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The difference in propaganda in the US...

Listening to Gretchen Morgenson talking about her new...

The danger of today's jurisprudence reproducing slavery-era ideas

Russian 'inspector' satellite appears to be chasing a secret US military satellite in a game of cat

Why the heck is paint so our Menards store one gallon of paint is $44.00!!!!!!

No Proof at all.......I am speculating that Justice Department will get Donald Trump.

Trump claims electric car batteries throw 'dirt into the air' as his NH speech veers off script

spot forecast for sonora ca. clear . remainder of the week.

We are 'watching a Republican electoral disaster in the making': David Frum

Mike Pence testifies to federal grand jury about Donald Trump's democracy-busting January 6 crimes

More DeSantis fascism

Veterans sound alarm on McCarthy budget cuts

Oh, to be a fly on his head.

I found the common theme to my nightmares.


Mike Pence forced under oath: Prosecutor previews coup questions - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump secretly hired two firms for more than $1.35 million to find 2020 voter fraud -- they couldn't

4 deaths, 27 cases reported since bacterial outbreak found at Virginia Mason in Seattle

Fox ratings tumble in Tucker Carlson slot after his firing

Russian Soldiers Have Been Infected with Anthrax in Ukraine

Biden looks to elevate Harris' work as core to re-election bid

Former San Fran fire Commissioner faces charges for bear mace attacks on (8plus) homeless people

Before Jack Smith was appointed, Merrick Garland:

Fox News is 'rattled' and wants to 'sideline' Tucker Carlson until 2024: report

Marjorie Traitor Greene: No one raised taxes to melt the glaciers in the ice age

Naked Man.....😳

King County faces $100 million revenue shortfall, blames limit on property tax collections

Woodland Park Zoo locomotive arrives in Snoqualmie Thursday

Pretty much me.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Railroads warned about the problems long trains can cause

New laws make Minnesota a 'refuge' for abortion, gender-affirming care

A BAD DAY in Court for Trump After POWERFUL Testimony - Talking Feds

Tucker Carlson's Old Fox News Timeslot Ratings Crater With Brian Kilmeade Losing Audience Nightly

Ruth Marcus: What the Trump rape trial has already revealed

We have a 'winner' - a new low

Just ordered in potato skins. My new favourite. What is the best thing

Appeals court upholds Florida voting restrictions approved by GOP lawmakers

E. Jean Carroll: Trump 'raped me whether I screamed or not' - All In - MSNBC

Writer who defended Clarence Thomas' free trips didn't disclose he was present

trumps biggest crimes

Controversial bill to regulate online streaming becomes law

SC is gonna allow red states to ignore elections and assign electors they want, we know that

Twitter is 4chan

Clarence Thomas is Winning His War on Transparency

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans shifting on climate and numbers....

Bernie Sanders on why he's endorsing Biden, forgoing his own 2024 bid - All In - MSNBC

2 US Army helicopters crash in Alaska on training flight

Top Democrat brings the house down with speech of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Nebraska abortion ban tied to cardiac activity falls one vote short; 20-week limit remains intact

Seahawks stick at No. 5 overall, select Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon

Started reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. What is your favorite genre of book? by the

LAPD officer hospitalized after finger allegedly bitten off by homeless person at Metro station

School Cancels Theater Trip After Parent Complains About Drag - Waldorf Nation

Woman whose claims led to Emmett Till's lynching dies at 88 - CBS News

RI: Equality in Abortion Coverage Act passes House in 49 to 24 vote

Shame Tacopina can't be questioned on witness stand if he has ever raped any women. nt

New AP/ABC film probes white supremacy in law enforcement

House-Passed Bill Would Put Millions at Risk of Losing Medicaid Coverage

MS: Hinds County sheriff candidate faces federal bribery charges

NEW: DOJ goes to 5th Circuit to request a partial stay pending appeal in ACA preventive care case

UPDATED:Powell, OH man who spread misinformation even after Jan. 6 conviction is sentenced to prison

That weather looks nasty

Senate GOP blocks joint resolution nixing Equal Rights Amendment ratification deadline

A simple stew I make

Italian college students openly mock Asians on a train. Internet identifies them.

TRUMP RAPE Trial - April 27, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Nebraska Republican: 'No One's Forcing Anyone to Be Pregnant'

The Mandalorian S3 is the best comedy available atm.

Language: "Overturn", not "Steal."

