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WATCH: surfers braving the wave during a tidal surge in Brazil

"I can't wait for you to come home."

Rolling Stones - The Last Time

CNN: Children among at least 23 killed in early-morning Russian strike on Ukrainian apartment block

Rolling Stones - The Spider to the Fly

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Barnes & Noble Workers at Manhattan Store Want to Unionize

When will we hear the decision against the Proud Boys?

Had a good day of sales at the booth

Why Steve Bannon and Alex Jones love Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Beatles - Helter Skelter

40th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow kicks off in New Mexico

Til Tuesday - Voices Carry - 3/26/1986 - Ritz

Virginia doctor charged with prescribing tens of thousands of oxycodone pills in distribution plot

Rolling Stones - Connection

The majority of UK doesn't approve of costly coronation

Montana Governor Signs Law Banning Transgender Care for Minors

Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown

Music Machine - Talk Talk

HighWomen with Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, and Yola "Highwoman" Live at Newport Folk Fest 7/27/19

I need dis

RFK, jr. vs. Marianne Williamson

Jan 6 Suspect SENTENCED For FBI Threats - Raw News And Politics

Night Crawlers - Little Black Egg

Yardbirds - Shape of things

Daily Shooting Report. Shot for Leaf Blowing

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermint

Erin Burnett was going to report on 20% support for Kennedy, but...

The official Republican Supreme Court Justice song

Stop deporting Haitians: Rights experts' appeal to countries in Americas

At campaign stop, Donald Trump figuratively AND literally embraces insurrectionists -Glenn Kirschner

*WETA Ch 26 NOW, Justice Breyer (Ret) interview

At campaign stop, Donald Trump figuratively AND literally embraces insurrectionists - Glenn Kirschner

Brandi Carlile - The Joke (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

Shanquella Robinson's mom knows why her daughter is dead, but says U.S. officials won't act

The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard

US family flees Texas to transgender 'refuge' -- Minnesota

Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

Hot Damn Flotus.

China and US are Polar Opposites on Gun Control

Texas House Votes to Remove Elected Prosecutors Who Won't Enforce Abortion Laws

Drift Away (Single Version) - Dobie Gray

Cancel the 2024 GOP primary. Kari Lake says Trump already won, so no vote needed

Well, once Marjorie, you got it wrong twice this week!

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Ron DeSantis in Guantnamo: how questions about his past haunt the Florida governor

Chambers Brothers - Time has Come

Christians Plan 'Ambush' of Satanic Temple's Convention

Draggin' the Line (Single Version) - Tommy James

Jordan subpoenas federal agencies over censorship concerns

This is your brain on right-wing extremism...

The Castaways - Liar, Liar

The surprise turn in Fox's favorite new fearmongering story - All In - MSNBC

Dark Brandon Explained George Takei's Oh Myyy

Terry Knight and the Pack - Love, Love, Love

Big MAGA Half-Pound* Burger Recipe

Standells - Dirty Water

If Cardin(D-MD) retires from the US Senate in 2024. The Democratic Primary winner is unknown.

Tommy Shondell & the Shondells - Crimson & Clover

FDIC prepares to place First Republic under receivership -source

"Jesus, Guns, Babies" Lady Is Back and WORSE Than Ever

This 2016 campaign song was, sadly, so prophetic

So you know how Alaska gives its citizens a cut of oil royalties?

April Wine - If You See Kay

Former President Obama, Michelle, Steven Spielberg, and Bruce Springsteen......

(Jonathan Bonney) Hayward, Wisconsin man charged with taking part in Jan. 6 insurrection

Trump hugs Jan. 6 rioter who wants Pence to be executed - All In - MSNBC

WE ARE NOT SAFE-the anti-trans law emergency

If we do not abandon this utter folly of Blue State shifting to these non partisan Congressional and

*Great Performances WETA Now Hear This "Albniz: Portraits Of Spain"

'Mom influencer' whose false accusations sparked QAnon panic is convicted, to be sentenced

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Snapchat exodus prompted by free AI feature

Jack Smith is investigating wire fraud as it pertains to tfg/his allies fundraising off the big lie

Justice Alito says he has 'pretty good idea' who leaked abortion ruling

So, I was driving south of out Lincoln, NE this afternoon . . .

