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Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, the Commandments, and what's next....

Duke Ellington and Bing Crosby - St. Louis Blues

'Stand your ground': the US laws linked to rising deaths and racist violence

The most intellectually lazy argument ever

New wave of GOP candidates poised to join 2024 campaign

Rape lawsuit trial puts spotlight back on Trump and women

Re-electing Brown-OH and Tester-MT in 2024 is extremely necessary for Democrats.

Details about multimillion-dollar stock holding concealed Kacsmaryk's financial disclosures

Tucker Carlson Humiliates Himself Live on Air with Blatant Russian Propaganda! - Luke Beasley

Chief Justice Hasn't Responded to Testimony Invite, Durbin Says

EU Copernicus Study: More Than 15,000 Died In Europe's Record-Crushing 2022 Heatwaves

Japan gets ready to shoot down N. Korea spy satellite debris

Ouch! Bob Costa didn't miss a beat when he went off on the GOBers and Trump!

Which issues do Americans think the national media gives too much and not enough attention to?

Toxic leaves (climate change) may be reason tree kangaroos are losing their eyesight

MyPillow Guy Predicts The End Times If Artificial Intelligence Infiltrates Voting Machines - RoF

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper & Desi Lydic on Facing Threats in the Field - After The Cut

Remembering Those Halcyon Days When Earth's Habitability Wasn't A "Fuck Liberals" Meme

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about confusion over parties and philosophy....

Ken Potts, one of last 2 USS Arizona survivors, dies at 102

Sick of Trump? Try laughing at him

Another from Smith Oaks

Lynyrd Skynyrd - live at Winterland 4/27/1975 - full concert, 67 minutes

Michael Schumacher: Magazine editor sacked over AI-generated 'interview' with seven-time F1 champion

New talking point: 1st Amendment was written to protect the church from the state

Murder, alcohol and prostitutes: Wagner convicts pardoned by Putin return to terrorise home towns

Russian Disaster as Oil & Gas Revenue Crashes 45% & Economy Suffers $29 Billion Deficit in Q1 2023

Debates: The Case Against Consensus v The Limits of Deep Difference

Dennis Prager Says Slavery in America was Great Because Enslaved Humans "Could Have Families!"

9pm 4/22 Update on South Florida Gasoline Supply

Meet the Afghanistan war veteran taking on Rep. George Santos - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Crabapple blossoms

Texas Republicans Try To Make It Illegal To Report Fossil Fuel Pollution - Ring of Fire

She signed up to live on a cruise ship for three years.

Xenoshot: "Hi it's me. . ." Creepy Man Tries To Meet A 14 Year Old, Gets Forced To Call His Wife

Bill Browder: No oxygen left for any type of dissent against Putin in Russia - Velshi - MSNBC

Property of Harlan Crow.

Former gun industry executive: I saw with 'my own eyes' how NRA 'radicalized' gun debate - CNN

'Nother one . . .

Trump's "Full Send" Interview Goes Bad Quickly! - Luke Beasley

Last one tonite . . .

What it takes to save some of the world's most threatened plant species - PBS NewsHour

Pre-cancer frozen off my face

Gackt : Redemption (live)

GACKT & Nishikawa Takanori- 粉雪 [Konayuki] (Eng. sub)

*All the President's Men on TCM now.

Emma Thorne: Attraction According To Incels

Fulton County DA gets more SMOKING GUN Evidence against Trump - Meidas Touch

Mary Chapin Carpenter - He Thinks He'll Keep Her (1993)

Republicans fear another 'electability' debacle -- this time in North Carolina

Velshi: We need to get creative on wildfires - fast - Velshi - MSNBC

22 Apr: New Tactic. Russians send suicide squads to hide a real attack - Reporting from Ukraine

Chinese Financial Crisis Risks & Economic Outlook - George Magnus [China Book Club] - China Update

Hear Fox News viewers react to Fox's settlement with Dominion

There Is No Planet B : Mastodon

Hi Everyone!

Sudan: Lots of activitity today.

