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Our Vincent Turns 2 Today

White House pushes Congress to pass more aid for Ukraine - CBS News

In case the US Court of Appeals or SCOTUS need material support for unprecedented jurisprudence...

Special counsel to use Trump's continued embrace of January 6 rioters against him at trial

Washington Post workers are walking out on Thursday.

Recently bought on Amazon.... toothpaste squeezer gadget...

We Might Be Sitting in a Massive 'Supervoid' in Space, And That Could Explain The Hubble Tension

Nicolle Talks to Liz

"We'd like to send you notices"

Vice President Harris breaks record for casting the most tie-breaking votes

Brazil's Lula snubs Milei's invite to presidential inauguration in Argentina

Special counsel outlines evidence against Trump in 2020 election case - CBS News

Special counsel Weiss opposes Hunter Biden's request to subpoena Trump - MSNBC Reports

22 Nations Commit to Tripling Nuclear Capacity in a Push to Cut Fossil Fuels.

Am I the only one who

The Pilots Delivering Your Amazon Packages Are Ready to Strike

Wisconsin judge reaffirms July ruling that state law permits consensual abortions

US House Republican Patrick McHenry won't seek re-election

Barra, ex-justice minister and former pro-Nazi youth, for top legal post

Biden says Hamas raped, mutilated women during Israel assault

US aims to show Trump's history of vote fraud claims at 2020 election trial

GTA VI trailer dropped yesterday

Trump doesn't sound like somebody trying to get elected

DOJ plans to use Trump's social media posts in election interference case - Deadline - MSNBC

Argentina's Milei is another malevolent clown. Some voters just want to be entertained:

Hed Kandi Presents - Stereo Sushi Volume 1 (Disc 1 and Disc 2) (Deep House Compilation) [HQ] 2002

Liz Cheney: 'Rep. Mike Johnson was desperate for Donald Trump's approval' - Deadline - MSNBC

Marjorie Taylor Greene alleged a male Republican got physically aggressive with her

Has anyone seen the Venture brothers movie?

DeSantis wants to cut 1,000 jobs, but asks for $1 million to sue over Florida State's football snub

Florida Republican leader calls an emergency meeting over chairman accused of rape

DeSantis wants to cut 1,000 jobs, but asks for $1 million to sue over Florida State's football snub

Tonight, the highest scoring player in international soccer history plays HER final international game

What in the world??

Most Americans...

GEORGE SANTOS IS LEAVING THE THE TOWN - Christmas Parody - Caron & Cohen - Parody Project

House Republicans Are Already Souring on Speaker Mike Johnson

Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge backed by 120 companies

*Back to Brooklyn with Barbra on PBS, ch 26 now.

Two Major Trump Allies Issue Chilling Threat to His Enemies - Pondering Politics

Transdermal Celebration

Trump accused of a second coup plot by GOP insider Cheney - The Beat - MSNBC

GOP Starts to PANIC as Impeachment Campaign Implodes Bulwark Podcast Clip

House GOPer's staffers quit amid bullying claims -- and take popcorn machine with them

Coup smoking gun: See GOP's new speaker admit plot to hide Trump fans' faces from prosecutors - The Beat - MSNBC

A question about section 3 of the 14th Amendment

Truth about Republicans and Ukraine funding

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about footage, statements, and the Speaker....

Trump Gets TRASHED By Republicans After Incoherent Rally Speech

Because the Night

"This is a global war for the new world order" - Russian journalist Kiselev said in China.

Paris is getting a whole new Metro network. And it's huge

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

I' ll Stand By You

All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey

jingle Bells Sammy Davis Jr made this tune swing!

GOP speaker says he's blurring Jan. 6 tapes so rioters don't get charged - All In - MSNBC

City, DNR: Cougar living in Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis

Andy Williams Happy Holidays (whoop de do)

Teens' math, reading in unprecedented decline, says OECD - Reuters

"Hey Palestinians."

Money Changes Everything

We need a little christmas Percy Faith

Jack Smith UNCOVERS Trump Election Plot, BOMBSHELL FILING - Meidas Touch

playing with fire....

John Fetterman: "They could be protesting Hamas...instead they targeted a Jewish restaurant."

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

Israel's assessment on civilian-Hamas militant fatality ratio is "dead wrong", US Rep. Seth Moulton says

Okay, it's time for the holiday chuckle (or guffaw, if you prefer)

Tubes - What do you want from life?

Does the DOJ have the same videos Mike Johnson has?

