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Sen. Baldwin says Texas judge is part of GOP's 'effort to ban abortion nationwide'

Why was TFG never held accountable for Emoluments violations?

Сорѕ Fіnd Dirty Lіոdѕey Grahаm Іmаgеѕ оn Laptop - Christo Aivalis

MIT Researchers Make Discovery That Could Lead To The Reversal Of Alzheimer's Disease

Iran: Jail terms for those behind downing of Ukraine flight

Nor Cal folks: What's with the Pepsi?

Imagine, if you will, republicans were to be held to the same standards as democrats.

Katie Porter eviscerates conservative to his face on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

I L.O.V.E.D Justice RBG

The First Lady and The Velvet Fog scatting

CA-SEN: Adam Schiff Builds Huge War Chest

Lindsey Graham calls fellow Republican 'irresponsible' for defending Pentagon leaker

Enthusiasm For Trump Has Disappeared In The Midwest - Ring of Fire

The Dominion v. Fox News trial has been DELAYED until Tuesday.

Texas Capitol evacuated and searched amid bomb threat

Kev spots a winning budget strategy...slash SNAP benefits (1.9% of the TOTAL BUDGET)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about confusion over Russian statements....

Shouldn't laws made for us also be made with us?

Looking for interesting/offbeat things to do in London

Former Trump Advisor Reveals She's Terrified For The GOP's Future

That sexy cellist, Hauser, playing some devilish Haydn music...just fabulous...

See how Trump reacted to Pence being booed at NRA convention - CNN

Tucker Carlson Tells Lie So Blatant Even Fox News Has to Fact Check Him! - Luke Beasley

RI-01: Biden adviser resigns to prepare for House bid in Rhode Island

Iowa to spend millions kicking families off food stamps. More states may follow.

Dominion v. Fox defamation trial begins: could this lawsuit signal the end of Fox "News"? - Kirschner

Republicans Want To Make Poor People Suffer As Part Of Debt Ceiling Agreement

We have a thread about cooking ribs, you have to have a thread about a foods that frequently

Graham 'stunned' junior guardsman had access to intel files: 'Some people need to be fired over this

McCarthy's latest idea is to slash food aid to poor families, including children

US Representative Ivey of MD-4 is a perfect candidate for the US Senate in 2024 if Cardin retires.

I don't think he overreacted in the least:

27 year old man takes a baseball bat to California church's stained glass windows

Happy songs for us slightly less than happy folks, up to happy-neutral people

Sen. Graham calls out Rep. Greene after she defends military leaker - CNN

☦️🪻 Holy St.Dymphna, intercecede for all of us to🌸Our Risen Lord!🤍

Astronomy Picture of the Day 2023 April 16 M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula

Hospitals That Ditch Masks Risk Exposure

Stay tuned for the next MAGA boycott...

Black unemployment rate hits record low of 5 percent: Celebrated by The Media (not)

Jordan's NY field hearing on crime is going to accomplish what?

More info on aiding Ukrainian refugees

yesterday's mass shooting number 3. four shot, one dead (southern California)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's pardon problem - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Republican state officials in Louisiana ask lawmakers to ban the study of racism at universities

So the judge is delaying the Fox News trial until Tuesday. No reason given

One thing Trump taught me

nice little abortion chart

You elected them to write new laws. They're letting corporations do it instead.

Hey, San Fran DUers. I'm staying near Fisherman's Wharf

Republican Lawmaker Defends Marriages For 12 Year Old Girls

Dylan Mulvaney transitioned

Ukraine brings home 130 soldiers in Easter prisoner exchange - MSNBC Reports

Ralph Vaughan Williams' 'Symphony No. 5', Bournemouth Symphony

Fox News trial delayed by Settlement Talks

16 Apr: Tight Control. Ukrainians prevent a major breakthrough - Reporting from Ukraine

Ledisi 'I Need To Know'

Dominion v. Fox News trial delayed to Tuesday

Fox News hosts to testify in Dominion defamation trial - American Voices - MSNBC

There Was A Shooting At My Gym

Tom Misch: Tiny Desk Concert

Trump Made $160 MILLION From Foreign Governments While President - Ring of Fire

If Angela Alsobrooks gets elected to the US Senate.

