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Montana GOP seeks to bar 3rd parties from key US Senate race

Meet the prosecutor who indicted Trump and scares him more than anyone - Melber special report - The Beat

Who is likely to endorse Angela Alsobrooks in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary?

Ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not running for president

I love this. Wish I had found more junior officers with this mind set

Tough Cop Against The Driver (This Got Ugly Fast!) - We The People University

Tucker Carlson shared made-up casualty figures from 'leaked intelligence' to argue Ukraine is losing

Which other Democratic US Senator up for re-election in 2024 is likely to retire?

Mike Pence is booed at the NRA convention in his home state

New Winger music video

Former Trump Associate Says Ex President Has Become Too Boring For Voters - Farron Balanced

Bombshell ethics scandal has Justice Clarence Thomas under fire - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump Says He'll Launch Probe Into Whether Trans 'Ideology' Leads to Mass Shootings

Ethics watchdog files against Thomas following reports on trips, real estate deal

Never-before-seen 'crystal-like matter' hidden in a chunk of fossilized lightning is probably a bran

House GOP's Debt Limit Proposal Is Absurd

in honor of joe in ireland-

A romance and a novel?

Proposed Fla bill could ban performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hair

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Taiwan, can openers, and parenting....

Why should Clarence Thomas resign just because he has pretty clearly committed gross violations

Jane Goodall on Jimmy Kimmel........🥰 ❤️ 🥰 ❤️ 🥰

Arrival (2016)

Alexei Navalny in "critical" situation after possible poisoning says ally.

Idaho will be the first state to forbid a man from not completing the sexual act. (HUMOR?)

Stand by for more name-calling

Tweet of the Day

Budweiser Factory​ In Van Nuys Targeted With Bomb Threat

U.S. retail sales fall 1% amid high inflation and rising rates

Supreme Court once again wades into abortion rights battle - Washington Week PBS

Kia Dealer Slipping A Credit Card Surcharge To Their Service Bills......

Tweet: Time to pay attention to state courts

True Religion

LINCOLN MAYOR: Gaylor Baird (D) and Geist (R) meet face to face for first time since Lincoln primary

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Mike Pence booed at NRA convention in his home state - CNN

Finally someone in the Christian faith stood up to support Christ's teachings.

Judge rejects Trump's bid to learn juror names at defamation trial

DeKalb teacher arrested after colleague finds loaded gun in elementary school restroom

Dianne Feinstein digs in

Thirst Mutilator

Clarence Thomas's luxury travel: A threat to the court's legitimacy?

How Mountain Girls Can Love

Lauren Boebert's Son Fails to Show in Court -- Unbeknownst to Mom

Appeals Court Judges Want People to Take 3 Trips to a Clinic to Get Abortion Pills

How Policymakers Fight a Losing Battle With Models

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

NRA holds national convention days after mass shooting - CBS News

Legislature to Kansans: Pay property taxes so Genesis Health Clubs doesn't have to

Florida to allow death penalty with 8-4 jury vote instead of unanimously

CA-SEN: Right Wing Blog Smears Katie Porter in Advance of Party Convention

Never Again

CA-47: Dave Min Raises Over $520,000 In First Quarter

Odd People

The Cuckoo

Friday Talking Points -- Sleeping Giants Awaken

Little Boy Has The Sweetest Relationships With His Eight Rescue Animals

14 Apr: Nice. Russian offensive quickly turned into a disaster - Reporting from Ukraine

Stray Dog Had A Jar Stuck On Her Head For Weeks

86-year-old man and his dog are soulmates

Luciano Pavarotti & Aqua - Funiculi Funicula

Why Jack Smith's reported wire fraud probe into Trump campaign could be a big deal

Pence gets unexpected surprise at NRA convention - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alaska gas pipeline approved

Justice Thomas' real estate deal with GOP megadonor Harlan Crow sparks new ethic concerns - All In

Disney - Are they playing 3D Chess? 'no records exist' for Moody's probe into Disney agreements

More Groups Warn Against Florida Travel - Raw News And Politics

Trump Jr. Blasts Ron DeSantis For Ignoring Florida Natural Disaster For A Book Tour - Ring of Fire

AZ-SEN: Sinema outraised by Gallego as reelection decision awaits

Time to leave the party, Viktor - Break the Fake - TVP World

Missouri To Severely Restrict Health Care For Trans People

Hoping someone knows the answer: Why can't Feinstein cast Judiciary Committee votes by proxy?

