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Some buses fail to show for transport of Jewish to pro Israel rally- Toronto

Trump Erupts At Robert DeNiro As Campaign Gaffes Intensify - Rebel HQ

Herman's Hermits

Guess what Loungers? I have no inflatables on my street!!!! Yesterday it was 59 degrees and all of a sudden the sky

That slaughter in Queens was committed by

My Facebook is being bombed with puppies for sale...

I'm so damn cold.

Feeling bad that I've been absent

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump believes telling these lies works for him - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Peter Gabriel: Four Kinds of Horses (Bright-Side Mix & Dark-Side Mix)

See the moment when a petting zoo calf realizes he's free

Seismic data confirms ocean waves shake the earth...

Time's Person of the Year 2023 shortlist includes Taylor Swift, Barbie and Putin

BERNIE!!!!! live from the Senate Floor on wars

The Kinks - Come Dancing

Anyone else watching Liz Cheney on Maddow tonight?

Italian jewelry store owner sentenced to 17 years for killing two thieves

Supreme Court to hear major case that could upend tax code and doom "wealth tax" proposals

Trump seeks to appeal reinstated gag orders in New York civil fraud case

Renewable, clean hydrogen power is coming to California. Here's what you need to know - University of

Biden administration announces new financial strike force to curb deadly fentanyl trade

Former top Ohio utility regulator surrenders in $60 million bribery scheme linked to energy bill

Kari Lake Loses To Republican She Sued - Rodecast

Repug James Comer keeps going down the rabbit hole.

John Fetterman hired George Santos.......

Hopefully this isn't an abuse of forum rules - need help finding a Christmas gift

Lindsey Graham heartbroken over Liz Cheney's dire warnings about second Trump term

DeSantis warns Republicans about Biden impeachment inquiry, says voters care more about border, economy

'The Holdovers' is a gorgeous movie. An instant holiday favorite

Chris Christie says Donald Trump 'acts like someone who wants to be a dictator' ahead of 2024

Immigration talks collapse, threatening to sink aid to Israel and Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US, moral responsibility, and strategic defeat....

It's HILARIOUS how fast MAGA's latest Biden "bombshell" FIZZLES OUT

It is with the full throated assistance of the main stream media, explicitly

Putin raises maximum size of armed forces - Eastern Express - TVP World

Visibly-Confused Fox News Host, Republican Leader Forget How Time Works in Weird Interview - Pondering Politics

US considering 'appropriate action' in response to Houthi missile attacks in Red Sea

Part 4 (final): Interview with IG Bob Westbrooks - Trump's recklessness and avoidable COVID deaths - Glenn Kirschner

Hillary Was Right: Trump Voters Are More Deplorable Than Ever - Rebel HQ

Liz Cheney warns of another Trump presidency, slams GOP - CBS News

Over-priced drugs are driving people to "rogue" online pharmacies -- sometimes with deadly results

2nd tweet--Don't trust him. We've seen this movie before!

Baby's first jalapeno

'Trump will never leave office again' - Liz Cheney's warning to America - Deadline - MSNBC

Ohio RepubQcans Want Tax Increase?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Comer: You can loan people money but if they pay you back then you benefitted directly.

Pro-Hamas event "will not go forward" at Columbia University's School of Social Work

**Rachel on now, Liz Cheney coming up.

Rachel Maddow is simply the best

Kids say the darnedest

Josh Paul resigns from State Dept over sending arms to Israel

Trump's gag order in New York remains in place as his legal team tries to make him into a victim - Deadline - MSNBC

House in Arlington explodes as police are attempting to serve search warrant.

Framed quotes in your home?

"Feed a fever and starve a cold" or "Feed a cold and starve a fever"?

GOP debate stage shrinks to four candidates

Trump co-defendant accused of threatening witness in Fulton County trial; attorney weighs in - Atlanta News First

Man stabs security guard to death, injures another guard at Center City Macy's, police say

THERE WAS A CHUMP THOUGHT HE WAS KING - A Parody - Don Caron - Parody Project

In a comment posted on his own substack essay, Jeff Tiedrich wrote:

Typical MAGAT asked to explain what critical race theory is & why he disapproves of it:

Coup bombshell: Trump busted for 'dictator' plot as trials loom - The Beat - MSNBC

So, let me get this straight; a 13 year old and a 16 year old with the hots for each other are responsible

Brookings Institute estimate: Trump inaction responsible for 70% of covid deaths--

Republican Humiliated TO HIS FACE After Guest Attack Backfires At Hearing

I don't even want to imagine a situation where he's won--Liz Cheney on a potential Trump victory in 2024

'Ridiculous': Neal Katyal on Trump's motion to dismiss federal elections case - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Republicans & Democrats Unite to Expel George Santos - Lovett or Leave It

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Republicans Humiliated as Biden Theory Crumbles Before Their Eyes! - Luke Beasley

Christmas Albums your parents had that you listened to growing up?

