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Archives: December 26, 2023

Trump's Deranged Christmas Message

Katrina, nooo!

Turkey carries out airstrikes against Kurds

☦️ Orthodox - 'Christmas As the Anchor of Reality' by a writer of ikonography

To protect an endangered owl species, government biologists propose killing off other owls

(Jewish Group) Chinese Food on Christmas day

Top Bibi confidant expected in D.C. for talks on next phase of Gaza war

All women should watch this video...

Merry Christmas .

Biden says he 'can't think of one' reason for total presidential immunity

Kevin spacey hits new low

Step by step, Florida Guard inches toward becoming DeSantis' personal army

Step by step, Florida Guard inches toward becoming DeSantis' personal army

"Once In A Lifetime!"

Meanwhile the Democrat owned

UN rapporteur says Israel must be held to account by world body

First Amendment claim struck down in Project Veritas case focused on diary of Biden's daughter

*Call The Midwife, ch 26 next.

Steely Dan - My Old School (Live on The Midnight Special, 1973)

Turkey steps up airstrikes against Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq after 12 soldiers were killed

Dec 24, 1984: VCRs listed as "Santa's Hottest Gift"

2nd tweet: There's always one:

Eventually trump will have to shoot someone on 5th avenue

So Where Are We Goin' Ladies?

Scoop: Top Bibi confidant expected in D.C. for talks on next phase of Gaza war

The Color Purple Musical movie was absolutely fantastic!

Great quote from Colorado Supreme Court ruling

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Wisconsin maps changing....

Clarence Thomas' former clerks have brought him a taxidermy lobster and batteries for his RV to express their loyalty

Bee Gees - Alone

The fugitive is still on the lam...

Oh Christmas Tree (Your Ornaments Are History)

It may not be meaningful

Type O Negative - Love you to death (cover by Nadia Kodes)

BLACKPINK - 'Last Christmas'

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protestors crowd Midtown, Manhattan on Christmas Day

George Balanchine's The Nutcracker - Waltz of the Flowers⚘ - Tchaikovsky

Republican radio host humiliated after saying Statue of Liberty is example American architectural superiority

She Lives Full-Time on Her Self-Built Boat

Can ticket-splitting governor races survive a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024?

11 yr old Sings "Snuff" by Slipknot / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Japan Moon Lander Enters Lunar Orbit

What Lies Beneath the Vatican of the Zapotecs?

Santa the stalker:

My corduroy pants ruined any chance I ever had with Shanna McCabe, or any other girl in

Alexei Navalny located in Arctic Circle penal colony - MSNBC Reports

Beautiful Fine Art Finale to Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2023

Packing up from Christmas in Seattle...

Michigan sheriff Dar Leaf offers 'militia course

A family Christmas.....

Thousands protest over Serbia election result, march to main police station

Ex-Hong Kong democracy advocate runs in Taiwan legislative race

Brazil's Lula hosts Christmas lunch for Palestinian-Brazilians repatriated from Gaza

Plumeria Global Education Group


FBI says it's investigating after reports of violent threats to Colorado judges in Trump case

Jingle Bells for the doggies

Rare Ancient Multiplication Tables Found In 2,300-Year-Old Chinese Tomb

Just scanned Bezos's megaphone, The Washington Post

From India and Pakistan to Indonesia, Asia set for election-packed 2024

Ukraine destroys Iranian arms shipment in Crimea

Low Turnout Expected In Upcoming Iran Elections

A Song For Alexei Navalny

Thought of this tonight. Merry Christmas to everyone even those who we may be thinging about.

Perfectly Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside Fossilized Egg

Why Trump's Latest ARGUMENTS are Nothing Short of TREASON - Meidas Touch

In L.A. District Attorney Race, Rhetoric Shifts From Reform to Fear

Drunk Uncle Crookie Award 2023: Derrick Van Orden

2023 Saw a Growing Pro-Democracy Movement Win Voting Access Gains

Ukraine carries out air assault on Crimea's port of Feodosia

Ukraine battling Russian attacks as Zelenskyy struggles to secure more aid - NBC News

Chubarov urges residents of Crimea not to participate in Putin's election campaign

It is not funny, but MTGoofball was involved in a swatting incident at her home on Christmas morning!

Countries Assess Implications of Taiwan Election As Campaigns Enter Final Weeks

Christmas Movies: our usual holiday thing

Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby

U.S. Strikes Drone Facilities Used by Iran-Sponsored Militias

A look at some of the most important stories of 2023 - Face the Nation - CBS News

Wife Of Elected Republican Convicted Of Voter Fraud, Going To Prison Soon - Rodecast

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump's Latest Attacks BACKFIRE IN HIS FACE as Biden Makes His Move - Meidas Touch

Sharia Law, Anyone?