Body cam footage from NM police shooting at wrong address released. (GRAPHIC VIOLENCE)

Waking Up

You're Just Jealous Your Own Hitler Collection is Comparatively Unimpressive (Ferret)

Trump Just Posted This New Video, It's Bad - Luke Beasley

Richard Blumenthal @SenBlumenthal: Justice Thomas should resign -

Real Time With Bill Maher (3/14/23)

How the Pentagon leaks case compares to Chelsea Manning's - CNN

Well, here's a novel idea.

Kareem Abdul Jabar

The Good and Bad of the Fifth Circuit's Abortion Pill Ruling

Court Allows Tribes' Case Against ND Redistricting Map to Proceed

Brazilian national anthem "Novo Tempo"

Trump THREATENS Jack Smith After NEW Findings - Meidas Touch

Can Russia Ever Become a Democratic Country? - David Satter - TVP World

B home soon

Kristi Noem claims there's diversity in the NRA - wait for the camera to scan the crowd

Trump Investigations - April 14, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

AG Nessel renews state's request for MSU to hand over thousands of Larry Nassar records

SpaceX cleared by FAA to launch first orbital Starship flight

Supreme Court case weighs whether online threats can be a crime - ABC News

Chinese Property Developers Decimated; Chinese Economy; March Exports - China Update

Trump Targets Transgender Health Care In NRA Speech

We should be taxing rich Wisconsinites more not less...

Trump Lawyers FAIL AGAIN in Federal Court - Meidas Touch

Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

Gorillaz about to take the Coachella main stage.

The scientists can screw off: Germany shuts its last nuclear reactors.

Who else thinks MFer will say DeSantis' 6 week ban is too extreme? He would not have done it.

They finally found a use for those cases of Billy Beer!

Early #caturday entry.

Here's one of the weirdest phrases you'll ever read.

NRA boos Mike Pence; Timid non-Trump GOP candidates literally phone it in - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Just Four Small Letters

India's Population Surpasses China's, Shifting the World's 'Center of Gravity'

Russian T-90 Tank From Ukraine Mysteriously Appears At U.S. Truck Stop

Ted Nugent Announces Final Tour, So Maybe God Is Real

TN Rep. Justin Jones: We must keep challenging this 'rollback of democracy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Entirely accurate preview of the 2024 Republican nomination race

New video coming soon! North American Train Odyssey -a Transcontinental Circle Tour on VIA & Amtrak

Ron DeSantis Begs Florida Lawmakers To Stop Endorsing Donald Trump - Ring of Fire

News/surprise: DeSatan "is not a good guy"

'Straight out of a dystopian novel': Missouri Dem blasts state GOP for defunding libraries - Last Word

death cab for cutie -- pepper

Oakland Walgreens mass theft

U.S. will not pursue charges in Shanquella Robinson's death in Mexico

Life-threatening flooding in South Florida

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/14/23

The Who - Under My Thumb (Stones cover)

Macron trip to China. A sign of weakness? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Rape, Incest Victims Must Show Proof to Get Exception to Florida's New Abortion Ban

Bunch of fucking Lydias

Japan PM Fumio Kishida evacuated after what appears to be smoke bomb thrown

Hannity Joins Mark Levin Protesting Removal of AM Radio in Electric Vehicles As 'Direct Hit' To Cons

'No individual alive has done more to divide America than Murdoch' Fmr. Australian PM Turnbull says

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Ireland, mistakes, and context....

Governor Kristi Noem Reassures NRA Audience That Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Already Has a Shotgun

Depression and PTSD. I have both. And why I didn't act in a normal way to the neighbor beating his

Clarence Thomas Exposed for Even More Corruption! - Luke Beasley

If Biden's official campaign song is by Dropkick Murphys..

