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Shane MacGowan & The Popes -- Rock 'n' Roll Paddy

Mike Pence to testify against Donald Trump in Georgia state RICO prosecution - Glenn Kirschner

Biden calls on Congress to pass aid package for Ukraine - MSNBC Reports

George Santos is earning six figures from Cameo videos

Heard on PBS NewsHour just now, President Biden said today,

*PBS NewsHour will have a segment tonight commemorating Norman Lear.

Was just reading about the dog disease going around in various regions of the country. Has anyone seen it in their

Florida Says Libraries Are For "Government Messaging" Not Freedom Of Speech - Waldorf Nation

Poppy the Prairie Dog WAHOO Compilation ♥️

Mike Johnson's January 6 Tape Confession Destroys GOP's Favorite Talking Point

Trump's January 6 allies get what they deserve - Brian Tyler Cohen

Freed hostages rage at Israeli government, demand more action on rescues - MSNBC Reports

What are the LONG TERM consequences of Israeli-Muslim World relations?

MINI PONY gets the ✨ZOOMIES✨ with her BESTIE!

3 killed, 1 critically injured in mass shooting at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Poll: Republicans think Trump will win -- but if he doesn't, this is who they think will be the nominee

Suspect dead in shooting at UNLV, multiple people killed - Deadline - MSNBC - (3 videos)

Leader Jeffries Floor Speech on the Fake, Fraudulent and Fictitious Censure Resolution

Nevada attorney general announces charges against 6 Trump 'alternate electors'

Does Liz Cheney recognize that her father was an evil sonofabitch?

Perhaps the lesat surprising legal outcome in quite some time

Attacks in 2 Texas cities leave 6 dead, 2 officers wounded; suspect in custody

Special Counsel makes POWER MOVE mounting case AGAINST TRUMP - Talking Feds


NV grand jury indicts six fake GOP electors

'They are not going to be okay:' Professor on student mental health after shootings - Deadline - MSNBC

Colorado 14th Amendment challenge has state Supreme Court wary of disqualifying Trump

US attorney general defends prosecutions of Jan. 6 rioters

Trump on a possible second term: 'I'd be a dictator on day one' - Deadline - MSNBC

"The whole story of Jan. 6": Legal experts say Jack Smith filing hints at "very powerful evidence"

Democratic Wisconsin governor vetoes bill to ban gender-affirming care for kids

trump: " The Independent Press is a Enemy of the People" -Mike Malloy

Air Force grounds entire Osprey fleet after Japan crash

Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne - Copperpenny

Rep. Jayapal's statement:

'He got nothing' - Senator Tommy Tuberville's military blockade fails - Deadline - MSNBC

Moms for Fascism... Altering History

Giant ads covering at least 1/3 of the page, and most posts.

Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and The Banshees + covered by Garbage

Uncle Mike thinks of all the ways he reminds himself of Moses

Jeff Beck - Going Down

'Big lie' spreads online as Trump awaits trial: Luddite heat from big tech to phone 'addiction' - The Beat - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Nevada, Trump, and electors....

Fox News Liberal Tackles Trump's Unhinged Dictator Quote, Co-Hosts React Pathetically - Pondering Politics

Who hear has had family with dementia? Thoughts on what stage Trump is in and how it might progress?

Targeting costly meds, Biden admin asserts authority to seize certain drug patents

Message from the University of Pennsylvania President

Wisconsin fake electors agree Biden won in 2020, settle lawsuit

Florida is becoming a fascist state...

Sneaker pimps - Six Underground

Dead and Ron - 1970 - Turn On Your Lovelight.......

*Rob Reiner coming up on C. Hayes show.

What the heck is "poi pot(belly)"?

Aerosmith - Round And Round

John and Ed

Fiona Apple - Criminal

I just saw an AI book summary that convinces me our future is human

Great White Egret (Ardea alba)

C'mon C'mon - Def Leppard

From Trump coup to prison? See Liz Cheney's full MSNBC interview with Ari Melber - The Beat - MSNBC

Hire Santos To Sing To You For $350

Guess who DIDN'T have to resign the Speakership and leave DC in disgrace...

Just listened to the Las Vegas shooting press conference this evening.

How Much I Feel - Ambrosia

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Hoobastank - Disappear

Christie just ended Vivek

Israel's war against Hamas is just, but it must be fought justly

Paul Davis - I Go Crazy

House backs GOP bill to block EPA rule on tailpipe pollution; slams plan as electric-vehicle mandate

Is Devin Nunes going to run for Kevin McCarthy's US House seat or is he satisfied working at Trump media?

In Conversation... with Frank Schaeffer James Carville

'The threat is authoritarian government': What happens if Trump wins again - All In - MSNBC

Harvard, Penn and MIT presidents under fire over 'despicable' testimony on antisemitism and genocide

Firefall - Strange Way

Vivek managed to squeeze five conspiracy theories into 45 seconds.....

