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CBS - Edward R Murrow took on Senator McCarthy

Secret Service agents subpoenaed in special counsel's probe of Mar-a-Lago documents

Rep. Lofgren: Trump's rhetoric is more over the top than pre Jan. 6 - Deadline - MSNBC

Disney's David (or Michelangelo's Mickey)

Tennessee GOP Moves to Expel Three Democrats

Trump arrives at Trump Tower in NYC ahead of arraignment - Deadline - MSNBC

Gov. Whitmer fears impact of ruling that free ACA screenings are unconstitutional

Farms2Table 4/8/23 Saturday

Romney calls new bike lanes 'the height of stupidity' as bicyclists press Congress to make roads

Trump's lawyer melts down on air when asked to explain his own response - Brian Tyler Cohen

What are some things we have not heard republicans say ?

Black Tesla worker rejected 15 Million award in 2021, awarded 3.2 million yesterday

How long until we will stop hearing about TFG every single day?

Missouri Republicans Are 1 Step Closer To Defunding Public Libraries

THat Freak Elon MUsK Should Have A Steel Pill Box Screwed To HIs Skull

Will judge impose gag order to stop defendant Trump's lies, threats & inciting imminent lawlessness?

MTG is already capitalizing on her 60 Minutes appearance

One corporation that doesn't give into the anti woke nazis.. Target

Claim that Trump showed classified docs to donors could be what brings him down: former FBI agent

"Problem Solver" Democrats Try to Broker Debt Deal with Republicans, Create Problems For Biden

Politico: Centrist Dems hatch secret plan to head off debt ceiling calamity

Why "ADULT FILM STAR Stormy Daniels"?? We don't say

Which one are you grabbing?

Black former worker awarded $3.2m in Tesla factory racial-harassment suit

Trump to be charged Tuesday with 34 felony counts, but spared handcuffs and mug shot

Waiting judge's decision on indictment....

Trump to be charged Tuesday with 34 felony counts, but spared handcuffs and mug shot

Democrats Dump Opposition Research on DeSantis

Trump lawyer calls for protests while wearing firearm jewelry: 'That's another right, just like guns

41-foot gray whale washes ashore in Pierce County

Fingerprints and bench warrants: 'Defendant' Trump's arraignment broken down by MSNBC's Ari Melber

Peaceful protesters in FL being arrested after standing against extreme abortion ban

Hal Sparks takes on the rightwing freakout to the trump indictment

If there were a mug shot, my bet would be on the defiant Mussolini chin thrust.

So the Orange Blob gets no mug shot and no handcuffs. I think there many

'Petrified': Star witness Cohen on Trump nightmare of jail on eve of booking - The Beat - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, blunders, and election chances....

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Hillary Clinton Was Once the Person Putin Feared Most: Nancy Pelosi

Lawrence O'Donnell: This is the first time in Trump's life his speech can be controlled in some way

So I'm curious

He Dived For Our Sins


Rachel is on.

Note to Drumpf: Lack of insurrectionists means NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU.

Election impasse in Bulgaria - Eastern Express - TVP World

Thousands of students have descended upon the Capitol demanding action

Dr. Jill Biden wants both women's basketball teams to visit the White House.....

Trump arrives in New York City for arraignment as political rivals assess the field - CBS News

How fat was I as a baby? I wasn't delivered by a stork, I was delivered by a

That's Why I Chose Love

Trump just said bragg has leaked all the indictments

Man Spotted In The Subway Feeding a Stray Kitten Restores Faith In Humanity

WaPo: DOJ has 'significant' evidence of possible Trump obstruction at Mar-a-Lago - All In - MSNBC

[Florida Dem Party Chair] Nikki Fried, Senate leader handcuffed by police during abortion protest

How close is Jack Smith to filing charges?

Might as well have said "Hey, at least you're shot at by AMERICANS and not by some FOREIGN MUSLINS"

03 Apr: Last resort. Russians go all-in to crush Ukrainian defense - Reporting from Ukraine

Trump now in BIGGER TROUBLE from Manhattan Prosecutors - Meidas Touch

I don't know about you but for me April 4th seems a little like Christmas did when I was a kid....

