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Pro-Putin Russian propagandist blown up in cafe blast after being handed gift 'hiding TNT bomb' The

Politicians Want Universal School Vouchers. But What About The Public?

Trans people face rhetoric, disinformation after shooting

Blooms delayed as Skagit Valley Tulip Festival begins

Environmentalists alarmed by push to 'undermine' New York's climate law

Trump's motormouth slander technique ...

Ancient people lived among ruins too. What did they make of them?

Republican Donors Are Already Sick Of Both Trump And DeSantis - Ring of Fire

I'm disgusted with this open admission that the right assumes that we're supposed to tolerate

Drove past merde-a-loado today

MO Republicans ELIMINATE Public Library Funding

Marjorie Taylor Greene Proves She Has No Idea How Numbers Work

We started watching "The West Wing" with our daughter

Mississippi House passes controversial House Bill 1020, sends to Gov. as session nears end

Trump-appointed federal judges pledge to boycott hiring Stanford students after campus protest

Opening & Viewing a YouTube Video Transcript

How did the 60 minutes interview go?

Police nearly beat him to death. Six years later, he's being prosecuted for it. Again.

Retired Admiral William McRaven predicts how Ukraine could possibly win war against Russia - CNN

Tweet of the Day

The Outsiders - Time Wont Let Me (1966)

I hope 60 Minutes had stratospheric viewership for the Margie Three Toes Interview.

Deadly bombing in Russia - ABC News

Survey of Past Criminal Prosecutions for Covert Payments to Benefit a Political Campaign

Mary Trump: The Weaponization of Hypocrisy

After 28 years, Cuba frees Miamian who attempted an armed uprising against the Cuban gov't

02 Apr: Nice. Ukrainians Make the mother of all booby traps - Reporting from Ukraine

Mary Trump: How will Trump react to Tuesday's arraignment? - Katie Phang - MSNBC

This is not the end...

While Trump gets prosecuted in NY, the classified documents/MAL/obstruction of just case heats up!

Dear Kitty Doctor. My youngest male kitty has a

Watching me on the road

One of the world's most cited scientists, Rafael Luque, suspended, publishes a study every 37 hours

Waxing Gibbous, 85% visible

Ted Cruz's Lies Get Brutally Called Out to His Face by Democratic Senator! - Luke Beasley


Evening, southern MD

Velshi: Books don't kill children, AR-15 rifles do. Time to drop the selective outrage - Velshi - MSNBC

Just flipped to MSNBC to hear

Recently former or term limited Democratic Governors running for the US Senate in 2026.

Blinken: Russia must immediately free 2 detained Americans

Explanation of the anti-Semitic and racist stereotypes evoked in the attacks on Bragg and Soros

Some advice needed...

@ sunset

MTG to protest on Tuesday in Dem stronghold, Brooklyn?

Morten Lauridsen's 'Dirait-On'

Tim Black, a progressive media host with his own opinions challenging the status quo

Rep. Schiff to Psaki: McCarthy acting as 'surrogate criminal defense team' for Trump - Jen Psaki MSNBC

Feelgood tip: Skipping t.v. of Leslie STAHL/MrjrTG tonight & TFG "press conference" tomorrow. UrWel!

Monday's digit - 8/10: Frosty start gives way to beautiful sunshine and afternoon warmth. Jason, CW

Key & Peale: "Mr. Garvey Is Your Substitute Teacher"

Bolton says it's a "big mistake, politically" for Republicans to align with Trump - Face the Nation

Indie Movie "Country Gold"

Lesley Stahl's 60 Minutes interview with MTG: A spectacular failure

Veterans group DESTROYS Fox 'News' with POWERFUL new ad

Donald Trump ATTACKS Judge Assigned to Criminal Case Judge Juan Merchan - Meidas Touch

Apple Music calls SC singer King George's music "party-centric R&B with an old-school flair"

*A look at how America's involvement in the Middle East led to the Iran hostage crisis.

Watergate whistleblower says this Trump move would be a 'terrible idea' - CNN

*A look at how America's involvement in the Middle East led to the Iran hostage crisis.

I Shall Not Be Moved: The anthem of weak politicians who fear the gun lobby

Supporters of abortion rights hope for liberal win in Wisconsin Supreme Court election

AOC's TAKES DOWN Right-wingers

Marjorie Taylor Greene: The 60 Minutes Interview

MTG Uses '60 Minutes' Interview to Call Democrats Pedophiles

Chicagoans Encouraged to Vote Early Ahead of Severe Weather Threat on Election Day

Fox 'News' panel MELTS DOWN after host DESTROYS Trump on Live TV - Meidas Touch

Contact CBS. Let them know how disgusted you are.