Book Sellers discover reason for poor MT Greene book sales ...

Hey kids! It's that time again get your entries in to the "Name a Snowplow" contest soon.

MASSIVE Oil Discovery Lands Country In Peril

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

Yes - Love Will Find A Way

Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home

Savoy Brown - Wang Dang Doodle - 1971

Florida man hurls sausages at older brother during disagreement: police

Joni Mitchell - Raised on Robbery

McCarthy is the latest Republican abandoned by Trump - All In - MSNBC

Can I get my money back on this book?

Washingtonians to get $40 million back after state wins lawsuits over chicken, fish price fixing

Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (Live) (feat. Jerry Garcia Band)

Question of Control of the House starting this January, 2024.......

Jamie Raskin is brilliant

Kevin McCarthy Is Leaving Congress - Raw News And Politics

Finally, a Karen to support

Could we start a GoFundMe page to get 6 Republicans to change to Independent?

MOCCASIN CREEK Bare Feet On The Dash

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Billy Squier - Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You

Rob Reiner remembers friend Norman Lear's legacy: 'He fought his entire life for democracy' - All In - MSNBC

Savoy Brown - Hell Bound Train

How much longer do you think Mike Johnson will be speaker?

Spooky Tooth - I Am the Walrus

Lawrence is starting with Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi

Peter Green - Feeling Good

I watched the News Nation Republican debate this evening...

Earl G. After a week or more, I LOVE this VERSION of DU for both

Uncle John's Band Grateful Dead Working Man' Dead

LTE to Press Democrat about Womack

Funkedelics - Magot Brain

Top Nevada GOP officials charged with felonies for posing as pro-Trump 2020 electors

Neil Young quits Twitter it.

Are These Corporations Funding the Mad Men Who Aim to Rule America? - Thom Hartmann

Ohio Players - Skin tight

Wisconsin Trump electors settle lawsuit, agree Biden won in 2020

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself

Beatles - Penny Lane

GOP Debate Postgame LIVE with Jen Psaki - Wednesday December 6th - 10:30pm ET

Google announces OpenAI competitor Gemini 1.0

*Cassidy Hutchinson coming up on Lawrence show.

I don't understand how every debate's main story

Jerry Garcia - Deal

First, Cassidy Hutchinson's book sold out on publication day. Now, Liz Cheney's book has sold out.

OR-03: Oregon state Rep. Maxine Dexter (D) joins race to replace Blumenauer in Congress

Trump's Fake Electors Indicted In Nevada - Raw News And Politics

PA-SD49: Erie County Democrat Jim Wertz launches challenge to state Sen. Dan Laughlin (R)

Ethics investigation into Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher (R) continues

Tiedrich rant: no, you treasonous fucks, January 6 was not antifa and the FBI. cut the crap already

What should be next for Cassidy Hutchinson?

Seth Meyers - Trump Tells Hannity He'll Be a "Dictator" if He Wins, but Only on "Day One": A Closer Look

NH Supreme Court closes door on partisan gerrymandering cases, taking lead from SCOTUS

Montana initiative seeking to give landowner hunters more rights gets 8-8 vote from council

Damned onions...

Michael Cohen: Trump 'will do whatever is necessary for him to take power' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Abortion rights groups don't support ballot measure that aims to restore abortion access

My Response to AARP for posting Trump

Katrina Christiansen (ND-SEN) campaign video: "Wolves"

Meanwhile in Canada:

Outrageously Paid CEOs Are Making Us Sick - Literally, Health Insurance Co. Execs, Inequality

Wisconsin won't ban gender-affirming care for kids; Evers vetoes bill

Shooter was a college professor: Does everyone already know this?

China Brings Back the High Temperature Pebble Bed Type Nuclear Reactor.

Ohio Senate wants to stop you from growing weed; House fights back

The first time I've ever seen DeSantis smile like a normal human

CA-45: California Labor Federation Endorses Kim Nguyen-Penaloza for Congress

OPINION NICHOLAS KRISTOF So Many Child Deaths in Gaza and for What?

Expert: Pence's potential GA election interference testimony could 'prove' Trump's criminal intent - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Democrat who lost House race in South Florida may challenge results over winner's residency issue

24000+ Immigrants have been shipped to Chicago unannounced

PA-12: Allegheny County Man Charged With Forging On Nomination Petitions

☦️ Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia - 6 December

Democratic group rolls out first major investments for statehouse battlegrounds

Moms for Liberty chapter splits off over response to rape allegation against co-founder's husband

Giuliani displays BIZARRE BEHAVIOR ahead of defamation trial - Talking Feds

Help Sarah McLachlan find Kevin McCarthy his forever home

PA: Democrats Take Control Of North Allegheny School Board In Historic Flip

The Debate


NJ-SEN: Josh Shapiro raising money for Tammy Murphy

States bring accountability on Trump's fake elector scheme; Damning details exposed in Wisconsin - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

MI: Meet the Democrat running against Lucy Ebel (R/Qanon) in the May recall election

