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Texas governor seeks to pardon man found guilty of murdering Black Lives Matter protester - PBS NewsHour

Any lawyers here think the SC will rule against the Christian Taliban judge on abortion pill?

Judge Limits Fox's Options for Defense in Dominion Trial

Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run

Mayan ball game scoreboard thought to be over 1,000 years old found in Mexico

What is your favorite dessert--I like a slice of raspberry torte with a cup of tea. How about you?

US, Panama and Colombia aim to stop Darien Gap migration

Ukraine agents pursued attacks inside Belarus and Russia, leaked U.S. docs say

Red ... Mental ... Flag ... Health ... Safe ... Background ... Storage ... Blah Blah Blah

Medicaid: It's been estimated 14 million will be required to reapply

The Inner Mounting Flame

Lenny Kravitz - Can't Get You Off My Mind

Exclusive: Americans call Tennessee expulsions 'abuse of power,' back tougher gun laws

USPS launches unprecedented hiring blitz with 50-plus job fairs in Washington state

Tucker has a snorting fool rambling like a maniac as a guest-

As a public service, here's a "MAGA to American English" translator.

NBA coach Gregg Popovich says politicians 'think we're stupid' and calls Second Amendment a 'myth'

How climate change is threatening a remote town nestled in the Arctic Circle - PBS NewsHour

'People will die': why is Ron DeSantis loosening gun laws that most Floridians support?

Judge used debunked research and a study based on an anonymous blog to ban mifepristone.

Mayan ball game scoreboard thought to be over 1,000 years old found in Mexico

Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed

What Do Leaked U.S. Intelligence Reports Say? Here Is a Quick Guide. A trove of classified documents

Don Henley - The Boys Of Summer

Al Jaffee, longtime 'Mad Magazine' cartoonist, dies at 102 April 10, 2023 7:23 PM ET By The AP

Fox News Hosts melt down over "Tennessee Three" Protest! - Luke Beasley

Tina Peters Sentenced - Raw News And Politics

Ex-Fox Producer: There Are Secret Rudy Giuliani Recordings About Dominion

Glenn Frey - You Belong To The City

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Bragg vs Jordan....

Lone Justice - Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)

Missouri House advances limits on health care, sports participation for transgender minors

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Not just Tennessee: How anti-democratic movements thrive in GOP statehouses - All In - MSNBC

Politico: Republicans facing a reckoning later this week

DFL lawmakers propose additional income tax tier targeting wealthy Minnesotans

Politico: Steven Fulop announces candidacy for New Jersey governor

Survey: 1 In 8 Florida Incoming Freshmen Plan To Flee DeSantis's Education Policies

Survey: 1 In 8 Florida Incoming Freshmen Plan To Flee DeSantis's Education Policies

Reappointed Tennessee Dem Expelled By GOP Calls On State House Speaker To Resign

Stefan Passantino files tort complaint against Jan. 6 committee

'Grift scandal' rocks Clarence Thomas - Ari Melber Breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge says Fox News has 'credibility problem' after Murdoch disclosure

Republicans Are Threatening To Defund The FDA Over Abortion Pill - Ring of Fire

Waco: A Clusterfuck

Nebraska GOP legislators would rather go unpaid than back off on hurting children.

TurboTax and H&R Block Want to Monetize Your Tax Info

Etihad Airways' 'sustainable aviation' ads banned in UK

Bragg has Gym Jordan

"At least, if we had a more moderate, more normal Republican"

Arizona court upholds clergy privilege in child abuse case

NY DA Alvin Bragg SUES Jim Jordan to force him to stop obstructing prosecution of defendant Trump

Haryana youth taking 'donkey route'

International anger as air strikes kill dozens in Myanmar

Brittney Griner working on memoir about Russian captivity

Ok! I admit it! I liked it!

Excitement in Ireland about Biden trip

11 Apr: Hunt is over. Wagner Forces' existence is coming to an end - Reporting from Ukraine

Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen 🎤 📀

Why in hell should anyone spend all that time and money studying law when Wikipedia is all one needs

Remember the JP Patches show?

How will GA US Senators Ossoff-D and Warnock-D do in their 2026 and 2028 re-election campaign if

Senate Judiciary Cmte. will hold hearings over Supreme Court ethical standards a

Bwahahaha 2.0 - Trump says he's an environmentalist worried about "nuclear warming"

Don't Shame Women

Harvard to rename school after top Republican donor Ken Griffin following $300m gift

Tweet of the Week

Kellyanne Conway Asks Why GOP Is Unpopular With Young Voters, Twitter Answers

Ok! I admit it! I licked it!