Waxing Gibbous Moon on April 2, 2023. 91% full, hand-held.

Latest Polls Show Chicago Mayoral Race in Dead Heat as Candidates Make Final Pitches

Vallas backed by PAC founded by former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Who Should 60 Minutes Have On Next Week In Response

Poll: Pennsylvanians over 50 will play major role in mayoral primary

NE: State senator, legal group demand retraction for tweet they consider defamatory

Peter Beinart: 'Soros-backed' is evoking a trope rooted in anti-semitic history - Velshi - MSNBC

Nebraska lawmakers open debate on property tax relief package, defeat amendment on aid to renters

Stupidity, and the ideal subject of totalitarianism

Texans who take custody of their relatives' kids struggle to make ends meet -- and to get more aid fr

Trump's last-ditch threat his prosecutor's wife backfires - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republican or Democrat....

Palm Beach trial to move forward for woman accused of voting in both Florida and Alaska

'If we can do it, you can do it': US anti-abortion groups ramp up activities in UK

Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee (studio version & live with John Fogerty, 1998)

America Needs More Lawyers. This Isn't a Joke.

Texas Observer's Editor-In-Chief Gabriel Arana discusses their success in keeping the magazine alive

NY: Those are the Things That Keep States Strong': Senator Krueger on Top Priorities

'I'm going to run for President of the United States': Asa Hutchinson - This Week - ABC News

How Does Ranked Choice Voting Work in New York City?

Vote Too Close To Call In Bulgaria's Pivotal Parliamentary Election

Milatovic Claims Victory In Montenegro As Longtime Leader Djukanovic Concedes

DENVER: Voter turnout barely crosses 15% days before election day

Colorado Democrats elect Shad Murib as state party chair

Ex-Grubhub Driver Wins 8-Year Legal Battle in California Court, Gets $65

Cat looking at you in the eyes?

Michael Beschloss on indictment: Presidents 'not supposed to be kings' - American Voices - MSNBC

NV: North Las Vegas mayor, city leaders push back on bill to expand city council

Gavin Newsom mocks Ron DeSantis over Disney power struggle

Transgender rights activists clash with neo-Nazis in Melbourne

Parisians massively vote to banish for-hire e-scooters

What's Your Swedish Astrological Sign?

Lindsey Graham DESCENDS into Madness and LOSES IT on Live TV after Trump Indictment - Meidas Touch

Russian military blogger/ strident supporter of the war in Ukraine killed by bomb hidden in gift

Trump will be in Trump Tower Monday afternoon

This is concerning - Luke Beasley

Bharara says "it's a little bit rich" of former AG Barr to call Bragg "political" - Face the Nation

MTG plan is to be arrested on Tuesday

Hewing to precedent, Biden plans to skip King Charles III's coronation

Stormy is savage

North Carolina GOP legislators promote ignorance for partisan gain

The worst in the nation: National groups decry Montana's 'gender erasure' bill

It just occurred to me that since NY courtrooms do not allow cameras...

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin Toppled in Tight Election

Rep. Ray escalates the assault on the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

SD: Board of Elections changes voter registration form to comply with tribal lawsuit settlement

Arkansas governor signs law aimed at holding libraries accountable for 'obscene' material

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Solitary Confinement

LA: Bogalusa's mayor files complaint with police over Facebook 'racial' threat

Leslie Stahl getting absolutely chewed out everywhere for her interview

MTG Calls Dems a 'Party of Pedophiles' in Softball '60 Minutes' Interview

Oil cuts by OPEC+ due to fears of recession: Analyst - CNA

Mike Pence Gets Confronted by CNN Host over Resisting Testifying in Jan 6 Probe! - Luke Beasley

Something I read confused me

City council candidate Ry Armstrong will qualify for ballot and begin collecting democracy vouchers

A Florida principal resigned after sending $100,000 in school funds to an Elon Musk impersonator

Russell Brand Club Random with Bill Maher

Will more paid off girlfriends, and more illegal tax crimes get exposed by Braggs?

Breakfast Monday 3 April 2023

Manchin is questioning the motives behind Donald Trump's indictment: 'It's a very, very sad day....'

Kosovo ex-president Hashim Thaci stands trial in The Hague

Russia and Iran join forces with India - CaspianReport

How Russia's cyber operations work and what they are after - DW Business

W. Post: Justice Dept. said to have more evidence of possible Trump obstruction at Mar-a-Lago

Dear Ma & Pa MAGA:

How is Jimmy Carter doing?

