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Trump J6 co-conspirators get CRUSHING NEWS in ANOTHER state - Talking Feds

US Muslim leader: I was happy to see Gazans breaking the siege on Oct. 7

Henderson agrees to extend Utah ballot access deadline to March 5 after RFK Jr. lawsuit

Hey Bulldog (Beatle cover) by Fanny 1971 Live

Trump Fascist Regime

Trump tells supporters, 'Guard the vote.' Here's the phrase's backstory and why it's raising concern

Police identify UNLV gunman as Anthony Polito - MSNBC Reports (2 videos)

"You Need Help" Ashli Babbit's Mom Angrily Confronts Convicted MAGA Rioter - Waldorf Nation

Burton Cummings - Stand Tall

The holiday of Chanuka is about awareness and light...

The Guardian: We need power to prescribe climate policy, IPCC scientists say

White House Condemns CAIR Leader's 'Shocking' Comments About Being 'Happy' About Oct. 7 Attack

Colorado Supreme Court to decide if Trump is DISQUALIFIED from holding office under 14th Amendment - Glenn Kirschner


The Daily Show: Just be normal, Ron. You got this.

Sanctuary Life - ElephantNews

Texas judge grants order allowing woman's emergency abortion - MSNBC Reports

Post some art or literature or music for idiots who want to become dictators


J6 - Former police chief sentenced to 11 years in prison for bringing weapons, tactical gear to Capitol riot

"Trump Will be Convicted Before the Election!" - Allison Gill

Mississippi Murder Mystery: Inside the Case Involving Extradited Locals

current conditions of sonora ca.

'All in pursuit of a silver medal' - GOP primary candidates continue their race for second place - Deadline - MSNBC

US labor market steadily slowing; wholesale inventories revised down

Another Repug in the WH, especially with a GOP Congress, is scary. But who is the LEAST dangerous GOP candidate?

Doug Emhoff: To celebrate Hanukkah this year, we were loaned a few special menorahs to commemorate this holiday...

Another Bit Of Trivia

Donald Trump lashes out at Attorney General Letitia James in courtroom meltdown - Deadline - MSNBC

First on CNN: Federal prosecutors file new criminal case against Hunter Biden

First on CNN: Federal prosecutors file new criminal case against Hunter Biden

Liz Cheney Waffles on Presidential Ambitions

A new normal in a Post-Roe America, judge grants woman permission to get an abortion in Texas - Deadline - MSNBC

NH Republicans bring forward a 15-day abortion ban

Trump DISQUALIFICATION case reaches PIVOTAL MOMENT in Colorado Supreme Court - Talking Feds

Kevin McCarthy: "When you look at the Democrats, they actually look like America.

IRS rejects thousands of Covid-19 relief applications as it ramps up fraud efforts

Nevada gunman sent 22 letters laced with white powder to staff at universities across the country that rejected him

Tom Suozzi is in the same situation as Jane Harman -CA.

Ospreys had safety issues long before they were grounded. A look at the aircraft's history

What we know about rape and sexual violence inflicted by Hamas during its terror attack on Israel

White House open to new asylum limits for Ukraine aid, source says

The 14th Amendment and Speaker Johnson

Is anyone else already having anxiety attacks

'He is hated': House Republicans secretly consider expelling Matt Gaetz after booting George Santos

Coup admission: Trump's new 'dictator' talk with Hannity may boomerang in Jack Smith trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Kevin McCarthy quits Congress. It's poetic justice for the Trump apologist

'Sicilienne' for violin and piano

Over $239 million worth of cocaine, including from a narco-submarine, seized in Pacific last month

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a totally surprising blurred footage development....