Asian stocks stutter, dollar drifts as US rate cut bets rise

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 26: Cool in the Movies: The Trendsetters

Phillips: 'I watched U2 and MTV on color TV, I should be president'

Paramedics struggle to save lives under harrowing conditions in Israel-Hamas war - PBS NewsHour

Storm Shadow Destroys Russian Ship in Feodosia - Possibly Ropucha-Class Ship Carrying Shaheds! - Suchomimus

Andie MacDowell - I love pie song

So TFG is saying the HUGE economic recovery of the Biden administration...

--What do they call a Snowperson Party? a Snow Ball by tblue 37

*Rear Window on TCM now.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 27: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

James Webb Space Telescope's discoveries 2 years since launch - CBS News

Blizzards and ice making for white, and dangerous, Christmas in Plains

Remember this ...

A few photos (Ha!) from today's Christmas Party!

Key political issues to watch in 2024 - Face the Nation - CBS News

Baked Lemon Butter Chicken Thighs

"it's hard to imagine this many people in one place sitting peacefully" woodstock 1969 (as seen on fb)

Faithful in village in western Ukraine celebrate Christmas on 25 December for first time - Associated Press

FURIOUS Navy Vet Delivers Major WAKE UP CALL to Steve Bannon - Against All Enemies

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a request from Mexico....

Almost total impunity for criminals in Mexico; less than 4 percent of criminal investigations are ever solved

Use of "Waste" Heat from a Nuclear Plant Has Saved 700,000 Tons of CO2.

Ukraine claims to have destroyed Russian ship in Crimea attack

Has this ad been posted yet? It's really well done!

25 Dec: Trapped underground. Russian assault quickly turns into a disaster. - Reporting from Ukraine

Drone attack on Iraq military base wounds 3 U.S. service members, Pentagon says

Breakfast Tuesday 26 December 2023

I can't make text corrections on DU4 posts on my iPhone because the text I want to correct jumps below the phone's edge

I Can Picture Trump Yesterday..

MI: Here's your guide on what Whitmer and the Democratic-led Legislature got done in 2023

An 'invisible' need: Diapers top the holiday wish list for many L.A. parents

'Freaked out' parents discover antisemitic posts linked to Oakland school social worker

160 People in Central Nigeria Reportedly Killed in Bandit Attacks

Kadyrov done: Chechens want to end war. Putin finally admits real losses. Ukraine retakes key city - The Russian Dude

Sian displayed a new talent, this weekend

Wordle 920 Dec 26 ***Spoiler Thread***

On this day, December 26, 1973, Richard Nixon flew from IAD to LAX on United Flight 55.

On this day, December 26, 1956, Preston Tucker died.

A Turkish parliamentary committee resumes debate on Sweden's NATO bid

On this day, December 26, 2004, an earthquake and tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean.

On this day, December 26, 1923, automotive stylist Dick Teague was born.

Minimum-wage workers in 22 states will be getting raises on Jan. 1

On this day, December 26, 1972, former President Harry S. Truman died in Independence, Missouri.

Good King Wenceslas Looked Out, on the Feast of Stephen.

On This Day: Lincoln averts war with Great Britain by agreeing to release Confederate diplomats - Dec. 26, 1861

On December 19, 1969, the Beatles released their last Christmas record.

I never believed in magic or witchcraft until now.

On this day, December 26, 2006, Gerald Ford died.

Gladiator Now We Are Free Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

On this day, December 26, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered.

Merry Christmas and Good Morning!

Tuesday TOONs

On this day, December 26, 1903, Elisha Cook Jr. was born.

On this day, December 26, 2004, an earthquake and tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean.

276 Indians stuck in a French airport for days for a human trafficking probe arrive in India

Illegal West Bank outpost of Sde Yonatan evacuated and demolished, 10 activists detained

Ronna McDaniel Hit With Wave of Resignation Calls Under Christmas Post

Christmas Carol or political promise?

Labor News & Commentary December 19, 2023 Biden administration requires project labor agreements

!!!What a weekend!!!

So, what happens when 'God' does not help Motherfucker win the election?

Once-Abused Dog Gets to Celebrate First Christmas With Vet Who Saved Him

You raised $120.00 on December 25, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

So I finally bought a new laptop albeit low end, for a dedicated writing platform

1) Hate speech is Constitutionally protetcted. 2) Yeah, but: the Pickering test.