Kimmel: Trump Won't Deny Becoming a Dictator, Mike Lindell's MyChristmas Spectacular & Bye Kevin McCarthy

House Ethics Committee Continues Matt Gaetz Probe

NY-03: Tom Suozzi appears to be Democrats' choice in special election for George Santos' congressional seat

Wisconsin Republican leader opposes GOP bill to disband bipartisan elections commission

Jack Smith STUNS TRUMP with POWERFUL New Motion, Reveals NEW CRIMES - Meidas Touch

WI: Senate Republicans could vote to fire Gov. Tony Evers' latest appointment to elections commission

Trump campaign staffer wanted rioting to obstruct Detroit vote counting: prosecutors

'It was a matter of time': Shooter terrorizes UNLV as Republicans block new gun reforms - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

AZ: Far-right wants to impeach Kris Mayes (D) for enforcing election law in Cochise County

Genocide is a war crime, so one would presume that a university policy won't permit advocacy of it

Jamie Raskin - Debased, disgraced and replaced: McCarthy quits with half a term left - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

GOP's Perez Calls Support for 15-Day Abortion Bill a 'Mistake,' But Political Damage Is Done

Chris Christie DESTROYING Trump at the 4th GOP Debate

Jury Selection

"J-6 was an inside job"?

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans have placed democracy in jeopardy - The Last Word - MSNBC

10 Cities Where Housing + Transportation Costs Are Crushing

Veteran Shreds Republicans After Sen. Tuberville Finally Backs Down - Rebel HQ

An obervation on post length

Donald Trump's allies and former officials are really upset about Taylor Swift

I started reading Liz Cheney's book this evening.

Republican prosecutor will appeal judge's ruling invalidating Wisconsin's 174-year-old abortion ban

Appeals court hears arguments in religious freedom challenge to Indiana abortion ban

Lawsuit challenging NC abortion law could head to trial May 6

Trump 'dictator' comment reignites criticism his camp has tried to curb

☦️ Orthodox Christian Church - Two chants

Cassidy Hutchinson: Voting for Trump a vote for 'fascist government' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Democrats Invest Early In State Legislature Races Where Abortion and LGBTQ Rights Are on the Line

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP and Ukraine....

Trump 'dictator' comment reignites criticism his camp has tried to curb

Washington Democrats set up hotline to report ballot signature efforts

New Mexico AG sues Meta, alleges it is a 'breeding ground' for predators - NBC News

CA: Recall of Orange Unified board members will be on March primary ballot

Sen. Warnock: American gun violence is now a 'tragic routine' - The Last Word - MSNBC

DNC receives proposed bylaws from Alabama Democratic Party

There Is No Piracy Without Ownership - Is it stealing if we can't pay for the thing in the first place?

Sub teacher exposed buttocks in classroom

Group sues Oregon Secretary of State Griffin-Valade to keep Trump off ballot

WI Fake Electors Admit Biden Won, Agree To Cooperate In Investigations - Raw News And Politics

Jimmy Kimmel's Tribute to Norman Lear

Fourth GOP debate proves to be the 'darkest, saddest game of Mad Libs ever' - MSNBC (4 videos)

2023 Wasn't All Bad, Just Ask Lewis Black - The Daily Show

Texas judge to consider pregnant woman's request for order allowing her to have an abortion

As it planned for Oct. 7, Hamas lulled Israel into a false sense of calm

Aircraft Cannibalism: Russian Civil Aviation Is in Crisis - UATV English

NY Judge INSTANTLY Shows Trump WHO'S BOSS with CRUSHING Ruling - Meidas Touch

06 Dec: Boom! Russian offensive collapses after a major HIMARS strike - Reporting from Ukraine

Arrested. Man who sucker punched grandpa pushing stroller..Calabasas

Breakfast Thursday 7 December 2023

Christie goes after DeSantis and Ramaswamy: Sick and tired of their behavior - CNN

ExxonMobil Wants to Start a War in South America

Sen. Kevin Cramer's son involved in crash killing Mercer County deputy

INSANE $4.3 Million Bribe At Center Of Breathtaking Corruption Scandal w/David Pepper - Thom Hartmann

The Turtles parody themselves, 1968, nobody notices

The Washington Post Gratuitously and Wrongly Trashes Jimmy Carter

Remembering Kissinger's Victims

Parties canceled. Celebrations toned down. Hanukkah won't be the same this year.

Wordle 901**12/7***SPOILERS***

Intensified relations between Iran and Russia - Eastern Express - TVP World

Trump's BRUTAL LOSS in Appeals Court has MAJOR IMPLICATIONS on Federal Case - Meidas Touch

Has anyone noticed all the newer DU members lately?

