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Johnny Flynn - Theme from Detectorists

Maine's top election official removes Trump from 2024 primary ballot

How come Trump and Giuliani can declare bankruptcy and get out of paying their debts while students struggling

Did you ever wake up, fire up DU, and cringe at the blinking yellow posts button greeting you?

Supreme Court in for a 'Very Trumpy New Year' ahead of hearing multiple Donald Trump related cases - Deadline - MSNBC

The Student Debt Debacle: Rising Costs, Decreasing Public Support

New Jack Smith's court filing seeks to put Trump's lawyers on a very short legal leash - Glenn Kirschner

Michael Cohen suggests that Donald Trump is evacuating his bowels during his rally speeches

Texas Teen Says He Shot 2 Friends in the Head Because He Always Wanted to Kill: Police

Inside Jack Smith's effort to block Donald Trump from spreading disinformation in court - Deadline - MSNBC

removed by poster

U.S. intelligence officials determined the Chinese spy balloon used a U.S. internet provider to communicate

If you have to choose...

Hamas murders American citizen

Michael Beschloss has tweeted samples of a 1956 Virginia seventh-grade textbook about "generally happy" slaves

'The risks of being pregnant in the U.S.': Recapping attacks on reproductive freedom in 2023 - Deadline - MSNBC

Post a poem or limerick about Trump's smell

The HUGELY OVERLOOKED IMPLICATIONS of Jack Smith's motion - Talking Feds

Entertainment - What was the best and worst stuff of 2023? Movies, TV, Music, etc. ...

Well . . . The El Segundo Farmer's Mkt. was open--without any vegetable vendors! So I took a few photos.

Mexico says a drug cartel kidnapped 14 people from towns where angry residents killed 10 gunmen

Does anyone know what Meta AI is?

Biden responds to Trump's 'rot in Hell' comment: 'Love your enemies'

U.S. Department of Justice says it'll sue if Texas enforces new law punishing illegal border crossing

'Rude and inappropriate': Sophie Marceau remembers Depardieu

BREAKING: Maine secretary of state says Trump ineligible to appear on 2024 ballot - The ReidOut - MSNBC

US Treasury moves to restrict hydrogen tax breaks offered by IRA

'Gnarly and dangerous' surf pounds California amid flood advisories and coastal evacuations

Random musings about the origins of the US Civil War...

Found a few towns in Boebert's new district where she could park her double-wide.

The Great Seabee Train Robbery!

Maine Secretary of State coming up on All In

Biden comes through again... deadline to consolidate Student Loans for forgiveness extended 120 days.

Biden's Other Formidable Opponent in 2024

New baby orca in J-Pod is few days old

Questions re: cheap(er) eyeglasses:

1,000 Israeli Musicians Calling The World To Bring The Hostages Back Home

Signatures submitted to qualify initiative that would allow for WA Cares exemptions

Egypt says removing Hamas unrealistic, terror group should be included in post-war Gaza - Report

Nikki Haley Blows Easiest Question Ever - Raw News And Politics

THIS Is Why Trump LOVES The Under-Educated

Maxine Watters laid out there about Trump being bad for the country.

'Damage Control': Nikki Haley backpedals after saying Civil War was not about slavery - Deadline - MSNBC

This is what I don't get:

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a new list in Florida starting New Year's....

'Duty bound': Maine's secretary of state speaks out after disqualifying Trump from ballot - All In - MSNBC

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Elie Mystal on Maine disqualifying Trump from the state ballot *Twitter video*

Nikki is vying for Trump's supporters!

