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Trump's New Accounting Firm Agrees to Respond to New York AG Subpoena

CO: Former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters sentenced to four months home detention in obstruction case

Celebrate 4️⃣1️⃣0️⃣ Day, Baltimore's unofficial holiday,

Back Door Slam, "Coming Up For Air" & "Saving Myself". Blues rock and a country blues solo vid

The orange worm to re-enter the Big Apple Thurs.

Florida GOP House member calls members of trans community 'demons,' 'mutants'

IA: Reynolds' proposed funding for pregnancy centers divides health advocates

Jim Jordan subpoenas FBI director Wray

Maricopa County election investigation: Ballots were too long, paper too heavy for printers

News & Commentary April 7, 2023

D.C.-area forecast: Big warm-up this week, with 80s starting Wednesday

Drug Company Leaders Condemn Ruling Invalidating F.D.A. Approval of Abortion Pill

The man who saw Trump coming: Wayne Barrett warned us decades ago

Bang Bang Boebert cries "terrorism" after students shut down transphobic speech

AZ: Gila River Indian Community receives $233M in water conservation, infrastructure funding

'Don't be fooled': Alvin Bragg shreds Gym Jordan over planned field hearing in Manhattan

Teaching Menstruation Basics with Kimberly Clark - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

MLK's heirs!

KS: Kansas City Democrat risks exile from party after vote on transgender athletes

In two rulings, NC Supreme Court finds no racial discrimination in jury selection

The last five presidential portraits

Success of Nebraska proposal to restrict gender-affirming care might hinge upon amendment

Gretchen Whitmer

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey orders stockpile of abortion medication

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a win in Nashville....

Ousted Tennessee representative Justin Jones reinstated, returns to session - The Beat - MSNBC

We are doomed

The MAGA zombies who jump in

3 Trump stories: an anonymous jury; Barr says Trump's sunk; a last-ditch attempt to silence Pence

The Army increasingly allows soldiers charged with violent crimes to leave the military rather than

Christian preacher prays that people who support indictment of Trump experience 'sudden deaths'

Al Jaffee, longtime Mad magazine cartoonist, dead at 102

Major Victory: AFGE, VA Agree to Roll Over Largest Union Contract in Government

Are all these corrupt acts meant to acclimatize us to corruption?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

David Lurie: The federal judiciary's grave legitimacy crisis

Republicans are a mess right now, and voters know it. Does the party?

It's the Vietnam War


Rep. Maxwell Frost: Time is not on the GOP's side - Deadline - MSNBC

Spring is here!

It. Is. The. Fucking. Guns. Period. Why do gunners rights have precedence over

"Idiot Wind" - Lucinda Williams (Dylan cover)

Are you folks watching Rachel?

"Not Dark Yet" - Lucinda Williams (Dylan cover)

I'm pretty sure Ron DeSatan has no idea the Mickey Mouse has only lost one court case...

You Get What You Give - New Radicals

Interesting prediction re. the abortion pill case.

To our serious History buffs, teachers/professors: is there any country that fought off ....

10 Apr: Ukrainians destroy Russian snipers in Bakhmut - Reporting from Ukraine

The Real-World Costs of the Digital Race for Bitcoin

Biden ends COVID national emergency after Congress acts

They really care about children, DON'T they?

Justin Jones Delivers A Masterclass - TYT Investigates

Tuesday's digit - 10/10: Cherish this day, best of spring on display, before it quickly goes away.

dear du california group, i posted a while ago a vid showing a trip down market st sf ca.

Hochul Nominates Liberal Rowan Wilson for Chief Judge

Gov. Whitmer: The people have spoken--and they expect abortion rights - All In - MSNBC

Republican scheme in Tennessee backfires with huge update - Brian Tyler Cohen

Scoop: Nikki Haley campaign memo rips Trump "drama"

Fox "News'" OTHER Defamation Lawsuit gets MASSIVE Update - Meidas Touch

You've voted this soaring concerto as the nation's favourite piece of classical music,

Tennessee lawmaker heading back to House after GOP members expelled him

400 million guns. 330 million people. Nothing to see here.

TN Dems Reinstated After Racists Expel Them - Raw News And Politics

Marjorie Greene and MAGA Nut Clash, Gets Personal! - Luke Beasley

In Case Florida's Immigrants Need a Reminder What DeSantis REALLY Thinks of Them

Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something

Santana - Evil Ways - Live, Woodstock 🎸

When you're poor vs when you're rich (by the late Jack Davis)

Republican Lawmakers Increase Their Food Allowance After Cutting School Lunch Program - Ring of Fire

Probably the greatest version of Rite Of Spring I've ever heard

Emergency Button?

