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The Guest Stars of Miami Vice (1984)

Montreal Canadiens defy NHL ban on such events and will celebrate Pride Night.

I have a question about Marjorie 3 toes and what is acceptable during sessions

Special counsel Jack Smith rebuffs Trump's immunity claim in new filing

Houthis show no sign of ending 'reckless' Red Sea attacks as trade traffic picks up, commander says

School board backs down from plans to scrap Black history courses after backlash

This slur of anti-semitism is used to defend repression

Idaho asked court to dismiss lawsuit over abortion laws. Here's what a judge decided

'Republicans better wake up': Poopy Le Pew lashes out at Mitch McConnell in overnight rant

Colorado secretary of state receives death threats: 'I will not be intimidated'

You've Been Trumped Too

You've Been Trumped Too

The trump Psychosis speads to the Populace:

Marjorie Traitor Greene creates multiple headaches for new Speaker

Photos: Tailor created bicycle-powered sewing machine in Rafah, Gaza

Looks like Florida State showed where they belong

Fact Check: Trump Did Say 'The Economy Always Does Better Under Democrats' in This Past Interview

GOP's Biggest Losers of 2023: Donald "Smells Like A Butt" Trump and his fellow insurrectionists

New to me

Republicans hit Biden over St. Croix trip during border crisis

Caution (Don't Stop on Tracks)

As Gazans pushed further south, some fear they will be forced out of the enclave

Saturday Joke Thread

What Caused the Civil War? Here's How People Answered in 1861.

Biden Readies a Big Swing at Big Business


An update on my condition and what's going on in my life.

Enjoying an Alonzo's Special cocktail tonight.

Brexit has completely failed for UK, say clear majority of Britons - poll

Jeff Sipe Trio w/ Megan Lovell - "Busted"

A recollection about the Boise Idaho New Year potato

Argentina formally announces it won't join the BRICS alliance in Milei's latest policy shift

Mayors demand federal help with influx of migrants to cities - ABC News

So Much For The Florida State Discussion

Meidas Touch: Interesting choice of examples here from Jack Smith

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iowa, books, schools, and conversations....

Please tell me, can you find a better description of what TFG is really like...

Anti-Israel protesters block the main entrance at the WTC in NYC: "Genocide Joe Has Got to Go"

Operating a 150 year old Dutch windmill.

Today I opened a bottle of Jack Daniel's that is supposedly worth $400. to $3,000. except I couldn't

Palestinian group says captive Israeli soldier killed in Gaza by Israeli air strike


Great Replacement For Dummies

House Republicans had a hell of a year!🤣

So, uhhh...who likes their music with a dash of humor?

you wanna have peace free the hostages it will take like half a day

DeSantis went into his pre-programmed, practiced-in-front-of-mirror pose for kid asking questions. And then he got stuck

Good stuff!!

'Bring an end to violent rhetoric:' Maine secretary of state - NewsNation Prime

So I am laying in bed with my two dogs in our new house.

Taiwan's presidential candidates emphasize peace in relations with Beijing

Why do we sing 'Auld Lang Syne' at the stroke of midnight? The New Year's song explained

Trump Instantly BURIED by NO NONSENSE Secretary of State - Meidas Touch

Scammers Back At It In Norfolk, VA Targeting Navy Federal Credit Union Customers

I know it's probably been a while since you heard anything about Taylor Swift...

A little music to relax to

Bad Russian Military Math

'Swatting' at Maine secretary of state's house after Trump kept off primary ballot

On this day, December 30, 1946, singer/songwriter Patti Smith was born.

S&P 500 ends 2023 just shy of record, ushering in 2024 election year

*Groucho & Dick Cavett on PBS now, WETA, ch 26.

Ex Pak PM Imran Khan's 2024 Election Nomination Rejected By Poll Body

*Groucho & Dick Cavett on PBS now, WETA, ch 26.

Captain Fantastic. Outstanding.

