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Brooklyn Assembly Member accuses Michael Ragusa's (R) City Council campaign of forging his signature

Al Sharpton won't let David Dinkins' fate happen to Eric Adams

Boston remembers deadly marathon bombing 10 years later

Mostly peaceful here today, southern MD, and THEN:

Racist white woman got her FAFO badge

Gov. Hochul's top court picks could help tip the balance of Congress

Kamala Harris rallies as high court eyes abortion pill rules

Mysterious Incident in the Community Garden

Fox News Pundits Trash Trump's 'Childish' DeSantis Pudding Fingers Ad

Enjoying a Foghorn on a Saturday evening.

Ian Millhiser @imillhiser: My unpopular take for tonight is that, if capital wants to ally

Joyce Vance talks Clarence Thomas ProPublica report and Evan Corcoran recusal - MSNBC Reports

"Fossil fuels are natural and amazing," says Rep. Marjorie Traitor Greene in a rant on Twitter

NY Democratic Party chair talks DNC, congressional district redraw

ChatGPT repeatedly defames a prominent sociologist, then suggests he could sue OpenAI

Hail Destroys Storm Chasers Windshield - Lamar, MO

France's historic far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is hospitalized in serious condition

Linda Beigel Schulman joins protest outside Santos' office decrying 'National Gun of America' legisl

Sen. Chris Murphy: The Wreckage of Neoliberalism

"We called for you all to ban assault weapons, and you respond with an assault on democracy." - Just

'Disgusting' new robocall smears Tennessee Three as violent 'Antifa' radicals

2023 Michigan Alpaca Festival

Seattle's cruise season kicks off with record-breaking number of passengers expected to set sail

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about T-55s....

George Santos shredded for launching attack on Dem rival's appearance

Local ski resorts extend seasons as a result of new snow

Right wingers bragging about FL unemployment #'s, who prepares these in individual states?

Gator attack: 72-year-old man's leg bitten off in Titusville (FL)

Trump vows, if elected, to require every employee pass a new civil service test

Lauren Boebert Reacts to Her Home State Protecting Gender-Affirming Care

'Just an ordinary man!

A new WA voice calls out Democrats as the party of the rich, from within

Mexico and U.S. search for three American sailors last seen in Sinaloa

Pentagon limits number of people receiving top-secret daily briefs after online leak

Rutgers, unions announce agreement, classes to resume

back in the ham radio saddle again!!!

Governor Ron DeSantis' All Out War on Black Floridia

Abortion Isn't Even a Top 5 Issue for Republican Primary Voters, Per Internal Polling

Yep. This fits her.

Neutron stars, neutron physics, and the transmutation of mercury into gold.

They're very sorry, and it won't happen again...

Peruvian archaeologists unearth 500-year-old Inca ceremonial bath

Florida man accused of beating a shark with a hammer arrested

Chip Franklin DEMOLISHES SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas for high-level corruption.

Trump goes off the deep end...

Republican lawmakers seem more interested in legislating on student voting than usual.

Appeals court upholds charge for former North Cornwall, PA officer's role in Jan. 6 riot

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Why did the clock go back to the table?

George Santos' campaign fund has net loss in 2023

Saturday plans were cancelled by super cell storms which lead to an hour in the cellar.

VA Dems: Youngkin Endorses 2020 Election Conspiracy Theorist, January 6 Rally Attendee

Coup in Sudan leaves dozens dead, hundreds injured - NBC News

I used to respect Nome Chomsky's opinion but it seems he has missed the mark a lot lately

RWers ready for battle, but do they need full armor, or fire with cat turd?

