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'What a deranged psychopath': Twitter utterly confused by Donald Trump's 'loving Easter message'

Bill Barr: DOJ could have 'very good evidence' of possible Trump obstruction in documents case

'Normal people are repulsed by Trump': The Manhattan indictment is chasing away independent voters

Brown-2024 vs Ryan-2022 OH US Senate Election.

'Stunned' House Republicans Blast McCarthy following NYT Leak

Ever listen to Al Franken's podcast? Here is the original song, by the same artist (Leo Kottke)

Gov. Newsom and Jen Psaki talk gun reform, abortion rights, and presidential politics

As Defendant trump's threats to Judge & DA continue, it's time for the Judge to order him to STOP!

Kevin McCarthy's predictably troubled speakership

DeSantis could make us look at Trump

Monday's digit - 9/10: A super spring day with sunny 60s. Jason, CWG

My nursing agency just sent everyone a happy easter email.

Which state will replace CA for getting 2 female US Senators?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Wizard of Oz, books, movies, and chaos....

DeSantis to make 1st public appearance in South Carolina

Trump erupts again.

Worst Cop On YouTube - Police Caught Lying Best ID Refusal

Biden's Easter Message Is Hope And Class As Trump Melts Down

*(Clears throat) Ladies & Gentlemen Greg Popovich 5 time NBA Champion Coach

Fentanyl: the Republican Party's new 'wall' against Mexico

Texas Rep Tells Women Having Miscarriages To Pound Sand

'Harden Schools!' Fox Host Lies About Gun Safety Laws


HHS Sec. Becerra vows Biden admin. will protect access to mifepristone - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Answering the door late at night

Some evangelicals are marking this week as the Passion of Donald Trump

What we know about the classified document leak revealing U.S. spy secrets - PBS NewsHour

Anyone else think the actors in the Rx drug commercials act like fucking zombies?

Unassisted and Efficient Actinide/Lanthanide Separation

Every moment in the yacht, I wished I were at Wal-Mart

WTF? A recent Trump Truth Social post, with no context:

Jen Psaki: Tennessee Republicans gave expelled lawmakers 'a much bigger megaphone' - MSNBC

AOC: SCOTUS ruling could mean national abortion ban

Easter beavers

Monty Python - Prison Scene

I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby 💕

Mehdi Hasan looks back at all the times Trump has called for others to be locked up

Barr Says Classified Docs Case Dangerous for Trump

Expelled TN lawmaker tells Jen Psaki about 'turning point' in history - Inside with Jen Psaki - MSNBC

09 Apr: Ukrainians got long-range missiles (400 KM!!!) - Reporting from Ukraine

White House Plans Support for Abortion Pill Battle

Southern Generals Who Didn't Turn Traitor in the Civil War

Succession - WOW (spoiler)

Chuck Todd grills Trump's attorney: 'Don't call it a Democratic narrative. It's a statement of fact!

8 Seconds of Hypocrisy

TFG is having a rough Easter

The week in review

Clay Travis, a semi-regular on Fox is fixing the blame for a recent school shooting...

HBO Max - Navalny

Appeals Court delivers MASSIVE BLOW to Trump in NEW Order - Meidas Touch

Golden Earring - Sail On Sailor

California to Keep Paying Walgreens Despite Abortion Dispute

Well, I finally broke down and purchased the replacement battery for my Dyson stick vac.

Odell Beckham Jr. agrees to deal with Ravens, and Lamar Jackson approves

Gavin Newsom on Jen Psaki

LOL! Star Wars synopsis compared to Harry Potter synopsis:

Cell phones cause people to revert to parallel play:

Velshi: Making people care about climate change is tough. But time is running out - Velshi - MSNBC

You're not safe

Happy Easter Jesus etc.

Jen Psaki on the GOP's history of hypocrisy on law and order - Inside with Jen Psaki - MSNBC

"Beef" on Netflix

This North Carolina church used to be multiracial. Then came Jan. 6.

Puttin' On Airs...Professor Cho on Vlad the Impaler

Pointed meme about "thoughts and prayers"::

Korea to hold necessary discussions with US after CIA eavesdropping report

Florida Governor DeSantis quietly eases gun restrictions in wake of mass shootings - American Voices

SheltieLover is still missing from these pages. I hope that she is OK

Tucker Carlson Insists He Doesn't Have Heroin in His Truck! - Luke Beasley

Series that I have left unfinished

Trump's Legal RECKONING in Georgia gets MAJOR Update - Meidas Touch

Goofy, 1 season tv show, Unstable with Rob Lowe.

