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Alabama House passes bill to require 'first-grade readiness'

Floridians protested Republicans' creepy obsession with people's genitals...

Murdoch caves: Fox News paying $787.5 million amid damaging evidence - The Beat - MSNBC

Mexico Supreme Court invalidates National Guard transfer to army

Last Week in the Insane Filthy Party

North Dakota House passes near-total abortion ban with limited exceptions

Senator Fetterman's body double

Biden, facing roadblocks in Congress, signs executive order on childcare, eldercare

I wonder how Repulse Murdoch feels about

Michigan GOP infighting leads to actual fight between Karamo, DePerno backers

Audio captures Oklahoma officials' violent, racist comments - MSNBC Reports

Warming up in the bullpen...

"Devastating Blow to China's Economy"; US Arrests; EU-China; Chinese Mut0ual Funds - China Update

I'm pro-choice. But I wish all these states passing abortion bans would have the guts ...

FOX Settles Dominion Lawsuit - Raw News And Politics

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox, 787 million, and what's next....

Florida lawmakers found it easy to scream 'stop the woke.' But, then, they ran into reality

For LGBTQ Kenyans, court win prompts backlash as threats escalate

Congress remains far from an agreement as debt ceiling crisis looms - PBS NewsHour

Well, after the Fox/Dominion debacle,

CNBC Host Absolutely Humiliates Kevin McCarthy In Debt Ceiling Debate - Ring of Fire

US must stem 'iron river' of guns flowing to Latin America, activists say

US must stem 'iron river' of guns flowing to Latin America, activists say

DeSantis Tried to Bury Her. Now She's Helping Trump Try to Bury Him.

Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant push TN lawmakers for gun safety action

Among all those internal memos that show Fox employees knowingly lying their faces off ...

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Tennessee moves to shield gun firms after school shooting

Tucker is so sorry for lying about the election that he's moved on to inciting a race war.

Fox flinched and settled...all they lost was money.

Here's A Way To Put It In Fox's & Murdoch's Face.....

Food Fun! Favorite Foods in these Catagories: Bland/Savory/Umani/Spicy/Salty/Tangy....

What they are saying ...

Chris Hayes: Republicans ignore gun violence when fearmongering about crime - All In - MSNBC

Restored Tennessee Rep. Pearson charts progressive path

Dominion v Fox settles: Fox admits to election lies; pays 3/4 of a billion dollars-Glenn Kirschner

Opposing Kevin McCarthy Was Good for Fundraising

Anouk - It's So Hard (live at the GelreDome, Arnheim, 2008)

Jordan Klepper interviews AOC, appeals to George Santos to stop by 'Daily Show' - Morning Joe MSNBC

Die Toten Hosen - Tage Wie Diese

Dominion Settlement

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper's TDS Debut & Jon Stewart's Advice - After The Cut

Admit it....

Beijing-Moscow Military Axis - Eastern Express - TVP World

Kudos to this veteran speaking out against book bans.

Oh man! Just learned that one of my housemates from the sixties in Hollywood died in January.

Rottweiler Thinks Guinea Pigs Are Her Babies

'Fox blinked': Anderson Cooper breaks down Fox News' $787.5M Dominion settlement - CNN

Family Reunites 10 Ducklings With Their Mom Twice In A Day

How the Republican freakout over '87,000 new IRS agents' turned out

How the Republican freakout over '87,000 new IRS agents' turned out - All In - MSNBC

Dad gives a pigeon to his son. Then here's what happened to the pigeon.

Any fallout for Fox viewers?

Can Ukraine retake land from Russia? Hear NATO chief's prediction - CNN

The Who - Who Are You (Promo video, filmed at The Who's London studio, May 4, 1978)

Claude Debussy - Arabesque No. 1 in E Major 🎼

Remarkable story of Jewish baby rescued during Holocaust

ChatGPT and the Consciousness Trap (Podcast)

Credit Suisse limited investigations into Nazi-linked accounts, Senate Committee alleges

Comer admits Biden hasn't done anything illegal

Rupert Murdoch and co. net worth was $17b now it's $16b.

Reading the Most Depressing News For Women - Lovett or Leave It

Fox News' new slogan?

Strange days ...

Twitter removes policy against deadnaming transgender people

CEO, paid $5 million, tells employees disappointed over no bonus, to "leave pity city"

DeSantis wants to 'Make America Florida.' Here's what that looks like.

Don't Worry! There's Another $2.7 Billion Case Against Fox News Coming Soon.