NEW:@cbsnews polling shows majority of respondents supporting a nationwide ban on AR-15 semi-auto

Best piece I've seen yet on risks of AI, from an investor in 50+ AI start-ups

40% increase in pregnancy related deaths in 2021

'Moral Monday' rally set for this week in Nashville - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

MT-SEN: Tester campaign responds to jungle primary bill heard in House committee Friday

MD-SEN: Is Cardin announcement imminent? Political players search for clues, prepare for '24

TN State Rep. Justin Jones: 'We must continue to challenge authoritarianism' - American Voices MSNBC

Scuttlebutt is Fox Lies Is Trying To Get A Last Minute Settlement

My son just returned from his first international flight without us.

'Total debacle for the GOP': Chuck Todd says Republicans are freaking out over abortion pill ban

Monday Digit: 7/10 - Back toward average high temperatures in the 60s to around 70 degrees

I'm not wanting to replace anyone

I'm glad the Rutgers strike is over.

The cats bed...

I am 80. (New Jersey) My cousin is 74 (Texas). I have an iPhone 14 and she has some kind of Android.

Why mortality for young Americans is increasing at an alarming rate - PBS NewsHour

Ex-CIA director reacts to Taylor Greene's defense of alleged Pentagon leaker

Matt Gaetz Admits This, Disaster for Republicans! - Luke Beasley

(Jewish Group) Stanford releases full digital archive of Nuremberg trials

Stanford releases full digital archive of Nuremberg trials

(Jewish Group) The Passion Play brings Christian antisemitism to Trafalgar Square

(Jewish Group) Russia has used antisemitism as a political weapon for years

Russia has used antisemitism as a political weapon for years

Rep. Dan Goldman: Holocaust education should celebrate Jewish life, too

(Jewish Group) Rep. Dan Goldman: Holocaust education should celebrate Jewish life, too

(Jewish Group) Once just faces, these Holocaust victims now have names

Once just faces, these Holocaust victims now have names

(Jewish Group) The real Jewish history behind Netflix's 'Transatlantic' and the WWII rescue mission

Exclusive: Minority Whip Rep. Clark on stalled debt limit 'This is very dangerous political theater'

The real Jewish history behind Netflix's 'Transatlantic' and the WWII rescue mission that inspired..

Elephant rubs her eye with her trunk:

This political ad *could* be mistaken for an SNL skit. But it's not. (Kelly Craft for KY Gov).

Long-time failure to file state taxes. What happens if you start?


B&S @_B___S 17h A dolphin playfully riding the bow wave of a ship

Is Ukraine's future in NATO a certainty? - Adam Rozevic - TVP World

Both adorable & hilarious: elephant playfully steals, then returns a wildlife photographer's hat--

Let me in, human. I have something for you!

Smart dog invented a new game he can play all by himself!

who broke his heart?

Sweet baby kangaroo:

lol! "You don't need to tell me twice...."

Never mind. I'll just sharpen my claws on the chimney here.

Gorgeous Formosan clouded leopard:

BREAKING: Major DEVELOPMENT in Dominion DEFAMATION Trial against Fox - Meidas Touch

A rare polka-dotted zebra foal named Tira, standing close to its mother in the Maasai Mara reserve

Protestors shut down intersection over Drag Queen Story Hour in Sacramento

2nd tweet--sheep: I play, too!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a delay in the Fox news case....

It seems like the only gun-free zones left in America are Republican political events.

Join us in celebrating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's birthday

Venezuelan military destroys illegal mining operation in the Amazon

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace blasts Republicans for 'silence' on gun violence, 'extreme' abortion stances

KC 16y/o shot in head mistakenly knocked on wrong door

Pleasant Green: Sends Apple AirTag Tracked Envelope to a Scammer's US-based Money Mule.

New Mexico Police Fatally Shoot Man After Responding to Wrong House

Xenoshot: Entitled Woman Tries To Ruin A Doordash Driver's Life (Mildly NSFW)

Thailand's largest opposition faces dissolution fears after election

I think this is the greatest performance on DWTS ever

Governor Josh Shapiro DESTROYS right wing governors with pitch-perfect takedown - Meidas Touch

Missing, murdered Indigenous women in California part of nationwide crisis

Governor Josh Shapiro DESTROYS right wing governors with pitch-perfect takedown - Meidas Touch

This is a disaster for Fox News! - Luke Beasley

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Farmworkers

Iconic Broadway show 'Phantom of the Opera' concludes 35-year run - Al Jazeera

Republican state officials in Louisiana ask lawmakers to ban the study of racism at universities...

WHO says 10 million Ukrainians have psychological issues - Al Jazeera

Doctor Shortages Distress Rural America, Where Few Residency Programs Exist

Wordle 667 (4/17) ***SPOILER THREAD***

MTG: "I'm not vaccinated. I'm not vaccinated, and I'm not getting the vaccine because I'm an Americ

Thought I had it bad with our snow, at least I'm inside.......not like the Decorah, IA

Ted Cruz Runs For Reelection On Platform That He Shouldn't Be Allowed To Hold Office - Ring of Fire

Aquamation: When a pet is cremated by water - not fire - CNA

Is Alan Weesleburg going to get indicted again this week, or soon?

