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Kansas City gunman gave chilling warning to Ralph Yarl before shooting him

9th Circuit: Berkeley's attempt to ban gas appliances... is expressly preempted by a federal law

Vladimir Putin's Troops Dropping Banned 'Butterfly Mines' on Ukraine Towns in Deliberate Bid to Kill

W Texas A & M president cancels drag show, faces no confidence vote. (Kacysmarik case)

Fox is due to renegotiate their contracts with Xfinity, Chater and Cox

All in With Chris Hayes on MSNBC

LOL.....looks like Disney outsmarted DeSantis again.

Fetterman returns in hoodie and shorts

Hey Anyone heard from SheltieLover. She has not been around?

Elon and Tucker, a two-nighter:

Judge says Alec Baldwin settlement in fatal shooting sealed

Bwahahaha.... the first words outta Charles Barkley's mouth

Disney announces LGBTQ event night at its California resort immediately after DeSantis threats

Gallego raises more money than Sinema in Arizona Senate race

The Far Right Is Roiled by an Underage-Sex Scandal

I've never had shingles so a couple questions...

GOP is 'never going back' from Trump and party's future 'isn't likely to be pretty': pollster

Ashford, Barnstaple, Devon, UK: A Mid-Century Home Filled With Original Features

Man removed from NYC crime hearing after shouting insults at Schiff

TX: Tarrant County's lauded elections chief resigns, citing differences with new county executive

Kevin McCarthy says 'it's time for Americans to get back to work' & has a plan in place to overhaul

Republicans Now Panicked That Bud Light Boycott Will Cost Them A Massive Donor - Ring of Fire

Can someone tell me the difference between a Libertarian state and anarchy?

Pentagon Culls Classified Document Distribution List After Intelligence Leak

Is it wrong of me to not really like seeing the real color of hair women have on tv???

Divers inspect Walla Walla ferry after it ran aground over the weekend

Top Republican donor issues brutal news to Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

Democratic candidates for the 2024 MD US Senate Election if Ben Cardin-D retires.

Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran reportedly recused from documents case - Deadline - MSNBC

Police pursuit bill passes state Senate, heads to Gov. Inslee's desk

Trump's Genius Plan for Fox News to Win Election Lies Lawsuit: Lie More

#Destiny 2: guardian Hunter back to Europa.

Hobby Lobby Announces It Muslim Now

Two-thirds say Congress shouldn't interfere with Trump legal probes: poll

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCurtain County Oklahoma and a recording....

Judge REJECTS Donald Trump's attempt to delay E. Jean Carroll defamation trial. Trial begins 4/25

Lt Col (Dr) Alexander T Augusta, US Army 1st Black Dr, 7th USCT, Civil War, Buried Arl Nat Cem - AA

It's by design.

2nd Bob Dylan song sung by P ,P, & M.."The Times They Are A Changing" 3 min 30 secs.

Former Fox News Host: Dominion Lawsuit is a "Catastrophe" for Fox News! - Luke Beasley

Did I hear correctly on MSNBC?

The FTC is fining telehealth companies for violating their customers' privacy

WGA Members Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize A Strike If No Deal By May 1

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Iowa poll - should Clarence Thomas resign

Rep. Adam Schiff: 'Jim Jordan took the circus out on the road' - All In - MSNBC

"You Would Only Need a Week": How the Next Republican President Could Ban Abortion Nationwide

He is Risen - Break the Fake - TVP World

Is this really Ronduh Santis?

China will become the global economy's biggest growth driver in the next 5 years, doubling the US

Clarence Thomas's explanations fail the laugh test

Gun groups sue Michigan Legislature over firearm bills, alleging open meetings violations

Kroger seeks to dismiss antitrust lawsuit aimed at halting Albertsons deal

House Republicans hold NYC hearing targeting DA bringing criminal charges against Trump - PBS NewsHour

Harrell's plan to activate downtown Seattle mixes law, health and the arts

News & Commentary April 10, 2023

Rachel has me in tears with all these attacks

We Went to Hollywood: Here's Why Writers Are Shutting It Down - More Perfect Union

'Democrats, meanwhile, face the same crisis the Social Democrats did in Germany in the 1930s...'

LMAO "Donald J Chump"

Florida Bill Could Allow Doctors To Deny Care To LGBTQ+ Patients

Republicans look to extend transgender restrictions to adults

Speaker McCarthy vows to pass debt bill -- but can he do it?

Beautiful Cyclonic Low Over Michigan

Powerful unreported Appellate Court of Maryland opinion excoriating exercise of prosecutorial discre

Ralph Yarl: Charges filed in shooting of teen who rang wrong doorbell - All In - MSNBC

DeSantis is a disgusting piece of filth.

Why is this about Dianne Feinstein, and not about the party neglecting to defend her seat?

Just an FYI on Feinstein

The Abducted Children of Ukraine

NY Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Black Exper. - Sisters Bring Intimate Exhibit, 'King Pleasure' to LA

Ron DeSantis' Stances on Abortion, Book Bans Are Apparently Scaring Off Donors

The final irony will be

Prosecutor announces felony charges against homeowner in shooting of Ralph Yarl - CBS News

'You can't just shoot people who come to your door:' MO's self-defense laws explained

Gym Jordan asks judge to let probe into Trump case proceed

George Santos Cuts Deal To Avoid Brazilian Prison - Ring of Fire

House GOP puts on united front as conflict brews behind the scenes

Canada to Transfer Stranded Russian-Owned Antonov An-124 to Ukraine

Trump Freaks Out Over Fox Settlement With Dominion - Raw News And Politics

Florida moves forward on bill to eliminate medical care for **ALL** LGBT including insurance

WTAMU President Walter Wendler faces no-confidence vote from faculty after canceling drag show

Kevin McCarthy gets called out on debt ceiling

Your guess? Fox settles or trial proceeds?