6 states are rethinking how they run their primaries in 2024

This on now. Mendelssohn's 'Violin Concerto' - Philippe Quint, violinist

Faith leaders discuss finding common ground amid Gaza war - MSNBC Reports

No Biden, No Trump: 5 Global Elections to Watch in 2024

In face of threats, election workers vow: 'You are not disrupting the democratic process'

As the UK heads into 2024, many are hoping for a long overdue election

NE: Group working to meet signature goal, get medical marijuana petitions on 2024 ballot

Biden administration makes $147.5 million emergency arms sale to Israel - MSNBC Reports

Seven Spots on TX State Education Board To Hit 2024 Ballot

Trump completely TELLS ON HIMSELF in Deranged New Post - Meidas Touch

Frankie Miller - Darlin'

Dog Gets A Huge Surprise And LOVES It

Cats in Space - beautiful psychedelic mind blowing animation (youtube)

Maine Secretary of State says home 'swatted' after Trump removed from ballot

☦️ Psalm 12 - English Standard Version

Wish everyone a Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year on this post

Election law expert on legal and political questions as states block Trump from ballot - PBS NewsHour

There's several interesting verses in the first chapter of James.

The shit that stays in my head. It was 62 years ago. I was a senior in h.s., weighed about 105 pounds.

DOJ warns it could sue Texas over migrant arrest bill - NewsNation Prime

Joy Division - Disorder

Who is taking Ayman place on MSNBC

I'm proud to say I've

Pet me, please!

Why Nikki Haley's Civil War comments indicate a bigger problem in the Republican party - Symone - MSNBC


Many gun related "family annihilations" this week..i wonder why the gov doesnt treat this as natl emergency

Biden's Christmas message vs. Trump's Christmas message.

Steve Schmidt just left the Dean Phillips campaign

Maine Secretary of State speaks out on threats after ruling Trump ineligible for primary ballot - Symone - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the X-37B and secrets....

Grieg's 'Holberg Suite', New England Conservatory Chamber Orchestra (yay New England!)

Social Media made 11B in US ad sales from minors

TCM today

2023 1% vs 80% Wealth Inequality Green Zones MAP - vs USA China Russia etc.

Woman discovers thru DNA/ancestry that her fertility doctor used his own sperm

Trump SICKS FOLLOWERS on Judges after Ruling, will Supreme Court STEP IN?!? - Meidas Touch

Greek Gateway's Happy New Year/Kali Xronia video

Virginia senator Tim Kaine condemns Biden's arms transfer to Israel

The #1 cause of the Civil War...

Sunday Funnies

Doonesbury Plus

The last day of 2023 is 123123!!!!!

GOP Ron Johnson brags about sabotaging border security deal. He told Fox News that he was able to 'delay' border securit

Breakfast Sunday 31 December 2023

US Navy sinks 3 Houthi boats attacking merchant ship in Red Sea

This cracked me up😀😀

Laws banning semi-automatic weapons and library censorship to take effect in Illinois

The worst Supreme Court opinion ever?

30 Dec: Busy day. Ukrainians start a massive hunt on Russian strategic missile launchers - Reporting from Ukraine

Mexico Repatriates Venezuelans to Ease US Border Migration

On this day, December 31, 1920, film, TV, and singing cowboy star Rex Allen was born.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Minty Fresh Edition

Bela Lugosi, Dolores Fuller and Ed Wood, New Year's Eve 1953

On this day, December 31, 1948, Donna Summer was born.

On this day, December 31, 1961, The Beach Boys played their first paying gig.

On this day, December 31, 1952, an ice storm caused Hank Williams to cancel a New Year's Eve concert.

On this day, December 31, 1985, Ricky Nelson and six others were killed in a plane crash in Texas.

On this day, December 31, 1971, Pete Duel of "Alias Smith and Jones" died by suicide.

Israel ready to let ships bring aid to Gaza's shores

WORDLE 12/31/23 ***SPOILERS***

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band - NYC Song

It's just almost unbelievable....

The Brady Bunch, Friday, December 31, 1971: Season Three, Episode 14, "The Teeter-Totter Caper"

December 31 is Saint Sylvester's Day.

North Korea says it will no longer seek reunification with South Korea, will launch new spy satellites in 2024

US Navy sinks 3 Houthi boats attacking merchant ship in Red Sea, US says

Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Cat

I gave Snowdon an actual, full blown PET, this morning!

I posted this in the Pets forum, but it's a universal meme for 2023

2 Post photographers put down their cameras after more than 203,000 images

How the costs of Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza are mounting

Leona, Cat Woman

5 Southern states had most of the nation's population growth

Have you seen the new Houthi uniforms?

Doom dominates 2024 messaging as Trump and Biden trade dire warnings

On This Day: Barbarians cross the Rhine, ushering in upheaval of Western Roman Empire - Dec. 31, 406

Texas restaurant kowtows to fascists.

That's mine!

