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Has DeSantis been associated with any form of Antisemitism?

PA: Fitzgerald Throws Support Behind Lamb For Allegheny County Executive

Brent Terhune: They Fired Tucker Carlson

Defamation suit produced trove of Tucker Carlson messages

Could Carlson have been trying to get fired so he could run for Presdent?

'A kaleidoscope of incompetence': McCarthy's speakership is teetering after 'latest stumble'

Thousands of Americans stranded in Sudan war zone - NBC News

Tonight I'll pour a tall one, in fact I may pour two

Georgia prosecutor to reveal charging decisions in Trump probe this summer

Now IF - If Fox agreed to dump Carlson

PA: Erie County Executive Davis (R) is due in court over restraining orders.

See Tucker Carlson fired: Fox News finally forced to 'pay for it' - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump cost Fox News $787.5 million because he is such an ass and had the power he did

Why is Joe Scarborough on right now.

'DeSantis better veto that': Florida's effort to crack down on hate speech has antisemites up in arm

California moves to end state boycott.

AFGE Wins Backpay, Restored Leave for Over a Thousand VA Employees in Oregon

'For every Pennsylvanian': Pa. Senate Dems release 2023 priorities list

Just got around to listening to Justin Jones

New Show on RT!!!!!! Tonight with Tuckervitch Carlsink

'Red-alert': George Conway suggests DA memo means grand jury will likely indict Trump

News & Commentary April 18, 2023

PA: State House gets closer to realizing mail-in ballot and pre-canvassing reforms

Fill in the blank: Jesus Saves ____________.

House committee passes anti-discrimination bill for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians

Where the hell is Chris?

The lilac's in full bloom this evening

State rep. Leslie Herod endorses Mike Johnston in Denver mayor's race

DENVER: Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston each have a path to victory, but progressives could be key

Who will be the Democratic nominee of the 2024 MD US Senate Election if the candidates are-

Lara Trump was fired by FOX in December. How did I miss that great bit of news!

Mike Lindell Is Having An Absolute Meltdown Over Fox News Settlement - Farron Balanced

Judge mulls injunction against prosecuting Idaho doctors for abortion referrals

The Motels - Only The Lonely

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tucker and what we can learn....

Fox FIRES Tucker Carlson; DA Willis to announce charges in July/August: truth AND justice trending

DENVER: District 7 city council candidate drops out of runoff race

AZ: Both Republicans tapped to replace Liz Harris are closely aligned with her

13 Terrible Things Tucker Carlson Said That DIDN'T Get Him Fired

Carlson's "repeated use of the c-word" was "a key factor in his demise"

Rachel Maddow just trolled Tucker Carlson in the best possible way and the internet explodes.

What do we get to see tomorrow?

After losing state Supreme Court, Wisconsin conservatives eye constitutional amendments

Has anyone here worked with two part epoxy resin or UV resin? How dangerous is it?

Ginnie Newhart, longtime wife of comedian Bob Newhart, dies at 82

Hunter Biden's legal team wants Treasury to investigate ex-Trump aide

Judge mulls injunction against prosecuting Idaho doctors for abortion referrals

Newly constructed Elliot Way connecting Seattle waterfront to Belltown to open within 2 weeks

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

"We will fight them on the beaches; we will fight them on the landing fields....."

Justice Thomas's friend, Harlan Crow "did not have business before the court"

It's not too late to cast your special election ballot in WA

Quartet of Arkansas cops caught on video arresting man for piercing teenage son's ear

Being trans is now being compared to black face

Gov. Inslee signs bill to protect Washingtonians from cyber-attacks, ransomware

Who has all the J-6 videos that McCarthy gave to Carlson?

Suit-Wearing Student Says Nashville Christian School BANNED Her From Prom

Tell them Rachel

Supreme Court Did Review Case Involving Harlan Crow--Contradicting Clarence Thomas's Claim

I for one am shocked that Tucker Carlson turned out like he did.

The water's fine.

What- no doorbell?

Just to be clear: there will be NO broadcast (audio or video) of Carroll v. Trump

Steve Daines Endorses Trump for President

Speaking of glue:

my haiku for Cucker Tarlson

Trump charging decisions coming this summer, says Fulton County D.A. - NBC News

Do people actually regret not having children? Possibly not

Peepaw patrolling the neighborhood.

Montana Speaker of the State House still won't let Rep Zoey Zephyr speak - day 3

Clarence take a cue from Al Franken

Glad Ron Klain will work with Pres. Biden, and us, again.