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E1

If you're going to get Ibonds, do it before April 27, after that, rates nosedive

Iowa Is a Big Problem for Trump

Abdullah Ibrahim - Chisa

The Daily Show: Fox "News" and Dominion Settle Lawsuit & Ron DeSantis Wants Prison Near Disney

I was amazed at the Surrogate Birthing Market. Today, I saw a billboard offering $70K to be mom.

Dominion Voting Systems lead attorney: Today really was a day of vindication, a little bittersweet

Xavier Becerra violated Hatch Act by supporting Sen. Alex Padilla's election, watchdog says

Gary Burton & Steve Swallow - Vashkar

Wednesday Digit: 10/10 - Like Tuesday, but with light winds and plus another 5 degrees or so.

Fox News lies, but Fox News viewers will never know it

Today at the Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market:

LOL @ Fetterman

Trigger IX: $5bn of drugs seized in Latin American operation

"One Million Moms" group says Turbo Tax ad is glorifying sin, guess why

Russia's New Draft Law 🇷🇺 and what does it mean to me - Niki Proshin

Conservatives want to kill the most trusted news source in Canada (CBC):

Serge & Beate Klarsfeld: World Famous Nazi Hunters, Tracking Down Hitler's Henchmen: Memoirs

Ralph Yarl's aunt on his recovery: He's loving the love he's getting from everyone - The ReidOut MSNBC

Tori Amos - Girl

India's top court opens landmark hearings on same sex marriage - DW News

Mint Juleps - Docklands

'Even staunch Republicans say he's got to be stopped': Nikki Fried on DeSantis, his war with Disney

Anne Dudley - The Soldier's Wife (From "The Crying Game")

Fox comes out smelling like a rose!

Parking garage collapse in New York City kills 1, injures 5, officials say - CBS News

no one in their right mind should associate w fox.

For FOX, lying *is* the business plan

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Sneaks Into America's Biggest Gun Show

'A gamechanger': this simple device could help fight the war on abortion rights in the US

Wendy & Lisa - Song About

'A gamechanger': this simple device could help fight the war on abortion rights in the US

18 Apr: It's happening. Russians are losing grip on Bakhmut - Reporting from Ukraine

As far as I am concerned

Baltimore TV news reports Sen Ben Cardin named to fill DiFi Judiciary

Boz Scaggs - Jojo

Largest Thwaites Iceberg To Date (3,000 km2) Moving Into Open Ocean; Scientists Watching Carefully

Le Zap de n270 -- Fun Diversion Video Collection

Elephants Cross The River To Meet Their Favorite Human

Tina Britt - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Lauren Boebert Interview Goes Bad Quickly! - Luke Beasley

Evan Gershkovich Russian born WSJ journalist faces foreseeable consequences

Jordan Klepper: 'Trump needs to poop his pants', humiliations threaten right-wing bubble - Alex Wagner

Jake Tapper CAN'T HOLD IT TOGETHER as he read Fox settlement statement

GA Fake Electors Flipping On Each Other - Raw News And Politics

Idiot who destroyed beer in a store also exposed himself to a 16 year old.

GOP Jesus

Kimmel: Trump Unveils More Incredibly Sad NFTs, Shameless Fox News Settles with Dominion & A.I.

Texas All-Star Cheerleader Shot After Mistakenly Trying to Get in the Wrong Car

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rupert Murdoch and Fox surrendered. Truth won big. Rupert lost - The Last Word

This new feature with travel site Expedia seems great!

Republicans object to replacing Feinstein on Judiciary panel

Brazil: the troubled rise of a global power - CaspianReport

Photos: In the middle of Times Square, a Holocaust cattle car

Risk of hate crimes against Jews and others could rise as 2024 election nears, report says

(Jewish Group) Risk of hate crimes against Jews and others could rise as 2024 election nears, report

(Jewish Group) 80 years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising -- how to commemorate it

80 years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising -- how to commemorate it

(Jewish Group) Tens of 1000s of Holocaust survivors live in poverty. This foundation wants to help

(Jewish Group) Yiddish Word of the Day: The Holocaust

In All the President's Men, Ben Bradley went out of his way to insure that anything that was

Judd Legum: Fox will recoup its losses

Russian sanctions loopholes: Is Switzerland profiting from its 'neutrality'? - DW News

Iowa state senate votes to allow children to work longer hours and serve alcohol

Willis attack on fake Georgia electors' lawyer raises intrigue about new developments - Alex Wagner

Nebraska Republican: Abortion Ban Needed to Ensure Dominance of White Population

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the fellas....