Would you rather be a land,or sky, or sea animal? I came up with this and I really don't know what

City of Antioch, police officers sued over alleged racist texts - ABC News

The Absolute Best Brunch in Miami

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds Free Unrated FULL MOVIE

This is a terrible idea (re: Fair Tax Act) - Luke Beasley

Crump: 'We have to send a message legally because the next Ralph Yarl may not be so fortunate'

Tennessee, Where Weed Is Illegal, Makes Anthem About Pot Farming Its State Song... on 4/20

the moment two homes slide off their foundations and down cliff (Utah today)

Pa. Supreme Court angrily sanctions county for violating order on Dominion voting machines

Twitter totally off the rails

Right Wing Radio Show Host Announces Run for President on Tucker Carlson's Show - Luke Beasley

US evacuates American diplomatic personnel from Sudan

Louisiana legislators consider weakening standards for nursing home disaster plans

North Omaha residents installing air quality monitors near coal-burning station

MT: Cascade County elections group files COPP ethics complaint, Library lawyers up

Sometimes spy balloons are not what you think they are...

Kevin McCarthy Promises Wall Street He'll Make Poor People Suffer - Ring of Fire

Is enough being done to reverse damage to Puerto Rico's water supply? - ABC News

Jim Jordan CAUGHT LYING after Transcript RELEASED - Meidas Touch

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church: 'Troparion to St. George, Slayer of Dragons'

Which candidate for the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election has an easier time winning?

NSFW: (Reddit) Relatives oblige grandfather's dying wish of coyote dancer...

Ron DeSantis' Jail Next to Disney World Won't Stop People From Going - Lovett or Leave It

New legal matters with Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman - MSNBC Reports

Jewish student with autism had swastika carved onto his back, mother says

How historians are documenting the lives of transgender people

Barry Humphries - Dame Edna Everage dies at 89

Climate change threatens to relocate residents of Panamanian Island - CBS News

CNN anchors tour Nazi death camp where their relatives died - The Situation Room - CNN

COVID-19 is just the beginning: Climate change is bringing a lot more diseases with it

Anyone has been watching Death in Paradise?

🍨Sundaes🍨: Two by Herschel, One by Mozart

Still raining here off and on lots of flooding. Tiger hasn't shown up yet

'I Hate You, Kathie Lee Gifford!' Ozempic Users Report Bizarre Dreams


Anyone think the "shoot whoever is at the door" incidents are increasing

John Stewart interviews a condescending Pentagon Defense Deputy Scty. Kathleen Hicks

Biden Doesn't Need Congress to Avoid a Debt-Ceiling Crisis - Blinder WSJ

Americans trapped in Sudan as first civilian evacuations begin - NBC News

If I was a Beer drinker I wouldn't drink Budlight because of the AD

The Supreme Court Takes Up 'Home-Equity Theft' - WSJ

DeSantis PAC offers 'blank check' to get Trump out of Florida - NewsNation

US Rep. on UFO sightings: 'It's a complete cover-up' - NewsNation

(Jewish Group) Alex Borstein's New Comedy Special Is So Jewish and Utterly Delightful

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about some wrong doors and wrong comparisons....

Fox 'News' panel MELTS DOWN after host DESTROYS Jim Jordan on Live TV - Meidas Touch

Is the sovereign citizen movement finding a home inside the Utah GOP?

TRUMP THE RAPIST .... What to Expect in the E. Jean Carroll-Donald Trump Rape Trial

*Special Teacher Box* on sale at Penzey's Spices (reg $19.95 /sale $6.95)

Just great, first the UFO bullshit and now the old zombie lie of "Cattle mutilations."

Justin Jones speaks at Nashville Waffle House shooting 5th anniversary vigil:

Nancy Northup explains the abortion pill case that 'shouldn't have been' - Velshi - MSNBC

Ex-members of extremist Mormon sect plead for help to find missing children

Your favorite Republicans in drag. Courtesy of AI

Let's Look at Senator Josh Hawley's Connections to the Abortion Pill Case

Manu Chao - Clandestino - Full Album

Right-wing minds on Tik Tok short circuit over a video from a trans man

Bud Light marketing VP takes leave of absence in wake of pathetic transphobic backlash over Dylan

Debate over abortion rights set to take center stage in 2024 - MSNBC Reports

Protestors disrupt "Drag Queen Story Hour" event at Sherman Oaks Library (Los Angeles neighborhood)

Former gun industry executive: I saw with 'my own eyes' how NRA 'radicalized' gun debate - CNN Newsroom

Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D) on her fight against a swath of anti-trans legislation - MSNBC

Meet the 'RuPublicans': GOP lawmakers are reimagined as AI-generated drag queens

Sunday Funnies 4/23/23

Trump Attorney CAUGHT on SECRET RECORDING Revealing Sickening Plans - Meidas Touch


Lizzo brought a group of drag queens onstage during a Tennessee tour stop in response to anti-drag

"An Inherent Harm To Kids": Parents Banned From School Events for Sharing LGBTQ-Affirming Posts

Reporter Discusses Disturbing Influencer Trend of Posing for Photos at Holocaust Memorials

Nepal: Seven years since transit deal with China, no shipment has moved - WION

U.S. Embassy in Sudan warns citizens to 'shelter in place' - MSNBC Reports

Has Michael Moore commented on Trump using his speech on truth social?

I went expecting woo, and saw a good deal of it, but saw even more wow

Sitting here laughing thinking in the service you meet some real characters

Special forces rescue U.S. embassy staffers in warring Sudan - KTLA 5 Los Angeles

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Geese Knuckles Edition

The Institute for the Study of War reports Ukraine forces have crossed the Dnipro River

The future of plastic-recycling: Breaking it back down into hydrocarbons via enzymes.

Neglected cockatoo melts when he meets a loving family

WORDLE 673 (4/23) ****SPOILERS****

Woman shot 10 times while working at a gas station, shooter not caught

Blackpink's Rose Cleaning Lipstick Stain On Lisa's Teeth In Front Of Massive Coachella Crowd Is Prim

UK Labour MP Diane Abbott accused of 'hateful antisemitism' after suggesting Jews do not face racism

On this day, April 23, 1940, 209 people were killed in the Rhythm Club fire in Natchez.

Breakfast Sunday 23 April 2023

Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy protection after failed turnaround efforts

On this day, April 23, 1971, the Rolling Stones released "Sticky Fingers."

On April 21, 1973, Merion Cooper died.

April 23, 1987: L'Ambiance Plaza collapse, the worst construction accident in Connecticut's history

Al Franken: KATIE PORTER on Her New Book and Senate Race & JEREMY PETERS on Dominion

I didn't plan on getting a pun tattoo...

Rural Americans are importing tiny Japanese pickup trucks

Experimenting w watercolor ground on computer cards.


Russian City Bombed by Russia

Finches - LA Arboretum

On this day, April 23, 1976, the Ramones released "Ramones," their debut studio album.

Update on my HVAC plans

It rained all night and I still haven't seen Tiger so I'm starting to actually worry

Covid may have caught up with me

Rainy weekend

When Does Winter End?

The Daily Shooting Report: Instacart Delivery Drivers shot at by homeowner. Wrong House

'Bombshell revelation of Trump election texts is 'more damning' than his Georgia phone call:'

This week's major U.S. economic reports (April 24 -- April 28)

Paris, Kyiv, Baltic states dismayed after China envoy questions Ukraine sovereignty

Tonitown, AR police arrest father for piercing sons ear.

Exactly where we are.

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 423.65 ppm.

I put Gryff's new grey, floofy toy on the grey cat perch. He still hasn't found it

Wise People Protest Lack of Representation

Mastodon: Culture war

Massive fire breaks out at Disneyland park

Klepper explains the Impenetrability of the maga Know Nothings:

Greenland Ice Loss Up 7-Fold In 30 Years; In 2019 Alone, Ice Sheet Shed 444 Billion Tons Of Ice

Well, That's Surprising: Arizona AG Blocks Saudi Plans For More High-Volume Water Wells For Alfalfa


A sketch while doodling

Has there ever been a more corrupt president than Donald Trump or a more corrupt SC Justice...?

"Hanging From A Tree" TN State Republican Demonstrates His Top-Shelf Climatology Skills

Mom Will Do Anything To Make Her Bull Happy

Released on this date in 1971

The forward party, the common sense party, green party, Maraine Williamson, RFK jr, etc. no one

Sweet - The Six Teens (live, 11/28/1974, for the UK TV show 45)

Roy Orbison was born on this date.

Kamala Harris would make a great Secretary of State...