Thoughts and prayers.

Judge: Fox-Dominion trial to begin Tuesday - All In - MSNBC

DeSantis to nullify Disney deal that avoids state takeover of special district - NBC News

2 arrested for operating illegal police station for Chinese govt. in NYC

Happy little boy

Alicia Menendez, filling in for O'Donnell, raised GymBag's wrestling coach days.

"Mr. Clerk, can you read the residency requirements for the speaker?"

NY Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Black Exper- Sisters Bring Intimate Exhibit, King Pleasure to LA- AA

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Recaps The NRA Convention & Clarence Thomas's Corruption Scandal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Klepper on Trump, Clarence Thomas & Ending Violence - The Daily Show

Allies criticize U.S. handling of top secret documents after massive leak - NBC News

The Daily Show: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Klepper on Trump, Clarence Thomas & Ending Violence

House poised to pass bill cracking down on chemicals invented by Minnesota's 3M

Oregon open primaries supporters start fresh with 2024 ballot measure

Saudis moving ahead - Eastern Express - TVP World

UPDATED: Feds Investigating Former Sailor Behind Pro-Russian 'Donbass Devushka' Accounts

RI: Assault weapon ban, safe storage bill, dominate marathon session

Louisiana House approves punishment for porn websites that don't verify user's age

Dominion isn''t settling...

Some thoughts on Bud Light backlash

Little Red Corvette - Prince 💜 ❤

PA: Commonwealth Court dismisses Wolf challenge to amendment that would ban abortion

DeSantis threatening to build a prison adjacent to Disney World makes him look unhinged.

Bette with tonight's SNAP tweet of the week... (Crooked Clarence)

What?! Trump is Being Investigated for This too! - Luke Beasley

Jonathan Mitchell (yup, SB8 guy) filed a lawsuit in New Mexico attempting to get Comstock declared t

Barnstorm - Joe Walsh - Here We Go - October 1972

Tweet of the Day

Ummm... Who are you endorsing? 😝

The Au Pairs - its obvious

Guess where this is (cause this is a fun idea). I've been here but it's not my photo

How to Manufacture a Debt Ceiling Crisis in 4 Steps, by @SpeakerMcCarthy.

A Delaware man admitted he drunkenly snapped the thumb off of a $4.5 million ancient Chinese statue

Republicans Govern Like Professional Wrestlers - Abraham Josie Riesman - Lovett or Leave It

Jim Jordan Fights Crime In New York, New York

Fetterman returns to Senate after hospitalization for clinical depression - MSNBC Reports

Archaeologists Uncover an 1,800-Year-Old Roman Winery of Unparalleled Opulence

What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner - Live 👠

'Understanding gun violence is in the numbers': Parkland father on AR-15 being 25% of weapons sold

The National - Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

More than 100 pre-Hispanic religious sites linked to ancient Andean cults discovered in Bolivia

Fired Fox News producer says she found more evidence relevant to Dominion case

Saratoga County woman killed after turning into wrong driveway

Does anyone here question whether DeSantis, tfg, Jordan and pals

Tuesday Digit: 7/10 - Mild but much too breezy, tossing pollen

Nikki Haley campaign falls short on funds as GOP barrels toward primary season - CBS News

id love to see some unions start boycotting florida and othe ranti gay states

White House calls for action on debt ceiling, compares McCarthy strategy to "hostage-taking" - CBS News

Rep. Goldman slams Jim Jordan's hearing: 'They want to attack prosecutors with anti-semitic tropes'

I can't make up my mind who I like better for "The Daily Show"

Whoops! House Republican Announces He's Endorsing 'Donald J. Chump for President'

Kimmel: Trump's Stupid Idea to Arm Teachers, Fox News in Hot Water Over Election Fraud Claims & War

Trump Tanking In The Polls - Raw News And Politics

Romantic Spring Day Jazz 🪻 New York Coffee Shop Ambience Jazz

MPT about the Chesapeake now.

Keith Olbermann dated Ingraham?

Big Majority Don't Want GOP Meddling in Trump Probes

At Large Outdoor Event In Maharashtra India, 11 Die From Heatstroke, 100s Hospitalized

Trump Just Posted This Video, It's Really Bizarre - Luke Beasley

Chesapeake Bay Week

What Could the Collapse of Russia Look Like? - Good Times Bad Times

The GOP is 'self-destructing right in front of our eyes,' says Rep. Bowman - The Last Word - MSNBC

please tell me this is true about faux news

Disney Trolls DeSantis with First-Ever 'Pride Nite'

Japan Has Millions of Empty Houses. Want to Buy One for $25,000?

Shaub: 'No excuse' for Justice Clarence Thomas's failure to disclose financial deals - The Last Word

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on Barcelona's largest synagogue

Biden DOJ wins transfer of lawsuit challenging student loan rule away from conservative Texas court

Jury Duty tv show (2023)

drunk driver kills 4

Widespread Bay Area sideshows as Oakland considers new ordinance

Can't decide whether I love Derrick or his squirrels more

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about helping change along....