Breakfast Monday 17 April 2023

Finland's 80 Year Plan to Stop the Russians - TLDR News EU

Guns and Roses tickets August 13 Hershey arena maybe I'll hook up with a Grandma groupie.

Should We Prepare For (the Next) Break-up of Russia? - Good Times Bad Times

Pacific Loon

No Dominion vs Fox today

Video shows Delco pizza delivery driver tripping suspect to end high-speed police chase

Sudan battles intensify on 3rd day; civilian deaths reach 97

Sign up now to #EurofoundLive webinar on the transition to a climate-neutral economy 19 April 2023

On this day, April 17, 1960, Eddie Cochran died and Gene Vincent was injured in a UK car accident.

On April 16, 1945, the bulk of the German forces surrendered in the collapse of the Ruhr pocket.

On this day, April 17, 1955, Pete Shelley was born.

28 years ago was the bombing at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

News & Commentary April 9, 2023

Fox issues pathetic apology to Judge after being exposed - MeidasTouch

President Eisenhower throws first ball, April 16, 1953, Washington, D.C.

'Shooting at Alabama birthday party kills 4 people, wounds 28' - When is it Enough?

Monday TOONs - Hiding Under The Skirts

On this day, April 17, 1934, Don Kirshner was born.

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Slovakia gives Ukraine remaining 9 of 13 promised warplanes

Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me (Not To Come)

Little Richard - Tutti Frutti

James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing (Live at The Midnight Special)

Save the USA

4 people killed, 28 hurt in shooting at Alabama birthday party

Longtime Trump nemesis joins Manhattan DA's case

Shaquille O'Neal served in FTX lawsuit, lawyers say

More trouble for Clarence Thomas

The Pygmy Marmoset

Kansas City police probe shooting of Black teen who went to wrong house

BTRTN Campaign 2024: Trump Indictment "Surge" and Local Republicans Gone Wild Bode Poorly for GOP

BTRTN Campaign 2024: Trump Indictment "Surge" and Local Republicans Gone Wild Bode Poorly for GOP

Mignolaversity: July 2023 Solicitations

Did the Slobfather see this crowd in Ireland?

The Rundown: April 17, 2023

ChatGPT spambots on Twitter: "I'm sorry, but I cannot generate inappropriate or offensive content"

Now MTgoofball has a beef with Lindsey Graham!

Photos of kids as young as 6 playing with real guns at


Why GOP culture warriors lost big in school board races this month

Maga goggles! -by Tom Tomorrow

An NPR show will be focusing on Clarence Thomas today

Bernie Sanders on Dianne Feinstein: "I don't think she should be forced out."

((Musk's Starship test now set for 0920 EDT))

Fox News has lost control of its viewers

Rumor mill is all a-buzzing with speculation over a Fox / Dominion settlement, but...

The $1.6 billion defamation trial against Fox News is delayed a day. But we'll see what the judge

Connecting Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump: Tied together by a mutual worship of corrupt power

Special elections on primary day will fill two Pa. House seats

Is the Dominion v fox judge still scheduled to make a statement at 9:00 this morning?

Parents, educators in Pa. and beyond organize against Moms for Liberty

Edgewood anti-abortion ordinance likely to face challenge at NM Supreme Court, scholar says

Fox News full page ad in NYT this AM on public trust as it seeks to settle 10-figure defamation suit

so i learned a new slur on twitter.

Wisconsin Republicans' 'riot bill' endangers free speech

Finland's Olkiluoto Reactor Now Online; 1,600 MW Facility The Largest In Europe

Dominion and Smartmatic, do not settle!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 18: Studio Contract Players: Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall

VP Harris serves as top White House messenger on abortion fight amid renewed fight over access

G-7 diplomats reject Chinese, N. Korean, Russian aggression

Big day for Red Sox Fans - Bostonians - New Englanders - Americans.

US Fracking Produces 1 Trillion Gallons Of Toxic Wastewater/Yr., w. No Long-Term Disposal Plan

Trump's Nonstop Legal Defeats Mean His Friends MUST Testify Against Him - Farron Balanced

'You're Killing Us': Florida Women Sting Lawmakers Over 6-Week Abortion Ban

President Eisenhower throws first ball, April 16, 1953, Washington, D.C.

