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Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

An avalanche of money is coming to kick Lauren Boebert out of Congress

The Year Abortion Won Elections: A Look At Abortion Laws And Reproductive Rights In 2023 - NowThis News

A sick cat shows up at grandma's door. Her response was perfect.

Trump Touts Poll Showing His Main Goals are "Revenge" & "Dictatorship"

surfs up

Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by attempted swatting call for roughly 8th time, this one on Christmas Day

stumbled on a sitcom on YouTube called "Normal, Ohio"

US buys 3 million barrels of oil for strategic reserve

Why did they include the Slobfather and wife #3

Supreme Court Finally FACE TO FACE with Trump Threats, NOW WHAT?! - Meidas Touch

God I hate Eastern Tennessee

As social media guardrails fade and AI deepfakes go mainstream, experts warn of impact on elections

The rapper Ye, who has a long history of making antisemitic comments, issues an apology in Hebrew

A US map on how we heat, as a nation. Pretty interesting.

Israeli military says Gaza ground offensive has expanded into urban refugee camps

The redistricting disputes that are shaping the battle for House control

The year ahead for Biden's White House - Morning Joe - MSNBC

'Tree lobsters': Insects believed to be extinct go on display at San Diego Zoo

Husband: Wife, what do you want for Christmas? Price is not a concern.

Trump shares poll showing voters associate potential second term with "revenge"

FBI Investigating MAGA Threats Against CO Judges - Raw News And Politics

FBI Investigates Threats to Colorado Justices

Chip Franklin RIDICULES Charlie Kirk for being triggered by Taylor Swift's politics. #shorts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Colorado and wolves....

full moon

New lawsuit signals bad news for Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

Oh Christmas Tree (Your Ornaments Are History)

America grows more divided in 2023 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The Dumbest Minute of Lindsey Graham's career - Pondering Politics

UPS Worker Is Told He's A 'Liability' Due To His Diabetes -- Then Gets Fired, Feds Say

DC Appeals Court's Latest Decision SPELLS DOOM for Trump - Meidas Touch

Alaska triangle aka sasquatch

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Did anyone go after Christmas shopping by in store or online shopping. Did you get any bargains? I ordered some

President Obama Is Back! To Campaign in 2024 Election - Let's Talk Elections

Should candidates for federal office be considered officers of the United States?

I do wish that Rachel Maddow was back.

Donation Season. Just donated to Marc Ellis.

WTF! 365 days until Christmas and my neighbors already have their

Earth's Temperature Has Changed WILDLY, So What's the Big Deal About a Few Degrees? - PBS Terra

I give you my heart

Gun Wielding Mark McCloskey lost his appeal

Peter Gabriel - i/o (Bright-Side Mix)

Trump Trials - Dec 26, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

California Pizza Huts lay off all delivery drivers ahead of minimum wage increase

'When you can't change the laws, change the lawmaker,' gun control advocate says - NBC News

I want to buy a standing drill press.

Florida teen allegedly shoots, kills sister after fight over Christmas gifts

Judge Rules Against 1st Amendment Arguments By Project Veritas In Fight With FBI & DOJ - Rodecast

Rudy's Christmas Carol

Can you find the cat in this picture?

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - An Evening Prayer

As more people end up homeless the corp and rich are getting tremendous profits

tonites full moon

Drunk Republican Goes On Racist Rant During Arrest - Waldorf Nation

Just finished "Maestro"

Sophie catches a nap on Christmas night.

if you like tobacciana, fishing lures, ice pics, poke me.

Trump SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL with Unhinged Christmas Messages - Meidas Touch

Sweden moves a step closer to NATO membership after Turkey's parliamentary committee gives approval

Drumph only has a 53% to 42% unfavorable number

"as i snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the glow of the christmas tree and the beautifully wrapped gifts

So Amazon Prime will be adding ads starting Jan 29th

"Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist", a Streaming

House Democrat hits Trump's 'rot in Hell' Christmas message

DeSantis Bans AP Psychology Out Of Fear People Will Figure Out What's Wrong With Him

Now I understand.

'Madam Clerk, I Rise To Say Wow': Dean Phillips Roasts Republicans For Endless Speaker Vote

Trying to remember a BBC cop show that was all about policing the police. Character name Arnot?

