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The ultimate Matrix fan theory.

More hearts

One of the best moments of the Smothers Brothers Show involved a Beatle

Gaston Glock, Inventor of the Gun That Bears His Name, Dies at 94

The Who - My Generation (live on the Smothers Brothers Show)

Salon Article Eviscerates Moms for Liberty

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Smothers Brothers Show)

Where there's a will....

Biden administration announces $250 million Ukraine military assistance package as US exhausts available funding

The price of being in the top 1% of earners is going up -- and that money is on the move


The Smothers Brothers - Michael Row the Boat Ashore

Now is a good time to see Mercury!

Pete Seeger - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (Smothers Brothers Show)

Dog spots himself on camera:

Pete Seeger performing songs and getting audience to sing along (The Smothers Brothers Show)

The Biden Administration Is Quietly Shifting Its Strategy in Ukraine

Trump demands recusal of Maine secretary of state in 14th Amendment determination

#trumpStinks - James Carville Explains

Dem strategist: Biden underestimated, Trump will cost GOP election

Ex-US Sen. Herb Kohl, former Milwaukee bucks owner, dies at 88

The Beatles - Revolution (live)

Democracy Versus Dictatorship

House GOP request documents on Biden's involvement in Hunter Biden defying subpoena

Paul McCartney - Helter Skelter (Live 8 - 2005)

Paul McCartney - Live and Let Die (Good Evening, New York)

Michigan Supreme Court won't ban Trump from PRIMARY ballot. But from the general election ballot? - Glenn Kirschner

The Kennedy Center Honors will be on CBS tonight 8.00pm ET - corrected

David Bowie - America (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

herb kohl is dead

Hutchinson lays out strategy to nab GOP nomination after Trump conviction

Wisconsin Republicans Hope The Supreme Court Will Step In To Save Them Again

Love Sculpture (with Dave Edmunds) - Farandole

Michigan Supreme Court keeps Trump on state's 2024 primary ballot - Morning Joe - MSNBC

2024: The United States of America vs. Donald J. Trump

Trump shares word cloud predicting 'revenge' in 2024 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Kennedy Center Honors on CBS starting NOW, 8 ET, and running 2-1/2 hours

*N0W on Frontline, DC area, whut, ch 32

DOJ Goes On HIGH ALERT after Trump's Latest Move - Meidas Touch

Trump: 'Doing my duty' by claiming election rigged - Way Too Early - MSNBC

Election 2024 T shirt

Deputy AG warns against 'unprecedented rise' in threats against DOJ officials - Morning Joe - MSNBC

News:Dance in the dark

'Sitting on a powder keg': US braces for a year, and an election, like no other

Lauren Boebert will switch congressional districts to improve her chances of winning in 2024

Lauren Boebert will switch congressional districts to improve her chances of winning in 2024

Netanyahu adviser comments on Hamas tunnel discoveries and civilian casualties - MSNBC Reports

In Dictatorships, not everyone approves, but everyone suffers...

That Chewy advertisement with the dog and guy talking about the "vase" is still

A sophisticated criminal network is using modern day slaves to con thousands of Americans out of their life savings

Inside the largest Hamas tunnel discovered by the Israeli military - NBC News

Trump TRIES AND TRIES AGAIN to THROW OUT election interference case - Talking Feds

Ron Fein, Legal Director for Free Speech For People: "The Justice Department took too long"

The Turner Diaries: The 20th Century's Most Dangerous Book

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Nikki Haley was asked by a voter what was the cause of the Civil War. It did not go well.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2024 and change in belief....

I've had to sign in 3 times today.

Littly bunny hop and flopp:

Trump facing prison, ballot ban or trial delay? Judges may decide Trump's fate in 2024 - The Beat - MSNBC

A lion cub practices its roar:

Things weren't much different in 1620!