Latest Clarence Thomas scandal may be too big to blow over - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

mass shooting of the day, 5 shot in Houston, 3 motorcyclists shot & killed along I-45, 2 injured

Donnie Wahlberg Recalls Impact Bruce Willis Had On Him

Transgender adults brace for treatment cutoffs in Missouri

New app helps conservatives keep track of all the 'woke' things they're trying to cancel - Alex Wagner

Senators call for probe of Thomas amid report of real estate deals with GOP donor

Trump reports little income from Truth Social, $1M from NFTs

In a 1st, scientists predicted that volcanic comet was due to pop 'like a Champagne bottle' -- and it

Biden Overcome After Seeing Priest Who Gave Last Rites to Son Beau

Quincy Jones feat. Toots Thielemans - Velas

Scientists create 'slits in time' in mind-bending physics experiment

a couple more pics from our trip

When your friend recommends a guy who can fix it for less...

Patrice Rushen - When I Found You

Converting dead birds into drones

Sen. Tina Smith: Abortion pill ban is another attack on women's freedoms - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden unexpectedly meets priest who administered Beau's last rites

Romance novel cover model who dragged Capitol officer on Jan. 6 sentenced to 3 years in prison

Jackie Robinson Day and why his legacy beyond baseball resonates today - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Don Jr asks to end the Bud Boycott.

Collapsing Roofs, Broken Toilets, Flooded Classrooms: Inside the Worst-Funded Schools in the Nation

SCOTUS Porn Screenings & Ginni Thomas? You Won't Believe It...!

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 16, 2023 - 60's Dramas

Friday Nightcap: The deepening divide between Democrats and Republicans - The 11th Hour - (2 videos)

TCM Schedule for Monday April 17, 2023 - Great Directors at Warner Brothers

Papantonio Calls Out Thin Skinned GOP Lawmakers - Ring of Fire

Breakfast Saturday 15 April 2023

Elegant🪻Spring🪻Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Your Saturday Coffee

Brazil judge orders police to question Bolsonaro on uprising

Serene scene from yesterday afternoon

Take me home to Mayo....Dublin City Ramblers

April Showers

What to expect as defamation trial against Fox News gets started - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

BLACKPINK announces encore shows for North American 'Born Pink' tour

The rumors around Bob Lee's killing were apparently wrong. The damage is already done

Blackpink's Jisoo Joins A Small Club Of Solo Female Korean Artists With Her First Billboard Top 10 S

Judge lashes out at Fox News lawyers as defamation trial gets underway- Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Is Running To Be Houston's 'Hope' Mayor

Some days all I can say is Damn! I'm a lucky girl! nt

Arizona students walk out over anti-LGBTQ bills, demand action from lawmakers and schools

Wordle 665 (4/15 *****SPOILER THREAD*****

Fox News Host Has Her Hypocrisy Called Out to Her Face! - Luke Beasley

Mekons - Now we have the bomb

Quadruple shooting in downtown Detroit at Randolph & Monroe.

2nd tweet--This parrot is such a goof:

NH-HD Hillsborough 03: Nashua Teacher's Union endorses Democrat Marc Plamondon in May 16 election

That's all folks! Russia acknowledges defeat in "second Bakhmut". Wagner wants to end war now.

Amp shopping for 16 yesterday Big Lebowski Sunday.

Secretary of the State: CT needs to replace 'unreliable and unserviceable' voting machines

Thank you Jackie Robinson

Head of Wagner: "Russia already has won, but will eventually lose, but will then win again."

"Bear on a tear gets a scare while interrupting Asheville man's chill session"


Marjorie Taylor Greene spent more than $65,000 in campaign funds on home fence

No Individual Alive has done more to Divide America than Murdoch-Fmr. Australian PM Turnbull Says

So, it's the Democrats who want to take your social security and Medicare away?

Combat vets and active shooter training, the nice lady from H&R definitely has PTSD now.

Tennis fans

Teachers nationwide are flummoxed by students' newfound chess obsession

Sudan: Army and paramilitary force claim control of key sites

Gotta get the Dropkick Murphys to play the 2024 convention.

Talkin' New York Blues

Born on this date.

I was given 2 containers of 'Tide Pods" and am confused as to how you use them.

Bob Marley - So Much Trouble In The World

jardiance vs januvia

Test your history knowledge at a 5th grade level.