'Enemies within' Russia could be behind the death of pro-war Russian blogger - Times Radio

Willie Nelson - Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die (Live Version)

Alice Cooper - Guilty

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

"Florida Bill Would Ban Menstrual Education for Young Girls". The entire country should be outrag

Wordle 653 4/3 ***Spoiler Thread***

Former Kosovo president Thaci pleads not guilty as war crimes trial begins - FRANCE 24

Russia blames Ukraine and arrests suspect in killing of prominent pro-war blogger

iOS 15.7.4 security update, especially for older iPhones


Dean Obeidallah: Giving Marjorie Taylor Greene a platform isn't good for America

Seymour Stein dies: Music exec who signed Madonna, Talking Heads and more

I'll start the day with another meme

Chinese spy balloon gathered intelligence from sensitive U.S. military sites

Saudi Arabia Behind Oil Production Cuts

Black-necked Stilt & Chicks

On this day, April 3, 1860, the Pony Express began operation.

On this day, April 3, 1941, Jan Berry, of Jan and Dean, was born.

So I didn't watch the MTG interview


Contaminating a crime scene:

Crows proved too smart to be chased from a California city by person flashing a laser

Business fraud?

A typical traffic jam in Wales

Monday TOONs - Milking It

Wakey, wakey, Motherfucker

Trump's own valet told Feds Trump personally ordered hiding of classified docs

New York is waiting for Trump . . .

Who has the larger Secret Service detail? Trump or Biden?

Harvard Environmental Law Professor Is A Paid Conoco Board Member

The MTG interview is a taste

After Back-To-Back Years Of Record Heat, NZ Glacialogists Staggered By Speed Of Glacial Loss

Just a coincidence ---- or karma?

The indictment -by Tom Tomorrow

Fate? Finland to join NATO on same day russian agent orange is indicted

Grumpy Chihuahua Loves His Wobbly Little Brother

One North Sea Oil Field Is Enough To Shred What Remains Of UK's Net Zero "Ambitions"

Elite Average Games

RINO Agenda 24/7 every damn day since 1980 going on 43 years whatever it takes to ruin the USA

When will we know the exact charges?

Calm down, everybody! Trump is not going to be helped by his indictments

The right's newest culture war target: HIV treatment isn't simply collateral damage

How a rescue #cat found the best home at a plant nursery

Japan's bear meat vending machine proves a surprising success

'The dominating issue': judicial election will decide fate of abortion in Wisconsin

How the Media Elevates the Orange Degenerate

One way to increase your jogging pace:

Judy Blume: book banning now much worse in US than in 1980s

Soliciting Multiversity: Best of the Rest for June 2023

The Rundown: April 3, 2023

It looks like the weather will warm up enough to safely start my garden clean up

Prohibition, 1920

Your Holy Shit Moment for today - Garbage Collection

I call bullshit on that


Wife's Birthday Yesterday

The List of NRA Blood Money Recepients

Golden-tailed Sapphire (Ecuador)

Steve Schmidt on 60 Minutes greene Interview

The right wing is trying to do with the word pedophile what they did with the word socialist.

From the recent Montana train derailment:


Two days until Wisconsin's Supreme Court elections, voters are getting energized

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: The Year's Biggest Election

the waters of Amos, and the ditches of Dante

Pulled Over And Searched For Going UNDER The Speed Limit (Audit the Audit)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 8 - Casablanca!

WI-SD08: Senate supermajority at stake in special election to fill suburban Milwaukee seat

Federal complaint filed against Wisconsin Republicans after fake emergency alert

Republican Sexual Predators, Abusers, and Enablers

'Evil eye' jewelry that was used to protect a young girl 1,800 years ago unveiled in Israel

Nebraska's Legislative Session Is Tangled Up

Tweet of the Day

Democrats target 31 GOP-held seats in aggressive campaign for House majority

Chicago mayor's race reaches fever pitch in final days

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans approve of Trump indictment

Republicans grapple with their weakness among Generation Z voters

Unearthed footage shows Prince as a child

Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

DOJ is collecting evidence of Espionage Act violation(s).

Bring It On Home To Me

Abortion Rights And Democracy Are On The Line In Wisconsin Court Race

The Report of the National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness"

In Chicago mayoral runoff, Latinos urged to flex their 'political muscle'

If he mouths off in court, can/will the judge jail him for contempt?

On this date in 1968

Train carrying beer derails in western Montana

Wall Street starts quarter flat as oil renews inflation fear

Dooley Wilson was born on this date.