Serious question

Does anyone have Knowledge of Paper Mills

There are countless different words people use to describe someone who smells bad

How white nationalists on social media are trying to exploit the Gaza war

Maxine Waters slams Lauren Boebert for switching districts to boost 2024 chances - All In - MSNBC

Republican Party Is Nearly Broke Thanks To Ronna McDaniel's Incompetence - Ring of Fire

NEW VIDEO SERIES! Chicago to San Francisco on Amtrak's California Zephyr - Round Trip, Dec 2023

Putin's supply lines at risk as F-16 fighter jets anticipated to arrive in Ukraine - Times Radio

"The Coming Biden Blowout" - Talking Feds

University demolishes house where 4 students were murdered - CNN

Haley addresses backlash over not mentioning slavery in Civil War comments - MSNBC Reports

Republican party is considered to have been founded in Ripon, Wisconsin, 1854, in opposition to slavery:

Expert shocked as Trump appears to claim Hitler's theories as his own: 'It was my idea'

US approves 'final' military aid package to Ukraine - DW News

WOW! Trump DISQUALIFIED IN MAINE From Election - Meidas Touch

*Eugene Robinson is back on MSNBC,

im starting to really doubt the validity of the republican party and its origins

Francis Howell school board reinstates Black History, Black Literature courses after blowback

I'm watching The Last Word and they are discussing Nikki Haley and slavery.

We just watched an incredible production of "The Mikado" on You Tube

Maine Sec. of State Shenna Bellows up next on

Nikki Haley Makes International Headlines After Stepping In Deep Doo-Doo During Town Hall

Army Commander Tells NATO Country to Prepare for War With Russia

*Barb McQuade and Glenn Kirschner on Lawrence show now.

*Adam Frisch, running for boebert's seat in Colorado, coming up on Lawrence show.

How Democrats Can Maintain Senate Control in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Build a Wall please

"Urgent shipment tonight to Palm Beach resort club mansion:" (michael beschloss)

How Trump's criminal and civil cases could shape the 2024 campaign - PBS NewsHour

Prosecutors seek 13-year prison sentence for former L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar

Lucy McBath (D-GA) Switches Districts After Georgia Legislature Demolishes Hers

♥️ The Very Thought of You - Al Bowlly (Vocalist Killed in WW2 London Blitz Bombing)

I'm surprised at the paucity of posts regarding Maine?

Stinky McHitler

Rep. Lucy McBath to switch districts due to Georgia redistricting

Florida Mayor (D) Removes Confederate Monument Despite GOP Pushback

☦️ Orthodox Christian AGAIN giving praise and thanks to St. Anthony of Padua ✝️

Lioness stakes her claim on male lion, chases off flirt:

Boebert Chickens Out, Switches Districts - Raw News And Politics

2nd tweet--The caracara, a very cool bird:

2nd tweet--busted:

Judge Accepts New GOP-Friendly Georgia Congressional And Legislative Districts

This is still one of my all-time favorites:

'Parental Rights' Mom Accused of Slugging Kid at Boozy Teen Party She Hosted

Donald Wildmon, the founder of the American Family Association, is dead

Anyone here live in Pittsburgh, PA?

My baby!

2nd tweet--Holy cannoli! What's this?!

MD: Denise Roberts chosen by Prince George's Democrats to fill vacant delegate seat

Fun with You Tube today I hit a jackpot (for me anyway)

Come down here and face me like a . . . cat!

AZ: GOP lawmakers grill former justice on Maricopa County ballot printer problems

WA: Conservatives file measure to make opting out of WA long-term care tax easier

Pay attention to me!

Missouri House GOP changes campaign leader amid row with Senate

Trump Supporter Proudly Tells A Provable Lie On Camera - Rebel HQ

I see you!

Redistricting commissioners at odds whether to appeal ruling that tossed Michigan legislative maps

Maine Secretary of State: Trump 'chose to light a match' on Jan. 6 - The Last Word - MSNBC

What comes next in Wisconsin's redistricting case?

This, all this right here.

How the women leading Democrats' push for Latino votes hope to win on abortion

Judge Cannon's Corruption Causes TOTAL MESS on Trial Date - Meidas Touch

Real American Patriots...

I think I may be finished with my baking spree!!!!

