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my cousin took her life

Greenwald and Taibbi blast media on Air Guardsman Teixeira

Florida board says it discovers another '11th hour' agreement with Disney

This CNN Hero offers judgment-free veterinary care for the pets of those experiencing homelessness

Hillary Clinton trolls DeSantis, Republicans over Disney fight

Mika is trending on Twitter. This is why:

Florida GOP congressional delegation rushing to back Trump over DeSantis

here's Ron DeSantis in South Carolina saying "woke" 7 times in 20 seconds

2020 election lies about Georgia could soon result in a legal reckoning

Marjorie Traitor Greene shut down by committee chair after she calls Homeland Security Secretary

Legally speaking, if your religion, abortion is not allowed - don't have one.

Landmark Defamation Suit Ends SUDDENLY with CRUSHING Blow to Fox News - Talking Feds

Opinion: The shame of Ohio: Corrupt, gerrymandered Statehouse Republicans assault voters, again

No Labels Took More Than $100,000 From Clarence Thomas Buddy Harlan Crow

April 19. The earliest I have ever had to mow my lawn in Michigan.

Dianne Feinstein Reminded Us That the Senate Doesn't Have a Plan

Musk claims 'birth control and abortions' could cause civilization to collapse

Sunset, southern MD 4/19, with drama!

King County homeowners warned of 'sticker shock' ahead of proposed property tax levies

Dominion lawyer who won $787 million settlement on 'The Beat' - The Beat - MSNBC

RFK Jr proves the horseshoe theory

Disney announces groundbreaking for affordable housing in Florida

I saw MAGA Alito extended, for another 2 days, the decision on

Lawmakers dismayed after briefing on Pentagon document leak case - CBS News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why the Dominion settlement matters....

Photo at link I've been saving to post. Good meme:

Class action against FOX

It ain't about abortion or guns or crime or...

Montana Republicans Attempt to Censure Trans Lawmaker for 'Blood on Your Hands' Remark

DeSantis' "Florida blueprint" wipes the LGBTQ community off the map

Fire kills more than two dozen patients in Beijing hospital - ABC News (Australia)

Here I am with my sister and twin brother. I am on the end, my sister

Does anyone here on DU support Kennedy's run for president? nt

You gotta love this John Fetterman tweet

Bolshoi pulls Nureyev ballet citing ban on LGBT 'propaganda'

Justice Department TEARS APART insurrectionist in BRUTAL court appearance - Meidas Touch

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Michigan House votes to close loophole in marital rape law

Bills to create new Texas courts would likely reverse Democratic gains, restore GOP dominance

George Soros is "code" for American Jews. And wingnuts don't even bother to whisper it.

What the U.S. autopsy of Shanquella Robinson says about alcohol, her injuries

Supreme Court lets Texas death row inmate pursue DNA lawsuit

Pulled pork sandwich! I'll say no more!

The trial Fox News deserves

Chris Hayes: How the American right built its own echo chamber - All In - MSNBC

Exclusive: Rep. Pressley and Sen. Markey Push Bill To End Qualified Immunity

Tesla cuts U.S. prices for sixth time this year ahead of first-quarter results

McConnell backs U.S. Supreme Court chief amid calls for Thomas probe

Brazil's Lula loses 1st minister after images during riot

New study finds mRNA vaccine helps battle against melanoma - CBS News

This morning, I received the shock of the year:

Presenting.....anti-woke wine

MI: 'Red flag' legislation allowing for gun seizures from at-risk owners sent to Whitmer

2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election between Will Jawando and Angela Alsobrooks.

I post this not because I think anyone really cares or can offer any real remedy, but I am

A Trump Civil Trial Is About to Start. It's a Nightmare for Him.

Michigan senators spar over unenforced penalty for unmarried couples living together

'The Anti-MTG': How Rep. Jeff Jackson became TikTok's most popular lawmaker - All In - MSNBC

House GOP unveils bill to cut spending, lift debt ceiling. Here's how.

QUEEN CLEOPATRA: Netflix sued by Egyptian lawyer for blackwashing history

Searching for the disappeared must be priority at Colombia peace talks -official

Cops lied. 'Cop City' protester Manuel Teran's autopsy revealed no gunshot residue

Alex Wagner covered shooting by Andrew Lester...

A White man was 'scared to death' of Ralph Yarl. For Black boys, this isn't new.

The Daily Show: The Fox News-Dominion Fallout & Racist Oklahoma Officials Caught on Tape

Which Query Letter Is More Marketable?

I feel like DeSantis would

19 Apr: It's official. Ukrainian Counteroffensive Began - Reporting from Ukraine

After high-flying start, DeSantis hits stumbling blocks on road to 2024

Biden blasts GOP 'wacko notions' amid debt limit standoff

No Labels Took More Than $100,000 From Clarence Thomas Buddy Harlan Crow

MUSA Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun: Dive Into Art in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Reports raise questions about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' finances - CBS News

Joe Walsh thread. As is my usual practice - No big hits in the thread.

Does anybody remember Woolfie's Deli in Miami?

Here is an interview with the author of the new book in the "A Very Short Introduction" series.