Another Week At Or Above 40C For Much Of India; 5C Over Averages; For China & Korea, It's Sandstorms

Gym Jordan's stunt show in NYC on crime is live on YouTube

3,206 push ups in an hour. Australian sets new record

Washington bill authorizing state sale of abortion pills clears Senate

Atheist, Agnostic, or Non-Religious Actors and Directors (IMDB)

Texas Leads America In Producing Renewable Power, So Of Course, TX GOP Is Trying To Cripple Sector

30 poems in 30 days

Fox-Dominion trial to proceed Tuesday, April 18, after delay - Judge

The Daily Shooting Report

Blue states stockpile abortion pills amid legal uncertainty

You raised $25.00 on April 16, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

Dominion defamation trial against Fox to proceed Tuesday after delay

SpaceX scrubs launch of Starship's first integrated test flight from Texas

List of Atheists In Music

Maine could join growing movement for a national popular vote in presidential elections

Empty Greene fires back at Lindsey Graham by posting Photoshopped pic of senator

Burning Hate [Charlottesville, August 2017]

KY-GOV: Some surprising new players in Kentucky politics are filling Beshear's campaign war chest

Imposing Your Beliefs

A sample from The History of Ignoring Court Rulings

Pennsylvania Mail In Ballots

CO: She grew up in mountain mobile home parks. Now she's running a bill to fix their foul water.

Donbas Devushka: Pro-Russia propagandist unmasked as New Jersey tropical fish seller

Senator's bill would fine Texans for multiple environmental complaints that don't lead to enforcemen

My Sweet Song

Vladimir Putin's war has exploded into Sudan

Majority of GOP lawmakers want to cut voter access to Ohio Constitution

Judge in Proud Boys trial rejects claims of government misconduct

Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. Scoop Up Russian Oil Products at Steep Discounts

What happened when US police teargassed protesters - a visual investigation

The States Peroject: It's official. Join us in Virginia this November!

In today's New York Times

Fox off to devastating start in trial, already hit with punishment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Putin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza sentenced to 25 years in prison: "Russia will be free"

Lou Seal: The Giants Mascot Who Won Over an Anti-Mascot Crowd

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about even more Justice Thomas developments....

Emmylou Harris (with Mark Knopfler & band)--the ultimate song of the South: Red Dirt Girl

The idea that nobody is above the law in America is a lie

Most Dangerous Trees You Should NEVER Touch

WOOOOOOO!!!!! 424.30 PPM!!!! 5th Daily CO2 Record In 10 Days!! Tool Monkeys!! Fuck Yeah!!!!

model train in a suit case . this fellow did a fantastic job. if i wound up in a rest home id go thi

India is monitoring Myanmar's Great Coco Island, concerned China may be involved in militarizing it.

If Murdoch had never immigrated to America...we would not have had Trump, an insurrection or MAGA...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 17, 2023

Parking Meter for Stranded Russian Plane Hits $330,000 and Keeps Going

TN bill that allows students to report professors who teach 'divisive concepts' passes House and Sen

Ticks Are Bringing Disease to a Backyard Near You

Republicans should not be in NY trying to protect their Master.

Turdboy makes MOST DISQUALIFYING SICK Posts Yet and GOP is Silent

'This is Bad': Chinese Banks at GFC Levels; Chinese Economy & Housing; G7; US-China - China Update

Ukraine plane: Iran court jails 10 over downing of flight PS752

Turns out, voters can do nuance

Report from Khartoum: Civilians Killed & Trapped Amid Fighting Between Factions in Sudan's Military

GOP states targeting diversity, equity efforts in higher ed

DeSantis wants to make it easier to execute criminals -- with an eye toward Supreme Court

Oh, here - have a ball.

For those of you who are able to trace their ancestry back to another country...

Fox News Prepares For Major Humiliation As Defamation Trial Starts (edit) Tomorrow - Farron Balanced

Meet Frank Mugisha: A Ugandan Activist Daring to Speak Out Against Bill to Jail & Kill LGBQT People

SIGN: Confirm Julie Su for Labor Secretary

Compton Hit By Wave of Street Takeovers and Burglaries

G7 ministers: Russia must withdraw all troops from Ukraine unconditionally - Times Radio

Fox News Trial Will Begin Tomorrow

Top GOP donor withholds support over DeSantis' abortion ban - Morning Joe - MSNBC

"Not Too Late": Rebecca Solnit & Filipino Activist Red Constantino on Avoiding Climate Despair

Stephanie Miller: Trump Takes a Swing at Fox News. Jim Jordan's Stunt is Backfiring Big Time!