TX bill barring college professors from "compelling" students to adopt certain political beliefs

TX bill barring college professors from "compelling" students to adopt certain political beliefs

Giyeon Yoon plays Moszkowski (and other selections)

The Power of Love - Huey Lewis & The News 📣

Question for you all, I had a root canal done in March. Then I went to the dentist. Does the

Radio silence from Republicans as US abortion laws tighten

Milquetoast Modern: "The sweet embrace of objective nothingness..."

John Flannery's daily video walk and talk (he was Ari Melber's law professor)

Steve Winwood - Higher Love (Official Music Video)

Richmond fire: Up to 2K people evacuated; blaze caused by burning tractor-trailer

Last Week in the Republican Party - April 11, 2023

TN Dem preps comeback calling GOP leader 'despicable' for ouster - The Beat - MSNBC

SC Sen. Tim Scott takes another White House step: Launching 2024 exploratory committee

Woodworking Vise Restoration with a dash of existential crisis/despair

Fox's own reporter abandons Republican talking points on live TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

MAGA Morons Are LOSING IT After This CMT Music Awards Performance

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home) 🌏

Can someone help me remember a Billy Joel song?

Appreciation thread for DA Bragg.

Warmest Tent on Earth - Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter

"A good guy with a gun"

Hear Michigan GOP Chair's Beyonce paganism conspiracy theory from 2020 - CNN

WA Gov. Inslee: States must get 'creative and aggressive' to protect abortion rights - All In - MSNBC

GOP Handmaid's Tale - Idaho, territory of the rising American Taliban (Twitter vid clip)

Congregants gathered to worship abortion at the first mass of a new church exalting women's autonomy

All I can do is chuckle

I saw a lawrence that twenty three democrats are up for senate re election

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel ⚒

Ok! I admit, I leaked it!

Franklin Tenn gets the permit for Pride

Hollywood writers hold strike vote Tuesday

🏳️‍🌈Franklin Tenn gets the permit for Pride Event🏳️‍🌈

FL: GOP lawmakers approve anti-union legislation; critics call it a vindictive, 'mean bill'

Coach Mark Taylor Records and Shares Racist Rant About Hanging Black People in Atlanta

Police Bodycam Footage of Louisville Bank Shooting - PoliceActivity

MD: Delegate (R) apologizes for emotional outburst on House floor at close of Assembly session

Released from Russian POW camp, a Ukrainian soldier calls his mother

Opponents fret Nevada would lose political spotlight if it joins popular vote compact

Russian General Attempts to Persuade Deserters To Go To Bakhmut, But They Refuse To!

NV: New Clark County Registrar Lorena Portillo runs on passion for democracy

Russian beheading is a 'systemic weapon of war to terrorise Ukrainians' Major General Rupert Jones

Mendelssohn's 'Symphony No 4'

What Putin Fears More Than War - PolyMatter

Cancer patients face dire situations amid drug shortages - MSNBC Reports

"Will Donald Trump attend his rape trial? Judge wants to know. "

Trump Shocks Tucker by Talking Up Friendly Relationship With Gavin Newsom

Just curious:

Kimmel: Trump is the most innocent, Don Jr's Night with Daddy & National COVID Emergency Declared

Back up, you!

Kitten & tiny piglet:

Little goatlet bouncing all over the couch:

Post the first and last name of a famous person, then, That name starts off the thread,

Sunglasses accidentally dropped into a zoo orangutan enclosure:

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul joins challenge to abortion pill ruling

Lawrence: Trump lied that NYC court staff cried, but he was the one close to tears - The Last Word

Just saw that Kid Rock video of him shooting beer cans. Was that rifle fully automatic?

Former deputy national security adviser calls new Chinese airline a threat to U.S. economy- CBS News

Adorable charging rhino:

The best WW2 film

Mass. Attorney General: I will protect abortion rights against 'anti-science' attacks - The Last Word

Big investor in guns & ammunition makers who backs DeSatan donates $300m to Harvard

69 Republicans ask appeals court to allow ban on abortion pill to go forward

2 sweet cat & dog videos:

New: PA Sen. Bob Casey seeking fourth term in 2024 battleground - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump seeks 4-week delay in rape accuser's trial, cites 'prejudicial' media coverage


Indiana recycling plant fire forces evacuation orders for thousands as it emits toxic smoke, officia

Exclusive: U.S. Role in Notorious Nickel Mine Deal Revealed

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Missouri libraries....