Democrats make battleground investment in Pa. House race

Fake bomb threats sent to Minnesota schools (more than 2 dozen) and 9 Jewish institutions

White House delays menthol cigarette ban, alarming anti-smoking advocates

Psychologists say they can't meet the growing demand for mental health care, NPR

Candidate for Santos' old seat is convicted on Jan 6 charges after testifying he had no idea Congress met in the Capitol

School shootings-anyone noticed private schools have had no shootings

Vermont is changing how it tracks Covid-19 in the state's wastewater

Then Again: American Revolution's 'necessary man' mentored Ethan Allen

Locusts spun in a centrifuge develop extra-strong exoskeletons

2 photos from Orion spacecraft - Artemis 1 mission

Duke Energy disconnects CATL batteries from Marine Corps base over security concerns

Nuns buy Smith & Wesson shares, then sue to stop production of AR-style rifles

House Intel introduces warrantless surveillance reform plan amid battle to reform Section 702

[NZ] New Zealand's Indigenous people are furious over plans to snuff out anti-smoking laws

Pa. Supreme Court will consider whether officials' Facebook posts are public records

82 years ago today, was the worst attack on American soil.

'Been yelling this from the rooftop': Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen issues a warning

Senators probe private equity hospital deals following CBS News investigation

I would like to know why school vouchers supported by taxpayer money have more students

Hakku and the sea: In a sea of men, a fearless grandmother stands out as she tries to make a daily wage ...

From Obama to Trump.........

Big move! Ukrainian special units approach final defenses. Russian losses up 90%. Moscow targeted. - The Russian Dude

(FL) Sarasota School Board member Tom Edwards calls on Bridget Ziegler to resign amid scandal

Wisconsin Republican leader opposes GOP bill to disband bipartisan elections commission

How Bangladesh Became South Asia's Latest Political Crisis - TLDR News Global

Red sunrise here in Delaware, 30 degrees and snow predicted. Geez

Hundreds of Jewish organization staffers call for White House to back Gaza cease-fire

The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes

Cathedral Dell'Immocolat Algehro Sardinia

Lawmakers to vote on censuring Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm in House office building

Washington faces showdown over fresh UN resolution for Gaza ceasefire

CAKE - The Distance

Suspended Florida prosecutor tells state Supreme Court that DeSantis exceeded his authority

Black and Latino voters sue over new North Carolina congressional districts

The Latest GOP Debate Had One Of The Grossest Anti-Trans Moments Yet

Liberal Redneck - Could Trump Be a Dictator?

Hey MSNBC? It is time to stop having Chris Christie on!

mRNA vaccines may make unintended proteins,but there's no evidence of harm

After Haley endorsement, some AFP Action staff leave for rival campaigns

Pumped up Kicks in Old English

Russian Property Bubble Heads for Collapse as Leverage Rises, Affordability Falls & Rates Soar - Joe Blogs

I'VE GOT BIDEN'S "DAISY" AD - AND TRUMP IS DISQUALIFIED - 12.7.23 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Russia hacking: 'FSB in years-long cyber attacks on UK', says government

Food Stamp Question

Alberto Fujimori: Peru's ex-president freed after 15 years in jail

Brazil deploys troops to Venezuela border

"The Young Guns" . . . or should it read "Misfire" ?

WATCH: Gaza woman tells Al-Jazeera Hamas stealing all the aid

NYC Mayor Adams' Approval Sinks To Record Low, Under Fire On Several Fronts, Quinnipiac University NYC Poll Finds

Top Marvel Characters 6-4

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/6/2023

Georgia prosecutors predict jail sentences in Trump 2020 election case

Art of the Week: Week of 12/06/23

The Rundown: December 7, 2023

On This Day: "a date which will live in infamy" - Dec. 7, 1941

Torture & Murder: Shocking China Report; EU-China Summit; Chinese Economy - China Update

Democratic lawmakers ask payment firms to renew work on gun code

US Senate Republicans block Ukraine, Israel aid bill over border dispute

GM's hydrogen 'power cubes' will be used in cement mixers and terminal tractors

Is there hope for the future? Say the brown bells of Merthyr...

The great Louis Prima was born on this date.

Time for Mog's Christmas Calamity!

Harry Chapin was born on this date.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators block off multiple UK weapon factories

'Pipers at the gates of dawn

Tried to post a meme on an op and got this

What do you call a place where a British scientist works?

Tom Waits has a birthday today.

How Trump Would Build His 'Loyalty' Cabinet

Top lawmakers drop abortion limits from defense bill, setting up fight with the right

Politico: Trump's 'dictator' remark puts 2024 campaign right where Biden wants it

A reminder of what Trump can expect from Taylor Swift in 2024.

