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Pears. What to do with a few dozen pears?

Do you ever get random calls asking for you by name?

Jill Biden: Watch as the halls of the White House fill with magic, wonder, and joy. ✨

Shanghaid In Shanghai - Nazareth

New arrest made in $2 million fraud scheme at Florida's largest HOA, Miami-Dade authorities say

Sandra Day O'Connor is gone. So, increasingly, is what she stood for. - WaPo Editorial

Inbox lights up, but no new messages are displayed

Brisbane mayor resigns from 2032 Olympics forum, calls it a 'dysfunctional farce'

'Brands to avoid': Mars and Cadbury among chocolate firms criticised in ethics report

Perfect likeness:

Bird walking with an improvised umbrella:

The rare and beautiful melanistic fox:

Cheney: Mike Johnson a collaborator

Honduras: arrest warrant issued over murder of activist Berta Caceres

You don't get a say...

Meet the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel:

I would not be surprised if Santos declares he is running for president

Cat Skateboarding:

Lula's bid to style himself climate leader at Cop28 undermined by Opec move

How Can We Possibly Be Sleepwalking into Another Trump Presidency?

Implausible, but cute (and real)--spicebush swallowtail caterpillar:

Suspect arrested in shootings of three homeless men was already in custody for another crime, authorities say

From Childhood Friends to Proxiers - Decoding Putin's Fortune - Diane Francis - TVP World

A true camouflage master:

The Heartbeat of China: Betting Big on Hydrogen. Join CGTN & travel to south China's Foshan, a city on the cutting edge

We all need to review what a brilliant President we had in Obama..

Does anyone here remember the storm of controversy that surrounded the Vietnam War Memorial?

Tiny baby elephant:

Be kind

He does his best thinking with a chin rest:

So smol:

VP Harris calls on Israel to respect international law, stop killing innocent Palestinians

Nov. Legal Recap: Trump trial dates; Trump gag orders; Trump loses motions in civil & criminal cases - Glenn Kirschner

Georgia county to use program linked to election denier to flag ineligible voters

Paris attack near Eiffel Tower leaves one dead and two injured

Judges reject Trump's immunity claim to dismiss Jan. 6, election interference cases - MSNBC Reports

Lauren Boebert Suffers Crushing Blow with Back-to-Back Humiliations! - Luke Beasley

How big a chickenshit would a person have to be ...?

"Pro-Palestinian" protesters shut down McDonalds in Times Square

Our Public Station is running the Highway Men concert......ya know a asking for $$$$

YES, it's the "BIG SHOW THEME" performed by none other than RRRRROBERT SHARPLES!!!!

Trump Says if Jesus 'Came Down' He'd Win the Blues States in Unhinged Iowa Speech

*WETA, DC area public television, featuring American policies toward Jews now.

Did I say stop?!

Dave Chappelle Poses With Lauren Boebert, Who Turns Pic Into Anti-Trans Tweet

Baby bear catching snowflakes:

Russians' support of Ukraine war collapses, finds poll.

Fighting in Gaza resumes after weeklong truce ends - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Tree hugger:

The Eyepopping Factory Construction Boom in the US. (

Bama or Texas?

Republicans again target Democrat Lucy McBath in Georgia congressional map that keeps 9-5 GOP edge

A little jive is good for you

Trump's plans for a second term:

Biden navigates divisions over Israel-Hamas war - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

My faithful dog poisoned 5 yrs ago went 34 days

So amazing to watch this being built!

Trump renews threat to repeal Obamacare - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

The United States May Have Found Another 5,000 Shells For Ukraine's Biggest Artillery

Are you my mother?

Goat parkour:

Jerusalem Post Retracts Article Claiming That Dead Palestinian Baby Was a Doll

Judge rejects Trump's motion to dismiss his federal election interference case

Susan Sarandon gets around to saying she's sorry, sort of.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the evolving US position and changing relationships....

Puppers trying to herd the statues;..

Santos threatens to file ethics complaint against four members of Congress - MSNBC Reports

Bombshell court ruling spells disaster for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Defense head calls out those who advocate isolationism and 'an American retreat from responsibility'

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

2nd tweet--Aerial view of sheep dogs herding:

Jalen Milroe Emotional 'This moment meant everything to Jalen Milroe'

These Republicans Are Furious an Indicted Serial Liar Is No Longer in Congress

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? Mine is sour cream and chives.

