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Archives: April 2, 2023

Participatory Budgeting in NYC Is Happening Right Now. Here's How to Make Your Voice Heard.

Bragg 'right person' for Trump indictment, Bowman says

NY: Lawmakers push to include minimum wage in state budget

N.Y. lawmakers depart state Capitol after failing to meet budget deadline

Supposedly TFG wants his trial to be held in Staten Island, not Manhattan.

NYC: Reynoso appoints Kim Council as deputy Brooklyn borough president

McCarthy Caught RUNNING AWAY from Press like COWARD - Meidas Touch

Very few here need to hear this, but---

Political consultant pleads guilty to forging thousands of signatures in 2019 Pa. election fraud sca

Flags at half staff to honor Nashville school shooting victims. Why shouldn't.....

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Inquirer endorses Rebecca Rhynhart for Democratic nomination.

Woman Claims Excessive Force In Lawsuit Against Officers - Blue Watch

Reba McEntire Weighs In on Tennessee's Anti-Drag Laws

Starbucks fired the employee responsible for igniting the Starbucks Workers United union campaign

Florida Democrats make key hires, launch search for Executive Director

SDS 71-70 on a last second jumper. What a finish!

National Mall NPS: Legendary cherry tree cut down by young George Washington has regenerated

Contempt Of Cop Retaliation - Sometimes It's Obvious (LackLuster)

On the heels of his criminal indictment, Trump's supporters protest in Orange County

Rep. Maxine Waters reacts to Trump indictment - MSNBC Reports

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps:" How a joke about bootstraps devolved into an American credo

AZ:Democratic Senate Leader Mitzi Epstein Goes After Republican Inaction on Gun Safety Measures

Trump's attorney Tacopina spouts nonsense on TV; why Trump's statute of limitations claim will fail

NY court convicts Florida man for conspiring to deprive Clinton supporters of their right to vote


Is a strip search customary for an arraignment? Asking for a friend. nt

donald john 'effin' trump -- what a collosal embarrassment to the country.

Keeping the celebration going tonight with a classic Rob Roy.

Thank you to that white man down in Florida: Lessons learned from reading a banned book

The Largest Holder of Native American Human Remains is Preparing to Return Thousands of Indigenous

Hi. I need to post this ,

Hi. I need to post this ,

Another ball got stuck between the rim and the glass at the start of UConn Miami game.

The Historical Facts About the Swing Voter

Alabama Senator Tatertown wants to undo VA abortion policy

Local radio wingnut's predictable take on Drumpf's indictment: "Petty. VERY petty."

This poor child, and her poor animal

I'm with him.

US Virgin Islands subpoenas four top businessmen in Epstein banking inquiry

UPDATE #3 on my mom

Florida city bans 'political' events of 10-plus people in all parks, streets, and sidewalks

I think I just recognized the latest example of how insanely partisan Republican judges have become.

SNL: Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson makes her SNL debut as host. She'll be joined by musical

House GOP off to slow start, at odds with early Republican majorities past

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024,2026,and 2028 by a landslide to narrow margin.

When it comes to Republicans

Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Elton John

The Return of the Giant Hogweed (New Stereo Mix) - Genesis 1971

When did you get your first cell phone?

Protasiewicz, Democrats crushing Kelly, Republicans in direct donations, losing independent spending

Opinion Abortion is the defining issue in Supreme Court race

Neil Young - Harvest

It will take a year or more to start the Trump trial...

WI-SD08: This Under-The-Radar Wisconsin Race Has Big Implications For The State's Future

WI: UW-Madison students line up to take advantage of early voting

Will trump ask for a plea deal

Ogden's Nutgone Flake, Happy Birthday Ronnie Lane

National Poetry Month 30 Poems in 30 Days

Sounds very windy here, southern MD, so I checked:

Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing

Judge Luttig: "No end in sight," on democracy perils.

An 80-Year-Old Janitor Was Forced Out Of Retirement After His Rent Was Raised

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Christ Wants People Who Will Bother Him' by Fr. Kosta Kaltsidis

Wow. Totally terrible Saturday Night Live cold opening.

one dead after shooting at Canoga Park Trader joes, three in critical condition

indictment meme

TUESDAY is going to be a CIRCUS WITH Trump turning himself in

Dan Kelly is going full-on thievery...