How does this Nazi sympathizer keep getting re-elected?

Hear what Putin told China's new defense minister - CNN

Dance to the Music - Sly & the Family Stone - Live 🎺

Russia's war on America Contiues / Russians boasted that just 1% of fake social profiles are caught

On this day, April 17, 1918, William Holden was born.

Wow!...Check-out interactive report on tear gas used in Portland protests 'This was a disaster'

Post here or in sports??? The Boston Marathon is going on......

Deegan (D) leads Davis (R) by single point in Jacksonville mayor race, UNF poll finds

Mayor Adams slams GOP's "political stunt" against Manhattan DA Bragg - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Russian opposition figure jailed for 25 years

Pro-Russia Propagandist Unmasked as New Jersey Tropical Fish Seller.

Jazz Great Ahmad Jamal Dies

Lincoln, Nebraska Mayor's Race: Suzanne Geist (R) Wants To Triple The Sales Tax

Republican U.S. House Speaker McCarthy to pitch spending cuts on Wall St

Best product for simple sink clogged drain. What do you recommend?

Chauvin murder conviction upheld in George Floyd killing

Here are the 20 specific Fox broadcasts and tweets Dominion says were defamatory

Republicans call for TikTok ban in House, Senate

One Hawaii GOP House Leader Says Her Caucus Is 'A Cult'

Hawaii Lawmaker Is Barred From Kuhio Parade After Pride Flag Comments

Adam Schiff Destroys gym jordan's Pathetic New York Crime Hearing.

U.S. ambassador visits Evan Gershkovich in Russian prison

Trump promises Fox News that 'good things will happen' if they tell more falsehoods about Dominion

Trump Admits Asking 5 Year Old Child For Foreign Policy Advice - Farron Balanced

Gen-X rant

White Guy Shoots Black Kid In The Head Because He Rang His Doorbell. This Is America.

California Bar Slaps Trump Lawyer John Eastman with 11 Disciplinary Charges for 'False' Election Fra

PA: Bucks County Updates Mail-in Ballots

California Bar Slaps Trump Lawyer John Eastman with 11 Disciplinary Charges for 'False' Election Fra

Speaker McCarthy says House Republicans will vote on a debt limit bill into 2024

Multiple Travel Warnings Have Just Been Issued Against This State

Progressives focus on local-level wins to counter setbacks

When are social media threats a crime? Supreme Court to decide

Bo Bo is livid that her home state passed pro-trans legislation

Guns and grenades entice Russian military recruits in Crimea - Al Jazeera

The Racial Mix That Wins Elections in Cities

TCM Sked Saturday, April 22: The Exorcist, All the President's Men, Captain Blood

Should Dominion settle with Fox?

Lavrov's Brazil visit highlights Lula's neutral foreign policy despite US dismay

Lavrov's Brazil visit highlights Lula's neutral foreign policy despite US dismay

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 17, 2023)

PA: Marriage equality measure gets a bipartisan backing with new bill

PA: Josh Shapiro says he's cracking down on wage theft, worker misclassification

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo: the feared ex-warlord taking on Sudan's army

MAGA 'Loser' Wants It to Be Illegal for Women to Own Dogs

Paul Gosar Promotes Pro-Hitler Website

PA: Camp Hill school board candidates to share stage at primary forum Tuesday night

DOJ press conference 1pm eastern

McCarthy says House will vote to raise debt limit 'into the next year' - MSNBC Reports

'Anxiety is high' -- Ohioans worried as AG Yost doesn't want student loan debt to be forgiven

Statement from President Joe Biden on Orthodox Easter

The Republican Party is working tirelessly to blow the 2024 election

Dutch Intelligence Paints Grim Picture

Green River Bridge on SR 169 remains closed

SNL gloriously mocks Trump for continually saying (lying) that people cry in his presence.

paolumu hunt - Monster Hunter World

States have to "band together" to protect abortion rights, NM Gov. Grisham says - Face the Nation

Just stumbled across a case of censorship at my local library.