New Trump Ad DESTROYS "Pudding Fingers" DeSantis

Candidates at NRA convention should conduct ALL rallys under same gun freedoms they propose, that

Bessie Smith was born on this date.

Roy Clark was born on this date.

Hate and Lies... Lies and Hate.. truly the source of so much pain in the world

Florida Is Banning The Biggest Cult Movie Of All Time

Dave Edmunds has a birthday today.

Sudan's army and rival force clash, wider conflict feared

Donald Trump Puts Lotion on to Get Fingerprinted - Lovett or Leave It

$36 Million for Projects to Save Salmon & Other CA Fish and Wildlife Species

All trains delayed until further notice!

A promotional poster for band-night at a bar:

If the polls are accurate, where there is a significant majority who favor abortion should be legal

Unsealed evidence shows racist comments, threats of violence made by Daniel Perry before killing

Got To Give It Up

Revealed: New racist texts from Bay Area cops involved in controversial arrest

Why cat racing never took off

Puppies Won't Let Go Of Their Pacifiers

What's going to be the best way to follow the fox trial?

160-pound wolf dog is obsessed with this woman

Black Pregnant Women Are Tested More Frequently for Drug Use, Study Suggests

Maryland plans to stockpile abortion drug as Supreme Court weighs ruling on restrictions

30 poems in 30 days

The hypocrisy of justice.

This guy's a stand-up comedian. But a lot of us have had conversations like this...

America will never be "exceptional" as long as liars, cheats, anti-democracy, racist, fascist,

Gov Lee refuses to waive high stakes school testing in wake of tornado

One Of Few Remaining Florida Flood Insurers Is Dumping +/- 10,000 Policyholders, Most In SW

Record Or Near-Record Heat In A Dozen S/SE Asian Nations; 111F In Pakistan, 110F In India

Orient Express to axe UK section after 41 years due to Brexit

Not impressed

A word that's new to me: "anhedonic."

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: On the New Florida Abortion Law

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: On the New Florida Abortion Law

Elon Musk reportedly planning to launch AI rival to ChatGPT maker

Parler Shut Down by New Owner

DeSantis MIA regarding flooded Ft. Lauderdale. Mayor says he has not heard from him.

Elon Musk reportedly planning to launch AI rival to ChatGPT maker

At least 1 dead, 21 sickened in fungal outbreak at U.P. paper mill

2024 will be the first Dobbs era presidential election. It'll be the first post Roe v Wade

OMG. I need help. Or sleep. Or more ☕️

Tire radius

Deepfake videos are so convincing -- and so easy to make -- that they pose a political threat

Texas Man Gets 70 Years in Prison After Spitting on Police Officers

"Live hand-in-hand and together we'll stand

A Flower's Power

Chris Hayes: Justice Thomas' real estate deal with billionaire Crow & Interview with ProPublica

(Jewish Group) Holocaust doc produced by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, to air on PBS

Chris Hayes: Justice Thomas' real estate deal with billionaire Crow & Interview with ProPublica

Pennsylvania's newly launched abortion access website comes under fire

A Message to those who wanted to overthrow the election:

Like "Titanic", But On Dry Land - Ft. Lauderdale Parking Garage Flooding From Extreme Rain

Did Kristi Noem really stand up at a podium to boast that her two year old granddaughter

Republican issues JAW-DROPPING defense of 12-year-old marriage - Brian Tyler Cohen

If Dobbs isn't reversed, will there be a migration from southern and western states

I wish trump was

Moveon Link for Petition to impeach Clarence Thomas from Scotus

Popularity is optional as Republicans find ways to impose minority rule

'They created this': are Republicans willing to lose elections to retain their abortion stance?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the RNC, Milwaukee, trouble, and loyalty....

China protests US sanctioning of firms dealing with Russia

Jury Duty, TV comedy series on Amazon's "freevee".

India Milestone Is a 'Big Moment in Human History'

The argument that issues like abortion and gun legislation doesn't matter because of gerrymandering

Anybody have a cold-pasta salad recipe?

Elephants--mother & child affection:

Well said.

Let's not get alarmed about Biden's poll numbers...

All In Full Color and Only A Dime: Your favorite comic book when you were a kid?