Netflix. The Diplomat. Staring Keri Russell

S7:E15 (The GOP; Losing Women Over Abortion Policy)

S7:E15 (The GOP; Losing Women Over Abortion Policy)

RW media reporting higher mortgage rates for good credit buyers

Was just thinking how until recently

'Destroy This Guy': Why Trump's Campaign Against DeSantis Is So Personal

Fox's Settlement with Dominion is tax deductible

Climate change could turn Minnesota into the new Kansas, researcher says

21 bodies dug up in cult investigation of pastor in Kenya

Red-bellied woodpecker stopped by my porch

Salmon Tamarind Soup by Tiana Gee Filipino Sinigang

Salmon Tamarind Soup by Tiana Gee Filipino Sinigang

VP Kamala Harris in Miami, Florida

Sunday Church In USA

When MARIA BARTOROMO asks if you have the votes to eff up Medicaid & the SNAP program...

Fly with cranes along France's Loire Valley

Free-speech absolutist Musk bans Twitter-account for telling people to oppose new Twitter-feature.

Story of the Jack-O-Lantern from Natural History magazine in the 1980's.

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It's Not Even Close.

Military veteran stands up against facism in Florida. Keep your hands off my kids books!

🎦 FYI: Abby & Victor Osprey (Florida) expected to fledge April 28

What can be done about dangerous cops in this country?

On The Media- Murdoch, Thomas, +: worth every minute

"Do you think England sent their best?" great 3:00 video with close captions

A painting of Venice

Salon: Here are the weak GOP seats that could let Dems win the House in '24

I'm trying to find the post of President Biden's

So this happened. Potentially very bad situation.

The Sabotage of Twitter Is a Disaster for Democracy

UFOs are in today's news again. Step up DUers. If you have had a sighting, lets us all know.

Circus jet crashed in the Amazon jungle. One cannibal says to the other

The Daily Kos speculates (intelligently) on the coming Ukraine counter-offensive:

AOC is on with Jen Psaki now

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 23, 2023?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 24 April 2023

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 23, 2023)

Turn about is fair play:

"Zodiac" coming up on FLXW

Don't do that!

The Second Amendment is a ludicrous historical antique: Time for it to go

Cat's modesty paw:

Ruben Gallego: Please give me a chance to explain (US Senate beat Senator Sinema)

Relaxing at home:

'Positively disgraceful': John Roberts buried by ethics expert for refusal to talk about Clarence

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Putin can learn from fast food....

"Surprise!" "Back atcha!"

Puppy & budgie:

New Tape Proves Ted Cruz Lied About Objections To 2020 Election - Farron Balanced

Bye George! Here are the weak GOP seats that could let Dems win the House in '24

Just doing his job--German Short-Haired Pointer Pointing at a Bird:

McCarthy's debt ceiling plan is theater unworthy of a high school gym

E.J. Dionne: McCarthy's debt ceiling plan is theater unworthy of a high school gym

Puppy & parrot:

Puppy with perfect heart on his nose:

Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

The NAACP is suing Mississippi over an expanded role for state-run police in Jackson

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will meet with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Israel

Neil Gaiman FTW

any newspaper in america that called on bill clinton to resign better pipe up about thomas.

Understanding how Republicans think

30 Poems in 30 Days

Watching over his family at naptime:

Plans underway for Biden to announce bid for second term next week (article from April 20)

Explorers find a World War II ship that was sunk with over 1,000 Allied POWs aboard

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 25: Studio Contract Players: Doris Day, Natalie Wood, Patricia Neal

Mastering parallel parking:

Republican Graham loses cool over abortion after supreme court pill ruling

awww. the president of ireland's dog has died.

Chinese Economy: US Sanctions Hit Semiconductor Production; South Korea & Taiwan; EU - China Update

Here's a great YouTube Short featuring Jon Stewart vs. an Oklahoma State Senator.

NY TIMES: Ukraine says Russians are evacuating civilians from area south of the Dnipro River

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 26: Studio Contract Players: James Dean

When Cleopatra was alive, she wasn't categorised by the colour of her skin

TCM later:

Champion of the gorillas: the vet fighting to save Uganda's great apes

They Saw the Horrific Aftermath of a Mass Shooting. Should We?

Desantis's point man to dismantle FL's colleges is having a great time in Viktor Orban's paradise.