Unknown traders appear to have anticipated October 7 Hamas attack, research finds

If Trump is elected again, the government is going to break down: David Frum - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Louisiana Paper Begs Senator To Stop Embarrassing Their State - Waldorf Nation

Seth Meyers - Trump Says He'll "Redo" 2020 Election, George Santos Flees Capitol in Shame: A Closer Look

An endless number of monkeys

California Senate lands on short succession timeline for McGuire

Will Liz Cheney appear on Fox about her book?

NY-16: Top Democrat in Westchester files to challenge Rep. Jamaal Bowman

'I'm not your girlfriend': Cheney blasts GOP men getting emotional over impeachment - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Georgia Republicans Add Majority-Black Congressional District at Expense of McBath (D)

Australia urged not to rely on 'drug dealer's defence' for gas exports and help wean Japan off fossil fuels

If Moms for Liberty co-founder had sex with a woman, why is she targeting Florida's gays?

Cheney to Republicans: 'We have a particular duty to step up' against Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Citizen-initiated government transparency act proposal submitted to Arkansas Attorney General

China's Mars rover has uncovered underground polygon structures buried beneath the Red Planet's surface

Senate confirms Texas Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez to 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

When does George Santos go on *Dancing With the Stars*...?

Appeals court halts ruling that Border Patrol can legally cut Texas' border concertina wire

Must-See: Jamie Raskin blows up entire Republican scheme - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tiny widdle cal

TX: Judge considers holding state in contempt a third time over foster care conditions

Federal judge stops enforcement of Minnesota prescription drug price control law

Meidas Touch: Sources of the Muslim plot to not vote for Biden unearthed. MSM amplifies this fraud.

MI: Ottawa County employees could carry guns while on the job under new proposal

Santos EXPELLED, says he will out a gay rethuglican, Ruin Lives

Cheney warns of Speaker Johnson's willingness 'to do things he knew to be wrong' for Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Polarizing Michigan GOP chair's future in jeopardy as momentum builds to oust her

'He is not the lesser of two evils': Cheney emphasizes severity of Trump threat - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Arkansas rules online news personality Cenk Uygur won't qualify for Democratic presidential primary

Former Ohio public utilities chairman Sam Randazzo indicted by federal grand jury for bribery, embezzlement

Madman at Large - Mike Malloy Show

Ohio court shoots down Columbus gun safety regulations

House GOP eyeing bribery, abuse of power for impeachment articles against Biden based on debunked Ukraine conspiracy the

"I'm Just Another Traffic Stop"

Large house explosion in Bluemont (Arlington, VA) amid police incident

Four Candidates Make the GOP Debate Stage

FBI arrests L.A. actor and Republican Party official Siaka Massaquoi over alleged involvement in Jan. 6 riot

MN-HD52B: Suburban special election offers a testing ground for 2024 campaign themes

'Wildly unconstitutional': GOP flagged Trump's election scheme behind closed doors, Cheney writes - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Opponents of No Labels Launch Ads

Judge drops felony charges against ex-elections official in Virginia

Maddow/Cheney, nutshell

Crime Rates Skyrocket in Russia as Mobilised Convicts Return Home - UATV English

Think this guy was a drag queen? Hell no!

Kimmel: George Santos Kicked Out of Congress, Trump Ate "Too Much" After Jan 6th & a Very MAGA Christmas

NY-03: Life after George Santos: Voters should prepare for a big-time election

Texas prosecutor drops charges against 17 Austin police over tactics used during 2020 protests

Rachel Maddow joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss her Liz Cheney interview - The Last Word - MSNBC

YouTuber who staged California plane crash gets 6 months in prison for obstructing investigation

Shapiro Calls Incident During Philly Pro-Palestinian Rally "Blatant Antisemitism"

PA: Cumberland County Commissioner Leaves GOP

Vice Pres. Harris: As Israel defends itself against Hamas, 'it matters how' - The Last Word - MSNBC


Two new Supreme Court cases ask if there is a right to medically necessary abortion

Democrats working on resolution condemning Hamas' use of sexual violence

Former Wisconsin GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel is running for the state Supreme Court

Victor Shi: Our educators are truly the unsung heroes of our democracy.