Busted: The Donbas girl that wasn't - Break the Fake - TVP World

EGREGIOUS Clarence Thomas REVELATIONS Spell Trouble for the Supreme Court - Talking Feds

Any knowledgeable here about car radio?

Self-employed? The less you make, the MORE they take in taxes.

When Alito wrote his Dobbs decision he claimed that these decisions should be made by the states

Well there goes my theory about the Air Force.

Sen. Whitehouse and Lawrence Keep Pressure on the Supreme Court to Update Their Broken Ethics Regime

Caribbean leaders agree on plan to ban assault-style weapons

Tennessee father asks for help finding daughter's lost teddy bear with heartbeat recording

Self-employed? The less you make, the MORE they take in taxes.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to pull stunt at hearing, it blows up in her face - Brian Tyler Cohen

Black man was 'decapitated' after saying he was being chased by white men. Cops: No foul play.

DHS Official Has Office Raided, Covered in Crime Scene Tape

DeSantis-appointed Disney board votes to give itself superior authority over Disney - NBC News

The Scheme 21: "As Friends Do" - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Dog's missing an off button

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Live At The Ningaloo Eclipse) April 20th 2023

Dear DU: Please pm me re. any Jack Smith updates.

It's only partly because one man couldn't admit that he lost.

Trump Just Posted This Dangerous Video on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

Alleged shoplifter and getaway driver arrested for killing of Home Depot employee

stabbed employee at business, then crashed into kids walking, killing one.. California

Kansas governor vetoes bills dealing with 'abortion reversal', mail-in ballots, child care

Where has this fat cat flown Clarence Thomas?

FL House votes to penalize drag, ban trans care for minors, block bathroom access

Twitter quietly edited its hateful conduct policy

Trump Hires Former DeSantis Advisor Who 'Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried' - Ring of Fire

Should FL school boards be partisan? Voters will be able to decide through a constitutional amendmen

Ex-Fox producer's lawyer alleges 'chauvinism, misogyny' behind-the-scenes on Tucker Carlson's show

Genetic breakthrough paves the way for a male birth control pill

Tucker Carlson Reports That Fox Did Not Settle Dominion Lawsuit

Judge SMACKS DOWN Trump in SCATHING Ruling

We could see 'first step towards national abortion ban' activist says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Aurora' by Noto and Sakamoto

The Lonesome Tale of Meatball Ron

Thursday's digit: 6/10 - Hot and crackly dry, not a drop of moisture...unless you cry. -David, CWG

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Talk Policy and Drink Beer

Semi-automatic rifle ban passes Washington state Legislature

The shame of Ohio: Corrupt, gerrymandered Statehouse Republicans assault voters, again

Trump posted something on truth social he didnt mean too?

Ali Alexander: "Same sex attraction" made me solicit nude pics from minors

A COLBERT LATE SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Fox News apologizes for spreading election lies

Sleeping With Dogs

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Right to Life leader in Ohio says 10-year-old rape victims should carry babies to term

Medvedev threatens Russia will arm North Korea if South Korea supplies arms to Ukraine

The Daily Show: Michael Shannon - "Waco: The Aftermath"

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rupert Murdoch's 'stupidity' gave Dominion a huge win - The Last Word - MSNBC

A LATE SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Fox News apologizes for spreading election lies. #Colbert

Richard Ojeda Shreds MTG's Hunter Biden Obsession

A LATE SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Fox News apologizes for spreading election lies. #Colbert

9 republicans vote against repeal of ban on unmarried couples living together

A clip from the upcoming Venture Brothers movie!!!

Seagate to pay $300 million penalty for shipping Huawei 7 million hard drives

Jan. 6 rioter who wielded police shield invokes Ray Epps conspiracy theory at Proud Boys trial

Kimmel: Fox News Shockingly Quiet About Lying to Viewers, DeSantis Tries to Outcrazy Trump &

WABC Owner John Catsimatidis Launches "Save AM Radio" Campaign

Can You Beat This Girl at ARM WRESTLING ?

Trump Seeks to Raise Rape Accuser's Sexual History at Trial

Washington State Passes Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban

'Fear and paranoia.' Grandson says Andrew Lester bought into conspiracies, disinformation

Fulton County DA's NEW MOTION is DEVASTATING to Trump - Meidas Touch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Abbott's pardon problem....

Fake Elector Already Cooperating In GA Case - Raw News And Politics

Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon tonight..anyone watch ?

Don't Be A Sucker!

Rare Hybrid solar eclipse live on YouTube

'A blessing': Ralph Yarl's attorney gives up update on his condition - The Last Word - MSNBC

The better Republicans get to know Ron DeSantis, the less they like him - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Fox big money penalty marks another step in onset of 'accountability season' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Alleged Russian spy ships accused of North Sea sabotage - BBC News

History's bad intentions reflected in 'stand your ground' shootings - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Kimmel: Patrick Stewart on Frank Sinatra Being a Star Trek Fan, Starting the Show in '87 & Picard

Relevant series by Adam Curtis -- Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, Part 6

Republican Hearing ATTACKING NY Prosecutor BACKFIRES - Meidas Touch

**WORDLE 670**4/20 SPOILER********

Ed Yong: Long COVID Is Being Erased--Again

Breakfast Thursday 20 April 2023

DHS Official Has Office Raided, Covered in Crime Scene Tape

McCarthy's debt limit plan targets Biden's agenda - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Video clips with Michelle Obama (3 videos)

The Tonight Show: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Surprise People at a Bookstore

Republican-led state legislatures target gender affirming care, TikTok - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Seattle synagogue vandalized day before Holocaust Remembrance Day

2 evenings ago I had ants in my pants. No joke. Really!