Republican Hearings BACKFIRE in Most SHOCKING Way Yet - Meidas Touch

Friday Talking Points -- Biden Launches His Re-Election Campaign

Gen Z won't sit back and watch as the Republican Party tries to destroy our country

Republicans BANNED Trans State Rep. Zooey Zephyr For Defending Trans Rights

DipYourCar: NEW Prototype HyperShift May Be the World's CRAZIEST Paint Color (How is this possible?)

the moment CNBC discovered their anchor was having a relationship with a GOP donor

Proud Boys went into Jan. 6 'committed to carrying out violence' Rep. Swalwell says - The ReidOut

The way you're wired, metabolically.

The One Where Tucker Carlson Gets Fired (Ferret!)

In the latest edition of Not the Onion

Supreme Court's ability to police itself 'has already proven to be false' Elie Mystal says - The ReidOut

Real Time With Bill Maher (4/28/23)

🥸 Was this guy in a car wreck? -- Don Jr. related

Colorado governor signs 4 gun control bills after massacre

Various movements of Bach's 'Partitas'/Simone Dinnerstein on piano

Church of England: It's OK if You're Single Like Jesus

GOP Senators Ignored Crucial Kavanaugh Evidence - Raw News And Politics

Star Trek nails racism

Snowy Egret in the shade!

Together as One, Two Wolves Share Their Ancient Song 🐺

Surfeit "entertainment" - b home soon, u-too-babe/Lucky#1

Dog used for fighting gets adopted. And it's beautiful how he plays with toys.

The Daily Show: Desi Lydic's Journey to The Daily Show - After the Cut

In my mind I had to review my combat in cities training from my infantry days as I

What are the ages of those in the Gen X and Gen Z groups?

The Dow is UP THERE! Please stick. nt

Looking for something different? "Downsizing" starring Matt Damon.

Seth Meyers - Trump Sells New Book "Letters to Trump" for $95 - Monologue 4/27/23

"Mom, I'm in Ukraine" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Frank Bridge: 'There Is A Willow Grows Aslant A Brook'

Thom Hartmann - "This is a story as old as capitalism"

Tucker Carlson Leaves a Legacy of "Bloodthirstiness for Extremism" at Fox News - Angelo Carusone

Is the author C. J Fox a right wing conspiracy person?

Comedian (Roy Wood Jr.) teases DeSantis punchlines at WH Correspondents' Dinner - CNN

Spring on the farm - final project for my photography class this semester

Florida bill allowing DeSantis to stay governor and run for president heads to his desk

28 Apr: It worked! Ukrainians prevent a massive bombing raid - Reporting from Ukraine

ChatGPT outperformed doctors in accuracy and empathy

'Exonerated Five' member wishes fair justice for Trump but recognizes 'karma' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Hear Arnold Schwarzenegger's prediction about Trump

Window to heaven?

Billionaire GOP donor says DeSantis won't return his calls - CNN

Shadows of Knight - Gloria

Afghanistan: Who's there to help? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Sydicate of Sound - Hey Little Girl

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 30, 2023 - And the Tradition Continues Where Every Story Matters

Cat saves diabetic owner's life - CBS News

These Five Words Can Help You Tell If a Review Was Written By AI

Small Faces - Little Tin Soldier

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E2

TCM Schedule for Monday May 1, 2023 - Special Theme: James Wong Howe

Elephant's Memory - Mongoose

Alito complains about criticism amid Supreme Court legitimacy's downward spiral - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Hey all, nuclear will save us from global warming.

Horslips guitarist Johnny Fean dies aged 71

Gypsy Queen (Busking)

Disgusting Steven Crowder Video Reveals His True Character

My reply from First Lady Jill Biden

FL House votes to allow 18 year olds and above to buy long guns; Current law is 21

Favorite fruit? love honeydew and strawberries !

Does anybody know what happened to Patron, the Ukranian hero dog?