Trump allies get the news they've been dreading - Brian Tyler Cohen

House Dem Takes Down Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Pathetic' Chamber Floor Lecture

Goodwill Sacramento's ex-CEO indicted. Prosecutors allege he siphoned over $1M from charity

Trump's Proposed Cabinet Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Trump lawyer arguing before disqualification court judges about whether Jan. 6 was an insurrection

GOP bravery

MAGA Republican Suffers Ultimate Humiliation, Obliterated To His Face! - Luke Beasley

This just in: Hunter Biden indicted by a federal grand jury in California

Loverboy - Lovin' every minute of it

BREAKING: Hunter Biden faces new criminal tax charges - All In - MSNBC

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Jack Smith SERVES Trump the Most DEVASTATING Filing Yet - Meidas Touch

Hong Kong's Legendary Late Night Dim Sum Spot Street Food Tour with Lucas Sin Bon Apptit

Trump Lawyer Argues: 'It's Not An Insurrection Unless It Lasts More Than 3 Hours' - Waldorf Nation

This guy is good.

MAGA Legislator Accidentally ADMITS Trump's A Criminal

'They quietly did their job': Chris Hayes on the truth about Biden's economic recovery - All In - MSNBC

A survey of 250 students in the US who sympathise with the phrase "From the river to the sea" showed that:

Child Labor EPIDEMIC Sweeps The Nation

Poll shows political, age divides on Israel-Palestinian conflict in California

EarlG...saw the announcement earlier. On and off the tablet and all was well. Aa little after 9 pm

One Day in the Coldest Village on Earth −71C (−95F) Yakutia, Siberia

Giuliani a no-show at election defamation pretrial hearing

Sen. Whitehouse on Coastal Habitat Restoration in an EPW Committee Hearing - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Brief Recap of the Shit Show. The Lincoln Project

Washington flooding: Floodwaters remain high in north Puget Sound

Sooo...this would NEVER happen, but why?

Henri Tomasi

Amazon's internal plans to advance its interests in California are laid bare in leaked memo

Dear GOP: You'll Never Wash the Stink of Trump Off You or Your Party. Never - Thom Hartmann

Wharton board calls on Penn president Liz Magill to resign

Liz Cheney's 'Oath and Honor' spotlights dangers of a potential 2nd Trump presidency - PBS NewsHour

1995 Discussion Between Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, and Steven Ambrose.

Woman arrested for pouring gasoline, trying to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth home

Latest original song called My New Car


NY lawmakers condemn firing of shots outside Albany synagogue

A deluge of violent messages: How a surge in threats to public officials could disrupt American democracy

The Security Service of Ukraine's Advent calendar - Break the Fake - TVP World

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Nicene Creed

reporting aboard

Snoqualmie Pass closed due to crashes, spinouts

Is Orban Truly an Ally of Putin? On the Edge - UATV English

'Hypocritical much?': Joy on anti-LGBTQ org. co-founder Bridget Ziegler admitting to sex with woman - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Biden administration determined that it has the authority to seize the patents of certain high-priced medicines

Have the pro Hamas protests on campuses finally ended or is the media

Homemade Crispy Springrolls Recipe (video)

Judd Legum: Bridget Ziegler hoped for 'woke audit' of PA school district by right-wing consultant - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Rachel Maddow interview with Liz Cheney scores over 3 Million viewers, wallops Sean Hannity.

A new 66 million-year history of carbon dioxide offers little comfort for today (we're screwed)

Why the EU Wants to Restart Cyprus Negotiations - TLDR News EU

For American Jews, a 'Delicate Dance' of How Visible to Be in a Time of War

"Ukraine's Daring $750 Billion Strategy for Retribution" - Info Flow

Emhoff says 3 college presidents showed a 'lack of moral clarity' on antisemitism

'Dangerous': Vivek Ramaswamy slammed for 'great replacement' theory remark by former GOP congressman - The ReidOut

Do you think money or a good gift is a better Holiday present? Why?

How NFL Owners Injure Their Own Players - More Perfect Union

Trump FLIPS OUT during Break at Fraud Trial as His Experts Witness BOMBS - Meidas Touch

Reconstruction Didn't Fail, It Was Sabotaged Kidada E. Williams TMR

Day 341 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 567. Dead: 685. Wounded: 2,294.