Detroit on track to record fewest homicides since 1966, officials say

Kentucky Woman Impregnated by Her Stepfather at 12 Says She's Ready for 2024 After Viral Ad Helped Re-Elect Democratic G

George Santos EXPELLED, says he will out a gay Republican, ruin lives

Senate Republicans Stage Walkout After Democrats Subpoena SCOTUS' Wealthy Friends

This Ohio Turf War Is the Latest Sign That the Anti-Abortion Movement Is in Disarray

Jen Psaki: Trump's telling us what he's going to do, so 'we should listen' - The Last Word - MSNBC

OH: Elections officials blast court complaint over Jennifer Ciccone's loss in Struthers judicial race

GOP lawmakers propose abolishing Wisconsin Elections Commission, giving duties to secretary of state

'Huge concern': Military analyst on new fears of wider war in Middle East - CNN

MI: Former Sterling Heights candidate fined $1,500 for election fraud

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about COP28, science, statements, and walkbacks....

Reality Check for Putin as Russians Get Damn Tired of War

Lawsuit challenging N.C. congressional election map arrives on opening day of candidate filing

WOW! They Sure Got the Prez Dead to Rights THIS Time! Comer's Latest Evidence of Biden Corruption.

'I'm Going to F Her Whole Life Up': Trump Co-Defendant In Georgia Election Fraud Case Could Go Back to Jail After Allege

NY: Emily Essi (D) wins Onondaga County clerk race, election official says

NY Appeals Court will make FINAL MOVE to SHUT TRUMP UP - Talking Feds

Hey Donald, you're feeble!

Municipal elections to take place on January 30 in most of Israel

04 Dec: Bradleys in action! Ukrainians make a successful mechanized counterattack. - Reporting from Ukraine

'Dangerous and chilling': Cheney describes the moment she learned Trump's 2020 scheme - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Whitmire, Jackson Lee meet in one of final forums before Saturday's Houston mayoral runoff

NJ: South Brunswick Fire District #2 to Hold a Special Election to Approve Purchase of a New Fire Truck

Hong Kong's Choiceless Elections: A Cautionary Tale for Taiwan

ND: Everything you need to know for Tuesday's Fargodome expansion vote.

Republican Direct Mail Is Reaching Voters, But Not Persuading Them to Cast Their Ballot That Way

Maddow: Alignment with polar opposite Liz Cheney shows seriousness of Trump threat - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Will Missouri vote on abortion rights in 2024? As deadline looms, it's getting complicated

Forecast holds: Flooding to hit Tuesday in Gold Bar, Monroe, Snohomish

A Decade After Mandela's Death, His Pro-Palestinian Legacy Lives On

'A risk that we simply can't take': Why Trump's erratic lame duck raises red flags - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Anne Frank House page defining antisemitism

Trump's Coup Clowns - Dec 4, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Indigo bookstore vandalism sparks debate over definition of antisemitism

A man from an exploding house

Writer details how evangelicals confronted him about Trump at his father's funeral - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Biting, kicking, hurling blocks. Preschools struggle with California law limiting expulsion

Trump Rejected By Highest Court In New York In Effort To Remove Gag Order - Rodecast

Did Medicare Advantage Fraud Cost America Billions Only To Put Lives In Danger? w/ Ro Khanna - Thom Hartmann

The Republican Party of Florida is having a meltdown: Rep. Anna Eskamani - The ReidOut - MSNBC

What's the environmental damage of the war in Ukraine? - DW News

I'm so confused!

New Details Revealed In GOP Leader, Moms For Liberty Rape Accusation - Raw News And Politics

Mother Nature a her best.......

How do I deal with a family member I feel I am losing to anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda?

'No shame in lying': Trump using 'Kremlin tactics' to project his fraud on opponents - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

HEARTBREAKING: So far in 2023, there have been at least 361 unintentional shootings by children resulting in 136 deaths

Senator Sanders: We cannot be complicit in current approach of Israeli government

SCHUMER: This week, I will put the Assault Weapons Ban on the Senate floor.

'Donald Trump will never leave office voluntarily': Rep. Schiff on the threat of a second Trump term - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Trump lawyer makes PREPOSTEROUS CLAIM in hearing in front of GA judge - Talking Feds

It was

Israel investigates possible trading knowledge ahead of Oct 7 Hamas attack

Texas goes green: How oil country became the renewable energy leader - PBS NewsHour

Trump Wants Capitol Police Charged For Being Mean To His Supporters - Ring of Fire

Trump and Co-Defendants face RUDE AWAKENING in Georgia, Trial LOOMS - Meidas Touch

Fresh warnings on a second Trump presidency - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

EU is stealing our money?! - 1420 by Daniil Orain

LAPD officers get in their SUVs and drive off after N_word, name calling rant

Why polar bear encounters are spiking in a small Canadian town - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Did Big Money Turn Journalism Yellow? - Thom Hartmann

Gold bars featured in Sen. Menendez bribery case linked to 2013 robbery - NBC News

Why White evangelicals continue to support Donald Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Liz Cheney Reveals 'Dangerous And Chilling' Moment She Overheard Trump's True Plan

My father received monthly payments of laundered money from Georgia...