Former Navy Commander's strong message for Florida on what a book ban means - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Kid vs balloon:

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 21, 2023

10 Of The World's Priciest Arts And Art Supplies

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/19/23

This Bird Photo May Break Your Brain (And No, It Wasn't Photoshopped)

Oklahoma county commissioner resigns after being recorded talking about lynching Black residents

Civil War Reenactor Pleads Guilty to Placing Pipe Bomb at Virginia Battlefield

Michigan senators spar over unenforced penalty for unmarried couples living together

Downtown beating witness: 'They were going to kill that young man'

Republican's Crime Hearing is a Flop, Dishonesty Gets Called Out! - Luke Beasley

HAPPY 420!

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan dies at 92

Can We Trust China's GDP Data? - TLDR News Global

Elle King, Miranda Lambert - Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)

Brothers Osborne - Might As Well Be Me

Shania Twain - Giddy Up!

An Eagle Who Adopted a Rock Becomes a Real Dad

Russian Cash Crisis - Ruble Crashing Against US Dollar, Yuan & Rupee as Russian Economy Slumps

On April 17, 1958, Ricky Nelson recorded "Poor Little Fool."

When lying becomes the only way.

49 hours on clock in 4 days , to all my union or former union freight workers that old saying.

On this day, April 20, 1939, Billie Holiday recorded "Strange Fruit."

On this day, April 20, 1962, "Jazz Samba" was released.

Yemen crowd crush: at least 85 dead after Houthi gunfire sparks panic

Insurrection Index

At least two killed as tornadoes, severe storms sweep through central U.S.

Little Blue Heron

PHEW! A Fux Apology at last from 5.00 😀😀😀😀😀

Union Pacific Offers $50,000 Sign-On Bonus In Wyoming

Lionel Hampton was born on this date.


Tito Puente was born in NYC on this date.

McCarthy: Give a millionaire a fish, he eats today. So let's give millioniares a fish every day.

RFK Jr gets his message out.....

"Sudden thoughts and second thoughts..."

Colorado's Transgender Treatment Sanctuary Law Could Interfere With Wyoming Custody Cases

Not Having Kids In The Face Of Crisis Nothing New; Climate Collapse Simply Bigger Than Other Crises

Democrats' Numbers Problem

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/19/2023

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 4/16/23

Art of the Week: Week of 4/19/23

The Rundown: April 20, 2023

I'm a woman who lives alone and I don't sit on my porch wondering who I'm going to shoot next

Is the drought over?

Frances Sweeney, muckraking anti-fascist (1908-1944)

Let's Get Stoned

I think we've come full circle...

Kevin McCarthy Serious About Finances - Luckovich Cartoon

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals stays briefly ruling agains District Attorney Bragg

Chump-appointed Judge obstructs Justice for Gym jordan THURS. COUNTDOWN

Greenland - Steenstrup Glacier Retreated 4.3 Miles, Sped Up 4X, Doubled Discharge 2018-21

Washington State Passes Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban

Doctor sues hospital, accusing executives of discrimination and pushing employees to vote for Trump

Long Island Iced Tea with 100 MG of THC. 😳

Judicial record undermines Clarence Thomas defence in luxury gifts scandal

Sounds Legit! Oil Trade Association, Waste Company Sponsor Events For Environmental Journalists

Like Exxon, Shell Knew What Was Coming More Than 40 Years Ago, But Just Kept On Lying, Greenwashing

Missing sisters found safe 3 years after mother allegedly abducted them

A's buy land in Vegas. They are leaving Oakland.

Space X Starship explodes after lift off

AI creates sports broadcasting for the Hiroshima bombing.

Big if true

Why is no one suing Giuliani and Sidney Powell?

Saw a commercial where Hershey's chocolate has a sugar free line of chocolates. Has anyone tried?

Marco Rubio Roasted For Complaining About Unfixed Issue In State He's A Senator Of

Speaking of slaw,...

Why Biden's orbit isn't worried about Robert F. Kennedy's 2024 campaign

'We Need To Learn From History': Virginia Workers Ask State To Not Erase Labor History

Federal appeals court temporarily blocks congressional testimony of former prosecutor

Fox News has learned nothing -- the mainstream press can't let them forget

Plato quote:

Trapped in the Trumpocene nightmare

These cats are cool for school

I'm in Texas overhearing businessmen complain about New England

Can someone explain why they blew up starship? Was this intentional?

US weekly jobless claims edge up; mid-Atlantic factory activity slumps

SpaceX's Starship Rocket Ends in Explosion After Launch

DC/MD/VA: Potomac Yard Metro station to open next month

Fox News meme. LOL.