TN Rep. Justin Jones calls for a special session to address gun violence - The Last Word - MSNBC

The GOP is all for law enforcement...

Trump judge halts Colorado ban on fraudulent 'abortion pill reversal'

I feel like if I worked at the biggest Fortune 500 companies

Grand jury indicts torch-wielding Unite the Right marchers from 2017 (Charlottesville)

Katie Hobbs just set Arizona's veto record, rejecting bills on elections, vaccines and firearms

DOJ urges SCOTUS to keep mifepristone ruling on hold during appeal to prevent "scramble"

'Stand your ground' makes dangerous mix of guns and fear of young Black men - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

More Brain Work 3

Jim Jordan makes DESPERATE FILING to Federal Judge - Meidas Touch

Milky Way Over Trona Pinnacles

Nancy Mace (R-SC) is no hero.

Fox News unlikely to feel pain from settlement... most likely paid by insurance company.

Botanist Stefano Mancuso: 'You can anaesthetise all plants. This is extremely fascinating'

Fox News says little on air about its $787.5 million settlement with Dominion

Report: Fox apology not included in $787.5 million settlement with Dominion - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Subdivisions - Time Stand Still

Patti LuPone says Christian Right is no different from the Taliban "i could cry"

Florida Democrats call out Governor DeSantis' absence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Idaho Republicans Auction 'Trigger Time' With Kyle Rittenhouse

How to Make a Simple Roast Chicken, According to a French Mom

'Walking by faith': Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin cleared by doctors to play football - 11th Hour

Anti-LGBT Republican joins Pride parade...

Jack Smith's latest move SPELLS TROUBLE for Trump - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Wednesday 19 April 2023

The forgotten horrors that hide in the Holocaust's long, dark shadow

(Jewish Group) The forgotten horrors that hide in the Holocaust's long, dark shadow

(Jewish Group)In the US, importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day underscored by rising antisemitism

In the U.S., importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day underscored by rising antisemitism

BLACKPINK - Carpool Karaoke (VIDEO)

How come MD-4CD US Representative Glenn Ivey is not mentioned as a potential US Senate candidate?

UK company mining gold in Amazon on disputed land

Appeals court affirms conviction of Chauvin for George Floyd murder

Fox Host Calls The Claims Aired By His Network 'Obviously False' Amid Settlement News

Republicans' latest moves have DEVASTATING consequences - Meidas Touch

NSO hacked iPhones without user clicks in 3 new ways, researchers say

How a Colombian reporter predicted his murder - and why a global team is finishing his work

At Large Montgomery County MD Councilor Will Jawando for US Senator in 2024 if Ben Cardin retires.

Can a doorbell ring justify a 'stand your ground' shooting?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/18/23

Dominion Failed Us

Wordle 669 (4/19) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Texas county election head who was targeted by Sidney Powell quits after lynching threats

Stelter on settlement: 'This is just the beginning for Fox' - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Ex-Tampa judge ousted after abortion ruling is Florida Supreme Court contender

Nebraska Republican: Abortion Ban Needed to Ensure Dominance of White Population

Mexico nabs, swiftly deports MS-13 gang leader to El Salvador

Early voting begins for Tampa's city council runoff election

This Wave Happens Once in 10,000 Years, Scientists Have Finally Captured It

Hey hey, Al Franken has found his new job.......

The Bidens made $579K last year, and paid a 23.8 percent tax rate, their returns show

No matter what the outcome is, was or will be for Fox News?

Trump IS the 5.000-pound gorilla ...

Will Jawando is the perfect Democratic candidate to succeed Ben Cardin(MD) in the US Senate in 2024.

Newsmax will crash and burn when that case is finished/settled WTF ever!

Egyptian lawyer sues Netflix for depicting Cleopatra as Black woman

The most recalled car brand is...

"He declared thermonuclear war on a cartoon mouse"

Twitter quietly changes its hateful conduct policy to remove standing protections for its trans ...

"You only have 12 days left". Putin agrees to lose everyone. Ukrainians retake control near Bakhmut

Crockpot blueberry cobbler

Ron DeSantis' Disney obsession: Why he can't let it go

4 killed in Maine home, 3 wounded in linked highway shooting

DeSantis loses another one.

Wednesday TOONs - That Creaking You Hear Is From Settling

Anna's Hummingbird - Grevillea Blossom

Damar Hamlin Reveals Cause Of Cardiac Arrest And Conspiracy Theorists Still Won't Shut Up

2 Iowa teens plead guilty to beating Spanish teacher to death over bad grade

Supreme Court set to rule on abortion pill restrictions

Keith goes off on fox Settlement

GA: Allen edges Cox in runoff election for Clayton County Sheriff

Youngkin raises big money, but Democrats have edge in Va. campaign cash

Secret Service initially thought the invading toddler was trump trying to complete the insurrection.