Sen. Klobuchar: Women are the ones harmed by Trump-appointed judge's abortion pill ruling - Last Word

President Biden just spoke by phone to Ralph Yarl

Fundraiser for Black teenager shot after knocking on the wrong door surpasses $3.3 Million (UPDATE)

Local paper records county officials in violent, racist discussion - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

"COVID-19 lockdown revisionism" -- canadian medical association journal

Is her little kid a good toddler with a gun; or a bad toddler with a gun?

Carpatho-Rusyn (Lemko, of which I am one😉) Folk Song 🪻And a catchy hip one

Are Crumbl Cookies - anyone try them? giant expensive cookies

Acrobat Falls to Her Death on Camera During Routine With Husband

Local paper records county officials in violent, racist discussion - Rachel Maddow

I think back to the "off" year congressional elections in 1974. Democrats gained 49 seats in the....

How do I post in the Media group?

Emancipation Day in DC...NO shootings!!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Klepper on Trump, Clarence Thomas & Ending Violence The Daily Show

Tashkeel artist-in-residence Alonsa Guevara evokes mysticism of nature in solo show

One more Carpathian Style Song

84-year-old charged in shooting of Black teen who went to wrong house - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

17 Apr: Unfazed Ukrainian Tank Master Gave Russians No Chance To Win - Reporting from Ukraine

Indigenous leader assassinated amid conflict over oil that divided community

Mexican cartel targeted by Biden administration in multiple fentanyl indictments


drivers turn around on 210 freeway in sfv

CNN trekked with migrants through the treacherous Darien Gap

He Lied His Way To Power To Take Your Healthcare - Thom Hartmann

☦️ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/Carpatho-Rus Hymn

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Killed by Government Agents in New Mexico

'Extensive' Deep-Sea Coral Reef Discovered in Galpagos Marine Reserve

How Russian propaganda went from fringey social media to Fox "News" - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

El Faro Moves to Costa Rica

Applebees is ruining the music I love.

"Stop The Steal" Organizer Admits To Asking Teen Boys For Naked Pictures

Myths And Legends

"Minnesota Republicans having a normal one today."

Facebook class action suit for users between 5-4-07 to 12-22-22.

Thinking back on our honeymoon 39 years ago,

Secret Weapon to DROP Fox 'News' REVEALED by Expert - Meidas Touch

Nut Free Vegetarian Chopped Liver

Fox-Dominion defamation case delayed, House GOP take aim at Alvin Bragg - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Another J6er goes down.

today's WORDLE (no spoilers). 4-18 has highest unsolved rate of anyword I've seen

Kansas City homeowner charged for shooting Black teen - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) The different roles of photography during the Nazi era

The different roles of photography during the Nazi era

Boston strong: Marathon bombing survivors share how their lives have changed - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

gas shortage plagues Florida while DeSantis focuses on Trans and Disney

Trump FLIPS OUT over EMBARRASSING Financial Disclosure - Meidas Touch

Wordle 668 (4/18) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/17/23

Trans prayer

Maya beekeepers blame Bayer-Monsanto for deaths of 30,000 bees

AR: Saline County officials express support for library obscenity law after much public input

Virginia election officials change process for removing dead people from voter rolls

Navajo Nation to get federal funding following disaster declaration

Fetterman returns to Senate after hospitalization for clinical depression - MSNBC Reports

Florida insurance crisis has some homeowners eyeing an exit: 'I almost had a heart attack'

2 Arrested for Allegedly Operating Illegal Chinese 'Police Station' in NYC

As Migrant Children Were Put to Work, U.S. Ignored Warnings

National Poetry Month - 30 poems in 30 days

Breakfast Tuesday 18 April 2023

Mick Mulvaney will not vote for a loser. Trump said he knew Mulvaney wasn't good enough

'A gamechanger': this simple device could help fight the war on abortion rights in the US

Lyrics of an amazing song translated to English:

Egypt nearly supplied rockets to Russia, agreed to arm Ukraine instead, leak show

Transcript of McCurtain County Sheriff, Commissioners discussing lynching, hiring hit men

Tuesday TOONs - How To Navigate An Ethical Swamp?

Erdogan Will (Probably) Lose Turkey's Election: What Next? - TLDR News Global

Photographer admits prize-winning image was AI-generated

Blinken confirms US diplomatic convoy was fired on in Sudan

Purple-bibbed Whitetip Hummingbird (Ecuador)

Mexico searches for 3 missing US sailors with plane, ships

Conservative robocall raises questions, makes false allegations

Russia - Devastating Loss of Technology as USA Ramps up Sanctions Against China to Stop IP Leakage

On this day, April 18, 1946, Hayley Mills was born.

On this day, April 18, 1952, "The Big Bopper" got married.

On April 18, 1923, here's Babe Ruth at the first game in New York City's new Yankee Stadium.

Russian court rejects appeal of Evan Gershkovich, Wall Street Journal reporter held on spying charge

Boy! The GOBers love to play games!

Vertex SSS SRV has arrived.

From 2021, but should be true now too: Tulips at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland

Steve Goodman wrote this song...."City of New Orleans"

It's Conan O'Brien's 60th birthday today.

Peter David's Family Provides Update on Legendary Comic Creator's Health Problems

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/12/23

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1943

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 4/9-4/15/2023

The Rundown: April 18, 2023

"Listen, my children, and you shall hear ..."

Disaster: Combine a dog, a mouse, and a sticky trap.

Russia officially failed its last chance. Ukraine's offensive slowly begins. Wagner in grave danger.

Just another reason

Minn State Sen. Nathan Wesenberg (R-Little Falls) says he called 911 to report a drag perferance....