Politico: DeSantis is in a rut. His trek to D.C. didn't help.

Thursday TOONs - FOX Knew

'Foot on his throat': Trump team out to crush DeSantis before he jumps into 2024 race

Pentagon official says no evidence of alien encounters in second Senate hearing on UFOs

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell ordered to follow through with $5 million payment to expert who debunked

Just got off the phone with ins agent to pay Homeowners premium. They wanted an extra 3.5% if I used

Marketing is everything...

Any insight into why Gov. Beshear is so popular here in KY?

Watch This Dog's Face Completely Transform

30 poems in 30 days -- National Poetry Month

Barbara Tuchman in her book, "The Guns of August," famously explained how the

Has anyone managed to get their 2nd bivalent booster?

Mars, anyone?

Fox faces BOMBSHELL new threat, could leave network BANKRUPT - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm putting my own spin on this: $787 million settlement is an admission by Fox News that they LIED

Cheering on technological failure seems like a right-wing thing

An ultramarathoner was disqualified after covering part of a course in a friend's car.

Christoper Alberts: Capitol rioter who was armed with gun on Jan. 6 found guilty on all charges

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 20, 2023

Say what MTgoofball? (aka, Marjorie Taylor Green)

Anyone know how to increase font size in Mac folders and decktop items?

Mike Lindell's firm told to pay $5 million in 'Prove Mike Wrong' election-fraud challenge

An open letter to Chief Justice John Roberts

When the Media Bow to Trump

Toddler Squeezes Through The White House Fence

"A New Jane Crow": Abortion Advocates Brace for Supreme Court Ruling That Could Ban Mifepristone

Existing home sales slide 2.4% in March

Election question here. (worried about 2024 election)

Philadelphia Fed's factory gauge slumps deeper into contraction in April

I guess 2 copies of every story on the Home page

"Everything is fine."

NEW: Democrats advance seven Biden judicial nominees with GOP support amid Feinstein absence

House passes anti-trans sports bill

Trump Lawyers CAUGHT Trying to SNEAK IN Banned Evidence in Federal Court - MeidasTouch

The how and why of Tucker Carlson's misleading Ukraine war math

Eight times Fox Corp. downplayed the Dominion lawsuit in SEC filings


Fox Pays Dominion $787.5 Million in Historic Settlement But Won't Apologize for Election Lies

Holy cow. I can't believe the family is holding a reunion, this year

Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Fox's Election Lies and Violent Radicalization

GOP-led House passes trans athlete ban for girls and women's teams

BuzzFeed News is shutting down

All set to watch "The Mandalorian" finale yesterday, aaaaaaand Disney Plus was down.

Looks like the pillow pusher is out more money--$5M. LOL

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Second Season Teaser Trailer - Paramount+ - Streams 6/15/2023

Happy 420!

I skim Twitter without logging in. As of yesterday, I no longer see Trending and For You

FUBAR - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 5/25/2023

Harrowing image of pregnant Ukraine woman mortally wounded in Russian strike wins World Press Photo

Trump is just so weird

Man Who Shot Ralph Yarl Watched Fox News Nonstop and Said 'Racist Things,' Grandson Says

Fox News wants a massive increase in its cable fees -- which will be paid for by all cable subscriber

Caravan -And I Wish I Were Stoned

How to apply for your share of Facebook's $725 million settlement in privacy suit

Bartiromo and Pirro could be fired from faux......

We Need To Realize This

Just remember - Federally it is still illegal - light 'em up

Insider Cuts 10% of Staff, Says ChatGPT Experiments Aren't to Blame

White Witch - It's So Nice To Be Stoned

Buzzfeed News is shutting down

Elie Mystal: The Lesson of the Dominion Suit? Corporations Won't Save Us From Fox.

Denying basic human rights to a suspect is a crime of its own

Dan Bongino OUT at Fox News

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 20, 2023)

Of course Andrea Mitchell has Josh Gottheimer (Co-Chair of Problem Solvers) on to shit on Biden

Happy 420 to you...

DeKalb County releases autopsy in 'Cop City' protestor Manuel Teran's Death

Perfecting my perch, osprey's doing well on owl box.

Cleta Mitchell telling GOP donors that they need to attack Gen Z voter rights

Marjorie Taylor Greene tattles to Kevin McCarthy after being rebuked by fellow Republican

Running down river.

Speaking of slaw II:

Bipartisan super PAC aims to ensure Lauren Boebert crashes and burns in 2024

Ember was feeling especially communicative this morning.

Insider Laying off 10% of its Team

I took Grandma to a chinese restaurant:

A frightening observation about Republicans from mastodon

7 judges were voted out of the Senate judicial committee today. DiFi voted by proxy.

Fulton County (PA) sanctioned over copying '20 voting machine data

A top Republican legal strategist at the GOP donor retreat talking about how to make voting harder

Happy 420 everyone!

Fox News wants a massive increase in its cable fees -- which will be paid for by all cable subscriber

GOP Strategist Decries Ease of Campus Voting

"Ratched": 🚨Spoilers🚨Great sets and scenery. Was hoping for a prequel to Cuckoo's Nest.