Hurricane Ian costliest storm in Florida history, reached Cat 5, new report states

MSNBC {per Rachel's program}

Right-Wing Media Splits From DeSantis on Press Protections

If you're like me, then your TV probably stayed off today, so here's what you need to know


from Ann Richards, former Texas governor, '91 - 95:

Florida NAACP urges Black people not to visit its state. Critics worry the plan will backfire.

On this day, 55 years ago, [MLK] delivered his last speech entitled, 'I've Been to the Mountaintop.'

Schiff: McCarthy, Jordan 'acting like criminal defense attorneys' for Trump - All In - MSNBC

Wokeness is a losing issue for DeSantis and the GOP

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Voting advocates make final push to turn out Native American voters

National Championship - SDSU or UConn?

Jenna Ellis really wants to be disbarred

I appreciate Ben Wikler.

Jenna Ellis really wants to be disbarred

'Unconstitutionally vague': Federal judge temporarily blocks Tennessee drag ban

Rachel on the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.....

April 4 Illinois local elections tomorrow; what are the best websites to help me make choices?

Floridians will be able to carry concealed guns without permits - WPLG Local 10 South Florida

Greene fires back at Adams over warning against violence at Trump protests

School officials were told 1st grader had gun before he shot teacher: Lawsuit

Ain't That A Shame

Chicago, Wisconsin and Denver elections: What the Political Unit is watching

Rep. Taylor Greene calls Democrats 'pedophiles' on 60 Minutes

Maddow: 'When you command people to protest for you and they don't, what does that say about you?

Why your Twitter page is changing and may have a dog on it (Vox article, detailed explanation)

Me: "So, Christ's body is the bread?" Father Dooley: "Yes."

No cameras in the courtroom tomorrow, MSNBC reports.

As predicted MTG using the so-called 'takedown' 60 Minutes interview to amplify 'Dems as paedos' rot

Trump lawyers fighting against cameras in the courtroom

Dominion Scores HUGE Win In Fox Lawsuit - Raw News And Politics

7 City Council Races to Watch in the 2023 Chicago Runoff Election

Hey Jack, any idea whats so heavy in Ivanas box ?

11th Ward Race Among Tightest in Chicago Runoff Election

Going after Political Opponents is Un-American!

Suburban Chicago Communities Face Home Rule Referendums, But What Is It?

Photographer Captures Ultra-Rare Red Ring of Light Over Italy

Here's what happened when a bald eagle's nest in Pasco County went missing

Why the Chicago mayoral runoff matters for national politics

Jack Smith Latest WITNESSES are NIGHTMARE for Trump - Meidas Touch

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Okay, this may be the most creative Wisconsin PSA so far (watch the whole thing

34 Felonies

👍____😆 you'll like this.

SO sad. SO unfair. NO MUG SHOT, after Trump planned to exploit and monetize it. SAD! UNFAIR!

The Art of Parental Rights - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Photographer Captures Ultra-Rare Red Ring of Light Over Italy

So when Trump goes to prison, do secret service agents continue to protect him there?

Vanity Fair: Marjorie Taylor Greene Hijacked Every Minute on 60 Minutes

I made it today without watching any of the circus surrounding trump. Any one going to join me

Can we trade Drumpf-asset for American hostages in Russia, please?

So much for Equal Protection Under the Law

Trump to Be Charged with 34 Felony Counts

Tell me if this is plausible:

Video of Trump's Arraignment Released.

Roy McGrath, ex-chief of staff to Maryland governor, killed in Tennessee

Trump Aides Mull Putting Mugshot on Campaign Merch

Trump screws himself with criminal admission on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Omarosa Manigault Newman: Donald Trump is terrified, doesn't look well - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Five things to do and see this April

Trump arrives in NYC alongside family ahead of arraignment - ABC News

Donald has a personality disorder and will love the photo-opt on Tuesday

If/When a Jury is seated in the trial of Donald J. Trump...

Trump Investigations - April 3, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Marianne Williamson Makes Gains Against Joe Biden, New Poll Suggests (Newsweek Clickbait)

Techno without a computer

Should we stop prosecuting misdemeanors in America?