Fox News-Dominion live updates: Defamation trial begins today

Iran tries to reimpose strict dress codes for women and girls

Arlo Guthrie ...sings "City of New Orleans" & we take a ride on the train. (Wonderful)

Oklahoma Could Reduce Penalties for Cockfighting While Texas Still a 'Hotspot'

We Have Two Visions of the Future, and Both Are Wrong

Facing brutal climate math, US bets billions on direct air capture

Fox News-Dominion Trial: Courthouse Installs VIP-Style Tent to Potentially Shield Arriving Witnesses

Corrupt Republicans are in bed with Vladimir Putin.

John Fetterman Kills McCarthy's Plan To Cut SNAP With 2 Sentences

What is AI going to do to the art world?

One of the cabinets in my kitchen literally fell off the wall today.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Maria Bartiromo would like to see a settlement.

Fired Fox News producer says she found more evidence relevant to Dominion case (2 more recordings)

Newsweek: Fire Breaks Out at Russian Tank Training Ground After Explosions

The centrist plan to sabotage Joe Biden

Fox News-Dominion live updates

Kingston Trio & Mary Travers ..."Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig lead call for recognition of humanist marriages

NJ-SEN: Bob Menendez is toast

Should Jordan Klepper be the permanent host of The Daily Show?

Floods tore through California crops - now small immigrant farmers face destitution

Daily Kos: No Labels is a Trump Super Pac, Funded in Part by Harlan Crow.

You raised $125.00 on April 17, 2023 DU for Ukraine

Putin visits two occupied regions in Ukraine, pushing illegal annexation

As Migrant Children Were Put to Work, U.S. Ignored Warnings

Saline County tweet about Mondays Quorum Court concerning book banning at library.

DeSantis and trump: They are Chimpanzees. Carl Sagan Ann Druyan

The first electrified Corvette just sold for more than $1 million. Here's who bought it.

You raised $10.00 on April 17, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

The lawyers have arrived

Missouri House votes to limit transgender athletes participation in school sports

Why Americans can't keep nice things

Tennessee House Speaker's multiple homes raise questions about per diem

Representative Democracy: addressing the issues people care about.....

The Who - Drowned (Live) my God, Keith Moon was fantastic

Indiana lawmakers advance controversial "union-busting" bill denounced by Hoosier teachers

Blues We Like

Florida Pastor Caught Using Church Internet for Child Porn: Police

IA: Senate moves child labor bill after all-night debate

Topher Grace Cut All 10 Star Wars Films Into a Five-Minute Edit, and It Actually Rules

Pro-life supporters protest outside Rep. Nancy Mace's (R) office following abortion comments

Little Brother Montgomery was born on this date.

What else did Clarence Thomas get from Harlan Crowe?

As I disgustedly watch "Republicans" nearly soil themselves as they try mightily to avoid saying

In a town plagued by an environmental crisis, a local abortion debate consumes public attention

Tony Mottola was born on this date.

Six weeks for Dominion/Fox trial

Nevada Senate approves abortion protections in constitution

Melting Point ...

More judicial nominees have been confirmed than had been confirmed by this point since Clinton

Motherfucker proves once again that he has no command of spell check

Ready for Rail: A Look at 2023's Big Projects

Ladies, I need your input. What's appropriate for a 70-ish,

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Klepper on trump, clarence thomas & Ending Violence The Daily Show

Biden signs executive order to improve access to child care

Saratoga County woman killed after turning into wrong driveway

Why Liberals Should Hope DeSantis Beats Trump

After the blue slip burned with Trump in office, Biden-era Republicans feel its absence

Still no consequences for Congressional supporters of Jan 6 coup

Clarence Thomas and Rupert Murdoch

Kildee has surgery to remove tumor, will miss votes

In regards to the republican spectacle in NYC yesterday

Every time I leave the house to run errands, this is what I see when I arrive home.

Gatemouth Brown was born on this date.

TN: DCS reports hiring new caseworkers, end to children sleeping on office floors

AZ: Hobbs vetoes attempts to bring more guns into schools

If you are looking for footwear gifts for someone, look no further

Cornyn wouldn't say if he would allow a Judiciary vacancy to be filled if Sen. Feinstein resigns

A timeline of the DeSantis-Disney fight in Florida

Donald Chump for President

Bullies - The Lincoln Project

by my grandfathers beard , this is a 8 bit diy computer

Anakin and Padme meme : We passed a Child Labor Law

sonora ca morning temp check in.

Jean Watt has passed: Celebrating the Life of OC's Ultimate Grassroots Activist

Clarence Thomas scandal proves law is 'just a suggestion' for powerful: columnist

"NO Labels" group a deception

Since IRA, $150 billion investment, 46 factories, 18,000 jobs in renewable energy

Red-bellied Woodpecker Portrait

Whatabout Strom Thurmond?! Senator from S.C. Served until he was 100. It's said that

I think the RW race to banning TikTok could a good thing.

CEO Blasts Greedy Workers After She Cancels Bonuses

FDA authorizes 2nd dose of updated Covid booster for older adults

LOSER45 pokes Musk with a large stick

Clarence Thomas Agrees To Disclose Property Sale Already Disclosed

Anti-LGBT Republican joins Pride parade... it ends horribly for him - Brian Tyler Cohen

"They've got more rights than we've got."

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 18, 2023

Sign this pupper up!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 3 unrelated but similar incidents....

the way things are going today, i am starting to get the feeling i missed my calling.