Sinema did a 2-week internship at a California winery for $1,170 as a sitting senator

Aaron Rodgers trade to Jets for draft picks rumored to be complete

Georgia District Attorney makes MAJOR Trump indictment news - Brian Tyler Cohen

Comedian Hilariously Roasts Texas Politics (Trae Crowder) - The Breakdown

Favre remains in Mississippi welfare lawsuit, judge rules

Couple numbers for brothers The Polack Master Sergeant & Lebowski

Biden Plans Television Ads This Week

Twinsthenewtrend react to "YMCA"

SpaceX Starship explosion spread particulate matter for miles

Proud Boys were 'Donald Trump's army,' prosecutor says in closing arguments of seditious conspiracy

How does Rachel do this????

Rover, fetch the baby...

GA v Trump? Will know between July 11 & Sept 1, 2023

Honduras gang violence at 'war-like levels' - NGO

What Tucker Carlson's exit from Fox News means for the Republican Party - CBS News

The Daily Show: Fox "News" Axes Tucker Carlson & Elon Musk Has a Blue Check Fiasco

Wathced the finale of Perry Mason and I really don't know why "they" had to use this title

Prosecutor: Proud Boys viewed themselves as 'Trump's army'

The Ineluctable Logic of Gun Ownership

Supreme Court takes social media cases with echoes of Trump

7.1 Sumatra, Indonesia

Michigan official gets house arrest for 2020 ballot sabotage

Seth Meyers- Fox News Ousts Tucker Carlson in Shock Move Days After Dominion Settlement: A Closer Look

"Hubris Kills" is a favorite quote from a friend of mine.

Meanwhile at Twitter headquarters:

Rachel didn't mention Tucker Carlson's name!!!!

Fox News digs up an inconvenient fact after Trump rants about 'transgender insanity'

He's baaack, Ammon Bundy defaults on St. Luke's lawsuit, claims he is 'surrounded by law enforcement

Over 6% of U.S. adults are suffering from long COVID, survey finds - CBS News

Mastodon meme #3:

Automatic criminal expungements begin in Michigan, benefiting at least 842,000

I Absolutely LOVE Adam Lambert's Cher Cover Of "Muffin Man"!

Who wants to bet Tuckums isn't laughing all the way to Alfa Bank?

Closing arguments underway in Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial - CBS News

Could McCarthy's speakership be in jeopardy with debt ceiling fight? - NBC News

Makes an *important* point!

Rapid ocean warming reported

Who is Ray Epps? Did his 60 minutes interview push Murdoch to fire Tuckums?

How does a bird copulate?. I have been watching these two cardinals out my window. The male is very

Wouldn't it be funny if

Tucker's demise is too beautiful for words!!!!

Holy ish! He's still there!

Anyone else getting a white band at the bottom of your screen

Tucker Carlson finally gets the WORST NEWS of his life - Meidas Touch

Goldman Prize honours indigenous woman who stopped mining giant

Manchin needs to go fuck himself

My take on the guy who was fired.

Somethin' Stupid

William Grant Still's 'Panamanian Dances'

24 Apr: Ukrainians Cross The River Under Russians' Nose - Reporting from Ukraine

Rachel: "Yes!"

It's been a great day, thanks for making it for me, *ucker!

North Dakota bans abortions.

Yes. The cat leap video is impressive, but watch the second clip.

Schumer announces Senate will vote on the Equal Rights Amendment this week

ACLU sues to block Missouri rule on transgender health care

This is some fucked up shit -

Tucker fired "with cause"?

Schmitt's 'Andantino'

ND gov signed abortion ban

I think if Biden would wear a toga

No to AI! Artstation under Fire

Jury selection set to begin in lawsuit of E. Jean Carroll accusing Trump of rape in 1990s - CBS News

The hits keep coming for the TN GOP. Just heard that many are planning to run against these bozos.

Haiti crisis: Mob burns suspected gang members to death

Javice Moved Millions From JPMorgan to Signature Months Before Collapse

Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine - The Infographics Show

Kimmel: Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News, Trump Attacks Late Night Hosts & Musk Gives Back Blue Check

MT: 'Let her speak' : Protesters scream, arrests follow after Speaker doesn't recognize Zephyr

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: Trump 'aspires to be a dictator' - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Refinery worker standards bill passes Minnesota House, heads to governor's desk

Florida school district bans dozens of books based on proposed bill

MN: House on verge of passing bill legalizing recreational marijuana

Brent Terhune: They Fired Tucker Carlson (Parody)

Lawsuit seeks to block Missouri attorney general restrictions on transgender health care

Glenn Kirschner cites DU:

Tucker Carlson And Don Lemon FIRED - Raw News And Politics

The Salvation Army - Mind Gardens (1981)

Who filled Tuckums' time slot tonight?