2nd tweet--little actress knows how to stay in character:

2nd tweet--Ball is joy; ball is life:

Rep. Crockett: The GOP 'don't want transparency' in Biden impeachment inquiry - Katie Phang - MSNBC

2nd tweet--just a little off the top & sides, please:

US House close to vote on Biden impeachment inquiry, speaker says

If Moms for Liberty co-founder had sex with a woman, why is she targeting Florida's gays?

IDF says it has hit over 400 targets after resuming Gaza bombing - MSNBC Reports

The Economist: 56% of US voters think TFG should withdraw from race

Acadian Driftwood

Watch as the halls of the White House fill with magic, wonder, and joy. ✨

Biden Positives TLP

'They are not safe and they know it': UNICEF spokesperson details situation in Gaza - Velshi - MSNBC's comfy there:

Perky puppy:

At what age should we stop adopting pets?

Charles Blow calls for 'reverse' Great Migration for Black Americans to increase political capital - Velshi - MSNBC

Red pandas on the rings:

Chris Hayes points out some economic truths about inflation and more. Ignore the GOP narrative.

SAD: Family finds out that America may be just as violent & dangerous as Gaza.

Explanation of Medicare and why Medicare Advantage is a SCAM on all taxpayers.

Florida's Republican chair has denied a woman's rape allegation in a case roiling state politics

#VelshiBannedBookClub: 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath - Velshi - MSNBC

Saturday jams. No explanations.

I knew I was going to see some of my old colleagues at my new job. But it's even better!

Who will play George Santos on SNL

Joe Biden surpasses Donald Trump in new poll

DANGEROUS J6 Wackos Try to MIMICK Trump in Court for their Cases - Meidas Touch

Vice President Harris pledges $3 billion from U.S. to climate fund - MSNBC Reports

Tough day with Mom

Self delete

'There's a lot of smoke here': What Liz Cheney's new book could mean for Trump's Jan. 6 probe - MSNBC Reports

With the "vermin" speech, Trump is now nakedly emulating Hitler, so...

How companies can benefit from improving disability access - DW News

Just got out of 'Godzilla Minus One' (NO SPOILERS)

Former MAGA Supporter SLAMS Trump "He's A Criminal. He Knows It." - REFLECT

Dementia riddled Donald Trump appears to struggle with who Barron Trump is

Mesmerizing images: 2023 Wildlife photographer of the year

Minnesota DFL Celebrates Governor Walz's Election as DGA Chair

Tiny living robots made from human cells surprise scientists

NY-03: Republicans have a better chance at winning George Santos' old House seat than you might think

The Surprise Bill Coming to Those Who Underpay Their Taxes

INDIA: Poll outcome of MP, Rajasthan, Telangana, Chhattisgarh to be declared today

*Rachel Maddow's first interview with Liz Cheney ever!* Monday!

Bolivia gets green light for full Mercosur membership

Bolivia gets green light for full Mercosur membership

trump, Haley, even DeSantis is getting coverage but I hear nothing of Vivek Ramaswamy.

'Impossible' orange auroras spotted in UK after solar storm slams into Earth

Detained for a Sandwich: Russia's New Absurd Repressions - UATV English

Senator John Kennedy hit with the truth: what his gun violence comments reveal about the GOP - Symone - MSNBC

Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1968

Dean Philips in NH, lawdy look at that picture.

Federal judges deny Trump's claims of presidential immunity around Jan. 6 - American Voices - MSNBC

Susan J. Demas: The UAW won the strike, so why doesn't Donald Trump want to talk about it?

Russia's New Exploding Drone Piggybacks On Ukraine's 4G Cellular Network

Remember that Donald Trump and Republicans are the ones who added $8 trillion to our national debt, not @JoeBiden and

Trump's LAST-MINUTE Pardon of Criminal UNDER INVESTIGATION - Meidas Touch

The System Worked: Arizona County Supervisors who tried to mess with an election are indicted

The 'big lie' of Montana

An Analysis of Santos Body Language

May December (Netflix) - Nope. We didn't care for it at all.


Putin & The NY Yankees Pay Tribute to War Criminal Henry Kissinger - Lovett or Leave It

Charles Blow: What are the dangers of Trump's second term? - MSNBC Reports

'I'll vote for Biden': Top Koch group official rebels against Nikki Haley endorsement

Pete Buttigieg puts MAGA Republicans On Blast - Pondering Politics

PRISON CELLS - Christmas 2023 - Don Caron / David Cohen - Parody Project

Snohomish River expected to rise to near 'major' flood stage by Wednesday

George Santos Movie In Works At HBO Films From 'Veep' EP Frank Rich

Wyoming officials blame Biden for coal mine layoffs

Top ten states for COVID deaths.