MTG threatens to switch to Coors beer

Chasing a moose out of a hospital in Anchorage

Ron DeSantis Signals He'd Be Open to Making Florida an Anti-Gay Hellhole

The Ruling That Threatens the Future of Libraries

Ukraine strengthening defenses along Belarus border - DW News

NYT's - Leaked Documents Suggest Ukrainian Air Defense Is in Peril if Not Reinforced

"...and every fear I ever had just melted into peace."

Biden Admin releases report outlining failings of Afghan withdrawal - Velshi - MSNBC

President Zelensky starts a new tradition of hosting an annual Iftar dinner during Ramadan

Cameras catch Donald Trump out on the golf course...

New College on Academic Freedom...sponsored by United Faculty of Florida (part of FEA)

🍨Sundaes for A Monday🍨

Candidate dropping out of Philly mayor's race due to 'obnoxious, obscene amount of money'

Fox News Segment So Dumb Even Host Can't Stand it! - Luke Beasley

I thought I had seen it all with wacky right-wing anti-feminists

Are your Children playing with LUCIFER'S TESTICLES!!?!?!

did you read the satire piece in wapo the other day, written in voice of clarence thomas? it's good

Republican Senator's DEADLY STUNT Exposed - Meidas Touch

DOJ seeks nearly 16-year sentence for Jan. 6 rioter who pinned officer in door frame

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 11: Studio Contract Players: Davis, de Havilland, Sheridan

So good to see you grandma!

You know how the Supremes say gun laws have to be "rooted in our nation's history"?

Companies That Get 'Woke' Aren't Going Broke -- They're More Profitable Than Ever

Aussie puppies play on a slide:

Athletic cat grabs the prize:

Panda sneak attack:

Baby panda tries to escape from crib.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: The stunning new images captured of the universe - 60 Minutes

Tchaikovsky's 'Serenade for Strings' (Comment described this rendition as luxurious!)

Texas Governor ANNOUNCES Most DANGEROUS Move Yet - Meidas Touch

Joan Baez walks up to Justin Jones at the Nashville Airport

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Homeowners Associations

What Do Leaked U.S. Intelligence Reports Say? Here Is a Quick Guide.

Fox News Host Realizes Republican Policies are Unpopular in Real Time! - Luke Beasley

Biden re-election decision looms large in CA primaries

today's Easter Message: Biden vs. Orange maniac (all caps of course)

Florida abortion clinics monitored, fined -- and struggling to stay open

Oklahoma high court opinion gives hope to advocates that abortion rights could be expanded

MA: Healey to take 'executive actions' to protect abortion pill access

Horrifying stories of women chased down by the LAPD abortion squad before Roe v. Wade

Justin J. Pearson preaches Easter Sunday: Resurrection is a promised prophecy

Complaint filed against Coral Gables Commission candidate alleging inappropriate campaign expenditur


A-TRAK - Bloghaus Revival Mix (2015)

Breakfast Monday April 10 2023 [Updated]

Adriatique at Hatshepsut temple, in Luxor, Egypt, for Cercle

While The Earth Sleeps

7 Seconds

On this day, April 10, 1963, the USS Thresher sank.

Thousands cheer madly as Titanic leaves Southampton on maiden voyage, April 10, 1912

Five songs have been written about the USS Thresher, which sank on this day, April 10, 1963.

Repost: April 10, 1944 - Day of liberation of Odessa from the Nazis.

China military displays force toward Taiwan after Tsai trip

Ahead of Biden's visit to Ireland, @joshelleyCNN and I took a look at the country's love affair...

Mothers step up to rescue kids from Russia - American Voices - MSNBC

On this day, April 10, 1880, Frances Perkins was born.

On the night of April 10, 1956, Nat King Cole was beaten onstage in Birmingham, Alabama.