Patriot Mobile PAC Deploys Bartons' False History to Inspire School Board Takeovers

A Collection of Cool Photos (Bored Panda)

A tale of 2 people that I sorta knew at Holy Cross

Marvel superhero and Indigenous actress holds fast to Maya roots

Boycotting Bud Light? Reach For Shaft Beer

NY Gov Kathy Hochul Remembers She's Democrat, Nominates Bad-Ass Liberals To Court Of Appeals

Tweet of the Day

Diaper Donnie the Defendant

Over 66,000 People Couldn't Get An Abortion In Their Home State After Dobbs

New Bragg lawsuit brushes back House GOP's ploy to play shadow legal defense for Trump - Alex Wagner

Colombian women's rights activist attacked with acid

Rupert Murdoch and Fox Corp. board members sued by investor over 'stolen election claims'

Brazil: Recognize Indigenous Land Rights

A journey to the heart of Chile's lithium communities

Repeated deadly shootings put Americans opposite Republicans on gun safety laws - Alex Wagner MSNBC

I bookmarked this several years ago. Thought I'd repost, as it still resonates.

This Strange New Map Of 'Dark Matter' Proves Einstein Was Right, Say Scientists

Grateful Dead - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, 2/18/71)

WY: Secretary of State seeks involvement in abortion suit

Activist slams Republicans demonizing Democratic megadonor Soros for supporting civil rights orgs

Michael Cohen goes GLOVES OFF with BRUTAL Takedown of Top Republican Leader

6-Foot-High Giant Tunnels Found in South America Dug by Ancient Megafauna Giant Sloths

Ohio GOP aims to amend Ohio Constitution to preempt abortion rights efforts

It doesn't have to be this way...

GOP book banning frenzy could shutter all libraries in one Texas county - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

How community and Indigenous efforts contribute to protecting our oceans

How the baby formula crisis shows an FDA abortion pill option - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

ACLU sues North Carolina over harsher riot punishments

Kimmel: Carol Burnett on Turning 90, Guest Starring on Better Call Saul & Being Related to Bill Hader

More details on Louisville bank shooting - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Rep. Katie Porter on the messiness of politics - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Russian Gas Disaster as $75 Billion Revenue Evaporates & Europe Successfully Avoids Winter Shortage

What motivates younger voters? - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Gavin Newsom Ends Ron DeSantis, Says He Will Be "Thumped" by Trump! - Luke Beasley

FOX Settles Defamation Lawsuit - Raw News And Politics

Clarence Thomas Gives MOST PATHETIC Excuse for his CRIMES - Meidas Touch

*****Wordle 662 **4/12**Spoiler thread*****

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, Rescue Dog Rescue!!! and Opening - 4/11/23

Sri Lanka economy: Country divided over $3 billion IMF bail out - Al Jazeera

Stephen Colbert: Guest Congresswoman Katie Porter

Texas is on a crusade to kill the state's stunning renewable energy progress

Biden's drug czar declares fentanyl laced with animal tranquilizer an 'emerging threat' facing U.S.

COVID-19 vaccines--the next generation

30 Poems in 30 Days

Breakfast Wednesday April 12 2023

TN: After lynching comment, Rep. Sherrell (R) now transfers committees in the House

Could there have been a long-term plan for TFG getting convicted and then pardoned?

Legal Abortions Fell by 6 Percent in the Six Months After Dobbs, New Data Shows

Taiwan's ruling party (Center-Left) taps VP as presidential candidate

I often say "I'm the luckiest person in the world"

The last time Chicago hosted the DNC

Trump: Court staff crying at my arrest. Praises Putin and Xi in faux interview.

"Alpha male" meme:

Dog likes cat with a mustache

The thoroughly dodgy WaPo Editorial Board takes a boot to Biden for the Afghanistan withdrawal

My thoughts regarding China's C919 (Boeing imitation?)

Wond'ring Aloud

But, did she ever 💩 her drawers on purpose?

Wednesday TOONs - Narrator: "It Wasn't Their Messaging, It Was Their Actions."

Last night I was surrounded by adorable snoozers.