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

Column: Ron DeSantis' response to Trump's indictment is a frightening new low even for him

Post-indictment poll: Trump surges to largest-ever lead over DeSantis, but Biden still ahead.

SNL: Trump Indictment Cold Open

She's my cousin, 62 years old. I've posted about her on D.U. She's the one who takes Ivermectin to

Yazoo - Only You

John Leguizamo: Is the Term "POC" Exclusionary? - After The Cut The Daily Show

Shit! The Pirates drop into a five way tie for the NL central lead. The last time

Avicii - Levels

Bruce Hornsby

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend

01 Apr: Unexpected. Ukrainians Forced to cancel Bakhmut Counteroffensive - Reporting from Ukraine

New Qanon Conspiracy: Huggies Diapers

The GOP offramp not taken - MSNBC Reports

Mike + The Mechanics

Did we know or miss April 1 Rachel's birthday?!

Trump CAN'T CONTROL Himself in Latest APPALLING Interview - Meidas Touch

SNL: Weekend Update

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SECDEF vs Republicans....

How Two Supreme Court Cases Made "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" Meaningless

I bear witness to the Benjamin family

Republican Embarrasses Himself Talking About Green Energy! - Luke Beasley

Breakfast Sunday 2April 2023

praying to Trump??

Former President Trump prepares for legal fight - ABC News

One Million Moms says 30-second ad with gay couple promotes "sexual perversion"

Republicans engage in Holocaust revisionism to justify their pro-gun platform

Judge orders books removed from Texas public libraries due to LGBTQ and racial content

Trump continues in race for the White House, despite indictment - MSNBC Reports

More countries are struggling to pay back Chinese debt - DW News

Sunday Funnies 4/2/23

Finland's far right aims to oust popular PM Sanna Marin in legislative elections - FRANCE 24


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Don't Touch That Dile Edition

Col. John Spencer: What is Happening in Bahkmut? (Kyiv Independent Interview 3/30/23)

China steps up military pressure in Taiwan Strait - DW News

How Ukraine Could (Eventually) Retake Crimea - TLDR News EU

Hermit Hummingbird & Blossom

Argentina Economic Collapse as Inflation Hits 103%, Drought, Peso Crash, Debt Default & IMF Stalling

Funny SNL skit

Ecuador allows public to carry firearms for self-defense

Wordle 652 4/2 *** Spoiler Thread***

Al Franken: Israel Expert Aaron David Miller on Netanyahu's Anti-democratic Judicial "Reforms"

Three British nationals including 'danger tourist' held by Taliban in Afghanistan

'60 Minutes' Interview With Marjorie Taylor Greene Prompts Backlash

My "one and done." After this, all eyes on Biden, Democrats, Ukraine, climate, prosecutors & poetry

In 2017 Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus came up with "Rainbowland"...

Upping the game.

MTG vs. Stormy


On April 1, 1950, Charles R. Drew died.

Robert Smith Says The Cure Have Canceled 7,000 Scalped Tickets to Their Upcoming Tour

Trump has done it again. Damn it all. He is back

Trump sends hats out to people standing outside Mar-a-Lago today. Not a cult though.

"Best of Actors Breaking Character - The Carol Burnett Show"

Crowd of First Amendment Lawyers Perish in Theater Fire

Dog Shakes With Excitement When She Hears Her BFF's Name

Amtrak introduces the Loud Car.

"Life is amazing!" An inspirational message of a soldier from the front line.

Ukraine calls Russia's UNSC Presidency as 'the worst joke ever' - WION

The Slobfather's Indictment Proves the Opposite of What He Says

My painting of a pretty sunrise...

RatBingo: Thread on who are the rats and flippers who take trump down

Richard N Ojeta II FTW

What type of restrictions might the Judge put on Donald Trump?

This is the city, Los Angeles, California. On April 2, 1920, I was born. My name is Webb. I'm a cop.

A recap of the times the ReThugs should have dumped dangerous Donny

Benedict Cumberbatch reads a hilarious letter of apology to a hotel

A gun humper gets gun humped

Chinese Economy & Crypto Crimes; EU-China: Hawkish Sentiment Rises - China Update

Republicans show that they have no respect for the law.