Partial Dentures For Toothless TCEQ; 36-Hour Public Comment Period, $40K/Day Fines (Up From $25K)

2 Texas cheerleaders were shot after 1 seemingly got into the wrong car after practice, thinking it

"Grills owner in Brevard, Orlando pulls Bud Light: 'God is telling me to take a stand'"

Feds warn against deadly animal tranquilizer in Michigan street drugs

The Weekly Pull: She-Hulk, DC Silent Tales, The Expanse: Dragon Tooth, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (4/19/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #229: 10 Things I Love About Superheroes (4/18/2023 Edition)

The Rundown: April 19, 2023

Pentagon Gives Statement On Russian T-90 Tank Left At Truck Stop

"Worst April Heatwave In Asian History": Road Surfaces Melt In Dhaka; 111F In NE Indian Cities

New Details Emerge in Deadly Upstate Shooting of Woman in Wrong Driveway

Well, tomorrow I go in to have my shoulder ripped up... again...

What Kind of Man Would You Be If...

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began today. I bear witness

There Must Be A Better World Somewhere

Contest for Children to Hunt Feral Cats Is Scrapped in New Zealand

Senate fundraising: 1st Quarter 2023

Harris applauds Nevada abortion rights effort at Reno forum

"Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump"

FBI investigation cuts competition season short for a nationally ranked high school band in E.TN

News & Commentary April 12, 2023

Over 3/4 of a billion dollars sounds better than 787 million.

the whole desatan Disney thing is interesting...

30 poems in 30 days

Massive Seaweed Blob Headed for Florida

Thanks Claire McCaskill

Delivery day at St. Stephen's food bank

sonora ca early am (0618) temps check in

KY-GOV: Republican in-fighting gets heated in the most important governor's race in 2023

Plutocratic Power and Its Perils - Paul Krugman

What came first-the chicken or the egg?

Washington Post app not working since latest update.

"All because one man couldn't admit he lost"

Aren't you ashamed to share a country with these people?

TN Legislature Advances Plan For Liability Protections For Gun Dealers, OEMs, Individual Sellers

You can dress it up any way you care to and give lengthy "explanations" for the fragile condition

The latest from whackworld: several thousand chinese army members have

What has someone borrowed from you and never returned? I had money borrowed, Will never do that

FOX was not the only guilty party in the settlement.

Kevin McCarthy called out TO HIS FACE in stunning moment on live TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

News From Fulton County Georgia: Fani Willis Speaks And It Is Very Interesting

Civil Settlements and DELAWARE CIVIL RULE 68

Ironically, this may be the favorite car of RepubliQans who want to opress trans Americans ....

Bernie Worrell was born on this date.

For those interested: North America By Rail (my train travel photo website) has been totally rebuilt

So.....will Dominion now go after the Fox Show Hosts/ Presenters?

US-made Patriot guided missile systems arrive in Ukraine

"Today at SCOTUS: Another opinion day today at 10 a.m."

Gun Control Is as Old as the Old West

Rowan Wilson Is Confirmed as New York's Chief Judge

TN's awesome Justin J. Pearson: Transgender people are people, Representative.

Michigan legislature passes Red Flag gun law now headed for Governor Whitmer's desk.

Lots of water in Rio Grande River this yr

An early Nazi tool was to shut down businesses identified as Jewish

Detailed and lengthy Twitter thread about why young voters hate the GOP

The New "Pro-life" Movement Has a Plan to End Abortion

Fox is unrepentant...

Allen Weisselberg, former Trump Organization CFO, released from jail

The New "Pro-life" Movement Has a Plan to End Abortion

Humiliating FOX NEWS in a trial was never going to change MAGA's minds.

Kim Nguyen calls on M Steel to Return MTG Contribution

I just refreshed my memory on foot binding

Our VP always looks amazing.

April 19, 1995. OKC bombing. 168 dead, including 19 children. And the nuts

Some MAGAS on twitter believe Fox News lost on purpose because they're part of the Deep State

I just finished reading "Riders on the Orphan Train"

New music from the Foo Fighters! A single - Rescued - out today. New album June 2nd.

What's funnier? MTG getting owned or her mispronouncing "analyst"?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about delays and developments in Georgia....