Detroit Metro Times: It's about time -- baseball fast-forwards into the past

Richard Thompson has a birthday today.

Trump will challenge the Judge...

New Randy Rainbow!

Wondering if Secret Service has to pay to ride on tRump plane.

MAJOR screw-up at CNN! Will heads roll?

GOP Lawmaker Warns About The Danger Of Voting

GOP Lawmaker Warns About The Danger Of Voting

Trump's not the first POTUS to be arrested; U. S. Grant was arrested in DC in 1878...

Bill Barr looks a lot like Captain Obvious today

Quote "A dog returns to his vomit just as a republican returns to Trump" Charlie Sykes

DoJ Said To Have Fresh Evidence Of Mar-A-Lago Obstruction

Woman Gets Her Parents To Foster A Stray Dog

CDC team studying health impacts of Ohio train derailment fell ill during investigation

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 3, 2023

Remember when Trump pleaded with the police to rough them up??

#SCOTUS won't hear a Brady case out of Louisiana - where prosecutors (again) failed to disclose

Cat Brings The Owner a Leaf From The Street Every Morning. But Why?

Randy Rainbow-Happy Arraignment Week, Donald!

Randy Rainbow-Happy Arraignment Week, Donald!

trump Continues to Root for Putin.

trumps plane!

The State of New York v. D. Trump. Any charges.

Did you ever go on a date that was an absolute flop? The one I really remember was meeting a guy at

Submissions thread for the April Photo Contest!

Comments Thread for the April Photo Contest!

Three Men Indicted for Multimillion-Dollar Accounting Fraud Scheme at U.S. Navy Shipbuilder

For my next dental cleaning next week, I'll order up some Bob Dylan...

'We Fact-Checked': Marjorie Taylor Greene Caught Lying in '60 Minutes' Interview - HuffPost

For Passover, I sent matzo to the Jews of Uganda. They've given me a gift as well

Let's talk about Trump, documents, Milley, and questions..

By the way the media is acting, you would think that some foreign royalty was getting

Let's talk about Trump, documents, Milley, and questions..

Singer Kelsea Ballerini calls out gun violence while hosting country music awards show

Pic Of The Moment: Next Week On 60 Minutes

Former Guantnamo Prisoner: Ron DeSantis Watched My Torture When He Was a Navy Lawyer at Gitmo

Why Give Tr**p Respect As Former president Or Respect For The Office?.....

A Handbook for Public Life: Epictetus - The Complete Works: Handbook, Discourses, and Fragments

A call for entries for our April photo contest! The subject: Macro

A call for entries for our April photo contest! The subject: Macro

Woman rescues dog abandoned in NYC subway station

Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance

Carys' limp is back

Elie Mystal: Trump "Did the Deed," But Long Overdue Indictment Is Built on Shaky Foundation

Majority of Americans Approve of Trump Indictment

Red State Dems? Here's the smart group to grow our state party from the middle out.

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans approve of Trump indictment

I think that Alvin Bragg is playing chess with clowns

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind LIVE, not lip-synced (1967)

As GOP Pushes for Nationwide Abortion Ban, Judge Blocks Mandate for ACA to Cover Basic Prenatal Care

Russia Confiscates Passports of Senior Officials

Senator who said US has an "under-incarceration problem" worried about "harm" from charging Trump

This morning 2:30, winds settling down a bit, heading for moon set

Sen. John Fetterman discusses his depression, recovery

The four astronauts NASA picked for the first crewed moon mission in 50 years

Third Party Effort Raises Alarms

Elie Mystal on Tennessee's Anti-Drag Ban: GOP Is Pushing Bigotry & Attacking the First Amendment

Clear view of osprey on owl box, 'early' morning!

Trump and DeSantis on a Menace to Society.

Was just checking tv stations on my cable that we're watching maralargo for tRump to leave for NY......

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, documents, Milley, and questions....

Will Trump Get Gag Order In Manhattan DA Case? Here's What That Would Mean--And Why It Could Land Him

OPM Supports Transgender Feds in New Guidance

FOX News says "multiple Secret Service agents expected to testify before the D.C. grand jury Friday"

U.S. House Republicans halt plans to breach WA's Snake River dams

Democrats Target 31 GOP-Held Seats

I say let trump run his mouth...often and loudly...

Good old Joe Lieberman! Talk me down...

What are the Vegas odds on Trump's plane going somewhere other than NYC?