Reel Crazy: Post a Pic of a Psycho from TV or a Flick

Gen Z Voters Could Deliver Death Blow To Republican Party - Ring of Fire

Nikki Haley Raises Over $11 Million

special needs adult daughter and taxes

South Dakota governor says her two-year-old grandchild has several guns

tax question regarding special needs daughter

Jewish Space Lasers

Favorite hot weather drink? Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper, others Now that it getting warmer

BREAKING: Ferry runs aground near Bainbridge Island, leaving over 600 stranded on board

Last night's sundown

Meet the Pa. grandpa who, after retiring from U.S. Postal Service, is giving college baseball a try

How do you coat your ribs--BBQ sauce store bought or homemade, seasoned with spice, or natural

Manhattan Prosecutor makes MAJOR MOVE against ILLEGAL Republican Stunt - Meidas Touch

TN Speaker Sexton FAFO

Secrets of the Presidential Motorcade That Make it Undefeated - The Infographics Show

I saw a headline yesterday that the head of the Wagner group was

Disneyland keeps trolling Ron DeSantis as it announces first-ever Pride event

Okay Boomers,postBoomers or near Boomers, do you wear socks with your sandals? I do.

In leaked audio, Tennessee Republicans whine about being called 'racist'

Porcupine Tree - Dark Matter

Just a reminder that Clarence Thomas is motivated by revenge.

Sunday Digit: 8/10 - Too much warmth too soon or just right?

Axios: Marriages are becoming more "egalitarian." Just not with housework

15 Apr: New wave. Russian attack comes at a huge cost - Reporting from Ukraine

Wow: Biden has the most viral moment of his presidency - Brian Tyler Cohen

GOP launches attack on unalienable rights - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

The MIGOP released its FEC Feb finance report cash-on-hand. It's actually a little shocking, lol.

Tweet of the Day

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis files with FEC to run for President

The MIGQP is in sad shape.

Police realized they were at wrong house before killing man, video shows

Ernie Isley - Deal With It

The Music Man, TCM now

Sandy Hook Promise CEO Nicole Hockley on GOP's Hardline for Gun Rights - MSNBC Reports

Illinois first lady M.K. Pritzker appointed to committee charged with the preservation of the White

Wagner Group's Prigozhin tells Putin to end fighting in Ukraine

Regarding Chinese food in the United States

Sargassum Invasion In The Florida Keys Over The Weekend

Sargassum Invasion In The Florida Keys Over The Weekend

Grayson Capps. I like this cat

George Santos' name popped up again recently on another thread...

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Feast of the Resurrection of Christ, Pascha, Sunday April 16

'We have nothing here': AL clinic Director on the lack of abortion access in the South - Velshi MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

WOW: New Attack Ad Humiliates Trump!

Rep. Barbara Lee: the effort to ban abortion pill is 'fundamentally undemocratic' - Velshi - MSNBC

Bach's 'Orchestral Suite No. 2' Exact rendition just played on local uni. station/Smedvig, trumpet.

SNL: First Warm Day of the Year Red Carpet Cold Open

FL teacher under investigation for showing "Confederate History Month" video to school

The Other Americans: Guatemala's Far-Right Blocks Progressive Candidates

'Criminalising journalism': Famous Salvadoran outlet to relocate

Mastodon: ⚠️ TX Senate passes bill to take over county elections

The Amazon's Largest Isolated Tribe Is Dying

OK county leaders discussed killing local journalists, flagrant racism & mocking a woman's death

New Democratic Star utterly DESTROYS Republican to his face during hearing - Meidas Touch

If this doesnt tear at your soul then I dont know what to say.

Sen. Whitehouse Joins MSNBC's Katy Tur to Talk Ethics Reform at the Supreme Court - MSNBC Reports


Plans for 2024

what exhibits would a Clarence Thomas museum have? what would be in the gift shop?

$730K award to Black Secret Service agent detained by cops while on duty leading motorcade

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

What is Bernie Sanders-VT plan for 2024?

What Clarence Thomas calls hospitality looks a lot more like corruption

76 trombones!