'Take a deep breath': Turbulent Trump era likely to intensify in 2024 - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

First Lady Zelenska: Ukrainian language, culture important for those valuing freedom

Yule love this--Why is the Grinch such a good gardener? Because he has a green thumb

Opinion Harvard's Claudine Gay should resign - Ruth Marcus

How to explain white privilege:

Fox News Guest Makes Dumbest Political Prediction Ever On Live TV - Farron Balanced

Eva Braun Trump to Step Up Public Appearances

Luna Shadows - witches' brew

Knoxville man charged with murder after argument over picking up dog poop, police say

King Crimson - Dinosaur (Live 1995)

Marc Elias: There Are No Moderate Republicans. There Are Either Proud MAGA Or Scared MAGA.

Christmas Rules

Paul Ryan calls out Trump as an authoritarian narcissist, but it is too little too late.

Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett exposes the GOP for a frivolous impeachment hearing & more.

SCOTUS HAS NO CHOICE: Trump has no constitutional escape clause. He cannot run for president.

Riding the Blue Wave

Is Stopping Immigration For Ukraine Making a Deal With The Devil? - Thom Hartmann

Why are millions leaving So America and Central America?

A Record-Breaking Warm, Snowless Winter Confounds Midwesterners

So Democrats, what's the plan?

I may have played this in the recent past....but I am 70+ so cut me some slack.

David Attenborough encounters the most DANGEROUS plant in the desert!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans being right about Trump's immunity....

If you think civilians should die to spare soldiers lives.

Trump appeals for immunity in 2020 election overturn case - ABC News

Macron steps to Gerard Depardieu's defense

North Dakota Republican leaders call for Rios (R) to resign

Appeals Court MOVING SWIFT in CHOPPING Trump Down - Meidas Touch

Bill Granger, renowned Australian cook, dies aged 54

Ukraine's Stolen Orphans - Scripps News Investigates

Only 6% of voters think Tories have 'done a good job'

Your guide to the chaotic 2024 polling year ahead

26 Dec: Phenomenal! Ukrainians destroy 20% of Russian Navy in the Black Sea - Reporting from Ukraine

Five elections set to shape Europe in 2024, the biggest ballot year in history

Elite Chess Players Keep Accusing Each Other of Cheating Seeds of doubt have grown into a disturbance among some in the

Rudy Giuliani Files For Bankruptcy - Raw News And Politics

2nd Arrest Warrant Issued For Anti-Government Nut Ammon Bundy After Fleeing The State - Rodecast

The Man Who Made a Pact With Wild Bees in Colombia's Amazon

Pro-Palestinian Protest at Holocaust Museum Sparks Fierce Backlash

Breakfast Wednesday 27 December 2023

New COVID-19 variant JN.1 now makes up 44% of U.S. cases, CDC says - CBS News

Lee Sun-kyun, star of Oscar-winning film 'Parasite,' dead at 48, police say

Police Obtain Second Ziegler Sex Video - Raw News And Politics

Japan lifts operational ban on world's biggest nuclear plant

A Lost World of Lagoons Has Suddenly Appeared in Argentina

Argentina's government publishes decree dismissing around 7,000 state workers

Biden discusses hostage release, Gaza aid with leader of Qatar

Lauren Boebert Gets Everything Wrong in Cringe Interview - Pondering Politics

Large Fentanyl Labs Beginning to Appear in Canada

Trump in for RUDE AWAKENING when MEANING of Supreme Court Ruling is REVEALED - Meidas Touch

Iguala, Guerrero: Los de La Sierra Interrogation And Mass Execution of La Bandera Operatives - graphic, violent

Wordle 921 Dec 27 ***Spoiler Thread***

Colombian Trafficker's Police Boyfriend Was Unknowingly Involved In Her Arrest

How Britain is turning the North Sea into a massive power plant - CaspianReport

On this day, December 27, 1901, Marlene Dietrich was born.

Disney says in lawsuit that DeSantis-appointed government is failing to release public records

On this day, December 27, 1932, Radio City Music Hall opened.

On this date, December 27, 1571, Johannes Kepler was born.

On this day, December 27, 1950, Terry Bozzio was born.

Prosecutors oppose Sen. Bob Menendez's effort to delay May bribery trial until July

Finally! Putin wants ceasefire. Russia demands security guarantees. 20% of Russian fleet destroyed - The Russian Dude

On this day, December 27, 1879, Sydney Greenstreet was born.