Both Ends Burning - Roxy Music Studio and Live versions

Trump is fueling 'fatalistic nightmares' to trick voters into giving up

Trump Calls Biden a Tyrant Then Promises to Weaponize The Military Against Citizens - Lovett or Leave It

CA-16: California assemblyman Evan Low (D) joins race to replace retiring Rep. Eshoo

New Hampshire Republicans Introduce 15-Day Abortion Ban

"These 14 House lawmakers voted 'no' -- not 'present' or 'aye' -- on a resolution condemning antisemitism"

Their bodies tell their stories. They're not alive to speak for themselves.

Cornel West is having campaign problems and is very unlikely to be on the ballot in 2024

The Trump Dictatorship - Luke Beasley

Any HR folks here?

John Denver - Annie's Song (from The Wildlife Concert)

A new means of space propulsion... closed loop pulse propulsion... here's the idea

Support for Ukraine will 'crumble' if Trump is elected in 2024 says fmr. Defense Secretary - MSNBC Reports

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone - 3/7/1976 - Winterland (Official)

We have to stop talking about Project 2025

Jack Smith reveals in court filing new evidence incriminating Trump; a riot in MI to stop the count - Glenn Kirschner

Last Week in the Repugnant Party

Ukrainian President Zelensky accused of buying two yachts with Western aid money - Truth or Fake - FRANCE 24

The call of Tokitae

How Trump won over evangelicals: new book examines 'cult-like attachment' - MSNBC Reports

PA: Lt. Gov. Austin Davis named Vice Chair of Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association

Republican Speaker issues stunning public announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm thinking there's a single possibility of a Trump trial before...

Lawrence is covering Mike Johnson as an accessory after the fact. :)

WA-06: A third Democrat joins contest for western Washington congressional seat

New Yorker cover. A sign of the times :

Montana attorneys argue against injunction asking judge to block new voter requirements

MI: Whitmer signs directive transitioning the state's fleet to zero emission vehicles by 2040

FL GOP officials to meet in 12 days to decide the fate of besieged Chair Christan Ziegler

At least 85 civilians killed by a Nigerian army drone attack, in the latest such deadly mistake

Fulton County co-defendant FIRES THREATENING SHOTS at witness - Talking Feds

Lawyer picked to prosecute Army sexual assault is fired over an old email doubting victims' claims

From Which River to Which Sea?

Lawyer picked to prosecute Army sexual assault is fired over an old email doubting victims' claims

If "punch-a-face" were a real game,

Funniest November Viral Dog Skits!

Entire Rachel Maddow Interview with Liz Cheney from last night - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

How to write a Hallmark Christmas movie...

Another? Yes, and gee, I wonder if he's a drag queen? Nope, he is not.

Mushrooms and Moss

Woman rescued from submerged car in Granite Falls FOX 13 Seattle

Seth Meyers - Republicans Set to Hold Fourth Presidential Debate - Monologue 12/05/2023

"Can't even bring themselves to denounce neo-Nazis": Texas GOP's internal war over Hitler apologists

Magic mushrooms & Reindeer - Weird Nature - BBC animals

Elon Musk Joke Thread

Black Lives Matter Organizations Denounce ex-BLM Rhode Island Member Mark Fisher

Corruption Unbound

OMG hunt this guy down and fire him and never let him forget what he did here.

Trump Makes SERIOUS THREATS at Bizarre Fox Town Hall - Meidas Touch

Sen. Tommy Tuberville says he will lift blocking of military promotions - MSNBC Reports

U.S. Record-Breaking Oil Output One More Blow to OPEC

Without Resignation

Would Liz Cheney running for President help Biden?

Is Snopes defending Trump on this, as well?

Harvard, Penn and MIT presidents face grilling by Congress over antisemitism

The global implications of the U.S. debate over Ukraine military assistance - PBS NewsHour

Tuberville Finally Goes Belly Up

GenAI Against Humanity

'Obedience over everything': Reporter lays out what Trump wants for second term

Still Rent Free - The Lincoln Project

Elon wants your money. ALL OF IT.

LAT: Leaked document offers glimpse into how Amazon amasses influence in the Inland Empire

Meet Vice Admiral Yvette Davids, incoming Naval Academy Commandant, finally released from Tuberville's Promotion Jail.

Yahoo op-ed: Trump Doesn't Sound Like Somebody Trying To Get Elected

Expert: Netanyahu has 'incentive' to prolong war in Gaza, likely to 'lose job when fighting stops' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Kimmel: Republicans Blurring Faces in Insurrection Footage, "Orange Jesus" Trump & Guillermo's Xmas List

Egypt begins building concrete wall along Gaza border

Fresh bear poop in Voorhees State Park, this morning.

