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Seth Meyers - Trump Orders Eric Trump Not to Testify Again in Civil Fraud Trial - Monologue 12/7/2023

One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth

Appeals court partially upholds Trump gag order in election interference case - MSNBC Reports

Five Key Takeaways From Our Investigation Into Trump's Push to Steal 2024

Putin will seek another term as Russian president, aiming to extend his rule of over two decades

Ryan O'Neal passes away at 82

Trump gag order upheld by federal appeals court, but statements about Jack Smith allowed - Deadline - MSNBC

Israeli troops round up Palestinian men in northern Gaza as UN warns aid operation is 'in tatters'

House GOP defends blurring Jan 6 rioters faces to give 'protection from insurrection hunters' - Deadline - MSNBC

Dec 8th, Jim Morrison was born, John Lennon died.

Early this morning Dec 9 in the predawn (and dawn) Venus and the crescent moon conjunction

They Can't Fight Washington on Gaza. But They Can Fight City Hall.

Why a White Billionaire Slammed Harvard's First Black President as a So-Called Diversity Hire

Katie Phang on Trump's courtroom composure: 'He does not care' - Deadline - MSNBC

Neil Young - Pocahontas Unplugged

Just saw the oddest thing on MSNBC

Ok, it's Friday night, my "On the Rocks" cosmopolitan night, the ONLY thing I live for.....

Trump hits Christie after strong debate showing: 'Not fit to run for President'

What will the GQP do when tRump loses in 2024

I can't help thinking Hunter Biden would not have been PERSECUTED by way of . . . .

Sniff 'n' The Tears - "Driver's Seat" (Official Video) + An acoustic duo from two members

The uncle of Amal Clooney is arms dealer Ziad Takieddine, major supplier of weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah.

'Last call to find a Trump alternative': Anti-Trump GOP scrambles to find a candidate for 2024 - Deadline - MSNBC

The Multilevel Marketer Rallying Women to Put America in Christian 'Bondage'

It was so much worse than you remember

Donald Trump Is Already Trying to Overturn the 2024 Election

Never tell secrets in the garden.

I Was Shocked TBH..

'Sociopath': Trump on track to win 2024 & be a 'dictator' warns his coauthor from 'Art of the Deal' - The Beat - MSNBC

The Life-and-Death Cost of Conservative Power

Missouri bill could make IUDs & emergency contraception 'murder'

Red Rider - Napoleon Sheds His Skin

Trump GRASPS FOR STRAWS in D.C. criminal case - Talking Feds

Experts: Filing shows how Trump plans to go around Judge Chutkan to stop case "dead in its tracks"

Tim Miller SHUTS DOWN Vivek's List of LIES and CONSPIRACIES (Video)

FedEx faces US racketeering lawsuit by former delivery contractor

U.S. service members perform 'Ocho Kandelikas' for Hanukkah - PBS NewsHour

Dave Mason-We Just Disagree (studio + live versions)

Twenty-one critically endangered red handfish have hatched in a captive breeding program.

☦️ Orthodox Christianity - From Holy Scripture (St. Paul even despaired...)

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

PBS Newshour had a tuneful rendition

Who is going to be the next US Representative from MD-3 and MD-6?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UN vote....

Missouri lawmakers propose allowing homicide charges for women who have abortions

Star Membership Still Not Approved

Trump issued a stern ominousnusnus warning to the state of New York!

John Lennon-#9 Dream

Jealous Guy

Trump previews dictatorial plans; attempts to undercut federal judge's authority in D.C. case - Glenn Kirschner

Happy Hanukkah from Tennessee!

Professor in Las Vegas murders sent white powder

Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk

Austin Montgomery vs. Tanner Fussell on Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" The Voice Battles 2022

Mike Johnson makes fatal mistake with public admission

MAGA Host Explodes, Turns on Sean Hannity in Stunning Rant! - Luke Beasley

Comer says Hunter Biden's latest indictment are part of a cover up to protect Biden appearing in front of a congression.