Look was was roaming in my backyard!

Only in America:

The Flaming Groovies "Shake Some Action"

Morning, and southern MD afternoon

MAGA rioter already sentenced for threats to 911 workers pleads guilty to assaulting Capitol police

'We're going to lose huge': GOPer predicts massive 2024 loss over anti-abortion extremism

Bunch: How RFK Jr. and Marianne Williamson unserious primary challenges could help Biden

'Very clearly incitement of violence': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tears into Tucker Carlson

Trump hit with more bad legal news in Georgia case - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sununu: Trump is positioning himself to be a 'four-time loser' in 2024

Why Biden world cares -- a lot -- about when he announces his reelection

If you had to eliminate one, which one would it be?

Fox News host stupefied over green energy: 'How do we report the news and not lose our brains?'

Thread: CONNECT THE DOTS :: VOTING MACHINES :: this one is going to get wild

What is Pepto-Bismol's favorite band? Pink Floyd--rsdsharp is the winner

Congress squabble over debt ceiling as risk of default inches closer

The movement to strip child labor law protections can be traced to one group

Losing Ballot Issues on Abortion, G.O.P. Now Tries to Keep Them Off the Ballot

Tim Wise Lecture on White Privilege, Systemic Racism and Racial Justice

Chilly and breezy, and full of branches, but he's out here! (osprey)

Florida police decline to make arrests after neighbor shoots at grocery delivery car

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. upends the family table

Man plans 'stand your ground' defense in death of Devonna Walker, court docs say

LINCOLN MAYOR: Editorial: Gaylor Baird (D) gets nod in mayoral race

⚽️ Wrexham score Hollywood ending with National League title, promotion to League Two

Imagine for a moment that Republicans actully win their

Joe Biden Wants to Make This Big Social Security Change and Most Americans Could Be on Board With It

Joe Biden announced his run for the 2020 Presidency on 4/25/19.. Barack Obama announced his

Iowa House votes to restrict state auditor's access to information, ability to go to court

Adolf Eichmann Was Ready for His Close-Up. My Father Gave It to Him.

German government, unions reach pay deal for public workers

Gunfire took their son at 20. Now it takes his daughter, 12

This is why creativity without AI will always be better than "creativity" with AI

"Libertarianism" sounds good, sounds like 'freedom'. And it is sort of:

House GOP Abandons National Abortion Ban

Golden Retrievers Teach Their Puppy Brother To Swim

Want ride-hailing at bus prices in Arlington? Let Community Transit know

After months of debate, new rules for Airbnbs in Lake Stevens

Meet Israel's Version of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Big Majority of GOP Voters Stick with Trump

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It's Not Even Close.

Cartoons 4/23/2023


Oklahoma county worried about fallout from racist recording

What kinds of drugs are these politicians using?

These women ran an underground abortion network in the 1960s. Here's what they fear might happen

The worst bird flu outbreak in US history is 'wiping out everything in numbers we've never seen befo

I went crazy for awhile yesterday. My BIL and I went to breakfast together which is something

Dick Durbin: Clarence Thomas would have ignored our request anyway

Do you eat foods that are past their expiration date? I know refrigerated and dry goods are


NC-GOV: Mark Robinson attracts scrutiny as extremist in Republican race

Kansas governor nixes abortion, anti-diversity budget items

Dying patients protest looming telehealth crackdown

Armadillo invasion: Why the creatures are rapidly moving north

This is real... WWII drag show

The struggle to read: One third grader's winding journey

Trump is being handed insider info on how to 'relentlessly mess' with 'insecure' DeSantis

Rightwingers and Twitter is getting weirder every day,. have no idea where or what this is

A Caribbean island's quest to become the world's first climate-resilient nation

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell leaves company, citing 'inappropriate relationship'

'Stupid fake Christian': Twitter goes nuclear on Mike Pence for wanting mifepristone 'off the market

GOP proposed cuts for Veterans benefits are out

The conservative campaign to rewrite child labor laws

qPublicans Get Fact Checked During Wild Interview

What has become "normal"?

News & Commentary April 17, 2023

DNA from coffee cup links 'avid golfer' to decades-old, violent rape cases on courses in 2 states

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 23, 2023

Noel Casler & Stephanie Miller

Lewis Black on Aging (In God We Rust)

Drink more Water!