Fox News v Dominion: defamation lawsuit over election lies goes to trial

Opening arguments in Dominion v Fox starting now

"Pro-Life" Bullsh*t Republicans

Southwest passengers face delays after nationwide grounding

Imagine 65,000,000 Americans finding out they won't be getting Social Security benefits

David Corn: Donald Trump's Lawyers Just Made a Big Mistake

When have Senate Democrats EVER sacrificed an ailing party member to republican obstinacy?

My son returned from a team trip to Canada and now wants to live there.

Fox lawyers present Simpson clips as part of their trial exhibits

DeSantis wants the state to regulate Disney rides. Here's what that could mean

This is the last time I tell my barber: "Surprise Me!"

FL: Political observers say increase in voter turnout is imperative for mayoral runoff election

George Santos Reports Negative Campaign Donations Following Scandals - Farron Balanced

Gun safety demonstrators carry caskets to Tennessee Capitol

Stefanik blames "Far Left Democrat policies" for NYC crime while her MAGA constituent shoots girl

Oklahoma sheriff says recording of killing talk was illegal

20-year-old woman shot dead after pulling into wrong driveway

Littlest intruder: Toddler crawls through White House fence

Jury seated to hear case about Fox's false election claims

Suing Planned Parenthood for racial discrimination

Another whine from Motherfucker

*Another follow up,

A deep dive into the SCOTUS abortion pill case--and what's at stake for the FDA

Why Central Europe is Banning Ukrainian Grain Imports - TLDR News EU

Trump goes after "DeSanctus" and his Disney stance:

I Lost My House in the Fort Lauderdale Flood While Ron DeSantis Campaigned in New Hampshire

WI: Unions helped fuel Protasiewicz victory with labor rights at stake

I did it!

RELEASE: Report: Michigan's youth turnout in the 2022 election was best in the nation

George Santos' Mysterious Campaign Loans Somehow Get Even More Mysterious

US diplomatic convoy fired on in Sudan, all people safe, says Blinken - FRANCE 24

It's happened AGAIN; car pulls into wrong home ; woman shot DEAD.

Copycat (an oldie but cutie):

Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey to set up legal defense fund amid criminal probe

New Jersey wins Supreme Court dispute against New York

2nd tweet--Puppies In a row prove that yawning is contagious:

Eugene Robinson: Clarence Thomas's explanations fail the laugh test

FBI: Rent-a-Hitman site nabbed Air National Guardsman who was "excited" to kill

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 18, 2023)

Minnesota moves to protect Native children as Supreme Court decision looms

Adorable pupper confused to see himself reflected in a puddle:

Found this scrolling through Fox News. Story about Sen. Menendez's wife

PA: Westmoreland County: Who's Running For Office?

PA: Centre County: Who's Running For Office?

Bear startled by alarm when he tries to get into car:

PA: Lancaster County announces mail-ballot printing error affecting 18,554 voters

Once upon a time an impoverished liberation theology

Dog seriously flummoxed when his human barks:

"The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and..."

Paul Allman Siple (December 18, 1908 - November 25, 1968) ...

PA: York City's elected controller signed off on public funding for her own nonprofit

JUST IN: Alliance Defending Freedom has filed their response in the mifepristone case

'He told me he voted for me': Trump throws tantrum after Elon Musk admits backing Biden

PA: DA Stephen Zappala hits the airwaves and reconsidering John Weinstein's TV advantage

Military homecoming

You -- yes, you -- are going to pay for the century-old mistake that's draining the Colorado River

Late-season storm brings more snow to the Sierra Nevada

Public Philosophy Week

Instead of so much winning we have too much whining

Iowa Senate votes to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to serve alcohol

Oklahoma sheriff who threatened local media with violence is now investigating local media

News & Commentary April 11, 2023

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Breaking down 5 candidates' paths to victory

In the early 1960s, a friend of mine married an exchange student

Texas GOP congresswoman who fundraised with George Santos never got her share of the money

PHILADELPHIA: Rebecca Rhynhart: 'In order to truly make our city work, I had to run for mayor'

Clarence Thomas communicating directly with Ron DeSantis?

Trump lawyers commit 'strategic blunder' in case against Michael Cohen: analysis

Trump hires former DeSantis ally who 'knows where bodies are buried': NYT

Jim Jordan and Judiciary Committee ask court to toss lawsuit by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg

PHILADELPHIA: City Council getting new blood, new ideas in January

ICE Records Reveal How Agents Abuse Access to Secret Data

PA: Eight candidates running for Montgomery County Commissioner

G7 vows 'severe costs' for those helping Russia in Ukraine - FRANCE 24

DeSantis Ally Died by Suicide After Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Minor

Rep. Jim Jordan and Judiciary Committee ask court to toss lawsuit by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg

Small Wins: Petition Calls for Tennessee Speaker's Resignation; Stop Woke bill in Florida Courts

'Insensitive, creepy and ghoulish' Republicans are doing gunowners more harm than good: conservative

One of the Faux News exhibits for the Dominion trial...

Lincoln Project lampoons Kevin McCarthy in brutal debt crisis how-to video

Paper mill in Alabama told authorities a worker died from a heart attack. He actually died after ...

'Star Trek: Section 31' Original Movie Event Starring Oscar Winner Michelle Yeoh Announced

Dawn of a New Wisconsin Progress Age?