Joan Armatrading - Love and Affection

Pekka Pohjola group - The Dragon of Katkavaara

'This is second-class citizenship for women': Debating Texas' abortion law - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Watch Jim Comer Get Decimated by Anchor On Live TV - Rebel HQ

The Raveonettes - the Christmas Song

Friday Talking Points -- Not The Odds But The Stakes

Gagged: Trump loses to Jack Smith in gag order for coup trial that could send him to prison - The Beat - MSNBC

Study Shows Corporate Profiteering 'Amplified' Global Inflation

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread TGIF!

Trump Erupts, Has Complete Meltdown at Court on Live TV! - Luke Beasley

'Stunning': Texas threatens doctors, hospitals who provide court-allowed abortion - All In - MSNBC

A simple poll on the second amendment.

Alma (Very Twilight Zone-ish 5 minute short animated film) WATCH:

GOP Senator Stunned Into Silence After Fox Host Fact Checks Him - Waldorf Nation

Politico: Biden the closer? Senate GOP urges president to clinch Ukraine-border deal

The EU Just Passed Sweeping New Rules to Regulate AI

If this works out the GOP will be taking credit for it after they vote against it.

Jamie Raskin OBLITERATES Kevin McCarthy on LIVE TV with BRUTAL takedown - Meidas Touch

Michigan school shooter gets life without parole

Federal judge poised to prohibit separating migrant families at the US border - ABC News

Icy Peas posted a Joan Armatrading OP that kicked me all the way down into a Joan rabbit hole.

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls George Santos On Cameo - REFLECT

Chris Evert gets second cancer diagnosis, will take break at ESPN

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden's attorney: U.S. Attorney is 'caving to political pressure' - MSNBC Reports

Something went wrong with the Stromboli I made tonight and the contents spilled out onto the pizza

So, burble tunes!

Matt Walsh Wants Only "THE RIGHT KIND OF PERSON" to Have the Right to Vote!!!

The Monsters Among Us (Ken Paxton)

Donald Trump's dream team looks like an American nightmare

A young woman tried to burn down the birth home of MLK, Jr

Open Source alternatives to popular projects.

'Midlife crisis:' Pro-Trump lawyer Ken Chesebro's road to Jan. 6 coup plotter - All In - MSNBC

Keville Chamberlain's Last Surrender (Ferret!)

Tens of thousands of B.C. residents received free contraception in eight months, Eby says

Golden Oldie Recycled:

'Way wrong': Chris Hayes debunks the myth of 'organized' shoplifting - All In - MSNBC

Mason Williams - Classical Gas (1968)

paul mariat - Love is Blue

Retail Group Retracts Startling Claim About 'Organized' Shoplifting

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea

Nikola Tesla Describing Smart Phones in 1926

Hawaii 5-0 Theme - Morton Stevens

Midnight Cowboy

Stand By Me - John Lennon

All else being equal, I will always prefer a woman's voice. That's not to say that all dudes suck-

Watch the best of Liz Cheney's interviews on the dangers of Trump on MSNBC - Morning Joe - MSNBC

This Amazon commercial and long time friends toboggin.....the best part was....

The Same Extremists Target Both Muslims and Jews

Terorrists claim to know better how to protect human rights - Break the Fake - TVP World

My lovely wife's birthday was today. I still ache for her presence when we are apart.

Linda Ronstadt singing stuff I don't understand,,,,but I really like this.

'Cruel joke': UN Relief and Works Agency leader decries images of stripped, detained Palestinian men - The ReidOut MSNBC

Hear Al Franken's prediction about 2024 election

Trump Brutally Mocks Sean Hannity Straight to His Face - Rebel HQ

'Beware': Trump is 'beginning the intimidation' planned for his possible presidency, historian says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court pauses lower court's order allowing pregnant woman to have an abortion

ELO - All Over the World

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 10, 2023 - Food for Thought

TCM Schedule for Monday December 11, 2023 - Title Songs of the 60's

'The drugs were good, the music was good, the sex was good' - cult French writer Ann Scott on her techno years

More indictments could be coming for fake electors, as Arizona investigation progresses

Former Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) jumps into fast-shifting California state Senate race

TCM Saturday

Malinowski interested in U.S. Senate race (NJ)

DRI: Climate Change Will Increase Wildfire Risk and Lengthen Fire Seasons, Study Confirms

Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts ruling allowing Dallas woman to get an abortion

Congratulations to Bridget Ziegler for launching the Me Three movement.