Yet again, Justin Townes Earl

Tiffany Dover: Nurse targeted by anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist speaks out - All In - MSNBC

Thus just in. Rather, this just on.🤭 Mozart: 'Clarinet Concerto', Sabine Meyer on clarinet.

A few weeks before JTE OD'd, he did this interview.

Democrats slam Texas abortion pill ruling - CBS News

Remember the Congressional Stock Trading legislation that disappeared?

Of 350+ Children Tested In US Virgin Islands, 51% Tested Positive For Dengue Antibodies

C&L: Effed Around & Found Out -- TN House Speaker Might Not Live In His Own District!

Number of Americans supporting decision to charge Trump rises - Morning Joe - MSNBC

1,000s Of Saguaro Cacti In Arizona Killed By Heat, Drought, Above All Fires From Invasive Grasses

Article from MsMagazine written before the wacko judge made his ruling

Death toll grows in Louisville, Kentucky bank shooting - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

America's new, old racial moment

Judge considering banning all diamond shaped pills made with blue colorant


Jon Stewart Shreds 'Corrupt' Pentagon During Scathing Defense Secretary Interview - Majority Report

lesson # 5,657,482 in- dont piss off the artists.

Year 13 Of Chilean Megadrought - 1 Million+ Acres Of Forest Burned, Mostly Monoculture; 26 Deaths

Goldfinch - first attempt at acrylic painting


For anyone in need of calming...

Justin Jones reinstated to Tennessee legislature after expulsion by Republicans - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Mastodon: All we had to do was overturn Roe v. Wade

Elon Musk's Twitter is now recommending Kremlin-linked accounts to users after restricting them

Kimmel: Trump's Unhinged Easter Message & Majority of Americans Believe He Intentionally Broke the

PA: Grassroots Progressive Group Endorses Gym, Innamorato

New article by David Corn on Thomas and the billionaire benefactor

Young Voters Came Out Big In PA In 2022

Mifepristone and the rule of law, part II

PA: Lancaster County board of elections to vote on ballot curing measure

DLCC Celebrates 100 Days Into the 2023-24 Election Cycle

One of the anti-GMO nutcase gurus finally gets slammed, and with evidence.

I did not answer this call at work today...

PA: Kimberly Wheeler's Name Will Not Appear On Democratic Ballot In Souderton School Board Primary

Netanyahu Reverses Firing of Israeli Defense Minister

New Push To Let Pa. Voters Decide State's Minimum Wage

Lawrence O'Donnell: TN Dem Justin J. Pearson echoes Dr. King's voice of hope - The Last Word - MSNBC

NH: House passes cannabis legalization bill, sends measure to Senate

"Why I decided to shoot all my Bud Light: A letter to my 'woke' liberal neighbors"

NY: Rowan Wilson picked to be chief judge, as Hochul eyes Caitlin Halligan for associate judge

NY: Queens DA challenger rallies with grassroots supporters at Borough Hall Monday

The Gamer Girl

I have recurrent breast cancer

Destruction of the Amazon Is Result of Organized Crime, Says Police Chief Saraiva

Less than half say next vehicle is an EV: AP-NORC/EPIC poll

Brazil Has Lost Thousands of Lives to Climate Negligence, Says Rio's Environment Secretary

'Democracy is losing in Tennessee,' says expelled Rep. Justin J. Pearson - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden's ancestral Irish hometown prepares for president's visit

NY-03: Republican candidate announces congressional campaign to challenge George Santos

Twitter Circle tweets are not that private anymore

Documents Link Deaths of Indigenous Children to Mining Dredgers

'Ridiculously ashamed.' KCK man with long list of convictions sentenced in Capitol riot (4 months)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about confusion, conflation, and currency....

Florida 'abduction' bill? Opponents call it 'legal kidnapping.' What does the bill say?

North Carolina Supreme Court's GOP majority last week allowed prosecutors to exclude a Black woman

A tulip I brought in from the garden today

US Arrests One of the Army Officers Accused of the El Mozote Massacre

Cuba announces surprise reversal of US dollar deposit ban

Uncle Clarence's best bud is an avid fan of Nazi Memorabilia:

Why Does Gov. Abbott Want to Pardon A Murder For Killing A BLM Protester?