Donald Trump calls for Iowa supporters to caucus, says 'nothing's over' for 2024

GOP Staffer: Everybody should vote for Joe Biden if they want our Democracy to survive.

Takeaways from Ron DeSantis' debate with Gavin Newsom

SNL: George Santos Expelled Cold Open

Octopus vs Underwater Maze

Ohio Republican Party endorses Trump

Gavin Newsom SINGLE HANDEDLY DESTROYS Both Ron DeSantis & Sean Hannity on Fox News!!!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, SCOTUS, and Biden staying in office....

Republicans push to pair Ukraine aid with asylum restrictions - American Voices - MSNBC

If John McLaughlin hires you to play with Mahavishnu Orchestra at 17 years old you're a badass

Did Santos conned the voters in NY-3cd to send him to the US House or was the Democratic nominee

"Evergreen" from A Star Is Born" (1976)

LARGE gaggle wandering the neighborhood.

State officials project budget surplus, union says excess could close pay gap

Eddy Arnold- Cattle Call

Fog and Clouds over creek, southern MD 11/2

SNL: Weekend Update

02 Dec: More Russians Refused to Fight. General Killed on a Mine Laid by Russian Soldiers. - Reporting from Ukraine

I had this album

Pioneering Latina public radio journalist Maria Martin dies at 72

Sunday Funnies 12/3/23

Somebody light the incense

Biden celebrates North Carolina's expansion of Medicaid, calls for strengthening the ACA

Calendar season! - one wall one and one table booklet one!

Great dance tune

Wordle 897 Dec 3***SPOILERS***

Paraguayan official sacked after signing deal with fictional country

US expels an ex-Chilean army officer accused of a folk singer's torture and murder

Breakfast Sunday 3 December 2023

Jamie Raskin DOESN'T HOLD BACK with Michael Cohen, SHREDS GOP Traitors - Meidas Touch

From Vietnam to Videla: Henry Kissinger and the Forgotten Horrors of US Foreign Policy

Kissinger's unwavering support for brutal regimes still haunts Latin America

Kari Lake Mocked by Judge in Brutal Legal Rebuke! - Luke Beasley

Trump Says He'd Win California and New York If Only Jesus and God 'Came Down' To Oversee Election

President Nayib Bukele Resigns to Focus on Re-election Bid

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Festive Objects Edition

Britain's maritime agency reports drone attack in Red Sea

Paraguay official resigns after signing agreement with fictional country

Al Franken - Year in Review: Joyce Vance and Barbara McQuade Review ALL the Cases Against Trump

Lula in Berlin for first Brazil-Germany talks in eight years

US military affirms it will end live-fire training in Hawaii's Makua Valley

Brazil to join OPEC+ but won't cap oil output, Petrobras CEO says

Cumbria hit by snow and ice travel chaos

Bombing of Catholic mass in southern Philippines leaves four dead

Lauren Boebert stirring the pot again.

Ancient redwoods recover from fire by sprouting 1000-year-old buds

Al Gore's climate watchdog spots rogue emissions

Will DJT debate Biden?

Tributes to university president, physicist killed in Israeli attack

Military spending questioned at COP28 amid Gaza war

Interesting result when searching for a forum/group

Top Gulf Cooperation Council diplomats meet in Doha

Congratulations, DUers in Houston and New Orleans and at Tyndall AFB. You have just had the earliest sunset of the year.

600-plus foreign nationals expected to leave Gaza on Sunday

I've seen a lot of suggestions concerning how to deal with fitted sheets. This is my favorite

Ron DeSantis DESTROYED AGAIN After Disastrous Debate, Parkland Dad Delivers KNOCKOUT BLOW - Against All Enemies

I foolishly tried to extend my time in bed. Madoc was having NONE of that nonsense.

Keep shining the light

On this day, December 3, 1979, eleven fans were suffocated in a crush for seats at a Who concert in Cincinnati.

On this day, December 3, 1968, "Singer Presents ... Elvis," aka the "'68 Comeback Special," aired.

On this day, December 3, 1818, Illinois was admitted to the Union.

On this day, December 3, 1999, the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. fire started.

Did you know that the Monroe Doctrine gained ground

Fur farm foxes running for the first time!

Pret Christmas sandwich review: 'It just reminds me of sadness'

Proud (little) Boy Jan. 6 defendant who shot at law enforcement is sentenced to prison.