Maine secretary of state bars Trump from primary ballot - The Last Word - MSNBC

Nikki Haley: I would pardon Trump if he is found guilty

Mississippi Court Orders Special Election Following Election Dispute Read more at:

Group Resubmits Proposal to Use Paper Ballots in Arkansas Elections

A Gen Z Israeli explained why he's refusing to fight Hamas. Now Israel has sent him to military prison.

Nikki Haley BOMBS What Caused Civil War Question. Embarrassing! Tim's Takes

What famous person looks the most like you?

NE: Norfolk mayor announces he will not seek re-election

NY-03: GOP moves to block early mail-in voting in House special election to fill seat of lyin' George Santos

Election reform amendment rejected by Ohio Attorney General as 'misleading'

Where is the trans pride flag emoji?

'It is historic': US poised to see record drop in yearly homicides despite public concern over crime

Caribbean Matters: Democratic Rep. Nydia Velzquez calls for an end to the Monroe Doctrine

K.I.N.D. student: Dreams would be 'shattered' without scholarship - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mexico taking new steps to help curb migrant crossings, White House says - CBS News

CO Republican Party CLAWS BACK after state Supreme Court decision - Talking Feds

TVP World suspended and director fired amid Polish government's public media takeover

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about putting $500 billion in context....

Another state boots Trump off ballot over insurrection; Supreme Court involvement all but assured - Jonathan Capehart MSNBC

CA secretary of state declines to remove Trump from primary ballot after requests to disqualify him

Haley's Civil War distortions shatter 'moderate' campaign image - Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC

Another country near Russia has taken a step towards NATO - UATV English

John Fugelsang - who wore it better? pick only one

Geopolitics AD 2024: Why Is The World In Chaos? - Good Times Bad Times

Since blue stats still, of course, have Republican primaries which matter for who wins the nomination...

Arrested GOP Lawmaker Spews Out Homophobic, Racist Rant - Raw News And Politics

VIDEO: Pizza Hut is LYING: They're NOT Firing Their Drivers Because of a Minimum Wage Hike

New York redistricting commission meets for the first time since Court of Appeals decision to begin new maps process

California secretary of state declines to remove Donald Trump from presidential primary ballot

Texas GOP rejects ballot question asking if state should secede

State ballot measures in 2024 could drive voter turnout and change the future of elections - PBS NewsHour

What ballot questions could South Dakotans vote on in 2024?

Haberman reveals how Trump is privately reacting to Maine ballot decision - CNN

Ohio Ballot issues had a big year in 2023. What might be coming next?

Beingliberal Bidenonomics works:

So when does Nimrata

Common stomach bug could increase Alzheimer's risk by a quarter

Breakfast Friday 29 December 2023

28 Dec: Insane battle footage: Ukrainians outplay every Russian move and win with no losses. - Reporting from Ukraine

Gift Article-How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7 NYT

Brazil's Most Powerful Militia Leader Arrested

Navy Vet BLOWS THE LID off MAGA Brainwashing Project, MUST SEE - Against All Enemies

Russia's Hybrid Attacks on EU: How Putin Makes Money on Illegal Migrants - UATV English

If He Isn't On The Ticket, They Aren't Gonna Vote.

A forensic artist has given a 500-year-old Inca "ice maiden" a face

Thousands protest in Argentina over proposed economic reforms

'Almost naked' celebrity party in Russia triggers jail time and fines for attendees - CNN

Trump 'Will Burn America to the Ground,' Declares Chris Christie in New Campaign Ad

US military space plane blasts off on secretive mission expected to last years

Venezuela plans military exercises in Caribbean as a British warship heads to Guyana

Right way to proceed for NATO is to give Ukraine the invitation - Taylor - UATV English

Judge rejects Sen. Bob Menendez's request to delay his May bribery trial for 2 months

2 Kentucky cops threw slushies at random pedestrians/ purposely splashed puddle water on people at bus stops

World population up 75 million this year, standing at 8 billion on Jan. 1

"Definitely the Kamala of the GOP."