Born to be a star

Just in case nobody has posted this meme, yet. It's too good to NOT share.

Gentle On My Mind - Glen Campbell & John Hartford

Will Trump indictment make white evangelicals ditch 'imperfect vessel'?

Six year old joke...

A Fun Fact about Nazis:

Glenn Youngkin dials Virginia's voting rights policy back to Jim Crow

The teachers at the Nashville school where three students and three teachers were killed WERE ARMED

The Rubicon has been crossed...

New York, city of Trump's dreams, delivers his comeuppance

Wondering If There's A "Darkhorse" Republican Hiding In The Wings

Looking for something great to watch? "Strange Relations" is wonderful!

ABC News exclusive: Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces 2024 presidential run

He Had It Coming

Survey: 1 In 8 Florida Incoming Freshmen Plan To Flee DeSantis's Education Policies

Wish You Were Here

Musk failed to stampede legacy verified Twitter users to pay. So he's leaving the checkmarks for now

Chickadee with peanut

I just found the treat jar has moved from its usual location

'A truly incredible amount of money': millions ride on one US judicial election

Watching and hearing Rethugs howl over Chump's legal

Debate training for Dominionist kids

Life expectancy in the US. (Maybe Northeast and Midwest winters ain't so bad)

I watched Mary Trump earlier this morning

Please explain something to me

Marvin Gaye was born on this date.

Leon Russell was born on this date.

David Pakman Show - off the air, or April Fool Joke?

"Not Outraged"

Post-indictment poll: Trump surges to largest-ever lead over DeSantis

Larry Coryell was born on this date.

Kershaw Moves Into 23rd Place, All Time Ks

CBS Sunday Morning - Neil Diamond on Parkinson's and "A Beautiful Noise"

CBS Sunday Morning - Neil Diamond on Parkinson's and "A Beautiful Noise"

Emmylou was born on this date.

Mountain Bluebirds

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about developments in the Fox case....

David Frum has coined a new name for Ron DeSantis and I dig it.

Steve Schmidt on the Ridiculous Hunter Biden Distraction

Chris Christie certainly is finding himself in front of the cameras a lot lately.

Across the Desk - S7:E12 (The GOP Plan To Give Public Ed Dollars to Private Education)

I wasn't aware of sinusoidal nature of explosion limits in PT curves for hydrogen oxygen mixtures.

This is not political but people should know:

What bizarre creature burst forth from this ovum?

When I think of trump, I think of this quote

News & Commentary March 28, 2023

PSA: Help These Conservatives Heartbroken By Trump's Indictment - The Daily Show

Democrats Run on Abortion Everywhere

Illinois Senate approves measure to crack down on 'crisis pregnancy centers'

Goodwin's Law: How Britain's Political 'Elite' Seek to Distract From Their Own Power

Manchin will decide in early 2024 if he runs for President on a centrist ticket.

"Why Trump is still favored for the GOP nomination, despite his indictment."

Where did you go for your first date with your SO?

"It's all thoughts and prayers............"

Kansas children noticed a homelessness problem in their city. They're designing homes to help

TFG and his lawyers have known the exact contents of the indictment since Friday

Better host-Chuck Todd or George Stephanopoulos

A question for those with some medical knowledge. My grandson was involved

Jamie Raskin utterly humiliates Lauren Boebert in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Across the Desk - S7:E11 (OK Supreme Court & Protecting the Lives of Women)

Cops BEAT Innocent College Kid - The Civil Rights Lawyer

Back to back Saturday mornings where I'm waking up to 8" of snow. Milwaukee last week, Twin Cities

Medieval Swahilis and Persians paired up 1,000 years ago in East Africa, ancient DNA reveals

Sooo...Trump plans on giving a presser?!

Dolly and my windy adventure . I returned from the craft show and decided to take Dolly for a

A tragedy without end

Rare blood-red arc of light shines in the Scandinavian sky. What is it?

Acker Bilk was not born on this date.

Elephant fight.