Hero firefighter, skeptical kitty:

The Frozen Logger

Republicans are resorting to 'guerrilla war' against democracy to cling to power: columnist

I'm going to the gym to work on my diddly squats...

Cocaine Blues

American women, let this be your wake-up call: it won't end with mifepristone

Another House (tom) Eager to Put a Blackface on White Supremacy

Oceans that rise "one eighth of an inch" and other Insanities like "Nuclear Warming"....

WP - How Climate Liars Funded By Koch & Mercer Got The Boot From Science Teachers' Conference

Names of Florida Governor's Mansion guests would be shielded under this bill

Dozens Of Environmental Activists In Mexico & Central America Murdered, Jailed Or Disappear

EPA pollution limits aim to boost US electric vehicle sales

NEWS: DNC cuts ties with Dem super lawyer Elias

Baldwin announces reelection bid, saying Wisconsin needs 'someone who can fight and win'

Why Ron DeSantis Is Taking Aim at the Federal Reserve

Magnolia Mountain

Is There Life After Influencing?

Projected Slowdown In Deep Ocean Current w/i 30 Years Largely Ignored, Despite Terrifying Impacts

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Explosive Growth In Front Range O&G Development Cranking Up Pollution, Drawing Down Water

Chickadee hides a Sunflower Seed

Mousetoescamper inspired me!

The Weekly Pull: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country, Teenage Mutant Ni

It's Not Just The Guns. It's Republicans.

Shining Sunbeam Hummingbird - Colombia

After Pittsburgh derailment, Rep. Lee re-ups calls to pass federal train safety regulations

Inflation cooled to 5% in March, but consumer pain is set to linger

Hound Dog Taylor was born on this date.

Helen (Fogel) Forrest was born on this date.

It Happens Every Spring: Your Favorite Baseball Movie?

Are humans the only species where the adults regularly and deliberately slaughter their young?

Herbie Hancock has a birthday today.

Nashville florist refuses large RNC fundraiser order, calls for gun reform

John Kay, Steppenwolf leader, has a birthday today.

Marjorie Taylor Greene believes Liz Cheney should face 'serious criminal charges' over role on J6 c

Vince Gill has a birthday today.

Trump attorneys say we can't have the rape trial until the public forgets he was indicted

Rachel Maddow has often advised: "Don't mind what people SAY; watch what they DO".

Former Rep. Harley Rouda exits congressional race after suffering traumatic brain injury

"Get off the stage, Donny!"

"The judge is pissed": Judge says Fox News has a "credibility problem" after Murdoch revelation

Gov. Josh Shapiro launches reproductive health care website for Pa. after Texas ruling

Irvine will buy controversial asphalt plant for $285 million

Anonymous lawsuit targets transgender UW student, sorority

Blinded by hate: Republicans too busy to notice plummeting poll numbers for Trump and GOP

Chichen Itza: Archaeologists discover scoreboard for ancient Maya ball game

IMHO, Venice is the most unique & beautiful city

No George; the Democrats are not trying to "ban toilet paper".

My City Was Gone

Who remembers these two guys?

Police release body camera video from mass shooting at Louisville bank

Separate But Equal, part 1 of TV movie

The most-wanted clothing brands at resale are probably hanging in your closet

With Record Number of Rejected Legislaiton, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Becoming Known as the 'Veto Que

Trump's Tale About Cops Crying

Musk says owning Twitter 'painful' but needed to be done

National Recording Registry of Congress names 25 new recordings

Some experts fear rise in medical misinformation following RFK Jr.'s presidential announcement

DeSantis Takes Aim at the Fed

Tennessee Is the Poster State of Political Meltdown

Every politician says that they only want to protect the right of 'law abiding citizens'

The GOP Strategists Who Have Planned All of This

Cat--chill level expert:

Panda lunch break:

Rainy days:

Arkansas Legislature Passes Age Verification Bill That Conveniently Carves Out Basically Everyone EX

market street view after the 8.9 earthquake in sf 1906

On this day, April 12, 1955, it was announced that the polio vaccine Jonas Salk developed was safe.

street cars . market street sanfransco cal. 6 days before the 1906 earthquake.

TCM tonight:

Pretty ginger cat with blue eyes:

Trump Fawns Over Dictators (last night on fox)

Mandarin ducks are too pretty to be real:

Pets are family.

The most farcical argument in the case against abortion pills


what happens when some states declare Trump disqualified from the ballot under the 14th amendment?