Tucker Carlson undermined democracy through 'enormous platform' Lincoln Project senior advisor says

Dan Rather matters right now

Top TN House Democrat: Republicans are taking their power for granted - Ali Velshi - The Last Word

Lula holds talks in Lisbon, on a mission to reset ties with Brazil's main partners

The Daily Show on Tucker's firing

another cat video

Don't Just Remember the Armenian Genocide. Prevent It From Happening Again

After this faux news earthquake

How Stormy Daniels Sees It Ending

Velshi: Tucker's exit from Fox won't be end of network's 'dangerous' coverage - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ukraine war: Kyiv secures bridgehead across key Dnipro River - reports

Rachel Maddow Gives Historical Perspective On the Limits of Powerful Messengers On Media Platforms

OPINION / CULTURE: Converts to YouTube Lose Faith in Journalism

Mob kills 13 suspected Haiti gangsters with gas-soaked tires

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, timetables, and Georgia....

First Republic Bank deposits tumble more than $100 billion as it explores options

Girl Killed in Hartford Shooting Lost Father to Gunfire Years Earlier

A Bad Idea Resurfaces: Using the US Military Against Mexico's Drug Cartels

TN St. Reps. Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson on meeting with Biden on gun reform

US sanctions target three in China for laundering North Korean cyber hauls

Let me be clear, I enthusiastically support Joe Biden for re-election.

Florida lawmakers file amendment to go after Disney monorail

Ron DeSantis' trip abroad funded by group long despised by some Florida Republicans

United States sends first deportation flight to Cuba since 2020

In case we need any further proof that the RFK Jr campaign is a Steve Bannon gaslighting attempt...

Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story

Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story

Trump is 2-time loser in efforts to block testimony from People magazine accuser at E. Jean Carroll

Donald Trump walks into a bar about eight years ago...

I am unable to assist anyone now. I am stepping back, from everyone

New Santiago-Chillan trains: authorities present the first of South America's fastest engines

North Dakota governor signs law banning nearly all abortions

Montana transgender lawmaker silenced again, backers protest

Montana transgender lawmaker silenced again, backers protest

Colombia asks UN to investigate sabotage of peace process

VA: New Districts Diminish Legislators' Superpower

Lawsuit: Mississippi violates rights by appointing judges

Good news for BLINKS as BLACKPINK is in talk with YG about their contract renewal

Trump INVESTIGATIONS - April 24, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Snopes: Would Fla. Bill Allow State To Take Custody of Kids 'Subjected' To Gender-Affirming Care?

NY Assembly Map: Meet your new district. Same as the old district.

NY: Brooklyn's new Asian-majority district is expected to have a heated City Council race

Dr. Ruth Westheimer weighs in on Tucker Carlson firing

NY: Subway Collisions With People Are Up Nearly 25% Since 2018. Operator: 'It Breaks You Down.'

Former Cuomo aide to release tell-all book, says 'nothing goes unaddressed'

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church: 40 Days of Paschaltide, 'A Mystical Pascha'

Tucker Carlson's fall marks another step in declining power of right-wing figureheads - Rachel Maddow

NY-03: Santos announces his run for reelection for Congress

Ukraine's allies denounce 'cynical' Russian meeting at UN - Al Jazeera

Pa. House Dems move on long-stalled priorities

Can I just share how wonderful it was to wake up to the news

Homeless camps, RVs catching fire across LA; Arson suspected

MT: Attempts to breath life into failed jungle primary bill and bill targeting third parties fail

Bill Barr & Karl Rove's right-wing legal group asks to file amicus brief to, surprise!Suppress vote!

Carlson crisis threatens right-wing media ability to carry feckless Republican Party - Rachel Maddow

Panaras, 'Giant Indians', Grow Again 50 Years after Contact

Gulfport man speaks out after neighbors call police on him, believes it was racial profiling

'Back Together Again'

Danish mathematician and physicist Thomas Fincke died OTD in 1656

Put on Qello concert video of John Mellencamp

Daily Show guest host Desi Lydic: "I can't believe that a network that's so opposed to gender-

Air India's muti-billion-dollar deal for 470 new planes - ABC News (Australia)

Love on the Telephone - Foreigner

New memo from the Texas Ag Commissioner

Breakfast Tuesday 25 April 2023

"He's capable of anything": Why arrests won't stop Donald Trump, says niece Mary Trump - Salon Talks

Mexico union wins after US labor complaint, but abuses go on

starting Youtube channel, seeking hypothetical advice

kids in SF get to interact with herd of goats

Despite more coverage, climate accountability and justice discussions lacking from TV news

Colombia's police seize arms shipment destined for Ecuador

Venezuelan opposition figure Guaido expelled from Colombia, slams 'persecution'

Tobias Ellwood: Putin is trying to 'exploit' Sudan's gold - Times Radio

Jim Cramer sits down with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ahead of the 2023 NFL draft - CNBC

Is there any way to recover a post

Tucker Carlson ouster at Fox "News" one of many media shake ups - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

EU firms accused of 'abhorrent' export of banned pesticides to Brazil

US man freed from prison after wrongful conviction meets pen pal, 25 years on

Wordle 675 (4/25) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Scientists discover why sea urchins are dying off from US to the Caribbean

Mexico discovers 11,520 tequila bottles with liquid meth at port

Costa Rica restored its ravaged land to health. The rich UK has no excuse for such complete failure

Ecuadorian TV presenter wounded by bomb disguised as USB stick

Rant on.