Canning time, jarring time, is here

[Third arrest made] 2 suspects arrested and charged with murder in massacre at a Sweet 16 party

Pennsylvania's teacher shortage worsens as state reaches 'lowest level' in new certifications

Dominion and Fox settled a dispute that involved the two of them. It was not about us or democracy.

Do you personally know any male hypochondriacs?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 19, 2023

On this day, April 19, 1942, Alan Price, keyboardist for The Animals, was born.

2 arrested in shooting at birthday party in Alabama that killed 4

What is the smartest, or funniest thing you have seen your pet do? Dolly likes to dance to get

It's raining underwear in Florida.

Trump Looking For Loyal Woman With Pretty Face To Be Running Mate - Farron Balanced

Has mcturtle come back to work yet?

China and India 'launder' Russian oil and resell it to Western nations that sanctioned Moscow, study

Germany has shut down its last three nuclear power plants, and some climate scientists are aghast

Barry M. Goldwater

New York Times: Biden Admin Ignored Warnings About Migrant Child Labor, Punished Whistleblowers

On this day, April 19, 1993, the Waco siege ended as the Branch Davidian compound was burned.

Nebraska Senator Machaela Cavanaugh on her 7 week filibuster to block anti-trans legislation - MSNBC

A plus posting on DU

Tyre Nichols' family sues Memphis police over beating, death

I just want to recommend everyone read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.

On this day, April 19, 1995, the Murrah Building, in Oklahoma City, was bombed.

Ending 30-Year Saga, Judge Rules Haitian Activist Targeted by ICE Should Not Face Deportation Again

Тяцмp Meme

A response to those ranting about the Dominion/Fox settlement

Politico: Republican in-fighting gets heated in the most important governor's race in 2023

On this day, April 19,1933, actress Jayne Mansfield was born.

Hey DU - some are even human...

5 of the top 6 posts on LBN

Ralph Yarl making stunning recovery, family lawyer says

Flowers, everything, everywhere, all at once in NY

texas in the spring

Air guardsman suspected of leaking U.S. secrets to remain in jail for now

U.N. report: India overtakes China as most populous country

Clarence Thomas Failed to Disclose Real Estate Deal with GOP Megadonor

On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five: Hardly a man is now alive

Texas House approves sweeping limits on local regulations in GOP's latest jab at blue cities

On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was introduced to the public at the New York World's Fair.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 19, 2023)

Fox is responsible for a lot more than election lies.

Marjorie Traitor Greene defends Fox News in Dominion case

Khanna headed to New Hampshire for premier Democratic dinner

Florida education board extends ban on gender identity lessons to all grades

GOP, Dems raise concerns about new law eliminating Idaho's March presidential primary election

Abe Fortas Was First Supreme Court Justice Forced to Resign in 1969. Should Clarence Thomas Be Next?

Is nuclear war really back on the table?

IN: Senate spars over state-funded teacher gun training

Trump's new Series 2 digital trading cards.

Senator Tester on DiFi

BREAKING: Press conference announces two arrests [Dadeville, AL]

Almost Cut My Hair - CSNY - Live, Wembley 🇬🇧

Key House GOP promise has been exposed as the 'biggest fraud'

Toilet paper- do you hang it over or under, or place on a counter.?

Two Myths Fueling the Conservative Right's Dangerous Transphobia

Bill O'Reilly Pans Fox News for Prioritizing Money Over Honesty Before Their Dominion Settlement

Trump Turns on His Old Lawyer for DeSantis Disloyalty

Does anyone here know how to get permission to reprint art on a NYC street mural?

Kyrsten Sinema pulls $1M through Democratic software behemoth ActBlue despite party switch

I assume that much, if not all, of the settlement will be paid from insurance

How come the republicans are only interested in "the debt" when a Democrat is in the White House?

Another mistake, another shooting

DeSantis "Super Authority" agenda passed by Central FL Tourism Oversight Bureau of Fascist Quislings

Gov. Hobbs breaks record for most vetoes in single Arizona legislative session

FL: So-called 'Don't Say Gay' rules expanded through 12th grade in Florida

I'm getting a massage

Male Supremacy is at the Core of the Hard Right's Agenda

John Fetterman's Depression Made Him 'Firmly Indifferent to Living'

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Trans!

On this day, April 19, 1989, a gun turret on board the battleship Iowa exploded, killing 47 sailors.

Pendejo45 is trying to grift his cult again (Completely Laughable) ...