Durbin invites Chief Justice John Roberts to testify on Supreme Court ethics

Iowa doctor sues hospital for strong-arming Trump votes and discriminating against women

My totally weird painting of a woman with an old tv.

Doug Mastriano is 'inducing panic' among Republicans -- including Trump -- over possible PA Senate run

MARC Eyes Two-State Expansion Project

Any POTUS may inadvertently nominate a totally incompetent and emotionally unqualified judge

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky Sets Record for Longest Period With Lowest Unemployment Rates

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Biden fires at 'MAGA' GOP economic vision amid debt ceiling stalemate

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky Sets Record for Longest Period With Lowest Unemployment

Microsoft Removes Twitter From Ad Program; Musk Threatens Suit

Trans Adults Officially Being Detransitioned In Missouri: "I'm Scared And Don't Know What To Do"

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-12: The Top 10 Conservative Idiots 300th Edition Special

National Steel Car 'Exonerated' in NS Springfield, Ohio, Derailment

Is it wrong that I find schadenfreude in the news...

Bavarian Heavy Metal: "JBO - Defenders of Stupidity"

Rainy days and Mondays

The Fox 'purge' has started....

Pierce: Dems Seem More Concerned About Dianne Feinstein's Feelings Than About Balancing the Courts

New secret recording reveals Oklahoma county leaders discussing sexual favors for pay raises

Especially adorable kitten cuddle:

Trump's unused mansion falls under investigation for possible tax fraud

Little girl rules on the T-ball field:

"What is 420? The meaning behind the day and how it started"

Republicans are alarmed about a Mastriano for Senate bid. Even Trump.

I find myself unable to forgive Eddie Glaude Jr for his full throated trashing of HRC in 2016.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Trump coup attorney Cleta Mitchell wants to "combat" voting on college campuses ...

"round up the usual suspects"

Dog meets tiny puppy:

Is a hotdog on a bun, a sandwich? You have your bread, meat, condiments? Just wondering.

2nd tweet--young chimp befriends and kisses small deer:

The significance of recent shootings by people "defending" their homes, cars, yards etc.

Colbert's team delivers the apology Fox should have made:

2nd tweet--fierce little lion cub roars his defiance at the world:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox on military installations....

Senate asks chief justice to testify in escalation of Thomas scrutiny

REVEALED: GOP leader, who voted to expel Tennessee Three, found guilty of sexually harassing interns

Fox News 'ready to defend' against suit brought by 2nd voting machine company

Happy, playful dolphin:

Fake Trump electors in Georgia TURN on each other in STUNNING development - MeidasTouch

Rambunctious puppy forces cat to wrestle:

6-year-old, parents and neighbor shot after basketball rolls into North Carolina man's yard

Had to look twice:

Democratic governors draw contrast with GOP on abortion

Widow sues Oklahoma sheriff who discussed killing reporters

Gimme! Dat MINE!

Appeals court presses pause on House GOP subpoena to former Trump prosecutor

Red pandas, one of the cutest creatures on earth!

Bill to ban child marriage in Washington stalls again in the Senate

Mike Lindell Should Be Terrified Of Fox News Settlement - Farron Balanced

Nailed it.

Bunny puts himself to bed:

Top GOP lawyer decries ease of campus voting in private pitch to RNC

Prosecutor's memo said Hispanics get tougher plea deals; state attorney calls it a mistake

Opinion After the Dominion suit, things here at Fox will be different!

For all you weed tokin', rock 'n' rollin' 420's out there -

San Antonio to vote on progressive wish list on abortion, marijuana, low-level arrests

Happy National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day!

Columbine 20 april 1999. BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill 20 April 2010.

2nd abortion regulation bill vetoed by Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly

US troops are moving into position for a possible embassy evacuation mission amid intense fighting i

WY: Abortion likely protected, judge finds

North Carolina senator wants Disney World to move to the Tar Heel State

Look, mom, we found your cat!

Donald Trump's Team Rages Over Poll Showing Him Floundering in Swing States

Disney tells its lobbyists to step up fight against DeSantis and his allies in Florida

North Dakota's 6-week abortion bill becomes veto-proof

REVEALED: GOP leader, who voted to expel Tennessee Three, found guilty of sexually harassing interns

We brought a friend home from school, pleaseeee let him stay!

Ex-Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson reacts to Dominion defamation settlement

Full recording of McCurtain County Sheriff, Commissioners discussing killing reporter, publisher

NM: GOP lawmaker calls governor 'murderer' on Twitter over abortion stance

Hope no one saw that!

I just discovered my iPhone "compass" app.