Drug companies slam Texas judge's ruling on abortion pill

Justin Jones on statehouse speaker Sexton: 'We must hold him accountable' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Colombian convicted for racism directed at nation's Black VP

Eyeing re-election, Ted Cruz seeks to burnish a bipartisan image

Scientists Confirm Plastic Is a New Threat to the Andean Condor in Peru

TX Gov. Abbott seeking to pardon man convicted of killing a BLM protester - The ReidOut - MSNBC

George Santos claims without evidence that Democrats are 'trying to ban toilet paper'

Fifty Years After Chile's Coup, The First Year Of Popular Unity - OpEd

What "Ancient" Chinese Sounded Like - and how we know

Killed BLM protester's family reacts to Texas governor's plans to pardon man responsible - CNN

5-year-old girl killed in shooting on I-880 in Fremont: CHP

Military: Syria rocket attack on US base nets no casualties

Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia Which Killed Over 25,000 People is Showing Signs of Increased Ac

Five killed in Louisville shooting - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Facebook Meme:

CA: Judge Releases Names of 17 Antioch Police Officers Accused in Racist Text Scandal

Florida Republican apologizes after calling transgender people 'mutants'

Hounded by baseless voter fraud allegations, an entire county's election staff quits in Virginia

Moon, Captured

Mexican TikToker shares Maya language with new generations

Kara Swisher breaks down the latest on Elon Musk and Twitter - One-on-One - The 11th Hour

The Hidden Radicalism Of The Abortion Pill Ruling

A Tennessee RNC member says vote to expel 2 Democratic lawmakers over a gun control protest hurt the

Crybaby destroys Jack Daniels collection for going "woke"

NBA Coach goes OFF SCRIPT and utterly DESTROYS Republicans by name during press conference - Meidas Touch

Tupperware stock plunges after warning it could go out of business

Heads-up, FOX-News ...

An ad on AccuWeather just now is trying to get me interested in a

The Last Thing: Popovich's plea - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

American and East Asian React to ASIAN STEREOTYPES! (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American)

U.S. scrambles as classified documents detailing military intelligence are leaked online - PBS NewsHour

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 - Official Trailer (2023) Star Wars Celebration 2023

Texas Judge Issues APPALLING Ruling that FURTHERS GOP Extreme Agenda - Talking Feds

Who the Fuck was the adult that got the little kids to do this??????

GOP's legislative answer to gun violence: more guns, looser laws - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Troll Hunter -full length movie

Biden's 'social media army:' New digital strategy uses influencers to reach voters - CNBC Television

Anti-abortion GOP in Iowa takes radical turn with special cruelty to rape victims - Rachel Maddow

Iowa Republicans want to change how voters elect supervisors in Democratic-leaning counties

Washington state comes to aid of women endangered by Idaho's radical anti-abortion laws - Rachel Maddow

Keyboard Warrior Trump Became A Complete Coward When He Had To Face Judge - Farron Balanced

Ret. Gen. Ben Hodges: 'Ukraine will liberate Crimea by the end of August if...' - DW News

Reconstruction continues at the Cathedral of Notre Dame 4 years after fire - 60 Minutes (2 videos)

Fabulous RuPublicans

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/10/23

Biden visits Belfast to commemorate Northern Ireland's peace deal - FRANCE 24

Funeral service for victims of inhumane and racist research

A major UCLA study says that at least 65 species of animals laugh

Polish-Armenian team discovers 'Golden tomb' dating back 3,200 years

Clues to the Lives of North America's First Inhabitants Are Hidden Underwater

Russia: huge cloud of ash rises from erupting Shiveluch volcano - Guardian News

Biden heads to Ireland today

Olmec 'Earth Monster' Illegally Taken to US Will Be Repatriated to Mexico

I guess it's progress that the media are taking Christian nationalists to task for the R's horrible

Carmen Ilizarbe: 'The Boluarte government can never have social legitimacy'

Taliban ban women from restaurants and green spaces in Afghanistan - WION

Ancient Europeans Took Hallucinogenic Drugs 3,000 Years Ago

Deforestation Is Linked to Lower Rainfall, Study Says

On this day, April 11, 1966, Frank Sinatra recorded "Strangers in the Night."

See How History's Great Artists Painted Their Dogs

45s favorability collapses to 25%

New Evidence Found for Stone Age Children, Thought Lost to Time

Antony Blinken to visit Vietnam as Asia tensions flare - WION

AZ-SEN: Republican Sheriff Mark Lamb of Arizona files to run for Senate

Severed hands unearthed at ancient Egyptian site may have been battle trophies

PAC backing Jeff Brown in Philadelphia mayor race ordered to stop spending

On April 5, 1942, Allan Clarke of The Hollies was born.

another Catholic University will cease operations. Milwaukee's Cardinal Stritch University

On this day, April 11, 1966, the last new episode of "Hullabaloo" was broadcast.

Ukraine obliterated main supply line near Bakhmut. Russian reinforcements cut off.- The Russian Dude

Wordle 661 4/11 ***Spoiler Thread***

30 poems in 30 days -- April, National Poetry Month

On this day, April 11, 1727, Johann Sebastian Bach dropped the St Matthew Passion.

