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Tucker Carlson's first job application rejection ...

"You better stop, children! What's that sound? Everybody look, what's goin' down"--- in Florida!

GOP's 'anti-woke' panic is turning off voters: strategist

Trump Is Still Praising Bloodthirsty Dictators - Ring of Fire

Inslee signs ban on sales of dozens of semi-automatic rifles

Ruby Ruby

'MAGA movement' widely unpopular, new poll finds

TRIAL UNDERWAY in the WORST Case Against Trump Yet - Talking Feds

NY's minimum wage could increase to $17. Progressives want it higher.

NJ: Sayreville official wants Attorney General to investigate slain councilwoman's death

Fla Senate set Wednesday to revise the "resign and run" law to smooth the way for DeSatan

NYC Council Member James Gennaro is endorsing RFK Jr. for president

Here's what happened on the first day of the rape allegation civil trial against Trump - CNN

Tuberville blocks Warren's attempt to begin advancing 184 military promotions

New York City Council progressives call for rent freeze

There might be a grand jury in Michigan probing plots to seize voting machines in 2020

i WANTED TO SAY something to Joe Biden ,,.

Thinking about why Stand Your Ground is no more than legalized vigilantism.

As Joe Biden launches 2024 bid, don't underestimate his chances

Trump furious he wasn't consulted about GOP debates so he's going to take his ball and go home

Republicans Make TOTAL FOOLS of Themselves on LIVE TV - Meidas Touch

De Blasio presidential campaign fined for financial errors

In the E Jean Carroll trump trial will

PM Update: Not as chilly tonight, and near 70 Wednesday

Putting the puzzle pieces together.

Tobacco giant to pay $635m for selling to North Korea

Cleta Mitchell says she never saw any proof that there was voter fraud with the voting machines

Ex-producer says Tucker Carlson told her to threaten Republican officials: 'We will destroy you'

Fox Has a Secret 'Oppo File' to Keep Tucker Carlson in Check, Sources Say

Hear indicted Trump aide caught on tape blasting 'criminal' Trump colleagues - The Beat - MSNBC

Montana House cancels Tuesday floor session as leadership considers response to Zephyr protests

All these cows come running when she starts to sing!

Police: Man tried to steal Bremerton fast ferry for upcoming 'revolution'

I can't stand the Lume commercials.

Who would replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House?

Last Week in that Sick Filthy Joke of a right wing Party

Place your bets

Supreme Court to hear Minnesota property seizure case

Ron DeSantis blasted by Ft. Lauderdale residents for not surveying flood damage

Hear Ted Cruz caught on tape plotting 'step two' of Jan. 6 Coup - The Beat - MSNBC

Chief Justice Roberts Declines Senate Request To Testify On Judicial Ethics

Thomas Helped Kill Eviction Ban Threatening Benefactor's Business

Sun SET, and moon will set @ 12:55 a.m.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

An AI Scraping Tool Is Overwhelming Websites With Traffic (Vice)

Reports of Bud Light's demise greatly exaggerated, experts say

Colorado becomes 1st to pass 'right to repair' for farmers

Posted without comment. CNN 9:00 hour: Schmerconish interviewing Matt Gaetz. N/T

Heat on Fox: DOJ's Jack Smith pursues tapes about Jan. 6 - The Beat - MSNBC

GM is discontinuing Chevrolet Bolt

Scoop? Tucker was sacked because he thought he was bigger than Fox.

So Netflix is ending the DVD rentals

Are we going to see a Governor on the 2028 Democratic Ticket? If so, who is it likely to be?

Exclusive: Putin's plans to keep the Baltics in check

Can you pass the history exam?

Tweet of the Day

Why a Debt Ceiling Bill That Will Never Become Law Has Kevin McCarthy Sweating

Inside The Battle For North Dakota's Bookshelves

Woman who nearly died from an infection after an incomplete abortion on why access is so important

NE: Gov. Jim Pillen signs bill for concealed carry of handguns without permit or training

Biden '24 ads start tomorrow

ICYMI in 2017: The two expat bros who terrorized women correspondents in Moscow.

Republicans attack Biden with a fully AI-generated ad

Who the he!! is Abby Grossberg? (Too many characters to keep straight.)

Yuck. First DeSantis for POTUS ad here in Central WI

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump refusing the debates....

Tucker's firing shows being a 'misogynistic, bullying menace' may backfire - All In - MSNBC

Blind dog had the worst start to life. He refused to accept that.

If you recognize any of these 32 pictures, you are old!

Daughter of jailed Russian opposition figure speaks on his possible new charges - CNN

Shasta County politician backed by Mike Lindell may be in trouble

'Stuffed Cabbage Soup' from Easier Eats

Kevin McCarthy plan to UNLEASH HELL on America finally EXPOSED

Trial begins in Trump rape-defamation lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll - All In - MSNBC

Remember the video inside the Senate chambers during the insurrection....?

My son is 33 years old today-Legacy of an Adopted Child. Happy 33rd Birthday TJ

Lawrence must be sick or overseas

Bernie Sanders Endorses Biden for Re-Election

Jack Smith has been quiet and damn busy. Will he suspend work during campaign season?