Teddy bear:

Trump's rhetoric is increasingly mirroring Nazi talking points, and nobody is paying attention: expert on extremism

NonFiction of the week 31 December 2023/1 January 2024

Dog gets all sassy when her human doesn't respond to her kiss:

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs on kicking the Russia problem can, down the road.

'A tour de force': Experts reveal Jack Smith's 'sly' additions to new Trump filing

Determined cat drags human up many stairs to show off her newborn kittens:

This pupper!

I don't think so:

How Republicans are Disenfranchising Native Arizona Voters With Jaynie Parrish - Lovett or Leave It

You raised $1,195.00 on December 30, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

What the heck is that?

Your Car Is Tracking You. Abusive Partners May Be, Too.

Newly Uncovered Documents Reveal the FBI's Campaign Against Bob Dylan

Large and in charge!

South Korea's capital records heaviest single-day snowfall in December for 40 years

2nd tweet--Mooom! I want to play!

Maceo Parker /Happy New Year's Eve

2nd tweet--Ultimate side eye:

What is the most important day in the world??... TODAY is the DAY!!!! ENJOY TODAY..PLEASE!!!

B.C.s top 10 nuisance calls to 911 in 2023

' Governor's Cup' rodeo among recipients of millions from public fund controlled by Noem

Mainstream media is playing into Trump's neo-fascist hands. I'm sticking with democracy and the Guardian. Robert Reich

Led by Trump, GOP candidates take polarizing stances on race and history

Ad on the radio

'Gradually dismantling Hamas, the IDF is also battling its own government's impatience'

The World Is On the Move

Can I partition my hard drive and run various versions of windows on different ones?

The GQP platform:

"Barbie" - NO SPOILERS -one of the best made movies I've ever seen

The truth remains the truth: Israel is acting as any other democracy would in impossible circumstances.

Traditional Swedish Woodworking in 1923: Clogs, Spoons and Chairs

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, Ukraine, and a back and forth....

"Happy", what?

Lume, pits and privates

Why did it take me until today to consider the possibility that

End of the year meme for cat parents

Enough Handwringing - Disqualifying Trump is no Different than Convicting Him in the Senate Would Have Been.

Epic betrayal by Ohio leadership as Youngstown State trustees install MAGA doofus Bill Johnson as next Pres.

3 women that served in Trumps administration now say 2nd term "the end of American democracy as we know it."

whorls of grass

Behold--the Best Space Images of 2023

Happy New Year everyone and thanks again in advance.

Scientists May Have Found an Ancient Path Into America 24,000 Years Ago

A Flower in Winter

Oversized Ancient Galaxy Isn't What Astronomers First Thought

Hundreds of unknown species were discovered around the world this year

Natural Grocers just sent me an email, saying they will be closed New Year's Day

MAGA intellectuals Asked About Building A Wall...On The Canadian Border

Israel destroyed more than 200 of 325 archaeological sites in Gaza

Ukraine war: Russia hits back after Kyiv attack on border city - BBC News

Hamas is succeeding at playing the West for fools - The Telegraph

U.S. border officials on track to process over 300,000 migrants in December, the highest monthly tally on record

No signs of tooth decay in half of Swedish Viking population (corrected)

Scary': House explosion in Michigan kills 4, hurts 2, shakes residents miles away

This is Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2023

'This Guy Is Lying for Clicks Again': Fox News Reporter Debunks Video Purporting to Show Cartel Trucks Storming Across S

What is a talent that you have that is sort of unique and different? As a kid, we had kids in the neighbood that would

Bronxville, N.Y., police sergeant kills wife, children in suspected murder-suicide

"Who is Erin Carter?" Excellent series!

Enjoying "Who is Erin Carter?"

Need help/advice.

'That date has some significance': Trump plans rally on 3rd anniversary of Jan. 6 riot

Jimmy Kimmel Declares Viral Clip of the Year 2023

Henri Matisse was born on this date.

Cats are my favorite creatures, and there's a Russian Blue at PetSmart in Tacoma

Republicans, nor the Courts, can say that Trump was engaged in an "insurrection" because...

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 31, 2023)

John Denver was born on this date.

Andy Summers has a birthday today.

June Tabor has a birthday today.

Economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin continues to put caveats on Biden's economic success.

Black Democratic pundit shocks CNN panel stating she's a descendant of Confederate Robert E. Lee.

Grateful Dead New Year's Eve 1984

"Hail and farewell": A tribute to those we lost in 2023

Donald Trump is NOT eligible to run for President. Period.