Elon Musk's Grok AI Is Pushing Misinformation and Legitimizing Conspiracies

Typical EU: Lots of restrictions on AI except Governments can use it

12 candidates vying for Oklahoma City, Tulsa school board seats

I'd love to see a debate....Obama v.Trump

Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Court-Approved Abortion

Vivek Ramaswamy, Libertarian candidate? In Iowa, his campaign flirts with a third-party run

Congresswoman Katie Porter Endorses Gil Cisneros In CA-31

Key Trump attorney in fake elector plot to meet with AZ prosecutors

PA-SD15: DiSanto (R) Says He Will Not Seek Reelection

University of Queensland: Coral reefs in peril from record-breaking ocean heat

LOL: Fox host forced to report on huge Biden win - Brian Tyler Cohen

Philly Republican leaders worry Donald Trump could be a 'bloodbath' for their party in the region

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 12/08/23

Democrats Invest Early in State Legislature Races Where Abortion and LGBTQ Rights Are on the Line

Very interesting quotation from Kurt Vonnegut.

Democrats make battleground investment in Pa. House race

Litman: Court restoring Trump gag order backed Judge Chutkan 'in every important way' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

NY-16: Progressives peeved by Democrat George Latimer's run against Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Video of Christian Ziegler Having Sex With Accuser May Muddy Questions of Consent For Authorities

Ohio ballot measure protecting abortion now in effect - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Erdoğan in Greece: The Start of A New Era - Eastern Express - TVP World

Casey DeSantis wants out-of-state supporters to participate in Iowa caucuses

NJ-SEN: Malinowski (D) interested in U.S. Senate race

Least fav, cake donuts barely "glazed"

Native Americans victimized by massive insurance scheme in Arizona - NBC News

Bidens begin LA fundraising blitz in search of Hollywood ending to re-election campaign

Utah AG won't seek re-election amid controversy tied to anti-sex-trafficking group

McFaul: Congress made a 'political decision' to link Ukraine aid and border security - NBC News

Employee of law firm seeking to block mayor's re-election leaves racist, terroristic threat (WARNING)

Biden: November jobs numbers are in an economic 'sweet spot' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Date set for recount in Virginia's 82nd House District election

Ky. voter registration surged after November election

Why does Russia have such huge increases in Covid cases?

Love Me Two Times - The Doors - Live

MT: Cascade County Clerk takes to elections website to criticize move to strip her of election administration duties

Tennessee Supreme Court halts redrawing of senate map; new map unlikely for 2024 election

"Not Good Advice" Trump Throws Lawyer Under The Bus - Waldorf Nation

Indiana judge strikes down state election law restricting candidacies

You will NOT see many, if any, LIVE performances like this in 2023!

MT: Broken seals, shredding and a FBI investigation: Carbon County couple raise election concerns

Exclusive: 'The new Ellis Island': Migrant influx tests New York City's humanitarian ideals - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

VA: Sabrina Wooten announced her candidacy for Mayor in upcoming 2024 election

PA: School board election winner sworn in on a stack of challenged books

CT: Special election set to fill vacant state representative seat in West Haven

Kenneth Chesebro, 'architect' of false electors plot, cooperating with Wisconsin investigation

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hunter Biden, taxes, and catching the car....

NY-03: GOP Mulling Special Election Choice To Oppose Suozzi

Texas GOP sues attorney hired to challenge 2022 Harris County election results

Migrant families separated by Trump win major court victory though indelible trauma remains - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

[SNSD Christmas] - Tiffany - All I Want For Christmas Is You @ MBC Radio 071205

Florida 2024 abortion measure nears 700,000 signatures


This Broke a Fox News Host's Brain! - Luke Beasley

AZ Supreme Court ruling on near-total abortion ban could result in a tie decision

Just When You Thought the Abortion Battle in Ohio Was Settled

Sex scandalized GOP official reportedly cites Trump values as new Republican standard - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Texas Attorney General threatens to go after doctors who give emergency abortion to Kate Cox

Voters in New York and Pennsylvania could see abortion on ballot

Trump Loses In DC+ Wisconsin Trump Electors Admit Biden Won+ Trump Electors Indicted In Nevada - Rodecast

California Campaign To Legalize Psychedelics Submits Final Version Of Proposed 2024 Ballot Measure

Ukrainian weapons production chief on why U.S. support is critical in fight against Russia - PBS NewsHour

This Week at Justice - December 8, 2023 - The Justice Department

San Francisco cracks down on appropriation of Chinese names for gains at the ballot box

Is the woman who has accused Christian Ziegler, the Sarasota Fl. republican...