Fox Has 'Oppo File' to Keep Tucker Carlson in Check

25 Apr: Wagners betrayed. Friendly forces abandoned flanks. - Reporting from Ukraine

What happens to the Jan6th video with Tucker out

Markey calls for Clarence Thomas to resign: 'reputation is unsalvageable'

'True American legend': Harry Belafonte dies at 96 - All In - MSNBC

Florida Republicans Pull a Fast One on Their Own Voters

GOP's 'anti-woke' panic is turning off voters: strategist

New Lawsuit Spells MORE DOOM for Fox after Tucker Firing - Meidas Touch

Pleasant Green: Facebook Air Duct Cleaning Scam Exposed!

Lukashenko regime clamps down - Eastern Express - TVP World

Tucker Carlson, Fox hit with brutal news on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

I hope this is the right house

Anyone get text messages from the USPS?

Russia's new foreign policy. Analysis. TVP World

See how Russian media depicts former Fox host Tucker Carlson - CNN

Florida Sen. on DeSantis: 'People see this extremism is not helping anyone' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Immigrants, taxes, terrorists...what does the GQP always run on?

Man using leaf blower shot in the head, killed by neighbor in Northern Illinois

So, the Jan 6 videos of the insurrection

What to do about a corrupt, authoritarian Supreme Court?

Biden's 'optimistic view of country' a plus for re-election bid: NBC News White House Correspondent

Russia has attempted to forge a coalition between Germany's far-left and the far-right

JENNIE - 'You & Me'

The Daily Show: Tucker Carlson Fired for Using "C-word" & Biden Announces Re-Election Bid

Home Made Kazoku - Hands up

Biden is right. We're still fighting a battle for the soul of America.

Black Sea grain deal not working for Moscow, Kremlin says - Al Jazeera

Tokyo company loses contact with moon lander in likely crash

Since the Entertainment/Music Appreciation forum is down (for me).....

Home Made Kazoku - Freedom

a tribute to Harry Belafonte

Rethugs (the RNC) are using AI to generate attack adverts on Biden (as predicted)

Jason Whitlock has equated the firing of Carlson from Fox News as "an attack on God."

Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan

Meeting with Adam Frisch tomorrow.

My calico cat Charlotte has a problem.

The Daily Show: How to Make It to the Top of Corporate America with Desi Lydic

Devin Nunes suffers defeat as Trump-appointed judge tosses latest libel suit because it's true

Henry Thomas - Going up Country (1928)

What if Russians Turn on Putin - The Infographics Show

GOP-led Florida House panel approves subpoenas to groups supporting gender-affirming care

Pro-choice issue in one brilliant sentence:

Texas Ag Department Imposes 'Biological Gender' Dress Code on Employees

Warren rips Tuberville holding U.S. military hostage with anti-abortion agenda - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

adjacent shared wall neighbor calls cops on "black man sneaking in the bushes"

BRICS Draws Membership Bids From 19 Nations Before Summit

Kimmel: Trump's Ridiculous New Book of Letters, Tucker "Blindsided" by Fox News Firing & Outrage

Seth Meyers - President Biden Announces He Will Run for a Second Term - Monologue 4/25/23

Are you dealing with Trump/MAGA related anxiety that you've been trying to overcome....but haven't?

Did E.Jean Carroll get to see Donnie's Tidie Whites ??? Was he dressed like this ??

Why TF did I just see a presidential HGTV ad for DeSantis?

Harry Belafonte - Matilda (1966) Live

Scrapper Blackwell - Down and Out

Should Fox News now be afraid of Tucker Carlson? - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Is the Music Appreciation forum shut down? Cannot access. nt

Danny Kaye & Harry Belafonte sing 'Hava Nagila' 1965

3,300-year-old ancient Egyptian tombs and chapel with 'amazing' decorations unearthed at Saqqara

Gorsuch joins Supreme Court scandal parade, Roberts gaslights on 'ethics principles' - Alex Wagner

Florida 'Killer clown' murder suspect pleads guilty in 33-year-old case

Has anyone heard from Packman that posted "Dis & Dat"?...

Adam Schiff tweet on Gorsuch real estate sale:

It's been over 4 years since I've written a check or used a stamp to mail something.

Tweet from President Obama about Harry Belafonte

OMFG...AND great on the Governor of Washington State

(Jewish Group) Twitter Antisemitism 'Skyrocketed' Since Elon Musk Takeover--Jewish Groups

This meme should be spread around:

(Jewish Group) New series about the Anne Frank story is under attack by antisemitic trolls, creators

Fmr. Prosecutor: Trump faces 'tough odds' in civil rape trial - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Manhattan prosecutors ask judge to limit Trump's ability to publicize information about his criminal

Waxing Crescent Moon

Tomorrow at 1 PM the Montana House will vote to discipline Zooey Zephyr

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about true propaganda....

Bernie Sanders endorses Biden, rules out 2024 run.

White House: McCarthy's debt limit hostage-taking could have 'extreme' consequences - The Last Word

Rene & Angela - 'Your Smile'

Clarence Thomas wants a man executed before DNA testing is done

Danny Kaye & Harry Belafonte sing 'Hava Nagila' 1965

Ted Lieu FTW

Fact check: Trump, in 2023, tells a new lie about the 2020 election

'Fear and shame': Donald Trump faces rape allegation as trial begins

Virginia considers private prison contract renewal despite $4.3 million in breaches

Nebraska AG's opinion says abortion bill wouldn't put doctors at risk of a crime

Bette Midler FTW over Elon Musk

Rep. Clyburn: Biden wants to make America great for everyone - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Wednesday Digit: 7/10 - A few more degrees than Tuesday make for a quality spring day,

Love this photo...