Target Busted For Fake Crimewave Lie - Majority Report

Burton Cummings has a birthday today.

Leonard Leo Allies Lead Effort to Establish Publicly Funded Religious School

Only pitcher to throw a Perfect Game on artificial turf was....

Amazing! Snow on the ground. In December, in Minnesota

U.S. oil production hit a record under Biden. He seldom mentions it. (The Washington Post)

Pink Floyd - Time

Cartoons 12/31/2023 Best of 2023

Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from ruling on Trump's 2024 eligibility, Raskin says

No, Marines didn't arrest Colorado Supreme Court justice who ruled against Trump Fact check

I'm seeing snow flurries in Ft. Madison, Iowa.

This Is The Most Anti-Worker Presidential Candidate Ft. Brian Tyler Cohen

Will Jack Smith Screw Up Like Garland Did w/ Trump? Glenn Kirschner Explains.

The Most DELUSIONAL Headline of 2023

The Great Sun Jester - Blue Oyster Cult

Opinion: The accidental revelation in 'Ferrari'

Hooters: An Employment Law Nightmare

If we are truly the greatest nation on earth..fill in the blank

END OF DAYS?! Trump's MAGA Had a Very Bad Year!- Stephanie Miller & John Fugelsang

'Proving' rape is hard. Denialism makes it impossible

Tammy Baldwin just got another opponent........damn.

Queen of Denmark Margarethe II announces abdication live on TV

Why Is Mike Johnson Covering for donald trump? Joyce Vance Explains. Steph

US economic data points to 'real momentum' for 2024, White House says

Nat King Cole 'The Very Thought of You': Home for The Holidays, Ending 1995 (C. Durning WW2)


TRUMP SHOW 30 - HAPPY NEW YEAR w/ AI Lauren Boebert, Marge the Bounty Hunter & SO MUCH MORE

DEAR MA & PA MAGA, trump Never Faught for You! Former Maga sees the light

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 31, 2023?

Dave Chappelle's Obsession With Mocking Trans People Continues in New Netflix Special 'The Dreamer': 'I Love Punching...

Israeli Minister Repeats Call for Palestinians to Leave Gaza

Texas Democratic Party Mourns the Loss of Former Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Shecky Greene, Legendary Las Vegas Standup Comedian Who Worked With Sinatra and Elvis, Dies at 97

New Year Gift from my Classical radio station to DU,

A sweet trio of Kidcats

"It's A Scam" (Privatizing Municipal Functions) - The Majority Report

The Dogs of 2023 by We Rate Dogs on twitter

Inspiring post from Adam Kinzinger on Post

The Internet is not kind to liberal veterans.

Nice Southern MD 12/31/23

Shecky Greene, Legendary Las Vegas Standup Comedian Who Worked With Sinatra and Elvis, Dies at 97

Champions of Angeles Crest Highway - Stories from the Racetrack in the San Gabriel Mountains

9/11 was about coming together after a tragedy as all Americans

George Harrison - Ding Dong, Ding Dong

OPINION Watching the watchdogs: US media reporting from Gaza

Happy New Year from Germany,

Barry Manilow - It's Just Another New Year's Eve

The rules of the road are changing, but not fast enough for everyone

ABBA - Happy New Year

ABBA - Waterloo

Fancy Pants Republican Says He Spent $5.72 For Two Apples

ABBA - SOS (from American Bandstand)

Blondie - One Way Or Another (from TopPop, 1978)

Neighbor walking dog on sandbar beside my house!

Blondie - Heart of Glass (live)

Teen traveling alone on Frontier Airlines from Tampa accidentally flown to Puerto Rico

Got out of the house

Blondie - We Three Kings

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana

A theory re: the origin of the selfish, skewed, ornery, MAGATS

"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins

U.S. border officials on track to process over 300,000 migrants in December, the highest monthly tally on record

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies

The Cars - You Might Think

Hmmm...FDA Recall of Israeli-identified pathogen in Reckitt-Mead-Johnson Infant Formula (Nutramigen)

South Africa files genocide case against Israel at International Court of Justice over Gaza war

Nena - 99 Luftballoons

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

Van Halen - Jump

Happy New Year from Spike Jones 1948

Falco - Der Kommisar

Jefferson Starship - New Year's Eve 1985-86 on MTV

Happy New Year DU!

Supporting our furry family members

What's your wish for the Democratic Party for 2024?