Why is the GOP escalating attacks on trans rights? Experts say the goal is to make sure evangelicals

barney google

Gym Jordan brings his clown show to Manhattan

Heads Up: DOJ Press Conference at 1:00PM EST

Record Number of Americans Say They're Independent

12-year-olds can't buy cigarettes -- but they can work in tobacco fields

U.S. Poised for Manufacturing Boom

Florida Lawmaker Calls Pap And Farron Terrorists In Deranged Weekend Tweet Storm - Ring of Fire

march of the wooden soldeirs

Seven Kings Must Die now streaming on Netflix

Trump's New Financial Disclosures Released and it's Devastating for him - MeidasTouch

Policewoman Rescues Stray Kittens From a Dumpster And Her Heart Melts

U.S. Charges Two New Yorkers With Conspiring To Act as Chinese Agents -Statement

Justice Department Announces Arrests Related to U.S. National Security. live link

Texas County Votes to Keep Library Running After Threatening It Over Banned Books

Two Pregnant Dogs Chase Down A Van

so that announcement from doj is about the chinese national police

Angry Tesla Shanghai workers vent to Elon Musk over bonus cuts

GOP plans on blocking Feinstein's Judiciary replacement

Putin jails critic of Ukraine invasion using harshest sentence yet - Times Radio

F.B.I. Arrests Two on Charges Tied to Chinese Police Outpost in New York

Biden to nominate Texas judge to be first Latina on federal appeals court

McCarthy offers non-answer when asked about Paul Ryan's tax cuts ballooning deficit by 2 trillion

DOJ accuses China of spying on, harassing dissidents inside US

a 620,000 square mile swirl of trash in the ocean between California and Hawaii......

Cartoons 4/17/2023

Compromise calls for honoring Chinese community each January

Climate change gets boost of attention from county planners

Iranians Protest as More Schoolgirls Poisoned

Clarence Thomas to amend financial disclosure forms to reflect sale to GOP megadonor

Advertisers still leery of Musk's Twitter 'Troll Heaven'

Petty DeSantis says he'll build a prison next to Disneyworld

Clarence Thomas to amend financial disclosure forms to reflect sale to GOP megadonor

G-7 diplomats reject Chinese, N. Korean, Russian aggression

Taking Carbon from Ocean in Climate Fight--today's LA Times

Have figured out a piece of puzzle about (hold your fire, pls) ROGAN

'Police Are Supposed to be Peace Officers': Houston Teen Dragged Out of Car and Violently Arrested W

Century plant, Chihuahan Desert region of southwestern New Mexico

Tennessee Lawmakers Who Tried to Oust Black Reps Complain About Being Called Racist In Leaked Audio

tuesday morning spot forecast

Texas' anti-ESG stance is costing municipalities millions in extra interest payments

Organizers Are Resisting a 2-Tiered Legal System in Majority-Black Jackson, MS

A Set of Findings Regarding Conservatives vs Liberals

***April Photo Contest Final! Vote Here! UP CLOSE!***

News claims audio reveals commissioners discussed killing, burying reporters during meeting

COVID-19 lockdown revisionism

FINALS for April Macro Photo Contest Posted in GD!!!

U.S. Supreme Court turns away suit by Texas inmate held 27 years in solitary confinement

Breezy, and he's out here!

So did DeathSentence really suggest that he could build a state prison

FBI arrests two alleged Chinese agents and charges dozens with working inside US to silence

Southern Baptist Convention urges TN to pass red flag gun law

India has lost the second-largest forest area among all countries in five years

Canada to Transfer Stranded Russian-Owned Antonov An-124 to Ukraine

Chilly and breezy southern MD

House Republicans descend on NYC, with a hearing on crime to target Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg-MSNBC

NYT/Yahoo! introduces Gym JORDAN to those less knowlegable

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick charged in Wisconsin with sex abuse

Senate GOP Will Try to Block Feinstein's Replacement

Question for DUers who got SSDI and Medicare

Judge denies Trump's request for delay in E. Jean Carroll defamation, battery trial

Another possible explanation for Dominion trial delay

FBI investigating GOP Okla. officials caught on tape talking about lynching Black people

A YouTube stage mom faces abuse allegations from 11 teens in court case

Iowa to spend millions kicking families off food stamps. More states may follow.

Sony World Photography Award 2023: Winner refuses award after revealing AI creation

Senate Republicans will try to block Feinstein's Judiciary replacement

Poilievre political tactics built on fabrication

"Stop the Steal" Organizer Apologizes After Being Accused of Asking Teen Boys for D*ck Pics

What Republicans Care About - Luckovich Cartoon

Mississippi Must Stop Jailing People For Months or Years With No Lawyer, State Supreme Court Says

On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was introduced to the public at the New York World's Fair.