What time for Rachael and Liz Cheney?

21 men arrested in child sex sting in Indiana. (And, not one drag queen among them!!!)

Empty Silos

My son like me and a lot of guitarist are obsessed with Dumble tone or tone in general. He's on his second amp build.

One of the three Palestinian young men shot in that hate attack

Tracks Across A Summer Field

Israel widens evacuation orders as it shifts its offensive to southern Gaza amid heavy bombardments

Eating off a paper plates, waiting for the guy to come and repair our sink drain...

Authorities in Haiti hold former rebel leader Guy Philippe after the US repatriated him

Taiwan Military Tensions Boil; US-China & Taiwan Policy; Deterrence - China Update

Balanced, Detailed Article on 2024 Presidential Election with Five Conclusions

GOP congressman caught on camera threatening ex-staffer in expletive-filled tirade

Hoping "Itsjustme" is ok

Comes Love

On This Day: First human-to-human heart transplant performed - Dec. 3, 1967

Conservative in Wales complains of poor police response, folks repond by the cuts he voted for.

George Santos Expelled Cold Open - SNL

Israel says it uncovered 800 shafts to Hamas tunnels below Gaza

You raised $2,213.00 on December 2, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $15.00 on December 2, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Group of swing state Muslims vows to ditch Biden in 2024 over his war stance

At Walt Disney World and son in law upset that supermarket blocked pond with gators

Season 2 of "Fisk" is now on Netflix!

I was so distraught, I could not find a recipe

Erotic images vanish from Marjorie Taylor Greene's Facebook page after Raw Story questions --

Why people support (believe) Trump

Rubber Soul is released on this date in 1965.

Ferlin Husky was born on this date.

Paris attack near Eiffel Tower leaves one dead and two injured

Liz Cheney's "dire" warning against reelecting Trump

Ego, Fear and Money: How the A.I. Fuse Was Lit

Connee Boswell of the Boswell Sisters was born on this date.

With Bad Intent (prey is quite safe)

That's the Muslim ban, for y'all playing at home.

Neal Katyal singles out worst news for Trump after his immunity defense left in ruins

Cop28 president says there is 'no science' behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town - (Live 2012)

Cary Grant: The man we thought we knew

Hillary Clinton at COP28 climate talks calls for insurance reform

Garbage disposal in sink: yes or no?

Catching Lunch on the fly

Vote carefully in the next election. You can't always hear the bells.

Mark Milley comments on President Biden and the Media

Huge thank for the tabs at the top. They are so much better than it was.

Is making 2024 "The Year of Democracy" preempted by Trump?

Doonesbury Plus

A Riotous Assembly of Mottled Ducks (Anas fulvigula)

Heroes on the ground

'Santos is out. Now what?'

Almond Crescents: Marzipan Tastes Like Christmas!

Florida's Republican chair has denied a woman's rape allegation in a case roiling state politics

Al Gore slams COP28 climate summit host UAE, says its emissions soared

Three officials have left a pro-DeSantis super PAC in the group's latest shake-up, AP sources say

The Fraud Who Fooled America - The Lies of George Santos

Israel orders more people in crowded southern Gaza to evacuate as heavy bombardment shifts there

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the negotiations breaking down....

The Patron Saint of copying

What reviews do you use to determine what to watch?

The White House ran afoul of the Hatch Act after initial warning, government watchdog says

An American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack Sunday in Red Sea

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 3, 2023)

Video of ceramic storage system prototype surfaces online -- 10,000TB cartridges bombarded with laser rays

Qatar PM demands investigation into Israeli 'crimes'

'Magisterial opinion: John Dean reacts to judge's ruling in Jan. 6 case - CNN

Remember Thai Sticks?...

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 3, 2023?

Dog Will Do Anything To Get Her Dad

'America's Next Housing Crisis Could Be Our Last... New Study Reveals Why!!!'

'Foreign terrorists' behind deadly Philippine bombing, officials say

Ron DeSantis bashes Trump and teases plans to 'supersede' Obamacare

Joke-what is every parent's favorite Christmas carol? Niagara got the answer-Silent Night

Grateful Dead - 12/31/71 - San Francisco, CA - Complete show, SBD

SNL: George Santos addresses the press about his expulsion from Congress

Cosmonauts remotely guide Russian cargo ship to space station docking after guidance glitch

'Plain historical falsehoods': How amicus briefs bolstered Supreme Court conservatives

🏈 Michigan Washington Texas Alabama- CORRECTED IT

Sure are a lot of adultering hypocrits in the GOP getting exposure lately.