80-year-old segregation wall finally comes down in Baltimore

I'm going to be smart, this year, and pace my garden clearing to avoid back strain.

humming birds in general

groaner alert.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 12, 2023

NPR becomes 1st major news network to quit twitter

"I cannot overstate that no matter how stupid you think this video will be, it's even stupider."

Harvard to rename school after top Republican donor following $300m gift

"Terrorism from the Sky": Burmese Junta Bombs Civilians, Kills 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance

Whistle Blower: World Bank staff were told to give special treatment to son of Trump official

On this day, April 12, 1950, David Cassidy of The Partridge Family was born.

TRump as the look of love on his face as he gazes at Kim Jong-un. whow!

Wish we could pass a new law (Yea I know unrealistic but let me dream)

Filipino Activist Condemns U.S. Military Drills, Warns War with China Would Devastate Philippines

80--year-old segregation wall finally comes down in Baltimore

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Schumer and political games....

Leaked Pentagon Docs Show U.S. & U.K. Special Forces Already in Ukraine as War Heads to Stalemate

Ever ordered from

Inflation, inflation!

Three Reddit and Twitter threads about AI's impact on different types of writers.

Twitter is now facing a whopping $30 billion fine in Germany

Manhattan District Attorney gives Jim Jordan nightmare news - Brian Tyler Cohen

After eleven failed repuke investigations into Benghazi,

Favorite things

My "WTF?" story of the day, 12 year old girl steals Dad's car...

UK Subs - Brand New Age LP (1980)

Sunglasses accidentally dropped into a zoo orangutan enclosure

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 12, 2023)

Toddler fires gun - the first case involving the city's recently-passed secure storage ordinance

White House moves to protect some abortion patients' records

If I drop a donut, but quickly pick it up----

Trump: People 'were crying' at Manhattan courthouse during my arraignment

Where do novels go to have a good time? To the Book Club is the answer

Police documents detailing President Biden security information found on Belfast street

Joel Koskan, who ran for SD Senate, pleads guilty to 2 counts of felony incest

No One Wanted a Cross Eyed Shelter Kitten, But This Man Turned The Kitten's Life Around

Stiff EPA emission limits to boost US electric vehicle sales

Juul to pay $462 million to six states over youth addiction claims

Is there an autism or Aspergers avatar?

Does anyone here for one minute think

Trump is trying a new stall tactic in the E. Jean Carroll trial

As I read Jim Jordan's complaint that the Bragg complaint against him "attempts to

Bing Chat Gpt pushing ads, became useless (Reddit thread)

Cassidy Hutchinson's Trump-funded lawyer suing J6 committee

Bud Light Weathers Stock Drop After Trans Partnership Backlash

Legal Abortions Fell by 6% After Supreme Court Overturned Roe, Report Says

Paine Field, housing crunch are hot-button issues at annual update

Judge in Dominion lawsuit considers sanctioning Fox News after reveal of Rupert Murdoch role

Why the Elias Law Group Will Always Fight For the Democrats

Russia's economic stats are 'pure invention from Putin's imagination,' and its economy is actually i

Pharma Cash Built the Conservative Court Majority That Now Harms Pharma

Tennessee expulsions prompt Senate Democrats to call for DOJ inquiry

Does anyone know if the Dominion case will be broadcast?

U.S. Capitol rioter the 'QAnon Shaman' is released early from federal prison

Matchbox- Carl Perkins w/ Eric Clapton & Ringo Starr - Live 🎸 🥁

Big flames, raining embers in New Jersey pine barrens fire

Jan 6th typical DC tourist gets 4 yrs 4 mos sentence

Hey! Trump has been indicted!

Texas House votes to permanently stay on daylight saving time. But Congress won't allow it -- yet.

Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Share your favorite GCS recipe.

stupid vile Missouri House Republicans vote to defund libraries

Witnesses Asked About Trump's Handling of Map With Classified Information

TinyKittens momma Orinda has given birth to 4 kittens so far. She is type b

After Sandy Hook, gun control looked inevitable. What happened?

drip drip drip here in Amerikkka

drip DRIP DRIP here in America

Fox News sanctioned for withholding evidence in Dominion defamation case

Dunc the Golden retriever needed held at the dog park I had to reassure him

GOP Seeks To Shield Trump from State Prosecutions

FL Sen Randy Fine's wife performs in burlesque in sexually charged fundraiser for children

Traffic - The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Live, Woodstock 94 🎭

Why China Could Dominate the Next Big Advance in Batteries

The 'Tennessee Three' Has Been a Boon to Democrats

Seattle mayor proposes zoning changes to boost industrial areas

With or without tRump, the Rs are now a fascist party.