Trump says he will outlaw homelessness

A link to keep up on the Dominion court proceedings

McConnell Won't Back Replacing Feinstein

America's toxic mix of guns, fear of crime -- and fear-mongering

Ex-Fox News Producer Finds More Evidence

The Rise of Reagan and the Religious Right: How Evangelicalism Entered American Politics

DeathSantis has proposed legislation to void the Disney/Reedy Creek development agreement

US accuses Lula of parroting propaganda over war

One dead, four injured in explosion at Wood River ethanol plant

Trump's Lawyers Fail Again As Judge Refuses To Delay Assault Trial - Ring of Fire

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Now Has Its Own Ecosystem... Gross

4 St. Petersburg Uhuru members indicted in Russian influence case

Capitol Hill synagogue targeted by vandals ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day

I did something wicked

Dominion and Donald Trump put Fox News between a rock and a dumb place

Ralph Yarl has 'hard' mornings but is recovering well from being shot after ringing wrong doorbell,

A serendipitous encounter (this morning at market)

Bullies (The Lincoln Project)

Americans take a dim view of Clarence Thomas's ethics

Leadership Report Shows Anti-LGBTQ Laws are Making Florida Less Welcoming for Businesses

Hey Pittsburgh Area Duers

Biden to speak in the Rose Garden on executive action on child care. Up soon.

I'd love to have a face-to-face with the idiots who order prior authorizations for life-saving meds.

Top Colleges for High-Paying Jobs in Accounting

DOJ: Civil War reenactor admits to planting bomb at Cedar Creek Battlefield

Important op-ed from an associate dean at Oregon State on the ChatGPT crisis

Tweet of the Day

Amazon's New Tool Adjusts Sound So You Can Actually Understand Movie and TV Dialogue

Manchin's calling for keeping Feinstein's seat open, calling D's resignation pleas 'ridiculous'

Dear God. He wants to build concentration camps.

Indiana Senate approves handgun training fund for teachers

This seems not good for Fox (#DominionVFox)

Lawmakers' focus on housing must bring efforts home

US charges Americans, Russians in alleged Moscow influence campaign - Justice Department

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 19: Studio Contract Players: Bogart, Hunter, Lorre

Can Sen. Feinstein buy a train ticket?

Cartoons 4/18/2023

Ralph Yarl Lives. And still this country will break our hearts again.

Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum returns Memorial Day weekend

Andrew Lester, 84-year-old Kansas City man accused of shooting Ralph Yarl, is in custody

Joe Biden is not doing enough to fight Republican radicalism

Self portrait of MTG

Damar Hamlin: Buffalo Bills safety cleared to return four months after cardiac arrest

Jan. 6 trial halted when prosecutors asked rioter to give up names

lol - "Vladimir Puddin is so freaking good...."

Family of Lashawn Thompson Demands Justice After He Was "Eaten Alive" by Insects in Atlanta Jail

8.5 miles, 990 ft elevation gain, 2.2 mph...

University study deems Jim Jordan ineffective at passing legislation, says other Ohioans get better

Calling spoiler-peeps - tell me what I don't see in this AI non-photo:

University study deems Jim Jordan ineffective at passing legislation

SpaceX Targets 4/20 for Second Starship Launch Attempt

French publisher arrested in London on bogus terrorism charge

Clarence Thomas could face federal investigation over property sale

Malakai Bayoh at the Royal Albert Hall

Possible explanation of delays in GA indictments...

Fox News the FAFO network

Ron DeSantis unveils legislative move targeting Disney

The judge has appointed a special master

A timeline of the DeSantis-Disney fight in Florida

Re: DiFi resigning - Rules of the Senate

Dead DeSantis donor was a pedophile.

"Poverty, by America": Author Matthew Desmond on How U.S. Punishes the Poor & Rewards the Wealthy

How the Leaked Pentagon Document Story Got Increasingly Warped on Fox News

Michigan GOP infighting leads to actual fight between Karamo, DePerno backers

DeSantis PAC Drops Attack Ad Slamming Trump! - Luke Beasley

Trump Drops More NFTs--And Now the First Batch Is Plummeting in Price

An 84 year old racist thought it was okay to shoot a black kid knocking on his door

DeSatan loses another Florida Republican.

Breaking - Four bodies found in rural Maine home

DOJ: Conspiracy to Use U.S. Citizens as Illegal Agents of the Russian Government

Trump's Fake Georgia Electors Are Now Ratting on Each Other

Bud Light Boycotters Are Getting Dragged After Paying $30 For Six Packs Of 'Ultra Right Beer'

Jim Jordan paraded out a "NYC crime victim" yesterday during his sham hearing to slam Bragg..

Dominion Trial Delayed Five Hours While Fox Anchors Apply Makeup

GOP: Debt ceiling plan must include repeal of the Inflation Reduction Act

Missouri AG faces 'high bar' in effort to oust St. Louis prosecutor for neglect of duties

MT: Republican bill drawing new Public Service Commission districts headed to governor

Fed up Republican calls out her own party on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

NC: Senate bill banning transgender girls from girls' sports advances

Presidential primary would return under bill approved by the Missouri House

Your DMV is a cruel joke, North Carolina

AZ: Republicans want to reinstate Liz Harris after expulsion

Full Video: Umbrella Man .... from the In Lieu of Fun gang

NC: New bill would criminalize public drag performances

Florida road rage incident leaves two girls shot after dads' stand-your-ground gunfight

The cost of the American gun culture


Lincoln project targets Tennessee legislature with 'bullies' ad

Live Updates: Fox News Settles Defamation Suit, Averting Trial

Missouri urging people to report medical professionals providing gender-affirming care to patients

Manhattan DA Bragg's office turns up heat on Trump's attorney Joe Tacopina,

Take a virtual vacation through the Alps with this happy dog 🐾

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein to seek mental health treatment out of state

NYT : Live Updates : Fox News Settles Defamation Suit, Averting Trial

Fox won't apologize!