English Boy Unwraps Iron Man Prosthetic Arm-a Gift from His Nation Days Before Christmas

As conflicts rage abroad, a fractured Congress tries to rally support for historic global challenges

Amazon Basin Drought: "We've Never Seen Anything Like This"

VICE News: Inside Iran: What Happened to Iran's Women-led Uprising?

"I am your new Santa Claus" - 9-tweet thread from Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was located yesterday

"If Trump wins the 2024 election ...": Leaving the "carnival of madness" that was 2023 behind

The COP Treadmill Occasionally Spins Faster, But Never Actually Goes Anywhere

161 years ago today, the largest mass execution in U.S. history took place, ordered by A. Lincoln

A quick thought about Giuliani

How 3,000-year-old Babylonian tablets help scientists unravel one of the weirdest mysteries in space

Kristina Karamo's running mate wants meeting to discuss her removal

Iran undoes slowdown in enrichment of uranium to near weapons-grade -IAEA

Barack Obama's Christmas message yesterday (tweet with video)

2023 - The Year Governments Saw What Was Happening To The Climate & Decided Protestors Were The Problem

well, i'll give dean phillips this-

FedEx Express Mechanics and Related Launch Campaign to Join Teamsters

Moonlight In Vermont/Happy Full Moon

Red Crab Migration Begins On Christmas Island - Number Boosted After Scientists Take On Invasive Ants

Wales, Fearing Another Aberfan Disaster, Angered By Westminster's Inaction On 100s Of Coal Waste Piles

--What's every parent's favorite Christmas Eve carol? cloudbase is correct "Silent Night"

Cops hunt for Florida man who fled Bass Pro Shops with a 50lb tarpon he fished out of the store's pond with a net

Someone (I suspect Sian) stole and ate one of the leftover Yorkshire puddings!!


A year from now Trump could be....

Actor Stephen Fry reads musician Nick Cave's stirring letter about ChatGPT and human creativity

Anti-Hamas billboard in Worcester vandalized, message reversed

Here's looking at you, squid

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Christmas coming early in Ukraine....

Stephen Fry's Christmas message: "I am Stephen Fry and I am a Jew".

Sunset: Marfa, Texas

Who is your favorite entertainer--can be actor, actress, singer, comedian. dancer. etc?


Pete Buttigieg shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Marjorie Taylor Greene To Celebrate January 6th Anniversary At Rally With Capitol Rioter - Farron Balanced

Well now, that certainly was a good ass kicking by the Ravens

Trump and birth certificates.

TCM today/night

Boxing Day!

Start a franchise!

The last of my three black background flower paintings

Patrick Boyle & Joe Blogs Talk & Joke About Business - Elon Musk, AI, EV's, Valuations & Crypto - Joe Blogs

Airstrikes 'Destroy' Iran-Linked Militia Bases In Iraq After Drone Strike Injures Three U.S. Soldiers

How an Italian cook makes Alfredo

Bumper sticker seen on the way to work.

RNC chair may be in trouble over audio of Trump, Karl Rove warns - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Flag to fly over U.S. Capitol in honor of hospitalized Karns City QB Mason Martin and his family

Newly Flush With Cash, Nikki Haley Makes Her Move in Iowa. Is It Too Late?

Explosions reported in Red Sea shipping lane off Yemen coast

Which Deranged Republicans Said These Extreme Things? With Rep. Yadira Caraveo - Lovett or Leave It

If you tested positive for covid but don't have any symptoms would you

$80Bn Price Collapse: The End of Hong Kong?; Chinese Economy; C919; Tik Tok - China Update

"Christ in the Rubble": Watch Palestinian Pastor Deliver Powerful Christmas Sermon from Bethlehem


Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 26, 2023)

Serious Medical Errors Rose After Private Equity Firms Bought Hospitals

Former Camden County deputy pleads not guilty to child sexual abuse material charges

Oven cleaner paste. Best brand?

The Truth about Oil Wars and the Venezuela-Guyana Crisis - William Spaniel

David Rothkopf on the Danger of trump returning to the White House - The Warning

Maureen Sweeney, weather watcher who influenced D-Day plans, dies at 100

Police Didn't Breathalyze or Drug Test Cop Who Drove Into Gay Bar

U.S. launches strikes against terrorist group in Iraq - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Haley Endorsement Marks Presidential Return of Koch Donor Network

Trump Show Christmas Edition w/AI Lauren Boebert, Marge The Bounty Hunter, Donald Trump Jr & MORE!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 26, 2023

Who's Next/Lifehouse Deluxe Edition

"Christ in the Rubble": Palestinian Pastor Delivers Powerful Christmas Sermon from Bethlehem

If many Gazan Palestinians are afraid of Hamas, is that true in the Palestinian diaspora too?