Pentagon says a warship and commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea

Quarter-Life Crises (with Peter Hamby) The Focus Group Podcast

Sunday Joke Thread

The Rude Pundit applies for a job in the new Trump administration

The Orange Blabbermouth Makes STUNNING Confession at Mar-A-Lago in Late Night Speech

CBS Sunday Morning - What's next for Rush?

Liz Cheney Torches the Republicans, Lindsey Graham's Reaction is Pathetic - Pondering Politics

CBS Sunday Morning - What's next for Rush?

Eric Swalwell zings Ted Cruz:

I call bullshit on Reddi Wip! "About 85" I barely got two!

The DeZurik sisters

'SNL' Host Emma Stone Makes History and Dings Woody Harrelson's Covid Stance

ICC Chief Prosecutor: We must show that the law protects all

Does anyone really give a shit what Graham cracker thinks???

Botox Fueled Serial Liar Vows "revenge".

Barbie doll honoring Cherokee Nation leader is met with mixed emotions

Israeli Occupation - Unrealized Oil and Natural Gas Potential for Palestinian People

Does Anyone Here Think That Tr**p Will Not Wind Up As The Nominee Of The Repug Party?.....

Fresh strike on Jabaliya refugee camp reported as Israel intensifies attacks on Gaza

"Violent Night" its violent but I'd recommend it

I am shopping for a medicare supplemental plan

Self-Portrait in Reds

How hard is it to condemn Hamas' rape of Israeli women, Rep. Jayapal?

Conservatives Want to Cancel Froot Loops Over Childhood Literature - Gay News - Lovett or Leave It

Dog scared of human touch is totally different now

Muslim American support for Biden 2024

So now Phillips wants Biden to smoke weed

David Bowie's last interview and the mystery surrounding his heart attacks (Rolling Stone UK; also talks about jazz)

this makes me weepy happy.

DeSantis marks an Iowa milestone as the caucuses near. Trump says his rival's campaign is in trouble

Labor News & Commentary November 28, 2023 overwhelming support for federal paid leave in new polling

Police Raid Moscow Gay Bars

OB-GYN Congressional candidate Kelly Morrison: We need OB-GYN in Congress


Double dating

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 4 December 2023

Carlos Santana -- Black Magic Woman [[ Official Live Video ]] HQ

CFP is set: Where UW Huskies are going, who they're playing

SCOTUS to Hear Purdue Pharma Case

Rep. Jayapal seems uncertain on SOS Blinken's emphatic statement

Alaska Airlines Plans to Buy Hawaiian Airlines

Trump calls on supporters to 'guard the vote' in Democratic-run US cities

Big Mountain (2) Vision; Dream Weaver

UNICEF spokesperson describes scenes inside Gaza hospital as 'death zone'

Gaza hospitals turned into 'death zone' by injured kids after Israel air strikes

Neil Sedaka - Laughter in the Rain (1974)

Liz Cheney would rather see Democrats win in 2024

Santos vows revenge

Ugh, first snow of the winter

Casino workers with MGM Grand Detroit ratify deal, ending 47-day strike

Chris Christie fails to make it onto Maine's GOP primary election ballot

Last night at Merde a Lego

"House Democrat Gives Stunning Answer When Pressed by CNN's Dana Bash About Hamas' Sexual Violence"

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 3, 2023

Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

5 Dead, Including Suspect, and 2 Officers Wounded in Queens Stabbing

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Presents: Holy Shit: The Sunday Sermons Season 2 Episode 4: The Devil Made Me Do It

FYI: Tlaib and Omar have been targets of disinformation campaigns since 2019.

Shooting of homeless. Los Angeles and Las Vegas

UN Women finally condemns Hamas attacks, sexual violence on October 7

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the parting gift of Santos....

Reporters Found Questionnaire Used To Screen Trump Supporters For Government Takeover

Foggy and Hitchcockian day, southern MD 11/3

Trump descends into eerily confused diatribe on stage at rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

Car crashes into Bellevue restaurant, sends diners scrambling FOX 13 Seattle

Poop Map Gate revealed as a fraudulent farce of Florida's fukface governor

Michel Sheldrake has a new cat on his channel...

Hitchcock's been here!!!

Happening Now: President Biden and the First Lady host the 2023 Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House.