High school students may have just discovered an 'impossible' proof to the 2,000-year-old Pythagorea

Vice President Kamala Harris' Historic Africa Visit in Pictures

CNN Rebranding Has Completely Backfired - Ring of Fire

For the first time since 1983, a dry CA lakebed will be deluged.

I just turned on MTV 80s videos program

Cy Vance Jr. is now on Paski MSNBC show

Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles 4/1/2023..OOPS! Nice..Mr. McKenna what were you thinking..

News & Commentary March 29, 2023

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 2, 2023?

Watching Drive, Chip and Putt on the golf channel for the young golf stars.....and

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 2, 2023)

No Labels group raises alarms with third-party presidential preparations

Sippy Cupp making sense

At first glance, it looks like a voting map...

I found this...

But Asa Hutchinson the 3rd...

Ukrainian official offers plan for a Crimea without Russia

It's really spring, magnolias starting to bloom

A rescue dog and goat are best friends. A shelter put them up for adoption as a pair.

Fair Officials Send Cops to Seize Child's Pet Goat

How exceptional weather conditions are turning European forests brown

Cafe explosion in St Petersburg kills military blogger

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 April 2023

Trump isn't the first known President to pay off a mistress.

Mastodon meme:

Follow up to DeSantis trump message

UBS May Cut Workforce by 20-30% After CS Takeover

Haredi parties were at forefront of overhaul push. Then they weren't. What changed?

Archaeologists to find lost underwater civilization with magnetic fields

Democrats Run on Abortion, Even for Offices With Little Say on the Issue

What are we upset about today?

ST. LOUIS CITY COUNCIL: Aldergeddon is here

4/2 today is the answer

Stuart Stevens: Republican Party is officially a white grievance party now

We lost our Weeping Willow tree last night.

Trump to make campaign swing through New York.

COWARDS! Jamaal Bowman explodes on Republicans for their death causing negligence by weapons of war.

CNN's Dana Bash called out by Michael Cohen's lawyer for misrepresenting the Trump case

In a supreme court race like no other, Wisconsin's political future is up for grabs

For those Republicans that say the indictment of Trump will divide the country...

WI: Racine rally pushes for turnout supporting women in Supreme Court election

US Rep. Dan Kildee announces 'serious but curable' cancer diagnosis

Arguments in abortion lawsuit at the center of Wisconsin's Supreme Court race begin in May

Trump to deliver remarks Tuesday night after his arraignment

It's Not Just American Guns, It's The American Gun Culture

"How the LAPD abortion squad went after women and doctors in pre-Roe era" Front page, LA Times

Stunning front page: How the LAPD abortion squad went after women and doctors in pre-Roe era

The 5th Dimension - Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes

WI-SD08: Wisconsin Senate Election Could Give GOP Impeachment Power

WI: Early voting wraps up ahead of Election Day

Ukraine trolls Russia: Sevastopol could be called 'Object No.6' after the war.

How the Chicago Teachers Union Became a Political Force

The 5 bottle babies are now 6 weeks old and showing their age.

Opinion Tuesday's election is Wisconsin's last chance to end gerrymandering this decade

Another hair-raising video from Little Rock

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Most consequential election of 2023 will be held Tuesday

World History: Resisting the De-Africanizing of Ancient Egypt - Pursuing Its Paradigms of Excellence

Death toll from US storms rises to 29

IMO a country has some serious issues when an individual such as Trump, with all of this evidence,

Journalist Detained by Russia Was Reporting Stories That 'Needed to Be Told'

Here I sit all brokenhearted...

April photo contest will start tomorrow!

There is no one who does think Trump

WI: Rhodes-Conway triples Reyes in fundraising since Madison primary

The natural gas pushback

Truth Social execs facing financial catastrophe as deadline looms

North Carolina Republicans Look To Ax Participation Trophies With New Bill

Fux Noise panel justifies death threats to Stormy Daniels: 'Take the money and keep your mouth shut'

Ettore Majorana: The "Genius" Physicist Who Predicted Neutrons And Then Disappeared Completely

InfoWars' Alex Jones purchased a $4,000 cryogenic chamber and spent $100,000 on guns, filing shows

First time I've seen Fetterman in a suit and tie. Normally he wears overall shorts

Either Mr. Pillow guy's car is getting repo'ed with him in it or

mrs. betty bowers on the 60 minutes segment with mad marge that airs tonight

The Collapse of the Wave Function and Origins of Consciousness: A Conversation with Roger Penrose

Donald Trump is a "stable genius", a brilliant deal maker, a devout Christian, wonderful father,

Weisselberg's attorney was fired because he encouraged Weisselberg to talk to prosecutors.