Trump's Latest DESPERATE Attempt to DISCREDIT Damaging Testimony - Talking Feds

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a PSA, weather, Twitter, and a lack of PSAs....

viral video. Teens handcuffed by LASD deputies in their San Gabriel home

GYPSY, now, tcm

Al Franken impersonates senators

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy:🪻'Feast of the Resurrection' Hymn🪻in place of the Trisagion

SNL: Weekend Update

mass shooting of the hour: Kentucky again, 5 miles from Old National Bank mass shooting

Sunday Funnies 4/16/23


Newly elected US Senators of 2024.

Mass shooting at birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama.. breaking - Update 4 dead, 20 injured

Oh oh. Just opened an email that looked like it was from a friend but it was not.

Breakfast Sunday 16 April 2023

WORDLE 666 (4/16) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Trump ADMITS to Serious CRIME in New Post - Meidas Touch

Blackpink Goes Solo at Coachella

We are Listening

Camelot, TCM

The Daily Show: The Best of Al Franken as Guest Host


The Daily Show: The Best of Al Franken as Guest Host

Gunmen kill several people at Mexico water park

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Creating Space Edition

More than 20 shot at Dadeville gathering, investigators on scene

Kansas City teenager shot after going to wrong house

El Chapo's drug-lord sons are alleged to have fed rival Mexican traffickers to their pet tigers, acc

HUGE Ruling in the HIGHEST STAKES Case Since Dobbs - Talking Feds

I'm sick and tired of being broke, so I'm suing myself for $10,000,000.

Nuclear phase-out: A bad idea in times of climate protection and energy scarcity? - DW News

Fox News apologizes to judge overseeing Dominion case: 'This was a misunderstanding'

China & India are buying so much Russian oil that Moscow's now selling more crude than it was before

April, National Poetry Month -- 30 poems in 30 days

Twitter Ad revenue down 75%

2 dead, 4 injured in shooting at park in Louisville, Kentucky

Ash Amin: What is it about global cities?

Duncanpup why?

Nike Air Force 1 x Jackie Robinson

Russian Arms Crisis as Billions Lost in Arms Sales After Disastrous Ukraine Campaign - Joe Blogs

Walmart to close half its stores in Chicago, citing huge financial losses

Al Franken: Heather McGhee - My Favorite Is Back!!!!

Walmart to close half its stores in Chicago, citing huge financial losses

This week's major U.S. economic reports (April 17 -- April 21)


So, the NRA isn't made up of old white guys who love guns?

Chicago Police Respond to Large Groups of Teenagers Downtown for 2nd Night in a Row

Toddler revived with Narcan after overdose in Manassas Park

Rather disappointed in sous vide roast

On this day, April 16, 1949, actress Melody Patterson was born.

UVERworld - Colors of the Heart

On this day, April 16, 1934, Robert Stigwood was born.

Calls grow for drastic steps to address Japan's sliding birth rate

On this day, April 16, 1947, the SS Grandcamp, filled with ammonium nitrate, blew up in Texas City.

Blackburn, McConnell & Tuberville all have had a mass shooting ...

On this day, April 16, 2007, the Virginia Tech school shootings occurred.

Sunset -- Close in, wide angle.

On this day, April 16, 2007, the Virginia Tech school shootings occurred.

A new meaning for CRT!

Christos Anesti!

So, I was thinking about what this fight over Mifepristone is saying about where we

S. Korea repels N. Korean patrol boat after sea intrusion

I guess having a gun didn't make him any safer.

It's a Love Fest.

Mass Hypocrisy Nation: Guns for foreign adventures, trillion a year, but less Gun Love domestically?

NM gun owner had pointed his gun at police before being shot by them

Jonathan Reiner @JReinerMD: The 800,000 "illegals" the Rep refers to came to the US as children

The t-Mobster's Lawyer Forced to LEAVE CASE After Latest Development

Pregnant woman shot by Walgreens employee in East Nashville

How a Campaign Against Transgender Rights Mobilized Conservatives

Clarence Thomas has for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm

Big meanie Dems want to ruin Gym Jordan's patriotic Bragg "hearing" with that pesky Ohio State stuff

Florida continues to collapse under DeSantis: Day three of Fort Lauderdale floods.