Godzilla Minus One SHOCKS Hollywood: The Official Review as Japan's Toho Studios WINS the Box Office

I call re my Medicare D tomorrow

How dumb people are used to spread propaganda

Anyone enjoy Savouring Our Faith

Who or what deserves condemnation?

Finally feeling near recovery from a nasty cold

Abraham, Martin and John ... and Bobby. -- But then there's Donald.

Just found a documentary explaining what happened to the Seahorses, John Squire's band after the Stone Roses

Hamas gang raped and beheaded women at rave massacre new testimony reveals

Saving Jewish children from the Nazis: 85 years since Kindertransport

House GOP's majority hinges on New York

The likely Democratic Nominee for the 2024 US House Election in MD-3 and MD-6.

NH-GOV: Democratic Contender Got Big Donations From Pain Clinic At Heart Of State's Opioid Crisis

Unions OK contract agreement with MGM Grand Detroit Casino

More people in NC will have health insurance on Dec. 1, but there's more to do to improve access

Is there something wrong with your eyes?

EarlG - When I am called to jury duty, the banner runs acroos the Samsung tablet I use with chrome,

Anti-abortion groups shrug off elections losses and look to courts and legislatures

A blizzard of disinformation had deadly consequences.

Divided Michigan GOP fractures further amid bid to oust Kristina Karamo

Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

Artur Rehi: 'We Will Fight with You Until Victory,' - in Ukraine Again - UATV English

New bill by Republican lawmaker would change Ohio's marijuana law

Fentrice Driskell (D) warns keeping Christian Zielger as Florida GOP Chair would send 'chilling message' to women

"We've been waging an all out war on American democracy" - Donald Trump

The Dirty Tricks the GOP Is Using to Keep Abortion Off the Ballot in 2024

"I did it siiiiiiidewaaaaaays"

TCM tonight

Europe's far-right leaders gather in Italy to prepare for EU elections

George Santos Had A WILD Last Day In Congress

Controversial Figures Pardoned by Trump Are Now Funding His 2024 Bid

Tiedrich rant: holy shit, the squirrels in Donald Trump's head have completely chewed through the wires

Glenys Kinnock: Former minister and wife of Neil Kinnock dies aged 79

Indian premier Narendra Modi's party set for victory in 3 states ahead of 2024 national vote

Animation Making on Mobile

Rail union says Union Pacific layoffs of over 1,000 track maintenance workers jeopardizes safety

I'm a Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec call for 'no more politicians' on show

New Christmas Nail Art Ideas 2023 Best Compilation For Short Nails

Wouldn't it be nice if the whole world entered a cease fire, Forever and Always?

I may join moms for liberty all this time I was wrong in not understanding the group's Christian family values.

Icehouse - No Promises (The Wonderful Extended Version) 1986

Hillary Clinton at COP28 climate talks calls for insurance reform

WA: Thurston County candidate who didn't vote loses election by one vote

Dean Martin - Live at the Sands (1 hr)

So...The Ducks will play Christofascist Liberty University in the Fiesta Bowl

Federal judge REJECTS Trump's presidential immunity & double jeopardy claims; case set for trial - Glenn Kirschner

Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor

The Texas GOP voted against a proposed ban on members associating with Nazi sympathizers

Frank Sinatra live at the Sands (with Count Basie and his Orchestra and introduced by William Conrad)

Janis Ian - Light a Light (Remastered)

Post yer favorite family baked beans recipe

Trump's trial dates and primary schedule could put country in 'unchartered territory' - Velshi - MSNBC

This man is stark raving mad - he says if he has to go to court 😀😀😀

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love - Leo Zero Remix 🖤🖤🖤

10 Biggest Jerks in Hollywood History

I feel a lot more like I do now, than I did a few minutes ago. n/t

That wasn't a "poop map" Duh-SANTOS pulled out at the debate with Gov. Newsome

Supreme Court's SEC case ruling could 'upend government as we know it' - Velshi - MSNBC

Why does every post/conversation begin with "So"? It started a few years ago and I

Sports world reacts to 13-0 Florida State being excluded from CFP: 'Devastated. Heartbroken.'

You can't buy happiness

If I could reincarnate as a character actor,

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cease fire all over the world, forever and always?

It finally happened!

Joe Biden Impeachment Looks More Likely After Walmart Confrontations: Comer

Myles Godwyn lead singer of April Wine has passed away.

Try Not to Laugh When You Hear What Trump Just Said in This Insane Moment! - Luke Beasley

Philly getting kicked at home.