Texas Republicans Are About To Kill A Paid Parental Leave Bill

They just can't keep DOJ down

Oh well fox settled, we knew they would

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she saw 2,000 pages of evidence on 'Biden crime family'

Why is it every beastie needs to jump into the fight? Mhw

Georgia Prosecutor Offered Immunity Deals

GM's Cruise recalls self-driving taxis, updates software after crash

The face of contentment

In the end, money always talks the loudest

$787,500,000 Dominion settlement. n/t

Fox apology is far too weak for me


My favorite song from my favorite Stones album....

Smartmatic Lawyer issued a statement

Netflix ending DVD mailings September, 2023

Reminder: Smartmatic still has a $2.7 Billion lawsuit pending

Fox's website shows nothing about the settlement.

Every time corporations have a chance to do the right thing, they fail.

President Biden should sue fox for

Fox: Howard Kurtz says we may never know how much $$ in settlement

Women's Institute will 'continue to celebrate' transgender women amid inclusivity row

Toyota's new hydrogen combustion engine

They are breaking into Jeopardy to announce

Facing brutal climate math, US bets billions on direct air capture

While today's news about Fox isn't great, something to keep in mind

FOX may pay to settle suit.

Yo, lurking MAGAS, we know you lurk

I'm betting Faux will muddy the waters by first issuing statements that do not admit lying

My New Musical Obsession--Who's yours?

Poll: Trump's big post-indictment bounce is fading fast

Just on the news here: Dominion vs Fox

Bill protecting Southern Resident orcas passes State House, Senate

Suspect arrested in deaths of 2 men drugged, beaten after nights out in NYC charged with murder

So Dominion got half of the damages they sought, and Rupe walked away to lie another day. Go USA.

Re Fox/ Dominion settlement: I will reserve judgement. Time and dust have to settle. However,

Now the Fox stockholder derivative lawsuits will get going

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Components of an apology.

CNN's Jake Tapper can't read Fox's statement with a straight face 😆😄

I wonder if Fox 'News' is reporting on Fox 'News'

Twitter Quietly Dumps Policy Protecting Trans Users From Deadnaming

Most civil lawsuit settlements contain a non-admission clause.

Fox News is counting on the poor memory of the public, IMO.

Manhattan : People trapped after multi storey car park collapses in New York - updated

Didn't the judge say they could not discuss the election results?

Didn't the judge say they could not discuss the election results?

Statement from Dominion

PM Update: Chilly tonight as winds diminish, then sunny and warm Wednesday

Bear captured in Italy after killing Alpine jogger Andrea Papi

I'm not a lawyer so I have to ask:

Well, the Freepers are predictable as always...

Who Changed The Name? - Luckovich Cartoon

What if Fox was successful?

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 18, 2023

Fox news settlement question

ID: Gem County sheriff declines to serve legal notices to former Idaho candidate Ammon Bundy

Some Current Headlines Around the Internet

Another issue with Feinstein gone - no subpoenas

Just one Trumper jurist could have fouled up the case for Dominion.

A Christian's Thoughts on the Problem of Christian Nationalism

Oklahoma sheriff says recording of killing talk was illegal

NY:Katz receives endorsement from AG James as second challenger files petitions to run in DA primary

interesting vid about my home town, but of general interest.

Who is Rowan Wilson? He's set to become NY's first Black chief judge.

Fulton DA offered immunity to 'fake' electors, asks for attorney to removed from case, motion shows

The Dominion saga exposed Fox for the propaganda outlet it's always been...

Fox gets to continue its modus operandi; lying to its bank.

NY-03: Will Tom Suozzi run for Congress?

Capitol riot: Nashville's 'zip-tie guy' guilty on all charges

Parking Garage Collapse in New York City - Agenda-Free TV

"Daddy, what's a poet?" asked the youngster of his Pap

NYC: GOP candidate Michael Ragusa drops out of City Council race after forged signature accusations

How about adding this to the

NY: Chief Judge nominee Rowan Wilson sails through Judiciary Committee in low-key hearing

3/4 Billion Dollars Defamation Payout!?: An admission of malice on steroids!

Merrick Garland - the most timid man in America

Elon Musk reportedly planning to launch AI rival to ChatGPT maker

FOX News pays $787,500,000 for helping Trump and Republicans with their election lies.

CALLOUS MAN - A Parody of Piano Man - Parody Project

Justice the American way . The rich get to just buy their way out of trial

Does faux news have to admit guilt

Giving Birth in Jail Often Comes With Medical Neglect, Texas Jail Project Finds

Sen. Feinstein yesterday on Clarence Thomas

I have to say this about Fox news

Fox settlement doesn't stop special master probe that could end in obstruction charges

NYC: Progressives to Challenge Adams Over Cuts to Schools and Libraries

Yesterday's "Worst Ever" daily reading at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory, 424.83 ppm.

With Babble About 'Invading Mexico' In The Fever-Swamp's Air...

what liberals are. and i'm proud to call myself A LIBERAL

'Democrat-run cities' fuel the economy, keep many red states afloat

OH: Mansfield's 4th Ward voters will need to write in their choice during May 2 Democratic primary

Democrats Seem More Concerned About Dianne Feinstein's Feelings Than About Balancing the Courts

World's Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo for 29 years Now at Hannover Fair 2023

NY: Watertown city council candidate faced weapons charges, court records say

We got $391 EBT card. Apparently every kid in Virginia got one.