Pure Prairie League - Early Morning Riser

Fast-tracked controversial bills from Florida lawmakers fuel DeSantis' presidential ambitions

I wonder if the TSA is tracking known 'trouble makers' booking flights to NYC, tomorrow

Sun RISING, southern MD

Heading to 'work' on the river

Switching to Hydrogen Fuel Could Cause Long-Term Climate Consequences

2A is a religion and how you react to mass shootings is your piety test

In 2016 it was a camera shot of an empty podium for hours.

David Bowie - Sorrow

The blimp has left the hanger headed for the airport

When Kyrsten Sinema gave her little curtsy thumbs down to vote against adding the minimum wage to

It's the hands . . .

Trump motorcade on the move

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 3, 2023)

Light House, Calvert County

A convoy of black SUVs is heading for Palm Beach Airport. Helicopter

Feds say online chatter of a Trump protest in NY is nothing like that seen before January 6

Light House with bit of osprey nest!

Is tomorrow Arrestmas or Indictmas? - other options available

Eric Trump Busted Lying About New York Crime To Protect His Dad - Ring of Fire

ICE car values plummet in China and it is the canary in the coal mine

60 Minutes' bad call. Giving what used to be respected coverage to MTG is disappointing.

TFG motorcade is all black SUVs, looks like 10, but one white SUV

For me April 4 will always be a day of celebration

The excitement is building. I'm glued to my set.

Iraq war leukemia rates worse than after Hiroshima bombing

"Look! My savior is surrendering to nyc doj! Yay!"

US sales at top automakers rise on improving inventory, Toyota struggles

Eagle Nest + Eagle!

Asshole has arrived at his jet

Music Machine - 'Talk Talk'

Has anyone heard from Lunatica lately?

The Media Isn't Liberal, And It Hasn't Learned Anything From Trump Or Iraq

how do i find these sub groups on du. i am now going to subscribe . hope

Republicans make fatal mistake amid Trump's indictment - Brian Tyler Cohen

NY-SEN: Ocasio-Cortez Could Challenge Kirsten Gillibrand

I will phrase this in the form of a humble suggestion

The ATC recordings might be gold one day

Amnesty International accuses El Salvador authorities of human rights violations amid yearlong anti-

Witch One is taxiing

Rump's plane on the tarmac now

Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed in Trump Probe

Trump force one. 😂 🤣 😂

Wheels up on Witch One

Is This Going To Be A PLane Version Of THe White Bronco?

Top Democratic Consulting Firm to Unionize

It is sickening...

What the media is doing now is how this monster tfg was created

How Authors Can Reach Black Audiences

Spotted at the airport

New discoveries in fried food

A web of trenches shows Russia fears losing Crimea

People speak out about Florida's declining brand--The Futurist, David Houle, Guest columnist

The Conservative Legal Movement Is Coming For Public Defenders Next

In Days Before Trump Appears in Court, Few Signs Point to a Jan. 6 Repeat

Breaking News: Negotiations at standstill as Attractive Girls Union refuses to talk to Mike Greenman

DeSantis Asks Florida Authorities to Investigate Disney World Board

In Line Banking.

Traffic wolf:

Seven-fold increase in the number of children walking through the Panamanian jungle towards North Am

No - Andrea Mitchell - It's Not A Sad Day In America For Donald Tr**p...

Hear NYC mayor's message to Marjorie Taylor Greene ahead of Trump arraignment

Reaching Black Audiences

Zelensky: If Russians don't get out in time, we will kill them - Times Radio

Reaching Black Audiences

Adorable bedtime routine:

Important elections to watch in Chicago's suburbs

Reaching Black Audiences

My city offers free steering wheel locks for Hyundai and Kia owners

Lesley Stahl's Reply To Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Pedophile' Claim Angers Viewers

Ron DeSantis orders investigation into 'ethical violations' after Disney outwits his takeover

I do so detest R politicians...

The longest perp walk begins

This dog found treasure at the community yard sale. Carried it the entire way home.

Gawd, why does every MSM piece on the bloated tick

Duck curling:

Chinese Economy: 'Shocking Report' Shows China's Rebound Already In Danger; Singapore - China Update

Where is Con Air supposed to land? LGA? JFK?

Why watch a criminal begin his journey to justice? Do we do that for other criminals?

Simon & Garfunkel's Bookends was released 55 years ago today

Adding words "any more" to Bill BARR's advice to Drumpf about testifying

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Preview: Protasiewicz Favored to Flip Court to Democratic Control

Denver mayoral candidates raised $6.6 million, while outside groups spent $3.6 million, final campai

Simon & Garfunkel's Bookends was released 55 years ago today

It's not a perp walk...