Sen. Klobuchar: Can't let Tuberville block military nominations ever again - The Last Word - MSNBC

Rep. Comer Humiliated As "Bombshell" Hunter Biden Evidence Falls Flat - Rebel HQ

Lawrence O'Donnell: Speaker Johnson is trying to stop DOJ from charging Trump rioters - The Last Word - MSNBC

Woman In Need Of Life Saving Abortion Sues State Of Texas For D&E - Rodecast

Does anyone else think drumph is the beast 666

Classified briefing devolves into shouting as senators fight over border provisions in Ukraine-Israel aid package

I don't believe in polls...however

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tuberville dropping his hold....

Oh! I'm just. A. Girl!

Trump co-defendant in Georgia election interference case suspected of threatening Ruby Freeman - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

'Ugly hate speech': Bridget Ziegler allowed anti-LGBTQ+ attacks at school board meeting, member says - The ReidOut MSNBC

Meowy Christmas

Shocking Plot Behind Trump's Push To End Obamacare w/ Dean Obeidallah - Thom Hartmann

For voters missing the clues to Trump's autocratic bent, his surrogates make it clear - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Commission selects loon-centric design for new Minnesota state seal

Music at St. Alban's

Trump's past 'bad acts' come back to haunt him in federal election subversion case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

05 Dec: Good news. Ukrainian Marines are ramping up the offensive - Reporting from Ukraine

How George Santos's Absurdity helps trump's re-election chances -- The Warning

Israel & Palestine: Possible Futures -- a Discussion with Noam Chomsky May 22, 2023

Kimmel: Bill Burr on Trump vs Biden 2024, Lying to Kids About Christmas & Leo with Adam Sandler


Trump's LAST HOPE of Dismissing Case VANISHES before his Eyes - Meidas Touch

Always Glad To Help

Just 4 Months Ago:

Boebert Rages As Celebs Donate Millions To Oust Her - Rebel HQ

Large cow statue spotted cruising down Wisconsin highway

Tale of two questionnaires: Trump looks for sycophantic staff as prosecutors look for jurors - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Sen. Whitehouse Questions FBI Director Wray in a Judiciary Committee Hearing - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Hassanal Bolkiah ibni Omar Ali Saifuddien III is Sultan of the small country of Brunei...

Dane County judge rules 1849 Wisconsin law doesn't bar abortions

Democrats keep Dakota County seat in Minnesota House special election

New task force aims to bolster U.S. institutions against Trump threat - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Ohio Senate Republicans' planned demolition of new recreational marijuana law is an insult to voters

Hanukkah Song Removed From School Concert in Rochester, Minnesota

Democrat Bianca Virnig wins special election for Minnesota House seat

CA-45: California Young Democrats (CYD) Endorse Kim Nguyen-Penaloza for Congress

VP Kamala Harris Has Now Cast More Tiebreaking Senate Votes Than Any VP In U.S. History

Top Republican Publicly Says He's Protecting J6 Insurrectionists From The Police - Rodecast

Texas woman asks judge to let her terminate pregnancy after lethal fetal diagnosis

'Dictator' Trump warnings spook America

TX: McKinney state Rep. (R) Frederick Frazier pleads no contest to charges he impersonated a public servant

Conflicts of Interest in the Assessment of Chemicals, Waste, and Pollution

NY-03: Special Election To Replace George Santos Will Be Held Feb. 13

News Outlets Warn of Trump's Second-Term Nightmare & George Santos Joins Cameo - The Daily Show

Medicare Advantage Plans Disadvantage Many Elderly and Disabled People

Man accused of making threats against Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro

PA: New Democrat-led board in Central Bucks takes control, reverses controversial policies

Thallium pollution from Lithium Mining and the Urgent Need to Address It.

Court ruling on undated ballots brings confusion as Pa. counties certify November election results

I'd just like to say thanks to whomever does the website maintenance around here.

Eric Trump won't testify tomorrow in civil fraud trial - MSNBC Reports

Trump makes NEW ADMISSION in Recent Posts, Puts Plans IN WRITING - Meidas Touch

ND: Fargodome vote fails

Colorado's county clerks: Ballot initiative would radically change elections

CA: Santa Cruz County supervisors send sales tax increase proposal to March ballot

RFK Jr. sues Utah over ballot access requirements

Biden 'not sure' he'd be running if Trump wasn't in 2024 race - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Complaint seeks to halt signature gathering by group aiming to repeal Alaska's ranked voting system

Merry Christmas from the Family.