Kimmel: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks George Santos on Cameo, Trump Wants "Loyalists" Only & the Chanucorn Returns!

For those keeping score at home: Day 7 of the month. Mass Shootings* SO FAR: 9.

Putin's One-Man Show - Eastern Express - TVP World

NY-03: New York Democrats pick former Rep. Tom Suozzi to run for George Santos's seat

48 years ago this month the album released

Manning (D) decides not to run again in North Carolina

Georgia lawmakers approve redrawn congressional districts

Lawrence O'Donnell: Appeals courts don't know how to handle Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

USA vs Saudi Oil War Would Destroy Russia

I don't know if this video has been ever posted here on DU, but, in my opinion, this has to be one of the best videos

Nobody doesn't like a bassoon. 🤭

Kids filmed dad beating mom then called cops. Dad sentenced to 4 yrs in prison

Oklahoma judicial nominee advances toward U.S. Senate confirmation, overcoming GOP opposition

Michigan Supreme Court hears arguments about changing minimum wage

Would the Mueller Report Have Stopped Russia w/ Phil Ittner? - Thom Hartmann

Listeria Outbreak Triggers Fruit Recall.

Fox News Viewers 'Extremely Disappointed' with Trump's Town Hall - Rebel HQ

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'A great teacher inspires' - The Last Word - MSNBC

NC: Voting rights groups find new photo ID law caused trouble for voters and county officials

Controversial elsewhere, AP African American Studies widely popular in Michigan

Video - Judge grants Texas woman's request for an abortion despite state ban

Michigan GOP, on 'the brink of bankruptcy,' broke campaign finance laws, report alleges

Texas claims in filings that challenges to 2023 election are invalid, results are final

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a question on Ukrainian aid....

Met Office: 2024: First chance of 1.5 C year

NYC: Possible 2025 challengers emerge as Mayor Adams continues to be dogged by controversies

Heartbreaking - journalist loses entire family

How Trump could use loopholes to make sure no 'grown-ups in the room' get in his way - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump prosecution becomes race against 2024 election schedule; Courthouse becomes political prop - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Judge allows woman imperiled by pregnancy temporary relief from Texas abortion ban - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Cold War 2.0: Countries Freezing Russian Assets! - The Gaze

Violin/piano selections and one flute piece

Six shootings on Western Washington highways in a single night FOX 13 Seattle

Trump Crushed: Rachel Maddow And Liz Cheney Draw As Many Viewers As Hannity Town Hall

Woman and newborn in Gaza displaced as Israel-Hamas war continues - NBC News

07 Dec: No need for invitation! Ukrainians attack first! - Reporting from Ukraine

Poll on election to replace Diane Feinstein

Kimmel: ATARASHII GAKKO! - Tokyo Calling

Adam Sandler with his special holiday song...

Emeritus Professor at Bristol University Calls to 'Blow Up' Jewish conference

Biden says he's willing to make compromises on the border for Ukraine aid - ABC News

'It ought to be illegal' for companies to mass boycott advertising on X: South Carolina Treasurer - CNBC Television

Seth Meyers - Trump Returns to Court for Fraud Trial Amid Fallout Over "Dictator" Comment: A Closer Look

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy - Recessional/Dismissal Chant

Italy pulls out of China's Belt and Road Initiative - DW News

Charges filed against Hunter Biden as Trump goes back to court - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Judge grants Texas woman's request for an abortion despite state ban - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

☦️ 'The Great Prokimenon', Greek Orthodox Melodic Version by *Ncense

Texas Judge Grants Woman Life Saving Abortion & Rebukes Ken Paxton - Rodecast

'She kept her optimism': Granddaughter of Israeli woman released by Hamas speaks out - MSNBC Reports