St. Louis suburb settles 'debtors' prison' lawsuit

St. Louis suburb settles 'debtors' prison' lawsuit

Cartoons 4/12/2023

White racists built a wall to keep Black students away -- but decades later, it finally came down

House passes bill giving police greater ability to undertake pursuits

With an infusion of funding IRS upgrading systems and revitalizing its workforce to go after unpaid

The Mets Assembled The Most Expensive Baseball Team Ever. Is That Enough To Make Them MLB's Best Tea

I see stories like this, and the only thing I can think of...

Trump and Iowa evangelicals: A bond that is hard to break

Sununu Executive Order Targets 'Woke' Investing

By 2028 millennials will dominate elections

KS cops 'chased' elderly man for driving 3 mph over limit then tased him, lawsuit says

And THIS is the reason why China secretly wants Russia to lose the Ukraine-war:

Mexico eyes U.S. return of $246 million confiscated from former official

I encourage everyone to watch the entirity of this video about Tibetan customs Re. Dalai Lama

NPR stops using Twitter after receiving 'government funded media' label

Very funny baby race:

Former Green Beret, Jan. 6 Rioter and GOP Candidate Sent to Prison for Stockpile of Ammo, Guns and G

Do you talk to your dog or cat ? When I take Dolly for a walk , I talk to her. I don't know why.

GOP Seeks To Shield Trump From All Future State Prosecutions

On MSNBC now Trump sues Cohen

Democrat Justin J. Pearson reinstated to the Tennessee Legislature

Republican Blames Young Voters For His Party's Own Failure

Plaintiffs in the Texas mifepristone case file their opposition at the 5th Circuit to DOJ's motion

This can't be good for Hakeem Jeffries........or am I wrong......(it's from a CNN editorial)

Perfect arrangement of cats:

Dominion judge likely to appoint special master to investigate if Fox withheld evidence

Trump suing @MichaelCohen212 in a Florida federal court is a classic Trump-in-terror move.

" Former Afghan interpreter graduates from boot camp to become a Marine"

How Ron DeSantis waged a targeted assault on Black voters: 'I fear for what's to come'

The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Israel's Upheaval

They're both back! re ousted Tennessee lawmakers

These state officials praised ERIC for years before suddenly pulling out of the program

Trump Sues Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen Over Alleged Breaches of Contract

Arizona House Rep. Liz Harris expelled for violating ethics rules

It seems that Motherfucker's clout with courts is evaporating

How the AR15 became a powerful political symbol


Man with schizophrenia was left naked in jail cell for weeks before death, video shows


Trump sues Cohen for 500 mil for breaching attorney/client privilege and a bunch of other bullshit.

Vexatious litigant

Update: Rebekah Jones' son charged under law making online threats even 'jokes' or 'memes' a crime

Cancer, Heart Disease Vaccines May Be Ready by 2030, Moderna Says

Everything About the Ukraine Leak Is Incredibly Weird


Chip component plant to get $300M expansion in Pennsylvania

House GOP pimping bill to "prevent local DA's from pursuing charges against former presidents"

If you had the power to create a world, is this what you would have done?

Judge Sanctions Fux for withholding evidence from Dominion

Mastodon meme:

Florida Republican Calls Trans People 'Mutants' And 'Demons' In House Speech Farron Balanced

Pileated Woodpecker

Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden clean water rule in 24 states

New NASA Director Swears Oath on Carl Sagan Book Instead of Bible

Trump's tale of crying Manhattan court employees was 'absolute BS,' law enforcement source says

'Labour's attack ads won't persuade us to vote for them', insists electorate that was persuaded ...

Let's get back to work! - Justin Pearson

The Republican Strategists Who Have Carefully Planned All of This

How the 'Tennessee Three' Backlash Fits Into Dems' 2024 Plan

Why I Keep My Eyes -- and My Mind -- on the South

Opinion: Matthew Kacsmaryk calls the right-leaning judicial branch's bluff

Louisiana House committee advances bill to punish porn websites that don't verify user's age

Russia faces "military defeat". Wagner to be terminated. Putin makes "the biggest mistake ever"

"Greta Thurberger"?