Bologna market

On this day, April 11, 1945, American forces liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Birds & Cherry Blossoms

The Shame of America

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, April 11, 2023

Breakfast Tuesday April 11 2023

Resolution calling for Congress to ratify the ERA clears Michigan House...


Texas Rep Boycotts Bud Light in Favor of Beer Owned by Same Company

Louisville gunman opened fire during staff meeting

Reinstated Tennessee lawmaker Justin Jones says he'll continue to call for gun reform

Yes, Americans Can Travel to Cuba in 2023. Here's How

4 Dead, Including 2 Children, After Fla. Shooting on Easter: 'It's Heart Wrenching'

any politics girls fans here?

Walmart rushed to remove this shirt from sale

It's baseball season!

Has anyone else noticed how badly the anti-GMO "crusade" has burned out?

Alito (and Thomas) has got some flip-flopping to do on FDA ruling

Can someone explain in a way my pea brain can understand why Democrats can't

It's time to stage an intervention for the American people.

California will stockpile 2 million doses of abortion pills

As someone born and raised in a small rural area, I believe I am qualified to comment on

Al Jaffee, Mad Magazine Legend, Dies at 102

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/5/23

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 4/2-4/8/2023

The Rundown: April 11, 2023

Lauren Boebert's Eldest Son's Car Wreck Injured Friend, Led to Criminal Charges

Courtroom sketch of cheerful, relaxed Defendant featured on this week's cover of The New Yorker:

"I have received almost an email every minute since Thursday asking me to reappoint Rep Justin Jones

TX: Complaint alleges Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) had "inappropriate relationship" with an intern

A word to the sanctimonious, both humour and irony, are in play here -

Pressured by Their Base on Abortion, Republicans Strain to Find a Way Forward

It's not the GOP elected officials' fault...

For Biden, an Era When Treaties Are More Likely to Be Broken Than Brokered

House Majority PAC announces a $35 million Battleground California Fund program for 2024

The unmitigated gall of this man.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) announces she has Parkinson's Disease.

Twitter RSS reader compatibility killed

Trump's favorability rating dropped to 25%!

Lead poisoning...from gunshot wounds

US, Philippines launch war drills across disputed South China Sea


If judges are going to start taking drugs off the market, we know where they need to start

Have you heard the one about a moose walking into a hospital?

Revised Plan for Justice System in Mississippi Capital Leaves Same Bitter Divide

Whole Foods closes San Francisco flagship store after one year, citing crime

Shocking $1.8 Trillion Warning of China's Slowdown; Chinese Economy & Infrastructure - China Update

Popular handgun fires without anyone pulling the trigger, victims say

Lasse Wellander of Abba dies

Opinion: Meet the young Democrats waging war on MAGA from behind enemy lines

change of paper in AZ caused printer problems

Mansplaining GOP Rep Tony Gonzales Thinks It's Time to 'Get Off' the Abortion Issue

IMF cuts GDP forecasts, says global economy heading for weakest growth since 1990

Documents in abortion pill lawsuit raise questions about ex-husband's claims

But It's Alright

The Meaning of an Awesome Employment Report - Paul Krugman

Joss Stone has a birthday today.

Taiwanese are rushing to buy patches being worn by their air force pilots

Lesley Stahl Theater with Paula Poundstone - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

Guess who is no longer a kitten!

Watch out for Thrift Savings Plan underreporting of distributions!

Republicans Start To Panic As Their Trump Monster Becomes Uncontrollable - Farron Balanced

New poll finds majority of Louisiana voters support abortion rights

101 days, 146 mass shootings in America.

Spotted going through security at the DC federal courthouse: Stephen Miller.

Sweden-Hungary relationship at an all-time low - Andrzej Sadecki - TVP World

'Gang of Eight' now has access to classified documents found at Trump, Biden and Pence homes

Something may START happening in GA case in the middle of May?

Developed during the war: Ukraine's 'Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened'

Keith Olberman has signed with Buchwald......

Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton announces she has Parkinson's disease

Trump Ignores Deadline for Personal Financial Disclosure to FEC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Thomas, vacations, and the Judiciary Committee....

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes cannot remain free during appeal, judge rules

Monsutāhantā Yui and team faces off against Diablos, Monster Hunter World

Abortion Pill Ruling May Face Headwinds at the Supreme Court

Election-denying former Colorado clerk Tina Peters avoids jail

More Brain Work 2

HuffPo: Trump Scrambling To Stop Pence Testimony

Wow, what a trip!