Eugene Robinson: Fox is not a news network but a propaganda outlet

Larry Hogan's former COS shot and killed by the FBI

Trump now in BIGGER TROUBLE from Manhattan Prosecutors - MeidasTouch

MAGA caucus makes INSANE proposal to THREATEN us all - Meidas Touch

Baby elephant makes reporter crack up. XD

turnout high in chicago

Lawrence O'Donnell: Presumption of Trump's innocence 'only applies in the courtroom' - The Last Word

Lawrence: Presumption of Trump's innocence 'only applies in the courtroom' - MSNBC

Huskies win!

Congrats to UConn...

Tenn. State Rep Asks Protesters What Gun They'd Prefer To Be Shot With

The spread of the final scores was the same

Lawrence: Hours from arraignment, Trump fails to get the protests he wanted (MSNBC)

Lawrence O'Donnell: Hours from arraignment, Trump fails to get the protests he wanted - The Last Word

The March Madness trophy is rather underwhelming in appearance, IMO.

French police hit by claims they're too tough on protesters

Tenn. State Rep Asks Protesters What Gun They'd Prefer To Be Shot With

DeSantis signs bill allowing gun carrying without a permit; signing closed to public - Rachel Maddow

Reward *sponteneity* (in relationships)

Does it feel like most Americans are ignoring the insane rise of fascism?

Guantanamera - Playing For Change - Song Around The World

Now here's an issue I agree with republicans on.

Spineless Politicians

'You can't discuss it!' Donald Trump Jr. goes berserk over possible 'gag order' for father

'He's as far-right as you can get': Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate scrutinized for extreme views

Rachel Maddow On the Nashville Protests, FL's No-Permit Conceal Carry, & The People of NY v Trump

Just Askin'

How do you define "Fake News"?

Nashville students walk out, demand gun safety legislation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The US Air Force sent F-35s to defend NATO. Here's what it learned.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, books, and a decision....

Democrats Try to Use Florida Book Ban on Ron Desantis' Book

April Shower Flower

The Government Just Serves the Rich and Powerful

Trump's calls for protest over his indictment go mostly unanswered (so far) - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

"can't you fight for what you believe in without all that name-calling and... personal attacks?"

Guantanamera - Playing For Change - Song Around The World

Ohio neo-Nazi arrested; admits trying to firebomb church over drag story event - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Someone didn't check their pockets

Are you suprised by the lack of MAGA support for Trump??

so the 34 Felony counts

Orangutan Learns How to Nurse from Breastfeeding Zookeeper

Call the Midwife series recomissioned to 2026!!!

Tallahassee Police Department just arrested dozens of peaceful pro-choice protestors

Call the Midwife series recomissioned to 2026!!!

Just heard on BBC. Huge fire in Bangla Desh marketplace. 1000s...

Judge in Trump case has familiarity with criminality surrounding Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

"It's the hit dog that yelps."

Terrified Trump Goes on Unhinged Rant While Awaiting Arrest! - Luke Beasley

Trump makes show of embracing arrest as his lawyers fight to hide arraignment from press - Rachel Maddow

From the vault: Stormy Daniels Details Sex with Donald Trump - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Seth Meyers: Trump Indicted, Arrives in New York to Face Arrest, Fox and GOP in Hysterics: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: Trump Indicted & Fox News Warns of Violence

Wisconsin Conservation Voters invests $1.5 million in 2023 spring election.

Russian Oil Disaster as Sales Fall & New Customers are Bankrupt Countries That Are Unable to Pay

GOP lawmaker, Dem attorney battle for Wisconsin Senate seat

The Daily Show: Guest Sen. Cory Booker - Criminal Justice Reform & The Farm Bill

Free Speech Is Not Just for Conservatives

Veto stands: Transgender pronouns OK in North Dakota schools

Florida Republicans poised to make more changes to election laws

Trump's latest GRIFT is the WORST YET - Meidas Touch

CHICAGO MAYOR: Paul Vallas widens lead as election day approaches

Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse?

(Jewish Group) Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse?