GOP candidate demands Colorado Supreme Court justices be arrested for treason

Albatross dance:

This was just broadcast on NPR - 'An Afro Blue Christmas'

Here's Why 'Serial Poopers' Just Can't Stop Pooping in Public

Loud Xmas music emanating from exterior of neighbors house

'Old man afraid of prison': Former GOP Rep. on Trump's social media tantrums - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"And it fits in your wallet"

FDR Speaks about Cancer of Nazis, and Aid to Britain, Dec. 29, 1940 - Arsenal of Democracy

Fox News faces existential threat - Brian Tyler Cohen

Little orphan joey and her artificial pouch:

Be careful what you wish for.

Is it time to look at bible passages as source material to figure out where the conservative right is going next?

'Narcissistic and egotistical': Dem strategist blasts presidential hopeful Ramaswamy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Republican Faces Backlash for Praising Plan to Kill Gay People

TIL: The Famous Easter Island Head Statues Actually Have Bodies!

Hydrogen-powered Generators Support Safe Rail Operations While Safeguarding the Environment - Union Pacific Rail

Man Arrested For Threats Posted On Pro-Trump Site - Raw News And Politics

Lauren Boebert Switches Districts

trump's DEEPEST SECRET is Finally LET LOOSE in Public. This is just Sad.

NY-03: Dem group spending $5.2M to try to flip Santos's seat in special election

The most decent man I ever knew.

Fetterman on Carville's Biden criticisms: 'Shut the f‑‑‑ up'

Ok, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf.....

CO-03: Dave Wasserman moves district from Tossup to Lean R.

Jack Smith AVOIDED DISASTER with Early Move in Trump Case - Meidas Touch

Sweet message on YouTube re Tommy Smothers

CA-27: In key House battleground, GOP's Garcia faces new challenger

27 Dec: War on the YouTube front. I need your support. - Reporting from Ukraine

Judge Temporarily Blocks Idaho's Ban On Transgender Youth Health Care

What percentage of the US population is LGBTQ? New data shows which states have the most

Jack Smith seeks to bar Trump from invoking conspiracy theories at Jan. 6 trial - All In - MSNBC

Battle Over Confederate Monument in Jacksonville Finally Ends With Its Removal

They know the drill:

Oops! Proud Boy Busted Faking Overdose To Delay His Sentence - Waldorf Nation

WI: Two courts conflict over release of information about voters who were found incompetent

No resignation from legislator who berated arresting officer

Want to know if your future home might flood? These states are requiring disclosure.

Kohl, (D) fmr. U.S. senator, Bucks owner, dies

need help to find pictures I filed on FB in something called "collection"

Lauren Boebert Switches Districts

*Abbot/Costello/Invisible man TCM now.

No Pressure, But Bucks County Democrats Tap Jim Prokopiak To Save The Party's Majority In Pennsylvania's State House

MAGA Congress had 'historically unproductive' year in 2023 - All In - MSNBC

Hochul rejects changes to NY public campaign financing program

Congo police disperse banned election protest

Man, 19, charged with stealing iPads from St. Louis Election Board

Ofra Haza

Serbian protesters ramp up claims of stolen election

Ofra Haza

Battleground state SHUTS DOWN disqualification argument - Talking Feds

China threatens more Taiwan sanctions weeks before presidential election

Presidential election in Senegal: 79 candidates register their candidacies

Electric Light Orchestra - Showdown

Is lyin' lindsey OK?

Hospitals Owned by Private Equity Firms Riskier for Patients, Study Says

Cage of Bone

Blinken and Mayorkas discuss migration with Mexico president - NewsNation Now

I got the book "Bag Man" for Christmas

Orangutan reaches out to human in a pond:

Putin Left Without Funding: Investors Abandon Russian Projects - UATV English

Nikki Haley Declines to Say Slavery Caused Civil War

Couple brings home a blind pup. Then came the surprise.

Jan 6 Convict, GOP Candidate Posts Photo Of Dems In Nooses - Raw News And Politics

Cage of Bone

Group wants special master in Michigan redistricting fight

Who are the 2 referees the Wisconsin Supreme Court named to review new maps?

Retired colonel predicts Russia's next moves as Ukraine offensive stalls - CNN

Joe Biden schools Nikki Haley

Trump's legal team files to disqualify Maine Secretary of State in review over ballot eligibility - NEWS CENTER Maine

biden responds to nikki haley's response to the civil war question:

Why should I worry about undocumented immigration ...