George Santos wastes no time joining Cameo after House expulsion - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Gen Z STRIKES BACK at HEINOUS Republican Schemes, Delivers KNOCKOUT BLOW - Against All Enemies

House explosion rocks Virginia neighborhood as police try to serve search warrant

D.C. Download: As Senate works border deal, Cortez Masto and other Hispanic Dems left out

Snopes Slagged For Denying Trump Said What He Said

COP28 pledge to curb cooling emissions backed by 63 countries

Wordle 899 (Nov 5) ****SPOILERS***

Botched broncoscopy.

First signs of Trump jury selection process may have just landed in D.C. mailboxes

Breakfast Tuesday 5 December 2023

It's official: COP28 has more fossil fuel lobbyists than ever

Judge delivers BLISTERING OPINION setting up Giuliani's GLUM future - Talking Feds

Lady Wray "Under the Sun" Remixed by Surprise Chef

Seth Meyers - George Santos Gets Expelled from House of Representatives - Monologue 12/04/23

Top Tucker Carlson producer accused of sexually assaulting Fox staffer

Senior EU official warns of huge security risk in Europe over Christmas

Several exercise modalities improve sleep quality in patients with sleep disorders

Qatar's emir on Gaza attacks: 'This is a genocide committed by Israel'

GCC leaders arrive for Doha summit

Nailed it!

This is bad: Avdiivka 79.5% encircled. Z-Army grows to 2,209,130. Putin's massive military budget - The Russian Dude

Biden is spending most of the week raising money at events with James Taylor and Steven Spielberg

2nd tweet--Whatup?

Treason prospers under Trump

Guernica to pay tribute to the victims of Israel's bloody campaign in Gaza.

Moms For Liberty!!!!

Twitter Heads for Bankruptcy - Elon Musk Destroys Business by Telling Companies Not to Advertise - Joe Blogs


On this day, December 5, 1984, "Axel F," the instrumental theme song from "Beverly Hills Cop," was released.

'Resign immediately': Florida GOP to discuss ousting chair accused of sexual assault

On this day, December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.

Chow Flees Hong Kong; China's Economic Growth Woes; EU-China Summit; Shanghai - China Update

On December 4, 1858, Chester Greenwood, inventor of the earmuff, was born.

Rachel and Liz talk...update..

Immigration talks collapse, threatening to sink aid to Israel and Ukraine

Immigration talks collapse, threatening to sink aid to Israel and Ukraine

On this day, December 5, 1937, "Large Marge," of "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," was born.

In Russia, some women demand return of their men from Ukraine front

The US is refilling strategic oil reserves as fast as it can amid lower prices, but there are physical limits

Mexico halts deportations and migrant transfers citing lack of funds

This is heartbreaking. A woman in Warren, Ohio, has been charged with abuse of a corpse for trying to plunge a toilet

Senior EU official warns of huge security risk in Europe over Christmas as Israel-Hamas war rages

Lapse of US global warrantless surveillance power would be damaging -FBI chief

US official arrives in Egypt with aid for Gaza

Top Marvel Characters 10-7

Las Vegas teen found with explosive materials after threatening 'lone wolf' terror attack, authorities say

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/29/23

Have you signed the petition? It could be a game changer in Florida next Election Day. At almost 70% on Dec. 1st!

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1993

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 11/26-12/2/2023

The Rundown: December 5, 2023

Liz Cheney's Old Man

Nepal calls on Russia not to deploy its Gurkhas in Ukraine war

Sunak faces right-wing Tory revolt on Rwanda as Cleverly bids to rescue thwarted deal

On This Day: 5-day London smog kills 10K plus, sickens 100K - Dec. 5, 1952

Iran exploiting focus on Gaza to carry out 'unprecedented' number of executions, human rights groups say

Trump triggered by Lincoln Project ad calling him 'weak' -- and claims videos are fake AI

Israel military says 2 civilians killed for every Hamas militant is a 'tremendously positive' ratio given combat challen

"Insane that we're even considering a Republican nominee who is on trial in 3 states now, possibly more." Stuart Stevens

The Great Voucher School Scam

Tuesday TOONS

You raised $200.00 on December 4, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (NEW goal $40,000)

Danes join Swedes in strike against Tesla

(Pennsylvania) Moms for Liberty Chapter Breaks From National Group Over Rape Allegation

You raised $35.00 on December 4, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

"Can't even bring themselves to denounce neo-Nazis": Texas GOP's internal war over Hitler apologists

'Coup bombshell: Trump busted for 'dictator' plot as trials loom'

Legal scholar: Trump lawyer's "farfetched" election argument could have "dangerous consequences"

Cheney elucidates the danger of a second term Trump presidency

Mount Marapi: Indonesia volcano death toll rises to 22

Gold bars featured in Sen. Bob Menendez bribery case are linked to a 2013 robbery, records show

Forest City: Inside Malaysia's Chinese-built 'ghost city'

UK porn watchers could have faces scanned

Frances Sternhagen, Dies at 93 - her face is familiar although her name isnt

Home near Washington DC explodes as police surround armed suspect

Supreme Court on Wealth Tax Today

Ask yourself...