(Jewish Group) What does it mean to be Jewish in the US?

Judge prohibits use of video cameras in the courtroom ahead of Trump's arraignment - The 11th Hour

'The most important election of the year': Wisconsin State Supreme Court election - The 11th Hour

Look for the helpers: Wave of tornadoes has left destruction from Arkansas to Delaware - The 11th Hour

Manhattan judge could issue gag order in Trump case - NBC News

Breakfast Tuesday 4 April. 2023

Has anyone seen those TV ads for Lume vaginal and anal odor?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/3/23


Concerning a potential gag order on tfg.

"Could This Israeli Nuclear Fusion Startup Power The World?" Narrator: "It Would Never Happen."

Judge won't let news cameras broadcast Trump's full court appearance

MTG tries to paint pic of Pres. Biden as a pedo. What the video actually shows

From Down the Escalator

US military says senior IS commander killed in Syria

Rufous-gaped Hillstar (Urochroa bougueri)

Russians "tactically retreated" from "unspecified location" in the East. Huge Russian base destroyed

How many of the charges that will eventually be brought against Trump will result in a conviction?


If You Missed Stephen Colbert's Monologue Last Night You Missed a Masterpiece

This Morning - Blue Jays (Justin Hayward - John Lodge)

frustration w/ online recipes

Playing hardball with MSB.

Ain't That Peculiar, Marvin Gaye ♥️

@MTG: claims she never said Parkland was a false flag and gets fact checked. A post of hers is shown


How do you plead?

Hours Before Arraignment Trump Says Bragg Should "INDICT HIMSELF"

On April 3, 1922, Doris Day was born.

Tuesday TOONs - Time's Up

Landlord's text to AA renter: "It's nothing against you I (would) just rather put a white family in.

With trumps finger prints New York

On this day, April 4, 1932, Anthony Perkins was born.

On this day, April 4, 1936, the Hindenburg arrived in Rio de Janeiro.


Trump told hannity on fox recently that it's totally fine to take documents

'We've seen this story before': Dems grow anxious of a Trump '16 redux

What Yassin's Falafel House owner learned from Turkey earthquake trip

Light My Fire - The Doors ⭐

Today has been a long time coming, No magaloons

Media deification of Trump's new lawyer.

On this day, April 4, 1968

Does the media ever ask a trump supporter or member of Congress how they can support someone

Trump melts down, soils diaper three times in late night rants in his Truth Social echo chamber

Computer-generated inclusivity: fashion turns to 'diverse' AI models

Steve Skeates, Co-Creator of Hawk and Dove, Dead at 80

Ghosts of Comics' Past: April in Comics History - Truth, Swipes, and DC

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 3/26-4/1/2023

The Rundown: April 4, 2023

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved 🦜

Another Musk con job.

Biden offers $450M for clean energy projects at coal mines

Trump could have pardoned Don Siegelman

Split Screen

If Joe doesn't run in 2024, I hope Michelle Obama does.

Trump gets a pickle today

Don't fall for it. Bet on Bragg.

Today's the day!

ELECTION DAY! Gangs of New York

Elephants React To The Voice Of Nanny Who Calls Them

I went to Meijer to buy a leg of lamb, this morning.

Any DU'ers in the vicinity of the New York courthouse

The Great Comeuppance?


Wanted: Vladimir Putin

We're off to see the Jailer.

Trump will speak before and after his arraignment, according to CNN just now.

Union Pacific sued after firing rail worker on medical leave

Amazon Helped Kill Oregon Climate Bill, Despite All Its Renewable Pledges & Greenwash

Q sent me...

A statement from Congressman Jess "Chuy" Garca

HellGate NYC is covering the TFG hoopla today with a running blog

The Defendant

Nato's border with Russia doubles as Finland joins

Wife's obsessed with dog. But dog is obsessed with husband.

The irony of the anti-woke movement.

Golden Retriever Picks Apples For His Bunny BFF

Another J/6 "tourist" video

White House Correspondents' Association: 2023 Award Winners

Give him a nickname.

This one statement about DA Bragg should make Motherfucker shit bricks

Will TFG show up late for his arraignment?