Colorado bill would outlaw making, possessing 'ghost guns'

Crying Over His Indictment - Luckovich Cartoon

Guns don't kill, people do

HUGE tragedy here in Sheboygan...

Selling land to government for wastewater project

TN: Legislature poised to dissolve community-led police oversight boards in Nashville and Memphis

Selling land to local government for wastewater project

Osprey Nest Building

Solar set to be world's biggest power source

BREAKING in the trump ShitShow: trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million

If you are on mastodon

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP realizing they're out of touch....

US, UK aim sanctions at Russian oligarchs' finance networks

Amid post-Roe landscape, WA lawmakers pass abortion 'shield law'

NH Senate to vote on bills codifying abortion rights, removing provider penalties


Trump Loses Again After Judge Says He Can't Hide Financial Docs From Investigators - Ring of Fire

Gackt -Redemption

Abortion Advocates, Pa Dems Look to Reduce Funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Breaking: Senator Schumer and other Democrats are calling on DOJ to investigate Tennessee Republican

Hummingbird Family Album

Coalition of media companies sue for Jan. 6 tapes given to Fox News' Tucker Carlson

Using Viagra is more dangerous than Mifepristone.

Sen. Mike Moon (R of course) reiterates support for 12-year-old's right to marry in Missouri

House Republicans to put Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's controversial cases on blast at NYC field hearin

Only gad can fudge me.

World's deepest offshore wind turbine installed off Scottish coast

Pearson gives passionate speech after reinstatement to Tennessee House - CNN

PHILADELPHIA: Mayoral Candidate Goes Viral For Stunning Debate Comment

Green Tax Credits Prove Very Popular

He Needed Medical Help. He Ended Up In Jail And Died Weeks Later.

Republican Colorado Lawmaker Rips State's Disabilities Bill In Bizarre Speech

NPR Quits Twitter

Equality Florida Issues Advisory Warning For Travel

Donald Trump Jr. Rant More Deranged Than You Could Possibly Imagine! - Luke Beasley

FL: Senate bill could alter political future of 286 County Commissioners

Trump now sues Michael Cohen for $500M. Could this be seen as witness intimidation?

NE: KLKN hosting debate between Lincoln mayoral candidates Geist (R), Gaylor Baird (D)

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 12, 2023

A wide majority of Americans back abortion pills, including 71% of young women. The issue could

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 April 2023

Arizona House Expels Republican Over Ethics Violation and Election Misinformation

Expelled Tennessee Rep's Friend Was Shot Dead--Then Set Ablaze

Rep. Steve Butz 'mulling' run for St. Louis mayor

Sheriff Mark Lamb says he's running for US Senate in Arizona

Gov. DeSantis' silly takedown of Chinese-made drones

Gym Jack(et)Off readying for his NYC road show.

Jon Lion Fine Art produced a beautiful painting of Rep. Justin Jones

As DeSantis barnstorms, bill concealing travel records nears passage in Florida Capitol

UT-SEN: Mitt Romney takes first step toward 2024 Senate reelection campaign

'Disastrous' Chinese Financial Pain, 98% Crash; AI Sector; China Economy - China Update

Dianne Feinstein May Not Return to Senate

Stanley Tucci's 6-Ingredient Pasta Casserole Is So Good He Eats It for Breakfast

Final candidates for Jacksonville mayor raising thousands for runoff campaigns

162 years ago today, the racist, traitorous South

87F right now. Snow predicted on Sunday.


My cherry tree, on a beautiful April day

Marianne & SCOTUS on Mifepristone, Thomas, E J Carroll & espionage from within


LINCOLN MAYOR: Candidates talk policing, transportation and more in first forum since primary

Massive toxic fire triggers evacuation order in Indiana - NBC News

Texas Senate approves bill barring professors from "compelling" students to adopt certain political

I guess it's time to get the worst kept secret out in the open (Marge and Brian Glenn).

AZ: Hobbs vetoes bills increasing sentences for fentanyl, legalizing silencers

AZ Republicans push anti-drag, anti-LGBTQ bills closer to veto stamp

SDG&E, PG&E, SCE propose billing electricity customers based on income

AZ-06: Kirsten Engels Has Declared Her Candidacy to Run Again in CD Six

PA: Registration Deadlines Approaching For May 16 Primary

Meet the Society That Had It All -- And Blew It Straight to Hell. Britain.