DeSatan supports Fla death penalty for non-homicide offenses so SCOTUS can

Hummingbird on Zinnia

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey will run for reelection, boosting Democrats' Senate outlook for 2024

can't win under the rules? change the rules! (Montana)

Logan Roy, conservative media mogal who shaped American politics, dead at age 82

"Clarence Thomas' Billionaire Buddy" Gave $40k to Glenn Youngkin, $10k to Winsome Sears

How to compete for the Republican presidential nomination

Heavily Armed Cops Visit Teen Gamer Who Butt Dialed 911 -- Full Bodycam

Baltimore Oriole & Gray Catbird - Texas

Did Microsoft Limit the Abilities of Chat GPT?

Martin Denny was born on this date.

It's Alright

So many worried at the pot smokers, should have had an eye on the regulators

Brian Setzer has a birthday today.

2 Wisconsin police officers killed in traffic stop shooting

On this day, April 10, 1928, Rosco Gordon was born.

The Rundown: April 7, 2023

Anti-trans advocates keep contradicting each other

Hey Bill Barr!

Happy Dyngus Day! Beer and sausage in the morning? Yes, please!

"A Constitutional Conundrum of Second Amendment Commas"

Fewer pronouns, more guns: Ron DeSantis's plan to turn the US into Florida

Dedicated Election Officials Are Quitting

In mass rally, Israeli settlers march to West Bank outpost

Coach Gregg Popovich has some Angry Biting words on qPublican gun INACTION.

The Haves and the Have-Yachts

So, I just got home from 7 days in Costa Rica. 🇨🇷 Any big news from last week?

On this date April 10, 1912...TITANIC leaves Southampton on its maiden voyage.

Report: Ford makes most U.S.-assembled vehicles

"Sure, lets give trump Nuclear Weapons" after insane weekend post. Meidas

"And suck my tongue,". Well this is just sick AND disgusting......🤬 the Dalai Lama

Weird advice from political pollster on MSNBC

Poor Carys had quite the traumatic Easter, with 3 extra humans in the house.

How Two Manhattan DA Classmates Hold Trump's Fate in Their Hands

U.S. Southeast, Gulf coasts experiencing record-breaking sea-level rise

This guy IS a Mobster. Meidas Network

The harm and hurt caused by illegal 'temp license tags'

Expelled Tennessee Lawmakers Both Seeking Seats Again

Blasphemous San Francisco Easter tradition draws an estimated 10,000 attendees

Seas have drastically risen along southern U.S. coast in past decade

For Blue Dots in Red Areas, or just ANYONE dealing with MAGATs,

Thousands, including ministers, march to illegal West Bank outpost under heavy guard

"Normalization", as it now flourishes in much of our daily political "news" coverage, is

Lindsey Graham claims women kill 'babies' up to the 'moment of birth' in rant against abortion right

You raised $5.00 on April 9, 2023 Democratic Underground for Chris Jones

News & Commentary April 6, 2023

Rate Of Sea Level Rise In Southeastern US (All Together Now!!!!) Faster Than Expected


Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band c 1971 🦋

Late, but just saw this FG approval poll IPSOs and SSRS

Biden tells Al Roker: 'I plan on running'

Biden tells Al Roker: 'I plan on running'

cheap pet treats.

Blessed are the persecuted...

Is anyone else repulsed by the idea that Clarence Thomas was gifted Frederick Douglass's Bible ?

TFG claims that the U.S. is no longer respected in the world

fun read from the DOD Conplan 8888

Nashville council to vote on restoring ousted state lawmaker

Alex Wagner made some remarks a few days ago that deserve wider circulation ...

Active shooter in Louisville, KY

One question about TFG.

Two friends were denied care after Florida banned abortion. One almost died.

Mass casualty incident at Louisville bank building after active shooter opens fire: Six victims incl

This morning, on Detroit channel2 not 10 minutes ago, they were discussing Kid Rock

Louisville, Kentucky: Gunman Kills Four in Bank Shooting

6 victims reported in Louisville shooting!!

How To Turn A Simple Question Into A Massive Lawsuit (Audit the Audit)

Another mass shooting and only 200 miles away from the Nashville school shooting.

DeSantis Pushes Toughest Immigration Crackdown in the Nation

Those 'right to life' laws are putting women at risk of dying, killing some. Pro Life? NOT!

Keep your kids away from "religious leaders".

Republican extremists FINALLY get what they deserve - Brian Tyler Cohen

how you know you're at a republican seder

We know what the problem is. "the absurdly easy access to guns."

Trump crapping all over Easter ain't gonna win over a lot of Independents

Monday in America

Mass Shooting Reported at Louisville Bank - Agenda-Free TV

Norfolk Southern train derails in Jasper, Alabama.