Hanna Benn's 'Where Springs Not Fail'

New Attack Ad Humiliates Lindsey Graham in Stunning Takedown! - Luke Beasley

Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit World Wide Waste

Jonathan Weiss' 'Elegy for Violin, Viola and Electronics'

Football helmet testing 1932

Battle between Disney and DeSantis now playing out in court - PBS NewsHour

27 Apr: No chance given. Russian attack implodes. - Reporting from Ukraine

US court orders South African firm's CEO to pay $3.4 billion for bitcoin fraud


Soldier Who Sought Ethnic Cleansing in the US Pleads Guilty on Firearms Charges

6 on NYC Council refuse to vote for 'End Jew Hatred Day'

Minnesota group opposed to abortion loses battle to collect $842K from man's estate

Army Veteran SOUNDS ALARM on Kevin McCarthy's Latest SCHEME - Meidas Touch

China vows to retaliate if US continues case against police officers accused of targeting dissidents

Secret Service agents...

The scary difference between Nazi Germany and current US RW Nazis

Brazilian court bans Telegram for failing to hand over data from neo-Nazi groups

Rudy Giuliani Admits To 'Dirty Trick' That Suppressed Hispanic Vote In NYC Mayor's Race

The Coming Tidal Wave of Right Wing Covid Lawsuits

Mayor Adams at the Broadway opening of "New York, New York"

Found this on youotube, wait for the ending

I had this article from 2018 sent to me, not all Christains are horrible

Bolsonaro Says He Posted Coup-Mongering Video by Mistake and under The Influence of Medication

Just so you know, in case you're interested...

Roy Haynes - Little Titan

"Hitler Was Right" ad

In N.H. stop, Trump embraces woman convicted in Jan. 6 case

New York set to pass first statewide law banning gas in new construction

Venezuela's ex-opposition leader seeks exile in US after surprise visit to Colombia

The Daily Show: Tucker Emerges After Firing & MTG Criticizes Stepmothers

TX school cancels field trip to "James and the Giant Peach" play because actors play both genders

Exposed: Gruesome Working Conditions at DHL - More Perfect Union

Wealthy Couple Taking Real Vacation For First Time In Weeks

Jamie Raskin Has Finished Chemo

Embrace the Howl of the Wolf 🐺

The Daily Show: The Dark Side of the Wellness Industry - Long Story Short

Biden Zeroes In On GOP Plans to Ban Books

Update: Lauren Boebert's School Controversy Deepens - Waldorf Nation

"Jack Teixeira and Me"

Migrant pushback law in Lithuania - Eastern Express - TVP World

Trump accuser fires back at attorney during cross examination - CNN

Koko Da Doll murder: Teen accused in death of transgender woman from documentary

Westminster on now, terriers coming up (last group, I'm LATE!)

In an interview, Tucker Carlson describes his reason for leaving Fox.

Sacred System - Black Lotus

For you E. Jean Carroll

a couple of wild mountain gals visited today

Griner gets emotional in first news conference since Russian prison release - CNN

Kimmel: Tucker Carlson Crawls Out of His Hole, Don Jr Interviews Trump & Pence Testifies About

Seth Meyers - Tucker Carlson Posts Cryptic Video Amid Reports He Was Axed Over Texts: A Closer Look

Please do NOT share! Got it?

Railroads warned about the problems long trains can cause

'The Trump team sees Pence going in as end of investigation': Hugo Lowell - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Don Ellis - Chain Reaction

Dark Money Groups Push Election Denialism on US State Officials

Washington, Minnesota protect access to abortion, gender-affirming care

Socialite Jasmine Hartin Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Belize Cop Shooting

U.S. fish stocks improving against overfishing, NOAA says

Trump lawyers' disingenuous plea for help from Congress met with scorn - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

WHAM! - A Ray Of Sunshine

Carlson firing sends Fox viewers to Newsmax in ironic reprise of election fallout - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Billy Strings and Willy Nelson "California Sober"

Elvis Crespo - Suavemente (Bolero Mix)

Biden Calls Out Republicans over Debt Ceiling Negotiations! - Luke Beasley

My prediction: Tucker starts another RW network

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Biden's Dark Brandon embrace might mean....

Prince & The Revolution - Sometimes It Snows In April

Montana Governor's Nonbinary Son Calls on Him to Reject Transgender Bills

GOP uses state capitol protests to redefine 'insurrection'

'You get re-victimized when telling story over and over': Legal expert on E. Jean Carroll testimony

Man from El Salvador who was deported under Trump administration in 2017 becomes US citizen

Jerry Springer wasn't a bigot, he was a cynical egalitarian.