It's one skin flint vs the other skin flint......🤣 Italian Sinner vs the Ruskie Medvedev

Russia is undergoing 'reverse industrialization' as limited resources force a retreat from high tech

Lack Luster Turn Out, Only A Handful Of Donald Trump Supporters Show Up At Mar-A-Lago To Protest

Murphy: Votes aren't there for assault weapons ban, but training requirement possible

A looming crisis: the crushing cost of elder care and the crippling effects of low wages

Eloon Musk Wants you to have more babies

Osprey Glide

Developer plans to convert affordable housing into boutique hotel

I'm learning that Carys' reaction to thunderstorms is like my reaction to earthquakes

Cyrus Vance Jr. tells @jrpsaki a gag order for Trump would ensure an orderly trial.

Upside down osprey from last year

"NY Judge should impose a Gag Order on Trump--and if he violates it--Trump must go to Jail"

full video with SE Cupp discussing right wing "outrage"

Kentucky lawmaker Pam Stevenson delivers incredible speech as trans rights protesters storm hearing

Horrifying stories of women chased down by the LAPD abortion squad before Roe vs. Wade

Prominent Russian military blogger killed in explosion in St. Petersburg

A don't do this story. I almost burned my hand last night badly

"What's up doc?"

Loving lion couple:

Judge undercuts key Fox News defense as he sends Dominion suit to trial

Stick together:

I scored a recent Daniel Silva book for $1.99 !

Here's where California's remarkably wet year is bringing welcome recovery

OPEC+ announces surprise oil output cuts

2nd tweet--little bunny snarfs a strawberry:

2nd tweet--Bunny LOVES his new bed:

This Feral Pig Rescue Is Epic

Trump's Team Blasts His Lawyer

Cat seems flummoxed by his wet tail:

Who will watch the watchers?

Vance told Chuck Todd he had been told to stand down

Do not approach any further.

DOE "Liftoff" Calls for 5 to 10 US Nuclear Plant Contracts by 2025.

Clues to the Lives of North America's First Inhabitants Are Hidden Underwater

2 charged with cutting wires; 40,000 lose internet service

So have you ever been shocked by "smart" home technology?

Justice Dept. said to have more evidence of possible Trump obstruction at Mar-a-Lago

John Brockington, former Packers All-Pro fullback and Ohio State standout, dies at age 74


Justice Dept. said to have more evidence of possible Trump obstruction at Mar-a-Lago

I have NEVER heard, "Innocent until proven Guilty" from our supposed liberal media

NWS confirms tornadoes in N.J. as severe storms leave destruction across Delaware Valley

$90 cream and $10 toothpaste: Companies target big spenders

When President Ulysses S. Grant Was Arrested for Speeding in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Sanna Marin to lose nail-biting Finnish race - projection

Oscar Pistorius denied parole over killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

DOJ and FBI know Trump went through boxes with classified docs - WaPo

FBI Has New Evidence of Trump's Obstruction

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024,2026,and 2028 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Cohen provided documentation of Trump hush money to another woman

Israel approves 'national guard' sought by far-right security minister

Mary Trump fixes 60 Minutes blurb for them re: MTG interview tonight

I think John Bolton is going to run. Just saw him on

National Championship women's basketball.....Iowa vs LSU.

If I was back in the US I'd go for the entertainment value.

Sen. John Fetterman on depression, recovery

Anybody here watch Psaki's first show? I missed it (damn!).

Ok, Wisconsin's vote for Supreme Court can NOT get here fast enough.......🤮

How to play golf against the man with whose wife your are secretly sleeping with:


America Has Too Much Parking. Really.