Wrong-way teen driver kills 6, including 2 children, in Texas, authorities say

Book: 'Very senior' anonymous ex-Trump official deems him 'lethally incompetent'

British-born man who has never left UK faces deportation

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jack Smith wants to ban Trump from blaming criminal cases on Biden at trial - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Cars - Bye Bye Love (Live 1979)

Confederate Memorial to be removed from Arlington National Cemetery - The Last Word - MSNBC

Gaston Glock, Inventor of the Gun That Bears His Name, Dies at 94

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Boebert running from her district in Colorado....

It Really Upsets Me That The Tx Gov Is Sending Buses & Planes Filled With Migrants To.......

Michigan Supreme Court Issues IMPORTANT RULING on Trump DISQUALIFICATION - Meidas Touch

Starting in 2024, Californians can redeem empty wine and liquor containers for cash

Haley gains on Trump in NH even as she tiptoes around heap of damaging material against him - Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC

The Doors - Touch Me (Live, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, 1968)

Biden reportedly adjusts strategy in Ukraine to strengthen defenses - Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC

Breakfast Thursday 28 December 2023

Trump ballot ban appealed to US Supreme Court by Colorado Republican Party

Low-Flying Helicopters Will Monitor Any Nuclear Threat In Las Vegas This Weekend

Texas has arrested thousands on trespassing charges at the border. Illegal crossings are still high

Jack Smith KNOWS WHAT'S COMING...and he wants to SHUT IT DOWN - Talking Feds

Israel Warns That Time for Diplomacy With Lebanon Is 'Running Out'

Woman faces potential prosecution after dangerous pregnancy ends in miscarriage - Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC

Why does your poo sometimes float? It might be down to your gut health

Road rager who pulled gun arrested. Is military

This is just F'n great.. FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday the war between Israel and Hamas has led to a spike

You know, even if Trump smells as fresh as a daisy...

Trump's Defense DOOMED FOR FAILURE before He Filed Anything - Meidas Touch

Envoy for hostage affairs describes efforts to free Americans detained abroad - PBS NewsHour

Trump posted on Truth Social a word cloud that featured the word "dictatorship" to describe him. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

Wordle 922 Dec 28 ***Spoiler Thread***

Judge Cannon ISN'T FOOLING US with Her Latest Move - Meidas Touch

'Very on-brand': Internet explodes after Nikki Haley can't say what caused Civil War

Marine Veteran Who Refused COVID-19 Vaccine Detained at Former Duty Station, Transferred to Japanese Authorities

27 Dec: Clever! Ukrainians blow up Russian fuel depots for tanks - Reporting from Ukraine

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny resurfaces after weeks of silence - Scripps News

Colorado Republican Party appeals Trump ballot ban to U.S. Supreme Court

3 Ways to Fix Election Coverage (Before It's Too Late) - Robert Reich

Russians attacked evacuation train with civilians - Zelenskyy - UATV English

Mavericks' $3.5 Billion Sale to Adelson Wins NBA Approval

AMC Theatres apologizes after civil rights leader says he was kicked out of a North Carolina movie theater

The most impactful milestones for women in 2023 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

GM sues San Francisco, seeking $121 million in back taxes, penalties

Jacksonville mayor removes Confederate monument while GOP official decries 'cancel culture'

Improper munition said cause of high death toll in strike on Gaza's Maghazi

Raging Putin 'sends top brass to front' after warship humiliation

As we look back at this past year.....

Nordic unions rise up against Tesla over corporate culture clash

Trump's CONTEMPT of Justice EXPOSED in Filings - Meidas Touch

It's Why The Freaks Want Him Back

Shoigu confirms "absolute disaster". Russia lost 312 in single "meat assault". 507 tanks demolished - The Russian Dude

Nice try DeSantis!