President Biden in Ireland: 'I felt like Beau was with me'

If Feinstein can't be replaced on Judiciary, why can't Schumer simply hold votes to discharge

House where King planned Alabama marches moving to Michigan

Teen shot when he rang the wrong doorbell out of hospital. CNN

Why are teen girls in crisis? It's not just social media

Only 10 Electric Vehicles Qualify for Full $7,500 US Tax Credit

Fiscal crisis nears as McCarthy takes debt ceiling plan to Wall Street

Beautiful Snow day in WI, April 17, 2023

Lloyd District certified as one of only 4 'EcoDistricts' worldwide

New Media Network Bets on Trump's Appeal to Latinos

Americans like saying they're independent -- while voting as partisans

i just found out

Volcano Hummingbird

gop sheriff and other officals caught discussing murdering reporters in oklahoma

OK, you tell me. What is this bird?

Jon Stewart on Mastodon.


(Jewish Group) Alleged antisemitic activist speaks on campus, raising questions about free speech

The Fire Lookout Life: Bedtime

Andi Owen CEO of Herman Miller chair co. Zoom call to employees 1:21 🤬

DeSantis Suggests Building a Prison Near Disney World

Fetterman returns to the Senate following treatment for clinical depression

Republicans get nightmare legal news from top lawyer - Brian Tyler Cohen

Note to Harlan CROW: Yeah, I'd like to de-stabilize your version of how SCofUS is stabilized.

If the tables were turned, would Fox let Dominion settle?

Minnesota settles case against Juul over marketing e-cigarettes to teens

Trudeau and rival clash over Twitter labeling CBC 'government funded' The Star

Mascot Revenge or ...something

Ralph Yarl's aunt, Faith Spoonmore, speaks out. Her words at the end will break your heart.

I was able to get through to a staffer in Feinstein's DC office no problem

How American Students fair in Japan -comedy

Maryland going to 'lead' on abortion access: Gov. Wes Moore - This Week - ABC News

No bill in grand jury on Akron police shooting of Jayland Walker.

Gov "GoGo Boots" Orban has lost his fucking mind.

The highest paid player in NFL history is....Jalen Hurts

No charges: Grand jury decides against indicting Akron police officers in Jayland Walker death

So Deathsatan, mad, because Disney outsmarted him

Barbara Highsmith Reading academy donates more than 4k books to New Hanover County school

Eagles, QB Jalen Hurts agree to 5-year contract extension reportedly worth $255M

MSNBC celebrates McConnell's return by not challenging his Biden slam

Breezy in southern MD

Moonset at the Pinyon Peak Fire Lookout

A text from my wife's DC apartment

Saratoga County (NY) woman killed after turning into wrong driveway

Aspiring Right-Wing Terrorists Are Targeting The Power Grid Amid Rise In Accelerationist Extremism

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's selfie and questions from English people....

Harlan Crow speaks following investigation

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr. 17, 2023

Chinese national arrested on blasphemy charges in Pakistan

Trump Lawyers Troll Social Media To Try To Unmask Assault Trial Jurors - Ring of Fire

Ron DeSantis's Director Is Literally Cheering on LGBTQ Parents Fleeing Florida

Remembering when this seemed prophetic .....

Santos announces 2024 reelection campaign for New York congressional seat

Sign the petition: Denounce Governor Greg Abbott and GOP-sanctioned violence.

Live: TN Moral Monday, Rev. Barber et al, protest at State Capitol, Nashville

Hollywood Writers Approve of Strike as Shutdown Looms

Why Molly Ringwald translated an infamous story of film exploitation

Disney could close Disney World for 2-4 years, crater Central FL economy, and not even feel it

Transcript of McCurtain County Sheriff, Commissioners discussing lynching, hiring hit men

'Stop the Steal' Organizer Apologizes After Being Accused of Asking Teen Boys for D*ck Pics

Dominion defamation trial against Fox to proceed Tuesday after delay

Review: How Vince McMahon and his wrestling empire explain America

It's not safe to get lost in America.

Wrong Turn Leads to Woman Being Shot

Stop the Steal' Organizer Apologizes After Being Accused of Asking Teen Boys for D*ck Pics

Floridians are going to get tired of De Santis' petty vendettas.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 18 April 2023

You Have to Think of Trump's Election as Year Zero

When it's my time to leave the mortal coil...

Two tons of cocaine found floating in the sea near Sicily

Josh Marshall: There are no good arguments for Feinstein remaining in office

A silent crisis in men's health gets worse

Ex-Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Has Urgent Plea For Dominion Amid Settlement Rumors

Will Dick Durban hold hearings about Thomas? These crimes are not okay. The fucking


GOP Rep. George Santos of New York announces re-election bid

I know a lot of DU'ers aren't fans of CNN, I do check their website for news........

On Snap!

Adolf Eichmann Was Ready for His Close-Up. My Father Gave It to Him.