Great Horned Owlet preparing to Fledge

My neighbor moved is giant "Orange Blob 24"

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 15, 2023)

TNR - Why Are Republicans Losing Young Voters? Because They Hate Young Voters.

Florida removes 32,000+ COVID cases from tally without explanation

Dropkick Murphys---I'm shipping up to Boston

A top Trump lawyer has recused himself from Mar-a-Lago documents case

A top Trump lawyer has recused himself from Mar-a-Lago documents case

Critical thinking can help keep the Dem Party from being misunderstood

'Real Journalist' Matt Taibbi joins Trump's Truth Social and defends 'lonely' Jack Teixeira.

The Threats to Our Democracy Have Gone Local

Dropkick Murphys - Tessie

The return of the turtle

2024 US Senate Election Prediction. Democrats will win all of the Democratic held seats up in 2024

The controversial article Matthew Kacsmaryk did not disclose to the Senate

Yet another scheme to make it harder to vote in Florida

The controversial article Matthew Kacsmaryk did not disclose to the Senate


Cop Accused of Rape After Bodycam Reveals Him Hitting on Woman - Law&Crime Network

You can ask Elon Musk anything on Twitter if you pay him $4 a month with new 'Subscriptions' feature

The project provides the capacity to produce 500,000 cancer treatment doses per year instead of 4000

A Disaster': Putin Has Suffered 181,000 Casualties in Ukraine

Stupid Texas Song by Austin Lounge Lizards

Airstrikes reported in Sudanese capital; paramilitary group claims to seize palace

Private school vouchers are shaping up to be huge part of the 2024 election as GOP candidates work t

Tibetans Explain What 'Suck My Tongue' Means. It's Not What You Think.

Leon Monet: Claude Monet's Older Brother Helped Shape the Impressionist Movement: New Paris Exhibit

Interesting comments on Feinstein and other old senators by Lisa Desjardins on PBS NewsHour

The Dominion v. Fox News Trial Will Not Be Televised: "It's a Gift to Fox News"

Encyclopedia Of American Loons slams a black supremacist...

Do get the Shingles vaccine, please

His Tormenting Of Others Sustains Them

The moment when Donald Trump scrapped regulations that would have prevented the SV Bank collapse

Extra long air vent deflectors?

NATO member Finland breaks ground on Russia border fence

Update: New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 422.89 ppm.

Wealthy investors, PACs and big GOP donors fill Sinema's campaign

Mildred vs Father Montgomery

New law lets Snohomish County pour millions into rental assistance

Who needs a scratching post?

Ex-C.I.A. Psychologist Re-enacts Interrogation Techniques for Guantnamo Court

They're projecting again.

Inside Ukraine's innovative weapons industry

DuhSantis signing 6 week ban in the middle of the night (photo):

"Shot in error"

The "How Republicans Can Get Rid Of Trump" op-eds have morphed from laughable to pathetic

The stable genius ADMITS to his own Serious CRIMES in New Post

Trump's Dream: "After The Fall"

Pregnant woman shot by Walgreens employee in East Nashville

Person Fatally Struck by Train at Pentagon City Station, Expect Blue Line Delays

Found an Instagram spot

Excellent Elijah Wood film about Dylan Thomas

Cartoons 4/15/2023

State cementing its status as haven for abortion seekers, providers

Are we seeing some pushback against GOP overreach?

MAGA Group Unleashes Devastating Ad Attacking DeSantis For Disgusting Pudding Habit- Farron Balanced

Glenn Youngkin Pauses His Presidential Ambitions

Valuing wild-caught fish will help protect them

Washington state a leader in ending silence of NDAs

Abortion bans raise fears inside GOP about backlash in 2024

Pentagon leaks suspect wins praise from far-right US politicians and media

Pence: Candidates must run 'as Republicans' to win in 2024

Amid Contradicting Orders, the Supreme Court Protects Abortion Pill Access--for Now

Amid Contradicting Orders, the Supreme Court Protects Abortion Pill Access--for Now

Amid Contradicting Orders, the Supreme Court Protects Abortion Pill Access--for Now

Amid Contradicting Orders, the Supreme Court Protects Abortion Pill Access--for Now

The MTA Seized 63 Vehicles From Persistent Toll Evaders in New York

Who is going to be the winner of the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary if Cardin retires and the

Trump and Fox News get royally screwed ahead of trials - Brian Tyler Cohen

Any day now....

