DU

Frontlines of Freedom new show premieres on December 27th - Renew Democracy Initiative

Guatemala's Democracy Descends Into Crisis, With Implications For The US

Lula calls for peace, unity in the face of 'hatred'

After World War II, tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers mutinied -- and won

MAGA's FUMING Over 'Smelly Trump' Accusation

I Have A Feeling We've Zoomed Right Past That Point

The Real Origins of the Religious Right.

Comer Pyle: Biggest Republican TRAIN WRECK in Congress Flames Out

On This Day: Webb telescope heads toward halo orbit - Dec. 25, 2021

Unusual boxes and 7,000-year-old trove found locked in ice

Spirals Carved Into Colorado Rocks Thousands of Years Ago Could Be Ancient Calendars

The Modern-Day Nativity Scene: A Concertina Wire Christmas

Imprisoned Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Located In Penal Colony 3 Weeks After Contact Lost

Being a Republican is such a sad existence

Merry Christmas to the Sports Forum!

Cops Uncover 2nd Sex Tape Of Embattled Moms For Liberty Founder - Farron Balanced

Former trump Voter TURNS AGAINST him, FLEES MAGA and gets out of the CULT

You raised $31.00 on December 24, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Stan Freburg - Christmas Dragnet

Arrest of former Salvadoran President Alfredo Cristiani ordered

Zat You Santa Claus /A Happy Merry To All

WATCH: Moms For Liberty Gets TROLLED With Explicit Bible Verses

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, my beloved DU! Next year will be our year!

Merry Christmas, DU

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about phone calls today....

Orange-Cranberry Pecan Bread is in the oven.

Hamas Rejects Cease-fire Deal With Israel, Egyptian Sources Say

'You better pray': Christian nationalist groups are mobilizing before the 2024 elections

Hamas, Islamic Jihad reject giving up power in return for permanent ceasefire, Egyptian sources say

Back Door Santa by Mr. BB King

Undeterred by racist incident, a Black Santa brings cheer to Arkansas

I'm so exhausted that despite two cups of strong coffee,

Drew Fairy and her cat

Christmas Eve with the baby elephants at Sheldrick Trust ....

Hamas, Islamic Jihad reject giving up power in return for permanent ceasefire, Egyptian sources say

We are entering the realm of trivial "appeals".

Best ever

What Trump means when he wants to make America "great"

The story of Christmas, told through masterpieces of painting

I saw a license plate frame the other day

The Only Tolerable Christmas Song (IMO):

Undeterred by racist incident, a Black Santa brings cheer to Arkansas

Happy baby goat:

Calvin, that you?

Carol of the bells: original Ukrainian folk song

Memphis Train - Buddy Miles

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 25, 2023)

Z's challah

Porcupine loves to be petted:

Puppy & owl:

Jesse Watters & Fox News Hits a New, Disgusting Low

sonora ca current conditions on christmas day

Pupper gets a puppy!

Strike a pose:

Fennec fox gets scritches:

U.N. Warns One-Quarter of Gazans Are Starving Amid Israeli Assault and Siege

Nailed it!

🎄TubaChristmas celebrating 50th anniversary at Rockefeller Center🧑‍🎄

Merry Christmas, DU friends. I'm sitting here listening to John Prine's Christmas album mulling over...

This Christmas

Anyone else in the North celebrating a green Christmas?

Climate: A Christmas gingerbread village showing how buildings can be adapted

Nothing justifies this response

Hundreds enjoy free meal at Portland Art Museum

Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again (w/animation from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

What did the ocean say when Santa flew over? Nothing, it just waved TY cbabe for the answer/

Santa Claus and his Old Lady

This is Elf Deb . . All misfit toys are taken.

Wishing the DU family ...

PA animal shelter empties kennels for first time in 47 years: "A true miracle"

A Re-Elected Trump Would Mean Living Under Constant Threat of Modern-Day Brownshirts

Stinky Trump proclaims in Christmas message that God will help him win in 2024

The immigrant problem at our border is a symptom of a larger problem in the countries to our south...

Seen it all

Butterbeans and Susie - Papa Ain't No Santa Claus (And Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree)

Merry Christmas from your lawyer

Today's Tiedrich: remember, no matter what you're doing, you're having a better Christmas than Donald Trump

An Israeli airstrike in Syria kills a high-ranking Iranian general

Wishing for a Christmas truce in Ukraine where all the Russians say fuck it defect! Merry Christmas. :) n/t

Fewer and fewer are actually posting on social media

Best version ever - The Impressions, Silent Night


"The Work of Christmas" by Howard Thurman

Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas ('68 Comeback Special)

They say that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger..