Is emission-less propulsion possible? I believe it is...

Snopes didn't bother to quote Trump correctly, but bashes Meidas for their reporting

A taste of his own war crimes

Detroit violent crime hits record low: Here's why

CVS will change the way it prices prescription drugs

'You're losing it': Lincoln Project fires back at Trump after meltdown over their new ad

Fears That Trump Could Win the 2024 Election Are Growing Pod Save America

There. I crossed 4 things off my list

A couple of original masks

The media may be waking up to the threat of Donald Trump

Another comment on newly hired GOP congressman Bill Johnson to YSU.

Hostages given tranquilizers to 'look happy' upon release from captivity

Israel-Gaza war, LGBTQ rights complicate alliances for U.S. Muslims

Sonny Boy Williamson was born on this date.

What about this...The Primary

Johnson just made clear Republicans are actually going to abandon Ukraine

Little Richard was born on this date.

At least 30 killed in airstrike on school in southern Gaza, hospital says

Republican House speaker Johnson doubles down on demand for border security deal in exchange for Ukraine aid

Uvalde: The children and teachers knew what to do. The officers did not.

Dane County departments instructed to stop posting on X by start of 2024

Congrats to the Kennedy Center honorees! My favorite: Dion Warwick

How Hamas is aiding Putin and Xi's ideological war against the West:

ROSAWAY - Blue Skies live at the Abbey Road Institute Paris. (Official video)

Is the same standard for appropriate posts being observed

Another updated joke

Interesting ... @SpeakerJohnson said Republicans are blurring out the faces of people on the Jan. 6 tapes "because...

"Chilling moment": Liz Cheney says she secretly listened to phone call revealing Trump's Jan. 6 plot

The Huge, Hilarious Mistake in James Comer's New Biden Corruption Claim

Pic Of The Moment: After All This Time, GOP Senate Candidates Are Still Finding New Ways To Lose On Health Care

J.J. Cale was born on this date.

On this day, December 5, 1946, or maybe 1952, Andy Kim, who wrote "Sugar, Sugar," was born.

CNN using rightwing framing to help Haley

David Frum: The Danger Ahead

The Horsehead and Flame nebulas

Wyoming Cop Assaulted a Disabled 8-Year-Old, Then Deleted the Body Camera Footage, Lawsuit Claims

Supreme Court dodges ruling in disability rights case

US job openings fall to lowest level since March 2021 as labor market cools

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 5, 2023)

Wikipedia, wrapped. Here are 2023's most-viewed articles on the internet's encyclopedia

The Determination at Christmas

Prosecutors push back against Hunter Biden's move to subpoena Trump documents in gun case

Medicare Advantage Plans Disadvantage Many Elderly and Disabled People

"Why Does it Take Liz Cheney to Say What Biden and All Democrats Should Be Saying?"

Liz Cheney says she's ready to consider a third party, warns of 'grave' threat of Trump-led GOP

Things Are So Bad for DeSantis That His Top Propaganda Blog Is Shutting Down

Sick baby reindeer found wandering ski slope

Wow, just got some hate mail about my Inuit mask paintings.

US unveils global strategy to commercialize fusion as source of clean energy during COP28

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 5, 2023

How the Supreme Court's Conservatives Can Solve Their Guns Dilemma Without Losing Face

Letters to the Editor: At this point, how can you reason with Trump supporters?

The Look of Love

Fewer young Americans plan to vote in 2024, Harvard youth poll finds

Section 702 bill - Immigrants and visitors would get same levels of scrutiny as suspected terrorists,

Portsmouth Light

How trump's second term would be worse than the first- The Warning

NYPD Has Used Drones to Monitor Pro-Palestine Protests, Make 239 Arrests

Johnson: "We had to blur some of the faces who participted in Jan6 b/c we don't...want them to be charged by DOJ.......

Yippie, 2 days left to enroll in a Medicare advantage plan!!!!!!!

Today is St. Nicholas Day

Breaking: Rep. Patrick McHenry, who briefly served as acting House speaker, will not seek reelection

Ex-British officials say Murdoch tabloids hacked them to aid corporate agenda

Pretty white peacock:

James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind

Aid Groups Demand Ceasefire as Israel Intensifies Its War

My yard is not a mess. I'm rewilding.