Got 1 min? Cold front causes strange phenomenon in Chiapas sky

Google settles lawsuit alleging Chrome's 'Incognito' mode tracks users

Elon Musk's X fails to block California's content moderation law

RARE Footage of GOP Candidate INSTANTLY DESTROYS Her Entire Defense - Meidas Touch

Secret underground passageways discovered in ruins of 4,300-year-old city in China

Mississippi welfare funds wound up in a Ghanaian gold bar hoax

Maga tears

Wordle 923 Dec 29 ***Spoiler Thread***

Cuban President Welcomes Leader of World Council of Churches

I walked past Madoc on the steps and didn't stop to pet him (I was rushing around)

"40,000,000 should fight": Putin prepares for long war. Russians re-enter key city. Robotyne danger - The Russian Dude

Tried this brand premade meatballs before. Trying ricotta cheese on spaghetti.

The First Step to Get Off the Streets? A Room of His Own.

I just read on twitter having regular sex keeps your memory alive.

On this day, December 29, 1890, the U.S. Army massacred hundreds of Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee.

Archaeologists Unearth 4,000-Year-Old Palace in Ancient Chinese Walled City

On December 29, 1970, President Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act into law.

Russia fires 122 missiles and 36 drones in what Ukraine calls the biggest aerial barrage of the war

Archaeologists have made a shocking discovery after a re-examination of a mummified teen mom who died in childbirth

On this day, December 29, 2000, Bryan Ferry was traveling on board British Airways Flight 2069.

On this day, December 29, 1876, the LS and MS Railway bridge over the Ashtabula River collapsed.

Boris Brejcha - Christmas Mix 2023

GOP to NJ judge pick: Muslims need not apply

'A huge shock to the system': Doctors warn about asthma inhaler switch coming in January

Murder in the Cathedral: On this date, December 29, 1170, Thomas Becket was assassinated inside Canterbury Cathedral.

Trump court victory undercut by bad news - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump sends fans link to Maine secretary of state's biography after ballot decision

Why Small US Colleges Are Struggling Financially - Bloomberg Television

On this day, December 29, 1975, a bomb exploded at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.

'I couldn't be any prouder': Father responds to son's federal charges in Jan. 6 riots

What is hospice care? 6 myths about this end-of-life option

Elon Musk

High Surf warning

90% Collapse: China's Massive Capital Flight; Banking Sector; US-China; Housing - China Update

CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2023: #75-51


2023 Year in Review: Elias Rosner

Metro's Red Line construction ends early with normal service resuming Saturday


What if...? Aliens comic asks: What if Aliens' biggest asshole lived

On this day, December 29, 1978, Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes punched Clemson player Charlie Bauman.

Friday TOONs

On this day, December 29, 1936, Mary Tyler Moore was born.

When it was said Chump

Vatican City - $400 Million Fraud Case Rocks Catholic Church as Pope Francis Cracks Down on Crime - Joe Blogs

Are you an honorary cat? Larry the Cat can tell you.


The Supreme Court cannot escape the existential threat to our democracy.

Putin's hold on Crimea 'nearly untenable' despite Ukraine's lack of Navy - Ben Hodges - Times Radio

Drinking lots of water.

On This Day: Pocahontas saves John Smith's life (may be a cultural fiction) - Dec. 29, 1607

While I can't prove it, I suspect Lady Bastet has some designers with a sense of humor

If the Supreme Court states Trump has immunity from criminal charges

'Almost Naked' Party In Moscow Ends With Court Case, Public Apologies

Ex-GOP lawmaker describes Trump as smelling like a mix of armpits, ketchup and a butt

You raised $400.00 on December 28, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $25.00 on December 28, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

You raised $250.00 on December 28, 2023 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Seth Magaziner RI

THIS right here, this my friend, is about states' rights. Republicans should love this.