Deadly smoke shop shooting caught on camera in Harlem

NYC Slave Revolt, April 6, 1712: Prelude Yrs of Hardship, Slave Trade Hub; Sojourner Truth, Dutch NY

University Of Kentucky Student Pleads Not Guilty To Racist Attack despite video evidence

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) says to ignore FDA abortion pill ruling

So just had a thought.

The Anniversary of Chris Green's Death

Are there several shootings going on in Louisville?

The Twitter account for the OK Dept of Wildlife Conservation is pretty funny. Today's offering:

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Over and over, Republicans ignore voters' concerns. This deeply cynical behavior will not succeed.

Day 110 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 152. Dead: 214. Wounded: 530.

Rinse and repeat ♾️

Democrats Hold Edge Headed Into 2024

Where Does Tennessee's House Speaker Actually Live?

Gun deaths among U.S. children and teens rose 50% in two years. -- Pew Research

The Real-World Costs of the Digital Race for Bitcoin

Next abortion battles may be among states with clashing laws

BREAKING NEWS: Man convicted in January 6th attack makes unconventional offer to Clarence Thomas

Otter--"I halp."

No TOONs post today

Twitter Fails to Report Some Political Ads

California could criminalize AI-generated revenge porn

France: 4 bodies found after Marseille building collapse

2nd tweet -- hand dancing with an ebullient otter:

How Trump and abortion became losing issues for the GOP

IRA Bomb Plot Uncovered

City of Issaquah says stay home if possible as I-90 lane closures begin

Wrong neighborhood:

Biden says he won't ignore Texas Judge's ruling if it goes into effect

Fox host ghosted by execs after he suggested debunking election myths

From Stan Lee to DU--a memory from 2009 for those who do not remember

Hey, evangelicals!

Compilation -- funny cats

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 10, 2023)

GOP Rep Jim Jordan Will Hold Judiciary Hearing In NYC Over Manhattan District Attorney's Alleged 'Vi

Florida Lawmakers Choosing Trump Over DeSantis

Orcas come to investigate lone swimmer:

Thousands of Rutgers faculty go on unprecedented strike

Just like

Good God, CNN.

Lucy Dee dies of wounds three days after terror attack that killed her 2 daughters

A fixed monthly charge is coming to your electric bill. Will it make CA rates more affordable?

Biden administration says disregarding abortion pill ruling would set "dangerous precedent"

Biden's Digital Army

Super-rich abandoning Norway at record rate as wealth tax rises slightly

how many of u feel that there may be a new stonewall tavern uprising in our future?

Dalai Lama apologizes after video shows him kissing boy

More wild garlic.

Jeff Tiedrich substack:

Gun nuts after the recent school shooting: "We must keep our schools armed and secure as banks!"

Pigboy hit with FINAL WARNING from Fulton County Prosecutor

Stormy Monday Blues - Bobby 'Blue' Bland 🌌

Before Alito and Thomas, have SCOTUS justices ever openly encouraged legislation-challenging suits?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 10, 2023

Trump's 'Hacked' Prayer Call Was Actually Mike Flynn's Fault

30 poems in 30 days

Uh oh DeSantis can't be too happy

If sentenced to death in TN, would you prefer being shot, electrocuted, or "Lynched?"

Cartoons 4/10/2023

These voter suppression folks are still out there.

I KNOW Trump may never face prison time, but watching him flail about in a rage is its own reward.

Few Editorial Cartoons

"Unconscionable": Planned Parenthood's Alexis McGill Johnson Slams Texas Ruling on Abortion Pill

David Bowie and Moby - Cactus / Everyone Says Hi (Tonight Show 8/12/2002) + Moby on friendship w/DB

Angel: Jimi Hendrix (just him and his guitar)

Bonnie Raitt - Love Me Like A Man - Live ♥️

Can Someone Explain Why the Texas FDA Ruling Affects All States?

All the times Trump called for people to be locked up in 60 seconds

Cowboy Junkies: Sweet Jane (live on the Tonight Show 1989)

Woke NBA Shatters Record

The real cost of electing Republicans - Your children

White cisgendered male mass shooter in KY just murdered a bunch of people.