Chatty bird:

Dan Bongino Parts Ways With Fox News

Ohio AG says prosecutors who won't pursue abortion providers can be removed from office

Without Trace of Irony, Tucker Carlson Asks Viewers to 'Imagine' Fox News Repeating Libelous Attacks

Brazil pays off debt with Mercosur infrastructure fund

Abortion med bill passes WA Senate committee


The most important 24 hours in the history of war. Ukraine's brutal counteroffensive. New D-day

2 peacocks, one white. Shake a tail feather:

Abortion Care in North Carolina Under Peril

Florida is now where religious freedom goes to die

WATCH LIVE: Biden meets with Colombian president at the White House

Vermont legislators hastily amend bills to protect abortion pill access

FAA grounds SpaceX's Starship craft after explosion minutes into launch

OK Appeals court denies AG's motion to vacate Richard Glossip's conviction & death sentence

Zelensky: 'It's time for Ukraine to join NATO' - Times Radio

GOP Defectors Stop Senate Push to End Biden's VA Abortion Policy

Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith poised to launch backbench rebellion over small boats bill

Tucker ...MyPillow caused heart attacks, fertility problems and death.

Thursday's funny--What is it called when a cat has a tantrum??? We have a winner!! Ocelot II

Politico: 'Deeply frustrated': Florida legislators worn out by DeSantis

6-year-old shot after basketball rolls into neighbor's yard. The Daily Shooting Report.

Ukraine's Patriot missile systems arrive as Kyiv aims to boost defenses against Russia

NM: Coalition pushing for statewide referendum to stop voting, abortion rights laws

Old school here. I do not shoot with a pinhole camera nor use glass plates for negatives. But

Extremely rare albino dolphin spotted in Africa, possibly for the 1st time ever

More than 'quick tweets!'

Disney tells its lobbyists to step up fight against DeSantis and his allies in Florida

Lincoln Mayor profile: Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) running for re-election

The Mega-Prison of El Salvador

Information on the SECOND Covid bivalent shot.

Bill repealing Michigan law criminalizing cohabitation met with GOP pushback

***WINNER'S Thread for the April Photography Contest!***

Chinese-Americans fear hate crimes and discrimination as FL legislation heads for final vote

Ana Navarro: It would be awfully nice if instead of waging war against drag queens and

April Photo Contest Winner's Thread Announced!

Minnesota senator ranted about sex ed in schools, kicked constituent teachers out of office


Cartoons 4/20/2023

Chinese Economy: Was Q1 Really That Good?; India Overtakes China In Historic Shift - China Update

State law prompts Edmonds to add bike lanes on Highway 99 overhaul

Mississippi Must Grant Religious Exemptions For Childhood Vaccines, Federal Judge Rules

Elon Musk's Twitter begins stripping blue checks from public figures

Red States Are Trying To Fight The World On Climate

Tesla stock is having a rapid unscheduled disassembly

White Tennessee lawmakers speak out for insurrection in honoring Confederate history

Ballots are ready for the May 16 primary election in Philadelphia

PHILLY: College Republicans, Penn YDSA back mayoral candidates

Air National Guard Unit Where Alleged Leaker Worked Sidelined from Intelligence Work

Judge who suspended abortion pill failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues

PA: In Northampton County DA primary, it's seasoned incumbent vs. seasoned judge

Poll: Most Americans say Supreme Court should reverse Texas ruling on abortion pill mifepristone

Trump's Lawyer Gets Shredded By Judge For Missing Hearing Then Lying About It - Farron Balanced

If Ron DeSantis hates "woke" so much then how come Florida woke us all at 4:15 this morning?

Nebraska gives final passage to concealed carry of handguns without permit or training

A Super PAC Targets Greene, Gaetz, Boebert and Others on the Far Right

Manchin slams Biden for 'deficiency of leadership,' applauds McCarthy debt limit plan

EMILYs List Endorses Innamorato, Boyd In PA Races

DOJ reaches multimillion-dollar settlements against oil and gas companies

Shocked But Not Surprised

Kind Couple Fed A Stray Cat, And Then She Returned With Her Kitten

Sen. John Fetterman Is Ready to Talk About His Mental Health: 'I Want People to Hear This'

Dog Gets A Mini Me

Democrats press Michael Chertoff for answers about Supreme Court's investigation into leak

A few facts for the Tennessee knuckledraggers who proclaimed April "Confederate History Month":

Pa. Senate Leader: Vote on Child Sex Abuse Survivor Amendment 'Unlikely' Without Democratic Concessi

Exxon's Unethical Supreme Court Play

What did the pickle say to the other pickle when they were having a disagreement-

Gov. DeSantis signs controversial death penalty legislation

Gym Jacket Off Jordan & Clarence...welcome to another round of "Spot The Hypocrisy"

Someone posted earlier about a problem getting the bivalent booster

PA: Meet the 7 Democrats running for Lehigh County commissioner

PA: At debate, Allegheny Co. exec candidates go deep on issues

Charges dropped against Alec Baldwin in fatal on-set 'Rust' shooting: Sources

Philadelphia mayoral candidates discuss how to help city's unhoused residents

When you get outed as a big hornball in front of everyone (Sound up)

Looks like more GOP voter restriction bills are on the horizon

Kacsmaryk failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues

Ron DeSantis loses again to Disney

George Santos insists he's donating his congressional salary, but he won't say where it's going

Judge rejects Trump request to make special excuse to jurors for his absence at NYC civil rape trial

Charges against Alec Baldwin dropped in fatal 'Rust' shooting, attorneys say

My dog who I thought had Cushing's, instead has SARDS - similar symptoms

Jan. 6 Defendant Opens Fire on Deputies Before Surrender to the F.B.I.