Baby saved from Gaza rubble after mother killed in Israeli strike

Heads up: Yale University Professor David Blight on Lawrence O'Donnell explaining 14th Amendment

A.I. Came for Our Jobs, Our Art, and Our Souls. Now It's Coming for Our Birds.

The Elephant In The Room - Luckovich Cartoon

Tricky Nikki would pardon Trump!!??

Homicide rates on the decline in some major US cities - NewsNation

CA says tRump can stay on the ballot.

The GOP goes from Elephant to Jellyfish

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a New Year's resolution, a message, and change....

Last night I was introduced to Cynthia Erivo

Mike Luckovich-The Elephant in the room

The Elephant in the Room

Immunity question, this AM.

Netanyahu Seeks Putin's Help With Hostages In Gaza

Poland says Russian rocket likely to have entered its airspace

The Jan 6th attack on the Capitol cost $2.7 billion in damage

Details from Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro offer 'new meat on the bones' in fake elector scheme

Why the polling around Biden-Trump will likely change

The stock market...

Tim Walberg's (R-Michigan) spoke in support of Uganda death penalty law for 'aggravated homosexuality'

Real ID in NC

Pic Of The Moment: Report: 2023 Saw Significant DECREASES In Nearly Every Type Of Violent And Property Crime

Nikki knows which way the wind blows.

The Do The Right Thing Award goes to . . . .

Watching on DVR a really, really dumb movie.......but I love it......

Former TOP DOJ Prosecutor Says trump IS SCREWED, Reveals ALL to Michael Cohen - Mea Culpa

Southern MD dawn, 12/29

Trump supporters are nothing but fundamentalists

Woah, Gov DeWine vetoes terrible Ohio anti-trans bill

Bill O'Reilly's NewsNation 'Contributor' Gig Is a Completely Confusing Mess (DailyBeast)

Where's Melania?

What I don't know and what I do know...

Johnny Cash One Piece at a Time

Do you know what members of the Democratic Party pretty much never do?

Ohio's Republican governor vetoes trans care restriction and sports ban

Why Trump May Find Himself in Jail Sooner Than He Thinks (DailyBeast)

Visitors flitting in and out

Leonard LEO rides again: "Public Christian (that is, *Catholic*) schools"

DU Historians - MAGA is saying the North attacked the South because it was a economic juggernaut

Abandoned Dog Learns To Trust Again After Making A Special Friend

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 29, 2023)

The Absolute Dumbest Conservative Controversies of 2023 (New Abnormal/DailyBeast)

December 29, 1890. Wounded Knee Massacre. Largest mass murder in US. 300

Deaf dog has the oddest reaction to huskies

Vladimir Putin 'betting the farm' on a Donald Trump presidential win in 2024 election

Academic paper based on Uyghur genetic data retracted over ethical concerns

Are Republicans holding up Ukraine funding to get us into another Vietnam?

DeWine Vetoes Gender Affirming Ban Bill in Ohio

Ukraine war: US releases last military aid for Kyiv for now

The Federal appeals court in DC has ruled again that Trump is NOT immune from a lawsuit brought by police officers

"Absolutely Unimaginable": Children in Gaza Face Amputations Without Anesthesia, Death & Disease

Part 57: Will Pay-To-Play End in Los Angeles in 2024? Dealings of Jose Huizar and Rick Caruso

More than 80 children killed in West Bank since Oct. 7, UNICEF says

(Israeli) High Court rules same-sex adoption must be allowed, in landmark decision

Your house is under siege by marauding zombies. Coming to save you are the last people you saw on TV.

The world wants a respite for Gaza. Israel vows to keep fighting.

The Jewish History of Baileys

Jon Batiste & It never went away.

Watching "Christmas In The Clouds" a delightful holiday movie

Does anyone in the metro Columbus area have a really good plumber they can recommend? Not an emergency today

George John and Paul, 1957, working as wedding singers

New Mexico proposes regulations to reuse fracking wastewater

Ali Velshi exposed America's mayor fallacy: Giuliani is who he has always been.