Students at now-closed Connecticut nursing school sue state officials, say they've made things worse

Israeli military says Gaza ground offensive has expanded into urban refugee camps

If I see you flying the stars and bars. I know I'm preaching rambling to the choir and friends.

China Belt & Road Failure as Italy Exits & Majority of $1.3 Trillion Deals Face Delays or Failure - Joe Blogs

Woman paraded naked: A familiar headline in India

On this day, December 27, 1981, Hoagy Carmichael died.

Precarious Balanced Rocks Suggest the Risk to LA from Earthquakes May Be Smaller Than Previously Believed.

Joe Conason: How the Trumps Indict Themselves

December 27: Six degrees of Humphrey Bogart. Our players: Hoagy Carmichael, Sydney Greenstreet, and Elisha Cook Jr.

Gaza war puts US's extensive weapons stockpile in Israel under scrutiny

The national armies of the powerful countries are the real

Toyota-owned automaker halts Japan production after admitting it tampered with safety tests for 30 years

Did X remove book marking for non-"premium" members

A woman with 2 uterus gave birth to 2 babies

China sanctions a US research firm and 2 individuals over reports on human rights abuses in Xinjiang

New York Rep. Ocasio-Cortez draws fire for Christmas message comparing Jesus to Gazans

Americans sour on the primary election process and major political parties, an AP-NORC poll says

Wednesday TOONs

Nobody's ever lost their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Will Trump be the first?

Actor Lee of Oscar-winning 'Parasite' found dead amid drugs probe

Lee Sun-kyun

I Want To Give An Example Of Propaganda

Trump Lowers His Own Social Media Punch

I once read this about dogs.

Snitching Enforces a United Front in Russia

10 Best Image Comics Of 2023

The Weekly Pull: Immortal X-Men, Duke, Batman/Santa Claus, and More

Multiversity's 2023 Holiday Wishlist for the Mignolaverse

Multiversity's 2023 Holiday Wishlist for Valiant

Multiversity's 2023 Wishlist for Marvel

2023 Year in Review: Ramon Pia

The Webcomics Weekly #264: Special Holiday Bulletin! (12/26/2023 Edition)

Multiversity's 2023 Wishlist for DC

Kevin Spacey, mondo asshole

GOP Biggest Loser of 2023 Moms for Liberty has us asking: How many sex tapes are there?

Their land is sinking. But Tulare Lake farm barons defy calls to cut groundwater pumping.

Fourth Barakah nuclear unit prepares to start up.

(2020) The film the trump Organization tried to suppress. You've been trumped.

We had no donations yesterday (here are all the current links)

RonFilipkowski Trump says, "Catholics, you cannot vote for the Democrats. You cannot even think about voting for Biden,"

Frontotemporal dementia and Trump

Just came across this live version of John Fogerty Fortunate Son from 1987.

I believe the classified folders Trump have retained are his ticket to exile.

Michigan gun, abortion and workplace union changes to take effect in 2024

Ramaswamy campaign halts TV ad spending, calling it ineffective

Company Sells Indigenous Land In Brazil As NFTs w/o Tribe's Knowledge, Because "Carbon Credits"

Longtime CBS, WTOP journalist Tom Foty dies at 77

Longtime CBS, WTOP journalist Tom Foty dies at 77

Michigan Supreme Court denies complaint seeking to prevent Trump from appearing on primary ballot..

On This Day: New Netherland residents protest for religious freedom - Dec. 27, 1657

How Electric-Vehicle Demand Is Losing Steam in the U.S., in Charts

US denies Israel's request for Apache attack helicopters

What Politician Was Naughtiest This Year? The Ballot Box with Bill and Tim

Children's World

US online retailer Zulily says it will go into liquidation, surprising customers

Monster Hunter World : Kirin Hunt

What was the best book you read this year?

my new years wish is that trump be barred from all primaries in all states.

Michigan Supreme Court rejects 14th Amendment challenge to Trump

New photos of the Chicago kidcats

Japan's Nuclear Regulator OKs Restart Of World's Largest Plant; Local Approvals Pending In Niigata Prefecture

The Pennsylvania Democrat has some thoughts to share on Biden, the left and James Carville, too.

The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement

Why Is Trump Using 'Foot Pads'?