Banned Bunnies

Colorado Senate votes to ban 'ghost guns'

Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Just started "The History of the World Part II"

State Sen. who blocked restrictive abortion bill: 'This isn't a point of joy for me' - ABC News

Congress still deadlocked on debt ceiling as Democrats declare GOP spending bill DOA - Washington Week

I heard some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974

Minnesota Republican's Wild '3 Joints' Claim Gets Twitter Users High Off Laughter

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey says Musk wasn't an ideal leader after all

GOP gun policy made our community 'more dangerous,' TX Democrat says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to join Liberal convention in Ottawa next week

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy, conflicting statements, and nerve....

Russian T-14 Armata makes debut in Ukraine... world's "most" advanced MBT.

I have an annoying problem with my ancient iPad.

Capehart: GOP attacking Kamala Harris show 'her strength' ahead of 2024 election - The Last Word MSNBC

One of Putin's Biggest Mistakes Is Finally Catching Up With Him

TCM May 2023 At a Glance - William Powell, James Wong Howe, Gina Lollobrigida, more.

the caught him! man who walked into gas station and shot woman 10 times. Phoenix

Andrew Gillum corruption trial now in jury's hands

State seeks death penalty for plastic surgeon in missing Largo attorney case

Trump and allies work to water down meaning of 'insurrection' to excuse January 6 riot - Alex Wagner

Kevin McCarthy's spending bill is about wrecking the economy

Republican policy on climate change takes a turn for the absurd - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Vegan CBD gummies 25 mg per serving

Russia labour shortage: 600,000 workers needed to fill vacancies - Al Jazeera

Disney REVEALS Strategy to Fight DeSantis's ILLEGAL Retaliation - Talking Feds

Big orca!

The Disney, DeSantis lawsuit explained - Washington Post

Breakfast Saturday 29 April 2023

Homeless in the City Where He Was Once Mayor

DeSantis lackey CAUGHT RED-HANDED in MASSIVE Scandal - Meidas Touch

MI: City of Warren cancels Bangladeshi festival for being too 'ethnic,' organizer says

Ron Klain on 2024 and Why Kamala Harris Is Underrated Kara Swisher chats with Biden's ex-chief of

Oral Sex Is a Leading Factor in the Throat Cancer 'Epidemic' in the United States, Doctor Says

Women state senators cross party lines to block proposed South Carolina abortion ban

All of Ron DeSantis's Crimes Against Good Etiquette

Army grounds aviators for training after fatal crashes

Ketchup on the wall

US confiscates Iran oil cargo on tanker amid Tehran tensions

Massive fire at fuel site in Russian-occupied Crimea after suspected drone strike

One of Putin's Biggest Mistakes Is Finally Catching Up With Him

(Jewish Group) Six NYC Council members reject establishment of 'End Jew Hatred Day'

Wordle 679 4/29 ***Spoiler Thread***

Puppy seems a bit suspicious:

The walls are closing in on the Slobfather😀😀😀😀

Maybe I should post this in tech computer support I'm not sure.

An Ominous Heating Event Is Unfolding in the Oceans

trump serves up yet another hanging curveball. Will we take advantage?

Who's bigger? Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger's baby?

On this day, April 29, 1929, April Stevens was born.

There is no clear frontrunners for the 2024 Democratic Nomination for the US Senate in MD and VT.

COVID detected in a California mule deer, first wildlife case in state

On this day, April 29, 1970, U.S. troops entered Cambodia.

Unfair summary of The Wizard of Oz?

Can I help you?

On this day, April 29, 1993, Mick Ronson died.

On this day, April 29, 1967, Aretha Franklin's cover of "Respect" was released.

Current Spike In Ocean Temperatures Opens Door To Droughts, Faster Ice Loss, Bigger Marine Dieoffs

On this day, April 29, 2004, the last Oldsmobile was built.

On this day, April 29, 2015, Major League Baseball set its all-time low attendance mark.

On this day, April 29, 1931, Lonnie Donegan was born.

Duke Ellington was born on this date.