HOLD YOUR HORSES: Fmr GOP operative Stuart Stevens thinks Biden will win larger than the 2020 margin

This is what it will take for young voters to reengage like they did in 2020.

Watch Senator Mitt Romney describe the hell that would be a Trump 2nd term.

Just received: Friend - it's Ike McCorkle, Marcus Flowers asked me to reach out to you with this breaking news.

Founder of the American Family Association Don Wildmon dies in Mississippi

To all you Mainers out there

Alabama aims to get medical marijuana program started in 2024

New Jersey man motivated by Hamas threatened attack on US: Feds

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 29, 2023

I await seeing worldwide protests

The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Freepers--this is HUGH!!!11!! Dirty liberal commies!

Russia Nearly Fielded A Double-Barreled Self-Propelled Artillery Gun

Iran says it executes four people accused of links to Israel's Mossad

Kitchen Gadget Review Marathon - Sorted Food

Song of Worship - Kimono Drag Queens

U.S. Complicit in "On-Air Genocide": Palestinian Amb. Husam Zomlot Slams 12-Week Gaza Assault

China cracks down on negativity over economy in bid to boost confidence

Fox News math over NATO fighter jet intercepts

'I feel like a criminal for quitting': nurses in the US fight 'stay or pay' agreements

Dog Reunites With One Of His Favorite People

Dean Phillips defends Trump against the 'judgment of the legal system.'

Mexican villagers who killed extortionists 'acted in self-defence'

Pro-Putin politician found dead after mystery 'fall from a window'

Ohio governor vetoes transgender sports, gender-affirming care ban

Thatcher 'utterly shattered' by MI5 revelations in Spycatcher, files reveal

South Africa institutes proceedings against Israel before International Court of Justice under the Genocide Convention

US lawmakers targeted by swatting hoaxes in multiple states

Saving the American chestnut: A story of renewal, regrowth and hope (Salon)

Putin: "Nice place you got here Benny! Too bad what happened!"

Site still untethered despite doing all the suggested fixes.

Israel Denies U.N. Workers Visas & Pushes "Voluntary Migration" of Gazans

Please tell these igits who are going on and on about how Biden is "too old" all the amazing things he and his

Boston Dynamics' rival Unitree unleashes powerful robot dog that lifts 265 lbs

Question about Birth Date significance & purpose, etc

I learned how to pronounce "charcuteray" the other day.

Maine Bars Trump from Ballot for Violating Insurrection Clause

As vile Lauren is trying to

Wisconsin officials shut down effort to kick Trump off ballot

This or that---Pepsi/CocaCola/other. Me--tea-hot or cold or just water

Rick Danko was born on this date.

What was the best sporting event you went to or watched on TV

There's a reason Stinky isn't suing over Stenchgate

What was the happiest day you had in in 2023?

Ujamaa: Our History of Cooperative Economics - From Lauren's Blog

1,800% surge in 'kill Jews' Google searches globally

'Bears no inherent connection': Trump can't use presidency to dodge Capitol Police officer lawsuits, appeals court says

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Highlights: Dec. 28

First, the good news: under the State of Georgia's new redistricting plan, I am

Former Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen admits using Google Bard to cite bogus court cases

Dog's reaction to kitten's smol meow (wait to the end):

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 29, 2023

Kitten & pupper rough housing

Immunity for Trump IS a possibility

Dog & baby best friends already:

When the catnip hits:

U.S. Puts Forward Plan to Confiscate Russian Assets

Fox News ''reported'' this morning that baseball legend Frank Thomas passed away. ...

2nd tweet--Corgi knows what he's doing:

Murder Rate Plummets Across U.S.

Anamorphic art, blending the canvas into the real world:

Gave blood today. Piece of cake.

Hand painting the inside of miniature bottles

This Is What American Fascism Will Look Like - Greg Olear (with Brynn Tannehill)

Wish a Happy New Year in a different language. you can use Google Don't forget country.