How Will Trump's Cabinet Picks Unleash Fascism On America? - Thom Hartmann

Breakfast Friday 8 December 2023

Breakfast Friday 8 December 2023

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, December 8, 2023

UNLV shooter/ professor spent most of his class lectures talking about Vegas

Pro-Kremlin Ukrainian politician Illia Kyva assassinated near Moscow: "Such a fate will befall other traitors of Ukraine

US embassy in Baghdad attacked with rockets, no casualties

The "Privacy & Transparency" cookies pop-up on every single DU screen has returned for me

Wordle 902 (Dec 8) ***SPOILERS***

Elon Musk asks Supreme Court to undo 'Twitter sitter' agreement with SEC

Imagine being in the studio

Is there a way to make it so videos do not show up in Latest Discussions

Marvelous performance.

Trump's Threats COME BACK TO HAUNT HIM as Prosecutors Lay It All Out - Meidas Touch

Senator Kevin Cramer & ReTHUGs on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues

John, come back . . . .

November jobs report to test soft landing narrative

So-Called "Child Welfare" Tears Families Apart. How Can We Repair This Harm?

Shiny Happy People - REM w/Kate Pearson

Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend

First time I saw this performance I was in tears.

Opinion: College presidents reveal three surprise truths about free speech and antisemitism

Counting the Days - Collective Soul w/Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

Man federally charged after firing shots outside New York synagogue, officials say

Steve Winwood - Valerie


Ultimate Betrayal! Chechens Ambushed Russians in Belgorod. Ukraine Targets Putin - The Russian Dude

On this day, December 8, 1941, Roosevelt addressed Congress and asked it to declare war on Japan.

Holiday Feast

Do cars still backfire, or is that a thing of the past?

On this day, December 8, 1940, the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0.

Kings of Leon

Neil Young - I'm the Ocean (official Audio)

"Amaterasu" particle: a new cosmic mystery

Sen. J.D. Vance demands Justice Department investigate Trump-critical Washington Post editorial

Republicans hate women

On this day, December 8, 1963, Pan Am flight 214 crashed after being struck by lightning.

Native Hawaiians fighting to take control of Maui's water rights amid wildfire cleanup

On this day, December 8, 1915, Ernest Lehman, who wrote the screenplay for "North by Northwest," was born.

Forget the General Election in 2024. What if Trump is denied the nomination?

On this day, December 8, 1950, Dan Hartman was born.

Sing a song and sail along the silver sky...

Kenneth Chesebro Cooperating in Four State Probes

Opinion: How an Ohio senator's stunt proves the Trump dictatorship theory

Blinken says gap remains between Israel's intent to protect civilians and results

The assassination of John Lennon, December 8, 1980

Doodle: Rescue(d) Cat

Would you be in favor of a total removal of the 2nd Ammendment of the Constitution of the United States?

Mike Johnson's Science Tutor

10 Best Image Comics Heroes, Ranked

Top DC Characters 3-1

Comixology was never going to save comics, but it tried

The Rundown: December 8, 2023

Sean McDermott apologizes for referencing 9/11 hijackers in team meeting 4 years ago

The origin of Super Villians: Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)


John Lennon - Imagine


Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: 'Think about the Palestinians'

Friday TOONs

U.S. payrolls rose 199,000 in November, unemployment rate falls to 3.7%

Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes about to wrap up...

Biden economy adds 199,000 jobs in November, Unemployment falls to 3.7%

Paul Thorn - Where Was I

You raised $10.00 on December 7, 2023 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Leaf of Fall

You raised $10.00 on December 7, 2023 DU for Ukraine

Trailer to the Rob Reiner/Dan Partland film "God and Country"

House blowing up in Arlington VA. Thread

I understand that Hunter Biden did some things that were very wrong, but the GOBers are trying to get their revenge.....