The Memo: GOP ignores warning signs on abortion

So between KY & AL we had 24 injured and 8 people killed last night/this morning?

The new world order?

If we don't stop the GOP, we will have no freedoms left

'To me they're punks': Grieving families air concerns at town hall on deputy 'gangs'

Album released on this date in 1964

45.4C In Thailand (113.7F) - All-Time Record High, First Time In Instrumental Record @/Over 45C

What happens next in the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News?

April 16: NOT Spring in WI --Cooling down through the day with potential snow accumulations tonight

Henry Mancini was born on this date.

Gun deaths per-capita-by-state. I notice a pattern here

Bee Hummingbird ''Zunzuncito'' - Cuba

A 'Godzilla'-Themed Cup Noodles Flavor "Has Been Conceived," Says Toho International

Saudi prince gives 4% Aramco stake to public investment firm

Stefan Grossman has a birthday today.

MYTH: There's nothing we can do about the ethics crisis of the Supreme Court, especially from Thomas

Herbie Mann was born on this date,

The Paradox of Control

The grieving mother of a murdered teen pleads for a stronger social safety net

Friday in the park (4/14)

A question for DUer legal minds: What remedy do we have in place against Thomas's corruption?

With The Start Of Dominion's Defamation Trial, Consequences Loom For Fox News

Better Days Ahead

How do I find the dpi on an online image? I need photos that have a dpi of 300 or higher

G-7 talks may measure allies' reaction to U.S. documents leak

Gaunt and ghostly, Georgia's jailed ex-president nears death in hospital

S7:E14 ( Special Guest Councilman & 'Radical Leftist' Sean Cummings)

NOAA Issues El Nino Watch - 62% Chance Warming Will Develop Sometime Between May And July

Typical Minnesota April Weather Report - "80 Today; Snow Tomorrow"

Why Climate Journalists Hate Earth Day

"Refusing to break the chain" - Tom Sullivan in Digby

Alien motherships: Pentagon official floats a theory for unexplained sightings

Global outage for Amazon Echo devices reported

SO SAD & UNFAIR! Donor pulls plug on DeSantis over his book + abortion bans.

A couple more challenges ahead of me.

The "trans issue" and the GOP

I know that almost everyone here on DU at this time understands the attack on

Another one : At least four people killed in shooting at 16th birthday party in US state of Alabama

I know that almost everyone here on DU at this time understands the attack on

It's difficult for people to admit they were wrong (convincing GOPers)

Face the Nation / 04.16.2023 / Jan Crawford predicts USSC between 7 to 2 and 9 to 0 on pill

I've not always been a Polis fan, but he's doing some good stuff.

Climate envoy Kerry: No rolling back clean energy transition

Big Lebowski 25th anniversary today

gymgaetz. I was talking with a friend last night, and this popped out of my mouth

Tulsa Race Massacre investigators say they've sequenced DNA from 6 possible victims

TN Speaker doesn't live in his district.


El Nino watch issued by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center

Steve Schmidt explains Ron DeSantis's pudding problem & why it's a gift for tboy - The Warning

Man found dead eaten by bed bugs in Atlanta jail, lawyer says

Head of Chinas Central Bank....Meets With USA Central Bank Head.

Russians boasted that just 1% of fake social profiles are caught, leak shows

Judge Barbara Lynn of the Northern District of Texas is taking senior status effective May 15

Already posted but Good God in Butter is he stupid

Big Majority Want Abortion Pill to Be Legal

Clarence Thomas Has Claimed Income from Defunct Firm

Tim Scott (GOP) is a "racial pacifier" - Tara Setmayer (Lincoln Project)

Adults with Down syndrome face a health care system that often treats them as kids

Nikki Haley Inflated Her Fundraising Totals

Anyone get the Sunday NYT

Democrats Worry Crackdown on TikTok Could Hurt Party

Bernie is on Jen's show now......