New theory may finally unite Einstein's gravity with the quantum world

UN warns of 'hellish scenario' in Gaza as Israeli forces push deeper - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US proposes plan to help the snow-dependent Canada lynx before warming shrinks its habitat

American Experience: Taken Hostage

American Experience: Taken Hostage - PBS

Anybody heard from Siwsan?Latest post was Friday

The One Thing America Does "Better" Than EVERY other Country on Earth - Thom Hartmann

Rudy Giuliani skips hearing in election worker defamation case, drawing judge's ire

Hungary's ruling party submits resolution opposing Ukraine's EU accession talks

Breakfast Wednesday 6 December 2023

American arrested over shooting that killed three Australians - ABC News (Australia)

Hollywood actors union ratifies new contract with studios

Today would have been my father's 91st birthday.

D.C.-area forecast: From a winter chill today to springlike storms possible Sunday

Ex-Trump Aide Reveals How He Threatened To Execute His Own Staff Member (Huffpost/Yahoo)

Bannon, Patel say Trump 'dead serious' about revenge on media: 'We're going to come after you' (Hill/Yahoo)

High-speed rail project connecting Las Vegas, Southern California has been granted $3 billion

Insulin-secreting skin implant found to reverse diabetes in mice

Wordle 900 Dec 6 ***Spoiler Thread***

Electile dysfunction

Wasabi: Japanese plant improves cognitive function in older adults (Interesting Engineering)

Despite Gaza death toll soaring, U.S. unlikely to rethink weapons supplies to Israel

Voting experts warn of 'serious threats' for 2024 from election equipment software breaches

"They must die": Russians eliminate their own. 76 Z-soldiers gone. "Active defense" begins to fail - The Russian Dude

Arizona man charged over online posts that allegedly incited Australian attack in which 6 died

Meatball Ron just alienated 50% of voters in ...

Russian TV: Vitaly Tretyakov, " discussed how Russia should punish Ukrainians afterwards."

Maduro orders the 'immediate' exploitation of oil, gas and mines in Guyana's Essequibo

Maduro orders the 'immediate' exploitation of oil, gas and mines in Guyana's Essequibo

House Republicans launch inquiry into Jan. 6 panel and prosecutor in Trump's Georgia case

UK Brexit Disaster on Immigration as Number of Migrants Doubles Since Brexit Forcing New Crackdown - Joe Blogs

Steve Bannon, Kash Patel Say Reelected Trump Would 'Come After' The Media

Vladimir Putin Arrives in UAE to Begin Rare Foreign Trip - Bloomberg Television

Liz Cheney Names Key Trump 'Mastermind' With 'Probably A Lot To Hide'

Democratic group rolls out first major investments for statehouse battlegrounds

Hospitals Overwhelmed as Cases Surge; 'Shocking' China's Credit Turns Negative; Chinese Debt - China Update

On This Day: Landmark free expression ruling, Ulysses not pornographic - Dec. 6, 1933

5 things to watch in the latest Republican debate

Of Course House Republicans Are Already Souring on Speaker Mike Johnson

Peanutbutters - (Normal Rock)

Post-Dobbs bans leave 14 states with no abortion clinics

Top DC Characters 6-4

The Weekly Pull: The Amazing Spider-Man, Birds of Prey, Our Bones Dust, and More

All about Hate! White supremacist

Load Your Libby For the Holidays

Millarworld Relocating to Dark Horse Comics

Comics Should Be Cheap (12/6/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #262 - Journey to Thantopolis (12/05/2023)

The Rundown: December 6, 2023

What exactly is the Republican border policy demand that is holding up Ukraine aid?

I would suggest to all

'Murder Without a Trial' - 3-part TV series on John Lennon's assassination - Apple TV

Washington Post journalists plan 24-hour strike amid prolonged contract talks

This is heartbreaking. A woman in Warren, Ohio, has been charged with abuse of a corpse for trying to plunge a

NATO member-to-be Sweden and the US sign defense deal

So if Trump becomes dictator and starts executing people, do you think he'll literally do it in the middle of 5th Ave?

Why Do Women Get More Headaches Than Men

Speaker of the House: Accessory After The Fact....

Anyone got a recipie for shrimp toast?

Schumer brings in top brass from DOD & State to discuss aid for Ukraine. Republican Senators then start hurling insults

'Liz Cheney says she's considering a third-party presidential bid'

Once upon a time at a college reunion a woman was standing talking to

Gold Bars found in Sen. Bob Menendez's New Jersey home linked to 2013 robbery

You raised $245.00 on December 5, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 NEW GOAL

JACK SMITH: TRUMP'S JANUARY 6 PLAN STARTED IN 2012 - 12.6.23 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Huge Craters, Dead Children, Collapsed Homes: In Southern Gaza, There's Nowhere to Flee

Could it be more dangerous for a woman in time of war

Hostages to Netanyahu: We were terribly afraid that not Hamas but Israel would kill us & then say: Hamas killed you"

Jack Smith's DC Trial Strategy Is Brilliant

Norman Lear passed at 101. His work gave me many laughs.