This is why they use woke

WI SCOTUS election tomorrow

Meet Philadelphia Dem mayoral candidates: Maria Quiones Snchez

I finally decided to go ahead and get the Shingles vaccine

What OPEC's surprise oil cut means for gas prices

Argentines subjected to slave-like labor rescued in Brazil

If the FBI was smart, they would have cameras set up at the front and back doors of Trump Tower..

"Only a genius like him could have paid $130,000 to a porn star who didn't stay hushed, and get

WI: Sarah Godlewski was 'shocked' by Secretary of State appointment

Exchange of the Day

Potentially hot take: I actually like the media hoopla...

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to recall pandemic bailout cash -- but won't say if she'll send back her

Democratic Senator Wants To Use Supreme Court Budget To Force Justices To Follow Code Of Ethics

The Broad Scope of "Intent to Defraud" in the New York Crime of Falsifying Business Records

Ratings: "60 Minutes" with Marjorie Taylor Greene Down 33% from Last Week, 2nd Lowest Episode of Thi

Street sweeper is going back and forth on my street cleaning up snow padded

O'Donnell: This is the first time in Trump's life his speech can be controlled in some way- Morn Joe

We tested a new ChatGPT-detector for teachers. It flagged an innocent student.

Most active voting precinct in Chicago? Cook County Jail.

Elon Musk's Twitter is so broken, its April Fools joke is two days late.

We Uncovered the Corporations Bringing Back Child Labor in America

It's kinda sad that conservatives won't learn a single thing from all of this

NASA announces Artemis II crew for 1st moon mission in 50 years

Illegal Amazon miners are expanding into copper as prices surge

ICE Is Grabbing Data From Schools and Abortion Clinics

Are the news networks training their cameras on Trump's empty podium at Mar-a-Lago yet?

Here are the Washington hospitals still requiring masks after the mandate expires today

MI-10: Democrat Diane Young launches U.S. House campaign against GOP's James

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Going To Manhattan To Protest Accountability For Criminals - Ring of Fire

The politics of youth gender transition, and a question.

and now Keith O has apologized for comments made about Angel Reese......

Divers brave briny Edmonds entanglements to collect marine debris

Abortion bills gain no ground in Kentucky with ban in place

Nine Words That Sound Like Insults -- But Aren't

​FL: This New Abortion Ban Could Wipe Out Abortion Access in the South

30 poems in 30 days -- National Poetry Month

Hummingbird & Fuchsia Blossoms

Majority of Dem, GOP & IND voters are against anti-LGBTQ legislation

Ohio 'White Lives Matter' member used Molotov cocktails on church in attempt to stop drag shows

Trump lawyers oppose cameras at arraignment, warn of 'circus-like atmosphere'

Disney CEO Bob Iger rips Ron DeSantis over 'anti-Florida' retaliation

Any DUers ever do the Camino de Santiago?

Stahl comes under criticism for being too soft with questions to Greene

A majority of Americans approve of Trump's indictment, polling shows

Moderating the right wing trolls that walk up just to the edge, must be an incredibly difficult task

Tornado watch this evening. CNN up next. 2:48 EST

Montana GOP on verge of rescinding a woman's right to abortion

Pink Rathian sounds like a drink, well if it is, like Pink Rathian, it better kick as...MHW

After clearing gallery, Florida Senate OKs 6-week abortion ban

She lost her child in a home birth. Prosecutors charged her with murder

How this bill could break down a major abortion access barrier in Delaware

MTG thought her 60 Minutes interview was "pretty good"

Track TFG here

DeSantis Signs Permitless Carry Gun Bill

Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly signs permitless carry bill within hours of it landing on his desk

Arizona county attorney wants state to enforce territorial-era law on abortion

DjT takes plane to NYC...

"President FRAUD"

"Her father spent all day listening to AM Talk Radio"

Ohio 'White Lives Matter' member used Molotov cocktails on church in an attempt to stop drag shows,

BBC has a live helicopter shot of Trump's plane on approach to LGA.

After clearing gallery, Florida Senate OKs 6-week abortion ban

White peacock in flight:

DeSantis orders investigation into previous leadership of Disney's special Florida district

Katatonia masters of melancholy songs

Con Air has landed at LGA

Hey media: Stop calling his stupid plane "Trump Force One."

Florida Senate passes six-week abortion ban

OMG--the fur markings on these two incredible cats!

Ex-Presidents don't get roads closed for them.