First snow of the season

Yesterday the wife and I received our 2024 Social Security payment notice. The Medicare witholding is $174.00

On This Day: U.S. set to export 25 tons of highly enriched uranium to 30 countries - Dec. 8, 1953

More than 140 caregivers for elderly awarded $5.5 million after being paid $2 an hour

"Trump's fantasy of infallibility" has been destroyed: "Narcissistic injury" made him more dangerous

Grief never goes away.

Carys really likes the soft bed at the top of the new cat tree

Protests expected during Biden visit, prompting LAPD warning: 'Violence will not be tolerated'

On this day, December 8, 1972, United Airlines Flight 553 crashed on approach to Midway.

Exclusive: Pro-Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro cooperating in multiple state probes into 2020 fake electors plot

So this is how it started.

Vladimir Putin Announces 2024 Re-Election Bid

Kevin McCarthy Is Fleeing the Dumpster Fire. And He's Not the Only One.

In Memoriam: John Lennon

Will McCarthy vote to impeach Biden?

Historic Ruling: A Texas Judge Just Granted a Woman's Petition to Abort for Medical Reasons


Former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger says 'If Trump is nominated, I'll vote for Biden'

Steely Dan - Do it again (with lyrics) Restored video

MTG's book continues to tank bigly.

Boogie Chillin

#Finnish Music 💙 Today, we celebrate Finnish music - and there is no better way to do so than by

The Enablers, Devangelicals, Media, and the 1% backing Trump

Christian Nationalism is not only a danger to our Country, it's a danger to Christianity itself.

Jimmy Smith was born on this date.

Jim Morrison was born on this date.

Thinking of my son in laws and old man this morning two tour Vietnam vet.

Greg Allman was born on this date.

Hidden Cameras, GPS Data, and License Plate Readers: How the USPIS Tracks Down Mail Thieves

United Nations - LIVE

current conditions for sonora ca de 8th 2023

4 Accused Of Planning Gay Man's Death, Sending Photos Of Body To His Family

On this day, December 8, 2020, Trump was still announcing appointments.

Something happened to the formatting, I don't get the full menu anymore and so forth

Weekly Skews - 12/05/23 - (Don't) RIP Kissinger

That moment.....😆

DU on my iPhone formatting messed up

UAW Endorses Cease-Fire, the Largest U.S. Union to Call for an Immediate End to the Violence

Shinedown - Second Chance

SantaCon raises money for charity. They've spent a lot on crypto and Burning Man.

Seether - Remedy

Alice in Chains - Voices

Here is the ACLU's official statement on the current college campus free speech debate.

Building a Mystery - Sarah McLachlan

Warming is a huge plot, and only the skeptical few know the Truth.

'The Cake Is Baked': GOP Senators Believe Trump Is A Lock For 2024 Nomination

Teen with rare disease seeks help to pay for surgery

Satta Massagana

On this day, December 8, 1925, singer, dancer, actor Sammy Davis Jr. was born.

Dems announce Former Congressman Tom Suozzi as candidate for Santos seat

New York Palestinian Restaurant Gets Support From Jewish Customers

So, I'm 75 and I was having a bit of a problem pulling the right word from my aging brain

I Should Have Known Better - The Beatles

Vandals strike Montgomery Co. synagogue's menorah just before 1st day of Hanukkah

UN discusses ceasefire - but all depends on US veto power

The IOC confirms Russian athletes can compete at Paris Olympics with approved neutral status

Tiedrich rant: a woman shouldn't have to beg a judge's permission to have healthcare

Fox seems to have a sad over the economy news.

Lewis Black's rant hammer hits many good nails.

Missouri Republicans propose bills to allow murder charges for women who get abortions

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: 'Think about the Palestinians'

(Trump-pardoned rapper) Kodak Black arrested on cocaine charges in Florida

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 8, 2023)

Texas AG Paxton threatens to prosecute doctors in emergency abortion

A Military Loyal to Trump

Democracy and Abortion are the keys to the 2024 election

Light No Fire

Foreign Affairs: Israel's Failed Bombing Campaign in Gaza

Texas GOP Sues Its Lawyer Over Embarrassing Failed Election Challenges

Pink posted a Chanukah greeting on her instagram

A watercolor based on "Detectorists".