Nature - Ocean Warming Likely To Eliminate 40% Of Biomass In Mid-Range Depths From 200-1000 Meters

Otis Rush was born on this date.

Willie Nelson is 90 today.

April Heat Records Tumble Across E, SE Asia - Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh

How a fake ID repeatedly enabled Hyundai suppliers to employ child labor in Alabama

No reason debating from Trump?

Lee Moses - California Dreaming

Biden huddles with top donors as 2024 effort kicks off

Cannabis Scientist Answers Questions From Twitter

S.O.U.L. - Soul

On this day, April 29, 1912, Richard Carlson was born.

Happy 90th Birthday Willie Nelson

Big mouth!

Kanamara Matsuri: Japan's Infamous PEN15 Festival!

The Meters - Cardova

When your wife know you.

Special Counsel Looks at Trump's Fundraising

Guitar seminars high school today I'm gonna cover slide and finger picking

Democratic primary winner of 2024 MD US Senate Election if Alsobrooks and Trone are the candidates.

Stevie Wonder - Respect

Trump embraces woman convicted in Jan. 6 case - Ali Velshi - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Don't WEAR THIS in Japan!!!

Read the itsy bitsy teenie weenie print at the very bottom of the page! Got a grill cover I ordered

Nikki Haley rolls out the mandatory Republican candidate gun photo.

See, here's where Republicans stump me. If you called me a coward, I'd prove you wrong.

INBOX: "An incident in a classroom involved an extremely loud noise"

Ron DeTedious: DeSantis underwhelms Britain's business chiefs

Jah Warriors - Can't Take No More

White House Correspondents' Dinner: What's Happening & Who's Attending...

Trump is a serial criminal. All of his crimes will never be discovered or prosecuted.

Dexter Gordon - Manha De Carnaval

At least 25 Ukrainians dead after Russian airstrike - Ali Velshi - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Willie Nelson meets Keith Richards for the first time:

"The thrill of victory ..."

Judge rules against Google, allows antitrust case to proceed

I Got You

Tucker Carlson receives a job offer from Russian state TV after Fox News firing

Glenn Kirshner: Why Does the Whole World Have to Accommodate Trump's Disgusting Behavior?

Mike Pence brain droppings.

The Daily Shooting Report. This time in "Guhn Infested TEX_ahs."

Update: Texas mass shooting suspect could be anywhere, sheriff says

Ron DeSantis in Guantnamo: how questions about his past haunt the Florida governor

Milwaukee postal carrier robbed at gunpoint, union says threats are on the rise

Judge recuses himself from overseeing Catholic bankruptcy

The Modern Jazz Quartet - Harlequin

Trump doubles down on a losing hand in E. Jean Carroll's rape case

He blew the whistle on Trump's Truth Social. Now he works at Starbucks.

Alito thinks he knows who Dobbs leaker is -- and says it's not a conservative

Willie Mitchell - Greasy Spoon

Five people killed in south-east Texas shooting

Happy Caturday from Larry the Cat

Trump ATTACKS Jack Smith in New UNHINGED Video - Meidas Touch

Fucking Alito

Who are the prosecutors working with special counsel Jack Smith?

Low-sodium chicken pot pies, when you think...

How Minnesota is becoming a laboratory in pushing progressive policy

A fascist coup has taken place in North Carolina

Every day is Arbor Day.

As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Manchin and progressives getting a wish granted....

How Minnesota is becoming a laboratory in pushing progressive policy

Trump's lawyer makes massive misstep in courtroom, screws Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: Tucker Carlson's Firing The Daily Show

CDC expected to change tracking of COVID-19 cases

Jerry Springer inaugural speech as mayor

MSM are ignoring the Christian nationalism behind the push to destroy the federal civil service

How many threads/stories per day say this about Trump

Twitter's surprising 'no refunds' policy for rejected gold check (verified organization) applicants

Gunman killed family members with AR-15-style rifle, sheriff says

Opinion: Banning books, censoring information, won't keep our kids from the truth

Seals & Crofts - Sweet Green Fields

E Jean Carroll: 'invincible old lady' tells Trump rape trial of years of suffering

Alito is fear-mongoring, like a good little GOP lickspittle.