Clarence Thomas has for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm

About the teen in KC who was "Shot in error."

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 16, 2023)

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 16, 2023?

"Ron DeSantis loves sticking his fingers where they don't belong"

Pope County deputy shot and killed identified, another deputy and officer injured by gunfire

This Dutch singer, nearly signed by Paul McCartney for Apple, had a birthday yesterday.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about most recent mass shooting:

Started planting my Minnesota Assisted Migration Forest this week

Weather alerts via Twitter no longer dependable FIND ALTERATE SOURCES

Kentucky's lone Dem Rep lashes out at Republicans banning books & pronouns and not weapons of war.

Saudis said set to host top Hamas delegation, further dimming Israeli hopes for ties

Music, visualized:

Inmate stuck on US death row despite vacated death sentence

2024 Republican Candidates show that they don't care about human lives at 2023 NRA Convention.

CNN's Dana Bash ridicules a willfully clueless Rep. Dan Crenshaw about armed guards at school

Authoritarian-in-Chief Trump sings praises to the world's major dictators

Republican suggests an ad with Trump on the toilet tweeting for his DeSantis pudding finger ad.

Hopefully the Dominion Suit will put the fox Sewer OUT OF BUSINESS

I bet no other country has the need of a gun violence archive

Dozens killed as army, rivals battle for control of Sudan

Will Bunch: The day the book banners lost in Pennsylvania's culture wars


Website tracking is 21% of traffic; CO2 load up there with meat production, transportation & crypto

Former Indian lawmaker slain live on TV while in police custody, state restricts gatherings

There was a mass shooting in the small city I work in last Wednesday

Fox News and 2020 election lies set to face jury come Monday

Chipmunk tasting almonds for the first time:

Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ron DeSantis? The GOP LOVES cartoon villains.

This leg does NOT want to be pestered:

Synchronized cows:

Bomb Targeting Japan PM Complicates Timing of Election, BOJ Move

Indian Subcontinent May Be On The Edge Of A Wet-Bulb Event; Some Plans In Place, Grid Fragile

I said no photos!

Parody hitman website nabs Air National Guardsman after he allegedly applied for murder-for-hire job

"Lady Justice" Beer Release Party in Minocqua on 5/19 with Justices Dallet and Karofsky

Congratulations to Andrey Rublev 🎾 on winning

S7:E14 ( Special Guest Councilman & 'Radical Leftist' Sean Cummings)

You know how it's hard to look away from a car wreck?

Too slow:

A prescient novel about abortion being outlawed in the US

"Thought COVID was done with the surprises? Not yet, apparently."

Seems personal:

Question for bird lovers. I have been finding peanuts still in the shell near my pine tree a

A Wisconsin teacher is on administrative leave after calling out school's homophobia.

Baby elephant in a tub of water:

Thomas reportedly has been claiming thousands of dollars annually from a shuttered real estate firm

'Show us your Regina': Canadian city pulls tourism campaign after facing backlash for sexualizing it

Golden Retriever & baby argue over toy:

Who will speak for the gunned-down children when J.D. Vance tweets bigotry?

The look of love:

Truer words...

Cat teaches human a lesson:

Look, but *don't touch*!

A dog and his pig:

and here comes the snow.........

Christos Anesti!

Thousands turn out for anti-government protest in Prague

Cat god smites:

Pre-dawn, southern MD

So Florida is going to start executing priests, pastors, and youth ministers. You know, folks who

War for the Planet of the Apes.

John Roberts finally speaks out about Clarence Thomas.

America's Big Lie: 'This is not who we are'

TCM tonight, 8:00 pm

Louisiana Republican Party wants to ban college study of diversity, equity, inclusion

New Mexico governor fears a national ban on abortion

Texas Bill Would Censor Posts About Abortion

State battles over abortion are leading to state constitutional amendments

Is Dick Durbin, not Feinstein, the real obstacle to Biden's judge appointments?