US police agencies took intelligence directly from IDF, leaked files show

The Texas Historical Commission Removed Books on Slavery From Plantation Gift Shops

Please note that this is a video but I think is applicable

US police agencies took intelligence directly from IDF, leaked files show

"Jonathan Karl: Donald Trump and the End of the GOP" with Jonathan Swan

MSF: The Security Council must end its complicity in the ongoing carnage

Inside Trump's Plot To Corrupt the 2024 Election With 'Garbage' Data

A protest against a top Israel-born chef was called antisemitic. Staff tell a different story

The House is getting ready to impeach Joe Biden, but they can't tell us why.

Breaking: Three days after Kate Cox in TX asked a judge to allow her to get an abortion, a second woman in KY is asking

A Gigantic Hole Just Opened Up in the Sun

Day 2 Prayer - For my fellow Jews who, like I, long for a ceasefire and are wondering how to celebrate Chanukah

Divers Found Cargo That Might Just Lead to a 'Mind-Blowing' Neolithic Shipwreck

Half-asleep bears are wandering around Siberia because it's too hot to hibernate

YAY, I'm free from jury duty!

Ok, so, I'm just going to throw this out there...

Spain - Hundreds of people formed a human mosaic in support of Palestine in the town of Guernica

Bankrupt Alex Jones Tells Tucker Carlson: 'I'm Almost Obsolete'

It is a suprise to me that some many Americans have not grown beyond their childhood

Santa Claus is coming to

More dangerous Kochtopus shit -- laundering the capture of government though Stand Together Music

Scruffy Shelter Cat Turns Into A Little Lion

"The Finals" player base is exploding... Looks like a fun title

I expect much nasty blowback from this anti-DeSantis video, but I think most will realize it's hardly an exaggeration:

Toon found on Facebook

Republicans setting Biden up for failure on Ukraine and the border?

Self delete. Somehow got posted twice

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's new filing in DC....

Skunk Baxter 2022 SOLO ALBUM (Steely Dan, Doobies, James Brown)

First Medicine Using CRISPR Gene-Editing Gets the Go-Ahead

As long as politicians' sons being in trouble is in vogue these days...............

Carl Sagan didn't need a Magic 8 Ball.

2024 vote could bring electoral college distortions to the forefront

🎄looking for a gift? George Santos is on Cameo ($200)

If Nixon had gone to jail for just 1 day...

Height of Opioid Epidemic, Drug Co Execs Made Fun of West Virginians; SCt Purdue Sackler Case 12.23

MAGAt in the grocery line

Internet sleuths identify lost 'X-Files' song, solving 25-year mystery

Columbia students hold canceled 'teach-in' to publicly praise Hamas's Oct. 7 atrocities

Harvard president apologizes for remarks on antisemitism as pressure mounts on Penn's president

China's 'Reckoning' - We Need To Talk About China's Economy; Moody's China Pushback - China Update

President Biden Announces Billions to Deliver World-Class High-Speed Rail

Today's "plant from the Democrats" RW Conspiracy theory

Both Peter Doocy and Musk's A! bot Grok agree there is NO evidency Biden profited from Hunter business deals.......

"a christmas carol is the heartwarming tale of how rich people..."

Russia's Impatience Problem: Why the Gaza War Has Not Spiked Oil Prices - William Spaniel


UN Sec. General invokes Article 99 because of Israeli/Gaza situation.

Hunter Biden: Republicans are trying to 'kill me' to destroy father's presidency

Some words from Post re: Hunter Biden's alleged crimes . . .

Fed up Fox host humiliates Vivek Ramaswamy live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

DU Christmas Jeopardy 3 Answer the statement with a question.