Jack Smith to Receive MOST POWERFUL Evidence Yet - Talking Feds

Guatemala Needs Peace And Justice - OpEd

They Wrecked Britain, and They're Not Going Anywhere

Trump defense in Carroll case recalls pre-MeToo attitudes - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'QAnon shaman' says former lawyer failed him over Jan. 6 videos

Federal Judge THREATENS Trump with CRIMINAL EXPOSURE - Meidas Touch

Culture war clash gives Kansas new medication abortion law

MT: Zephyr working from bench outside House floor; while her committee meetings cancelled

Georgia K-12 panel could soon erase 'woke' words like 'diverse' from training rules

El Salvador's Bitcoin City canceled -- but did it ever really exist?

Fmr. Prosecutor: Trump's lawyer 'did not accomplish his goal' in civil rape case - The Last Word

Top Tourist Destination in Crisis: Eight More Bodies Found Near Resort

Rep. Summer Lee: Young Dems countering GOP extremism with 'hope' and 'ferocity' - The Last Word

"We Build The Wall" Grifters SENTENCED - Raw News And Politics

UPDATE 1-World Bank approves $100 mln loan for El Salvador water projects

National Review Writer Brutally Called Out After Defending Fellow Lakeside Lounger Clarence Thomas

Pence testifies before grand jury investigating Trump and January 6 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Santana - 'Smooth'

George Santos - They'll have to drag my cold, dead body out of this institution."

Prosecutors allege U.S. documents leak suspect had weapons, history of violence - CBS News

Breakfast Friday 28 April 2023

Parents of Louisville bank shooter break silence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

China's Middle East Strategy - Good Times Bad Times

Hillside collapses under historic Casa Romantica in San Clemente, California (home of city founder)

The Last Thing: Remembering Jerry Springer - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

forklift thief rampage... southern California

Meet Moms For Liberty: The rising conservative group shaking up school districts nationwide

Did Murdoch warn Carlson: no more vids or you lose the $40M? COUNTDOWN

James Corden: Late Late Night Nightmare w/ Kimmel, Meyers, Colbert, Fallon, Letterman & Noah

Double Standard (again) for Democrats and Republicans

Diana Ross and The Supremes - Reflections

WORDLE 678 (4/28) ***SPOILER THREAD***

School superintendent who criticized DeSantis could lose job

Fox Owes Reparations to the American People -Michael Moore

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 28, 2023

'You don't get to say that...!' House members clash on border witness who was also at Jan. 6

Killer whales make boat ride a wild experience

Is conservativism some sort of addiction?

A lot of what if's on possible strike here at Buster Brown.

BBC chief quits amid furor over role in Boris Johnson loan

Just for fun... Jon Stewart on Crossfire with Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala

U.S. officials lead urgent rescue talks for First Republic

Tweet of the Week

Xerox commercial, 1979:

Danish Defence sighted Russian vessels near pipeline before Nord Stream explosion

I switched over to FOX yesterday evening...

Montana bill sponsor argues suicide is a better choice than trans care.

Russia launches deadly wave of missile attacks on Ukraine cities

Lauren Boebert praises grant for community health center after voting against its funding

NY-17: Brutal Dem primary could pit ex-lawmaker against gov's sister

Friday TOONs - Foxymoron

Well hidey ho DU.What a lovely morning.

Scoop: DeSantis dines with Miriam Adelson, other major GOP donors in Israel

Science Is Real

I didn't think it was possible for my crush on Keanu Reeves to get even stronger.

Bernie Sanders on why he's endorsing Biden


German invention: You can hold this knife while holding a knife.

Trump Holds DISASTROUS and TINY Event in New Hampshire - Meidas Touch

On this day, April 28, 1973, "The Dark Side of the Moon" went to Number 1 on the US Billboard chart.

Poor Gryff is going through floofy toy withdrawal

What could be more American than kids playing baseball? Oh yeah, that...

On this day, April 28, 1988, Aloha Airlines Flight 243 was on its way from Hilo to Honolulu.

On this day, April 28, 2002, an F4 tornado cut a 24-mile-long swath through Charles County.

Who let the dogs out? 😂

Exxon ups production to counter falling prices in record Q1

Graphic: On this day, April 28, 1945, Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were executed.

The Rundown: April 28, 2023

On this day, April 28, 1971, OSHA was formed.

The origin of Superheroes: Creeper (DC Comics)

On this day 51 years ago

My black cat Raven cries a lot now...

To note: This J6 Defendant who was embraced by Trump last night is a member of Negative48...