US EV sales pass 1 million for the first time, an increase of 50.7% year-over-year

Went to a chiropractor Monday.

Hi everyone. Berkeley County has two more Democrats.

Six people dead, two cops shot after shooting rampage in San Antonio and Austin

Norman Lear, TV Legend, Dies at 101

America Is Having Yet Another Drug Shortage. Here's Why It Keeps Happening.

Pro-Palestinian protesters gather outside President Biden's fundraising event in Boston

Norman Lear has passed at 101

Taylor Swift 2023 Times Person of the Year

Bitcoin Mining Used More Water Than New York City Last Year

Trump Says He Would Only Abuse Power On Day 1 Of New Presidency. He keeps saying it

CA cancels tree lighting ceremony, too afraid of protests

spot weather forecast for sonora and environs.

Trump is hiding his fascist plans in plain sight

'Porter Drops The HAMMER On CEOs For 30 Minutes Straight'

No, Sandra Day O'Connor wasn't that great

Private payrolls increased by 103,000 in November, below expectations, ADP says

Wednesday TOONs

Taylor Swift is TIME's 2023 Person of the Year

If the blurring of faces of insurrectionists

On this day, December 6, 1913, Olympic gold medalist Eleanor Holm was born.

On this day, December 6, 1957, America's first attempt at putting a satellite into orbit failed.

"Does calling for thee genocide of Jews constitute bullying and harassment"

So, it appears that Pence is going to sack up and testify

Emails Reveal How a Hospital Bowed to Political Pressure to Stop Treating Trans Teens

On this day, December 6, 1943, Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five was born.

On this day, December 6, 1920, Dave Brubeck was born.

Tiedrich tweet on Jan. 6th nonsense

On this day, December 6, 1877, The Washington Post was founded.

On this day, December 6, 1963, Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline went to the Georgetown home of Averell Harriman.

🎵 "Those were the days..." 🎵 Rest In Peace, Norman Lear.

Arkansas blogger mocks Sarah Sanders over $50,000 GOP fundraiser: 'The equivalent of 2.63 lecterns'

On this day, December 6, 1907, 362 workers were killed in the Monongah mining disaster.

Tweet of the Day


On this day, December 6, 1917, the Halifax Explosion happened.

'All the children were homeschooled': Michigan AG, lawmakers call for home school accountability

Trump declines to rule out abusing power to seek retribution if he returns to the White House

On this day, December 6, 1969, eighteen-year-old Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by Hells Angels at Altamont.

On this day, December 6, 1969, eighteen-year-old Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by Hells Angels at Altamont.

Italy tells China it is leaving Belt and Road Initiative

Filing: Trump and supporters encouraged violence in Detroit to try and subvert the 2020 election

Trump is hiding his fascist plans in plain sight

I am dying.

Ira Gershwin was born on this date.

I hate it when I agree with Elise Stefanik.

Dave Brubeck was born on this date.

Essequibo: Venezuela moves to claim Guyana-controlled region

Tish Hinojosa has a birthday today.

Fascist Clown Says What?

Holiday work party coming up

Federal judge rejects AR Republicans' request to quash lawsuit that state's congressional map is racially gerrymandered

Dr. Phil Will Team With Trinity Broadcasting to Launch New TV Network

Christmas movie with the most evil character? Die Hard or

Respect to Norman Lear... gone at 101... he was a society changer

The Ubiquitous Great Egret (Ardea alba)

Author Reveals Most 'Surprising' Findings When He Asked Evangelicals About Trump

Just helping.

Is "I'm only going to be a dictator for one day".,...

With 'conversion switch' devices, machine guns return to U.S. streets

Pacific Northwest DUers please stay dry

Rudy Giuliani's attorney gets 'lashing' from judge after client doesn't show for court

Financial Times: Scale of Northern Gaza destruction equivalent to bombing of German cities in WWII

The Truth Won't Matter

On December 6, 1980 two young people headed for a stone chapel on the Darmouth College campus

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Changes Tone In Latest Campaign

Hostages Were Sexually Assaulted in Captivity: Doctor

Wisconsin Trump electors settle lawsuit, agree Biden won in 2020

Is du messed up 4u?

Wow, Rotten Tomatoes is an absolute joke!

Rehoming 1 yr old female cat

Kevin McCarthy is retiring at the end of the year

Former speaker Kevin McCarthy will retire from Congress at end of year

Inside a southern Gaza hospital: Screaming orphaned children, amputee toddlers and the stench of rotting flesh (Graphic)

Christmas Jeopardy #1 This follows the format of Jeopardy. Answers MUST be answered in question form, Enjoy.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 6, 2023)

JUST IN: Mike Johnson releases new video of the DC Bomber.