How Falling Oil Prices Could Bring Down Putin - TLDR News EU

Fanni Willis' notice is like a request to return the Union troops who left in 1877.

The Rams are playing what against who, now?

In an Incredible First, Scientists Have Discovered What's at The Core of Mars

four incidents of wrong way highway driver accidents in one weekend (California Bay Area)

It happened! Ukrainians crossed Dnipro. "The battle for Kherson" begins. Ukraine brings 837 tanks.

Joe Biden announces he is running for president again, setting up possible Trump rematch

You would have thought Fox News would have let Trump fire Tucker?

Joe Biden Launches His Campaign For President: Let's Finish the Job

Wow! What a powerful ad for Biden 2024.

Scientists Discovered a Monstrous Black Hole Too Close to Earth

Scientists just discovered an 'astonishing' way to create energy out of thin air: 'The sky is quite

Giotto's Bell Tower, Camponila di Giotto, Firenze.

Livingston County Michigan board unanimously voted to ignore new red flag law

Jordan subpoenas FBI human resources official

Twitter star Yashar Ali still owes $230,000 to Getty heir. A debt collector now wants his income

The E Jean Carroll case...a tragic, shameful litmus test for the soul of America

Violet-tailed Sylph and Buff-tailed Coronet - Ecuador

Conservative Think Tanks Are Preparing a List of 20K Potential Political Appointees in Hopes

On this day, April 25, 1933, Jerry Leiber, of Leiber and Stoller, was born.

30 Poems in 30 Days

Happy National Perfect Date Day, April 25. All you need is a light jacket.

On this day, April 25, 1946, the wreck of the Exposition Flyer occurred.

On this day, April 25, 1945, United States and Soviet troops met in Torgau along the Elbe River.

How 'verification in reverse' powers the conservative media bubble and right-wing politics - Rachel Maddow

Michigan official gets house arrest for 2020 ballot sabotage

Have you ever tried to talk to well I refer to them as American Taliban the Qvangelicals

Toddler who was found in the jaws of an alligator was drowned by father, authorities say

Fox News' sudden firing of Tucker Carlson may have come down to one simple calculation

Montana transgender lawmaker silenced again, backers protest

Willis flags summer dates to local police for potential unrest due to 'charging decisions' - TRMS

News & Commentary April 19, 2023

"Conservative activist faces Maine school boards in free-speech court cases"

President Biden just announced that he is running for re-election

Vanity Fair: Why Tucker Carlson's Exit From Fox News Looks Like an Execution

SCOTUS Refusal To Hear Oil Majors' Jurisdiction Case "Like A Dam Breaking" After 6-Year Delay

Let's finish the Job-President Biden's re-election announcement

If Rip Van Winkle awoke today...

Tuesday TOONs - Cut The Anchor

It's pretty cold, this morning, so I wanted to check to see if the breakfast crowd had arrived

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/19/23

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 4/16-4/22/2023

The Rundown: April 25, 2023

Tucker Carlson puts his resume out there ...

Deep state finally cancels Tucker

How do you feel about Biden? "But his age" "I prefer a different candidate"

GM, Samsung plan new EV battery cell factory in US

Larry Sabato: Is Biden's Approval Rating Too Weak for Him to Win?

Pittsburghers. Can you recommend a good restaurant?

MIT: mobile vaccine printing to combat disease in remote places

5 things to know as E. Jean Carroll's civil trial begins against Donald Trump

Between July and September

Conceding missteps, College Board pledges to revise Black studies course

Do you want Joe Biden "To Finish The Job" ?

In Memoriam: So Many Lies, So Little Time

My theory on why Tucker was let go

7 arrested for protesting in support of Montana transgender lawmaker

🎵 My love is higher than the highest mountain ...

These are NOT normal times. When casual Democrats,

GM to end production of electric Chevy Bolt, its first mass-market EV, later this year

The Damned - Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow (This is reminiscent of the Moody Blues.)

Tucker fired a week after laughing at Twitter employees who got fired

How rich is that?

Gorsuch should resign with Thomas


Governor Newsom Announces $690 Million for Public Transportation Projects

I Don't Need No Doctor

In a historic first, Amazon drivers & dispatchers in Palmdale, CA have joined the #Teamsters

At a weekend school in Virginia, language classes serve a dual purpose for young Uyghurs.

Law firm head bought Gorsuch-owned property

"But his age," is disingenuous.

LGBTQ cowboys are proudly joining in on one of Texas' most famous traditions -- the rodeo.

Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries To Spearhead Effort To Flip New York House Seats

sonora morning temps check in.