A Michigan 7th grader pulled off the heroic act of stopping a school bus carrying around 66 students

MBTA finalizing work on long-delayed train control system

Mike Luckovich- Running as a job creator (for attorneys)

Students sue Michigan school district for banning 'Let's Go Brandon' sweatshirts

"Disinformation can come at a cost": What Fox News learned from Tucker Carlson

Heard strep throat is worse right now

Anti-woke' caller tries to explain what the phrase means... It did not go well LBC

Women At War...a very good French series on Netflix

Republicans deny they want to erase trans people -- Montana silencing Zooey Zephyr proves otherwise

Florida won't tell you what's wrong at its voucher schools

As sea levels rise, the East Coast is also sinking

BBC Chairman Richard Sharp resigns after breaching rules over Boris Johnson loan

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Charley Patton was born on this date.

Blossom Dearie was born on this date.

A very scary tweet about Covid from the WHO

Jax -- Cinderella Snapped

No reason to negotiate with MAGA Debt Ceiling Terrorists

Rescued Puppy Had No Idea How To Play Until This Little Girl Showed Him How

This Cop Cheated, Shot His Wife And Got Promoted - The Villains

Matted Senior Dog Was Chained On The Roof For Two Years

The truth for Republicans

Time to Wake Up: Republicans' Oily Wish List

This woman raised a wombat.

Bernie: I'm proud to stand with the new UAW leadership.

Yosemite valley to close over flood threat as snowpack melts

Flaws Found in Senate Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh

Blind Faith - I Can't Find My Way Home

Men Chainsaw A Frozen Lake To Save Deer

Looking at the piece of crap bill MAGA Kevin passed out of the house (by 2 votes), with all

Rescued Kitten With a Bent Leg Doesn't Give Up And Becomes An Absolute Beauty

White House Correspondence Dinner.........tomorrow 7:00pm CDT on C-SPAN and CNN.

How angry will the MAGAts be with Pence?

SO sad. SO unfair. Slate claims cartoon Mafioso thug Joey the "T" did Trump "no favors" in court.

Man Allegedly Paused Date To Kill, Returned For Dinner

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 28, 2023

legally can we refer to "Trump the Rapist" if E Jean wins?

Bill banning involuntary microchip implanting passes Alabama House

Kansas Senate's attempt to override Kelly on tax cuts falls short again -- GOP senator sanctioned

Ohio Senate Republicans OK August election, plan to make it harder to change constitution

MI:Bills would overhaul statue of limitations for sexual assault, establish Survivors Bill of Rights

Yay, We're Saved!! Non-existent Direct CO2 Capture Sites To Connect To Non-existent CO2 Pipeline

Biden names Whitmer as reelection campaign co-chair

Proud Boys throw trump UNDER THE BUS in Federal Trial

Louisiana's unemployed could see jobless benefits cut in half

Tulane Study: Sea Level Rise Along Gulf And Atlantic Coasts At 0.5"/Year Since 2010

Top Republicans Balk at WinRed's Plan to Charge More for Online Donations

Zooey Zephyr, Montana's First Trans Lawmaker, Speaks Out After Being Banned, Silenced by Republicans

I read the craziest rumor...

Warrant: Suspect killed in FBI standoff held gun to woman's head while leaving home

Utah judge to consider challenge to new abortion clinic ban

Abortion bans fail in conservative South Carolina, Nebraska

Vermont passes bills aimed at protecting access to abortion pills

Fed report on SVB collapse faults bank's managers -- and central bank regulators

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about rules for Trump in the NY case....

Stephen Miller files EEOC complaint against Mars Inc, maker of M&Ms

Former city official attacked homeless person with bear spray prior to metal pipe attack

I Am As Rich As I Ever Need To Be (Nanu Nanu)

"Rising Tide of Fascism": Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones Warns of GOP's Embrace of Authoritarianism

Marjorie Taylor Greene loses it in meltdown on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Don't Get in Our Way": Kamala Harris Kicks Off Biden's Reelection Bid With a Battle Cry on Abortion

Appeals court upholds Florida voting restrictions approved by GOP lawmakers

U.S. inflation remains above Fed's target rate

So...effing...SICK of the media commenting on Trump "not being happy" or "having a bad day."

"Courage Is Contagious": Zooey Zephyr & Justin Jones on the GOP's Silencing of State Lawmakers

Today's PCE Inflation Report - the Fed's favorite gauge (core PCE)

Anti-abortion bills fail in GOP-controlled Nebraska and South Carolina

M101 the pinwheel galaxy

I had to pick up a prescription so I asked the pharmacist about the latest Covid booster

The service here is too slow.