Dire Straits / Sting - Money For Nothing (Live Aid 1985)

Conman Thomas proves yet again we have

Jessica Mason Pieklo: Republicans' Anti-Abortion Moves Are Part of Wider "Authoritarian Movement"

Breaking: DOJ asks court in Washington mifepristone case to "clarify" its obligations under the orde

Trump appeals order for Pence to testify in Jan. 6 probe

Biden Judicial appointments being blocked

DeSantis wants to go after "suspect trans families" with new laws.

Bonus Quote of the Day

Queen - I Want to Break Free (Rock In Rio 1985)

Does anyone think Defendant Trump might have had anything to do with the leaked documents?

What Is the Comstock Act? Texas Judge Cites 1873 Anti-Obscenity Law to Halt Abortion Pill Approval

Wait, What? RNC to hold donor retreat in Nashville on Friday????!!!!!

Velvet-purple Coronet

US and Cuba to hold fresh round of migration talks this week

What we did/do for "beauty". Wire bra, girdles, spiked shoes, slept in curlers with wire brushes

What if those "highly classified pentagon documents" that were leaked came from

Marvel Studios' THE MARVELS - THE TRAILER (2023) Captain Marvel 2 Movie - In theaters 11/10/2023

Hotline Founder on the Struggle to Preserve Access to Abortion Pills Amid Relentless GOP Attacks

Opinion Social media is devastating teens' mental health. Here's what parents can do - Wen, WaPo

New York Gov. Hochul nominates Hon. Rowan D. Wilson for Chief Judge of NY's highest court

Don't be in a hurry to see Kevin gone!

Arizona Abortion Provider: Texas Ruling on Mifepristone Leaves Patients & Clinics "in Limbo"

Rutgers faculty go on strike, picket outside classes

Does Mike Pence really think he has a shot at becoming president?

Guy Gives Squirrel CPR

Jim Jordan Will Hold Judiciary Hearing In NYC Over Manhattan DA's Alleged 'Victims'

Stray Kitten Chooses a Family Who Loved Only Dogs, And Stole Their Hearts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China and who owns America's farmland....

Justice Dept. asks appeals court to block mifepristone abortion drug ruling that imperils access

CNN Bullet proof vests are no match for an AR-15. Me: Why are all police chiefs

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Ben Shapiro in mental gymnastics fail

Trump Appeals Order for Pence to Testify

How Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson Sold Chicago On 'Investing In People'

Want democracy? Then commit to American public schools.

Steve Schmidt explains the maga movement's latest attacks and how to STOP it- The Warning

BREAKING: No mass shootings in Cuba this year (and none since 1959)

I announce with a seriously grieving heart that Jean Luc crossed the rainbow bridge this morning

PA-SEN: Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Of Pennsylvania To Seek 4th Term

MyPillow Guy Makes Up Absurd Story About Democrats Switching Parties Over Trump Indictment - Farron

Come early for good seats!

Where does the Tennessee House Speaker actually live?

250 drug companies wrote BRUTAL letter condemning the Texas Judge's ruling banning mifepristone,

Two friends were denied care after Florida banned abortion. One almost died.

DOJ asks the 5th Circuit to stay Kacsmaryk's mifepristone order pending appeal.

Indiana House committee abandons contentious library materials amendment -- for now

Exploring Savathun's Throne world :Destiny 2

Elise Stefanik is a good example of how the RW media machine has twisted the nation

Today is the annual Spring Opening Of A Window.

TX: State Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) retains criminal defense lawyer in possible ethics investigation

El Salvador Megaprison - Inside the Largest Prison in the World Built to House 40000 Gang Members

If only...

So, is TFG releasing copies of his Mar-a-largo cache of TS doc to our friends and enemies now?

AZ: Justine Wadsack (R) said she 'barely' met with gun lobbyists, but her calendar shows otherwise

Arches NP and other sites in southeastern Utah

More Brain Work

Trump Appeals Decision Forcing Pence to Testify to Jan. 6 Grand Jury

Pa. Attorney Gen. Henry leads call for Biden to further increase access to contraception

How Dubois city manager allegedly stole thousands of taxpayer dollars with virtually no oversight

The winners of the ballot initiative demise? Chris McDaniel and abortion rights supporters

Trump's Favorability Plummets

Kentucky Gov. Beshear lost 'a very close friend' in Louisville shooting - MSNBC Reports

Virginia mom facing charges for 6-year-old who shot teacher

On this day, April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney announced that he was leaving The Beatles.