Anyone use a home cleaning service?

Happy Kwanzaa!

Ta-daa! Your Boxing Day weirdness

Hooked On Swing - Big Band Jazz Music - Larry Elgart. Swingjugend Youth, Nazi Germany

Recommend a hand garden pruning clipper brand?

Recommend car seat covers brand for

Palestinian Christian Pastor Slams Western Silence on Genocide in Gaza

A Trump Conviction Could Cost Him Enough Voters to Tip the Election

Now, that Christmas Day is over, give it a grade of 1-5 . 1 being the best,and 5 being the worst. You can explain

Israel Army Chief Says Gaza War 'Will Last Many More Months'

How U.S. Unions Are Grappling with Israel's War on Gaza

Anybody use Nextdoor? It's for keeping up with local events and gossip..

And of course the Scourge of the gun; continues

'Conundrum': SCOTUS conservatives face 'brutal dilemma' in choosing Trump or this favored doctrine

How's everyone doing with visiting family

Can someone please remind me why...

A Frederick Douglass mural in his hometown in Maryland draws some divisions

Trump Posts Article Showing Iowa GOP Voters "More Likely" to Support Him For Using Hitler Rhetoric

White House concerned over delay in more Ukraine funding - CBS News

Cheap Тяцмp Meme

A brand new Christmas song from Barbados this year

Pupper absolutely LOVES his new bed!

Hedgehog puts his tiny hands to good use:

Merry Mayhem: The Republican Party's Christmas In Texas

Lauren Boebert's Dem rival raises 'jaw-dropping' campaign cash

Did I read here that people DO pay federal taxes on their Social Security???

Help me , darn it!

Israel Weighs Egyptian Peace Deal as Airstrikes Expand to Southern Gaza

Kitten prefers the cozy hands:

Lauren Boebert's Dem rival raising jaw dropping campaign cash..

Americans ramped up spending during the holidays despite some financial anxiety and higher costs

US carries out airstrikes against militants in Iraq following attack on air base

2 fierce babies:

"Let the voters decide!" hypocrisy (Dave Whamond cartoon)

What's in your pocket?

Cartoons 12/26/2023

Jim Jordan Threatens To Subpoena Jack Smith In Latest Attempt To Save Trump - Farron Balanced

Republican Holiday Tree decorated with hanged Democratic figures

For baby elephants, the package is the present:

Lawsuit challenging Alabama transgender care ban for minors will move forward: Judge


How Donald Trump 'Bullied' His Way Into his "Home Alone 2" cameo role

"Be careful what you ask for": Experts warn Trump's "immunity" filing could backfire with judges

My repetitive answer for 2024.

Robust holiday shopping sends economy soaring into 2024

Did you say food?

Kanye West posts Hebrew apology to Jewish community ahead of 'Vultures' album release

2nd tweet--Little girl overwhelmed by first sight of a train:

Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer at company's Texas factory during violent malfunction - leaving 'trail of blood' and for

Big dog, little kitten:

TCM Remembers 2023

Lindsey Graham defends Trump's claims of immunity and election fraud - Morning Joe - MSNBC

A whale shark swimming through bioluminescent algae looks like it's swimming in outer space

Banksy: Police investigate removal of street sign in Peckham as alleged theft

Trump Supporters IMPLODE As Secret Obama Plot Falls Apart

UnsraW 『 damned』

high and mighty color- Living

A Russian officer surrendered and sold out his comrades, helping Ukraine's special forces cross a key river

Biden's blunt challenge to reporters about the economy - Pondering Politics

How America's Diet Is Feeding the Groundwater Crisis

A hawk at the bird bath!

Kari Lake is in deep, deep trouble with judge's refusal to dismiss defamation lawsuit

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 26, 2023

My thoughts on our SC. decisions coming.

Kitten has had about all he can take!

The Dems' Anti-DeSantis Has a Plan for 2024--And Maybe 2028

NAACP Says Racist Redistricting Aims to Silence Black Voters in North Carolina

Biscuit school:

Question about Apple Watches-

Robust holiday shopping sends economy soaring into 2024

First Amendment claim struck down in Project Veritas case focused on diary of Biden's daughter

Dean Phillips lashes out at Twitter after they laugh down his weird swipes at Pres. Biden

Lt. Gov. Coleman says her post-mastectomy reports 'came black clean,' stresses importance of early detection, prevention

Jeff Fortenberry, the ex-GOP Congressman found guilty of lying to the FBI, had his conviction tossed by a California app

What was the best show or series you streamed this year? Mine is the Outlander followed by The Crown

ME: State workers approve new union contracts after protracted negotiations with Mills administration

This ridiculous cat!