Sovereign Citizens Turn on Each Other Over $200K Fake License Plates

So those racists in my state legislature expelled two Black men,

To comply with a new sesame allergy law, some businesses add -- sesame

Proud Boys leaders' Jan. 6 sedition trial inches to a close

YouTube rolls out Sunday Ticket package for $249 bucks...

Democrats choose Chicago as the site of the 2024 convention

Manhattan DA CALLS OUT GOP for Latest SCHEME and False Propaganda

Term limits for the Supreme Court? Yes -- it's constitutional, and it's high time

One of my favorite western films.

Pentagon leak appears to have been initially shared on the video game chat platform Discord

R.I.P. the great Al Jaffee of MAD magazine

Trump's Latest Accounting Gambit Just Failed

Chicago to host 2024 Democratic Convention

Abortion pill decision: Medical abortions will just be more painful

"Don't Say Period": Now Florida wants to ban students from discussing menstruation

Bryan Slaton (Texas State Rep and former S.Baptist Youth Pastor) and an intern?

Manhattan District Attorney shuts down Jim Jordan in brutal takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Metrolink, Amtrak to resume full passenger train service through San Clemente

Morning Joe

American manufacturing on the rise again

Pigeons to the slaughter: How Petoskey helped hunt the passenger pigeon to extinction

I'm Back - Royal Deluxe

When my son was in High School the Sociology teacher slipped in, as a guest speaker,

Back in the Saddle Again - Aerosmith


Sanna Marin is the right person to preside over the European Council. But would she want to?

For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield 🔆

Crazy Train - Ozzy

Jim Jordan Abuses His Power By Attacking Colleges For Fighting Disinformation - Farron Balanced

People Find Dolphin Trapped In Shallow Water

Planet Caravan - Pantera

Senate Will Vote on Trump's 'Defund the FBI' Proposal

"Unstable": I'm thinking that the inspiration for "The Twins" was Stank and Choad!

Congress Gets Classified Docs from Trump, Biden

These Are America's Most Gorgeous Botanical Gardens

Don't Tread on me?

"The Last Supper" before prison Meme

Philly sheriff used money meant to hire deputies for executive raises, tried to double her salary

Thoughts on Ana Cabrera and the supposed change at MSNBC toward straight news

This is horrible. I couldn't watch it, but the friend who sent it was in tears.

Stephen Miller Appears Before Federal Grand Jury

Looks like "I AM YOUR RETRIBUTION" isn't winning over a lot of Independent & Democratic voters.

Ohio AG Yost signs on to try to stop billions in student loan debt from being forgiven

Advocates warn that voters could more easily fall off the rolls under a new GOP election bill

Two GOP Texas House members call for Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) to resign

The NRA is opposed to background checks because people who shouldn't have guns buy the most guns.

NJ-GOV: Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop announces run for governor in 2025

14 Essential Black-Owned Restaurants to Know and Love in Houston

NJ: Emails from election law watchdog reveal fixation on LGBTQ community

Ohio sues charity, accusing it of pocketing donations meant for East Palestine residents

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 11, 2023)

Middle Age Riot tweet--word search:

Federal agencies lag in registering voters despite Biden executive order, advocates say

Tennessee Democrats push to bring second expelled lawmaker back to House

AZ: Anti-porn bill fails after Republicans question its constitutionality

Marvel Studios' #TheMarvels, only in theaters November 10.

Leaked US intel: Russia operatives claimed new ties with UAE

Bill to make 'Glock switches' illegal introduced in Alabama House

Alabama lawmaker files bill requiring inclusive teaching of history

South Korea says a 'considerable amount' of the leaked Pentagon documents are fabricated

Sinema's Senate Seat Draws First Major Republican Contender

Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds 🕊 🕊

Dick Durbin Stop The Blue Slip Scam

TN: Bill limiting DCS ability to seek vaccinations for juvenile justice, foster kids draws alarm

Matt Gaetz Goes on Unhinged Rant About Louisville Shooting, Declares Democrats and Big Pharma Are 'U

IN: Senate passes bill requiring schools notify parents of transgender student requests

Okay I come online this AM and my screens pops up with a message about AI...

Despite setbacks, resolution calling for Congress to ratify the ERA clears Michigan House

Hundreds of charges laid, 173 guns seized in firearm trafficking operation, police say

Shop keepers let a bird take sanctuary in a hailstorm:

DeSantis declares "Superior Authority" Amendment over Disney's Reedy Creek

Former Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters Sentenced to Home Detention and Community Service

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 11, 2023

CO-03: Groups already targeting Boebert seat in 2024

Michael Steele on Republican message: We don't accept uppity black men in this chamber.