German Meteorological Office Confirms 2023 Warmest Year Since Records Began In 1881

You raised $182.00 on December 26, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

If I have a resolution

You raised $55.00 on December 26, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Who says OH, OH.OH? Santa walking backward

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court keeps Trump on state's 2024 primary ballot

A violent hanging scene on a Christmas tree....posted by Derrick Evans who was arrested and jailed for Jan 6. .......

Did you hear about the clown who held doors for people?

Trump wants a cut - an illegal cut - of the money raised by a MAGA think tank with former aides of his

A shocking number of Americans believe God personally anointed Trump to rule the country

Eiffel Tower closes as staff strikes and union says the landmark is "headed for disaster"

Clarence Thomas's 'Delicate Matter' Josh Kaplan TMR

Boo-Hoo!! Former And Current US Senators "Regret" Their Votes To Slow Or Block Action On Gun Violence

Anyone else getting text bombed by nikki haley?

Fetterman Tells James Carville to 'Shut the Fuck Up'

Facets of an Ornament

Democratic group makes a $5.9 million bet on flipping George Santos' House seat

One hundred years ago today, December 27, 1923, Gustave Eiffel died.

All-White School Board in Missouri Votes to Remove Black History Courses

Jack Smith: Trump should be barred from telling jury he was targeted for prosecution by Joe Biden.

Want Environmental Progress? Follow The Kids. By Jim Hightower

"Terrifying": Republicans warn court that Trump's "dangerous argument" opens door to more crimes

The case of al-Shifa: Investigating the assault on Gaza's largest hospital

The Pretenders' self titled debut album was released on this day in 1979, 44 years ago (tweet + singles)

GOP congressman traveled to Uganda to support anti-LGBTQ death penalty law

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Camp Where Maya Ate Cooked Snails

New Devastating Evidence Exposes Trump!

Halifax Explosion survivors heard on tapes lost for decades

Rapidly DETERIORATING Trump LASHES OUT Against Prosecutor, Democrats, RINOs, Americans

Discovery of 'calendar' rock carvings from Ancestral Pueblo in US Southwest surpasses 'wildest expectations'

LOL! Ron Filipkowski & Rick Wilson FTW over Ron DeSantis

the older women suing Switzerland to demand climate action

Perfect new bumper sticker- tee shirt- hat for 2024

Europe's Prehistoric Mega-Settlements Were Practically Vegetarian

Minneapolis youth football team wins national championship

Whoa! Check out how Barron is almost as tall as the Xmas tree!

'It's my money!' Trump is trying to shake down a pro-MAGA think tank for 'millions'

Hold Onto Your Hats: JWST Unveils Unprecedentedly Crisp View of Uranus And Its Rings

Mineral moon

Depeche Mode, "Wagging Tongues", Vinegar Hill Studios

Trump Shares Poll Result Predicting 'Revenge' And 'Dictatorship' As Priorities lawsuit says it owns Pennsylvania's digital records

3 Bottles

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 27, 2023)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 27, 2023

Trump's Jan. 6 defense is like bank robber blaming security for failing to stop him

Pro-Palestinian protesters storm Australian Christmas Eve event

Nobody's ever lost their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Will Trump be the first?

The Strategy Of Managed Oppression Has Failed

Jack Smith filing suggests he has testimony from Congress members that incriminates Trump

"Axis of Resistance": Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis Challenge U.S. & Israeli Power in Middle East

Trump Tears Into Lawmaker Over Her Husband's Funeral

Ritchie Torres: On Christmas Day, anti-Israel extremists vandalized my Bronx Office

What makes you laugh?

Tommy Smothers of Smothers Brothers comedy duo dies

HELP! The Beatles - Blackpool, UK 🇬🇧

NYC Mayor Adams Says He Can't Get Meeting With Biden Amid Migrant Crisis: 'It Baffles Me'

When Donald Trump finally keels over

Uruguay's green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it's done

Who Funds Canary Mission? James Bamford on Group That Doxes Students & Profs for Palestine Activism

"Mom always liked you best!" Tom Smothers passes away - His humor was a godsend to me as a child.

Tom Smothers, one half of famed comedy duo, dies at 86

Tommy Smothers dead-on imitation of Johnny Carson - Feb 20, 1992

Children with multiple food allergies may get relief with new treatment

As Phone Line Breaks Up, Palestinian Journalist Akram al-Satarri Describes "Dire" Conditions in Gaza

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Arizona, Lake, and Richer....