Calling all Armchair Generals: Most likely axis of attack for Ukr offensive?

NYT: Russia and Ukraine each suffer 100k+ casualties (November)

Germany's Flat-Rate Train Ticket

Donna Summer - Whispering Waves

During Good Behavior! Key Words.

E. Jean Carroll and Other Survivors Don't Need an Excuse for Not Screaming

Far-right Shasta County, California's bid to hand count votes will cost millions

Winston Tong - Reports From The Heart

"Uncultured: a memoir," by Daniella Mestyaned Young.

MyPillow Guy Has Complete Meltdown During Interview With Chris Cuomo - Farron Balanced

Drunk Yellowstone Visitor Harasses Cow Elk Until She Embarrasses Him

Japan approves abortion pill for the first time

Japan approves abortion pill for the first time

Molly Tuttle and The Golden Highway, "El Dorado"

"Uncultured: a memoir" by Daniella Mestyanek Young.

Weekend TOONs - GOP Debt Ceiling Demands: Now With More Puppy-Kicking!

Don't talk to pupils about misogynist Andrew Tate, government urges teachers in England

Top Fox Hosts Are Telling Friends They Could Be the Next to Go

Anyone else sick of hyperbolic OP headlines - lots of capital letters,

Report: FAA overruled engineers, let Boeing Max keep flying

Random Right-Wing Rants on a Piece of Cardboard

Trump Group's FRIVOLOUS Legal Actions REVEALED - This is how the GOP divides the country

WAPO: He blew the whistle on Trump's Truth Social. Now he works at Starbucks.

Rate this catch

Russian official: Ukrainian drones strike Crimea oil depot

I got a new phone recently

"We Are Not Safe" China's Raids on US Firms, Will Business Leave?; China's Space Ambitions

5 dead in Texas shooting.

WTAF??? Clueless: This year's Met Gala honours karl lagerfeld, misogynist, racist,

How an Armadillo gathers foliage for its nest:

Large Fire Burns at Crimea Fuel Depot After Suspected Drone Attack

2nd tweet --WTF! Where did the bear go?!

Cute kids dancing like there's no tomorrow:

Paul Simon - Duncan

1st tweet: spinning zoomies: 2nd tweet: smart dog knows when to Nope:

Iceberg lovers go wild over viral photos of the 'dickie berg' off Newfoundland's coast

2nd tweet -- cat slaps dog for touching him:

Sir Douglas Quintet - At The Crossroads

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 29, 2023)

2 tweets with very clever birds:

Hate when I realize the toilet paper roll is empty, and I have to do that stupid waddle to get more.

Fox News and Tucker Carlson Have Grown Apart - What a Week - Lovett or Leave It

Cat gently petting budgie:


US conducts 1st evacuation of its citizens from Sudan war

Kitten *tries* to do what Mama does:

A watercolor of our cat

Montana governor signs bill banning transgender medical care for youths

Montana governor signs bill into law restricting gender affirming minors - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Putin to be arrested if he visits South Africa, opposition leader warns

This is so cool: Sułoszowa, Poland, has a population of 6000, all of whom live on one street.

Kids under 13 would be banned from social media under new bipartisan bill. Here's what parents want.

hopefully the type of cover that Motherfucker is headed for

A Russian army commander has been accused of stealing engines from Putin's prized T-90 tanks, report

Pet mountain (Messi) plays the shell game to win her stuffy:

5 dead in Texas After a Texas family asked a neighbor to stop shooting a gun in his yard

SCOTUS is 'incapable of policing itself': Demands grow for Congress to force ethics reform

Baby goats & patient Great Pyrenees:

Tucker's replacement

Please educate me DUers

Dog insists on magic show before she'll take her greenies:

Trump snaps at Bill Maher and demands HBO be 'forced to put on counter programming'

Kitten--Yay! Treats!

Biden to advocate the release of detained journalists at the White House correspondents' dinner

Twitter now fully censoring screenshots

Good boi pets his bunny:

More about a car radio

Why every vote being counted is important

Final approach, gear down full flaps . . .