Canada police arrest 'pedophile hunting' group over child abuse images

INAPPROPRIATIONS: Jim Jordan is ready to defund (federal) police to defend Trump

High activity spotted at North Korea nuclear complex after Kim's bomb-fuel order-report

So I wuz on Quora the other day...

British cows could be given 'methane blockers' to cut climate emissions

An attempted carjacking turned into a wild demolition-derby rampage in a parking lot

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy, budgets, and the debt ceiling....

Cartoons 4/2/2023

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 2, 2023

Mental giants for Trump

What is Tim Hutchinson doing these days?

From Mastodon, re: "Parents' Rights"

Who are you going to believe?

margo largo new evidence

Confused Fox News Host Humiliates Herself With Bizarre Monologue! - Luke Beasley

The politics of 'Manhood': How Josh Hawley is capitalizing on a crisis among American men

Jen Psaki shreds Trump in rare takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Nice doubles championship for Pegula/Gauff.

Who will be the next US Senators from VT?

April 4th

Can the non-and never-rumpers of all flavors, collectively, impact the 2024 cycle?

Does DU seem quiet these days?

Networks Ask to Broadcast Trump's Arraignment

Did you know that GOP Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-04) is deaf?

Emptywheel: There are two things that are genuinely new in this WaPo piece

We've finally found someone who can stop Caitlin Clark

New Mexico books

What would be your choices?

Sanna Marin concedes defeat in Finland election as SDP beaten into third place

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 4: Studio Contract Players: Rogers, Blondell, Francis

When is the Will You Shut Up Man march?

2026 US Senate Election matchup between a incumbent Republican and a Democrat that is a outgoing Gov

The Forgotten History of Tsianina Redfeather, the Beloved American Indian Opera Singer

The Ultimate Jiminy Glick Roasting Celebs Supercut

Astounding hypocrisy. Get woke.

Trump Will Face Felony Charge -falsifying business records in the first degree,

Did Fox News Melt This County's Brain?

I'm not confident the DOJ can prove that Trump went through boxes of classified docs.

Cincinatti's Union Terminal, the building that was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice.

Tiedrich tweet

tfg is going to 'address the nation' Tuesday night, from Mar a Lago, at 8:15 (per the Daily Mail)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 5: Studio Contract Players: Robinson, Muni, Brent

If Fetterman does not to seek re-election in 2028, His likely successor will be Chrissy Houlahan.

Call the Midwife - Poplar Is Not the Fashion Capital of the World - Season 12 - PBS

Judge orders to unseal President Trump's indictment as arraignment proceedings unfold

Breaking: Jack Smith Has New DEVASTATING Evidence on Trump

Cnn: why they're failing. Unimpressive on-air personalities.

Another meme I just MUST share

How much is Gillibrand going to win the 2024 NY US Senate Election by?

Is Leslie Stahl pushing back enough; or will this be just a Puff Piece on Taylor Greene?

Donald Trump vows to escalate attacks against Alvin Bragg - sources

Please explain why MTG deserves a segment on 60 Minutes?

The eyes of the world are upon us.

'Bees are sentient': inside the stunning brains of nature's hardest workers

The Hill: Will China's green energy push threaten the West's hydrogen plans?

So Trump told Hannity

I started watching the MTG interview, but turned it off after the first minute.

Parking vs. Prayer

Parisians vote to ban rental e-scooters from French capital by huge margin

30 days, 30 poems

Nashville Student Walkout this Monday...allies welcome to come support!!

Making physical threats against a DA and threatening violence against a judge

Donald Trump vows to escalate attacks against Alvin Bragg - sources

Boo Boo is Piss Cop

Shelter dog meets the man of her dreams

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about cops, reasonable expectations, and training....

Mel Brown. "Chicken Fat". Good gravy, be prepared for a blown mind

My nephew released another music video

Republican held US House seats the Democrats will win in 2024 to get back in the majority.

Musk didn't remove legacy checkmarks BUT just removed all verified/subscriber differentiation

One of China's most popular apps has the ability to spy on its users, say experts

Student pilot lands her plane without nose wheel

Pair of Yale-Boycotting Judges Now Say They Won't Hire From Stanford

Simple yes or no.

Kari Lake Just Posted This Video in Response to Trump's Indictment! - Luke Beasley