A frog that ate a firefly

Cartoons 12/29/2023 some old, one new.

Celebrating Two far from average Joe's from Delaware

here's a 1968 earworm for yah.

Labor board: Starbucks broke law in Everett, Seattle store closures

Labor board: Starbucks broke law in Everett, Seattle store closures

* The Dogs of 2023 *

One day a Dean at a local college was complaining to

Schwab: After Trump's 'Hallmark' moment, consider a few resolutions

Not funny, Jules!

"I have no criminal history," says criminal (tweet)

Russia launches the biggest aerial barrage of the war and kills 30 civilians, Ukraine says

Saudi money could be headed to tennis next. Is it about sportswashing, women's rights or both?

gypsy rose is well gypsy rose thoughts?

The Leaves - Hey Joe

Decline in local news outlets is accelerating despite efforts to help

Baby cheetah or leopard demands playtime from wildlife photographer:

Flo and Eddie Marmandy Mill

Health update.

It took years for truth about election 'audit' to emerge. Why The Arizona Republic kept fighting

"Desperate stunt": Republicans fume at Lauren Boebert for "seat shopping" after district swap

Blocking Trump from Wisconsin ballot; brewery owner makes push

Maine Sec of State is on M$NBComcast now n/t

DeSantis says he will fire special counsel Jack Smith on 'day one'

Very good point on twitter about Haley

DOE Adopts Energy Efficiency Agreement for Fridges, Freezers

Remember when Ms. Haley wanted Sen Warnock deported?

Freeperville denying their deity stoked an insurrection. But they wanted a fighter???

Republican Governor Faces Conservative Fury for Vetoing Anti-Trans Bill

Nikki Haley Can't Say What The Civl War Was About

Not many Americans in this small Aussie town

New York City mayor restricts bus arrivals to stem migrant surge

Greg Sargent (The Plum Line) is leaving the Washington Post

Suddenly, Trump Is Interested in Democracy

Will anything make the world take Hamas' sexual violence seriously?

A special searing grief...

Southern MD sunset 12/29

ca beaches hit by high surf.

Total Solar Eclipse coming April 8, 2024

China will deploy 116,900 FCEVs by 2025, significantly surpassing the 50K target in China's national hydrogen strategy

Ordered a new computer online, will arrive Monday

Louisiana woman files suit to remove Trump from Louisiana ballot

trump, Haley, Boebert, the Trilogy of Treason. It's Beer & Bud Friday baby!

Who is the Athlete of the Year for 2023? ...

U.S. Department of Energy Analysis Confirms California's Salton Sea Region to Be a Rich Domestic Lithium Resource

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Maine, and what's next....

Wife texted me saying she was gonna take a shower

Boeing urges airlines to check its 737 Max jets for loose bolts

Colorado GOP Chair Takes Issue With Boebert's District Swap

Recon campaigns awash in Russian money.

Marjorie Greene Hits Rock Bottom in Dangerous Interview - Luke Beasley

Temporary exhibit at Freedom House Museum details life of enslaved child at D.C.'s Gonzaga High School

Well here is the solution for gun attacks in schools

Temporary exhibit at Freedom House Museum details life of enslaved child at D.C.'s Gonzaga High School

Uodate on Black Amazon worker attacked in luxury building

Trump Stinks! New Details Emerge As Bad Odor Claims Intensify - Rebel HQ

It's the Little Things - What Has Brought You Joy Today?

Kathy Griffin is getting a divorce after almost four years......

General question for you;

A vote for a Democratic 3rd party candidate is a vote for the orange maggot

Your table next to the bull testicles is ready!

Shabbat Shalom

Eclipses, meteor showers and alignments: The astronomy events you won't want to miss in 2024

North Korea's Kim Jong Un preparing for war − citing 'unprecedented' US behavior

They told us he'd never be indicted

Appeals Court Swiftly CRUSHES Trump's Hopes...AGAIN - Meidas Touch

The funny thing about Nikki Haleygate