IA: Republican floor manager for Iowa's Child Labor bill refuses to answer questions

Small Donors Abandon Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin

Wild Mustang Finally Learns To Trust Her New Mom


True Detective: Night Country - Official Teaser - Max - Coming this year

9th Circuit upholds Biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors

What was the commonality in the cases of the cheerleader, the driveway driver, and the older brother

BLS report: February job openings rates down in 20 states, up in 2; layoffs and discharges down ...

Cartoons 4/19/2023

State Senate backs ban on sale of assault-style weapon, again

Lynnwood council bans new drug treatment centers for 6 months

DEA chief faces probe into 'swampy' hires, no-bid contracts

Key Senate Democrats remain non-committal on Biden's labor secretary pick ahead of confirmation

Anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches 2024 presidential bid

Sandy Hook should have ended private gun ownership in America.

Wall Street should tell McCarthy to end 'hostage' drama

License plates advance recognizing pickleball, Mount St. Helens

Democrats SLAM Shenanigans in the House Committee

EVs aren't to blame for demise of AM, right-wing radio

NEW: GenBioPro, the distributor of generic mifepristone, has sued the FDA 🧵

"The MBTA is considering weeknight shutdowns of the Blue Line for a month to make repairs ..."

I've lost my winter fat!

Bobo and MTG to star in a movie remake

The party of big, intrusive government? That would be the GOP

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Biden says McCarthy risking default on national debt: 'What are MAGA Republicans doing in Congress?'

Michigan has a weed problem -- and consumers are loving it.

Biden's COVID vaccine rule for federal contractors was valid, US court rules

MT-SEN: Montana shelves GOP proposal to alter US Senate primary

Michigan lawmakers send 'red flag' gun legislation to Whitmer

Fox News Top Stories - Luckovich Cartoon

FL: Restrictions on 3rd party voter registration groups emerge as major fault line in elections bill

Generic abortion pill maker sues FDA over its response to orders halting drug's approval

TX-SEN: State Sen. Roland Gutierrez "very likely" to challenge Ted Cruz in 2024

Senator Feinstein needs to resign.

Court tosses Berkeley gas ban, but wider impact is unclear

Florida judge who denied girl abortion over grades shortlisted for Florida's top court

Ousted Florida judge who denied girl abortion over grades shortlisted for Florida's top court

Oregon Democrats propose constitutional amendment on abortion, same-sex marriage, gender-affirming c

Legal gun owners sure have been busy lately

Politico: GOP puts MTG 'on an island' over Pentagon leaker case

Since taking a time-out from DU, I find I can no longer post images...

Twitter removes transgender protections from hateful conduct policy

JAX: Florida Democrats can't stop the GOP right now. But Nikki Fried says they're willing to fight.

Rioter who organized 'fighters' on Jan. 6 pleads guilty, agrees to cooperate with DOJ

LAPD officer gets 10-day suspension; first to be disciplined for fireworks explosion

LINCON MAYOR: Political ads spark clash over Lincoln crime statistics

Who will win the New Hampshire Democratic Primary: Williamson or Kennedy?

Texas House advances bill that aims to keep sexually explicit materials out of school libraries

Iowa Passes Child Labor Bill In Predawn Darkness, Just Like A Teen Headed To A Roofing Job

Biden Invites 'Tennessee Three' to the White House

Nebraska lawmakers pass permitless concealed carry gun bill

Florida's phony "exceptions"

Tweet of the Day

McCarthy unveils House GOP plan to increase the debt limit, calls on Biden to begin talks

GA National Guard Will Use Phone Location Tracking to Recruit High School Children

The largest student protest in Florida's history will take place. Mastodon

The Dominion Settlement Is Just the Beginning of Fox and Rupert Murdoch's Nightmare

At about age six, I asked my Adlai Stevenson-loving Mom: "What's the difference between

Beautiful southern MD day!

Jordan Klepper Sneaks Into America's Biggest Gun Show

OH: Chair prevents 100+ people from testifying against making citizen ballot measures more difficult

Damn these people and their guns.

Obviously gotta prune 'branches,' but he's here (and calling!)

Had To Break Up A Fight Yesterday

GOP releases its debt ceiling bill. All 320 pages

Well, how did that work out for you, Lachlan?