BREAKING NEWS: Congress conditions further aid to Ukraine with construction of Louisiana waterpark

Congressional Magats Will Not Give Financial Aid To Ukraine

On the evening of December 6, 1989, the Ecole Polytechnique massacre occurred in Montreal.

The Ugly Real-World Consequences of Trump's Loudmouth Campaign Rants

Patrick McHenry is retiring too - at the end of this term

Young Guns. - and then there were none 😀😀😀😀😉

Oakland (Calif.) Educators Plan Unauthorized Teach-in Supporting Palestinians

On the night of December 6, 1964, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" aired on television for the first time.

The Proud Boys Love a Winner

A collection of video from January 6th riot from the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)

Essequibo: Venezuela moves to claim Guyana-controlled region

Memories of intimacy with Liz

Six Dead in Texas Shooting Spree Over 8 Hours

Aren't Media Pundits Supposed to Be Actual Experts?

The perfect Christmas gift from CostCo. ...

Top Democratic donor gives $250k to support Nikki Haley, citing need to defeat Trump in primary

I've got 1 BlueSky invite code if anyone is interested...

Has anyone tried BlueSky yet? Thoughts?

**** Breaking**** Kevin McCarthy to leave Congress by end of year

Rats... ship

On this day, December 6, 2018, Pete Shelley died.

yeah, i'm sorry, but watching dean phillips get just DRAGGED in his every xitter thread is just toooo much fun.

Cactus Flowers: 1st submission w/New Camera.

I can't stand McConnell

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 6, 2023

UN chief invokes article 99 on Gaza in rare, powerful move


McCarthy will be leaving

That was then (re:Kevin McCarthy)--

If ppl r responding ty

Gaza Aid Worker Describes "Horror" of Forced Relocations Amid Israel's War on Southern Strip

Privacy first - Cory Doctorow

2023 White House Tribal Nations Summit Session One

Here's the thing I've noticed about self checkout.

COP28: Amy Goodman Attempts to Question UAE Oil CEO Serving as President of U.N. Climate Talks

Thom Hartmann: Has "Corporate Personhood" Delivered America to the Brink of Dictatorship? You Betcha.....

"I don't think you guys see I am, pet me!"

'Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the ousted speaker, announces he's leaving Congress'

The Weird Gimmick That May Decide New Jersey's Next Senator

Big Oil's Takeover of U.N. Climate Summit Decried by Activists Fighting for Fossil Fuel Phaseout

Chimp Vali loves meeting & taking care of any babies:

Shadow boxing

Israeli military drops leaflets with Quranic verse over Khan Younis in southern Gaza

Iranian regime accused of raping and violating protesters as young as 12

U.S. unveils war crimes charges against 4 Russian-allied troops

TCM tonight

2nd tweet--You aren't taking this seriously!

The 15 questions that will not be asked at the Republican debate

Why do DU's hyperlink "anchors" land in the middle of the browser page?

Oil-Rich UAE Is Buying Up Large Swaths of Africa for Carbon Credits to Keep Polluting

Philly soul

Cartoons 12/6/2023

Breezy with moderate temp, 43 here now, southern MD

Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders Paperback - September 14, 2010

Providence Swedish tightens COVID, mask policy

Why Are Russia & U.S. Promoting Nuclear Power at Climate Talks? Russian Environmentalist Speaks Out

Stillaguamish River flood breaks record after 6 inches of rain

Recommendation that cops be retrained after exposure to Dennis Benigno's disgusting "Street Cop Training"

Everett council president pitches ban on serving in 2 elected offices

Name a Christmas song with a animal in the title or lyrics, Little Drummer Boy- the ox and lamb kept beat

House Republican files resolution to censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm

Why Ukraine won't submit to Russian rule

Something's Special About This Pittie Puppy

Pilot indicted over in-flight sabotage incident, but not for attempted murder

Gov. Inslee to seek $50M more toward opioid education, treatment

Colorado Supreme Court to hear Trump 14th Amendment ballot challenge at 3:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday

Comment: Seniors, kids share in rising rates of poverty

IDF finds one of the largest Gaza weapons stockpiles ever near school, hospital

Earth on verge of five catastrophic climate tipping points, scientists warn

A second Trump administration will 'come after' people in the media in the courts, an ally says

"True Crime"

Christie faces growing GOP pressure to drop out: 'He's dividing the vote'

Gore rails against COP28 president: Don't "try to mansplain" climate activist Robinson

Minnesota-based Just The Pill providing women with mobile reproductive health care