Rep. Zooey Zephyr being welcomed home by her constituents after the Montana legislature voted to

Prosecutors in Jan. 6 Case Step up Inquiry Into Trump Fund-Raising

State budget includes $21 million for 'safety net' abortion providers

3 killed, 1 wounded in Philadelphia shooting; 2 in custody

NYC transit agency pulls the brake on Twitter service alerts

@NormOrnstein: Read this piece and realize that Sam Alito is utterly unfit to be a justice

Cartoons 4/29/2023

Outspoken abortion provider LeRoy 'Lee' Carhart dies at 81

Colorado governor signs gun control bills after massacre

Want To Rate Your Government? Just Look at Women's Rights

Roseate Spoonbill

(President) Biden Might Have Already Lost Iowa and New Hampshire. Here's Why.

Sofia Gubaidulina - Silenzio For Bayan, Violin, & Cello

The Road to May 3: How a Growing Coalition of Feminists and Activists Are Fighting the Right's Anti

The Road to May 3: How a Growing Coalition of Feminists and Activists Are Fighting the Right's Anti

These South African Black Winemakers Are Reclaiming Stolen Legacies - Wine Enthusiast

The Road to May 3: How a Growing Coalition of Feminists and Activists Are Fighting the Right's Anti

The Road to May 3: How a Growing Coalition of Feminists and Activists Are Fighting the Right's Anti

About 2 Bl**d Tr*be losers stood outside Landgrant protesting a drag show. Zero stamina. Lasted 30 m

song , harper valley pta

Kira is home!

Trump's entire defense in the E. Jean Carroll rape trial: shameless misogyny (trigger warning)

Trump's entire defense in the E. Jean Carroll rape trial: shameless misogyny (trigger warning)

Trump's entire defense in the E. Jean Carroll rape trial: shameless misogyny (trigger warning)

Tri Colored Heron in flight

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You

ANOTHER Supreme Court Justice CAUGHT in MASSIVE Corruption Scandal

'Vicious circle': Femicides in Peru reveal 'crisis' of violence (trigger warning for graphic violenc

How AI is already changing the 2024 election

Russians sabotage and eliminate their own officers. Chechens want to declare war on Russia.

'Vicious circle': Femicides in Peru reveal 'crisis' of violence (trigger warning for graphic violenc

'Vicious circle': Femicides in Peru reveal 'crisis' of violence (trigger warning for graphic violenc

'Vicious circle': Femicides in Peru reveal 'crisis' of violence (trigger warning for graphic violenc

"Bobble" Head Ron. Meatball DeSantis in action.

I'm not worried about Bannon-backed RFK Jr because

Just another night at the park. Gunfire and eleven injured.

Emerging from the darkest days of the pandemic

Where State Abortion Laws Stand Without Roe

Manfred Mann - RUNNER

Is Donna Edwards(D-MD) political career over?

Water Gremlin employee blows the whistle on what he calls health hazards, safety violations

Ex NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Sued Over Huge Child Support Bill

The greatest bird artist you've never heard of

Patron refuses to buy a Twitter blue check.

Russia rewrites the history of 22,000 Poles murdered by Soviet forces during World War II

Video of Kira!

An article about the town where I live.

It's official: North Carolina's top hatemonger, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, is running for governor

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about understanding term polling....

Man resumes date after leaving to shoot dead 'scammer' over $40, police say

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 29, 2023

43-year-old used her life savings to open a bar that only plays women's sports--it brought in almost

Former GOP Candidate Pulls Out Gun at Party Meeting

People Are Weighing State Abortion Laws as They Decide Where to Go to College

Economic and Climate Costs of Replacing California's High Emitting Peaker Gas Plants with Batteries.

Manchin Threatens to Repeal His Own Bill

Is there any hope?

Your steak of choice?

The reporter actually wrote that a mass murder is "an angry response."

How to feel less lonely as you get older

I'm gonna' give it a rest for awhile.

Just saw a TV ad for Duhsantis for president

Five Places Where You Can Still Find Gold in the United States. (on public land)

Florida Senate passes bill allowing medical professionals to refuse care if it violates beliefs

So, fun event tonight here.