Alito extends stay on mifepristone until April 21st

BREAKING: Justice Alito issues a further stay of Judge Kacsmaryk's #mifepristone ruling

Supreme Court maintains full access to abortion pill mifepristone until at least Friday

Fetterman chairs first subcommittee meeting after return to Senate

Two More Congressmen From Florida Plan to Endorse Trump in Blow to DeSantis

New Democratic star crushes Trump in must-see smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tennessee moves to protect gunmakers from mass shooting lawsuits

Majority of MI counties might not enforce stricter gun laws

McCarthy releases debt-limit plan

Trump Says Chief Of Staff He Chose Was A 'Born Loser' - Ring of Fire

MTG calls Mayorkas a "liar". 2:20. Words stricken and she loses her time

Republicans Hit DeSantis Over Disney Feud

MARIJUANA -- you can buy it, smoke it, give it to a friend. But you can't grow it.

Do you remember your favorite teacher? Why was he/she your favorite? My favorite was Mrs. Yankees.

Republicans Pass Sweeping Authoritarian Bill

Former Minneapolis Gophers player shot at by retired firefighter who hurled racial slur: police

FOX NEWS ALERT: A Thing Happened, Or Maybe Not, IDK, It's Probably Nothing

Do you remember Tom Lehrer and his songs?

Debt & Unemployment Surge, Retail & Investment Recover - Unpacking Chinese Economy Q1 Data; G7 & EU

Florida Prosecutor's Racism Policy Leaked

Oklahoma county commissioner resigns after being recorded talking about lynching Black residents

787 Million Dollars Is A Lot Of Money

Anybody else have Miller-Meeks as a rep? Does she ever answer emails?

Cheerleaders shot in Tx parking lot when they mistakenly opened door to the wrong car.

My masseuse didn't wear a mask

Meta is about to start its next round of layoffs (4,000)

Trump directs his cult members to turn the channel or turn off TV when "RINOS" are on

UPDATED: Judge to rule on Congress' subpoena in Trump case 'promptly'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Oklahoma updates....

Biden Summons Big Donors to Washington as 2024 Campaign Nears

Italian outcry over 'ethnic replacement' remarks

Montana GOP caucus calls for censure of legislature's only openly transgender member

Pa. Supreme Court angrily sanctions county for violating order on Dominion voting machines

Lauren Boebert said no drag queen 'storytime' in her district. They didn't listen, and it was a huge

(Jewish Group) Yiddish Word of the Day: Righteous People

Hear what Pentagon leak revealed about China's supersonic spy drone - CNN

(Jewish Group) His family died in the Warsaw ghetto -- in these paintings, he honored their fight

Photo Essay: His family died in the Warsaw ghetto -- in these paintings, he honored their fight

$787 Million isn't as much money as.....

Can you see this graphic? I'm testing it out.

PM Update: Temperatures soar deep into the 80s Thursday

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 19, 2023

Poilievre, Conservative Leader, promising to destroy CBC News if he wins

Bill allowing Nebraskans to carry concealed guns without a permit passes Legislature

No Labels Took More Than $100,000 From Clarence Thomas Buddy Harlan Crow

Netflix Will End Its DVD Service, 5.2 Billion Discs Later

Sudan conflict: Residents flee capital Khartoum as fighting continues

It bears repeating.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday just destroyed Republican talking points that attacked a

Yeah, It's Time for Mercury Retrograde Again

Panel: Seattle police should apologize for protest violence

Breaking - Fulton County DA asks judge to disqualify attoney representing

Trump-appointed Federalist Judge seems to be siding with Gym Jordan in records dispute

Does anybody here have experience living with a permanent ureteral stent?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 April 2023

Rail CEO repeats derailment apologies before Ohio Senate

Rail CEO repeats derailment apologies before Ohio Senate

'They could have families': Dennis Prager whines about the 'slave narrative in your kid's college'

Murkowski torches Kacsmaryk over WaPo story that he swapped out his name on article

If Dianne Feinstein Were President

FL GOP approves new restrictions on voter-registration groups

Amazing song from an amazing Band

House passes resolution to block DC policing bill

Foo Fighters Announce New Album But Here We Are, Share "Rescued": Stream

DeSantis donors revolt in private chat over DeSantis extremism

Lawmaker Files Bill to Lure Disney World to North Carolina Amid DeSantis Feud

Biden blasts GOP 'wacko notions' amid debt limit standoff

Rep. Jeff Jackson: "Most of the really angry voices here are faking it."