So MoscowMitch and Rand Paul

Conspiracy theorists made Tiffany Dover into an anti-vaccine icon. She's finally ready to talk about

The Philadelphia Board of Ethics just sued a super PAC supporting Jeff Brown for mayor

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Donna Deegan (D) leads Daniel Davis (R) in Jacksonville mayoral race, 54% to 46%

Opinion: Going to Disneyland isn't just a splurge. It's like buying a timeshare

Studios face turmoil and strife amid WGA negotiations. Not our problem, writers say

On this day, April 10, 1921, Chuck Connors was born.

With abortion pill access uncertain, 3 states strike deals to stock up

Iowa Supreme Court gears up to hear abortion rights case

Oblivious Fox Host Thinks Gun Control Protesters Are Too Violent - Ring of Fire

New Court of Appeals Order is DEVASTATING for Trump - Meidas Touch

Shooter at Bank in Louisville was live streaming. Authorities are trying

I was just watching Chelsea Handler tracing her roots through...

This week's major U.S. economic reports (April 10 -- April 14)

RIP Ian Bairnson. A song he wrote from the Alan Parsons Project.

my search for a tiny sink.

RFK Jr.'s 'disgusted' family unlikely to support his bid for president

TCM Schedule for Saturday April 15 -- Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood

Looks like the cops lied about the Nashville shooter having a "manifesto"

No city is safe, no school, no store, or bank. No club is safe, no place of worship is safe.

Supreme Court ruling takes on new relevance with Tennessee expulsions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Asa Hutchinson....

Egypt currency expected to fall significantly more than 10 percent

Nearing the 100-day benchmark, Republicans have few achievements

Trump Tops DeSantis In Florida

Statement from President Joe Biden on the Shooting in Louisville, Kentucky

SoCal's breathtaking superbloom is here. Mapping where to go, see amazing photos

Does anyone know how to write a book?

Don't Use Public Phone Charging Stations: FBI

Barefoot & Pregnant - Luckovich Cartoon

Danco, mifepristone manuacturer, to the 5th Circuit on Judge Kacsmaryk: HOW DARE HE?!?

Court: Teacher's Religious Rights Not Infringed by Trans Students' Names, Pronouns

93% Collapse, China's Financial Bloodbath; Gold Reserves Jump; Taiwan - China Update

Sen. Judiciary Committee will "hold a hearing regarding the need to restore confidence in SCOTUS

Dave Mason - Only You Know and I Know 💙

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 10, 2023

Jen Palmieri: Donald Trump knows he's vulnerable - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Citing TFG's attacks on hush money judge, court keeps E. Jean Carroll rape jury completely anonymous

Jes Staley loses bid to sever JP Morgan lawsuit from other Epstein legal cases

So what's the right wing's excuse this time?

Leo Frank's ghost still haunts us

(Jewish Group) Leo Frank's ghost still haunts us

The Twist

So WHO was the KY Bank Killer?

Army Increasingly Allows Soldiers Charged With Violent Crimes to Leave Rather Than Face Trial

Trump's own cabinet member turns on Trump on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

Michael Lerner, 'Barton Fink' Oscar nominee, dies at 81

What event defined your generation.

Just sent Ted Cruz an email.

Why Conservative Judges Keep Calling Abortion Providers "Abortionists"

thoughts on the 6 yo shooter's mom, indicted today.

Fox Begs Judge To Ban Any Mention Of Capitol Riot During Defamation Trial - Farron Balanced

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Bravo Gregg Popovich! You rock!

Three trans girls playing sports is an emergency for Kansas Republicans

"So in other words, when a Republican is president, we get these NUTS on the bench for LIFETIME...

No More Cry- D51

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is GOD.

State Department designates Evan Gershkovich as wrongfully detained by Russia

Vote to reinstate.

Here's What Happened After Clarence Thomas' Benefactor Let Scholars Dine Near His Nazi Memorabilia

Michael Steele: Stop *sanitizing* the massacre of innocents. Do what Mamie Till did.

Ayumi Hamasaki -Dearest

LIVE STREAM Nashville Metro Council - Reinstatement of Justin Jones

Was wondering why we Democrats don't judge-shop gun control, LGBT rights, anti discrimination cases?

The TN GOP FAFO. Protests in Nashville are continuing today, April 10, 2023.