White House lines up split screen between Biden touting jobs and Trump's perp walk

"If they can do this to him...

Anyone follow the Angel Reese/Caitlin Clark drama?

These Tyrants Think Citizens Exercising Their First Amendment Rights are "Police Agitators"!

Most likely motive behind tfg's keeping classified documents: Nixon ESTATE was paid $18M for

So Have The Unwashed Magats Invaded the City?

FOX, Trump, and the Big Lie

Muddy Waters was born on this date.

Hugh Masekela was born on this date.

Tennessee GOP members move to oust 3 Dems after gun protest

I Had A Dream Last Night

Marjorie Green has a sad :(

George Santos is on the scene!

Ok, for those of us who might be able to stomach it......what's the time line of this thing......

On this date in 1974

Justin Hayward & John Lodge (Blue Jays) - I Dreamed Last Night

Will Trump's cars go down the center of Manhattan* so the people can say "hi" to him or will he

The $300,000 starter home is going extinct: 'A renter society not because of choice"

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go.....

US Job Openings Fall Below 10 Million for First Time Since 2021

If he ever gets locked up, does he still get Secret Service protection in jail?

Just wondering.

"If they can do it to Trump---", can they do it to you? OF COURSE!

The Best Way To Deal With MTG Is To Not.....

Melania Trump appears to skip New York indictment trip. (Gee, I wonder why?)

Branson's Virgin Orbit files for bankruptcy after launch failure squeezed finances

It's Election Day in Wisconsin...

Eliz Van Lew: Union Spy, Richmond, Confed Capital, Grant's Source. Spy Mary Bowser, Libby Prison

Severe weather in the exact same areas today as Friday - Just posting for visibility

30 poems in 30 days

The time a sitting US President was arrested

What's interesting about Todd Blanche joining Trump's legal team

Why Not HANDCUFFS? Steph

I'm not scared of "If they can do it to Trump, then they can do it to you"

While some can flee fascism

Just reported on MSNBC

Something I read on Mastodon about Republicans...

Pic Of The Moment: What Are The 2024 Frontrunners Doing Today?

"Counterprotesters are louder and there might be more of them"

Severe weather in the exact same areas today as Friday - Just posting for visibility

Commentary by a Dem voter at the Manhattan circus today

So close . . . . SOOOOOO Close

Justin Hayward - Nights In White Satin (stunning live BBC performance, 1994 + interview)

DU EXCLUSIVE: List of potential judges approved by Donald Trump to preside over criminal fraud case

Having fun at my corner

Justin Hayward - Nights In White Satin (stunning live BBC performance, 1994 + interview)

TFG's Net Worth Plunges $700 Million As Truth Social Flops

The perfect tweet by Martina 😆

Guess who was not arrested today?

The Cowardice, Selfishness And Ignorance Of The Easily Offended

Why Trump is not expected to have a mug shot taken.

A clown in New York (Twitter video)

Over 400,000 absentee ballots cast as of Monday night

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 4, 2023

No guns allowed at Utah GOP convention because of Ron DeSantis' keynote appearance

Get ready for the "unjust treatment defense"!

History in the Making: David Cay Johnston on Why Trump's Arraignment May Renew American Democracy

Any tiny hints yet about outcomes in Wisconsin and Chicago?

MTG links Trump with Mandela and Jesus.

7 CDC investigators sent to East Palestine to study illnesses among community members became sick

So... I understand it should not happen... And she is doing the right thing but...

NEW randy rainbow: Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Jen Psaki!

Some TFG supporters attacked an anti-TFG banner and some sane people protesting TFG

Ari Berman on the Race That Could Decide the Fate of Democracy in Wisconsin -- and the 2024 Election

Trumpers need to get it through their thick skulls...

Snowflake MTG says counter protesters are planning assault causing ear damage, wants them locked up

A (very) brief update on the Manhattan clown show

The Country's Most Progressive Teachers Union Is On The Ballot In Chicago

So delightful that MSNBC gave Greene free air time to campaign for the VP position

Marjorie Taylor Greene's '60 Minutes' Segment Was a Lesson in How Legacy Media Fails

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and gag orders....