2024 MD Democratic US Senate Primary Election between Alsobrooks,Sarbanes,Raskin,and Trone.

The new Fox Corporation?

I paid $7 for an email today.

climate activists jump on to Formula E track

3,000 migrants begin walk north from southern Mexico

The Kansas City Chiefs are signing Colin Kaepernick

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell is out after admitting inappropriate relationship

Mastodon meme:


Goodbye Happiness- Utada Hikaru

How close is Fani Willis to charging Trump and fellow conspiracists with RICO charges?

Found on FB

Gun Idolatry Is Destroying the Case for Guns

House GOP's money machine

The Tennessee Justins are fighting the good fight

Daily Kos Story on corruption, corporate support and Republican

Please read this Dept of Veterans Affairs release and see what Republicans are attempting.

The way the republicans are behaving legislatively,

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States

LINCOLN MAYOR: Geist (R) and Gaylor Baird (D) to debate on Channel 8 today

Health care access for trans youth is crumbling -- and not just in red states

Inflation: not what some would have you believe.

FL: Venomous reptile penalty enhancements slither to Senate

Yeah, I like him

Secretary of State Adrian Fontes Wants Funding Increases for Running and Securing Arizona Elections

Looking down river toward the BAY, from Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge

Deepfake Ron DeSantis video...😂

MI: Democrats push ahead on thornier EV incentives, gun laws

The conservative campaign to rewrite child labor laws

Ron DeSantis Ends Disney Feud After Being Given Guest Role On 'The Mandalorian'

A guy was sitting reading the newspaper when his wife walked up behind him and hit him on the head..

Andrew Yang is the greatest danger to humanity

VA-GOV: Stoney hints at running for governor's office

Clarence Thomas the straw that broke the camels back!

Deadliest Strike US History, Ludlow Massacre April 20 1914, 1200 Miners: Rockefeller Jr Armed Thugs

Here's a couple stocks to consider...

Hooray and hallelujah, Tiger is here!! Thank you all so much for helping me worry

"Diggin' My Potatoes"

"It's mine now Dad!"

Slavery, reparations, and redemption after our current Civil War?

HMMM. Trump bragged about forcibly kissing women, but Trump attorneys want to block testimony

"Bustin' Loose"

So exciting!

Multiple shooters open fire at 200-person party, killing 1, injuring 4, NC cops say

2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election winner if Ben Cardin retires is Angela Alsobrooks.

For all the D.U.ers who feel like Clarence Thomas is the straw that broke the camels back.

Glenn Kirschner: Expect Jordan to get his ass bitten...

Biden set to name Julie Chavez Rodriguez as 2024 campaign manager

Recent shooting at mall in Delaware

US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that will retire and their replacements.

The conservative campaign to rewrite child labor laws

Gov. Chris Sununu calls Trump 'a loser' who won't get the GOP nomination for 2024

Asshole Matthew Perry will remove Keanu Reeves reference in new editions of his memoir

Is There Any Reason That A Chinook Helicopter Was Flying Around Schaumburg Yesterday (Sat)....

Wagner Group surges in Africa as U.S. influence fades, leak reveals

KY GOP: From Trans/'Parents rights' to Union busting

Twitter's blue tick restored to high profile accounts

Guns guns guns and guns. Jordon Klepper

House GOP's money machine

Boy George faces a 1.75 million (pound) damages claim brought by former Culture Club bandmate

Florida wants to bar schools from talking about menstruation. What would Judy Blume say?

Probe ordered after Florida shooter fires at delivery driver

Did Trump's fascist trial run have a camel on the front?

The most dangerous cities have the strictest gun laws

Does anyone wo any crafts with polymer clay?

Donny the Liar: Democrats believe in executing babies "beyond birth"

New charity that removes racist and extremist tattoos for free

If nuts don't want people to get an abortion...

Republican budget will harm veterans by putting at least 50,000 vets on the streets: VA

The UK Faces a Steep Climb Out of a Deep Hole

Behold: the anti-diversity, anti-woke nutcase appointed to UV Board by Youngkin

Sunset, southern MD 4/23

White House accuses Jim Jordan of 'highly misleading' leak on Hunter Biden