Federal prosecutors reveal evidence they want to use against Trump -- his own words

B.C. man opts for medically assisted death after cancer treatment delayed

Exclusive-On edge over Red Sea attacks, Riyadh seeks to contain fall-out

Ecole Polytechnique massacre (Montreal Massacre) 6 December 1989

Ecole Polytechnique massacre (Montreal Massacre) 6 December 1989

LOL: Kevin McCarthy JUST SCREWED House Republicans with GAMECHANGING Decision

Ecole Polytechnique massacre (Montreal Massacre) 6 December 1989

Ecole Polytechnique massacre (Montreal Massacre) 6 December 1989

Rep. Pressley introduces legislation to guarantee right to vote for people with felonies on record

Who Is On The 2024 Ballot In Texas (So Far)?

Biden campaign has a new descriptive name for TFG. "DAY ONE DICTATOR"

Michigan high court declines to immediately hear appeal of ruling allowing Trump on primary ballot

Tuberville ends his blockade of military promotions

Tuberville ends his blockade of military promotions

Tuberville ends his blockade of military promotions

I've been here for 19 years

Dem Rep. slams speaker's push to blur Jan. 6 rioters as 'bozo move'

It's Wonkette Happy Hour (Again), With This Morning's Cocktail, Irish Coffee!

Question on TFG's name being on or off state ballots.

Another vote fraud for Trump caught at The Villages - by DeSantis's group no less

Leave it to me to rock this boat: I like TayTay but say to Time Mag: Wtf?!

War on Women Report: New White House Research on Women's Health; N.J. Prison Closed After Sexual Abuse by Guards

War on Women Report: New White House Research on Women's Health; N.J. Prison Closed After Sexual Abuse by Guards

War on Women Report: New White House Research on Women's Health; N.J. Prison Closed After Sexual Abuse by Guards

Trump's "except for day 1" dictatorship remark.

Leaked audio of heated meeting reveals hostages' fury at Netanyahu

Israeli security cabinet meeting delayed amid fierce debate over allowing aid into Gaza

Russian Su-24 Shot Down Over Black Sea Points To Tactical Shift

Combating Terrorism and Misogyny Together

'Immense human tragedy': US official on reports of decomposing newborns at Gaza hospital

Combating Terrorism and Misogyny Together

Combating Terrorism and Misogyny Together

A family's escape from North Korea through a minefield and stormy seas

Doggo can sing

Sexual violence still a major threat as Sudan's conflict grinds on

Sexual violence still a major threat as Sudan's conflict grinds on

Pro-Trump electors indicted in Nevada, the third state to issue charges

Sexual violence still a major threat as Sudan's conflict grinds on

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 651

Colorado Supreme Court Oral Argument on Trump/14th Amendment (livestream)

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 651

Biden administration to forgive $4.8 billion in student loan debt for 80,300 borrowers

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rocha, Cuba, the US, and it being big....

Pro-Trump electors indicted in Nevada, the third state to issue charges

How to watch the fourth Republican presidential debate and what to look for

Did I hear that right?

"Mass Assassination Factory": Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll

Let's give Kevin McCarthy a sendoff worthy of DU

Feminism in pictures: illustrated stories of women's rights around the world

Back to nature

((UNLV active shooter per WH press conference))

Feminism in pictures: illustrated stories of women's rights around the world

Tomorrow is December 7th. On this day in 1941, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor

Active shooter on UNLV Campus, students to told run, hide, fight

Feminism in pictures: illustrated stories of women's rights around the world

Join Sen. Sherrod Brown and Sen. Jon Tester for a virtual event.

Trump attorneys make consequential screw up in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Constitution as a Homicide Pact

The Constitution as a Homicide Pact

Nevada grand jury indicts six pro-Trump electors

The Constitution as a Homicide Pact

BREAKING: UNLV shooting live updates: Las Vegas police respond to active shooter situation

I don't suppose anyone in the Pittsburgh area has a spare room they'd like to rent?

US Senate Republicans block assault-style weapons ban as mass shootings rise

LOL: Kevin McCarthy just screwed House Republicans with gamechanging decision - Pondering Politics

And right on cue,

U.S. crude oil falls below $70 a barrel, closing at the lowest level since June

Union pride sale 40% off till Dec. 31st!!! (I got my shirt here)

Biden Signs Order to Ease Flow of Funds for Native Tribes

Mike Pence officially put on witness list in Trump's Georgia trial - CNN

Las Vegas police respond to active shooter report at UNLV, say suspect is dead

Labor News & Commentary December 1, 2023 Starbucks violated labor law by firing two workers and engaging in anti-union

Did you ever have glow in the dark tree icicles

Robert Kagan: A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.