Changes Coming to Absentee Voting in Michigan

GOP seeking to head off ballot initiatives on abortion access, Florida's included

08 Dec: Ukrainians destroy Russian tanks mere hours before the attack - Reporting from Ukraine

Trump's election interference gag order is back on - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Fmr. Trump Aide 'Spills The Beans' On Trump's Many Temper Tantrums - Rebel HQ

Survey: U.S. sentiment around the economy improves - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Measuring Foreign Chemical Exposure of Human Flesh: Mass Spectrometry Software for the "Exposome."

I'm posting this here in GD because of the season this is a current event for

Trump's FATAL MISTAKES in Court will COST HIM BIG, MAJOR Backfire - Meidas Touch

Trump Camp Seeks to Limit Second-Term Talk

Why is Western aid to Ukraine falling? - BBC News

Breakfast Saturday 9 December 2023

Saudi foreign minister discusses Israel-Hamas war and wider challenges in Middle East - PBS NewsHour

John Sarbanes is endorsing Angela Alsobrooks for the US Senate.

regarding covid: Estimation of Infections Based on Wastewater Data

Why Are Grocery Prices So Expensive? New Study Exposes The Real Cause... - Thom Hartmann

Judge Bars Separating Migrant Families for 8 Years

U.S. Will Produce Weapons Jointly with Ukraine - Lloyd Austin - UATV English

The Economic Lies That Just Won't Die, Zombie Myths: Robert Reich

Just a thought: Are the generational issues that crop quite often in the US...

Lauren Boebert used campaign funds for tickets to 'Beetlejuice' fling's bike race

The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

Musk's Scandinavian woes deepen as Tesla loses Swedish court case, Finnish union joins port blockade

Russia's Dependence on China Is Threatening for Putin Himself - UATV English

Expert witnesses for Trump's defense billed almost $900,000 each for testifying on his behalf at fraud trial

Senate introduces legislation addressing fan frustration over ticket sales

New Jersey man in viral racist video sobs when handed 8 year prison sentence

Pregnant woman in Kentucky sues for the right to get an abortion

Trump Daydreams 'Cabinet' Full Of Failures And Traitors

U.S., South Korea, Japan to step up actions on North Korea cyber threats

Hodges: 'The Hamas attack on Israel did in one day what Putin could not do for two years' - DW News

Is Bourgie Out This Xmas? Luxury Stores Are Bursting With Unsold Stuff

"Final solution": Putin recruits cannibals for war. Russians lose more people than they can draft - The Russian Dude

At a San Jose gun buyback event, someone turned in a rocket launcher

Wordle 903 (Dec 9) ***SPOILERS***

Federal Judge CHECKMATES Trump with RAPID Deadlines HE CAN'T HANDLE - Meidas Touch

Guatemala: Challenge to Bernardo Aévalo election seen as coup attempt

Russia Cuts Oil Production Again - Disaster for Russia as OPEC+ Forces More Cuts as Oil Prices Fall - Joe Blogs

On this day, December 9, 1915, the Hopewell Fire occurred.

On this day, December 9, 1996, Patty Donahue of The Waitresses died.

On this day, December 9, 1902, Margaret Hamilton was born.

On this day, December 9, 1965, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was shown for the first time.

On this day, December 9, 1957, Donny Osmond was born.

On this day, December 9, 1968, the computer mouse, hypertext, and bit-mapped GUI were introduced.

I have bad news for the progressives currently beguiled by Liz Cheney

2023 Will Be Hottest Year on Record, EU Climate Service Says

Trump is singlehandedly destroying our

Why Serbia Cannot Decide Between East and West - TLDR News EU

On Thursday, November 28, 1963, the 1963 "The Jimmy Dean Show" Thanksgiving special was aired.