If it fits, I sits

'Our leaders have failed us': Climate activists plan blockade at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Bee Hummingbird - Cuba

"Yes, but we must take 2-1/2 years to find some kind of proof, to understand his motivation"

Senate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

MAGAT: "Medicare for all? No thanks, I don't want to pay for other people's health care..."

Governor Newsom Proclaims Workers' Memorial Day 2023

Man greeted by Otter Pup in the water:

"Provocative & Dangerous": Biden to Send Nuclear-Armed Subs to South Korea as Activists Demand Peace

Question regarding the Carroll civil trial

BREAKING: NCSupreme Court Reverses, Says Partisan Gerrymandering Does Not Violate State Constitution

Tobacco Road - Nashville Teens 1964

Before & after adoption:

No Carolina Residents Urge UN to Investigate PFAS Pollution, Forever Chems: Cancer, Health Issues

Kitty's pose is mahvelous:

🚨BREAKING: North Carolina Supreme Court reverses a prior partisan gerrymandering decision

RuPaul speaks truth.

No Carolina Residents Urge UN to Investigate PFAS Pollution, Forever Chems: Cancer, Health Issues NC

How young they start stealing our chairs! (So smol!)

Russia Seizes More Western Assets as Putin Signs Decree to Seize German & Finnish Power Stations

I'll accept the 2024 presidential election results only if Joe Biden wins.

Great Dane demands attention:

Abortion bans fail in conservative South Carolina, Nebraska

What do you do if a rhino walks straight up to you while you're filming and wants a belly scratch?

Boog the chocolate lab is shook his faith in mankind well boy kind is shot

Many newly-released photos of Obama and WH the night they got Bin Laden

Jimmy Kimmel Steps Up After Trump Forgets Melania's Birthday - Farron Balanced

One Dragon to beat is hard...TWO? LET THE FUN BEGIN! MHW

Just take a look at this majestic king:

"This Take Your Child To Work Day, I had the honor of ..."

I'm ready for my closeup now, Mr. DeMille:

VA-HD71: First-time legislative candidate (D) attracts over 2,500 individual small donors in Q1.

Who let the dogs out?

Darkadelic, the new album The Damned released today, is getting rave reviews

Ever wonder how the Egyptians learned to "walk like an Egyptian"?

O hai!

Open wide:

Little boy is more than thrilled with his birthday present:

The next opportunity to flip the North Carolina Supreme Court will be 2028

President Biden: This Take Your Child To Work Day, I had the honor of being protected by

California Air Resources Board Passes New In-Use Locomotive Regulation

🚨 BREAKING: North Carolina Supreme Court reverses a prior partisan gerrymandering decision

CW: Suicide. TX imprisoned Joshua Keith Beasley Jr. when he was 11, purportedly for his own good.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 28, 2023)

'This Means Unrest' Chinese Economy: Surging Youth Unemployment; US-China Relations - China Update

What a World the Supreme Court is making...

Adorable pack of baby bunnies:

Rape is what we are talking about. The gop presumed nominee is a Rapist page on Harris needs some quick attention.

House Republicans walk the plank

🚨 North Carolina Supreme Court reinstated NC's voter ID law and ended voting rights for some felons

How bankruptcy helps coal industry avoid environmental liability

How bankruptcy helps coal industry avoid environmental liability

GOP-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court reverses rulings that struck down partisan gerrymanders

Middle Age Riot tweet: Before we discuss a maximum age for presidents,

Haley implies Biden won't make it to 86, White House fires back - Morning Joe - MSNBC

FL GOP Passes Bill to Undermine Unions for Public Employees, Except Cops. Affect Teachers, Nurses

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says They Didn't Raise Taxes to Combat Climate Change In the Ice Age

🚨 North Carolina Supreme Court reinstated NC's voter ID law and ended voting rights for some felons

Why the GOP May Actually Want a Second Great Depression

Jamie Raskin is officially cancer free!

A lawyer-turned-fighter codenamed 'Witch'

This is a purge. Republicans are purging any who oppose them.

U.S. Wires Ukraine With Radiation Sensors to Detect Nuclear Blasts

Darkadelic, the new album The Damned released today, is getting rave reviews


"When you need to get a job done, just hire dachshunds!" 😉🤣

With days remaining, Philadelphia mayoral poll shows virtual tie

Trump Begs House Republicans To Save Him From Special Prosecutor - Ring of Fire

Revival - Allman Brothers Band 🍊

LOL, Peanuts Meme

MAGA Zombies never change even if given clear, rational facts.