LOL Тяцмp/Carlson Meme

Funny that nobody brings up Roooopert's age

Joe Biden Won on Normalcy. Will That Be Enough for Reelection?

Biden makes massive announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alliance's Aimenn Penny faces federal hate crime charge in church firebombing over drag event

Dark Brandon will be part of the Biden/Harris re-election campaign

Edward R. Murrow was born on this date.

Hunter Biden's Lawyers Demand Investigation Into MTG Leaking His Private Info - Farron Balanced

Middle Age Riot tweet (re: Tucker Carlson)


On April 23, 1951, Barbara Johns launched a student strike for equal education in Prince Edward Co.

Anyone own a Corolla Hybid!

On April 23, 1951, Barbara Johns launched a student strike for equal education in Virginia.

Harry Belafonte, 96, Dies; Barrier-Breaking Singer, Actor and Activist

A snapping turtle emerges from weeks of sleeping beneath a muddy lake that had dried up

Ella was born on this date.

Harry Belafonte has died at age 96

Harry Belafonte dead at 96.

Albert King was born on this date.

Has anyone converted a regular bicycle to an e-bike? I just want something with pedal assist n/t

Do you think there is life on other planets in the universe? I read a post on the main forum about

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 25, 2023

What are your feelings for 2024?

Kimberly Guilfoyle demonstrates her interviewing skills

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy, budgets, civics, and republicans....

How Biden has avoided a serious primary challenger

Harry Belafonte:

Rescue Wolf Kept Crying For His Mate...❤️

Bird was nearly put down because his owner passed away

Banning Diversity...To Increase Diversity?

University of Nebraska-Omaha students organize walk out on campus to support transgender rights

Why do the Republicans have a say, a veto really, on Democrats in committees?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 25, 2023

Chinese Province Goes Bankrupt China's Economy Lu Shaye Comments' Aftermath - China Update

DNC briefing on Biden announcement about to start...

Joke-Who is the Dairy Queen married to? the Burger King.

Jeffrey Sachs on China's "Historic" Push for Multipolar World to End U.S. Domination

This is E jean Carroll account of how trump raped her

EU hits Assad's cousins, militia leaders with sanctions over drug trade

Spotlight on China-Pak economic 'mistrust'; Terror attacks, financial woes dent cooperation - WION

So long, Mr. Belafonte.

Republican Governor Fires Education Director For Not Banning Anti Racism Training - Farron Balanced

Many did not want Biden in 2020

RIP, Harry Belafonte - Jamaica Farewell

Okay, I'm done reading about that prick getting fired.

Just read Tucker's spot is to be hosted by Brian Kilmeade come Monday.

Lol... one of the 2024 t-shirts being sold on

Some "buttons" don't work.

Do Fox viewers know Carlson has been fired? Nothing on website at all today.

Why Did Fox Fire Tucker Carlson? Far-Right Host Helped Fox Mainstream Hate, Conspiracies to Millions

The Ron DeSantis Bubble Deflates

Rank Choice Voting? Is it time in WI?

Lowly Heritage Foundation offers Tucker to "hold the ruling elite accountable "

US woman arrested in Sydney with golden gun in luggage

I'm ridin' with Biden! Let's finish this ride!

What Does Biden's Executive Order on Environmental Justice Mean for Frontline Communities?

Kremlin TV offers Tucker Carlson a job

A private Japanese firm will land a couple of robots on the Moon in about an hour

3:17 a.m.

TSA officers help save pilot's life at Richmond International Airport

A 13-year-old boy was groomed publicly on Twitter and kidnapped, despite numerous chances to stop it

Big layoffs coming at 3M

Proud Boys Tarrio turns on Trump in court.

Someone help me with this insane logic

Oh dear. Ember meant well, but.....

Rick Wilson warns that Tucker might actually end up running for president:

Private equity bought out to hospitals in low income area 404 page is genius

With Ron DeSantis traveling abroad... there is increasing chatter that TFG will visit Tallahassee...

Andrea Mitchell

I think most of the talk in the media about Biden's age and whatever percentage of whoever

Livestream: Japanese probe Hakuto-R landing on the Moon. In roughly 16 minutes.

Canada First Nations police murders: Darrell Night, who exposed Canada police freezing deaths scanda

Spaceship X explosion, such a successful success

The Daily Show's hilarious 70 seconds on Tucker. ⚠️ LANGUAGE ⚠️

Will Tucker Carlson Become Alex Jones? (The Atlantic, last night)

Regarding Gov GoGoBoots Orban - will he or won't he?

This probably would appeal to Fox News viewers

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 25, 2023)

80 is different in 2023 than in 1776

Fox News and a lesson for America.

A great performer has passed away.

Digital camera won't take a charge

There's been a poll circulating recently showing Biden in trouble against a Republican challenger

Anybody have any experience with PadSplit or similar?