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, abuse victim who plotted mother's murder, to be released from prison

Oh, Billy. We only preach it.

Palestine Exception: U.S. Colleges Suppress Free Speech, Academic Freedom for Students & Professors

Republicans pull chilling stunt amid Trump disqualification - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump should not be allowed to use courtroom to sow disinformation, special counsel argues

Waverley Train Station. Edinburgh.

Goldendoodle Rescued From Puppy Mill Completely Transforms

Frontlines of Freedom TV Ep. 1; 2023 Year In Review; Gaza; Ukraine; Trump - Renew Democracy Initiative

BREAKING: Comedian Tom Smothers, one-half of the Smothers Brothers, dies at 86

Prosecutors: Trump's defense argument like a bank robber defending himself by blaming the bank for failing to stop him.

Trump Freaks Out At Claims His Body Odor Stinks - Rebel HQ

US v. Trump (DC DC - Election Case) Government's Motion in Limine to exclude nullification evidence/argument

Trump's Fascist Plans

I Had A Wonderful Christmas Moment

'Catastrophic' - Shocking New Numbers; Chinese Economy: Housing; Local Fiscal Woes - China Update

Bidens to spend New Year's in St. Croix - ABC News

Toyota-owned automaker halts Japan production after admitting it tampered with safety tests for 30 years

The Broncos benched Russ!

This Texas city named the 'Grinchiest' in America

Blinken, Mayorkas travel to Mexico for immigration meetings - CBS News

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

"Jurisdictional Jumble" -- General story about the DC-area WMATA transit system

Prosecutors seek increased sentence for Jan. 6 rioter Christopher Worrell of East Naples, Florida

Michigan paid millions in unemployment to people who were incarerated or dead, audit finds

Christmas in Minnesota 2023

Trump lashes out at 'loser' Rep. Debbie Dingell in swirling feud

Facebook will not accept this video.

Prosecutors seek to bar Trump from injecting politics into federal election interference trial

The RI Heritage Hall of Fame voted to induct Gen. Michael Flynn. Now, members are resigning. The RI Heritage Hall of Fa

Let's stop for a moment and consider the sheer discordance

Crashworthiness for Alternative Fuel Powered Locomotives

Apple catches big break, can keep selling the latest Apple Watches -- for now

Migrant caravan heads toward U.S. southern border ahead of Blinken's trip to Mexico

Wikipedia is having their yearly fundraising - posting to give them a bit of exposure. I just donated, 'cause I sure

Cartoons 12/27/2023

Legislation aims to keep public defense from spinning into crisis

The last day of 2023 will be 123123

3 Snohomish County cities have highest sales tax rate in state

Second Ship Confirmed Destroyed After Feodosia Storm Shadow Strike -- Possibly Third, Small Craft - Suchomimus

Today in History: December 27, Soviet forces seize Afghanistan

About Trump's supposed stench.

Trump demands recusal of Maine secretary of state in 14th Amendment determination

Russell Wilson benched by Broncos, setting up huge questions for important offseason (Updated)

Trump Denies Hitler

Trump says he didn't know his immigration rhetoric echoes Hitler. That's part of a broader pattern

Wasnt Sure

#DiaperDon: Former Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Reveals All

I feel invisible Update 2

Interesting address label of Adam Kinzinger twits

Hamas Terrorists Discuss Hiding Among Civilian Evacuees

Let's have a DU Lounge Parade, What instrument would you play? Me ---flute. Please pick one you would like to play.

How the Campaign to Free Venezuelan Political Prisoner Alex Saab Succeeded

I need some advice.

Conservative Voters Turn Against Trump After 'Dictator' Comments

Tom and Dick Smothers' father was a West Point graduate who died in WW2. His family was awarded a Purple Heart

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 27, 2023

Starbucks Has 'Pattern' of Violating Law, NLRB Judge Says

Sam Cooke - Working on the Chain Gang ⛓

Fox News Host Admits Liberal Co-Host is Right About Bidenomics - Pondering Politics

Tommy Smothers has passed away at the age of 86.

How Biden's Economy Puts Money in Workers' Pockets

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Fights Federal Court Order to Testify About Voting System Security

How to Make Recyclable Plastics Out of CO2 to Slow Climate Change

Southern MD 12/27, rain and 56 degrees F!