How Could People Think God Sent This Moron? (with David French) The Bulwark Podcast

So, how do I ask the admins a question?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the DOD IG report....

The youth vote vs old codgers

At least 2 injured after rocket hits Israeli residential building, authorities say

Liz Cheney Will Be Interviewed By Nicolle Wallace Today

Texas Woman Asks Court for an Emergency Abortion

How War & Military Spending Accelerate Climate Chaos from Gaza to Ukraine

Baby's first taste of jalapeo...

Pediatrician treating freed hostages: Reports of their good condition are misleading

How War & Military Spending Accelerate Climate Chaos from Gaza to Ukraine

RNC chair accuses Biden WH of suppressing news coverage before Biden was president - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Let Me Make This Pellucidly Clear - then Speaker Nancy Pelosi. called the Slobfather

An example of why homophobia is un-American

Liz Cheney: trump is enabled by leadership in the repugnant Party

I'm seeing this strange ad on MSNBC...

Record 2,500 Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Descend on COP28 U.N. Climate Summit in Dubai

Blinken announces visa restrictions on Israeli settlers over attacks in the occupied West Bank

New Central Bucks school board reverses controversial policies

Best crime and thrillers of 2023

Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages - report

OMG: DeSantis' budget includes $1 million to sue for FSU not making college football playoffs: Yes, REALLY!

SCOTUS making major decisions on outright lies

Tiedrich rant: the Supreme Court is making shit up again

Senior US lawmakers review plan linking Gaza refugee resettlement to US aid to Arab countries

Pentagon Finds Dozens Of US Troops Advocating For Overthrow Of US Government - Farron Balanced

Rep. Patrick McHenry, former temporary House speaker, to retire from Congress

They couldn't discuss Medicare Advantage

On a Shark Tank rerun last night, I enjoyed seeing the back story of a product I've owned and

Trends come and go, That is true for decorating the Christmas tree, Does anyone remember Angel Hair-which would cut your

Uvalde: The kids followed active shooter protocol, the cops didn't

'Brothers on the path': Notorious extremist sheds light on ties to Mike Johnson

99 1/2

The White House says Israel is heeding US warnings on civilian casualties. In private, not everyone agrees

INQ: New Central Bucks school board has authorized a legal challenge of the former superintendent's $700,000 payout

My Frustration With Tr**P/Repugs Has Gotten To Me - I Just Had To Vent This.....

A Question About Liz Cheney's Book

Russia Was Banned from the International Maritime Organization - UATV English

It's Time to Run This Anti-Gay GOP Wife Out of Politics

Remember When: The NY FBI, FBI Director Comey, Trump toady Giuliani and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton....

Tuberville releasing hold on almost all military nominees

Putin Called Out Over 'Deliberate Extermination' of Troops

Lawmaker asked why some deny Hamas' use of sexual violence. Hear her response

(Salon) Americans are sleepwalking into a Trump dictatorship

Evangelical Leaders are pointing out that Trumpism is the opposite of biblical Christianity

Here's some help from on how to find a plan for you.

To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race

Flushing Gaza tunnels with seawater will cause 'many deaths'

Guitarist and Songwriter Denny Laine has passed

Judge takes unprecedented action against Trump in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

LOL: Visibly-nervous Republicans double down on latest misfire - Pondering Politics

Cartoons 12/5/2023

Al Gore says social media algorithms are like AR-15s

Everything is....okay?

All In The Family - Archie Is Branded...Link

After strike, Everett nurses, Providence agree on tentative contract

Mukilteo-Clinton route car capacity downsized again

New Hampshire Republicans propose '15-day' abortion ban

Al Gore Wants to Weaken Petrostates' Power Over Global Climate Decisions

The Violent and Extreme History of Mike Johnson's Old Legal Clients

She Just Made History- Again!

Mindful' Mar-a-Lago judge unseals docs Jack Smith warned would reveal 'contours and extent' of government's plans

Plumbing question & is there still a DIY group

Deep-sea mining in the Arctic Ocean gets the green light from Norwegian lawmakers

Grocery Prices Keep Rising. This Could Stop It. - More Perfect Union

How to Be Anti-Semitic and Get Away With It

US Supreme Court ponders meaning of 'income' in tax dispute

IDF says it has 'hundreds of testimonies of rape and sex crimes' from Oct. 7

Despite warnings about a Hamas attack, the army didn't evacuate the Nova festival

Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas. Yet the group remains largely intact.