Roadblock in Tanzania:

MI-SEN: James Craig Weighs Senate Bid in Michigan

Disney should pack up and leave Florida!

'Straight Pride' organizer indicted by federal grand jury for alleged role in January 6 insurrection

OH-SEN: Second Republican files paperwork to take on Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio


CT joins challenge to Texas judge's ruling on abortion pill

Lawmaker Apologizes for Calling Transgenders 'Demons'

An unusually cute roadblock:

Whole Foods in Downtown San Francisco Closes Due to Spiraling Crime

Debate begins this week on Nebraska abortion ban timed to cardiac activity

A boy and his dog:

Post-sex pill seen as new tool to fight rising STD rates

Rhode Island joins fight back against decision to block medication abortion access

No Justin, No Peace: Expelled TN Rep. Justin Jones Reinstated After Unanimous Nashville Council Vote


Jurors never heard of accomplice letter in death row case

Pacific Surfliner, Metrolink to resume service between San Diego, Orange Counties

Louisville shooting live updates: AR-15 bought legally, death toll climbs to 5

Jersey City mayor announces Democratic bid for governor

Next abortion battles may be among states with clashing laws

Postscript to my son's story of challenging the Sociology Teacher

Florida House set to take up six week abortion limit

Ha ha, I just hate when the temps soar to the 80's when normal temps for this time of year are

Hindenburg: The New Evidence Full Documentary NOVA PBS Mar 22, 2023 (Aired May 19, 2021)

Obamacare ruling, Medicaid overhaul could trigger an HIV resurgence

GOP Texas Gov. Moves to Pardon Man Convicted of Murdering Black Lives Matter Protester

Pa. launches abortion access website in wake of Texas ruling against abortion medication

Kellyanne "concerned...the left becomes turnout machine w-young people"

Interesting interview with the marketing manager at OM Systems . . .

Has anyone seen Transatlantic on Netflix?

WV regulators to hear proposal to keep power plant open

These Tweet from Ted Cruz aged like milk

Change a dog breed into a predatory animal We have a winner! beagle to eagle

Michigan GOP may scrap 2024 primary for closed caucus. That could help Trump

Senate to vote on measure condemning Trump's call to 'defund' DOJ, FBI

WI: Republicans face the music after their Wisconsin Supreme Court loss

Tressie McMillan Cottom: Why I Keep My Eyes -- and My Mind -- on the South

WI: Madison City Council races see close margins, big shakeup

A mother's love:

FL: Forced pregnancy act? Democrats float amendments to 6-week abortion ban

For Calvin and Hobbes fans

Kevin McCarthy keeps finding new ways to be bad at his job

Happy tails to you:

FL: Partisan School Board elections bill heads to Senate floor

Federally inventoried toxic chemical releases driven by coal-fired plants increased in WV

What Leaked Pentagon Docs Show About Ukraine War, U.S. Spying on Allies

Donors rally to Daniel Davis (R) in Jacksonville mayoral race

judiciary chair dick durbin's letter to john roberts re clarence thomas & confidence in SCOTUS

Molly Jong-Fast: Between the Tennessee Three, Abortion, and Trump, the GOP Just Loves Losing

Cries of 'Death to the Jews' Heard at Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Berlin

Do me now:

NE: Mayoral candidates in Lincoln urged to drop the dirty politics, have a real conversation

Thomas Zimmer: There Are No Decisive Victories for Democracy to Be Had Yet

Get Together - The Youngbloods 🌟

When Hollywood Speaks Chinese, I Cringe Video Essay

PA: Lehigh County: Who's Running For Office?

Experiments with the new macro lens.

What do you have a fear of? Mine is a tie between clowns and the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz

Lawmakers must protect access to abortion pill

PA-SEN: Casey running gives Democrats another battleground incumbent

Cartoons 4-11-2023

Bette Midler song parody

Where does the Tennessee House Speaker actually live?

Bridge work to hold up U.S. 2 traffic near Gold Bar this week

Breaking - several people shot at a funeral home

Breaking - several people shot at a funeral home

Robert Reich on Mastodon:

Why some Asian accents swap Ls and Rs in English

Women's dignity will be lost if mifepristone ban upheld

They're Selling Nudes of Imaginary Women on Reddit -- and It's Working

Including context to Justice Thomas' gift explanation

Should pillow fighting be an Olympic sport?

Disturbing New Details Emerge of Louisville Shooter's Livestreamed Carnage

Racism warps Tennessee politics, U.S. gun policies

I can't see where paying hush money is illegal, so

Third Anniversary of the Signal Press

Salon - Florida GOP election bill aims to make it harder for Gen Z to vote

I'm not able to post replys today. Is anyone else having that problem?