US invests in alternative solar tech, more solar for renters

Benedict Arnold & The Traitors - Death Penalty For Pot - Animated Music Video from 2007...

Musk's Twitter actually did remove all the legacy, real blue checkmark verifications

Interesting that Elon Musk Takes away Blue Checks

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's plan for the homeless....

Remember, charges and convictions against Charles Manson...

President Biden meets with Colombian President Gustavo Petro at the White House

BetteMidler Elon took my blue check away! I'm unverified! After all these years and thousands

DeSantis signs law allowing 8 jurors, not 12, to recommend death penalty; lowest in U.S.

What we know about Elon Musk's plan to turn Twitter into a super app

Did you ever dance and sing in front of a mirror using a hairbrush as a mic?

OH: In GOP flip, August special election will return

Happy! Happy! Happy! Uh...Happy what again?

Today is the 50th Anniversary of DEVO's 1st gig

Right to Life leader in Ohio says 10-year-old rape victims should carry babies to term

MN: DFL tax plan in the works includes 'millionaire tax,' shield from social security income

I had been struggling with depression for about a year partly due to circumstances.

What would you do if this is the first thing you saw when you woke up from surgery?

Replies to any tweet now put ALL blue checkmarks, subscribers, first, before

Lawrence O'Donnell nailed it last night (Dominion)

Look what else Fox News did.

North Carolina Republicans are coalescing around a 12-week abortion ban, House speaker says

FL Dems back planned student walkout on Friday to protest education restrictions

DeSantis's expansion of his restrictions on same-sex instruction in schools to cover high school

Classic Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe (video)

Donna Deegan (D) ads tout positive message in Jax mayoral race

Harrowing image of pregnant Ukraine woman mortally wounded in Russian strike wins World Press Photo

qPublican Neanderthal gun laws are Corrupting our Nation and making our World More Dangerous

The President of the United States is no longer verified--on twitter. Elon Musk is a disgrace

Musk rocketry failure today was the result of misinformation by CIA and zionist forces....

Red Tail Hawk in early morning light.

Texas Senate approves bill that would ban diversity programs in public universities

The how and why of Tucker Carlson's misleading Ukraine war math (Forgery)

Red Tail hawk in early light.

Transgender children, families sue Tennessee over care ban

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 20, 2023

Judge who suspended abortion pill failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 April 2023

"You got what I want but you ain't givin it to me"

A Green Bay Police Officer was officially charged for an incident back in 2021

MI: Bill closing marital rape loophole clears House, despite some GOP opposition

Dog with mystery dad looks like this

Michigan county eyed criminal ordinance for books. Librarians fought back

1,000-Year-Old Native American Canoe Recovered From A North Carolina Lake

(Jewish Group) Swastika Carved into Back of Jewish Teenager Sparks FBI Probe

These voters will get 6 more days to return ballots when Michigan bill passes

Marjorie Taylor Greene Silenced By Committee After 'Slandering' Government Official - Ring of Fire

All charges against Alec Baldwin dropped in 'Rust' case:

REVEALED: GOP leader, who voted to expel TN Three, resigns; found guilty of sexually harassing inter

Fulton County case takes stunningly bad turn for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Constitutional convention

Update: TN lawmaker who sexually harassed teen interns resigns 6 hrs. after story breaks!

Constitutional states convention

Great Kindle sourcebook on SCOTUS race discrimination court decisions and it's free

Why Florida State Republicans Are Getting Peeved at Ron DeSantis

The Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man - Released 50 Yrs Ago - Dickey Betts 🎸

4/20 4:20 Catnip: Elevated Observations - The Hollies (1967)

Need advice on buying replacement windows. I am interested in "medium grade" windows.

Poppies . . . plus.

DeSantis Ends Feud with Disney and Launches Attack on Smurfs

Biden preparing to announce reelection campaign next week

A convention of states.

The extreme fringe of Russia's war hawks - Break the Fake - TVP World

If you're going to protest...

Biden preparing to announce reelection campaign next week

Car flies and crashes into second story of Northern California home

CHAT GPT says I'm sustainable

A man leaving his apartment building runs into his woman neighbor on the elevator.

'Rust' prosecutors drop charges against Alec Baldwin after questions over gun misfire

Faux News Fire Dan, Judge Jeannie and Maria

Whats going on with the cartoons?

It's WI spring but I suspect my partner suffered heat-stroke today

Why I think high-functioning autism is misunderstood

Capitol rioter shot at local deputies after FBI informed him of Jan. 6 charges

A discussion of the Puerto Rican band 'Calle 13' took place here a couple days ago.

When the Media Bow to Trump -- The Atlantic

It appears GOP will allow Schumer to replace Feinstein on Judicary if she resigns.

18-y/o Arrested in Fatal Road-Rage Shooting

The Massive LA Disaster You've Never Heard Of

How do we get Americans informed about Biden's accomplishments?

I'd like to dedicate this song to Maria Bartiromo

Has anyone here been successfully treated for a sleep disorder?