Rhian is such a silly little girl

Senate fails to advance Ukraine and Israel aid bill as GOP demands immigration limits

Researchers explore how to better tap into Nebraska's prison population to fill labor gaps

Energy Secretary celebrates steps towards TVA nuclear power

BTRTN: Failure to Launch... Hyper-Feisty Debate Yields No Clear Winner (Except, uh, Trump), and a Bigger Question Lingers

You raised $228.00 on December 6, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

'If the United States ceased its funding it would be disastrous for Ukraine' - FRANCE 24 English

Shock Poll Shows Independent Nebraska Union Leader Beating Republican Senator

Belgium will deny entry to Israeli settlers from the occupied West Bank involved in violence against Palestinians

Here's the snow, right on cue

Mog's Christmas Calamity

Updated Jan. 6 stats from (Garland's) DOJ

Israel to open Kerem Shalom Crossing with Gaza for first time in war

WSJ raises alarm at publicity-seeking GOP 'loudmouths' pushing out 'smart conservatives'

The Roads to Aid and Foreign Policy Dynamics - The Roads with Beau

Gaza experiencing "alarming levels" of hunger, UN agency warns

'Washington Post' journalists stage daylong strike under threat of job cuts

Is there a way to see who recs replies

America's sick and tired of politics

Fool To Cry

I'VE GOT BIDEN'S "DAISY" AD - AND trump IS DISQUALIFIED - 12.7.23 Countdown

Colin Newman - Alone on Piano + Alone

Is there a way to see how many posts I or others have made?

Who's making Christmas cookies?

Why voters aren't more worried about Trump's return: It sure doesn't look like he's running

Special election to replace former congressman George Santos set for February 2024

Bridge of Sighs

Japan pledges $4.5B more in aid for Ukraine, including $1B in humanitarian funds

Want To Know Why Magats Control The MSM Narratives

Taylor Swift Says Feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Felt Like 'Career Death': 'I Went Down Really, Really Hard'

Thursday TOONs (Dec. 7th)

The whitest of white privilege

Biden makes an important statement about drug companies

Patriots-Steelers over-under is 30, lowest total in the NFL in decades

How Michigan became the progressive powerhouse of the Midwest

Fatah in freefall as Hamas and Israel wage war

Skar and Trump...The same? The phone lines are open.

'Dear GOP: You'll Never Wash the Stink of Trump Off You or Your Party. Never.' Thom Hartmann

Starbucks' slumping sales

Rights groups say Israeli strikes on journalists in Lebanon were likely deliberate

Psychologists Can't Meet Growing Demand For Mental Health Care, Long Waitlists: NPR

Democratic support for Biden ticks up on handling of Israel-Hamas war, AP-NORC poll says

Corporate Giants Say You Don't Mind Their Price Gouging. Do You? - Jim Hightower

posted with out comment dec 7th 1941""

Candidate for Santos former NY 3rd seat - man convicted on Jan.6 riots had "no idea" Congress met in the Capitol

An adversarial iMessage client for Android - Cory Doctorow

In case you missed this (I did) : What The Numbers Now Tell About Biden's Economy -Joe Conason

Dan Pfeiffer: How to talk about Trump's Dictator Remark

Famous last words from a failure politician!

The theme of this public school marching band's halftime show? A Christian Tent Revival.

Glenn Kirschner talks Trump vowing to be a dictator on "Day one," Trump's crimes and more

Las Vegas shooter identified

Can we stop and think about how truly objectively weird this Republican primary is?

This is how you walk the walk

I see posts all the time on Facebook showing how expensive gas is.

Israel and the US are at odds over conflicting visions for postwar Gaza

Jill Biden timed for election night corrected birthdate

On this day, December 7, 1941, the refurbished, streamlined Empire State Express made its first run.

'Hardball?' Dems 'need to be prepared' after McCarthy exit urges top political scholar

Do Tr**p Loyalists & MAGA's Think Tr**p's Autocratic Governing Won't Affect Them If He Wins?.....

On this day, December 7, 1946, 119 people died in Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel fire.

"Three times is excessive": Ex-judges slam Trump lawyers for "petty" requests

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh Fiercely Defended Workers' Rights. There's an Ulterior Motive.

Marsha Blackburn's Congressional district (TN 7th) when she was elected 2002

I dunno ...

On this day, December 7, 1960, Kirk Douglas attended the London premiere of "Spartacus."

With The Media Banned, Mike Johnson Thought It Was Safe To Compare Himself To Moses. He Was Wrong.

A War on Blue America

Just had a very vulgar and rude call from a Florida Man. The phone rang, Checked to see if it was spam. It said

Virginia Man's Explosive End Shrouded in Conspiracy and Conflict

James Hansen, et al: "A Miracle Will Occur" Is Not Sensible Climate Policy

For fans of dark comedies: "Middle Man."

Congratulations, DUers living along 40 degrees north latitude. You are now having the earliest sunsets of the year.

Vulgar police training conference taught N.J. cops to violate the law, watchdog says

North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer's son in police chase that ends in deputy's death

Dear GOP: You'll Never Wash the Stink of Trump Off You or Your Party. Never.