We've been hearing about SC justices with their undisclosed conflicts of interest & "coincidentally"

Illinois Man Using Leaf Blower In Yard Allegedly Shot Dead By Neighbor

just heard the first duhsantis ad

April 28, 1967, Muhammad Ali

Is this a tactic for Ms. Flake ; or is she merely Stone Cold Delusional?

McCabe: Trump should be 'very nervous' about Pence's testimony - CNN

A Bear Meme

Ukrainian preparations for counteroffensive 'coming to an end'

Brazilian President Lula resumes recognition of Indigenous land areas

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: The Inconvenient Truth of Covid

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: The Inconvenient Truth of Covid

Twitter's main Explore page emphasizes sports, entertainment, animals...and now Biden tweets.

I agree with Rev Al, Haley wasn't just talking about President Biden's age. It was a dog whistle

Friday Funnies--What is the smallest lion? tanuki is the winner. Dandelion

Reciprocating saw.

Gaylor Baird (D) and Geist (R) hold rallies ahead of Lincoln mayoral election

Writing to you all from rehab -- you've saved my sanity before I finally remembered my password

Police say man continued date after fatal shooting over $40

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Prevent AI From Launching Nuclear Weapons

PA: Zappala is running a quiet campaign for Allegheny County DA. Is it enough against Dugan?

PA: Sara Innamorato is about to get a big boost in the race for Allegheny County executive

Higher prices brought bigger profits for food companies, but some customers have started to cut back

Homeless in the City Where He Was Once Mayor

PA: Erie County Executive Davis (R) says domestic violence allegations 'lacked credibility'

Dems propose bill to clamp down on the Trump-judge Kacsmaryk 'problem'

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Jeff Brown wants to make Philadelphia his business

Is the GOP Anti-Businesses Now?

R's "up until birth-abortion agenda" bullshit

Two journalists murdered in 48 hours in Haiti 

6 on NYC Council refuse to vote for 'End Jew Hatred Day'

Sweet Tooth series 2 drops on Netflix

Again with the Article 5 Plot and How they plan to trash the Constitution

Jan. 6 convict embraces Trump at campaign event, calls for Pence's execution

Prince Harry May Deliver the Next Huge Blow to Murdoch's Empire

How the GOP's Medicaid work requirements will backfire

Guardsman in leak case wanted to kill a 'ton of people': US

Colorado governor signs gun control bills after massacre

How strong is Disney's 1st Amendment case against Ron DeSantis?

Republicans in war with fundraising firm over plan to 'siphon' off millions in donations

L.A.'s water lifeline faces unprecedented flood threat. The battle to prevent calamity

Newsmax, NewsNation, or other - *ucker CARLSON not going away


Is anyone else noticing pro RU posts under the guise of "UKR in trouble" for various reasons?

Justice Earls telling it like it is - re North Carolina anti-gerrymandering reversal

Deal reached in principle to resume Ukraine grain transit with 5 EU countries

Tweets Become Harder to Believe

N. Carolina justices hand GOP big win with election rulings

Have you noticed Repukes changing the word "insurrection"?

MAGA Is Ripping Itself Apart

Gina and the Belafonte family would like to acknowledge

Thanks for reminding me Hugh_Lebowski !

Trump-pardoned GOP operative insists former girlfriend Maria Butina was not a Russian spy

The 13 most-targeted books in the U.S.

Damage to downtown Seattle transit tunnel disrupts light rail service for 2 weeks

Frustrated hiker compiles list of most crime-targeted trailheads in western Washington

Barbershop in Missoula, Montana offers gender affirming haircuts...for free.

A Montana lawmaker suggested she'd rather risk her child's suicide than let her transition

Why this Democratic group thinks the party can run against red state bills

Thanks Biden! (And, Thanks Obama!) A change in the public charge rule saved our family $90,000!

DeSantis Isn't Comfortable on the National Stage

Not exactly gardening

Michael J. Fox Discusses Mortality as Life With Parkinson's Gets 'Harder'

Biden admin seeks to pause order blocking Obamacare preventive care mandate

Fire Lookout Life: The "Lightning Bust"

'This' kind of day, southern MD

White woman who made false accusation that led to lynching of Emmett Till, one of the most 'infamous

It is a little stressful watching a new driveway getting put in.