1930s How Photographs Were Transmitted by Wire

This is Star. He's very excited to go to his forever home. And very grateful to have had a temporary

Key nations sit out U.S. standoff with Russia, China, leaks show

Armenia and Azerbaijan to hold peace settlement talks in Washington on Sunday

Hamas armed wing announces suspension of bitcoin fundraising

Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People,' dies at 88

My Critique of Michael Moore's (horrible) film Planet of the Humans

Spain is 1st Black woman to lead South Carolina Democrats

Boise Deputy Police Chief Tammany Brooks Oversaw Cesspool of Racism in Antioch, California

Roll Me Away...Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

WARNING: Watching this video will rot your brain, then make your head explode.(Qanon Interview)

Local Music Store Had An Event Today

Local Music Store Had An Event Today

Holy Shite: Public invited to swear their allegiance as king is crowned

Eddie Vedder Fondly Recalls That Time Paul McCartney Punched Him in the Face

Signature Bank failure due to 'poor management,' US FDIC report says

Moms For Liberty says the quiet part out loud.

More Republicans Blame Video Games for Mass Shootings

April 29, 1945: The Liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp by US Troops, Nazi Germany, WW2

Washington County Ohio primary for Municipal Judge

Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice

The Lincoln Project-In a battle of heart, mind, and character Joe Biden wins by a landslide.

Peter, Paul and Mary - Union Medley

Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn In School Today?

Pete Seeger - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (on The Smothers Brothers Show)

¿Donde esta el estadio de beisbol? Giants' Gabe Kapler gets lost on way to ballpark in Mexico City

Remember that Ohio church a week ago that was firebombed over a drag show?

Visit Florida, the land of sunshine, giants, rebel flags, bible nuts and Donald Trump and DeSantis.

Is Jack Smith real?????

I'm coo-coo for CoCo....... Coir

Maybe this time?

KS: Legislature narrowly approves bill stripping authority from state, local public health officials

Morning, and

CO: GOP bill aims to protect 'God-given role' of parents in education, children's healthcare

Watch Stunning Footage Captures Meteorite Impact on the Moon!

What do I need to know before getting a tattoo?

white California "mom influencer" was convicted of fabricating a story about a Latino couple

Even though DjT is shown proof that no voter fraud occurred he repeatedly refuses to accept

Who is likely to be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 MD US Senate Election if the candidates are-

100-Pound Great Dane Takes Care Of The Tiniest Puppies

Pony Is Thrilled To Have Her Overgrown Hooves Finally Cut


GREAT NEWS, on TCM tonight, a favorite of mine, @ 10:00 p.m!!!

For the coffee drinkers among us

Wake Forest teen now in burn unit after TikTok challenge making torch with spray paint and lighter

Failed Market Approaches to Long-Term Care

Barack Obama and friends surprise Barcelona restaurant

To the people on this blog responding to my post"Is Donna Edwards political career over?"

Man charged with killing neighbor over a noisy leaf blower in Illinois

So a man in texas kills 5 people with an AR15

My Favorite Picture of You - Willie Nelson ⚘

This game has realistic graphics.

how the Rightwing takeover of New College looks now..planning to bring in greek system and athletics

The Dangerous Truth Behind The San Fransico Chinatown Gangs

Which state will give us the 3rd black female US Senator?

The Ron DeSantis Hospital for White Snowflakes

Bud Light faced a backlash over its campaign with a trans influencer. But a poll finds a majority of

California shifts to an experiment in coercion to treat the homeless

Family loves cockatoo so much she's in their will

Facing revolt, GOP spares ethanol in drive to cut spending

Supreme Court justices demolished for using 'misdirection' to hide personal lawlessness

Bill Maher tinkles all over Musk. 'Elon Had To Go And Save The World!' .

Mount Rainier National Parks asks for input on timed-entry reservations during summer

Greg Abbott Slammed for Tweet about his dog, no mention of Friday's Texas mass shooting

reveal: the covid tracking project in 3 parts -- recommended