A school promised not to send kids to the ER for misbehavior - but hospital trips only increased

Wild Squirrel Taps On Woman's Window To Play

Jayden Daniels, Marvin Harrison Jr., Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr. named finalists for 2023 Heisman Trophy

Eye to Eye

'I could no longer breastfeed': Gaza woman on two-month odyssey of displacement

Labor News & Commentary November 29, 2023 call on companies to uphold workers' rights

LOL @ Tuberville

Greg Olear: Dark Enlightenment (Parts 1 & 2) Re: America's ascendant antidemocratic political movement

Nikki Haley wants to reform Social Security and Medicare. Donors are paying attention

Billionaires had a surprisingly bad day in the Supreme Court today

Stuff that they never played on the radio

Wings and Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine dead at 79

George Santos & How The Republican Party SOLD Out

Alabama police officer caught on video using stun gun on handcuffed man: 'Do you want it again?'

Senate approves hundreds of military promotions after Republican senator ends blockade of nominees (UPDATE)

Wings and Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine dead at 79

Aid Groups Demand Ceasefire as Israel Intensifies it's War

Netanyahu says Israel will retain open-ended control of security in Gaza long after war with Hamas

Grubby and extreme: Mulletfest 2023 - in pictures

Mountains in the ocean

Israel's new grid maps add to confusion and anger in Gaza

Turn it up

Sexual violence during military conflict is not new

Jack Smith accused the former president of a history of election lies and 'encouragement of violence.'

Special counsel alleges Trump 'sent' supporters on path to Jan. 6 violence

Giuliani's no-show prevents courtroom confrontation with Georgia election workers

Federal law -- Accessory after the fact

Former DEA informant pleads guilty in 2021 assassination of Haiti's president

Harvard, MIT, Penn presidents defend actions in combatting antisemitism on campus

US makes offer to bring home jailed Americans Paul Whelan and Evan Gershkovich. Russia rejected it

TCM tonight, a few good ones

The SAT Question Everyone Got Wrong

Vice President Harris breaks nearly 200-year-old record for Senate tiebreaker votes, casts her 32nd

Black Americans Expect To Face Racism In The Doctor's Office, Survey, People of Color: NPR

In a rare action against Israel, US says extremist West Bank settlers will be barred from America


Saw an ad on Youtube for Trump gold bars.

Cory Doctorow: Pedophiles for Purdue Pharma

IDF campaign in southern Gaza has created 'apocalyptic' conditions, top UN official says

(CA) Moms for Liberty suing Yolo County library, claiming free speech violations at forums

Hearing what Hamas is doing to women and children.

6. "OKAY-NESS" ...... is the word for ...TODAY, AND EVERYDAY.....!!!!

Liz Cheney's Mission To Stop Trump

Ya all need to watch Candy Cane Lane ... Eddie murphy xmas movie

Southern MD early morning 'light' (sun rose @ 7:00, caught these a bit before)

Tuberville caves!

Where was Santa's secret hiding place for gifts and presents when you had young kids? Ours was in the trunk of the car

The "pipe" story.

Texas high school sends Black student back to in-school suspension over his locs hairstyle

Unlikely Dog Friendships (And one cat)

8-year-old boy with disabilities assaulted and pinned facedown by Wyoming school officer, lawsuit says

What's the difference between a poorly dressed man on tricycle, and a well dressed man on a bicycle?

Family's pet 'wolf-hybrid' kills 3-month-old baby in Alabama, sheriff's office says

House passes resolution condemning antisemitism

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the latest US pressure....

Breaking: Brown Announces First Step In Expanding Amtrak In Ohio

Federal Railroad Admin chooses Scranton-NYC Amtrak route to move forward

Las Vegas-S. California high-speed rail gets $3 billion federal grant

Mueller, She Wrote (good X thread) on the coordinated slow down of Jan. 6th investigation

I'm Gonna' Need A Nametag - Luckovich Cartoon

Texas woman asks judge to let her terminate pregnancy after lethal fetal diagnosis

Hamas commanders killed by IDF hiding in tunnels

I just saw an AI demonstration that makes my former occupation completely obsolete.

Democratic votes against HRes 894 (strongly condemning and denouncing the drastic rise of antisemitism in the US)

Last minute Medicare Open Enrollment questions

Scott Walker's Anti-Union Law Could Be Undone by a Court That Respects the Constitution

Johnson says he'll release the 1/6 tapes but fuzz the faces? Really? Well I got news for him

Judge Who Called Planned Parenthood Genocidal Recuses Himself From Abortion Case - Rodecast

Cat makes sweetest sounds for his mom

Paul McCartney and Wings - Hi Hi Hi

War Veterans Turned Killers: Putin's Soldiers Unleash Crime Wave! - The Gaze

Shoplifting suspect arrested during 'Shop with a Cop' event at Livingston Co. Walmart