MTG Claims Step-Moms Are Not Moms - Rebel HQ

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 1 -- May 5)

This is lit

Is Colombia's deadly Nevado del Ruiz on the verge of a major eruption?

Last night's Edgar Awards ceremony, aka Poe's Prom

Inside EXPO Chicago 2023

spot for sonora ca 2 1300 pdt.

"Maybe" if Roberts had done the right thing RE Clarence, his WIFE wouldn't be in the headlines

Federal judge ENJOINS enforcement of Illinois' assault weapon and magazine bans

Tired of the "'good' people in red states" argument

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pence talking and what it means for Trump....

Metro to increase height of modified fare gates to combat evasion

DC Metro to increase height of modified fare gates to combat evasion

Minnesota State Sen. (R) says the 1936 movie "Reefer Madness" made some good points,

The Coolest Ring Bearer in Town Is a Cat with a Classy Car Entrance

MI: Defend Black Voters calls on DTE shareholders to 'take action' against political spending

What We Learned From Round 1 of the N.F.L. Draft

New laws make Minnesota a 'refuge' for abortion, gender-affirming care.

EPA allows gasoline with higher ethanol blend during summer

Dozens of Michigan school districts to hold bond votes on Tuesday

Opponents of August special election continue to use Ohio Sec. of State LaRose's words against him

Newsmax Wants Tucker Carlson to Run Its Entire Channel: TMZ YOU RULE

How the AI revolution disrupts societies

Shaker Heights man indicted for 2020 voter fraud; Ohio has since left system that caught him

Raven, my black cat can't stop crying, but good news.

New cat tomorrow!

Tech Companies Are Colluding to Cheat H-1B Visa Lottery

Max Tegmark interview: Six months to save humanity from AI?

President Biden - Take Your Child To Work Day at the White House *Twitter vid*

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 28, 2023

Muslim advocacy group asks Kansas senator for equal representation after offer to convert

Svengoolie, Saturday April 29: "Destroy All Monsters"! MeTV at 8 pm e/p, 7 c

"I'm not a feminist, I'm a humanist."

Putin is forced to suspend offensive. Russia threatens Chernobyl 2.0. "Surprise" in Bakhmut.

Steven Crowder's Ex's Family Shares Video of Him Berating Her for Not Fulfilling 'Wifely' Duties

In honor of MAGA Debt Ceiling terrorists I will use their

🎶stop what you're doin cause I'm about to ruin the foliage collection that you're used to

Tensions emerge on floor as Florida Senate passes immigration crackdown

Kamala Harris must keep walking a tightrope for Biden's reelection bid

In our democracy every citizen holds an office with responsibility...

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs four gun control bills into law

"the moral little thugs from your moral, upright families"

Trump Hugs and Kisses QAnon-Loving Rioter Who Wants Most of Congress Executed

Fox News poll finds voters overwhelmingly want restrictions on guns

A few suggestions for making the US better:

WSJournal: N American Clean Hydrogen Projects Are Booming. Biden's IRA incentives Threaten EU Lead

Huge Manta Ray

Jack Smith Gets NEW EVIDENCE about Trump Crimes - Meidas Touch

Cops Will Make It Up Just To Get You (LackLuster)

Democrats Refuse To Let John Roberts Ignore SCOTUS Ethics Problems - Ring of Fire

Russian TV (State TV) is now promoting the dissolution of the United States

This is what DeSatan and his ilk are trying to do to the USA -- "the people's community"

Michael Steele had the perfect response to MTG's " you are not a biological mom" nonsense

Breaking News: Minnesota Senate passed recreational cannabis

Chinchilla twofer: "Fingers" Live for HungerTV and "Little Girl Gone"

Breaking News: Minnesota Senate passes marijuana legalization bill

Once again, rural conservatives want government to bail them out

Washington creates missing Indigenous people cold case unit

See Fox News crash and burn over Tucker firing: Rob Reiner breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

Rainy day, so 'old' pics of 'my' osprey on old nest, beside my house:

Michael Steele just gave MTG a Royal Ass Kicking on Nicole Wallace

TASED For Filming Son's Traffic Stop - Lawsuit! (The Civil Rights Lawyer)

Defamation payouts by Media should not permitted as a tax deduction.