What percentage of Americans think the indigenous people were

Playlist of television Christmas specials.

25 Year Low: China's Crisis of Capital Outflows; EU-China Relations - China Update

US and Philippines condemn the Chinese coast guard's water cannon blasts on fisheries vessels

French prosecutors on Friday ordered far-right figurehead Marine Le Pen to stand trial over claims she used EU

'Neo-Nazi group' harassed drag queens and hotels sheltering migrants, Mass. AG alleges

Texas Supreme court steps into the emergency abortion fray

Kritty crat is mobile again thanks to early Christmas gift

Four years ago today, I lost the love of my life

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass renders first aid to injured news photographer

Why Won't He STFU?

Gymnast are savages

Don't picket if there is no strike, scientist warn

Logging in concern

You raised $75.00 on December 8, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024


The insurrection clause has waited 150 years for the Trump test

We Can't Stop Writing Paper Checks. Thieves Love That.

In the Wake of a Sex Scandal, a Moms for Liberty Co-Founder's Career Is Crumbling

Appeals court largely upholds gag order in federal election interference case

Why Is CNN Hosting So Many Republican Debates?

Florida 19-year-old arrested for threatening mass shooting in NYC

On This Day: French law separating church and state passed, now faces controversy - Dec. 9, 1905

Tunnel Vision

My Ladies in Waiting (Backstage)

And the "Idiots Of The Week" Award goes to: Tourists capsize gondola standing to take selfies.

Into the Woods

Mirror Pond

Santos Voted Out, Trump's Dictator Dream & Republican Debate Recap The Daily Show

In wake of Trump's naked assertion of becoming a dictator who exercises

Audit finds that USPS still doesn't have a handle on arrow key thefts

Graeme Edge Band - "Paradise Ballroom"

Red Red Maple

To everyone in NYC today

Good morning!

BREAKING: trump Selects His Running Mate

Nikki Haley Is Proud Of Her 'Union-Buster' Record

Presidential primary debates are freaking hard work!

Man stares at blank blue screen on airplane TV for 20 minutes......

Rep. Jared Moscowitz trolls his departing GOP colleagues 🤣

Dear women: if you're voting to inflict this on other women,

The Last Sam Bankman-Fried Episodes (secretly about Michael Lewis) BEHIND THE BASTARDS

Folk Guitar Sensei Richard Thompson: 1954 Vincent Black Lightning

Donald Byrd was born on this date.

Edward R. Murrow describes Buchenwald: Warning, this is disturbing

...and before Richard Thompson there was Davy Graham: Maajun (A Taste of Tangier)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Kenneth Chesebro nationwide....

For all of you SF/Fantasy folks, here's Chthulha

Under appreciated and often over looked, Dan Hicks was born on this date.

***Fall Seasonal Photo Contest 1***

***Fall Seasonal Photo Contest 2***

***Fall Seasonal Photo Contest 3***

Israel presses ahead with bombarding Gaza, including areas it told Palestinians to evacuate to

(Middle Age Riot tweet) Not shown: Hunter Biden--

Hunter Biden: "What they're trying to do is kill me."


Prelim Threads up in GD

"If buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing" - Cory Doctorow

Bloomberg: US Labor Market Defies Slowdown Forecasts in Broad Strengthening

Ellen Holly, 'One Life to Live' Star and First Black Actor to Lead a Daytime Television Show, Dies at 92

Ellen Holly, 'One Life to Live' Star and First Black Actor to Lead a Daytime Television Show, Dies at 92

#Go Navy

On this date, December 9, 1961

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson's administration begins filing lawsuits against operators of 'rogue buses' of migrants

US State Department to bypass congressional review period to send Israel thousands of munitions, source says

Weekend TOONs

Donald Trump's Dream Team Looks Like an American Nightmare

Jewish students sue UPenn for discrimination, antisemitic climate

Trump's Expert Witness Says He Was Paid $877,500 for the case.

Ibis in a Bald Cypress Tree

Holiday Feast (reposted)

Tyranny of the Minority: A group of political 'assassins' is quietly threatening American democracy, a new book says

Brother Blood

Another Republican senator is blocking a handful of military promotions, now for championing diversity

I don't think it's antisemitism.