BREAKING: Federal judge denies Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's request for a TRO against enforcing

Growing numbers of perverted Republicans openly push for child marriage

Colorado bill would help farmers seek affordable, independent equipment repairs

Alabama House committee approves bill criminalizing absentee ballot assistance

Federal judge denies Manhattan DA's request to block House GOP subpoena of ex-prosecutor

country commissioner Mark Jennings, who lamented not being able to hang black people, resigns

CDC signs off on 2nd dose of omicron Covid booster for older adults

Several 'red flag' gun reform bills clear final hurdle in Michigan Senate

TN: Governor calls on Legislature to pass weapons order of protection in wake of school shooting

FL: Soon, it could be more difficult to pass a constitutional amendment

High School wrestler fakes handshake to sucker punch opponent

KY-GOV: No coordination, says Kelly Craft (R) of $1.5 million gift from husband's trust to PAC

US Afghanistan watchdog tells Congress he can't guarantee Am. aid is 'not currently funding Taliban

Woman who shouted 'shame' following critical gun bill passage is banned from Nebraska Capitol

Ha! Gotta love Florida

How Fox Helped Break the American Right. Interesting point about why so many conspiracy theories.

Poll shows tight Denver mayoral runoff

Cash-Strapped Fox Forced to Sell Kevin McCarthy

Jordan wins one

Pennsylvania county sanctioned over copying 2020 voting machine data

Accused rapist "would like to" appear in court for defamation trial, but...traffic

PA: Voter registration deadline approaching ahead of primary

The First Natural Gas Ban in the U.S. Just Got Shot Down

The Kennedy campaign the Kennedys don't want to see (seems to be like a Jill Stein spoiler)

PHILADELPHIA: Democratic Candidates Address Key Issues in Mayoral Debate at Temple

that's how you show those boys up 🤣🤣

After fall of Roe, future doctors show less interest in training in states with abortion bans...

Little girl, parents shot after basketball rolls into gunman's yard in Gastonia; suspect sought: pol

Photojournalist honored for work documenting lives of Cuban farmworkers

Well shit...I agree with Ann Coulter and it feels funny

Venezuela, President Petro works to mediate in the political crisis: meeting with Biden tomorrow

Republicans propose a 22% cut in the Veterans Admin

The GUN is the favored tool of the VIOLENT.

Good New Republic Fundraising email:

DeKalb County releases autopsy in 'Cop City' protester Manuel Teran's death

I don't know if this was posted already

How many deaths is Robert Kennedy Jr. responsible for?

Thoughts on "Home Defense"

Holy shit. TN GOP passes resolution honoring fascist Orban institute,

US urges NATO vigilance for signs Russia could use nuclear weapon in Ukraine

4 dollars and 40 cents.

Josh Hawley Gets Spanked By Democratic Challenger In Campaign Fundraising - Ring of Fire

list things republicans are doing that were done by the nazis in germany in early 30's

Fox about to be HIT with even MORE BAD NEWS - Meidas Touch

Journalists are enabling extremism by 'both-sides-ing' free speech row

New Potomac Yard Metro station to open May 19, officials say

Whistleblower Says Hunter Biden Probe Being Mishandled

An afternoon stroll (4/18)

Tapper to Dominion CEO: Fox is 'lying to the American people' - CNN

So today MTG accused Swalwell of sleeping with

Harlan Crow Is a Big Donor to No Labels

Millions of Fentanyl Pills Found Hidden in Shipment of Green Beans at Border Crossing South of San D

Fun with Filters

Release the mosquitos! How 5 billion bugs will help fight dengue fever in Brazil

Hillary Clinton: As Republicans declare war on Disney, I know whose side I'm on...

BREAKING: Supreme Court extends temporary pause on abortion pill restrictions - MSNBC Reports

Biden Summons Big Donors to Washington

Fox Can Claim Tax Writeoff For Defamation Settlement

Dominion takes Fox to the cleaners, then Smartmatic, then Fox's own shareholders. Will Fox survive?

6-year-old, parents shot in Gaston County; police search for gunman

DeSantis Super PAC Acts Like Shadow Campaign

Congress Finally Holds Hearing on Guns...Just Kidding, on Trans Girls in Sports

This isn't the end of Fox's legal headaches. Here's what's next

Uvalde shooter wrote 'LOL' on white board in victims' blood, lawmaker tells emotional hearing

Kev repays Gaetz for his Speaker vote by slipping his Medicaid work requirements into ceiling bill

Police called to Michigan GOP meeting as physical fight breaks out among attendees

Trump Plotted for Weeks to 'Mindf-ck' DeSantis With Florida Endorsements

Azaleas are early this year.

'Slap in the face': Ohio GOP passes bill to keep reproductive rights out of state constitution

The People's Budget

White House budget director speaks out on debt limit fight - CBS News

McCarthy's Losing Game of Debt Chicken

Fox "News" surrender: $700M+ payout for 'lies' breaks records - The Beat - MSNBC