Greene says she was swatted while at home with family on Christmas

Why do you never lend money to an elf? Answer because they are always short. TY JustABozoOnThisBus

It's having a blue Christmas


Someone skipped American History.. Maybe home schooled?

Tweet of the Day

Needy Pittie Stalks His Dad All Day Long

Astronomy Picture of the Day 2023 December 25 Cathedral, Mountain, Moon

The best cartoon song about Christmas..... ever.

What happened? Did Palm Beach, Fla have a power outage?

Supreme Court - Strike 1, Taking away women's freedoms, Strike 2,

Troops find car belonging to hostage, Hamas truck at northern Gaza hospital

Slovak Carols

'Law & Order' Creator Dick Wolf Donates 200 Artworks to the Met.

Poll: 83% of Israelis Support Voluntary Emigration from Gaza

"For Zion's sake, I will not be silent..."

Cleopatra movie, 1963. *SPOILERS* - don't click if they're not wanted or recriminate!

Fact of the Day: Christmas Edition

My favorite Christmas song ever

"From the river to the sea, etc."

Afghan schoolgirls are finishing 6th grade in tears. Under Taliban rule, their education is over.

F16 finally make it to Ukraine.. I think we should see more ruzzian airpower fall out of the sky..

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 26 December 2023

Some thoughts on "useful idiots"

TCM schedule Saturday 12/30/23 -- Viva Las Vegas, The Birds, Cary Grant, Troy Donahue, John Wayne

Israeli response vs. prevention. Is this a blind spot?

Anti-Zionism Is Deadlier Than Antisemitism

Who are/were you happy to see this Christmas?

It's the Nativity and I'm dressed all in black, so...

Christmas was celebrated December 25th before the Gregorian calendar switch.

Missing Russian dissident Navalny located in penal colony in Siberia

Merry Christmas DU!

LBN, but I don't have a link

2 Christmas songs with a tad of humor

Cartoons Christmas 2023

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Enrollment open as noncitizens can buy health insurance in Washington

What we all forget about the upcoming Trump fraud verdict: It's the chicanery, stupid

So the Chiefs really aren't that good eh??

Martin O'Malley's confirmation as Social Security commissioner is a win for the American people

Egypt floats plan to end Israel-Hamas war. The proposal gets a cool reception

For those keeping score, Hamas has now:

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song W/O using Google

Rudy Giuliani's legal 'humiliations' threaten his knighthood in the UK

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 25, 2023

Trump, Republican leader may face PROSECUTION for RECORDED BRIBE

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's pardons and effectiveness....


Soulshine Warren Haynes Song Around The World Playing For Change

Nitpick # 283.


Any Red Dwarf fans here?

Edie Falco reads a letter to white supremacists

In first public message since Oct. 7, Sinwar says Hamas won't surrender



Southern MD Christmas evening 12/25

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny located at Siberian penal colony - CNN

Just watched the trailer for Civil War

Holiday travel is mostly nice, but with some naughty disruptions again on Southwest Airlines

The fact that TFG is the first POTUS since 1897 not to have a dog says a great deal

Sunset time on the river

In Christmas message, Pope Francis begs for end to Israel's Gaza campaign, decries 'appalling harvest' of civilian death

A Question for all Trekkies

King County warns of winter toxic algae blooms

The guests are all gone and the kidcats are enjoying a return to peace and quiet

Belarus leader says Russian nuclear weapons shipments are completed, raising concern in the region

A Staggering Excavation Has Rewritten The Fall Of The Roman Empire

RUSH - 2112

PBS Call the Midwife Dec 25, 2023 Holiday Special - Official Preview

All Creatures Great and Small: What's Ahead in Season 4

Photos: Palestinian family, displaced and living in a tent, welcomes baby girl

Sunshine creates late gift on day before Christmas

hey dr who fans (whovians) whatever happend to the robot dog k 9? thanks

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis: Williamsburg man sentenced for assaulting law enforcement on Jan. 6

China's raw material appendage: how the war made Russia dependent on the Celestial Empire - UATV English

Israeli commander dismissed for endangering forces in Gaza

last nites dinner and to nights dinner was/are banquet tv dinner , turkey w stuffins , peas and smashed potatoes .

A Merry Christmas from Donald Trump:

FBI says it's investigating after reports of violent threats to Colorado judges in Trump case

Trump wishes electric car supporters 'rot in hell' in Truth Social Christmas message

Christmas Dinner

🎄 I'll Be Home For Christmas - Bing Crosby, 1943 🪖

Putin threatens Latvia with "repurcussions" over policy towards Russian speakers - DW News

I Have A Black Eye