Just a question: how come the post counter seems to get stuck?j

Judge Luttig's interview w CO Public Radio re: yesterday's appeal to CO SC re: Article 14 and Trump

Dark-o-matic - Rather Be

Texas judge grants pregnant woman permission to get an abortion despite state's ban

shortest day of the year coming up dec 21st , also , the day of my late moms passing . miss u mom.

if you have horses, like time travel, antiques, poke me.

Whittier Alaska - almost the whole town (272) lives in one building

US files war crime charges against Russians accused of torturing an American in the Ukraine invasion

Texas judge allows Kate Cox to abort fetus with lethal abnormality

Putin's Pals Think the GOP Just Won Them the War in Ukraine

Trump Shared Post with Article Saying Trump Dictatorship Is 'Increasingly Inevitable'

Yesterday's Colorado Supreme Court Hearing on disqualifying Trump from the ballot

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 7, 2023)

more monkeys

Look at what goofy Lara Trump says about Biden

United Nations bemoans struggles to fund peacekeeping as nations demand withdrawal of missions

been watching movies like the road to bali and the , the , the original 1954 godzilla (gojira san) japanese version.

Angry puppy's heartwarming transformation from snappy to happy

The roots of Trump's megalomania: "Public humiliation" pushed him "into a delusional state of mind"

California cafe staff seen barring Jewish woman from bathroom where she wanted to film anti-Israel graffiti

Jobless claims inch up to 220,000, layoffs still low

Christie: (As a convicted felon) Donald Trump will not be able to vote on Election Day 2024.

Texas judge grants pregnant woman's request to get an abortion

Hey! There are WAAAAY too many accustions of anti-semitism here. Is Sen. Bernie Sanders an anti-Semite?

People Find Terrified Puppy Under Bridge

Democratic votes to Censure Jamaal Bowman

House censures New York Democrat Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm

Mom expected to file lawsuit against Aldine ISD after she says 6-year-old son was sexually assaulted

Eric Swalwell Epically Takes Down Trump! Kayleigh McEnany Had a Ridiculous Response Back!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 7, 2023

Life ...

This is my 50,000 post on DU.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UN applying pressure....

December 7th 1941: my christening day and BTW Pearl Harbor Day

AI circa 1997

Actors Recorded Videos for 'Vladimir.' It Turned Into Russian Propaganda.

🎄"War Pigs" by Black Sabbath matches perfectly with the lyrics to "Deck the Halls"

Mortgage Rates in US Fall for Sixth Week, Dropping Closer to 7%

"Terrorized": Gaza Poet Mosab Abu Toha on Being Stripped, Jailed & Beaten by Israeli Forces

South Korea Fires Up Its 28th Nuclear Reactor.

Kan. disciplinary panel dismisses complaint against judge who authorized newspaper raid

Kevin McCarthy Can't Even Ride Into the Sunset Correctly - Luckovich Cartoon

Prosecutor on Republican Speaker committing a crime - Brian Tyler Cohen

Virginia Lands Major Federal Infusion To Relieve Rail Bottleneck Over Potomac

Family of judge killed in Phoenix crash suing Grubhub for wrongful death

"Cabal of Oil Producers": Climate Scientist Kevin Anderson Slams Corporate Capture of COP28

Trump appeals judge's ruling rejecting his claim of immunity in federal election subversion case

IDF says Hamas firing rockets from Gaza safe zones as civilian scramble for shelter

Nuclear Energy Update - From Lauren's Blog

Dec 7th Pearl Harbor Tribute

US figure skater Ilia Malinin lands quad axel to take lead at Grand Prix Finals

Fever Ray - Kandy (I. JORDAN Remix) (Official Audio) just dropped from Sweden with 💛💙

New Georgia congressional map approved, preserving Republican power

"Green Colonialism": Nigerian Climate Activist Nnimmo Bassey Says Africa Is Being Sold Out at COP28

New research undercuts Republican views of racism

Chag Samaach Everyone! Here's some Debbie Friedman

Nuns buy Smith & Wesson shares, then sue to stop production of AR-style rifles

Revealed: how top pop stars are used to 'launder the reputation' of Koch family

Most Extensive Real-World Study on HIV Prevention Drug PrEP: The Results Are in

DU Christmas Jeopardy 2 I'll read a statement. You must use a question to answer, Welcome loungers and good luck.

With McCarthy's exit, Bakersfield residents reflect on the end of an era

David Graham: Trump Will Follow Through With His Threats

Tiedrich rant: good fucking riddance to Kevin Fucking McCarthy

Using IPhone, DU isn't "tethered"

"If Trump was a crook, he'd be a better one"

GOP Lawmaker's Nastiness Comes Back To Bite Her - Rebel HQ

On this day, December 7, 2021, Steve Bronski died.

Mom visits school to see her 4-year-old in isolation, and can't get answers

Free to union members...In These Times magazine

Trump back in court as accounting expert testifies - CNN

The Conservative Justices Will Believe Any Story They Want to Hear

Russell Crowe, Rami Malek and Michael Shannon to Star in Nazi Drama 'Nuremberg'

Donald Trump's Repeated Attacks on Mother and Daughter Could Be His Undoing

Your call is very important to us..