Redneck' Comedian Tears Republican Clowns to Pieces

Leaked Melania Trump Tape RUINS Fox's Christmas

I saw a lone cardinal in the branches of one of my trees this morning...are cardinals late migrators?

PA Republicans have blocked a minimum wage increase for six months

The "Oreo Crisis" according to the fox Sewer

Robust holiday shopping sends economy soaring into 2024

Time to boogie in the kitchen and get those

MT: Kalispell voters await word on potential election redo

New fun holiday game

DR Congo's government to ban protests against election 'irregularities'

Michigan GOP in Total Disarray Going Into 2024 Elections - Let's Talk Elections

Loyal Horse And Her Mom Have The Strongest Bond

Watched "The Creator" on Hulu last night

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Egypt's peace plan....

Three Republican women team up to defend birth control access in Idaho

Skinniest Doberman Asks People For Help

IDF Soldier Dies of Treatment-Resistant Fungus from Gaza, 10 More Infected

The Very Thought of You - Billie Holiday 💙

Hubby gave me a gift certificate at my pedi and massage spa for Christmas!

Failed GOP Candidate Cries Over Biden's Expensive Meat - Waldorf Nation

Melania Thinks It's Time to 'Leave Her Mark on History'

Serbia cracks down on protests amid 'election fraud' outcry

Ex-Nebraska Rep. Fortenberry's convictions reversed by federal appeals court

UK: Keir Starmer tells Labour frontbench to ready policies for spring election

Kari Lake is in deep, deep trouble with judge's refusal to dismiss defamation lawsuit

The Season's Upon Us / They Call This Christmas (Dropkick Murphys)

Indonesia presidential candidate Prabowo cements lead in the poll

Donald Trump Versus Nikki Haley

IL: Applications open for mail-in voting in March 19, 2024 Presidential Primary Election

Going on a Nice, France to Lisbon Portugal cruise in April!

Under The Milky Way

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 27 December 2023

New news to me..Trump tower ownership stakes.

Trump Suffers Crushing Blow with Epic Humiliation! - Luke Beasley

CO-03: Why Lauren Boebert's House Race May Be the Most Closely-Watched of 2024

Georgia election board chairman to be replaced by a new Republican

2023 Gems of Lazy Journalism Award

Lawsuit: Wayne State discriminated against student who wanted to be gym teacher because of weight

Washington State Radio Broadcaster Avoids $20K FCC Fine

'A political advantage': More elected officials across San Diego County are running for both re-election and party seats

US extends tariff exclusions on some Chinese categories till May 31

The Films trump doesn't want America to see

KOREA: Political parties gear up for crunch election 100 days away

Arizona, Dominican Republic both grapple with 19th century abortion laws

Wisconsin Republicans Consider Putting Abortion Limits on the Ballot

5 children killed in Bullhead City house fire as dad shopped for Christmas gifts, investigators say

Director Chris Columbus Says Trump Bullied His Way Into "Home Alone 2"

GOP Bills Bar Biden From Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania Ballots

Uninvited guest shows up at Christmas; chaos ensues

Minimum Wage Hikes Primed for Ballot, Statehouse Battles in 2024

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Trump's former aide says ex-president is 'worried that he will end up in jail'

PA: Barletta (R): GOP should embrace mail ballots

'Trojan horse'? Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling likely to boost legislative Democrats

3 redistricting commissioners to be replaced following resignations

Cockatoo - Kill

New Florida law requiring more elected officials to disclose detailed financial information leads to resignations

Republicans likely to take Wisconsin gerrymandering case back to the U.S. Supreme Court

Now comes the map making in Wisconsin's legislative redistricting dispute

Work smarter, not harder

Rachel's book scares me

Hilarious! Toddler opens all of family's Christmas presents in the middle of the night.


Kings of Leon - Going Nowhere


Ark of the Arts scene from Children of Men

Mexico's army-run airline takes to the skies, with first flight to the resort of Tulum

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday

Covenant parents learn that leopards will eat your face.

Sweden moves a step closer to NATO membership after Turkey's parliamentary committee gives approval

Restriction on carrying guns in Omaha and Lincoln violate Nebraska law, lawsuits say

Benjamin Netanyahu makes three prerequisites for peace - Morning Joe - MSNBC

These 13 states are likely to vote on abortion laws in 2024 - Scripps News

Beer battered fillets stocked at Whole Foods recalled nationwide over soy allergen