Drug Testing Ahead ...

David Corn: Tucker Carlson's Long Con

Trump Skips His Own Trial

Tucker Carlson has become Voldemort as far a Fox Snooze is concerned

US consumer confidence falls for 3rd time in 4 months

One thing I always noticed about Tucker is that he never learned how to tie a Windsor knot

As Canton mill closure looms, Rep. Chuck Edwards seeks $9.8M in aid. Here's what it's for.

'Jesus Guns Babies' candidate celebrates GOP district takeover: 'The Lord wants to take Georgia back

Doctors and nurses of New York Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau brought to court today, 1929

Britons 'need to accept' they're poorer, says Bank of England economist

Comer threatens to subpoena Biden administration over Kerry documents

trump's E Jean Carroll trial - He once identified a photo of her as his second wife, Marla Maples!!!

Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries To Spearhead Effort To Flip New York House Seats

Panic at a basketball game in Mansfield Texas after reports of a man with a gun.

American arrested after Australian airport staff find 24-carat firearm

Do you like to go out to eat?

Live blog of E. Jean Carroll trial here ...

Rock The Bells and Live Nation Team for 'The F.O.R.C.E. (Frequencies of Real Creative Energy) Live'

Russian troops and Wagner mercenaries killed each other in a shootout after blaming each other for t

My Favorite Belafonte clip

Texas education board could ban textbooks that discuss gender identity under proposed bill

President Biden Delivers Remarks on Investing in America

Nate Silver Out -

Missouri House votes down bill to reinstate presidential primary

Elon Musk's Twitter Trolling Might Actually Be Violating A Federal Law - Ring of Fire

Mpox outbreak was wake-up call for smallpox preparation, vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic says

AZ: Cochise County ready to hire elections director who spread false claims of 2020 election rigging

Biden campaign announcement takes aim at Marjorie Traitor Greene

Hunter Biden demands ethics probe into Marjorie Taylor Greene

Nate Silver Out at ABC News as Disney Layoffs Once Again Hit News Division

TW ⚠️-- TEXAS: "Mass panic during a game in Mansfield today after a coach and parent got into it, one

Indiana bill requiring schools notify parents of transgender student requests heads to governor

TCM tonight:

No lies detected

Four More Years- BIDEN AND HARRIS 💙💙

In Oklahoma, a woman was told to wait until she's 'crashing' for abortion care

Total abortion ban to be heard by SC Senate could change landscape of abortions in South

Officials: Parents arrested after 'forcefully' tattooing their children

Utah Supreme Court hits the brakes on lawsuit over near-total abortion ban

McCarthy to Meet with Iowa Republicans

Removal of literary artwork from Wisconsin Center sparks backlash

Republican Party debates: "Nobody got MY approval"

Sigh....this isn't good

Ai could be used to review wonky/bad/terrible legislative actions.

Florida Surgeon General Altered Covid Vaccine Analysis

RNC responds with artificial intelligence, the only kind they can muster.

More sanctions for deadly fentanyl if bill wins passage

Tucker Carlson's Long Con

Harry Belafonte - Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

Bernie Sanders destroys Republicans over leaked recording - Brian Tyler Cohen

Chuck Woolery----MAGAT Central:

Conservative white privilege summed up in a sound byte.

Biden: Age Won't Stop Me - Luckovich Cartoon

Opening arguments about to start in Trump rape trial:

Scene from Carroll v. Trump jury selection: Judge asks whether any of the potential jurors believe

I will crawl through shards of glass to vote for Biden

A.I. Imagery May Destroy History As We Know It - Petapixel

Character in leadership doesn't seem to matter much among the religious and political far right.

Nate Silver out at 538! What a great week this is!

BLACKPINK Shares Heartfelt Thank You Note After Headlining Coachella: 'Still Feels Surreal'

Trump Hints He Might Skip Debates

The Damned - Alone Again Or (1987) ( Love cover)

"a wealth of experience in spreading manure" LOL

On April 24, 1936, actor/dancer/singer Tucker Smith was born.

MI: Livingston declares itself a 'Constitutional County' for gun rights

President Biden is, brick-by-brick, dismantling the RAY-gun "trickle-down" bullshit

Ex-Michigan House Speaker (R) admits accepting bribes to approve marijuana license

I will be very disappointed in our DOJ if Trump is not indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned

Bonus Quote of the Day

Pasco Uber Eats driver killed, dismembered while delivering to home in Holiday, sheriff says

LINCOLN MAYOR: Geist (R) and Gaylor Baird (D) talk abortion, policing in debate

A local band who almost made the "big time" -My Morning Jacket

Biden threatens to veto House GOP bill to raise debt ceiling, slash spending

Three takeaways from the heated Donna Deegan(D)-Daniel Davis (R) Jacksonville mayoral forum

Derek Green endorses Cherelle Parker in Philadelphia mayor's race

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Super PAC to stop spending on Jeff Brown's campaign

Cities, county look to step in after state balks on Blake bill

Cartoons 4/25/2023

Cabinet secretary visits Tulalip to listen to boarding school survivors

Comment: Climate denialism is dead; the foot-dragging isn't

'Wrong address' shootings reflect an armed paranoia

Please help with this little issue.