How anti-abortion laws impact the Black community

Ali Alexander, one of the leaders of Stop The Steal Movement, is A groomer

Here's What a TikTok Ban Could Mean for the Travel Industry

Democrats accuse GOP of targeting D.A. Bragg with New York field hearing - MSNBC Reports

Ah, where is the winner from Friday from Green Bay WI who won on Friday on Jeopardy???

DeSantis insists that he and FL legislature will take back Reedy Creek district

Tribal colleges tap US energy funds to build 'living labs'

Cormorant Couple - La Jolla Cove

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris [Official Music Video]

Breakthrough Development REVEALS Jack Smith's Strategy in Mar-a-Lago Case - Talking Feds

We may not get any more Judicial confirmations based on current situation

Is Ron DeSantis the Devin Nunes of Governors?

Sleepwalking: Physically and Metaphorically

Importance of sleep

Ron De Santis looks uncertain and desperate.

Report: Climate change, disease imperil North American bats

Mike Luckovich-Republicans care about helping TFG get away with crimes

Well, this is another crazy Florida story.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Saga Is a Very Public Example of a National Crisis

Refined carbs and red meat driving global rise in type 2 diabetes, study says

'Beef' Star David Choe Uses Copyright to Scrub Podcast Episode Where He Admitted 'Rapey Behavior'

NTSB investigating crash of two Union Pacific trains in Texas

FLORIDA bill would hide from public certain guests who visit Gov. DeSantis' mansion

Does anyone have a LUCY tool? Thinking about upgrading from DaVinci eye.

Lindsey Graham changes his tune on Saudi Arabia after a $37 billion South Carolina contract with

Arizona court upholds clergy privilege in child abuse case

Oklahoma governor calls for resignations...

Susan Collins won't agree to replace Feinstein on Judiciary

Tarrant County's Elections Administrator has resigned

Charges filed against homeowner in shooting of Ralph Yarl, Black teen shot

Fox News Lawyers to Cite Hiring of Kimberly Guilfoyle as Part of Insanity Defense

Republicans reject Feinstein committee swap, putting Democrats in a bind

Who else is drinking copious amounts of coffee lately?

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office strip-search called 'outrageous, unwarranted, embarrassing'

Imagine you're a movie creator for Disney...

On April 17, 2013, an explosion at a fertilizer plant in the city of West, Texas, killed 15 people.

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Live 🎷

On this day, April 17, 1948, Jan Hammer was born.

Run Through The Jungle - CCR

How Are You JUSTIFIED To Shoot An Unarmed Kid FORTY SIX FUCKING TIMES???????????

TFG Is Obviously Terrified of What's to Come Out in Fox/Dominion Trial Because He's Raging

The Henry Ford acquires historic home that served as a meeting place for civil rights leaders

Lawsuit seeking to revoke West Virginia abortion ban dropped

Just saw they filed felony charges against the 84

"Over 8 terms in the House, Jordan has not been the lead sponsor of a single bill that became law"


How about Jackie Speier as a short term fill in for Feinstein? If Dianne resigns and then couldn't

"Pro Putin" former Navy Officer helped spread leaked docs.

The right's short-sighted war on LGBTQ Americans

Should Treasury just act like the debt limit doesn't exist?

authorities are looking for this clown.. who harassed sea lions in SF

CBC suspends it's Twitter accounts.

The dumbest people love telling you how dumb they are

Anti-Racism Resources for White People

"Florida is a land that defies explanation or understanding"

279 homes suffer major damage in Fort Lauderdale neighborhood

Meet Emily C. Busch, who is running for the MI-10 seat currently held by John James:

MT: Gianforte asks legislature to 'strengthen' bill banning gender-affirming care before signing it

The oil and gas industry is emitting way more Methane than the EPA has estimated

Man charged in shooting of Black teen at his front door

CO-03: Adam Frisch outraises Lauren Boebert ahead of potential 2024 rematch

Southern MD evening 4/17

The first tweet from Disney after DeSantis' press conference ended

Federal judge blocks new Colorado law against 'abortion reversal' treatment at Catholic clinic

How likely is it that Senate republicans would allow a retired Feinstein replacement to be seated?

Analysis-Republican states could be hit hardest by McCarthy's proposed spending cuts

Lt Col (Dr) Alexander T Augusta, US Army's 1st Black Doctor, 7th USCT, Civil War, Buried Arl Nat Cem

Reproductive rights are at risk in the 2023 Virginia legislative elections

Tuckems gives Pooty Poot a tongue bath

Canada's public broadcaster quits Twitter, joining US outlets