UN report accuses Israel of mistreatment of detainees in occupied West Bank

December 28, 1958: Baltimore Colts beat New York Giants 23-17 in overtime to win NFL championship

Big Trouble in Little China 1986 Opening Scene Movie Clip 4K UHD HDR Kurt RusselL - James Hong

'Gaza grappling with catastrophic hunger': UNRWA

On this day, December 28, 1972, the draft ended.

Skepticism Grows Over Israel's Ability to Dismantle Hamas

Is Nikiki Haley this stupid ??

On this day, December 28, 1938, Sugar Chile Robinson was born.

December 28 is a momentous day for Big Star. Alex Chilton's birth (1950); Chris Bell's funeral (1978).

Israel's war in Gaza threatens to spill into Lebanon and beyond

Speaking of 4th grade Meme

On this day, December 28, 1879, the Tay Bridge collapsed as a train passed over it, killing all aboard.

On this day, December 28, 1879, the Tay Bridge collapsed as a train passed over it, killing all aboard.

Russian Airlines $12 Billion Disaster as Sanctions Force Russia into Plane Stripping & Subsidies - Joe Blogs

On this day, December 28, 1987, Ronald Gene Simmons's killing spree came to an end.

Thursday TOONs

On this day, December 28, 2011, Kim Jong Il's funeral was held in Pyongyang, North Korea.

TCM January 2024 at a glance

The idea of a 'precolonial' Africa is theoretically vacuous, racist and plain wrong about the continent's actual history

On this day, December 28, 1972, Harry Truman was buried.

well, this is my most popular xit so far, so i thought i'd share it here-

Chinese Stock Market Bloodbath Aftermath; Housing Crisis; Industrial Profits; BYD & Tesla; HSR - China Update

Indonesia's navy said it forcibly pushed a boat packed with refugees back to international waters


Nimarata Nikki Haley changed her name and denied the civil war was about slavery

Dear Dodger fans: A few words of warning from Lt. Commander Spock

Qatar commutes India ex-navy officers' death penalty (possibly for spying for Israel)

Nikkki Haley was asked what caused WW2?

'Stunning Diversity': How Joe Biden Reshaped The Courts In 2023

CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2023: #100-76

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/27/2023

2023 Year in Review: Christopher Chiu-Tabet

2023 Year in Review: Christopher Egan

Mayor Brandon Johnson joins New York and Denver mayors in call for federal help with migrants

On this day, December 28, 1948, a plane flying from San Juan to Miami disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Democratic mayors renew pleas for federal help and coordination with Texas over migrant crisis

I Believe "They" All Fear Trump

On this day, December 28, 1943, the 1st Canadian Infantry Division captured the Italian town of Ortona.

On This Day: "The Greatest Game Ever Played" helps launch an industry - Dec. 28, 1958

On this day, December 28, 1983, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson died.

The Biden Administration Is Quietly Shifting Its Strategy in Ukraine

Ron Filipkowski: When the candidate for the so-called normal Republicans refuses to say that slavery was the reason

Carys let her guard down, for a second, last night

World's tallest wooden wind turbine starts turning

I wonder what Sen. Tim Scott of SC has to say about Nikki Haley's answer.

US Initial Jobless Claims Increased Last Week to 218,000

These states have the most LGBTQ residents: research

Bucks County, PA mom behind conservative school movement charged with assault, giving teens alcohol

You raised $175.00 on December 27, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"Five Minutes of Heaven." Powerful drama

US applications for jobless benefits rise but labor market remains very healthy

"Five Minutes of Heaven." Powerful drama starring Liam Neeson.

The Roads to What Started the Civil War - The Roads with Beau

Man taught himself to read, then set out to read 100 books in 2023

GOP Losers of 2023: Lauren Boebert

The Michigan Supreme Court only ruled concerning the upcoming primary. NOT the general election.

George Santos still lying?? Claims car broken sign of break in seen by news

Israel vs. Hamas by the numbers.

It's Complicated - Chronobyl & Fukushima Exclusion Zones Starting To Reveal A "New Ecology"

We drove around the town to see the Christmas lights on Christmas Night.