More than 100 Gaza heritage sites have been damaged or destroyed by Israeli attacks

a helphul kink for y all

I'm having lunch in a bar overhearing a couple of Magats

Jim Jordan Gets Torched By Liz Cheney - Rebel HQ

Cartoons 12/8/2023

Everett council president backs down from ban on holding 2 offices

Automated traffic speed cameras get the green light in Mukilteo

'As the water recedes,' Snohomish County grapples with record flood

Quick thought about the SC

New Hampshire Court Ruling Underscores John Roberts's Empty Gerrymandering Promise

Republican Defies Judge, Tries to Force Woman to Keep Dangerous Pregnancy! - Pondering Politics

McCarthy delivers parting elbow to GOP's House majority

FDA approves gene-editing treatment for sickle cell disease

A nice blast from the past...what do you think? Did you know the Supremes growing up?

Throwing cliches at Trump to see what sticks

What a lovely and tremendous send-off for Shane MacGowan:

Supreme Court justices discuss whether to hear abortion pill showdown

Shut the fuck up Slobfather - breaking

Trevor Jacob gets six months for obstructing an investigation

Marjorie Traitor Greene Is Gunning for Mike Johnson

Hospital Workers Reveal What Song Was Playing When John Lennon Died.

A North American Train Odyssey (Part 4 of 4) Seattle to Chicago on Amtrak's "Empire Builder"

US university presidents face firestorm over 'evasive' answers on antisemitism

watched something i hadnt seen in a long time .

Mentors, Senate rebels and Trump officials: Meet Speaker Mike Johnson's inner circle

Appeals court upholds gag order on Trump in Washington case but narrows restrictions on his speech

Chip Roy has a challenger!!

Moby Pod - Moby sits down for a conversation with Hunter Biden

Fight over College Football Playoff spills into Senate

Ohio senator's stunt proves dictatorship theory (WaPo)

Hamass says it repelled Israeli rescue attempt in Gaza, hostage killed

Plan to release Jan. 6 surveillance footage changes again. Here's what we may really see

GOP Hardliners Threaten Speaker Johnson Over Ukraine Funding

How to stop displaying Milestones in Latest Discussions for DU4 ? n/t

Job numbers good

BREAKING: DC Circuit Court of Appeals UPHOLDS MOST of Judge Chutkan's limited gag order against Trump. The only differen

Patterns from the Nrnburg Xmas Mart

As a child what gift did you not want to get at Christmas? Was it underwear, socks, a winter clothing or boots or

here is something a friend taught me recently.

Cheney goes after Ramaswamy 'inside job' remarks

No evidence for Biden impeachment inquiry? No problem. The House GOP doesn't seem to care

'This is what the rule of law means.'

EXCLUSIVE: Two Stories of Sexual Violence at USC - Tragedies of Danger and Corruption in Los Angeles

HC Richardson has it right

The 70s man, wow. A funk rocker from Mama's Pride

Exclusive: State Dept asks Congress to approve sale of Israeli tank rounds amid growing rights concerns

Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff Mark Lamb repeats RW nonsense

UN Security Council members again meeting behind closed doors: AJ correspondent

Gaggle on the creek

Katy Tur interviewed Hunter Biden's attorney early part of program.

Remembering Refaat Alareer, Gaza Scholar & Activist Killed by Israeli Strike

FDA Approves cure for Sickle Cell Disease!

Vivek Ramaswamy Flirts with Third Party Bid


Consumer Fears Over Inflation Tumble

Phoenix police link gang member to second murder; victim lured through Snapchat

Jared Moskowitz's hilarious tweet. 😆 Music by Sarah McLachlan

Six French teens convicted over their roles in Islamic extremist's killing of teacher

Listening to judge providing details about the Oxford school shooter.

White House announces major high speed rail initiative:

DeSantis' Voter Fraud Police Nab ANOTHER Trump Supporter

Oxford School shooter sentenced to Life Without Parole.

Did you see it? Here's what made D.C.'s sunset so dazzling on Thursday.