Let me know if you would like to be a host in this forum.

New Year's Eve celebrations

Why Raskin wants Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from potential Trump ruling

I'm affraid of 2024

Make Antarctica Glacial Again

I was at a party with a large group of people yesterday.

Our cars insurance rose by 27% this year

Counting Crows - A Long December

Lions got ripped off.

Adios 2023, you POS. FIZZ - The Grand Finale (Live At Middle Farm Studios)

Happy New Year from California

Happy New Year

What weird or different thing .trinkets, or doodads do you collect. Books and magazines were posted already, My neighbor

ChatGPT: What if John Kerry won the 2004 election?

S.F. Forty-Niners get the NUMBER ONE SEED! Home Field through the playoffs!

Graham backtracks on earlier Jan. 6 criticism of Trump: 'It depends on what the conduct is'

Mom, Dad, I saw this show on TV, and now I think I'm gay.

Israel returning reservists from Gaza to civilian life.


Chicago mayor says Abbott causing 'chaos' by sending migrant buses

To my friends at DU:

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 31, 2023


Compulsive liars...

"Yoi otoshi wo" (良いお年を)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about stats, rates, correlation and causation...

Am I the only one that cannot stand Tony Romo as a sports announcer ?

Orioles -What Are You Doing New Year's Eve- 1950

The cheapest form of warfare

How Abortion-Rights Backers Changed Their Message--and Started Winning - Molly Ball, WSJ

Live 2024 Happy New Year Tokyo Fireworks 🎇 Real Time Japan 2023-2024 New Year Countdown, Fireworks

Taiwan monks ring temple bell to mark Lunar New Year AFP

Ringing the Bell at Chion-in temple, Kyoto, Japan, on New Years

Answer America: A telethon of which I, until now, wondered if my memory was off!


Just received solicitation from Tekesha Martinez,

All You Need to Know About the Traditions of New Year in Japan

Oldie time! Paul Revere and the Raiders - Mr. Sun Mr. Moon

Bears Get #1 Pick In Draft

Pregnant dog was dumped in shelter. That wasn't the worst part.

Happy New Year! And now, for your viewing pleasure:

This Raccoon Is Hiding Something In Someone's House

Final 2023 sunset, southern MD, 12/31

The movie about how tfg took all the water with his golf course in Scotland

Can Louisiana replicate Georgia's voter registration and turnout success?

Trump Smells, Rudy's Dry & Mike Lindell's Best Freak Out Ever! Hal Sparks - Stephanie Miller Show

Former U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Black Democratic trailblazer, dies at 88

haha... NewsMax is airing "Stand Up Trump" Make America Fun Again.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson says Texas governor creating "chaos" with migrant transport - Face the Nation

MT:Cascade County meeting was a demonstration of un-American values

what is this tradition of black eye peas on new years. enquiring minds want to know

Houthis threaten US with repercussions after Red Sea strike killed 10 rebels

Why reintroducing bison is revitalizing the Prairies and Indigenous culture, identity

We've heard the expression 'scared straight'...well in 2024, we'd better be scared BLUE!

Court documents naming Jeffrey Epstein's associates to be unsealed: What to know

Amtrak signal issue causes service delays on New Year's Eve

My New Year's resolution for me

14th Amendment questions have to be "resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court," David Becker says - Face the Nation

Life begins...

Vast Majority of Britons Say Brexit Has Failed

"A good kick in the balls . . .

At this Roman restaurant, patrons lick the plates clean and bark for more

New Jack Smith court filing Dismantles trump's claim that he should be above our Nation's Laws

"The Twilight Zone" marathon starts at 8:00 on H&I.

US to bring back aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford from eastern Mediterranean

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 4, 2024 - Jane Wyman / The Power of Film

Maine Secretary of State Responds to Call for Impeaching Her over Trump Ruling

At last, 2024 is almost here!

People are spray painting their names on sidewalks to reserve Rose parade viewing spots. Pasadena says this is vandalism

Waiting for my Child to Come Home

Happy Leap Year 2024

Happy New Year!!!

Name a character from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show W/O using Google

Putin's War Machine Depends on a Railroad Built by Tsars

Not looking forward to the fireworks tonight.

2024: Year of the vote

Sting - Brand New Day

Seeking tour or guided travel recs

The Go-Betweens - When She Sang About Angels

It's early , but I'm not staying up late ... so

Welcome to Breezewood, America's literal tourist trap

Who was your favorite politician this year.