Lauren Boebert makes major announcement about her 2024 run - Brian Tyler Cohen

Woman threatens to kill ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend if they don't have sex with her, deputies say

The "End Of The World Auction" - Brazil Announces 602 Oil/Gas Lease Sites - Offshore, Rainforest, Park Buffer Zones

Access to abortion pills has grown since Dobbs

The United States has a life expectancy crisis, but there is little political will to fix it

In A Bit More Than 100 Years, 99% Of Southern African Penguins Are Gone - Overfishing, Climate Collapse

Opinion Sanctifying the Indiscriminate Killing in Gaza Is Israel's Second Defeat

Liars, expulsions and near-fistfights: Congress plumbs the depths in 2023

'A huge shock to the system': Doctors warn about asthma inhaler switch coming in January

Talked to Dr

Global Climate Change Happy New Year!

The eyes!

Putin Ally Found Dead After Falling From Third-Floor Window: Reports

Remember, that during this busy holiday season

U.S. court lets fake Squishmallows case against China's Alibaba proceed

Pa. lawmakers' base salary now tops $106K. Here's what you need to know about their automatic pay raises.

'Old man is afraid of prison': Trump nailed by ex-GOP lawmaker after Truth Social outburst

Nikki "Trump In A Pantsuit" said the Civil War was about how government should be run

"irrational discrimination"

Trump No Longer Has A Massive Social Media Audience

'Almost Naked' Moscow party triggers conservative backlash

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Michigan, betrayal, and Trump....

Nikki Haley tries - and fails - to spin her way out of the hole she dug for herself. Kaitlan Collins tweet with video

Nikki Haley is crazy like a fox

2023 Marked By Record Warmth And Melting At The North End Of The Antarctic Peninsula

Russian gravity strikes again. 3rd floor fall for Egorov - Putin ally

As migration surges, immigration court case backlog swells to over 3 million

Demolition begins on University of Idaho home where 4 students were murdered

Law of Logical Argument

Boebert tossed a pin commemorating a Uvalde victim in the trash and then tossed her own district

Why Jack Smith's New Filing Is Both Mundane and Consequential: Ex-Obama Counsel

The sick world of a terrorist culture: Dead bodies held hostage.

US pending home sales stuck at 22-year low despite dip in rates

What is the Grinch's least favorite rock band? The Who--lastlib and/or Heart-Keithbvadu2

I am a cheesaholic

Trump Supporter Stumbles HARD When Fact-Checked - Rebel HQ

Right Wing Chud Slams Women's Suffrage 'Not Everybody Has To Have A Vote' - The Majority Report

UW-LaCrosse Chancellor Fired After Appearing in Adult Videos

A 'Throwback Thursday' photo of Arthur. One of my favorites.

'Trump engaged in insurrection': Colorado secretary of state urges SCOTUS to 'act quickly'

Harvard Early Applications Take a Dive

Bucks County mom behind conservative school movement charged with assault, giving teens alcohol

Low Calorie Treason, What Nikki Haley just demonstrated

Best stainless cookie baking sheet with lips? I mainly use

Jan. 6 riot suspect revealed as Trump administration employee who praised Hitler: report

Pic Of The Moment: Nikki Haley Gets Asked What Caused The Civil War -- Somehow Forgets Slavery

America does not have comprehensive immigration policy because recons refuse to include a path to citizenship.

'It would be a bloodbath' -- Harry Litman shows how Jack Smith's new filing could trap Trump

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 28, 2023)

Who remembers the old Tarzan comic books?

John Oliver, Dollar Stores

Some Color From The Garden

Michael Popok from Meidas Touch

Just watched the best ever (so far) Murdoch 🚨POSSIBLE SPOILERS🚨

A terrifying thought: If Trump is reelected, he will once again have access to our nation's top-secret documents.

Challah French Toast. I'll say no more!

A tale of two cars

Private Equity, The Most Predatory Industry In America - Robert Reich. PE Hospitals, Riskier For Patients

Tim's 2023 Music Year in Review Maybe America doesn't have a problem after all.