I haven't been on much lately, has anyone heard from Sheltie? nt

B.C. woman found guilty of assault after coughing at grocery store employee in early days of pandemi

A Test of the News: Objectivity, democracy, and the American mosaic

Retired NSA director won lucrative consulting deals with Saudis, Japan

Alabama and Mississippi whistle Dixie

Bobcat Prototype Arrives at National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum

Bobcat Prototype Arrives at National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum

How insecurity contributes to disenchantment with democracy (On Point audio episode)

Trump campaign's response to "Ridin' with Biden"

While Donald Trump is on trial for rape, President Joe Biden is on Air Force One. What a contrast be

I have gotten THREE calls from Medicare Advantage before noon today!!!!!!

Texas Ag Department Imposes 'Biological Gender' Dress Code on Employees

Per Bloomberg TV: Dorsey-Backed Bluesky stirs excitement as Musk's Twitter falters

AOL News--Exclusive: House lawmakers to introduce resolution for bold Ukraine victory terms

C-SPAN Caller Absolutely Annihilates Marjorie Taylor Greene And Kevin McCarthy - Ring of Fire

Moody's: GOP budget proposal would destroy the economy.

Lindsay Graham Throws a Tantrum After CNN Anchor Fact Checks Him on Abortion

"Go For Joe"

Loved you Harry B - you walked the walk.

Tim Mak is again reporting from Ukraine. He did the Dogs of War posts.

'My baby's not gonna make it and neither am I'; Women flee Okla. for life-saving abortions

Anyone know what the hold up is with Judicial confirmations?

Rep. Marjorie Traitor Greene Receives The Easiest Fact Check Of Her Life

More Harlan Crow news: Looks like Clarence Thomas needs to be investigated

Transgender Texans of all ages could lose access to transition-related care under Senate bill

Justin Jones to young Jewish admirers : "Tikkun Olam!"

Texas House votes to require panic buttons in every classroom and armed guards in every school

There is a reason "some" Democrats and Indies talk about wanting someone other than Pres Biden

U.S. House GOP plan would expand work requirements for food aid for older adults

The mirage of the 'reasonable Republican'

Elon Musk's "$10,000 Home" Is A Complete Lie

NC: Pornography, drag shows are focus of child obscenity bill debate

Insane Russia

Iowa Republicans Strip Away One of Last Checks on Their Power

Abby Grossberg is on Nicolle Wallace now n/t

Gov. DeSantis calls for Ukraine 'cease-fire'

Describe your perfect date...

Who Are The Gilead Wives Club Women?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who's next at Fox and 1980s action movies....

Here is something you've never heard of but probably are exposed to every day

About these polls pitting President Biden vs. "a generic Republican".

Lately when I hear MAGA Conman Thomas' Name I put this song on immediately

Biden-Harris and 2024 competitive Democratic Senator donation links

Love this photo. Tennessee 3 in the WH with POTUS and Veep

Ohio Republicans attacking voters seem to believe citizens are stupid, ignorant, and over-emotion

11 percent of local election officials say it's likely they'll quit before 2024 vote: survey

My favorite Harry Belafonte song:

No idea what I will do

PA House Dems Advance Bill Protecting LGBTQ Pennsylvanians From Discrimination

My favorite Harry Belafonte memory.

Harry Belafonte - Hava Nagila

Molly Jong-Fast: The Republican Agenda Is One Bad Idea After Another

Rozzi urges Pa. Senate to pass standalone survivors' amendment

Rupert's Son James Tells Dad To Sell Fox News After Tucker Carlson Firing

Bonnie Raitt--One Part Be My Lover

I regret that Harry Belafonte had to witness Trump, and Trumpism, in America

NE: Callers challenge Pillen about his support for bill banning gender-affirming care

Montana House cancels after rally for transgender lawmaker

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's endorsing Biden for reelection

There's too much news right now.

Tacopina doesn't waste a fucking SECOND in his race to smear E Jean Carroll at the trial.

Bipartisan former Ohio governors against raising constitutional threshold to 60% and August vote

Johnson says he doesn't trust FDA on abortion drug

Tucson's only daily newspaper lays off 25% of newsroom staff.