Buy an electric vehicle now or wait? Here's how to decide.

Radley Balko: The smearing of Garrett Foster

Over 66,000 People Couldn't Get An Abortion In Their Home State After Dobbs

Tupperware may close up shop!

US, Philippines hold largest war drills near disputed waters

I agree w/Thom Hartmann, Dems needs to pursue Ginni since there will be no...

Pentagon leak traced to video game chat group users arguing over war in Ukraine

DeSantis goes after Fed digital currency - which doesn't exist yet

Meet the young Democrats waging war on MAGA from behind enemy lines

Philip Bump Mastodon meme:

Tennessee governor calls for lawmakers to pass red flag law

Anyone can claim to be a journalist or a news organization, and publish lies with almost total impun

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 12: Studio Contract Players: Cagney, Flynn, Raft

Twitt*er, Inc. no longer exists, and that it's been subsumed by X Corp

Texas Lawmaker Allegedly Invited Underage Intern Over to Drink, Gave Her 'Loyalty Test'

It's not about babies. Abortion restrictions are about power.

Brain work, geometry edition

4 people shot, 1 dead as they were leaving a funeral in Washington

As Book Banning Becomes More Popular, Experts Say Some Libraries Will Just Close

'COVID is over'

Judge bars Dominion from mentioning Jan. 6 riot in Fox defamation trial

Bragg Sues Jim Jordan in Move to Block Interference in Trump Case

Substack notes is now open - competition to twitter?

U.S.-Born Children, Too, Were Separated From Parents at the Border

BRAGG is suing Jim JORDAN and House Republicans for attacks on Trump prosecution

Documentary: Human Resources - Social Engineering In The 20th Century

I thought at first no foot had trod

Chicago to host 2024 Democratic National Convention

Moms for Liberty members have been linked to incidents of harassment and threats around the country

Pending abortion ban can't be prevented, Montana judge rules

Under KY law the bank shooters AR-15 will be auctioned off.

Tennessee underscores role of state legislatures as political battlegrounds

Manhattan DA sues Rep. Jordan over Trump indictment inquiry

CA-47: Rouda drops out of California race to replace Porter after brain injury

Popular handgun fires without anyone pulling the trigger, victims say

Trump fan gets 4-year sentence for hitting officers with a fire extinguisher on Jan. 6

Ukrainian hackers say they have compromised Russian spy who hacked Democrats in 2016

Couple Travels Thousands Of Miles To Adopt This Puppy

2 Pinellas men challenged 7 books, but don't want them banned. Here's why.

Ron DeSantis Desperate For Wingnut Students, Faculty To Come To Nice Little College He Wrecked

We Might Soon Be Able to See Missing Ripples in Spacetime

The United States of Vigilantes

Aoife O'Donovan thread. She sings like bells ringing

The Republican AGs are seeking to intervene in the Washington case in order to challenge

Scientists Just Used The Most Powerful Space Telescope Ever Built to Look at Uranus

St. Louis' Becky Sauerbrunn, soccer's Captain America, fights for women's and trans rights

sometimes it's what you don't say that rings loudest

Freezing Cold Cryovolcano Erupts From Comet

A modest proposal for anyone with influence on a major corporate employer:

AOL-Don't be fooled, the House GOP is coming to the safest big city in America for a political stunt

Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton reveals Parkinson's diagnosis

Oh, so now red flag laws and background checks are a good thing?

AJC: Atlanta loses bid for Democratic National Convention to Chicago

Does quantum physics places any limits...

Steve Schmidt explains how the Republican Party became the party of American fascists The Warning

"The President always pays for the pint."

Lucky Hank anyone??? It's on AMC on Sunday night.

BREAKING: Manhattan DA Bragg sues Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan - MSNBC Reports

Alvin Bragg Appreciation Thread

Biden calls family of reporter detained as spy in Russia

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump appealing and a theory....

Shooting at D.C. funeral home leaves one dead, three wounded - MSNBC Reports

"Dominion can't bring up January 6 at Fox News defamation trial, judge rules"

I am tired of republicans taking up space on my TV.

Biden has landed in Northern Ireland

Oh, good. They've now built ChatGPT into eyewear you can chat with.