My Trumper BIL suffers from heart disease *

Jack Smith CORNERS trump like the RAT that he is; with Powerful Motion

Good Morning Gaggle

Talkative Frenchie Has The Most Unique "Voice"

Just when you think you've seen it all, now customer training?

Why do small towns in Maine scare me?

Trump LASHES OUT After BAD NEWS from his Lawyers - MeidasTouch

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 28, 2023

Cedar Waxwings are back!!! PHEW!

Sen. Sanders: I have tested positive for Covid.

Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt

Why are Republican's such dicks?

Opinion: Are Latino voters really defecting in droves to Republicans? Not according to our data.

As Biden Pushes Trump-Like Border Policies, Blinken Meets with AMLO, Who Has Criticized US Sanctions

Wisconsin university chancellor says he was fired for producing and appearing in porn videos

"Absolutely Unimaginable": Children in Gaza Face Amputations Without Anesthesia, Death & Disease

10 dramatic discoveries about Earth from 2023

Meet Aida Touma-Sliman, Palestinian Knesset Member Suspended for Criticizing War on Gaza

Whoops; Nikki Haley fails to mention Slavery as cause of Civil War

1 in 5 young Americans. have a positive view on the 9/11 mastermind

Israeli Teen Who Refused to Enlist in the IDF Is Sentenced to 30 Days in Prison

Seuss Army Knife.

You Belong To The City - Glenn Frey

A couple men we recently lost who were amazing strummers. Justin Townes Earl and Wilco Johnson

Mike Luckovich-What was the Civil War fought Over?

What was the Civil War fought over?

Al Gore on what the world needs to do to stop climate change

2nd circuit DENIES Trump's bid to pause the E Jean Carroll trial pending his immunity appeal

American woman believed to be held hostage by Hamas was actually killed in October 7 attack

'One Life': Anthony Hopkins As Nicholas Winton, Saved 669 Jewish Children WW2, 'British Schindler'

Ever heard of ALEC and Common Cause?

New Wave of Antisemitic Attacks Reported in London

L.A. neighbors on edge after man damages car in apparent antisemitic hate crime

(EDITED 4 UPDATE) This fragrance seller on eBay has a 100% positive rating from over 113000 buyers *

Investigation underway after neighbors find anti-Semitic materials in Spring Mill Plantation

US sanctions money network tied to the Yemen Houthi rebels blamed for shipping vessel attacks

George Mason University under federal investigation following accusations of campus antisemitism

Trump Reeks

Police Investigate Antisemitic Graffiti at California Middle School

Exclusive: DOJ threatens lawsuit if Texas enforces new border security law

Exclusive: DOJ threatens lawsuit if Texas enforces new border security law

Steve Kornacki STFU

Heads Up---Commuting Seniors....,

naughty printer .

The IDF has admitted it "failed in its mission" after its soldiers mistakenly killed three Israeli hostages

IDF admits 'extensive collateral damage' in Gaza camp strike.

Renee Fleming interview

Federal judge OKs new GOP-drawn congressional map in Georgia

Genius Trump loses again.

sonora ca weather conditions for last nite . thunderstorm!!!! little rain.

US, Mexico to keep border crossings open, Lopez Obrador says

todays weather condtitons .

'This is an impeachable offense': Marjorie Traitor Greene thinks House GOPers nailed Biden

Aida Touma-Sliman, Palestinian Knesset Member Suspended for Criticizing War on Gaza

Any man out there with 4+4?

Russia is drastically underplaying the toll of its warship exploding, report suggests

To quote Robert Reich

The 9-5 workday is now a myth for many workers. It's affecting productivity.

Cartoons 12/28/2023 Looking back on 2023

Edmonds senator leads transportation committee. What's on the agenda?

Sen. Rick Scott says his home was 'swatted' while at dinner with his wife

Mountlake Terrace man charged with storming U.S. Capitol in 2021

Displaced residents of Clare's Place still believe in 'Housing First'

I got a new computer for Christmas. I have been signed up since 2004 and my long in is long gone. I want to keep my

NRA fails to end New York probe, as trial nears

As the Endangered Species Act turns 50, those who first enforced it reflect on its mixed legacy

I've seen whataboutism used whenever the IDF is criticized.