The Same Groups That Helped Overturn Roe and Attack Abortion Pills Are Also Lobbying Against the ER

The Same Groups That Helped Overturn Roe and Attack Abortion Pills Are Also Lobbying Against the ER

The Same Groups That Helped Overturn Roe and Attack Abortion Pills Are Also Lobbying Against the ER

The Same Groups That Helped Overturn Roe and Attack Abortion Pills Are Also Lobbying Against the ER

The Republican war on LGBTQ pride - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Mrs Betty Bowers asks the question... (tweet)

Justice Clarence Thomas violates federal financial disclosure laws; DOJ MUST investigate!

I just turned in my federal income taxes.

Jane Goodell 1965 film with wild chimpanzees.

Why Trump's latest deposition in N.Y. civil fraud case hits different

Of Course This Is How the Intelligence Leak Happened

The Legal System Continues to Fail Pieper Lewis, a Survivor of Sex Trafficking

The Legal System Continues to Fail Pieper Lewis, a Survivor of Sex Trafficking

The Legal System Continues to Fail Pieper Lewis, a Survivor of Sex Trafficking

The Legal System Continues to Fail Pieper Lewis, a Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Trump Lawyer Warned by Stormy Daniels's Attorney of 'Ethical Breach'

Yellen says US banks may tighten lending and negate need for more rate hikes

An Oregon man 'gifted' money to strangers by dropping $200,000 in cash out his car window

Peter Daou is Marianne Williamson's campaign manager

You raised $10.00 on April 14, 2023 DU for Ukraine

Democrats Plan To Fight Dirty To Take Down Republicans In 2024 - Ring of Fire

GOP state Rep. sings bizarre "rubber stamp" song on Colorado House floor

The Lincoln Project-TFG has the GOP wrapped around his tiny finger.

The Lincoln Project-TFG has the GOP wrapped around his tiny finger.


A man who threatened Merriam-Webster over gender-inclusive definitions was sentenced to prison

I'm not that bright so I didn't realize that Twitter

Wanna see the ad that caused the MAGAts to boycott Budweiser?

One page backgrounder on Matthew Kacsmaryk

Does Lucy McBath or Carolyn Bourdeaux have a future in GA statewide elected office in 2026?

Deep State Beer!

When you are tempted to think of Mitch McConnell as anything less than a fascist enabler,

Macron's China Comments Spark Controversy In West Over Europe-US, Taiwan - China Update

Abortion resource to pass along to anyone who needs it.

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing (Netflix)

Lie-filled robocall in TN says Antifa attacking the TN Capitol with pipebombs and brass knuckles.

Trump's Michael Cohen lawsuit reveals just how bad things really are

With a Name Like Willim Verboom, Should One Really Work on Plutonium Extraction?

Here are some of the steps taken by AG Garland prior to the appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smit

Nicely perched, on owl box,

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Lovely southern MD afternoon

South Korea- Domestically unpopular foreign policy will be exploited

John Fugelsang tweet about Lindsey Graham & MBS:

Five children taken from Black family after rural Tennessee traffic stop returned home

Florida's anti-immigrant bill continues DeSantis' campaign of cruelty

I just love a good thunderstorm.

Archeologists in Italy unearth ancient dolphin statuette

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about rights, grinding to a halt, and a republican question...

Top Republican donor sours on Florida governor's stance on social issues

WAPO: Kacsmaryk removed his name from a paper used in his nomination process

Just a heads up from EFF -- Be Skeptical of FBI Warnings About Phone Chargers

Future US House Members of MD if Raskin,Sarbanes,and Trone run for the US Senate in 2024.

📺 Rewatching "The West Wing" with our daughter. I'm truly amazed.

Thousands Of Beef Ribs Fall From Sky Onto Plates Of Texans Who Strapped On Bib, Prayed For Dinner

Oregon man 'gifted' money to strangers by dropping $200,000 in cash out his car window

When it's your health, go with your gut

Did you know that the mother of the "World's Most Dangerous Wrestler"...