Drop some 411 on us. I'll start

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 11, 2023

Most leading Republicans remain quiet on abortion pill ruling as Democrats blast decision

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Chicago will host 2024 Democratic National Convention - MSNBC Reports

The Case of the Fake Sherlock

A couple of baby pics of the birthday boy

Josh Hawley, wife Erin at center of TX abortion drug ban

The first time I went to Ireland..(I know Joe Biden is feeling a commonality today)

Federal Judge Issues NEW ORDER on Trump's DANGEROUS Conduct - Meidas Touch

Jim Jordan slammed with surprise legal bombshell - Brian Tyler Cohen

Texas Man Who Sued Over His Ex-Wife's Abortion Appears to Be a Lying Creep

Christian Nationalist Judge Strikes Down FDA-Approved Abortion Pill for Brazenly Ideological Reasons

Yahoo Finance-Fed's Williams: The Fed has its 'work cut out' bringing down inflation

Jan. 6 rioter sentenced to four years for hitting officers with fire extinguisher - MSNBC Reports

Bwahahaha....Trump claims New York court staff cried and apologized

Everyone Should know How to Practice All Falling Techniques! This is For Judo Beginners

CNN - this Louisville play by play is fascinating

I'm in need of info about replacing an aftermarket ignition switch

Church forgives $3 million in medical debt

Kevin McCarthy's Allies Turn on Him, Doubt He'll Last Full Term! - Luke Beasley

How to Speak with Different American Accents 🇺🇸

Calvert County to Conduct Controlled Burns

The Paid Pundits Defending Clarence Thomas And His Billionaire Benefactor

Sen. Whitehouse & Lawrence Discuss Justice Thomas's Lavish Lifestyle and the Ethics Crisis at SCOTUS

I removed everyone from my ignore list!

To fight cancer, EPA wants sterilizer companies to emit less

Question re abortion law in Missouri

Agatha Wong wins GOLD in Wushu Taijiquan event 2019 SEA Games

Trump Suffers Massive Mental Breakdown On Truth Social - Ring of Fire

ALL the beverages MAGAts will have to boycott

When the person sitting next to you has no idea who you are...

Hounded by baseless voter fraud allegations, an entire county's election staff quits in Virginia

Western special forces inside Ukraine, leak shows

White House Proposes Evenly Cutting Water Allotments From Colorado River

Joe Exotic files with FEC to run for President... as a Democrat

Justice Department seeks DEVASTATING SENTENCE against Key Insurrectionist - Meidas Touch

A California law forced police to release shooting footage. Now videos follow the same script

US-born children were among those separated from families under Trump and some are still not reunite

A St. Olaf student has been arrested and charged with conspiracy

Exposed: Wage Theft at One of America's Largest Employers - More Perfect Union

BREAKING: Manhattan DA Brings MAJOR LAWSUIT Against Jim Jordan and GOP - Meidas Touch

Missouri House Moves to Defund All Public Libraries

DU mentioned this before

Most Americans Want Abortion Pills to Be Legal

Physicians demand assault weapons ban

Colorado GOPer slams disabled people 'dumb enough' to visit discriminatory businesses

Feinstein's absences have impacted judicial nominations.

''Nothing' is not a strategy, it's not working' Louisville Mayor on gun reform - MSNBC Reports

An Ohio ["law abiding citizen"] has been charged after a child found a gun in his home and shot it

Colombia Should Print Money to Pay Conflict Victims, Petro Says

Stephen Miller testified for SIX HOURS to a grand jury tied to Jack Smith's Jan. 6th investigations

AMLO Claims US Evidence Against Gen. Cienfuegos was Fabricated

U.S. doubts Ukraine counteroffensive will yield big gains, leaked document says

Bald eagle confronts its reflection

Russian blogger fires a Swedish gun - comedy ensues - Break the Fake - TVP World

Missouri attorney general joins 17 other states in supporting Florida abortion bill

Missouri attorney general joins 17 other states in supporting Florida abortion bill

Michael Che Just Solved Gun Violence With One Instagram Post

Senate contender, Rep. Katie Porter, pens new book on the messiness of politics - Morning Joe - MSNBC

My PSYCHO runaway Bombay cat

Journalist Karol Noroa leaves Ecuador after death threat

Is the DOJ Grand Jury a waste of time?

Brazil hit by two school attacks in 24 hours

'Forced Pregnancy Act': Florida Democrats file more than 50 amendments to six-week abortion ban

'Forced Pregnancy Act': Florida Democrats file more than 50 amendments to six-week abortion ban

Looking for an electric shaver.

Gun in deadly Louisville shooting will be auctioned off

California Economy Is on Edge After Tech Layoffs and Studio Cutbacks

Dan Crenshaw Completely Humiliates Himself Trying To Boycott Bud Light - Ring of Fire

The inappropriateness of the Dalai Lama looked typical of dementia to me.

D.A. who indicted Trump back on offense suing Rep. Jim Jordan - See Ari Melber's New Breakdown

Texas county weighs closing local library after federal judge orders banned books returned to circul

Kim Wilde - Kids in America