Judge refuses to tell jury in Trump civil rape trial that former president is 'excused'

Appeals court temporarily blocks House subpoena for ex-Manhattan prosecutor in Trump probe

Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck) on the Budweiser boycott

Son of wrestling legend 'The Million Dollar Man' charged in welfare scandal involving Brett Favre

TikTok's Algorithm Keeps Pushing Suicide to Vulnerable Kids

Don't forget - Rupert gave Biden's campaign ads to Jared before they ran on-air

Trump's Lawyers are busier than I thought they were...

Ted Cruz knew the facts re the election before he voted on Jan 6

bully w/soccer mommy - lose you (studio-2023) serious 90's riot grrrl stuff (think L7, Veruca Salt)

Tweet of the Day

Raskin shares health update: 'Chemotherapy has extinguished the cancer cells'

Jason Rapert and 2 others "accidentally" brought 2 loaded guns in his carry-on luggage

Without the ice cap, we cannot live': the Andes community devastated by climate crisis

Extraordinary Attorney Woo...

Top Earners Collecting Unemployment Benefits Have Surged 500% in Last Year

Jomboy does a breakdown of the Max Scherzer ejection (language):

VA: Fairfax GOP Endorses "3x accused domestic assaulted & disabled child mocker" for School Board

American Election Cycle, Summarized

The West Needs a New Strategy in Ukraine - Foreign Affairs

Public schools would have to display Ten Commandments under bill passed by Texas Senate

New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Panama Red ( quick 420 tune)

Kansas governor shoots down anti-transgender bills that could involve genital inspections

Isn't funny how a whistleblower has said he would come forward about Hunter Biden and his taxes?

LOL: Trump Just Posted This on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

'The worst I've ever felt': Texas woman's story on being denied an abortion in Texas - MSNBC Reports

Regarding John Rose (R-TN) and his wife's pregnancy complications

New York's Highest Court Takes a Step to the Left, Maybe

Chief Justice Roberts invited to testify at Senate hearing on Supreme Court ethics

AZGOP must pay Secretary of State's legal fees for 'bad-faith' 2020 election lawsuit: appeals court

Tell me a story, won't you?...

N.C. House passes transgender sports ban

Historic moment: Ukrainian Army Captured Kadyrov's Soldiers With Great Success!

Court of Appeals Issues IMPORTANT ORDER In Manhattan DA Case against Jim Jordan - Meidas Touch

NY: Redistricting commission submits new Assembly maps, with few changes

Texas Senate approves ban on tenure for university and college professors

Capitol rioter shot at local deputies after FBI informed him of Jan. 6 charges

D-backs DFA struggling Madison Bumgarner

Republican Infighting Reaches A Sad, New Level

Caitlin Halligan confirmed to the New York Court of Appeals

Don't Bogart That Joint - (The Fraternity Of Man) 1969 - Easy Rider (Soundtrack)

ACLU sues Tennessee over ban on gender-affirming care for minors


Rep Jeff Jackson (D) up next on OutFront on CNN. He is the new congressman

Why Joe Biden is On Track to Win Re-Election in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

There is no evidence that bariromo and pirro were fired by fox. Just speculation.

I live in a rural area; the responses from the Sheriff's Department over time is telling

DNA links West Bloomfield businessman to unsolved rapes nearly 25 years ago

He started shooting when a basketball rolled into his yard, neighbors said. Now, a manhunt is on as

You might be a Republican if ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears To Have Leaked Confidential Government Information On Twitter - RoF

Fox "News" Whistleblower's lawyer: Law enforcement asked us for Fox evidence - The Beat - MSNBC

Gay pride parade canceled after anti-drag show law passes

"Ron DeSantis is not running against Minnie Mouse"

NY-03: State Conservative Party chairman says Santos shouldn't run

Judge who denied abortion to teen over bad grades may become next Florida Supreme Court justice

Musk's Wealth Plunges $13 Billion as Drama Unfolds Across Empire

NY-03: 100 days of George Santos

100s of US Marines in Sudan to evacuate US Embassy. Wagner group

Hear Ted Cruz caught on tape owning himself and Trump - The Beat - MSNBC

Lower Manhattan garage had history of violations for 'loose,' 'defective' concrete; will be demolish

Chicago told to reinstate employees fired over COVID-19 vaccination requirement

NYPD Chief Ordered Ex-Cop's Arrest Voided After Gun Chase, Review Finds

Transgender lawmaker silenced by Montana House Speaker

BREAKING: Fulton County case takes STUNNINGLY BAD turn for Trump

Parking Fee Uproar Leads to Middle Finger Fight at Bronx Community Board

Hours after state board rebuke, Disney announces groundbreaking for affordable housing in Florida

Transgender lawmaker silenced by Montana House speaker

"Stop Woke Act" and other anti-diversity bills. Lifted from Heritage Foundation template...

The Mouse Roars: Disney Thwarts DeSantis Once Again Over Governor's Latest Gambit

Texas Senate moves to end countywide voting on Election Day

Public schools would have to display Ten Commandments under bill passed by Texas Senate

Hey, here's a thought about the Faux/Dominion settlement,

Manchin's Gonna Manchin

Sunset, southern MD 4/20