American chocolatier charged in deaths of Canadian animation pioneer and his wife at Caribbean resort

I think even if Mega Millions used only the numbers from 1-9

To be, or not to be, in the office. Has returning to work stalled?

Why Are Grocery Prices So Expensive? The Real Cause, Study: Thom Hartmann 🍏

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 9, 2023)

US House committee opens probe into Harvard, Penn, MIT after antisemitism hearing

Why donald trump is Stronger than ever after his Hannity Town Hall - The Warning

Tens of thousands hit the streets in London anti-war protest

Has anyone heard from DUer Botany?

Has anyone seen "Obliterated?"

Polish truck drivers are blocking the border with Ukraine. It's hurting on the battlefield

Maine's congressional delegation calls for Army investigation into Lewiston shooting

Post a song that brings a tear to your eye. Mine is for my dad , who died the end of September. --Margaritaville

Dead Alabama prisoner's body returned without a heart, family says

State Department bypasses Congress to send thousands of munitions to Israel

A leaky roof is about to close the Pa. House for months. Can the legislature finish a budget first?

For those of you who can't figure out why generations of families stay in Florida.

Mean talkin blues: dedicated to you know whos

CNN is covering a Redneck Christmas parade in Louisiana. .

"they should have also blurred MAGA Mike @SpeakerJohnson for his role on January 6th."

Nurnburg Weinnachtsmarkt

Documenting the damage to higher education in Florida

There is a very interesting looking series of articles in the Atlantic under If Trump Wins

War Fears Grow as US Holds Military Drills in Guyana Amid Venezuela Oil Dispute

Labor News & Commentary December 3, 2023 new pathway to unionizing for Uber and Lyft drivers

Some states spurn migrants. The Rust Belt wants them.

Waiter, waiter, a barrel of beer and bale of hay here!

NOVA: The Invisible Flame (BBC 1978)

Majority of Black patients expect to be insulted by medical professionals, study shows

Elie Mystal: Judges won't bar Trump from ballot because they are afraid of MAGA violence

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says

Giuliani's defamation damages trial to begin Monday

Now in Tel Aviv: One of the biggest anti-government rallies since Oct 7. Slogans like "impeachment now"

Blames lawyer for losing E Jean Carroll case

Nonstop cookies popup on iOS Chrome

The Daily Gun Show - JUST SAY THE ONE WORD !!! FFS !!

WXPN in Philadelphia is mid way through the listener chosen

Cross posted from Music - listening to 885 greatest songs written by women

We have a freakin' TORNADO WATCH here!

What was the weirdest gift you ever asked for

India unveils flatpack field hospital that can be airdropped to disaster zones

Whitmer signs institutional desecration bills, others

Michelangelo's David: Great Art Explained

"Morning In America"

What those F1 - F12 keys do - a definitive list (almost)

Remember our old friend Oeditpus Rex? HIS old friend is SOL living in car w/sick brother, needs a hand.

Nessel: Criminal investigation into former State House Speaker Lee Chatfield to be resolved "in short order"

California Dungeness Crab Season Is Delayed Until at Least the Week of Christmas

Even This 12-Year-Old Knows Bridget Ziegler Is a Hypocrite

@JoyceWhiteVance Here's the voter fraud they've been looking for!

A Ukrainian soldier says he stopped shelling small Russian units because he is running out of US-made artillery ammo

Cartoons 12-9-2023

House GOP will introduce a second transgender athlete ban next week

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 9, 2023

As More 'Fake Electors' Face Charges, a Key Witness Emerges

Robbed, Silenced, and Betrayed: Gaza Turns Away From Hamas

Stephen A. Smith Effortlessly Debunks Republican's BS

Chip Franklin OBLITERATES the GOP for trying to impeach President Biden without evidence


ChatGPT, How Do I Survive a Nuclear Attack? (It's actually humor, folks)

Christmas time!

California hometown sheds few tears for retiring McCarthy: 'Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Kevin'

'They're trying to kill me': Hunter Biden talks with Moby about the rightwing vendetta against him

Dennis Prager - Wow!

Texas attorney general says he will sue doctor who gives abortion to Kate Cox

With bison herds and ancestral seeds, Indigenous communities embrace food sovereignty

Canadian "sexual assault expert" says Hamas didn't rape anyone...