Watching "Beef". Not at all what I expected! No spoilers please.

Let me make it pellucidly clear

Private equity firm at the Dominion settlement press conference

Cops Make A Big Mistake - Enforcing Feelings and Ego (LackLuster)

Justice Samuel Alito appears eager to overturn 50-year-old precedent in favor of Christian postal wo

If Dominion had gone to trial, any award could have been overturned on appeal

Torch-carrying marchers indicted in Charlottesville rally

A few free minutes today

At least one dead and four injured in NYC 1925 built parking garage collapse

Former Menudo member alleges Menendez brothers' father raped him

Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin cleared to return to the football field

Rowan Wilson has been confirmed chief judge of New York

Has TFG weighed in on the Faux settlement yet?

The Fox settlement won't change a thing.

IL-07: Chicago City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin (D) to primary incumbent Danny Davis (D)

toddler breaches the White House fence

Dominion Has Forced Rupert Murdoch To...

Rowan Wilson Is Confirmed as New York Court of Appeals' Chief Judge

BREAKING: Fox gets CRUSHED in Devastating MAJOR Dominion UPDATE - Meidas Touch

Dominion's main trial counsel was the Texas Democratic Party nominee for Attorney General in 2018


Oklahoma is not OK

Dominic Pezzola: Proud Boy who helped ignite Capitol breach tells jury he got "caught up" in Jan. 6

Judge: Mississippi must give religious exemption on vaccines for kids

Dominion's main trial counsel was the Texas Democratic Party nominee for Attorney General in 2018

Dominion Voting gives remarks after settlement with Fox News on 2020 election defamation case

Michael Harriot: What the "classical education model" actually means.

Shocked. Shocked I tell you!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans pursuing losing policies....

Brianna Keilar has an afternoon show again on CNN

Let's Just Ponder What Happened Today Re: Dominion vs. Fox 'News.'

Brown bear that killed Italian runner is captured, her 3 cubs freed

US Supreme Court rebuffs Novartis bid to revive MS drug Gilenya patent

Watch Jared Moskowitz Utterly DESTROY taylor greene &CO

Trump Gives Fox News The Worst Legal Advice Ever - Ring of Fire

Heir to the A&P supermarket fortune, Huntington Hartford was #BornOnThisDay, April 18, 1911.

Russia unveils secretive weapon to target SpaceX's Starlink in Ukraine

Providence man Timothy Desjardins, accused in U.S. Capitol riot, headed to Washington, D.C.

Jim Jordan and Weaponization Committee EXPOSED for ABSURD Attempts to Push MAGA Agenda

Tim Lincecum thread

Dogs are more important than Cats says my NextDoor

Grand jury indicts torch-wielding marchers from 2017 incident in Charlottesville

Alleged leaker Teixeira's unit ordered to halt intelligence mission -Air Force

New York Times Pitchbot on the Dominion settlement

Boston Marathon spectators cite racism from police in cheer zone on race route.

Is it more correct to say that FOX paid $787 million dollars for Trump's lies?

My legal questions for the day:

House fails to overturn Biden's veto of GOP bid to undo administration water rule

4 killed in Maine home; 3 wounded in linked highway shooting

Just Got This Email From Netflix:

Fantastic take on how we should look at media bias charts.

A talking point Fox Viewers will not like: "Fox money is bankrolling Dominion." nt

If you like "Wordle", try this one, "A Little Wordie" from The Oatmeal.

Food Question: What do you occasionally eat now that you couldn't, or barely

New York man charged with murder in shooting of woman who went up wrong driveway

'Unequivocal rebuke': Ex-prosecutor has never seen anything like Fox's 'jaw-dropping' payout to Domi

Gee, the Dominion story is missing from Murdoch's New York Post . . . . .

Kevin McCarthy has very little to show for his first 100 days

I feel that Dominion's lawyers should have been able to wring a better apology out of Fox. nt

Michigan GOP infighting leads to actual fight between Karamo, DePerno backers

Dominion lawyer reacts after settlement with Fox News for $787.5 million - Deadline - MSNBC

Fox News settled Dominion's lawsuit for $787 million. Is the public left empty-handed?

Tapper: Fox News' $787M settlement 'one of the ugliest' moments in the history of journalism

"I'm A Multimillionaire: On This Tax Day, I Demand To Be Taxed More" 🇺🇲

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein to seek mental health treatment out of state

Southern MD evening

Wait...wut?!?!! That's an interesting way to argue for a national tax.

Seattle cruise season sets sail with record passenger volume expected

Tonight on Fox: trans CRTs are letting immigrants take your guns!!! (& no other news)

Fox News paying $787.5 million after Murdoch, Hannity admissions - The Beat - MSNBC

"With this hand I use to hold a cigarette, I killed children." - Break the Fake - TVP World

The man who destroyed cases of Bud and Busch light at a Topeka Walmart was also arrested for exposin

Have to wonder: how much did Dominion end up with

Thought this H&R Block ad was cute. Our 1 dollar coin in Canada

Former President "$hit for brains" plans to end homelessness by making it illegal.

El Salvadoran Barrio 18 Gang Members Arrested In Salvadoran Gang Hotspot Tapachula, Chiapas

Texas House approves sweeping limits on local regulations in GOP's latest jab at blue cities

Mexico Supreme Court invalidates National Guard transfer to army

Happening now Nashville: Human chain from Vanderbilt Children's Hosp to State Capitol for gun safety

Trump Drops More NFTs--And Now the First Batch Is Plummeting in Price