UN women's investigation of the gender based violence on October 7th

Special counsel to use Trump's continued embrace of January 6 rioters against him at trial - CNN

Newly appointed Central Bucks Board President, Karen Smith, swearing in on a stack of banned/challenged books! 🔥🔥🔥

Pregnant women are missing vital nutrients, a situation that could worsen with plant-based foods

Sam Alito's Lonely Fight to Defend His Friend's Harebrained Anti-Tax Scheme

Chain Whip - 14 Lashes ☠️

Israel Nash - Cant Stop

Hear audio of Trump talking about a pre-2024 White House return - CNN

Biden 'not sure' he would seek re-election if Trump was not

Biden urges global condemnation of Hamas 'sexual violence'

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 5, 2023

Man, who lived at home that exploded, is presumed dead

Fox News In Panic Mode After Republican Faces Consequences - Rebel HQ

Change a movie title to make it a christmas movie title

Mike Johnson Admits To Obstructing Justice By Altering J6 Video

The Crazies Control Conservative Media (with Philip Bump) The Bulwark Podcast

Trumps CRIMES are the Problem, not "Chaos" (with Will Saletan) The Bulwark Podcast

A school promised not to send kids to the ER for misbehavior - but hospital trips only increased

Sen. Tommy Tuberville announces he will lift his hold on most military nominations - ABC News

Sounds like desperation and destruction of evidence to me?

Hamas violated hostage deal so women wouldn't talk, US spokesman alleges

Need a potato and veggie stew recipe!

'Israeli female soldiers shot in crotch, vagina, breasts on October 7' (Graphic)

Johnson: House 'has no choice' but to hold impeachment vote - Washington Post

Vibes vs. Data

It's December and it feels like summer . . . The Farmer's Market feels that way too:

This Senator Has A New Idea To Curb Mass Shootings -- And Gun Reformers Are Actually Optimistic

Nutrient Collapse? Are Modern Foods Missing Nutrients: Science is Not Clear--but Very Suggestive

House GOP Blurred Faces of Capitol Rioters

Question about my key fob.

Is Journalism Ready?

Civilians are 'center of gravity' in Gaza war: US defense secretary

UPDATE: CANCELLED! Israeli Police Greenlight Far-right March Rallying for 'Full Jewish Control' Over Temple Mount

Hochul sets special election to replace Santos for Feb. 13

Lukashenko wants to show that he is not isolated on the international stage - Eastern Express - TVP World

Kelsey Grammer's BBC interview cut short after Donald Trump remarks, host claims

4 Ingredient Homemade Dog Treats With Aguyandagolden!

With George Santos out of Congress, special election to fill his seat is set for February

Biden impeachment inquiry vote expected next week, House Republican leaders say

Wasabi, beloved on sushi, linked to "really substantial" boost in memory, Japanese study finds

OK, what's up with this?

Marjorie Greene Horrifies the World in Dangerous Tucker Carlson Interview! - Luke Beasley

Israel Never Sent Ambulances to Save Premature Babies in Gaza Hospital: Report

Jr Senator JD Vance (R-OH) introduced a bill to stop discrimination at colleges.

This Mask Off moment from the Republican Speaker is Insane. - Pondering Politics

Schumer Begins Confirming Massive Number Of Military Promotions After Tuberville Ends Block - Forbes Breaking News

Now that MAGA Johnson said he wants to obstruct the DOJ, I know give him a starring

65 Years Later, Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" Soars to No. 1

I'm not inviting anyone to my New Year's Eve party who approves of Adolph Hitler.

A person who made a difference

Forced Birth Mike is obstructing justice and tampering with evidence.

Biden says he's "not sure" he'd be running for reelection if Trump weren't

Elon Musk's X platform fueled far-right riots in Ireland, experts say

Happy HO-HO-HO! Beatles peoples!

Schumer just went to the Senate floor and secured unanimous consent to approve 425 military promotions.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Jack Smith: Trump 'Agent' Sought To Cause Riot To Disrupt Michigan Vote Count in 2020

Ok... I don't know what the fuck that was...

All the bowl games with sponsors:

Defending his 2020 fraud claims, Trump turns to fringe Jan. 6 theories

Tucker Carlson Producer Sued for Sex Assault

Danish Dockworkers Dial Up Pro-Union Pressure on Tesla With Solidarity Strike

FFS, how long do we have to hear 'X, formerly known as Twitter'? I shudder every time I hear or read it.

Are these red states in a competition to see who can pass the most ludicrous abortion bans?

No OB-GYNs left in town: what came after Idaho's assault on abortion

The orange anus can't even get Brooks Bros riots right

Wings - Mull Of Kintyre

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Democrats pushing forward with Ukraine and Israel aid amid growing dispute over border funding