Tufts has some new numbers on voter turnout in 2022 and look at Michigan take the 🥇

More relevant than ever: 'America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy' Is a Dangerous--And Wrong--Argument

A rebuttal to the phrase "We're a republic, not a democracy."

Why Trump's Pudding Ad isn't as Dumb as it Seems

Who will become the newly elected US Senators from MD and VT if Cardin-MD and Sanders-VT retire?

The Right "Satanic Temple is sending recruiters into the after-school programs to grab kids."

Plan aims to restore 'community' to Community Transit bus service

The Supreme Court takes up a messy, chaotic case about religion in the workplace

Flower power is finally here at Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The right-wing UK press is mad that Biden visited Ireland

New survey paints dire picture for doctors considering leaving Idaho over abortion Opinion

Noem--A lot of diversity in the NRA... *camera switches to audience*:

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 16, 2023

Wealthy investors, PACs and big GOP donors fill Sinema's campaign

US Supreme Court considers Christian mail carrier's refusal to work Sundays

Why is there so little info being released about the two latest shootings?

Tweet of the Day

Strawberry Cream Dr. Pepper

Originalism or anti-abortion: Florida's Supreme Court must choose - Column

Walter Johnson

Jackie Robinson was a Republican until the GOP became the 'white man's party'

Statement from President Joe Biden on Last Night's Gun Violence

Blackpink makes Coachella history at 2023 festival.

Newsom faces political minefield with calls for Feinstein to resign

KY-GOV: Kentucky Republicans risk bruising primary in bid to unseat Beshear

Chris Christie tells Donna Brazile to "calm down" about abortion pill ban.

MAGA Lady ENRAGED Gen Z Doesn't Like MAGA

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 April 2023

The Hottest Political Reform of the Moment Gains Ground

Jordan Klepper from Daily Show on Jen Psaki

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Southern Cross

My house is full again

Ready to tap your foot?

A couple of pics from my balcony.

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

What to know about DeSantis' theory that the US wants to control people's purchases

Fire in Dubai kills 16, injures 9 in apartment building

Analyzing Republican Overperformance in Elections for State Treasurer and Controller

Ex-Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets

Poached fish tonight

Atiq Ahmed :Former Indian MP and brother shot dead live on TV

Bonus Tweet of the Day

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Deegan (D) calls new mayoral attack ad 'racially insensitive'

Kemp urges Republicans not to 'look in the rearview mirror' in 2024 race

Al Lawson endorses Donna Deegan (D) for Jacksonville Mayor

Palm Beach, Florida: Old man yells at cloud, mistaking it for a Merrick Garland prosecutor

Philly Mayoral Race: FOP Endorses Brown, Clarke Endorses Parker

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Republicans Are Switching Parties to Vote Against Helen Gym

This is not the NRA teaching gun safety.

Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield 🦋

Rebecca Rhynhart is promising to make government work. Does Philadelphia want a technocrat in a time

So I thought I'd ask my soon to be 4yr old granddaughter a riddle

Social-Media Account Overseen by Former Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets

Question regarding home gyms.

Ex-Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets

Why Is Chartreuse Hard to Find Right Now? Ask the Monks Who Make It.

INTERVIEW: The past, present and future of Sweden's zero-tolerance drug policy

NOW NY objects to Rowan Wilson's nomination for New York chief judge

Are we shouting into the wind? I don't believe so.

It's a dog's job.

yeah! i haz tenants.

The black kid that went to the wrong house and got shot?

Something we should add to our local tv weather reports

Can US Representative Glenn Ivey of MD-4CD win a statewide election(US Senate) in MD?