Special counsel focuses on Trump fundraising off false election claims

Manhattan DA receives new suspicious white powder envelope: Police sources

My two egg-head ass Senators are included in a brief arguing against the FDA's 2000 approval of mife

FL Rep. Randy Fine..... C'mon down!

Got it, a new name for that "little blue pill" i'm calling it the pecker pill.

Dianne Feinstein May Not Return to Senate

EPA proposes new tailpipe rules that could push EVs to make up two-thirds of new car sales in US

Special counsel focuses on Trump fundraising off false election claims

We asked 50 mayors: What keeps you up at night?

4th Circuit grants en banc hearing for a pair of transgender rights cases from WV and North Carolina

I guess I missed this April Fools' prank back in the day

When MAGA tries to explain away all of Cheeto Jesus' crimes I am reminded

Wisconsin AG joins states to preserve access to abortion pill

... it ended with a rainbow room where 8-12 y/o kids were given butt plugs and dildos.

WI: New election regime combines experience with fresh ideas

Appeals Court Rejects Navarro's Attempt to Hold Records

Michigan Democrats: Utilities must use 100% carbon free energy by 2035

For All This Time, Protons Have Been Hiding Secret Mass. We Just Found It.

Kari Lake Rally So Bad You Will Have to Laugh! - Luke Beasley

NV: Legislators want to double down on contraception access after court rulings

and there goes postage stamp prices again.......potential from .63 to .66 if oked.

NV: Lawmakers consider requiring voting machines for all in-person voting

Saving democracy discussion with Politics Girl and Ruth Ben Ghiat

Another package with mysterious white powder mailed to Bragg's office (NBC News)

NV: Lawmakers want to remove racist covenants from housing contracts

Nevada lawmakers again considering state-backed retirement plan for private sector workers

WA House passes bill to make drug possession a misdemeanor

Woody & Arlo Guthrie, "This Land is Made for You and Me" 3 min 42 sec- Woody wrote this song.

House Democrats call for Feinstein to resign

IA: Reynolds was in Supreme Court's secure office area prior to oral arguments on abortion case

To protect abortion access, the FDA should decline to enforce a mifepristone ban

IA: Lawmakers debate requiring in-person caucus participation as Democrats propose mail-in system

Europe's pretend leader - Break the Fake - TVP World

Pat Boone - Moody River

Republicans finally get what they deserve with devastating setback - Brian Tyler Cohen

FL: House Speaker: Despite 50+ amendments, 6-week abortion ban bill won't change and it will pass

Paint It, Black - The Rolling Stones 🌚

A flurry of 'amicus' briefs; outside parties intervene in FL Supreme Court's pivotal abortion case

Texas judge's abortion pill ruling supported by 69 Republicans in Congress

Scientists Have Found the 'BOAT' Gamma Ray Burst--the Brightest of All Time

Julie London - The Nearness Of You

Bob Dylan singing "Blowing In the Wind" - Dylan wrote this song. 2 min 51 seconds

Increasingly Unhinged Jim Jordan Subpoenas Himself

Why Clarence Thomas's acceptance of bribes pisses me off. Am I being too harsh?

Va. Lt. Gov: Brown v Board was not about racial segregation but instead about school choice.

Florida man on motorized scooter wanted after camera catches him stealing purse

VA: Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Candidate Silent As His Supporters Spew Antisemitism

"Story of the day". A Navy ship named for a Confederate victory now honors a Black Union hero.

Jim Jordan seeks to obstruct DA Alvin Bragg's prosecution of defendant Donald Trump w/NYC clown show

Once more, with feeling. Just like last time, and the times before that.

I hope you have better luck than I had...

My idiot state legistator

A Scalia Clerk Dismantles the Medication Abortion Decision

Colorado man arrested for threatening Black congressman: 'I got me a AK-47 pointed directly at you'

Trump is trying to win more GOP voters with bizarre takes on the Ukraine war and praise for Putin

Avian flu is killing endangered California condors at alarming rate, federal data suggests

BREAKING: Japan issues a "go to shelter" warning in Hokkaido after NK missile launch

A time of unprecedented danger: It is 90 seconds to midnight

Wagner Group can only afford to throw soldiers into Bakhmut's 'meat grinder' for another 2 months be

Dan Crenshaw's Bud Light boycott fail


Ron DeSantis' team tries to stop Florida Republicans from endorsing Trump