Everett Film Festival returns Saturday with nine screenings

ABC News edits RFK Jr. interview to exclude 'false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines'

Cartoons 4/28/2023

County contract almost done for Edmonds motel meth cleanup

So I was perusing composting bins on Amazon

Biden's old; Trump's indicted; neither are what matters

Georgia Leaves Man in Jail Ten Years Waiting for Trial

In Historic Vote, Minn. Senate Passes Legal Marijuana Bill

WATCH LIVE: House Democratic Leader Jeffries holds news briefing after GOP debt ceiling vote - PBS

texas basically murdered a kid

Ecuador to launch military operations to fight terrorism -minister

As Snohomish County sees spike in syphilis, new clinic gets funds

McCarthy's benefit work rules won't save much money

Georgia fake elector seeks to join Trump motion to quash grand jury report

Sperm donor who fathered 550 children told to stop, clinics told to destroy his sperm

Harrop: Tucker Carlson was right about one great replacement

Seattle council members propose law to prohibit public drug use

On "thoughts and prayers"

Washington state lawmakers pass several bills to lower housing barriers

Pence 'shouldn't just comply with the law because it's required' says Elaine Luria - Deadline - MSNBC

The El Segundo Farmer's Market, yesterday!

Bobo Lists What Patriots Should Be Willing To Do And... It's Something

Trump Whines About Election Fraud at Rally, as RNC Worries It's Scaring Off Voters

Gardening Assist

Che please correct dat ReTHUG woman

Faith - Rie Suzuku

North Carolina Supreme Court clears way for partisan gerrymandering

He will do it again. Say the election was stolen when Biden trounces him

Tweet for anti-vaxxers

Cotswold Wildlife Park breeds giant Mexican frogs in world first

All 9 Supreme Court justices push back on oversight: 'Raises more questions,' Senate chair says

Arashi- Nice na Kokokoriki

Kids sports coach from NewZealand

Jane Roberts, married to Chief Justice John Roberts, made $10.3m in commissions from elite law firms

Here's a relatively new folk song you may know about the plight of the 99%

Canadian warship intercepts boat carrying $50M worth of cocaine off Mexico

A Nebraska lawmaker faces an ethics investigation for simply being mother to a trans child

Mexico finds 11,520 tequila bottles with liquid meth at Manzanillo port

TL(PM) DIGEST: Nevertheless, inflation persisted

'Corrupt' Texas Republican accused of amending school safety bill to benefit himself

Speculation about DeSantis, Miriam Adelson and casinos in Disney

Trump's Latest Frantic Move Shows He is OUT OF OPTIONS - Talking Feds

SCOOP: New whistleblower docs show Jane Roberts, who is married to SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts

Did DeSantis Miscalculate Against Disney? Even fellow Republicans are questioning his escalating fig

Team Trump begs Congress to derail DOJ's classified docs probe

Debt Ceiling Vote - The Lincoln Project

In win for Republicans, North Carolina court says gerrymandering is legal

California Surpasses 1.5 Million Zero Emissions Vehicles Goal Two Years Ahead of Schedule

SF officials tear down 'surreptitiously installed' statue in Golden Gate Park

Democrats under investigation vs repukes under investigation.

IL: Danville's Public Services committee voted in favor of ordinance restricting abortion medication

It's gummie time.

Let's get Friday going

Bruce Springsteen feat. Michelle Obama 💜

Childs question: What makes you hopeful for the next generation of America?

I dunno but . . .

Why Pence's Jan. 6 grand jury testimony should make Trump nervous

I'm on a bit of an adventure tonight. Nina Simone as a pianist - as amazing as Nina the vocalist

A Twitter User Threatened To Kill Obama. Musk's Safety Team Let Him Keep Tweeting

Two-horse race hours out from Paraguay election

This Week at Justice - April 28, 2023 - The Justice Department

David Frum analyzing DeSantis' "quasi-announcement"

How's this for a name for the new cat?

The Church - Reptile

China added 33.66 Gigawatts of new solar PV in Q1 - Total 327.4 GW cumulative installed PV capacity

Nantucket Sleighride


Aaaahhhhh this is the life

Entertainment industry writers will go on strike next week if a deal isn't reached

Marjorie Taylor Greene issues the most horrific comment of her career - Brian Tyler Cohen

4.0 student needed $4,000 to attend his dream UC school. LA Times readers stepped in, gofund at 38K

Eleven years after Mexican reporter's murder, RSF demands answers

Oliver Serves Himself Dinner (not for the squeamish)

Justice Alito says he has a 'good idea' of who leaked Roe v. Wade draft

Michael Franti & Spearhead, a two-fer

Only losers cheat: See Trump's campaign failures broken down as GOP fears 2024 debacle - The Beat MSNBC

Russia's Wagner group could soon cease to exist, founder tells blogger