Missouri AG drops out of gambling case after taking donations from companies suing state

Childcare expenses could be paid for with campaign funds under new Michigan bills

Russian State Television offers a job to Tucker Carlson

Bernie Sanders endorses Biden

The NEW and improved Monsutahantā 𝗬𝘂𝗶

TN: Republicans demand release of shooter's manifesto before special session

Manchin threatens to back repeal of major climate and tax measure over Biden's energy policies

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Mattel introduces first Barbie doll representing a person with Down syndrome

British American Tobacco to pay $635m for North Korea sanctions breaches

Lisa went home today 😕

Good News- Tick F*cking Tock

Florida GOP set to remove hurdle to DeSantis White House bid

How many people are active, regular users of Democratic Underground? Thanks

Changes planned for College Board's Black history class

Changes planned for College Board's Black history class


I suppose we should be shocked

Liberal Redneck - Tucker's Out, Biden's In

Bernie Sanders endorses Biden, rules out 2024 bid of his own

Taliban kills ISIS-K leader behind 2021 Afghanistan airport attack that left 13 Americans dead

Feds: Man tried to firebomb Ohio church to stop drag show

Feds: Man tried to firebomb Ohio church to stop drag show

A Brief Guide to Jonathan Mitchell, the Forrest Gump of the Conservative Culture Wars

I applied to vote absentee today

Judge makes thinly-veiled attempt to silence Trump during rape trial, ...

Losing track of all the cases against Trump? Here's why E. Jean Carroll's is so damning

"It wasn't inflation. It wasn't labor cost. It is 100% corporate greed."

The Last Campaign of Joe Biden's Life Has Begun

ITS back!!! THE great JAGRAS hunt!! MHW

Here is the line Tacopina will pounce on once the trial is past opening statements.

Ted Cruz is in big trouble - new audio

Four Seasons Total Landscaping refuses to hire Tucker Carlson 😂

Jefferson & Lincoln w/ 2 warnings about checks/balances-upsetting power of judicial review by SCOTUS

DURBIN says Chief Justice Roberts has declined to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee...

yikes! man calls Hakeem Jeffries a "Goddamn airhead"

Biden's 2024 optimism began with the crashing of the 'red wave' mirage

If Ted doesn't finger Paul gosar, Hawley and the other j6 congress

Holy smokes, DU!! Ari is shredding Ted Cruz! Right now!!

What Does Ted Cruz say in the Audio?

Tucker Carlson leaves a toxic legacy at Fox News. What's next?

Geez, that Bourbon and Coke sure took the edge off.

SpaceX Starship explosion spread particulate matter for miles

Woman with Cancerous Pregnancy Was Told to Wait in Parking Lot Until She Was 'Crashing'

More peonies happening

Abby Grossberg's lawyer just confirmed to Ari that Jack Smith's office

Needs verification, but, oh what a great week if true:

But who will think of the dogs??!?!

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgewick anti-drag dance goes viral

Sanders forgoes 2024 bid, endorses Biden

It's Time for the Senate Plotters

Abbeville Co. National Forest Dove Field

Some blunt hard-edged truth we dare not ignore:

Caught helicopter, just before osprey pair flew over!!!

Police say Oklahoma tragedy was an octuple murder-suicide

"There's a man goin' 'round takin' names---"

Tucker Carlsons Prayer Talk May Have Led to Fox News Ouster "That Stuff Freaks Rupert Out"

Texas Senate advances bill to create 'election marshals.'

If the Cruz tapes came from Abby Grossberg,

Kemp will skip this year's GOP convention

'Fish or cut bait': Judge tells Trump's lawyer to decide if he's testifying in E. Jean Carroll case

Abby Grossberg: Tucker Carlson made 'my life a living hell' - Deadline - MSNBC

Republicans' election scheme backfires on them - Brian Tyler Cohen

Everyone is invited to the Cocoa Beach Florida Airshow Gallery

Florida's killer clown case finally ends with plea deal

The Daily Show: Pete Buttigieg & Desi Talk Infrastructure, Culture Wars, and What "Woke" Means

These Texans Are Taking On Powerful Fossil Fuel Interests. They Might Win. - More Perfect Union implores FBI to investigate multistate plot to access & copy voting system

Make the Soviet Union great again! - Break the Fake - TVP World

Could it be that those who care about things like your skin color, who you love, the name of your

Meanwhile, across the pond,

FTC, DOJ, CFPB and EEOC today: There is no AI exemption to the laws on the books

Kate Bedingfield, Biden's former WH communication director

The unfulfilled promises of financial regulation

Trump hints he could skip Republican presidential debates

Florida State Guard could triple in size, gain military police-like arm

Opening statements conclude in Trump's trial over E. Jean Carroll's rape allegation

Generative AI needs more than a light touch

Tenant bill of rights ordinances in FL on the verge of elimination

Sunset, southern MD 4/25

Are influential anti-DEI Trumpers trying to turn PA into Florida?

Sudan fighting brings "huge biological risk" as lab holding samples of deadly diseases occupied, WHO

Tucker Carlson's departure won't change Fox News