Louisiana Republican Party wants to ban college study of diversity, equity, inclusion

Texas governor's intention to pardon Daniel Perry takes on a racist, white supremacist perspective

NE: Candidates for Lincoln mayor 'face the chamber'

Did anyone catch "Der Rosenkavelier" this afternoon?

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 15, 2023

Panicked Trump Threatens To Unleash 'Ferocious Legal Warriors' Against Liberal Prosecutors - Farron

JACKSONVILLE: As mayoral runoff approaches, candidates' campaign tactics speak volumes

My husband and I stopped by an estate sale today (mini-rant).

Top GOP Donor Sours on DeSantis

Kyle Rittenhouse launches countersuit against Gaige Grosskreutz

Fancy dancing: Baryshnikov & Minnelli

Colorado governor signs bills further enshrining rights to abortion and gender-affirming care

A Tiny Number of Shoplifters Commit Thousands of New York City Thefts

Hospital sues Missouri's top prosecutor over trans care data

Hospital sues Missouri's top prosecutor over trans care data

Hey Motherfucker

Complaint alleges North Texas lawmaker had sex with a Capitol intern, report says

I have never been a Bud Light drinker, but I will pick up a six or twelve-pack the next time

Brian Kemp Urges Republicans to Move OnBrian Kemp Urges Republicans to Move On

What is the deal with Kaczmarek's upper lip? Is it just always dirty or is he trying to

If the US Senate has to reconfirm Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

Teenager Gets To Release Wild Baby Bat Months After Saving His Life

Right-wing Bud Light boycott crumbles as GOP faced loss of major donor

Alexei Navalny Is Seriously Ill

We all get a GQP astronomy lesson courtesy of MTG:

Conservatives plot text warnings on "woke" products

Clivia in April . . .

While the GOP plans how to take away your rights, JRB was up at 3 AM pressing McCarthy

TN bill that allows students to report professors who teach 'divisive concepts' passes House and Sen

Trump's NRA Convention Speech is a Horror Show! - Luke Beasley

It's like 80 degrees out and I just got a message for a freeze warning for tonight

Revealed: official name for a group of conservatives

Far-Right Judge Who Blocked Mifepristone Failed to Disclose Anti-Abortion Article: Report

Is DeSantis' real first name MO?

Airman who put secrets online is in shackles. Trump is in Mar-a-Lago

NATO member Finland breaks ground on Russia border fence

Which State US Senators are likely to remain in the US Senate?

so, i know we're all supposed to hate the bird. i hate musk,

taylor greene Rinsed and Destroyed by Eric Swalwell , Adam Schiff and Katie Porter

So... I asked ChatGPT.

Bud has a beer worse than Light. I picked up six pack of "Next"...

Attacks on defenders increase

Poland, Hungary ban grain and food imports from Ukraine

Kintsugi Pin*

Opinion: Why Biden is lying low ahead of 2024

In NYC and SF, You Need a $300,000 Salary to Take Home $100,000 After Taxes

Missouri tornado warning. Be safe.

Japan's prime minister unharmed after explosion. 24 year old arrested

NSFW - FU Very Much

Mastodon: NRA stats

China continues Hydrogen Fuel Cell lead over U.S. -- Commercial Carrier Journal

GOP donor pauses funding DeSantis because of the governor's positions on abortions and book bans

Arkansas Gov app question: "What is an accomplishment of the Governor's that you admire the most?"

I love me some Katie Porter!

Lazy Day

It's a Toddler's Party. How About a $75,000 Budget? In Los Angeles, children's birthday celebrations

Chief: Indiana plastics fire reduced to a single hot spot

Fox News Apologizes to Judge for avoiding to name Rupert Murdoch

Saturday Night Live tonight: Actress Ana de Armas will serve as host and Karol G as musical guest.

on my and neighbors' property

How north nomads go to the toilet & take a shower when -58F, -50C. Not like we do!


Protestors interrupt deathsantis speech

Man died after being 'eaten alive' by bugs in filthy jail cell, family says

NY-03: George Santos' campaign fund has net loss in 2023

This lady is at Wal Mart to prove how the government is secretly injecting the vaccine into meat. I'

The GOP Is Making It Harder for College Students to Vote

Politico: Republican donor retreat suggests Donald Trump is far from a coronation