Per axios, Melania wants Tucker Carlson for VP:

The kidcats got an early Christmas gift, this morning

Republicans Float New Conspiracy Theory Amid McCarthy Retirement

Senator's son leads police car chase, ending with one officer killed. Charges pending.

Over a dozen rescues in Snohomish County after record flooding on Stilly

Fox News Liberal Shreds Republicans as They Promise Next Impeachment Steps - Pondering Politics

Democracy survived Nixon; Trump is a greater threat

Last Month's Touchscreen Voting Debacle in Northampton County, PA a Dire Warning for 2024

Putin Fires Warning Shot at NATO Country

Al Gore on Fossil Fuels at COP28: World Has 'Run Out of Patience For These Kind of Games'

I've noticed that the Greatest Page posts don't display the minimum 5 recs -- have you raised the minimum number?

The Surprise Bill Coming to Those Who Underpay Their Taxes

English's Model Railroad Supply to close after 77 years

Venezuela To Annex 70% Guyana's Territory? - Good Times Bad Times

Revelation: A Tale of Two Heavens

Dear GOP: You'll Never Get The Stink of Trump Off You or Your Party. Never.

McCarthy's Exit May Create Even More Headaches for the Tiny G.O.P. Majority

Sanders: 'Absolutely irresponsible' to give Israel unconditional aid

A Playlist for Hanukkah

Republican-majority US House take step toward vote on Biden impeachment inquiry

First Hamas fighters raped her. Then they shot her in the head - graphic

Fiddler on the Roof on TCM Saturday afternoon. (Will check time later.)

Trump fake electors buckle in Wisconsin, get charged in Nevada

After skipping GOP debate, Donald Trump shows up at N.Y. fraud trial

Chag sameach!!!

Trump Campaign 'Encouraged Rioting' After 2020 Election, DOJ Plans To Argue At Election Trial

Prescription for disaster: America's broken pharmacy system in revolt over burnout and errors

So, you're telling me....

J Street says it'll withdraw support for IDF's Gaza op without 'meaningful changes'

Ex-Police Chief (and yoga instructor) Hostetter sentenced to 135 months for Jan. 6th

Accounts of Sexual Violence by Hamas Are Aired Amid Criticism of U.N. - NYT (Graphic)

John Dougherty found guilty of nearly all charges in union embezzlement trial, his 2nd federal conviction

Footage reveals surprise thief in Marana trail camera caper

The ingroup love and outgroup hate of Christian Nationalism

So Long, Ron - The Lincoln Project


Ozzy Osbourne's making headlines for saying he'd consider using an AI copy of Randy Rhoads' playing

Haven't seen anything anywhere about Pearl Harbor today.

Prairie Dogs Carry the Bubonic Plague? What?! - Lovett or Leave It

for information, What is the meaning of Semitics?

A Prayer for Each Night of Hanukkah: First Night

'Life under Hamas is like under ISIS,' says Syria-born journalist deported from Gaza

Rep. Ken Buck: Biden admin. 'putting its heels in the ground' on border funding, could 'give' more - MSNBC Reports

Snow Cat

Latest DU4 status update

New hairstyle, Motherfucker?

Civil Rights Undone

Vice President Vivek Ramaswamy?- Steve Schmidt

BIL who molested me as a preteen/teen is dying

Trouble opting out of jury duty

If I Must Die, Let It Be A Tale. Prof Refaat al-Areer, Poet, Teacher, Father, Writer & Voice from Gaza - killed today

Adults can now legally possess and grow marijuana in Ohio - but there's nowhere to buy it

I fear Santorum was ahead of time

Far-right march in Jerusalem appears to be cancelled

Assaf Harel on apartheid, 2017

My vote for "Person of the Year" is GI JOE BIDEN WITH THE KUNG-FU GRIP

Biden calls reports of Hamas' sexual violence against Israeli women 'appalling'

Peak Autumn Color in a Cypress/Tupelo Swamp

My daughter's visiting over X-mas with her 2 cats

For my fellow Jews who, like I, long for a ceasefire and are wondering how to celebrate Chanukah . . . Day 1

Looking for a good X-Mas movie?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rudy in Georgia....

Russia tricks US actors into appearing in propaganda videos

Centenarian survivors of Pearl Harbor attack are returning to honor those who perished 82 years ago

Melissa Manchester - Midnight Blue (1975)

Southern MD sunset 11/7


Some humor from the 80s and 90s

The Pro-Dictator Vote

Virginia proposes adding 12 plants, including kudzu, to noxious weeds list

Matsuda Seiko - Anata ni aitakute (lyrics) あなたに逢いたくて

Attorney General Ken Paxton Responds to Travis County TRO (allowing a woman to obtain an abortion in Texas)

PM Update: Seasonably chilled tonight and turning warmer Friday.