Anubis the African Jackal howls in excitement when he sees his homan mom!

Merry Christmas, Dodger Fans! Ya got Ohtani!

The Jewish History Behind Dunkin Donuts

Trump Tells Sean Hannity He'll be a Dictator Only on Day 1 - Lovett or Leave It

Went To My Grandson's Piano Recital

I can't find potato starch in the supermarket

Hate that Vision Works ad.....yelling, just hate the yelling. Ugh.

Cat Loves Getting Scratched By Random Household Items

Wisconsin university regents reject deal with Republicans to reduce diversity positions Clean Hydrogen Takes Center Stage at COP28 in Dubai

DAY 3 Prayer - For my fellow Jews who, like I, long for a ceasefire and are wondering how to celebrate Chanukah

Tornado in Clarksville, Tennessee this afternoon (Tweet) Tornado Warning for Bowling Green

Tornado threat in Tennessee and Kentucky including Nashville

Sunrise Silhouette

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about LA, Vegas, Biden, and trains....

Shohei Ohtani to join Dodgers on 10-year, $700M contract

Trump: "You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in"

*rump said he wanted to be a dictator for a day,

Anyone see the new Julia Roberts movie?? Leave The World Behind??

Republican Candidates Soften Their Stance on Abortion

Chicken-shit youth pastor, kills himself instead of facing the consequences of his pedophilia.

Five O'Clock World - The Vogues 🕔

Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist...

Tornado on the ground in Westen Tennesse. 4:29 EST

Trump Fascist Regime

Sherrilyn Ifill: How America Ends and Begins Again

Liz Magill resigns from Penn

These are people you would not put in charge of a Waffle House' -Rick Wilson on trump's picks for VP

'We Have to Fight With Something': Will America abandon Ukraine?

Republican Senator Copes Hard After Crushing Defeat - Pondering Politics

The Problem With White People The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+ Mar 25, 2022

Penn President Liz Magill resigns after testimony on antisemitism drew bipartisan criticism

moonlight serinaded by glen miller . gets me choked up every time , reminds me of my late mom.also, battle hymn

Counties that Angela Alsobrooks will carry in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary.

Avant-garde folk: John Martyn

Shohei Ohtani joining Dodgers on 10-year, $700M contract

Oldie Time! The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard

i am poking around on a old website for the university of vermont.

University of Penn President just resigned

Morning and evening, southern MD12/9

Comer: Hunter Indicted to Protect Him

PDS Tornado Warning has been issued and it's heading towards Nashville

Lengendary Stardust Cowboy - Space Oddity

Dramatic southern MD sky 12/7

I detest Gibson you see the New epi greeney $1500.

The Shags - My Pal Foot Foot

How To Spot Fascism Before It's Too Late

Steely Dan - Peg

Gary Wilson - Gary Lives in the Twilight Zone

He's being DEAD serious': Michael Cohen reacts to trump 'dictator' comment

Photos: WHO visits Cairo hospital currently caring for critical condition Gaza babies

Jandek - Down Into a Mirror

Dianna Rigg - end of life care and assisted suicide

Could happen.

Tornado Emergency for Hendersonville, Tennessee

Jim Jordan Demands Jack Smith Hand Over All His Trump Information -- Ring of Fire

Shayne MacGowan Funeral: Fairytale of New York (Live sung in mass)

Major lawsuit emerges with huge 2024 implications - Brian Tyler Cohen

Hendersonville tornado hits something causing an explosion (Tweet)

Fox News Liberal Ruthlessly Mocks Top Republican's Failed Biden Probe! - Luke Beasley

What has two butts and kills people?

Something does not seem right about the new Hunter Biden indictment - Glenn Kirschner

Local library launches 'Hate Has No Home Here' campaign

What would you recommend Pres. Biden do between now and Nov. 2024, that would boost his general popularity...

U.S. approves emergency $106M arms sale to Israel - MSNBC Reports

Norman Lear (1922-2023) By Greg Palast

What Planet Am I On?

More aid trucks look to enter Gaza following U.S. veto of U.N. resolution - Katie Phang - MSNBC