Trump Crosses the Lines

The Gospel According to Berkeley.

A woman who burned Wyoming's only full-service abortion clinic is ordered to pay $298,000

I am 76 today!!

"Betrayed is an understatement": Fake elector throws Trump team under the bus as he spills the beans

MeidasTouch tweet with another story (video) about how bad Trump smelled in 1983 (he was asked to leave a restaurant)

Biden 2024 chances are much better than people realize

Sometimes I can't take

A Natural Gas Project Is Biden's Next Big Climate Test

Trump says Article II gives him total power.

Suddenly! Anyone wanna try and count them? Southern MD, Patuxent River.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 28 December 2023

Woman who burned Wyoming's only full-service abortion clinic ordered to pay $298,000

For My 10,000th Post

Strange song coming from a Republican

Judge temporarily blocks enforcement of Idaho law on gender-affirming care for transgender youth

"My best friends grandma made these before she passed away to give out at her funeral. What an icon"

its time to dump the party primaries

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine and ships....

they want the dictator back in so china can do what the the USA DID TO THE USSR

GOP Lawmaker Backed Death Penalty for Gay People

It's truly amazing how this fragile, sensitive snowflake is viewed as some kind of tough guy by the cult. What a baby.

Anybody Want a Hardcopy of "Prequel" By Rachel Maddow?

UPDATE: Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked access to JFK Airport AND LAX ending with arrests

Kitty Becomes Obstacle on Toy Car Track

I guess we're going to be flooded by the media with immigration stories until the 2024 election occurs

Architect of modern EU Jacques Delors dies aged 98

NBA approves sale of Dallas Mavericks to families that run Las Vegas Sands casino company

Kitty climbs his human like a tree:

MI Supreme Court rejects 14th Amendment angle for keeping tRump off ballot

2nd tweet--Dogs visiting cattle spas:

You've been hitting the dragon fruit, haven't you?

TCM now +

Puppy yoga:

North Dakota lawmaker who used homophobic slurs during DUI arrest has no immediate plans to resign

JFK's grandson Jack Schlossberg is not impressed with his cousin RFK, Jr, who is making

Parrot sings "Jingle Bells" to unimpressed Chihuahua:

House Republicans seek documents from White House over Biden's involvement in Hunter Biden's refusal to comply

Amazon Prime Video viewers will have to pay an extra $2.99 monthly in January to avoid ads

Owner: "He constantly thinks the screen door is closed, so we have to pretend to open it for him to come inside."

Neil Young - Powderfinger

This Is The Most Anti-Worker Presidential Candidate - Ft. Brian Tyler Cohen - More Perfect Union

Puppy crawls under mother's ear for warmth:

Mayor Adams announces executive order aimed at restricting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's migrant busing

Russia's electronic warfare tactics are helping it turn the tide against Ukraine

Sea lion being released, stops to make sure his buddy's with him.

House GOP Suggests Biden Knew of Son's 'Scheme'

What voters admit about Trump in bombshell survey will disturb you - Pondering Politics

Spain confirms nuclear power phase-out, extends renewable projects deadlines

Democrat Caller Decimates All Of MAGA During Epic C-SPAN Rant - Rebel HQ

Dogs & their kids:

Should Biden hold a State of the Union Address before late 2024?

Mike Luckovich-The GOP has relaxed child labor laws. It is time to start my shift.....

Using Nuclear Energy to Convert Useless Biomass Into Useful Products.

Personally, I hope the Trump smell story doesn't get going until after the primaries

whats with all the earthquakes near purto rico?

Houston Texas low speed trucker confrontation

Love It! 46th Annual Kennedy Center Honors - TONIGHT on CBS

Dis my sister:

2nd tweet--making girls' night cool:

Made it through my First C-mas without both my folks...

2nd tweet--Catwalk:

Trump Is A Traitor And A Fascist

Private equity owned hospitals- more bloodstream & surgical infections and falls. JAMA.

Jan. 6 rioter cooperated with prosecutors in murder case, court records show

How a data-backed Christian nationalist machine helped Trump to power (from 2020)

Macron tells Netanyahu that 'durable ceasefire' needed in Gaza

Adam Kinzinger says Christians who support Trump don't understand their own faith.

Pupper found her present before Christmas:

Senator Herb Kohl (retired) of Wisconsin, rest in peace