More future Dems? STEM degrees soar at Michigan colleges; business grads decline, records show

Senator Feinstein: We're calling on Chief Justice Roberts to investigate Justice Thomas

GM Ditches Apple CarPlay on EVs as Fight for Your Car's Screen Intensifies

I got some slow blinks from Skittish, this afternoon

Parking Meter for Stranded Russian Plane Hits $330,000 and Keeps Going

Everything You Need to Eat at Coachella This Year

Conservatives Boycott Computers After Noticing Keyboard Can Be Used To Type 'Trans'

'Invasion': Texas GOP Struggles Over What Crisis To Manufacture At Border

Republican state officials in Louisiana ask lawmakers to ban the study of racism at universities

US Representative Glenn Ivey of MD-4CD should run for the US Senate in 2024 if Cardin retires.

▶️ Jen Psaki's exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders

tom nichols thinks we're over reacting calling it fascism.

President Lincoln Death, April 15, 1865. Son Robert Todd Lincoln Aided by Actor Edwin Booth c.1865

Jen Psaki's exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders

Europe's most powerful nuclear reactor kicks off in Finland

gas station store looted after street takeover event

Dr. Fisher photo op

Swedish pension fund fires top boss over an almost $2 billion loss in US bank-related investments

Day 106 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 168. Dead: 226. Wounded: 598.

Last week someone posted about how we used to dress up for Easter.

Dear Senator Dianne Feinstein: This is not about you.

DeSantis PAC throws the hammer...

Life in the hellscape that is New York...

Dear Gov. Newsom: Their daughter's been swallowed by California's rehab monster

Any Decorah (bald eagle) nest cam watchers here?

Gunmen storm Mexican resort, kill 7, including child

I wonder if the GOP figured women who are past their childbearing years

U.S. House Republicans chart new strategy to pressure Biden, Democrats

Former Indian lawmaker slain live on TV while in police custody, state restricts gatherings

Concerns that Texas abortion ruling will upend FDA authority are 'alarmist': Sen. Cassidy

I've just seen the first daily reading above 424 ppm at the Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory I've Ever Seen

Iran vows crack down on people who promote removing the veil

2 dads exchanged gunfire in Florida road rage fight, injuring kids, but only one got charged

And Desantis returns fire against Trump...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans biting the hand that feeds them....

A rural Texas county just blinked on library closures. Pressure worked.

MAGA Weirdos Attack RNC Chair For Letting 'Anti Trump' Network Host First Debate - Farron Balanced

George Santos campaign finance disclosure shows more refunds to donors than contributions

Call the Midwife - Are the Turners Having Another Baby? - Season 12

Guardsman Charged With Leaking Classified Documents Did So To Show Off, Discord Users Say

I asked the AI art generator to make me a daughter and this is what it came up with

15 arrested in connection with Loop chaos after two teens shot.

New study predicts concerning impending change for America's heartland: 'Few understand the implicat

Is this dog actually mowing the lawn? (Sound up)

So the GOP made easy access to guns,

Democrats score huge news in Wisconsin - Brian Tyler Cohen

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace blasts Republicans for 'silence' on gun violence, 'extreme' abortion stances


S. Korea repels N. Korean patrol boat after sea intrusion

Seattle Scenes

Jordan Klepper on going inside the MAGA movement - MSNBC

Opportunism, hypocrisy & graft, oh my! Guiding lights of the new GOP

Sunset, southern MD 4/16

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego recently outraised Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in what cou

Gun violence hits very close to home

She had invasive surgery after Idaho Dr. Ryan Cole (AFD) misdiagnosed her. Now she's suing.

Dozens of POWs freed as Ukraine marks Orthodox Easter

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about schools and a question from a conservative.....

Fox thinks it has a better shot on appeal -- but former prosecutor thinks that's a losing bet too

Google CEO: AI impact to be more Profound than discovery of Fire, Electricity. 60 Minutes

Guy Is The Best Friend A Squirrel Could Have

The Tiniest Cries Were Coming Out Of This Well

China's Decline & Financial Crisis - Logan Wright; Brazil-China: Lula's Trip - China Update