I've been a political tourist In NH for 20+.years...

Simple Homemade Chili Verde con Cerdo Recipe (video)

NYT: 'Screams Without Words': How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7'

US companies are picky about investing in China. The exceptions? Burgers and lattes

Russia covered up and undercounted true human cost of floodings after dam explosion, AP investigation finds

Nikki Haley alleged she was set up by Democratic 'plant' after being asked what caused the Civil War

How Snatching American Citizens Turned Into a Tool of Hostile Governments - Wall St. Journal

I got a new computer for Christmas. However, I am using the same name as I used in 2004 when I signed in and that is

Joe Biden Has Blunt 4-Word Reply To Nikki Haley's 'Civil War' Dodge

With my cataracts

Federal judge accepts redrawn Georgia congressional and legislative districts that will favor GOP

What's for Dinner, Thurs. Dec. 28, 2023

Bus Stations Across America Are Closing - WSJ

George Conway slams fellow analyst for 'complete nonsense' Trump disqualification argument

I don't trust Musk sending SpaceX to the moon.

Gas Prices Will Fall in 2024

Recordings, emails show how Trump team flew fake elector ballots to DC in final push to overturn 2020 election

And this is why we cat people can't have nice things...😂🤣😂

German company, Siemens, its wind subsidy bleeding money, enters the nuclear energy supply chain.

Mathing out on Ukraine and Russia

Interesting comments by Jimmy Carter

Sadik Froukh, a student of University of Illinois, celebrates Hamas' massacre

Elderly woman calls Black Amazon employee a thief and attacks her

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 29 December 2023

Adam Kinzinger gets specific (arm pits, ketchup, a butt and make-up):

'Recordings, emails show how Trump team flew fake elector ballots to DC in final push to overturn 2020 election'

Exclusive: DOJ threatens lawsuit if Texas enforces new border security law

New video shows LMPD officers throw large drinks at Louisville residents

FTC sues Grand Canyon University, alleging misleading advertising, illegal telemarketing

Appeals court denies case delay over Trump immunity claim in E. Jean Carroll suit

Plug switches on Amazon's first on-site electrolyser in Colorado

McBath says she will run in Georgia's new 6th Congressional District

Southern MD sunset 12/28

Texas GOP's March Madness: Ballot Initiatives Bound to Backfire

A question about color theory, specifically color harmonies

Maryland and climate change

Russian lady has no use for Putin or his thralls.

Sen. Sanders tests positive for COVID


You are at a bar or Tavern, right now. What drink will you order ? Mine is a beer; or sparkling soda.

So Gropert is replopping from the western slope to the eastern plains.

"But mostly we're forgetting we're dead stars too, my mouth is full of dust and I wish to reclaim the rising --"

New holiday greetings.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an update and the US-Mexico discussions....

Calling Guitarists & Guitar Teachers (long; hopefully not DR)

Trump back on ballot in Colorado while state Republicans appeal ban to Supreme Court

Let's have a reworking of the lyrics of this classic for the man who was born to lose

Nikki Haley makes campaign-ending mistake - Brian Tyler Cohen

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

Hannah Waddingham has a "real problem" with Tom Cruise haters

Young Iowa Republicans Raise Their Voices. Will Their Party Listen?

Are there any old or long gone TV series, that you'd like to get on DVD or Blu-Ray?

Sexual assault cases are formally removed from the U.S. military chain of command

Qatar reduces death penalty of eight ex-navy Indian officers to jail terms - WION

"If you want me to respect your beliefs, have some beliefs worth respecting."

2 men arrested in Fairfax Co. for 'fraud ring' involving altered gift cards

Nikki Haley seems confused & trumps Xmas msg. Thursday baby!

Djt has clearly shown that, unless he wins, he cannot accept the results of democratic elections...

Terraform Labs Sold Unregistered Securities, US Judge Rules in SEC Case

Fox News Liberal Melts MAGA Snowflake in Epic Takedown! - Pondering Politics

Maine removes Trump from primary ballot