Biden administration asserts power to seize drug patents in move to slash high prices

The N.H. Democratic Primary

Shots fired at a Synagogue in Albany. Nobody hurt.

Elon Musk demands Bob Iger 'be fired' after Disney pulled ads from X

Now that we have a flag for twitterings in OPs, can we have a filter?

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - Drivin' (1980)

Putin's Pals Think the GOP Just Won Them the War in Ukraine

Heart - "Barracuda" (1977)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #15-15: I'm Not Going To Woke Disneyland Edition

The Inflation Disconnect

MAGA Legislator Plans To Make Stealing Elections Legal - Rebel HQ

The Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaiʻi - PBS Version (60 min)

Here is the statement from the TX AG Paxton just discussed on Deadline White House

The Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaiʻi - PBS Version (60 min)

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 7, 2023

Statement from TX AG Paxton on abortion ruling on mother seeking medically necessary abortion

Video Shows Putin Get Very Different Greeting Compared With Top NATO Leader

" My favorite bit is where his lawyers say they'll assume everything is stayed unless they hear back to the contrary. "

House Ethics Committee requests interview with witness in Gaetz probe

Negotiations on Border Deal May Extend Into Weekend

'A dark chapter in our history': 'Fellow Travelers' begins in McCarthy era - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Living This

The Guardian: Visualised: how all of G20 is missing climate goals -- but some nations are closer than others

Let Us Tell You A Story How Jewish people built the American theater as we know it.

What a shocker. Suddenly Republicans are all saying Cheney and Bush were warmongers

DOJ Official Makes Jim Jordan Look Dumber Than Usual During Hilarious House Hearing - Ring of Fire

Facebook and Instagram Steer Predators to Children, New Mexico Attorney General Alleges in Lawsuit

Republican voters don't care what the Party Leadership

Severe Tropical Cyclone

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (Official Music Video) [HD Remaster]

New York Democrats pick Tom Suozzi as their candidate for George Santos' seat

Secretary Blinken meets with human rights leaders at the Department of State

Woman adopts black pit bull because no one else would

Elon's X letting Alex Jones back in.

Juanita Castro, anti-communist sister of Cuban leaders Fidel and Raul, dies in Miami at 90

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Bannon Calls Hannity Idiot for Dictator Question

The Who -The Punk And The Godfather

Blinken notes 'gap' between Israel's intention to protect Gaza civilians and 'actual results'

Photo targeting Ilhan Omar predates US congresswoman's birth

Democrat Snaps, Gives Marjorie Taylor Greene What She Deserves! - Luke Beasley

United Arab Emirates has asked for UNSC to vote tomorrow on draft resolution that demands an immediate ceasefire

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 8 December 2023

So, Who Are The Fake Electors?

Taliban causing 'irreversible damage' to whole education system in Afghanistan

Happy Hanukkah

Jews wandered for 40 years after walking on the parted Red Sea floor

Have they created any better games than Skyrim yet?

Just a very minor glitch,

Nebraska state employees union continues fight against return-to-office order

Washington Post strike today - Don't cross the picket line--no engaging with any Post content today,

Seth Meyers - George Santos Sings His Favorite Taylor Swift Song in Cameo Video - Monologue 12/06/2023

Trump's 'dictator' remark puts 2024 campaign right where Biden wants it

Happy Chanukkah to those who observe

Telling the Truth - The Lincoln Project

Why Is It a Surprise That America Is Gloomy After a Devastating Pandemic?

Kevin McCarthy uses PAC to lavish cash on high-end resorts, private jets and fine dining

Picasso's Guernica: Great Art Explained

WISH y'all could see this pic!

Safety of Peru's land defenders in question after killing of Indigenous leader in the Amazon

Man fires shotgun outside Jewish temple in upstate New York as Hanukkah begins, no one injured

'Hostages are not the priority': Netanyahu faces criticism on stalled negotiations - MSNBC Reports

Colorado 14th amendment court hearing, an intriguing possibility

Fetterman Says Israel Must Be Able to Destroy Hamas

I'd like to see a Biden vs Trump naturalization test challenge. The test papers and pen and no help from

Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Seal - "House Of The Rising Sun"

A Jan. 6 rioter praised Vivek Ramaswamy at his sentencing for suggesting riot was an 'inside job'

Albany Police: Man fired gun outside Temple Israel, told officers 'Free Palestine'

Remembering Pearl Harbor on 82nd anniversary of attack - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) calls on the US to withdraw from the United Nations

How do you add a post to your journal? The check box for 'Add to journal' does not show

RFK Jr. admits he twice flew on Jeffrey Epstein's jet, late wife had 'relationship' with Ghislaine Maxwell

OMG! AG Ken Paxton threatening health professionals with 1st degree felong if help Tx women with abortion.......

Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) funeral cortege to pass through Dublin streets on final farewell

U.S. Rep. Kathy Manning won't seek reelection after NC district redrawn to favor GOP

Penn loses $100 million donation over antisemitism hearing