Josh Shapiro of PA is the perfect Governor to be on the 2028 Democratic Ticket.

Colombia deports Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido to Miami

Neighborhood fights Haiti gangs after vigilante killings

AZ-SEN: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Spends Campaign Funds on High-End Wines, Food, Travel: Report

Peru: Egregious Abuses by Security Forces

Trump committed treason and will try again. He must be barred from running

Fulton County DA Gets MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in Trump Criminal Investigation - Meidas Touch

Please do a quick search for and read an article by El Faro I haven't been able to post for 2 days:

I Don't Always Drink

Harry Belafonte and The Muppets - Earth Song (short version)

GOP concocts fictional Biden apocalypse to campaign against; Biden celebrates freedom - Alex Wagner

Costa Rican Government Proposes Spouse Permission for Abortion

OPINION / POLITICS: Honduras' Tax Bill Is Tough on Exemptions. The US Government Should Applaud It

Portugal should apologise, confront for its past role in slave trade, says president

A Latin woman is president Joe Biden's reelection campaign manager

National battle over abortion rights faces test in Oregon Legislature

Comprehensive review of how U.S. handled pandemic lays out lessons learned - PBS NewsHour

4/25: CBS News Prime Time

Authorities Find 8 Bodies in Mexican Resort of Cancun

Biden takes aim at 'MAGA Republicans' in 2024 re-election campaign video - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Young people turn local seaweed problem into a resource

Neo-Nazi gang aims to make New England a white ethnostate: report

Monica Simpson on abortion bans and those seeking to retain power - One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

is it technicly feasable for a bill collector robo call to take total control of

Hunter Biden Sends POWERFUL MESSAGE to Marjorie Taylor Greene - Meidas Touch

I just woke from a dream in which Jordan Peterson replaced Tucker Carlson on Fox

Trump faces civil trial in rape and defamation case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll - PBS NewsHour

The underperforming San Diego Padres

Late-night hosts roast Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon - Washington Post

New SECRET WEAPON to stop latest Republican Schemes SURGES into spotlight

Commercial lunar lander presumed lost after historic moon landing attempt

Breakfast Wednesday 26 April 2023

Wordle 676 4/26 ***Spoiler Thread***

I love "let's finish the job"! It's a campaign slogan to work with!

Charlotte has died...

A creature of SNOW and Ice - MHW

The Democratic nominee for the 2024 US Senate Election in MD and VT if Cardin and Sanders retire.

MI: Assistant prosecutor (D) in Washtenaw County announces run for Macomb County prosecutor

Ukraine Crosses the Dnipro: Has the Counter-Offensive Already Begun? - TLDR News EU

Star Wars: Bonus Tweet of the Day

WA bans sale of AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles, effective immediately


Schaudenfreudegasm: Fox has secret oppo file on Tucker (Rolling Stone)

Buff-winged Starfrontlet (Ecuador)

The hot new pitch that's sweeping across the Majors


Senate Democrat unveils bill aimed to end tactic of judge-shopping to block federal policies

Seth Meyers - Guest Rep. Katie Porter

Town forces argumentative parents to be umpires at Little League games

She got $0 from condo sale. Supreme Court weighs fairness

Wednesday TOONs - Off To The Races

Another Venice painting

Judge tosses Devin Nunes' libel suit: 'objectively true' family farm used undocumented migrants

To those Republicans ...

Michigan GOP faces existential crisis: 'The state party is dead'

UK blocks Microsoft $69 bln Activision deal over cloud gaming concerns

John Flannery (you'll recognize him from Ari's show) on Biden's announcement to run again...

'Immense And Needless Suffering': Idaho's Abortion Ban Is Creating A Crisis Of Care

Hardiness Zone Shifts Well Underway, Along With Big Shifts For Where Keystone Tree Species Will Grow

John Flannery (you'll recognize him from Ari's show) on Biden's announcement to run again...

Spain Projecting 40C This This Week, Record For April; Now In Year 3 Of Drought

BREAKING NEWS! (Tongue-In-Cheek News) in a joint press release, SCOTUS Justices Thomas

"Union busting" bill opposed by Indiana teachers heads to governor's desk

U.S. to send nuclear submarines in new pledge to protect South Korea from North's threats

Canadian actor dies after surgeries to look like South Korean star Jimin

Property Insurers Retreat From Texas Coast; GQP Rep Wants To Eliminate State's Last-Resort Coverage

'Good riddance': Pentagon officials cheer Tucker Carlson's ouster

Washington Post: The 'no mow' movement could transform our lawns

My dividend in community solar went up, saved me over $40 this month on my electric bill

The kidcats were out of control, this morning!!

Pope allows women to vote at upcoming bishops' meeting

World Penguin Day 2023

7X4 Mile Glacier Calves In East Antarctica; Austral Fall & Still No Sea Ice Around Thwaites Glacier

The Blues

subpoena roberts

The Weekly Pull: Green Arrow, Sins of Sinister: Dominion, Killadelphia, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (4/26/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #230: Blink and You'll Miss it (4/24/23)

The Rundown: April 26, 2023

The Child Worker Who Feeds You

free comic book day is on May 6th this year...

Also, Happy Aliens day! LV-426.

Joe Biden Is Old. Get Over It. (David Rothkopf at the Daily Beast - great pro-Biden piece)

Asa Hutchinson to formally launch 2024 campaign in Arkansas

Exclusive: Peter Thiel, Republican megadonor, won't fund candidates in 2024 - sources

something christians need to think about when they die

The conman doesn't want to partake in gop primary debates

Tucker Carlson's firing ripped a hole in the far-right media's heart

BTRTN: Hey, Dominion! Here's How to Really Nail Fox News.

BTRTN: Hey, Dominion! Here's How to Really Nail Fox News.

Freeper tells his true thoughts:

Day Two of Tucker Schadenfreude is going great!

Exclusive: Peter Thiel, Republican megadonor, won't fund candidates in 2024 - sources

qPublicans generate Ridiculous Fake AI anti Biden Ad based on Fake Fear.

The Bloated Orange Degenerate: "Tucker's been Terrific"

Thousands could have paychecks cut under Florida House plan

There are "unsung heroes" in all our lives.

Joint' venture: Ben from Ben & Jerry's starts pot nonprofit

Russia's Navalny, ex-mayor face charges in latest dissent crackdown

Gaetz made it clear that Kev would be kissing his ass. Message received by smoochy Kev.

I wonder how much money Harlan Crow gave to support the J-6th attempted coup via Ginni Thomas?

House GOP strikes final-hour deal on debt plan

California's caste bias bill clears first legislative hurdle

Greenberg Traurig -- the firm whose CEO Gorsuch secretly sold property to 9 days after getting confi

People protesting the Willow project have shut down the northbound George Washington Parkway.

Bipartisan group asks Biden to fast-track federal funds for high-speed train between LA and Vegas

Inspirational. I hope Mr Jones is destined for great things. Who knows, maybe President someday.

Atlanta shuts down strategic park in 'Cop City' protest movement

As a proud Italian-American, Tacopina's "OH! FUGGEDABOUDIT" cartoon mob-speak sickens me.

So the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,

Montana transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr faces censure or expulsion

Montana transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr faces censure or expulsion

Bud Light fumbles, but experts say inclusive ads will stay

Elon Musk's exploding rocket offers a superb symbol of MAGA's current fortunes

UPDATED - SEA/SEIU 1984 will NOT endorse Joe Biden

On this day, April 26, 1942, Bobby Rydell was born.

National Cornbread Festival (and recipes at link!) April 29-30

The long and winding road to justice...

Sen. Tuberville blocks 184 military promotions over abortion fight

News & Commentary April 20, 2023

Nazis coming in back door

Tucker and the Tapes

The criminal trials with this guy are gonna be a real hoot.

Mattel introduces first Barbie with Down syndrome

Anyone got any 411 on Turtle McConnell?

"Alphahol" (satire ad)

Got an idea on the nomination of lifetime appointment judges by the president

Creep vs. Creep. Still demanding "loyalty". Just like any Cult.

Various forms of Synesthesia

Special Counsel Jack Smith Gets MOST POWERFUL Evidence Yet

Powerful Iranian cleric killed in attack at bank

I wonder if there is any level on which Kari Lake actually "gets" it.


Trump seems to be handling the rape case well.

UK government funded anti-LGBTQ+ organisation in Uganda, says report

I am very pleased to see that Big GHretch is Biden's campaign co-chair.

I wear my sunglasses at night

On this day, April 26, 1944, in Chicago, the US government took over retail giant Montgomery Ward.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 26, 2023

Parrots video calls improves their loneliness and mental health

A good link for updates on E Jean Carroll case in the courtroom

Quite the co-inky-dink. The "deep state" and people Trump wants "retribution" for are the same

House Republican deficit hawks don't want to cop to Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand Tax Cuts For Millionaires

"Sing Your Song": Remembering Harry Belafonte, Who Used His Fame to Help MLK & Civil Rights Movement

Andrew Wortman @AmoneyResists BREAKING:@tedcruz has been caught on tape conspiring

Amazon starts layoffs impacting HR and cloud units: Read the memos announcing the cuts

Arizona county hires conspiracy theory-spouting election denier as elections supervisor.

Exclusive: Peter Thiel, Republican megadonor, won't fund candidates in 2024 - sources

Review of Ireland's abortion laws recommends adjustments

Republicans say, fuck you, what are you gonna do about it?

How would Americans seeking asylum abroad be greeted

Kremlin warns of more asset seizures after move against Fortum and Uniper


Harry Belafonte in His Own Words on Opposing Iraq War & Calling George W. Bush a "Terrorist"

Indiana Bill Criminalizing Librarians Revived - again.

Clarence Thomas Meme

McGovern to McCarthy: "Your problem with this bill was that it didn't screw people fast enough"

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is upset about Tucker's firing. For some reason.

Okay, who did this..!! 🤣🤣🤣

2023 Hillman Prize winners announced

How to Claim Your Share of Facebook's $725 Million Privacy Settlement

Kevin Sorbo takes on BlackRock for its ownership of so much of Dominion.

"Get Down to Business": Harry Belafonte in 2016 on Trump, Socialism & Fighting for Justice

Penetrated by an Arrogant Disgusting Beast in a Dressing Room without her Consent.

Singapore executes man for helping buy 2 pounds of cannabis

tiedrich on substack: "E. Jean Carroll is a boss"

Democrats need to stand up and put an end to this ridiculous nonsense.

Ex-Tucker Producer Suing Fox News Has NINETY Recordings

Tooth Pari -- A different kind of vampire series.

Tooth Pari -- A different kind of vampire series.

Disney sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, alleges political effort to hurt its business

House to debate debt ceiling bill as GOP confronts last-minute holdouts

Trump campaign aims for the solar plexus.

First Biden campaign ad on the air

Systemic dysfunction on display: 1 senator, 1 judge can bring it all to a screeching stop

Tucker Carlson's ex-booker alleges she experienced bullying and sexism at Fox

New bill would require Supreme Court to create a code of conduct amid recent controversies

This is amusing, but I am too hearing impaired to hear what they are saying:

TCM tonight:

New bill would require Supreme Court to create a code of conduct amid recent controversies

Black parents seek schools affirming their history amid bans

Top secret information is 'like toilet paper' at the Pentagon, says the Vietnam War whistleblower

She Had $2,300 in Unpaid Taxes. The County Bilked Her for $25,000.

Proud Boys Jan. 6 trial in hands of jury weighing conspiracy

Disney Sues DeSantis Over Control of Its Florida Resort

America's Fox News Looks A Lot Like Hungary's State Media


Climate activists blocked inbound rush hour traffic into Washington DC this morning.

Trick or treat!

Spa day:

Mo-Ron Johnson says climate change will be good for the U.S. because it will be less cold

US to dock nuclear subs in SKorea for 1st time in 40 years

It's been a few years since I shared any Emily Wolfe music

As you might expect, today's testimony is especially graphic

Gawd! I just went on Huffpost

Shelter dog thanks his adopter:

How to get a 5-star rating for your AirBnB:

Trump zeroes in on a key target of his 'retribution' agenda: Government workers

The human cost of McCarthy's debt ceiling demands would be catastrophic

Cat sqared:

King County Crisis Care Levy passing in first election results

This reminds me of that penguin gif:

A little Americana. Friday Night Lights

'We need your voice': Kari Lake begs Tucker Carlson to 'break the terms' of his Fox News contract

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 26, 2023)

Now the kidcats are REALLY out of control!

Selling AR-15-Style Rifles Is Now Banned in 9 States

Judge chides Trump for calling rape trial "made up SCAM" on social media

Mama Lab gets zoomies as she invites her puppies to play:

Thousands could have paychecks cut under Florida House plan

At last we know why...

Border Collie vs Husky:

Jury deliberating proud boys seditious conspiracy case. MSNBC

"He admits it": Ted Cruz describes "step two" of Jan. 6 plot in new leaked recording

Has America Reached its Limit?

Can everybody just please look at this Harpy Eagle:

Disney sues DeSantis and oversight board after vote to nullify agreement with special taxing distric

Here's how Tucker Carlson, not just Trump, damaged conservatism

Three high school seniors arrested after fatal rock-throwing incident just outside Denver

His arrival was foretold by the ancient murals:

Let's talk about Cruz, a recording, and a commission....

DeSantis Fight with Disney Not Very Popular

Water fountain:

Pinellas group to teach Black history as Florida limits lessons on race

Emotional support dogs try really, really hard to support their person:

For the Murdochs, Tucker Carlson became more trouble than he was worth

Montana Republicans Want In On That 'Expel Democrats' Thing That Worked So Well For Tennessee

Why are 300,000 coming to KCMO for NFL draft?

MAGA Movement Is Widely Unpopular

Walter Matthau calls Tucker's next career move

The tiniest nest:

Okay, AI has its charms. Behold, the drag show of your dreams...

North Dakota Bans Trans People From Restrooms In State Facilities - Signed by Gov Burgum

Hello, neighbor!

Special Counsel Wants Fox News Audiotapes

Looking for a Mother's Day gift they'll never forget getting from you?

Horse enjoys breakfast in bed:

Florida Amendment Would Pave the Way for DeSantis Presidential Run

Bannon associate Brian Kolfage sentenced to more than four years for Trump border wall fraud

Newborn elephant struggles with his first steps:

Big Money Donors Rally Behind Biden

DU Finally Celebrates Corporations Having Constitutional Rights!

Elephant learning to play drums:

"I'm a baby too!"

Shitbags arrested after Colorado woman killed by rock thrown through windshield, officials say

E. Jean Carroll: "I'm here because Donald Trump raped me."

Florida bills open the door to demolishing iconic Miami Beach and Key West sites

John Stewart on Crossfire with Carlson & Begala 2004

SpaceX wins approval to add fifth U.S. rocket launch site

E. Jean Carroll has Taken the Stand

Has Willie GEIST said anything about CARLSON? He was *ucker's ex-producer on MSNBC yrs ago

'DONE WITH FOX': Right-wing pundits, politicians, and influencers (and Glenn Greenwald) rage against

Manhattan DA asks court to order Trump to keep evidence confidential

Eagles named after farmers on Underground Railroad

Osprey on owl box, amidst branches and twigs,

An oldie:-'All Men Are Liars' by Nick Lowe.

Plattsmouth book ban

Cornyn & Cruz couldn't bother to show up for woman's testimony regarding abortion ban harms

Cartoons 4/26/2023

OK, I just opened a package of Chip Ahoy, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brier, Mountlake Terrace voters back joining South County Fire

Louisiana high school senior awarded record-breaking $9M in scholarships, 125 college offers

Report: Almost half of households in Sarasota-Manatee region live paycheck-to-paycheck

Snohomish County receives an F on air quality report card

Ever notice how some folks seem to always manage to scowl in print? No matter what they are

Harrop: Don't let Trump fool you; this abortion mess is all his

Incels Melt Down After One of Them Gets Laid: 'This Is the Equivalent of Lebron Retiring'

Texas department implements gender-based dress code

Tulalip and Swinomish tribal member set out to document Native Americans from 562 recognized tribes.

Biden's economy is pretty good; you just don't know it

Roy Wood Jr. Uses His BB&B Coupons While He Can The Daily Show

Increasing flood of guns isn't making anyone feel safe

Gun Acculturation

Biden casts himself as defender of freedom in 2024 ad pitch

Mayor Marries 16-year-old Teen and Promotes Mother-in-Law to Secretary of Culture in Paran

China's Xi speaks with Zelensky for first time since Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Invasive species hitching ride on plastic trash patches

Ukraine's Zelensky holds first war phone call with China's Xi - BBC News

S7:E15 (The GOP; Losing Women Over Abortion Policy)

Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba - My Angel (Malaika) and others

Affordable housing project in U District moves forward

Tesla Broke U.S. Labor Law by Silencing Workers, Official Rules

MTG walking her dog

Fox agrees to give more Murdoch docs to Smartmatic in its defamation case

Kamala Harris opens 2024 campaign with fiery speech on abortion rights

My affectionate cat Charlotte has died.

Russia's seizure of two foreign firms' assets is a warning shot to the West

The end of coding as we know it: ChatGPT has come for software developers (Insider)

Taylor Greene Has A Meltdown After Biden Calls Her Out

The law often shields police officers from accountability -- and reinforces policing that harms

White Elephant

Judge rebukes Trump for 'entirely inappropriate' post before E Jean Carroll testimony

Disney files federal lawsuit against Ron DeSantis in dramatic escalation

Elizabeth Holmes, Theranous fraudster, wins right to remain free while her appeal is processed

As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School

And here it is: The most ludicrous take on Musk's "Twitter Blue" debacle.

Of course she could give a flying "F" that her husband was fired.

The Dobbs Decision Could Erode Other Women's Rights--Making the ERA More Important Than Ever

The Dobbs Decision Could Erode Other Women's Rights--Making the ERA More Important Than Ever

The Dobbs Decision Could Erode Other Women's Rights--Making the ERA More Important Than Ever

Mattel introduces first Barbie doll representing a person with Down syndrome

Predators are targeting seniors and disabled again.

The Senate Must Recognize the ERA to Protect Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

The Senate Must Recognize the ERA to Protect Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

The Senate Must Recognize the ERA to Protect Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

A Far-Right Moms Group Is Terrorizing Schools in the Name of Protecting Kids

The Novocain is finally wearing off! I hate going to the

Woman suing Texas for abortion ban calls out Sens. Cruz, Cornyn: 'I nearly died on their watch'

County GOP passes resolution condemning same-sex marriage

US Supreme Court hearing arguments Wednesday in woman's lawsuit against Hennepin County

GOP governor candidate called LGBTQ+ people "filth" & "demonic"

Minneapolis woman's home seized by county; US Supreme Court to hear arguments Wednesday

updated Joke

Transphobes freak out as trans woman comes in 6160th place in London Marathon

The climactic guitar battle from the movie "Crossroads" (1986).

Biden Casts Himself as Defender of Freedom

Let me make this pellucidly clear - For members of the patriarchy and white supremacists

Steve Bannon's business partner Brian Kolfage sentenced to prison term in Build the Wall scam

Max Tegmark: The 'Don't Look Up' Thinking That Could Doom Us With AI (Time magazine, 4/25/2023)

The Climate Crisis Is Also a Subjectivity Crisis, Says Indigenous Artist Gustavo Caboco

What's the difference between these two photos?

E Jean Carroll judge is about fed up

Scientists find strange underwater volcano that 'looks like a Bundt cake'

Trump Speech in Florida Goes Bad Very Quickly! - Luke Beasley

NV: Lawmakers slam governor's office for leaving budget hole in fund for crime victims

ELP: Hoedown

2,600-year-old stone busts of 'lost' ancient Tartessos people discovered in sealed pit in Spain

Rescue Bunny Gets Super Needy Around Her Favorite Dog

Forget Dominion, it is Smartmatic v Fox News that is the real doozy.

KS: GOP House, Senate negotiators attempting one more bite at anti-vaccination apple

Ted Cruz caught in bombshell scheme as secret recordings get revealed - Brian Tyler Cohen

Great Horned Owlets

Journalists fear Texas Legislature could weaken law designed to protect free speech

Grandma Was Afraid Of Dogs Until... ❤️

Born on this day, April 26: Giorgio Moroder, Tony Murray of the Troggs, Maurice William, Duane Eddy

Texas House reaffirms the political maps it drew in 2021

The Economist You Gov Poll Joe Biden 49/49 Approval/Disapproval

Matt Gaetz Threatens To Take The Economy Hostage If His Demands Are Ignored - Farron Balanced

MI: Civil rights commissioner introduces resolution backing ban on conversion therapy for minors

Ok, I'm done feeding the woodpeckers those square suet packs. ONLY BIRDS EATING IT ARE THE

Who should I contact? I need help from policy experts...

NC House environmental bill is likely unconstitutional. A committee passed it anyway.

Aw, how ADORABLE. Trump will attend Melanie's 53rd birthday party "if his schedule allows"

Came across a wonderful New York story about Harry Belafonte . . .

Fox slammed with nightmare new legal news - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump lawyers rail against DOJ in letter, reveal foreign leader briefings may be among classified do

Controversial measure deregulating Blue Cross NC advances in state House

Cal students occupy anthropology library to protest university's plans to shut it down

Steve Scalise just said on CSPAN that people are getting paid $35,000 to sit at home and NOT WORK!

Montana Republicans have banned Rep Zooey Zephyr from speaking and from the building

Homicidal knitters? The juror did it? What gives?

Democratic group unveils list of target swing districts ahead of 2024

Fox News digs up an inconvenient fact after Trump rants about 'transgender insanity'

Should Biden refuse, on ethical grounds, to debate an indicted/convicted felon?

Ukraine strikes again! Successful counter attack Bakhmut. Major road under control.-The Russian Dude

Happy Birthday, Melania!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about flooding in the US....

Ted Cruz's "Commission"?

GOP study on poor 2022 election showing doesn't mention Trump

Big Audio Dynamite - EMC2

Carmen Ilizarbe: 'The Boluarte government can never have social legitimacy'

Fossilized soot and charcoal from torches dating back more than 8,000 years make it possible to reco

Second Indictment Coming, Trump Delivers Bizarre Speech! - Luke Beasley

Ivanka Trump Ditches Attorneys In Fraud Suit, Splitting From Don Jr. And Eric

Can "customer service" get ANYONE who is fluent in English?

Ivanka Trump Ditches Attorneys In Fraud Suit, Splitting From Don Jr. And Eric

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Boyles, Bellmon, back Parker

Transgender lawmaker censured by Montana House Republicans

Oldest human remains from Puerto Rico reveal a complex cultural landscape since 1800 BC

New findings indicate gene-edited rice might survive in Martian soil

When you think of spring, what do you think of? I think of the smell of freshly cut grass and then

JACKSONVILLE: Crime is biggest issue as mayoral candidates face off during radio forum

What Disney movie do you think is next? I'll start...

In two cases, prosecutors & judges try to reign in Trump's threatening, fraudulent & dangerous posts


Jacksonville voters to decide runoff races

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 26, 2023

This happened in Sheridan Wyo

Gotta Give Credit Where Credit is Due. Nikki Haley Puts Ron De Sanctimonious In A Clown Suit

Afternoon, southern MD

Stellantis offering voluntary buyouts to 33,500 US employees

Two cats, one bank account:

Sean Patrick Maloney calls E. Jean Carroll a hero (on Nicolle's hour)

US blacklists Sri Lanka governor over war killings

Bottoms on top and tops on bottom, or tops on top and bottoms on bottom?

Hear what Dr. Fauci says hampered US response to Covid-19 pandemic - CNN

Simone Biles' $120 wedding dress, $35 shoes

(Jewish Group) For 2nd time in a month, Barcelona synagogue vandalized with anti-Israel graffiti

I just bought some Bud Light. Normally I don't buy it but it's a vote with $ for me.

GOP Megadonor Says DeSantis Doesn't Return Phone Calls

Erdogon has had a heart attack

NASA Power Hack Extends 45-Year Voyager 2 Mission Until 2026

Gianforte's (MT thug governor) son one of many lobbying governor against trans bills

Mike Luckovich-you're Not my type

Stopped into Dollar General to get a few bags of Bit-O-Honey (only place that seems to carry them)

Now that Tucker Carlson is no longer with FOX, ...


How on earth does this happen?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 27 April 2023

Montana House Republicans ban Rep. Zooey Zephyr from House chamber for remainder of legislative sess

How two queer filmmakers helped save lesbian bars in the US from extinction

Deleted-- dupe thread already on greatest page

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E2

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E2

Do you still want to ride the train?

If this anecdote is not true, I don't wanna know it!!!

Got my 2nd (SECOND) Moderna Bivalent booster shot at CVS today.

Panic! as USA Bank First Republic Faces Bankruptcy After $102BN Deposits Lost in Q1 - Joe Blogs

GOP-led House passes bill to hike debt limit and slash spending

There's a new push to make Pennsylvania's primary elections open to independents

Dead On Arrival: Sen. Whitehouse Rips Speaker McCarthy's Default on America Plan - Sen. Whitehouse

email from my state rep, kelly cassidy. how to help zooey zephyr.

Invisible Danger Prank:

The Drone

First F-35 fighter jet arrives at Truax Field in Madison

Marjorie Greene Podcast Episode So Bad She Frantically Deleted It! - Luke Beasley

New COVID variant Arcturus XBB.1.16

'Dune: Part Two' To Pick Up Right Where Viewers Fell Asleep During First One

Found this interesting: "Products related to 'Letters to Trump" (The book)

Red State Dystopia

Well isn't she a lovely lady.

GOP use debt ceiling bill to push work requirements for millions receiving Medicaid and food stamps

Hello in there.

Mastodon: Guest list for tonight's state dinner

April 25, 1967: Leonard Bernstein in awe of 15yo Janis Ian's "Society's Child".

Senate votes to revoke tougher EPA emissions regulation for trucks

Huge hail S of Stephenville, Texas


Client Stopped For Giving Cops The Finger

Heads up, Texas. Tornadic storms and gorilla hail around Waco. South of Dallas most at risk

Kansas Senate falls short in attempt to override governor's veto of flat tax proposal

Why does Ted (Rafael) Cruz have an ugly beard?

KS: Senate attempts to override slew of vetoed transgender bills, but care ban fails

Idaho State Board of Education bans 'diversity statements' from higher education job market

Ari baffles another guest with a Hip Hop joke

Did I read that right?

McD's Is Selling Their Big Mac Sauce In Dip Cups for first time.. we had figured out recipe

The other day someone posted a pic of an apartment collapse resulting from the Northridge earthquake

MS: Facing political pressure, UMMC cut care to trans kids before the Legislature banned doing so

A quarter of Mississippi's rural hospitals could close within three years, report shows

Well organized supercell thunderstorm (tornado warned) near Lake Waco at 5:39 p.m.

2 hats were hanging on a rack

FL: Voting rights group sue the state over 'flawed' voter registration form

Dog stretched during birth looks like this

House passes bill to raise the debt limit - The Beat - MSNBC

First pill for fecal transplants wins FDA approval

NH: Citing poor health, Nottingham Republican House member steps down

Donald Trump Gives Jim Jordan The Worst Compliment A Politician Could Get - Farron Balanced

MI: All House Republicans vote against resolution recognizing librarians

Working Week - Friend

It's funny watching MAGA react to DeSanctimonious' war on Disney

AZ: Liz Harris supporters throw barbs at Maricopa County supervisors

'I'm here because Donald Trump raped me,' E. Jean Carroll alleges in court - CNN

Judge rejects push by Missouri AG to move transgender care lawsuit to federal court

Hunter Biden's legal team meets with DOJ prosecutors - MSNBC Reports

Legislative package to prevent shooting deaths heads toward Pa. House floor

Florida man gets prison term for role in attack on Capitol

Michigan lawmakers, AG unveil bills to crack down on targeted hate violence

New London Jazz Connection - Prisoners

Ken Griffin's Suit Over IRS Data Leak Should Be Tossed, US Says

'Don't Say Gay' bill gains traction in Louisiana

Georgia man behind bars 10 years, still waiting for his day in court

Trump and Ted Cruz Conspiracy EXPOSED in Secret Recordings - Meidas Touch

Abortion-ban ordinances gain ground in New Mexico

Zhane - For A Reason

Medal of Honor recipient's remains ID'd 73 years after Korea

Kansas enacts first anti-abortion law since Roe fell after lawmakers override Kelly's veto

Air Force suspends leaders of alleged Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira's unit

Minneapolis NAACP sues city over police spying allegations

Insane grapefruit-size hail near Waco, TX. Unbelievable.

DOJ sues Tennessee over SB1, the new law banning gender-affirming care for minors.

US files charges in Michigan over diesel engine tampering

Amid national rancor, Maine proposes to expand abortion access

The Bravery of E. Jean Carroll

'This Is Only The Start': More Provinces To Fall? Chinese Economy: Investment, Debt & Property

Judge blocks Missouri rule limiting transgender health care

MI: Six charged with misdemeanors after incident at abortion clinic

Minnesota group opposed to abortion loses battle to collect $842K from man's estate

Birth of a cobra

'There's more to do': President Biden discusses decision to run for re-election - MSNBC Reports

Doing better on night anxiety

Etta James - Sooki Sooki

Utah Supreme Court cancels oral arguments in lawsuit challenging state's abortion ban

Ron Johnson doesn't get why anyone cares about climate change because the US is not Africa

"I feel it in my bones - I'm radioactive " - Break the Fake - TVP World

DOJ has sued Tennessee for their law banning gender affirming care for trans youth

Unity - Reunion

US challenges Tennessee ban on healthcare for transgender youth

What percentage of GQP lawmakers don't really care about what cultural shit they're pushing?

Seditious conspiracy trial against Proud Boys members in hands of jury - PBS NewsHour

House Republicans approve Speaker McCarthy's debt ceiling bill by narrow margin - PBS NewsHour

Ed Rendell Endorses Rebecca Rhynhart for Philadelphia Mayor

Pence Slams Trump's Position on Social Security, Medicare: His Policy Is Identical to Joe Biden's'

Far right laments Tucker Carlson's ouster and loss of its shot at the mainstream

Tucker gets a response on his post Fox News job hunt