Cartoons 4/3/2023

Unfortunate facial markings:

Tennessee legislator is planning to expel Dem lawmakers who stood with gun control advocates

Trump gets devastating surprise update in federal case against him - Brian Tyler Cohen

It's not Starbucks, but Schultz who doesn't get it

LAT: Why remote work is becoming a blue-state privilege

That's an old photo:

Russia's Combat Compliance Problem: Why Moscow Has Struggled in Bakhmut & Elsewhere- William Spaniel

Miami Beach Man Tried to Steal Jet Ski, Got Naked, Fought With Officers: Police

A lack of interpreters at The Everett Clinic has left Deaf patients exhausted, confused & frustrated

Let's be clear

Grifter grifting the griftees!

Spending in Wisconsin Supreme Court race tops $42 million

Florida bill would give $37M in educational funding to lottery RETAILERS

Planned Parenthood is asking a Utah court to consider blocking the abortion clinic ban

Ha! They are not stopping the traffic so Trump can proceed into Manhattan!

School voucher, tax cut measures floated by Colorado conservatives for 2024 ballot

DeSantis' Disney fail is a reality check. Authoritarianism is hard.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Nashville, queens, and 2 stories....

I could not be more disgusted. The media has gone 100% Trump fanboy, just slobbering.

Dear Alex Witt

A plea to The Honorable Juan Merchan: please put the cap on the toothpaste tube before Trump

The latest in misogynoir: Keith Olberman

WI: Protasiewicz (D) leads Kelly by $5M in combined campaign, outside spending for high court race

China sees thriving fuel cell vehicle market

Michael Steele is absolutely right!

Reminds me of the infamous OJ Simpson "chase"

NC Supreme Court hasn't ruled on Voter ID yet. House Republicans budgeted for it anyway.

how to create travel animation

April 3, 1968

I'm pleased the indictment has remained sealed. Let him sweat all the way. n/t

Remember ozone-destroying CFCs? They're on the rise again. And the source is a mystery


Lindsey Graham Tells Trump To Break Windows And Punch Cops Before He's Arrested - Ring of Fire

Wait! No flamboyant waves from Trump!

Lincoln mayor's primary pits top Nebraska Dem against dueling wings of GOP

A New MAGA Attorney from What Firm. LOL!

"You knew he was a crook when you voted for him. Everyone knew."

TN Dem state reps stripped of committees and may be expelled over gun protest

Broyhill mansion demolition kicks off; owners fend off vigilante neighborhood preservationists

Michigan may reverse course on plastic bag restrictions.

I used my dietician daughter's cinnamon when I was there this weekend

Where's the loon from Northwest Georgia? Looking for a parking spot?

Netanyahu is doing lasting damage to the U.S.-Israel relationship

Tennessee Native Claps Back Against Anti-Drag Laws With Iconic Performance. At the CMA!

celebrate with a shot - from a mug

New Pa. political-action committee aims to sell mail-in voting to skeptical Republicans

Trump arrives in New York for surrender, opposes TV court coverage

Anna's Hummingbird & Coral Bells

Melania Trump Meme

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 April 2023

Neighbors appeal permit for Stanwood residential treatment facility

Trump legal team opposes cameras in court for arraignment - MSNBC Reports

Parisians massively vote to banish for-hire e-scooters

NYC's primary election is in June for City Council seats. Here's why it matters.

Russia blames Ukraine for bomb that killed military blogger

A serious post. Please consider.

Randy Rainbow outdoes himself with new video.

Cable news complaints be like

Gorgeous, adorable dog:

A dramatic sproing

The writers restoring queer lives into world war history

Don't Bogart

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly (R) travels state in jet owned by anti-abortion activists.

Hannibal Lecter didn't get a motorcade

Trump's Mug Shot - Luckovich Cartoon

'The reckoning is here': More than a third of community college students have vanished

Double-crested Cormorant (Migration) NYC

THOUSANDS of protesters are BACK In Tennessee!! **UPDATED: Still ongoing***

Blue Beetle - Official Trailer

Local news stinks.

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 3, 2023

The single most pathetic image of the media circus on TV today. It is the 757 inbound . . . .

"President Fraud" is NOT a Freudian slip.

Trump faces setbacks in other probes as NY case proceeds

Well, that was scary. An intruder burst into my classroom 30 minutes ago. Everyone is OK.

Companies that frack for oil and gas can keep a lot of information secret - but what they disclose

Tough Guy Josh Hawley Threatens Entire Country After Trump Indictment

ICE Used Shady Subpoena to Get Data from Elementary Schools, Abortion Clinics, and News Orgs

Inside Trump's Demands for a High-Profile Surrender: 'It's Kind of a Jesus Christ Thing'

Larry from Bauxite, Arkansas


Robert Goulet - Once Upon A Time

An assault rifle definition that would really work

Parents vs child free at work

Ivanka Trump Offers Half Assed Sympathies To Her Dad As His Arrest Looms - Ring of Fire

Nigel Lawson: Former Conservative Chancellor Nigel Lawson dies aged 91

Trump Passed on a Low Profile Arraignment

Let me introduce you to Preacher

El Chicano - Viva Tirado

I just got up from a nap. I don't supposed the plane crashed did it?