Mastodon Meme:

Sailing Day- Bump of Chicken

I know that everybody has seen this by now, but....

How young voters are proving crucial in an 'off-off year' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Justin Jones was just sent back to the Tennessee House (36-0)

*****Breaking News*****Nashville Council Votes To Reinstate Justin Jones

Senate panel urges US chief justice to probe trips by Thomas

Florida Woman Denied Abortion Miscarried in Hair Salon Bathroom, Lost Half Her Blood

Justin Jones Reappointed.

Another right wing nut that needs a little visit from the FBI

Ai Otsuka -Frienger

Ousted Tennessee legislator Justin Jones reinstated after Nashville council vote

Louisville gunman live-streamed deadly shooting spree - MSNBC Reports

Montana abortion proposal met with preemptive lawsuit

San Diego Roman Catholic Diocese landholdings plummeted in 2019 when new law passed.

Boo Boo is Accused of a Cover-up

Feinstein's continued absence is impacting judicial nominees

Thanks so much to everyone on my other thread about my gato Jean Luc passing

What an AR15 does.

White House Launching $5 Billion Vaccine Program

Montana Republicans aim to change election rules -- for one key Senate race

What? One is not enough, you say? Okay, will two in the same city on the same day do it?

John Brennan: Human sources' 'lives may be at risk now' because of classified docs leak - MSNBC

Expelled Tennessee Democrat Says GOP Is Threatening to Cut Local Funding If He's Reinstated

Arizona club-hopper nets six-figure settlement after cops wrongfully accused her of hit-and-run

BREAKING: Tennessee court BLOCKS law that would cut the size of Nashville's Metro Council.

Dianne Feinstein's prolonged absence puts Biden-appointed judges on hold

How many MAGATs have put testicles on their trucks????

Reframing gender affirming health care in light of Republican bans

Pair of goldfinches found the little feeder under my flower pot

One Angry Man (About Abbott wanting to pardon convicted murderer)

What was the point TN was trying to make by expelling them?

this crash happened not far from me. knuckleheads race at 100 mph. guess who emerges uninjured?

Brother Jones sworn in on Capitol steps

Watch Nashville march Justin Jones back to State House for swearing in!

Do folks sometimes forget that real people have to actually do jobs for them to be done?

Archaeologists revisit Jersey's Neanderthal site

Do you want to (Claim) to be a Billionaire financer?

Found this on Facebook from a friend of mine, re: Justin Pearson

'Hubble trouble' could deepen with new measurement of the universe's expansion

Best starting lineup of all time

Judge refuses to loosen anonymous jury rules in Trump case citing his recent attacks

Remember how a judge ordered a TX county to return banned books?

Hope Joan Baez writes a song for the Tennessee Three.

WOW. Rep. Justin Jones is leading a march with thousands of people back to the TN Capitol building

Deer has formed a bond with this woman unlike any other

Explain it to me like I am 5.

Here's the moment @brotherjones_ walked back onto the house floor arm in arm with @VoteGloriaJ, fist

Which Judges on the Fifth Circuit will rule on the appeal?

Joan Baez - Woodstock

Matt Gaetz shows just how stupid he is again...

Texas added 1,582MW of solar & 205MW of storage in March!

House Progressives Revive Legislation to 'Cut Child Poverty by Nearly Two-Thirds'

Trump Stuns America With Disturbingly Angry Easter Message - Ring of Fire

To be safe, Texas Senate again approves political district maps

Tesla to build Shanghai factory to make Megapack batteries

Rep. Jones walking into house chambers-- supporters chanting "welcome home"

Scoppio del Carro

Random flowers from today --

Charging the Parents when the kid is the shooter.

Egypt secretly planned to supply rockets to Russia, leaked U.S. document says

My Bombay kitty ran away today

Kentucky governor: 'A close friend didn't make it today'

Al Jaffee, longtime Mad magazine cartoonist, dies at 102

Cat Tales - a Nova program

So, Lauren Boebert's son is driving recklessly, high as a kite...

'Suck my tongue': Dalai Lama lambasted after video shows him kiss young boy on lips

'We Shall Overcome': Joan Baez Embraces Tennessee Dem After Powerful Performance

FELONY for Officer - Official Oppression and Excessive Force (LackLuster)

Can we agree the right seriously sucks at boycotting???

Smug Tennessee Republican Gets CRUSHED