Exclusive: House Ethics Committee requests interview with witness in Gaetz probe

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy retiring and what it means....

Freedom of Information site had Southampton hospital maternity patient data online for 3 years

Generation after generation, Israeli prison marks a rite of passage for Palestinian boys

Met with my psychiatrist yesterday

PA School Board President sworn in on a stack of frequently banned books instead of Bible

Trump's First Decree as One Day Dictator

I signed up today for a regular medical supplement program for Medicare

Trump Finally Admits He Wants to Be a Dictator on National TV! - Luke Beasley

Here are young people trying to sit their fucking

WATCH LIVE: Colorado Supreme Court hears Challenge to Remove trump from Ballot

How Norman Lear changed American Television. RIP

US charges Russian soldiers with war crimes in Ukraine - CNN

Exclusive: House Ethics Committee requests interview with witness in Gaetz probe

NASA celebrates 25th anniversary of the ISS with call to crew aboard the station

President Biden Signs Historic Executive Order to Usher in the Next Era of Tribal Self-Determination

Top 1% of American Earners Now Own More Wealth Than Entire Middle Class, Federal Data

Flooding Hamas tunnels could harm Gaza's freshwater for generations, warns academic

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 6, 2023

Trump Is So Evil Even Dick Cheney Thinks He's A Fascist - Rebel HQ

Teacher puts a worm each in a glass of beer, a glass of wine, a glass of whiskey and

Blur Our Faces - Luckovich Cartoon

Robert Jenrick quits frontbench over Rwanda bill, piling pressure on Sunak

Obamacare Grows in Popularity

Question......when did Jimmy Kimmel's into guy get his hair all cut off???

The New Yorker Drops Andy Borowitz's Satire Column Amid Cutbacks

She adopted a racing greyhound. Here's how that went.

Mike Johnson Compares Himself to Moses at Christian Gala

Nevada grand jury indicts six Republicans who falsely certified that Trump won the state in 2020

Journey - Separate Ways (Live In Manila)

There are Two Kinds of Labs

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson suggests blurring out

Moms For Liberty In Shambles After New Allegations Emerge

Bwaaaah word is that Mother's Boy will testify against

'From the river to the sea': Why these 6 words spark fury and passion over the Israel-Hamas war

Letitia James Tower

UAE submits draft resolution to UN Security Council -- urging for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Another one bites the dust!

Putin: "My mom used to kiss me all over my body." - Break the Fake - TVP World

The best Christmas present you never received?

I started getting underwear for Christmas when I stopped

Southern MD sunsetting 11/6

Wyoming Coal Mine Could Hold $37 Billion Treasure - Bloomberg Television

The horrors inflicted on education in Florida under Desantis

Winthrop Probing "Hateful Outburst" At Council Meeting

A billionaire hedge fund manager calling someone else "morally bankrupt" is pretty rich.

Just helping Mike Johnson blur the faces of Jan.6 insurrectionists

Y'know, sometimes all you need is a hot cup of tea with a little honey

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 7 December 2023

Targeting costly meds, Biden admin asserts authority to seize certain drug patents

Senate fails to advance Ukraine and Israel aid bill as GOP demands immigration limits

Machine guns return to US streets

So what will Trump's first day in the Big House be like?

Liz Cheney is on Ari Melber's show now nt

U.S. announces new weapons aid for Ukraine as Congress stalls on more funding

Winter blooming saguaro cactus!

Argentina's Mileise: Retailers report wholesale price hikes averaging 40%, ahead of shock devaluation

Argentina's Mileise: Retailers report wholesale price hikes averaging 40%, ahead of shock devaluation

Western military sources: Israel has already begun the process

In case any of you want to scream at a computer screen (Live local coverage of GOP Debate)

I've listened to more hours of Liz Cheney this week....

Russia 'planned to stage Quran burnings in Sweden'

Trump Ripped To Pieces By Fox Guest After Rally Speech - Rebel HQ

Sanders Statement on Voting 'No' on $110.5 Billion Emergency Foreign Aid Supplemental Bill

Trump Orders His Followers To Go Into Cities And Basically Harass Voters - Ring of Fire

Guyana appeals to US and UN as Maduro advances annexation of territory

Princemas Tree

How you can support the striking Wa Po workers (in face of cutbacks)

It's going to be a fork in the road in 2024...

'Murder Without a Trial' - 3-part TV series on John Lennon's assassination - Apple TV

Is it possible to download every post I have made? Along with the OP, for context?

Fossil-fuel emissions are over a million times greater than carbon removal efforts

"Will You Ever Abuse Power" "Yes".

Air Force Reserve staff sergeant arrested on felony charges for role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot