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Statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

PA: Montgomery County announces primary voting procedures, deadlines

Evening, southern MD 4/26

Trump at Risk of Being JAILED for BRAZEN Behavior Surrounding Rape Trial - Talking Feds

Supreme court ruling on private colleges and federal student loan debt

CNN: "House passes GOP's debt limit plan"

Ron DeSantis is set to jump into the 2024 presidential fray in mid-May

Senate GOP votes down bill calling on VA to study marijuana as PTSD, pain remedy

Manhattan DA files EMERGENCY MOTION against Trump - Meidas Touch


Newly elected US Senators of 2024.

Post picture from cellphone? I dont see a button for that.

Haley says Disney can move to her home state after it sues DeSantis

Who Could Mistake Tucker Carlson For Anything Else?

DeSantis-backed New College board scraps 5 professors tenure

Gretchen Carlson is on with Chris Hayes now

Fun Fact--Name the first country that allowed women to vote in national elections? New Zealand in

How to be on national TV and still not be picked out in a line up.

Disney sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis - ABC Action News Tampa

News & Commentary April 21, 2023

Well, this brought an unexpected tear to my eye

Bloomberg: Manhattan DA Seeks to Stop Trump From Discussing Evidence

Ambassador David Pressman's Introductory Remarks at the Hungary-Ukraine Relations Panel Discussion

DC Circuit has denied TFG's emergency motion to block a subpoena for ex-VP Mike Pence's testimony

A Santa Monica police employee molested more than 200 kids. 229 million settlement this week

Cattle Egret

MI: Voter guide to everything on the May 2 ballot in Muskegon County

"Ladies" of the right...

Washington state to pull plug on Covid notification app

Leader Jeffries Remarks on the Default on America Act

"That was fucking trippy!"

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Prawns may imperil Indian grain that fights climate change.

Nebraska lawmakers defend colleague for 'out of bounds' conflict of interest complaint

After Nearly Two Years, Virgin Galactic's Space Plane Returns to the Sky

We Build The Wall founder sentenced to 4 years in prison

Trump loses appeal to block Pence from testifying about direct communications

Glenn Grothman is a liar. He voted against the Food Security For All Veterans Act and against health

Can you imagine the literal shit show that would happen if a Convention of States was called?

Tucker Carlson Is the Emblem of GOP Cynicism (Tom Nichols in The Atlantic's newsletter)

State and local experience proves school vouchers are a failed policy that must be opposed

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Nikki Fried knocks Lenny Curry for 'lashing out' on Twitter

Unrolled Thread: Carroll v. Trump trial, Day 2 Testimony live blog

Farmers rally over first lady's comments on banning dog meat

Disney v. DeSantis judge called Florida governor's law 'dystopian'

Republican legislation is being passed in Democratic-led Senate

*East of Eden, on TCM now.

AZ: LD 13 MAGA Republicans Give Fringe Liz Harris a Possible Ticket Back to Office

There are no limits to stupidity.

Sen. Mike Lee Posts Angry Rant on Military Women Getting Paid Leave for Abortion Travel

Dave Kickstarts Donald Trump's Defense Fund

Audio bombshell: Hear Ted Cruz on tape plotting before Jan. 6 - The Beat - MSNBC (2 videos)

NBA player moving out of Florida for family's comfort (Has trans daughter)

Joe Biden is like an antibiotic

NY-03: Long Island Democrat files to run for congressional seat held by George Santos

Bald Rock, Caeser's Head State Park Greenville County,SC

As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School

where abortion is prohibited, rising share say abortion access should be easier

Why the striking unpopularity of the 'MAGA movement' matters

Without Tucker Fox News ratings plummet. LAT

Cops find large-capacity ammunition at home of Republican candidate who threatened to 'light up' riv

Disney uses DeSantis' own book against him - where he confesses to arguably unconstitutional conduct

IA: Bill restricting state auditor's access to information heads to governor's desk

GOP will tank world economy, sure hope Prez can get primetime speech

Syd Barrett movie trailer: "Have You Got It Yet?"

Who is Zooey Zephyr, the trans lawmaker banned from her own House in Montana?

Bikini Woman Reveals Conservative Stupidity

The Brookings Institution is publishing a lot about AI

Marjorie Taylor Greene Cries Over The Downfall Of Tucker Carlson

Hundreds protest GOP silencing of Trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr - truthout

Todays RAPE Trial of Donald John Trump.

Wanna Know Why Trickle Down Never Goes Away?

*Ch 32 (WHUT) had good docu on Harry Belafonte, and ch 22 (MPT)

School staff charged in US after boy told to eat own vomit

NYT: 'Particularly offensive' Tucker message alarmed Fox execs - All In - MSNBC

Former SF fire commissioner attacked with pipe had been spraying homeless with bear spray

Ex-Fox host Gretchen Carlson: Fox News must 'clean house completely' - All In - MSNBC

You know DeSantis is going down when other candidates start piling on...

The original paper on "astonishing" "sky's the limit" "energy out of thin air" announcement.

The REAL Reason TUCKER Was Fired - Raw News And Politics

"Why, Donnie look like someone..."

Eric Swalwell calls out McCarthy's debt reduction bullshit

Who was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aretha Franklin 1987

Dog shares his kibble with an otter:

Thursday digit - 9/10: Plenty of clouds in the sky, but for now we stay mild and dry. David, CWG

DeSantis's Florida Is a Dump, Says President Trump - WSJ Editorial

The abyss gazes back--and accepts a treat:

BREAKING: Court of Appeals Delivers CRUSHING BLOW to Donald Trump - Meidas Touch

Peter Thiel says he won't fund GOP candidates for 2024 because they are too focused on culture wars

Falling Apart (Right Now)

Why is it that unattractive women think they can ridicule beautiful women?

Mike Malloy - Cheater!

Found this ad in the newspaper!

Wayne Cochran - Harlem Shuffle

Advertising boycotts work

Disney Goes After DeSantis With O'Melveny, WilmerHale Veterans

Ronnie Hawkins and the Band - Who do you love?

Free the Voice of Tucker!

Veterans and Survivors have Filed More Than 500,000 Toxic Exposure-Related Benefit Claims Under the

Tucker Carlson drops a video after his firing.

Seven times James O'Brien schooled Donald Trump supporters LBC

Rep. Maxwell Frost obliterates MTG after she utters more hateful bullshit

The Daily Show: Fox's "Dossier of Dirt" on Tucker & Disney's Lawsuit Against DeSantis

*Amanpour & Co. on WETA now, ch 26, PBS

The Daily Show: What Was Trump Asked About?

Revised bill would require Alaska parents to approve students' classes, textbooks and lessons

The Daily Show: Do Kentucky's Residents Agree With KY's Extreme Laws? Desi Lydic Investigates

Seals are real sea puppies for divers!

Ronnie Milsap's 'Pure Love'

The Flash - Official Trailer 2

AOC utterly SHREDS Republicans to their face with must-see speech

Metallica - Sweet Home Alabama/Iron Man mash up Birmingham Alabama 01 / 22 / 2019

Fried Cabbage and Noodles is the Most Underrated Jewish Food

'You can't make me': Chris Hayes on SCOTUS flouting calls for ethics reform - All In - MSNBC

Blackpink proves that slow and steady wins the race for fame

Humble Pie - Honkey Tonk Woman (live)

John Adams' 'Harmonium'

Pupper raises just one ear to hear better:

Beluga whale drops by to say hello to surprised swimmers:

Idea.......I want to see stories of what towns, cities, states, do after total destruction........

1MDB scandal: Fugees' Pras Michel found guilty of illegal lobbying

An Oklahoma woman with a cancerous pregnancy said she was told to wait in the parking lot until she

Red Panda: O hai!

Tweet of the Day (Be ready for this one)

Not what we need- RFK Jr. soaring in Democratic Primary poll as some Dems acquiesce to Steve Bannon

Sen. Blumenthal: Congress has 'a responsibility' to investigate SCOTUS over ethics concerns - Deadline

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar (From Dead To The World)

Trans lifeline

Trmp loses appeal to block Pence from testifying about direct communications

MTG is scum.

Rishi Sunak refuses to condemn Turning Point UK over protests against drag events for kids

Sen. Whitehouse Slams the Devastating Effects of the Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision - Sen. Whitehouse

An Oklahoma woman with a cancerous pregnancy said she was told to wait in the parking lot until she

I have to say, I'm not ready.

Kimmel: Fox News Has Dirt on Tucker, Trump Hints at Skipping Debates & Ted Cruz's Plan to Overturn

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2024 as another "vote against" election....

Seth Meyers- Fox Allegedly Has a Secret Dossier of Dirt On Tucker Carlson Amid Messy Split: A Closer Look

Same old Republican slogan...

Trump accidentally screws himself in stunning courtroom update - Brian Tyler Cohen

Oldest convicted Nazi criminal dies at 102

Judge puts Missouri rule limiting transgender care on hold

DOJ detention memo for Jack Teixeira, Twitter thread by Charlie Savage

With Tucker Carlson's ouster, House GOP loses a key ally - and agitator

The B-52s - Channel Z

Exonerees Sound the Alarm on New Florida Law Allowing Death Sentences by Split Juries

Russia State TV has COMPLETE MELTDOWN over Tucker Carlson Firing

Trump Defense Strategy REVEALED as Jury SELECTED in Major Trial - Meidas Touch

Xi Jinping to send Chinese peace talks delegation to Ukraine

26 Apr: Last Chapter: Decisive Battle For The Sky Over Bakhmut - Reporting from Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a House resolution on Ukraine....

Joy Reid: Will Fox stick with brand of white supremacist and Kremlin talking points post-Carlson?

Client Stopped For Giving Cops The Finger

Earliest-Known, Virginia-made Horse Racing Trophy

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Thought While High? - Lovett or Leave It

'We're in a fight right now for LGBTQ equality' says Sean Patrick Maloney - Deadline - MSNBC

Trans Montana St. Rep. Zooey Zephyr calls out state house GOP for barring her from House chamber

President of South Korea sings "American Pie" at tonight's state dinner 💕

Banned MT Dem Zooey Zephyr: Silencing me is 'using decorum as a tool of oppression' - The Last Word

Twit's lawyers invoke the "deepfake defense". Judge is not amused.

Craig Ferguson and Ewan McGregor

'A new generation is rising up': Young Dems stand up to GOP extremism - Ali Velshi - The Last Word

Now it's Nebraska GOP Legislators going after a Dem Senator who has a trans son

Indiana lawyers say they're too busy to address all of the lawsuit challenging new anti-trans law

The president of South Korea sings "American Pie."

Mea Culpa on the purported Erdogon heart attack.

Little Drummer Boy West Wing

Consensual or not?

Texas Woman EVISCERATES Ted Cruz On Abortion - Reflect News

Wait Til You Hear THIS Republican Excuse

TRUMP RAPE Trial - April 26, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

California poised to ban new diesel trucks

House GOP presents grim wish list with debt ceiling bill - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Is education the answer? Ron DeSantis has a BA from Yale and a law degree from Harvard

DeSantis antagonism of New College exacerbates brain drain - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump lawyers ask Congress to save Trump from Mar-a-Lago investigation - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Right-wing tests corporations with pressure to roll back social consciousness - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

votevets: "217 Republicans just voted to cut Veterans care. 2024 is coming. We will NEVER..."

Tucker Carlson breaks his silence after firing - Brian Tyler Cohen

(Jewish Group) New report shows rise in antisemitic incidents is the highest since 1979

There is a difference

Justice Department Sues Tennessee Over Law That Blocks Medical Care For Trans Youth

Golf star's crashed Porsche sparks mystery

McCarthy on a 'collision course' with President Biden over debt limit bill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Amb. Deborah Lipstadt on monitoring and combatting anti-Semitism - One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

Hear what happened to Fox News' ratings without Tucker Carlson - CNN

Woman suing Texas over six-week abortion ban tells Senate committee her experience - The 11th Hour

How a giant panda in the US is causing outrage in China - CNN

Fani Willis REVEALS Plan for Slew of Serious MAGA Indictments - Talking Feds

Amb. Deborah Lipstadt on monitoring and combatting anti-Semitism - One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

Breakfast Thursday 27 April 2023

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords marks 10 years of work to stop gun violence - ABC News

When I hear the word line haul driver to me it means Union truck driver

Will Erdogan Agree to a Peaceful Transition of Power? - TLDR News Global

Beer boycott hitting Bud Light: Report says Bud Light pours down after conservative boycott - CNBC

How do you bring a republican to their knees

Waiting for the rain to stop in Gili Trawangan...

MAGAts Deserve AM-Radio

Grunts of the sky So your day time job in 1971 was to fly around and get shot at

Ed Ames sings 'I Believe In You' from "How To Succeed In Business..."

Wordle 677 4/27 ***Spoiler Thread***

I'm so tired of the people who are being idiots.

"The first big Presidential ad of 2024." ?

Lars Bisgaard: 'Walking - Homage To Thoreau'

On this day, April 27, 1972, David Lascher of Nickelodeon's "Hey Dude" was born.

On this day, April 27, 1947, Pete Ham of Badfinger was born.

On April 19, 1968, Odessey and Oracle, by the Zombies, was released in the UK.

Thursday TOONs - Landing Zone

1983 Steinwinter Supercargo 2040 Cab is probably the strangest truck ever made

Small acts of kindness are frequent and universal

The con is not counting on winning the 2024 election

Biden, Yoon warn N. Korea on nukes, unveil deterrence plan

On Eve of Trial, Discovery of Carlson Texts Set Off Crisis Atop Fox

An amazing creation

Horn Of Africa Drought Worst In 40 Years; Could Not Have Happened Without Anthropogenic Warming

Great Egret

"Small business owners in Nashville will host prom for student denied from school dance for wearing

Another Reason To Despise Carlson: His Years Of Lazy, Stupid And Widely Viewed Climate Lies

Spotted a Ruby-throated hummingbird at my back deck feeder yesterday evening. He's back

Popular keto and paleo diets aren't helping your heart, report says

Private-Equity Carlyle Group Hyped Its Climate Leadershp, While Nearly Doubling Carbon In 10 Years

Do. No. Harm.

Hear South Korea's president sing "American Pie" at White House

Two, count 'em, two subjects this morning:

Gianforte's son one of many lobbying governor against trans bills

GQP Faux Environmental Youth Movement Pays For Op-Ed Space In Washington Times, Examiner, Clear Path

Ohio House begins hearings to bring back August elections

Jack Teixiera couldn't get a gun license from his state in 2018

Toxic benzene lingered for weeks after shelter-in-place warnings ended following 2019 Houston-area c

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/26/2023

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 4/23/23

Art of the Week: Week of 04/26/23

Bank: Asia must quit coal faster to stem worst climate woes

The Rundown: April 27, 2023

Ukraine achieved impressive results in Kherson. Counteroffensive is official. Last 3 weeks of Wagner

Inside a private portal from GOP campaigns to local news sites

Florida's conservative chief justice once affirmed abortion protections

Air Force suspends leaders of alleged Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira's unit

Travis Barker partners with Liquid Death water to release limited-edition enema collectible

RE: Tucker Carlson and all the speculation on what got him fired.

Has anyone seen "Home Team"?

Black Information Network - GREAT a.m. (and f.m.) radio!

"Of course, nobody is saying Tucker Carlson is a baby-eating cannibal."

My Friend

U.S. GDP rose at a 1.1% pace in the first quarter as signs build that the economy is slowing

This is neither cooking nor baking but

On April 26, 1937, the Supreme Court overruled a Georgia Supreme Court decision that would have ...

Why is Pence even remotely entertaining the thought...

'Investors Flee': $3 Tn Lost, China's Economy Worse Than Seems?; Xi Calls Zelenskyy - China Update

You raised $5.00 on April 26, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate (beat Senator Sinema)

Truly disturbing (re: Florida law removing trans children from custody of parents) - Luke Beasley

Gene Therapy for Dogs With Inherited Blinding Eye Disease Set for Human Trials

US and South Korea agree key nuclear weapons deal - BBC News

A Ukrainian defender, who was just released from Russian captivity, reacts to finally seeing an...


Trump's Lawyer Gets Completely Humiliated By Judge At The Start Of Assault Trial - Farron Balanced

The coming tidal wave of right wing Covid lawsuits

Post 100,000!!!!!! Nothing profound, just heartfelt gratitude and thanks for

Jimmy Kimmel--just asking questions.

I have been getting pop up ads on spell checker the last couple days. Has anyone

How do you tell if someone is Ron DeSantis?

Why Do Republicans Get Ownership of the American Flag? - Lovett or Leave It

Bob Dylan, "Watching the River Flow"

I can't stop crying!

China police question staff at US firm Bain & Company

Tucker issues first statement after firing... employing a russian propaganda-technqiue.

Furious Parents Sound Off Over Surprise Boebert Visit To Their School - Waldorf Nation

18 pictures... No one wants to work anymore

US Navy says Iran seized Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker

An article that explains the debt ceiling issue and consequences..It's not a pretty picture, people

Does Trump appeal to the Supreme Court the Appeals Court decision on Mike Pence's testimony?

DeSantis responds to Disney lawsuit: 'I think it's political'

China warns US, South Korea against "provoking confrontation" with Pyongyang - CNA

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 27, 2023

Looks like we're going to need a bigger feeder.

"And I say it was murder!" On this day, April 27, 1922, Quincy, M.E. was born. I mean Jack Klugman.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the House GOP's huge win....

Oklahoma Parole Board Denies Clemency for Richard Glossip, Rejecting Plea from State's Republican AG

Trump Lawyers INADVERTENTLY REVEAL his Crimes in Letter: GOP Corruption

A solution in plain sight

LOL! Tom Nichols on Tucker Carlson's video

Former Fox Producer Says Network Made Her Spy On Fox Host During Defamation Lawsuit -Farron Balanced

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is running for Joe Manchin's pivotal Senate seat

Jerry Springer Dead at 79

Four Tops singer alleges racism, mistreatment at Warren hospital

The Monroe Doctrine, Revisited: How 200 Years of U.S. Policy Have Helped to Destabilize the Americas

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims for the week ending April 22, 2023

USA Today: Dwyane Wade says his family left Florida because they 'would not be accepted'

John Flannery: Excellent Walk & Talk...SCOTUS, DeSantis, E.G. Carroll

FO卐 TV Meme

John Flannery: Excellent Walk & Talk...SCOTUS, DeSantis, E.G. Carroll

Jerry Springer has passed away.

How do you access a post more than 3 months old?

Jerry Springer, politician-turned-TV ringmaster, dies at 79

CO: 'Drag queen' children's book draws objections during Douglas County library board meeting

The Gospel for idiots

VA: Gender-neutral bathroom plans at Loudoun County schools face backlash

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes the most vile comment of her career - Brian Tyler Cohen

Medea Benjamin: Pentagon Leaks Show Ukraine War Is a Stalemate. Why Won't the U.S. Push for Peace?

Turkey's Erdogan falls ill on TV and cancels election rallies

Bye bye Joe Manchin

Ex-UCLA gynecologist sentenced to 11 years for abusing patients

Hakeem Jeffries ripped into the GOP -'How dare you lecture America about fiscal responsibility?'

Nebraska lawmakers to begin 2nd round of debate on abortion

Do you need some ...CALMING DOWN?.... 3 minutes 16 seconds at link

Filibuster prevents abortion vote in SC Senate

Trump's a malignant narcissist. DeSantis is a vindictive sadist. But then there's this guy...

I've been quiet a bit lately.

Seven Turns - The Allman Brothers Band - Dickey Betts

In honor of Al Pacino's 83rd birthday. Dunkacinno

Pennsylvania governor unveils CODE PA, a digital services transformation effort

Black cowgirls gallop on in face of US rodeo stereotypes

Pa. doesn't fund public defense, Shapiro's budget would change that

Illinois House Speaker doesn't rule out putting abortion rights on 2024 ballot

Chimp cuddles and plays with lion cubs:

Democratic platform says first-quarter fundraising 25 percent higher than four years ago

There's a Remarkable Piece of Evidence in the E. Jean Carroll Trial

Texas Lawmakers Want Religious Indoctrination In Schools -- May God Help Us All

The floofiest of all floofy kitty tails:

Kansas Legislators Impose Sweeping Anti-Trans Bathroom Law

Tucker Carlson will run for President

LOL! A perfect example of FAFO!

LINCOLN: Election commissioner reminds early voters to return their ballots ahead of city election

I saw Amanda Zurawski's congress testimony eviserating her congresspeople for anti-abortion

'Kevin McCarthy Wants a "Debt Ceiling Depression" - Will SCOTUS Give It To Him?'

Republican Matt Carlucci endorses Donna Deegan (D) in Jacksonville mayor's race


Fuck you Kansas!

Lioness trying to get at child through the glass:

Remedy for Republican trans bans?

I did not know President Taft has a living Descendant of such great quality!

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR:Helen Gym's ground game: A 'cult-like following' plans to knock on 300,000 doors

2nd tweet -- Ice, ice otters:

What Joe Biden said to Trent Crimm.

PA-10: Daniels Announces Another Run At Perry

Missoula businesses react to Rep. Zooey Zephyr ban in Montana House

Day 3 E Jean Carroll court, complete transcript

Otter demands to be spun:

Study Confirms That Jim Jordan Is Statistically The Worst Republican In Congress - Farron Balanced

Republicans Pull MOST DANGEROUS Stunt Yet Republicans think they have won something

Transgender health care becomes flash point in debate about Pennsylvania anti-discrimination bill

Goat commits sneak attack & then celebrates his triumph:

PA: Republican senator cosigns $15 minimum wage

Baby rhino playfully charging a wildebeest before running back to mom:

Worse than weekend at Bernie's? Dinner with Rupert!

Forgive Me if someone has aready asked this?

German Shepherd or kangaroo?

PA: Northampton Co. Council President Kerry Myers swaps parties, will mount GOP write-in campaign

First pill for fecal transplants wins FDA approval

There's a law in Montana that if a student rides a horse to school, the principal has to feed, water

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hints To Teachers Union Leader That Stepmoms Aren't Legit

MI: GOP Livingston Co. sheriff says he won't enforce pending state 'red flag' gun laws

Unhinged Republican Asks WILD Questions To Doctor During Abortion Rights Hearing

In "sneaky move," Indiana lawmakers revive contentious library materials language

Russia emptied out Crimea base, satellite imagery shows - CNN

Playboy Warlord's Arkansas Empire Comes Crashing Down

Kansas senator's message to non-Christian constituents: 'I would be happy to try and convert you'

A few funny/spot on tweets

Mom teaching her puppy how to play with a ball:

Bunny mood:

OMZ Jerry SPRINGER rip at 79, pancreatic cancer

Hear Arnold Schwarzenegger's prediction about Trump

A Fresh View of an Increasingly Familiar Black Hole

Very young panda being cute:

Four Tops Singer: 'Racist' Hospital Put Me in a Straitjacket

'Totally BS': Gov. DeSantis denies Gitmo force-feeding claims

Kenya cult toll climbs to 98 as families await news of missing - FRANCE 24

Baby elephant plays with a pink unicorn stuffy:

Jack Tiexiera is a 'serious flight risk' ahead of hearing, prosecutors say - NBC News

TX: Tarrant County's daunting task: hiring a new elections chief to run the 2024 elections

She was pregnant and had to find $15,000 overnight to save her twins

Federal jury convicts Gig Harbor businessman for role in Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot

Judge rejects Trump's bid to block Pence from testifying before special counsel - ABC News

Trump Crushes DeSantis In Another Poll

Two Texas "Trump Train" participants settle lawsuit claiming they harassed 2020 Biden campaign bus

Beyond all the current things happening I

Kansas legislators impose sweeping anti-trans bathroom law

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 27, 2023)

Woman whose accusation led to the lynching of Emmett Till has died at 88, coroner says

Back off, kid!

Simple Pecan-Crusted Fish Recipe (video)

Child asks Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden's efforts to fight gun violence - NBC News

A good friend's cousin is in the NFL Draft today!

Judge Tells Trump's Lawyers To Shut Him Up - Ring of Fire

Parents of gunman who killed five at a Louisville bank wracked by grief and confusion

Dog teaches toddler to play red light green light:

US to dedicate specially trained asylum officers to centers in Guatemala, Colombia

Stray Kittens Can't Stop Cuddling With The Policeman Who Rescued Them

Tucker fired... " My dad's not gonna know who to hate"

Lynn Hurtak (D) takes down better-funded Janet Cruz (D) after bloody Tampa City Council campaign

Great new ad for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor


USC Takes Out A Confidential Informant - Termination Planning as Whistleblower Retaliation

'Trump Train' convoy boyfriend and girlfriend sued under KKK Act for tailing Biden-Harris campaign

On using the Comstock Act to ban Mifepristone

LA: State Rep. Roy Daryl Adams is switching parties from Independent to Democrat.


Mary Trump on Austraian Television. Unfortunately; he'll be back.

Mamie Till speaks of forgiveness

Nebraska Democrat Is Accused of Ethics Violation in Opposing Anti-Trans Bill

DeSantis dismisses Disney lawsuit over loss of self-governance as 'political'

Another solar explosion brings beautiful, rare aurora scenes southward across the High Desert

Nikki Haley: Biden will likely die within five years

New Hampshire House Education Committee Sends Forced Outing Bill to House Floor Without Recommendati

2024: Tucker Carlson 'is the one [Republican] who could beat Trump' - Rick Wilson

'He's angry': Trump set to create new problems for the GOP as nomination looks locked up

"Yellowstone" Actors Powwow In Wyoming To Spotlight Epidemic Of Missing And Murdered Natives

question about PCR testing for covid

Montana governor lobbied by nonbinary son to reject anti-trans bills

Manhattan DA takes emergency action against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump attorneys beg House Republicans to bail him out of classified documents mess

Trump made up to $160 million from foreign countries as president

WTF: Just back from shopping. Turned on msnbc. The time is 10:40 where I'm at, 9:03 on TV. Update!

Let's be creative and recycle-What can we use those little white things that come in the pizza box

The Supreme Court Has Made Its Bribery Scandal Inevitable

Florida's conservative chief justice once affirmed abortion protections

Turn out the lights . . .

U.S. economy grew at 1.1% in early 2023, points to 'significant slowing'

Trump lawyers ask House GOP for 'legislative solution' to block classified documents probe

Whooping cough cases increase in southern Alberta outbreak

There's a new unit of Trump measurement:

Billionaire Donors Abandon Republican Party Over Culture War - Ring of Fire

Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira had an 'arsenal' of weapons, prosecutors said

How did we all miss Trump's "I'm gonna' be Hitler" speech?

Hail, yes

Supreme Court seems sympathetic to 94-year-old who brought 'equity theft' case

Imagine holding a campaign event when you should be in court on

Annie Lennox - I Put a Spell on You

State Senator Megan Hunt (D-NE) is under attack for supporting trans rights

Odds on Tucker replacement

Cluster****off Musk Mastodon meme:

Remember last year when the Mississippi River below St. Louis

Kansas legislators impose sweeping law that legally erases trans people

Request cancelled from preloader?

Gov. Jay Inslee signs group of bills on abortion and reproductive health access

Now, with Ron De Santis, Disney can finally bring "The Princess and the Pea" to life.

Cafe Campli Owners Want Diners to Feel Transported to Italy's Abruzzo Region

Revised $12 billion proposal to address King County homelessness to be discussed Thursday

Interesting new cafe in Baltimore, here's menu:

I'm interested to see whether Tacopino questions EJC's explanation for not going to police earlier

Florida House moves to eliminate local renters' rights ordinances

Tacopina is basically trying to fire shotgun blasts into the reliability of Carroll's memory.

Senate GOP blocks Equal Rights Amendment

MOM!!!!! - Luckovich Cartoon

Jack Teixeira: Suspected leaker made threats and researched shootings, US says

Amazing! Parrots "jump start" a windmill so they can have a drink of water.

Largest Known Jail Death Settlement In Texas Awarded After Woman Died In 'Constant Pain'



America's Most Influential Conspiracy Theorists Are Going All-In On Transphobia

West Virginia State Police Investigation: 10 more minors, 42 more women in total to sue West Virgini

Remembering Jerry Springer...

Zatoichi 3 - A New Tale 1963 (English Subtitles)

"I just broke up with my boyfriend of five years because I found out he was a communist"

We have to win in 2024

Anonymous officiallly begins "Operation GOP"

Everyone is invited to review my NASA Gallery

Accuracy versus precision

Rasmussen Reports (R) Joe Biden 51% Approval

on Twitter: 1 MILLION people have asked the Biden WH to ask DOJ to look into how did Ivanka get rich

Latest push to revive Equal Rights Amendment fails in Senate

A second firm hired by Trump campaign found no evidence of election fraud

Cartoons 4/27/2023

LTE: Trump's justifiably worried; I'm not

County clears permit hurdle for Cathcart park and ride

Why do we need Medicare at all?

Future of Airlines

Carlson's firing marks end of era for loose cannons

U.S. to set up processing centers for migrants in Central and South America

Republicans threaten to tank economy. Media blames Biden.

RIP Jerry Springer

He need a another Jesus shot

Mastercard Faces DOJ Antitrust Probe Over Debit Practices

11th Circuit upholds most of Florida's post-2020 voting restrictions

Congressman Jaimie Raskin rings the bell (he is finished with his cancer treatments)

Heads-up DUers !! Jen Senko (Fox Brainwashing warrior) on Joy's "Reidout" tonight...

Holocaust survivor, 94, returns to the Auschwitz cell block where he spent years of his childhood

Jerry Springer's Final Thoughts

In keeping up on the E Jean Carroll case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SCOTUS, Feinstein, invitations, and resignations....

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin announces preliminary diagnosis of 'in remission' from diffuse large B-

Video Reveals Steven Crowder Emotionally Abusing Wife (emotional abuse trigger warning)

Nothing shows a man out of his depth like questioning what a woman can do in heels

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 27, 2023

@SenSchumer writes to the chief judge of Kacsmaryk's court, telling him to

So the Slobfather knows he broke the law re those Classified Documents

Awesome!! Jazz Etude No.1, Op.40 by Kapustin - Ukrainian composer (b. 1937)

Federal agents shoot, kill man while serving warrant in north Minneapolis


Judge Kaplan dismisses jury and asks Tacopina about his "intentions"

Zatoichi 4 - The Fugitive 1963 (English Subtitles) FULL MOVIE

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 April 2023

he Hoodlum Priest [Yakuza Bozu] 1967 (English Subtitles) Atomic 6.77K subscribers Subscribe

Biden: I'll meet with McCarthy -- but not on debt limit

Too Funny! Hal Sparks Grieves Tucker Carlson, and Why Do We Need to be Numb to Trump.

A second firm hired by Trump campaign found no evidence of election fraud

PM Update: Rain arrives by sunrise and lasts most of Friday

Angry at DeSantis, Fla. Students Take to the Streets -- and Take a Banned Lesson

Fani Willis...maybe

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-13: There's A Rocket In My Pocket Edition

CHIC - (funny) bone

Special Report-How a fake ID repeatedly enabled Hyundai suppliers to employ child labor in Alabama

So Pence has been testifying to a grand jury all day!

Pence testifies before federal grand jury investigating Trump's role in Jan. 6

Jerry Springer has passed away.

Here's everybody with stricter ethics rules than the Supreme Court

Woman neglected in jail went blind, begged for water before dying in Texas, lawsuit says

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens reach 5-year, $260 million deal

Tesla says Elon Musk's statements on self-driving 'might have been deep fakes' in bizarre defense

Youngkin Proclamation Praises Christian Nationalist 'Re-Covenanting' Featuring Viciously Anti-LGBTQ

Cleanup on Aisle Trump: Well, I guess Pence REALLY won't be his friend after today.