Exclusive: Survivor & Indigenous Activist Jacob Johns Speaks Out After MAGA Shooting

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's gag order being mostly upheld....

So is Amit Patel related to Kash?

Dominion Wins Access to Newsmax Texts

Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King

Happy Hanukkah from the @Space_Station !!

Breakinjg update in court case to disqualify Trump from 2024 ballot - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sociopathic trump on track to win 2024 & be a 'dictator' warns his coauthor from Art of the Deal

Harvard President Apologizes for Congressional Testimony on Antisemitism

Wait, what?

European constitutional reform hangs in the balance

Lula Says Brazil Will Phase Out Fossil Fuels, But Also Moves to Join OPEC+ Alliance

King Charles??? Ah, not liking it at all......

I am an old boomer. Same year as Bush-Whiny-Clinton (they are only 2 months apart)


I'm no Liz Cheney fan but

MC Abdul - The Pen & The Sword

Texas AG Ken Paxton asks Texas Supreme Court to stop Dallas woman from getting abortion

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 8, 2023

Dominion wins access to Newsmax journalists' texts in its defamation case

U.S. vetoes UN resolution backed by many nations demanding an immediate cease-fire in Gaza

WATCH: High School Students Lift Car Off Trapped Mother And 2-Year-Old Son

Federal appeals court blocks some of New York gun law

Federal judge prohibits separating migrant families at US border for 8 years

Deux chats noirs

Trump Fascist Regime

Quiet cat reveals her sweetest meow after adoption

Hanukkah Second Night: For Living in a Free Society

The Orange Degenerate inspired change, change we may not recover from. Beer & Bud Friday Baby!

Does anybody like Illinois Nazis?

US Post office rant! Buckle up.

Gag Order Weakly Upheld

'Love Story' actor Ryan O'Neal has died, his son says

Anti-Biden Fox News Reporters Make Major Confession on Live TV! - Pondering Politics

There was an attempt at a peaceful march...

Missouri lawmakers propose allowing homicide charges for women who have abortions

Mike Johnson: "America Deserves god's Wrath"

If Trump gets the Republican nomination, Nikki Haley should Jill Stein his ass and run as an independent.

Starbucks loses $11bn in value from pro-Palestine action

RNC Backs Out Of Hosting Debates After Trump Refuses To Participate

Hey, old folk! Quick question! Does parking always get harder as time goes by?

Wisconsin university system reaches deal with Republicans that would scale back diversity positions

Texas Is Still Targeting Kate Cox After Her Historic Abortion Win

sinkingfeeling: amazing us with 50,000 posts!

Ryan O'Neal, star of 'Love Story' and 'Peyton Place,' dead

Why did the hawk land on top of the church?

Not the real Jack Smith on Comer🤣🤣🤣

Norwegian union threatens solidarity action in Swedish Tesla strike

Tennessee Supreme Court blocks decision to redraw state's Senate redistricting maps

Issue with Filter Bar - **Fixed**

Critics pan planned $450M Nebraska football stadium renovation as academic programs face cuts

SCOTUS is the Appeals Court's audience as it declares: "there is a strong public interest in what he has to say."

What's the reasoning behind FSU being snubbed for a bowl game?

The Minnesota GOP is broke and struggling to contain the fringe

Massachusetts Finally Cracks Down on Notorious New England Neo-Nazis (NSC-131)

Starbucks lost $11 billion in market value in two weeks. Did pro-Palestinian boycotts play a role?

Kevin McCarthy eyes return to D.C. as member of Trump cabinet: 'In the right position'

Anyone done any PDR - Paintless Dent Removal

'Hurting President Trump': Campaign slams claim 'loyalty-first cabinet' being built Kathleen Culliton December 8, 2023 4


George Santos excepts everybody even furrys

Democracy's A Hassle - Luckovich Cartoon

Six French teens convicted over their roles in an Islamic extremist's killing of a teacher

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