Pierce: How Can You Tell the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Is Crucial?

Everyone knows that only Trump's base will see him as some sort of righteous outlaw, right?

Question on TFG'S indictments tom.

nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats - a little honey (live-2018-colorado public radio) check it!

Hey Jack, might wanna look in the ex wifes casket

First lady safe after plane diverted back to Denver - MSNBC Reports

PM Update: Mild tonight and heading toward 80 Tuesday

Texas state Sen. Mayes Middleton wants to put God back into schools

Biden Trumpets His Economic Plans

The con has to testify in court in 3 weeks

Bumble Bee Slim - Wee Baby Blues

This is how ronald desantis responds to the spate of current horrific shootings:

The Beatles: How a schoolboy made the band's earliest known UK concert recording

On this day, April 3, 1886, Dooley Wilson was born.

A little ditty appropriate to tomorrow

My experience with the IRS this afternoon.

The Beatles: How a schoolboy made the band's earliest known UK concert recording

Florida Bill Would Bring Bans on Gender Studies and Critical Race Theory to Colleges and Universitie

US Reaction if Russia Attacks Finland - The Infographics Show

Funkadelic - I'll Stay

Monday, outside of tRump tower 😆

Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old Student Files $40 Million Lawsuit Against School

Cohen on The Beat: "Trump is beyond petrified."

War Of Words Between Disney, Ron DeSantis Heats Up At Annual Meeting.

CBS thought it was smart to amplify this garbage

Elephants Are Grateful To Their Mahout For Providing Fruit To Fill Their Bellies

Maybe cable news channels can take a tiny break from covering what Trump had for lunch to show

Finland becomes NATO's 31st member on NATO's 74th anniversary tomorrow,

Trump's Next Trial Is April 17th

California Poppies

WAPO's take on Stahl's 60 Minutes interview - valid points - no paywall.

Shelter dog meets the man of her dreams - fun clip

How trump's attorneys (should) take his calls (NSFW)

American Airlines Flight Attendants File for Mediation; Systemwide Picketing Continues

"She asked Vladlen if he remembered her" - attack in St. Petersburg - Break the Fake - TVP World

Megan Markle Will Receive a Women of Vision Award From Gloria Steinem

Federal judge rules Willow Project construction can move forward

Pinellas County school officials vote to continue showing 'Ruby Bridges' film at school

TN GOP has now filed formal expulsion resolution against 3 Dem lawmakers over gun protest

If there is a Gag Order that is Violated; then trump can be Arrested.

Jon Meacham on How the trump Fever Breaks

AZ: Hobbs issues four more vetoes, bringing her yearly total to 24

Sad and true.

News & Commentary March 30, 2023

AZ: Kate Gallego Comments on the U.N. Climate Report and Her Participation in Conferences to Combat

WISCONSIN!!!! Don't forget about tomorrow's election!!!

Sunset, southern MD 4/3

Amy Laufer: Why I Founded Virginia's List - To Make Sure That Women Are In Every Room Where Decision

The Crow and the Circus Tent

VA House Minority Leader Don Scott (D) Sets Fundraising Record

Law official on TFG's court appearance: "Kind of a Jesus Christ thing."

I haven't seen any polls regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court

AFGE Nets Largest Membership Increase in Almost Six Years

Nebraska lawmakers form political action committee to fight anti-LGBTQ legislation nationwide

Limbomaniacs - "Shake It" - Heavy FUNK influence Music Video (1990)

Judge dismisses sex-crime charges against former acting Alaska attorney general

Anti-tenure Louisiana legislator wants to require annual college faculty reviews

Democrats call for the removal of Missouri Commission on Human Rights chair

Florida falls further down the fascist rabbit hole

Twitter's bird is replaced by a dog

GOP Texas senators pull their support for allowing some transgender kids to keep receiving puberty b

Bring A Little Lovin' - Los Bravos - ROCKIN' !!

Despite abortion rights win in November, Abortion bills gain no ground in Kentucky with ban in place

Tennessee GOP file resolutions to expel three Democrats who led gun reform chants on House floor

Jeopardy Regulars

Reproductive-rights activists in Mexico create network to help U.S. women receive abortion care

As the media coverage is suffering from