They they them blah blah they they the left blah blah they they deep state blah blah they they them!

So Carolyn Bryant died

Doctors who care...

Buffalo Bill gets corrected...

Regarding Pence testifying in front of the grand jury today

Old Tolbert Rock House, Greenwood, SC

"You Can't Prove I Had My Head In The Garbage Can"

"You Can't Prove I Had My Head In The Garbage Can"

I met a snake today.

The Clown International: the freedom to lie (re: Tucker Carlson) - Break the Fake - TVP World

Nebraska 6-week abortion ban fails to advance in Legislature

Little shitbags and mother sue school district for banning 'Let's Go Brandon' sweatshirts

Jenny Craig tells staffers it is winding down its weight-loss centers and warns of mass layoffs

As DeSantis takes heat for Disney feud, Florida lawmakers remain behind him

The Most Hippie Town in All 50 States

Nicolle Wallace Just Went There

U.S. To Open Migration Centers In Colombia, Guatemala For Asylum Seekers

Agnew should have served prison time

Rensselaer County (NY) Officials Indicted for Civil Rights Conspiracy

Pence to Trump: I didn't want to testify, but they made me.

Physic mediums and tarot.

Rob Reiner is on Ari now n/t

Feds: Rioter Couple Raided Pelosi's Office, Stormed the Senate, Then Kicked a Cop in the Groin

Anyone else receive "NOTICE OF GUN CONFISCATION" from NRA?

Montana bill sponsor argues suicide is a better choice than trans care

Chair Of Tim Scott Exploratory Committee Finds GOP Voters Have One Big Reservation

Evening, southern MD 4/27

Studio Gang unites Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts buildings with folded concrete canopy

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers (w/ Albert King and Mick Taylor) - Born Under A Bad Sign (live)

Sen. Whitehouse and Chris Hayes Scrutinize the Supreme Court's Self-Imposed Ethics Crisis

Rep. Moskowitz suggests an ad with Trump on the toilet tweeting for his DeSantis pudding finger ad.

Yes! Elon Musk is on the dole. He gets more welfare from the government than most.

Rudy Giuliani Admits To 'Dirty Trick' That Suppressed Hispanic Vote In NYC Mayor's Race

$25 device converts handgun to fully automatic.

Judge Frank Caprio dispenses justice:

ABC Host calls out Sen. Lindsey Graham for sucking up to Saudi Arabia after vowing MBS punishment.

Lindsey Graham explodes at CNN's Dana Bash on women's reproductive rights coverage. She fights back.

COMMENTARY: Could a Long-Ruling Party Fall in Paraguay?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is handed her a$$ and silenced in a committee hearing by her own chairman.

Nasty weather day here.

Nikki Haley Predicts When President Biden Will Die

BREAKING: Jack Smith Gets MOST SIGNIFICANT Testimony Yet - Meidas Touch

Advance Health Care Directive Guidance, anyone?

Mike Pence spent all day before the special counsel's grand jury: report

Heat on Trump: Mike Pence under oath in Jan. 6 criminal probe: Ari Melber breakdown - The Beat MSNBC

Fire Sale: $300 Million San Francisco Office Tower, Mostly Empty. Open to Offers.

RFK Jr. polling at 20%. Erin Burnett Outfront up next. 7:15 PM EST

Scientists launch manhunt for Ohio Covid patient of 2 years whose virus is so mutated it could spark

Look at the sun. 🌞 NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center

I believe you E. Jean Carroll!

NOT. READY. FOR. PRIME. TIME. Desantis melts down today outside the protective bubble of his careful

Apologies if it's been posted before, but I love this!

Old Tolbert Rock House, Greenwood, SC - 19th Century Civil Rights Cross post Photography

Time for a frank discussion about Florida.

Remember Anita Hill?


"Heron snatches a fish from this Darter" (Twitter video)

LA: Senate committee pushes through library restriction bill without hearing from opposition

Coup probe bombshell: Pence goes under oath in Jan. 6 probe - The Beat - MSNBC

TX: House advances bill to rein in "rogue" prosecutors

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and while there I was able to get the second bivalent

Boy Teddy "Sneaky" Cruz, you can hide, but you always get exposed!

A Wonderful, Happy, Joyful, Post in the Lounge at link below

Missouri governor threatens to call special session to ban gender-affirming care

Just remember that in the entire history of this country...


His days are numbered...

these hats ripping off Disney's logo were sold during a DeSantis book tour even last week in...

Just 1 Mountain Gorilla With Ebola Would Be a Disaster. Here's Why.

The uniquely American paradox exposed by a new FBI report