A question for the Trump supporters insisting that the "fraudulent business records" indictment

WI: With high voter mobilization and record-breaking spending, high turnout is predicted

House GOP's Fiscal Plans Are Nowhere to Be Found

Tweet of the Day

Trump interview goes down in flames with major mistake - Brian Tyler Cohen

Denver mayor's race: Ex-boxer, investment banker and ex-banker among 16 candidates running

Democrats Turn Ron DeSantis' Book Ban on His Book

Fewer in-person voters expected in Tuesday Lincoln election

Oregon bill on abortion, gender-affirming care clears first hurdle

Oregon lawmakers ponder stricter rent control laws after 14.6% increases

Where Did No Labels Get Its Money?

Very nicely said Caitlin Clark.. very nicely said

When you FaceTime your bestie:

Juan Gonzlez on Chicago Mayoral Race: Can a Progressive, Multiracial Coalition Win?

Let's just hug, it's all in the past:

Anti-abortion activists accuse Ohio board of 'abuse of discretion'

New images from inside Fukushima reactor spark safety worry

Last Week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

NM: State Supreme Court suspends ordinances restricting abortion access

Bird with a pet dog:

There's just one thing that puzzles me: (Peter Falk)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 4, 2023)

Compilation: baby giggles

Debate: Will Finland's Addition to NATO Make Direct Conflict with Russia More Likely?

Msnbc just reported

Minnesota Court of Appeals rejects abortion challenge bid

Karen was a different type of "Karen" (long)

Marge got quite the reception in NYC 🤣🤣🤣

An enraged DeSantis mobilizes "little green men" into Disney World.

Bill filed to totally ban abortion in North Carolina except to save a mother's life

"Marjorie Taylor Greene's speech foiled by ... a Trump supporter?"

Right Winger Implodes, Calls for Insane Response to Trump Indictment! - Luke Beasley

Colorado Democrats pass bill targeting abortion reversal at pregnancy centers

Kids today!

Velvet-purple Coronet (Boissonneaua jardini)

Four attorneys assigned to abortion-related litigation resign from Indiana AG's office

Polls open in high stakes Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Federal appeals court panel rejectsTrump's bid to block aides from testifying in Jan 6 investigation

Poor pupper is bamboozled:

Maine Dems push for background checks, waiting periods amid protests from gun owners

Only in New York, Love the shirt

Trump's Truth Social Is On Life Support As Investigations Stall Buyout - Farron Balanced

Mar A Lago documents case: federal appeals court has stopped Trump's

Legislation aimed at religious freedom heads to Arkansas Senate

Let's make it a National Holiday: April 9th, 1865, the end of the Civil War for Gen. Robert E. Lee

Tick tock, Motherfucker, tick tock

MTG, interviewed by boyfriend she committed adultery with, compares Trump to Jesus

This is a really bad day for Donald. Appeals court denies Trump motion to stay top aides' testimony

Andrea mitchell is so far

American media is failing everyone

Sorry Anderson Cooper et al

Are the FBI and NA certain that TFG

Is anyone really upset about someone who tried to overthrow the government?

Tom Nichols: Heck of a job, Putin.

It appears Marge Three Names march through New York City wasn't

So here's a thought regarding Motherfucker's pending arraignment

Tower front door or garage/loading dock?

Protesters gather in New York City ahead of Trump arraignment - MSNBC Reports

CNN: If Trump doesn't get a mug shot, he's discussed staging one for his made-in-China merch

"The Maga-sorry Breaks."

It was reported a few minutes ago that trump and attorneys

Federal appeals court denies Trump's emergency bid to stop ex-aides from testifying in Jan. 6 probe

It sure was right friendly of Garrett Haeke

TN House GOP To Expel Democrat Terrorists Who Called For Saving Kids' Lives Without Permission

Needy Bernese Mountain Dog Stalks His Mom All Day Long

I think Dan Kelly will pull this stunt.

Small group of Trump supporters, foes face off ahead of historic court appearance

Jump Around (House Of Pain)

Hey! Remember Jennifer Weisselberg's "It's bigger than money!" statement? Maybe now we will get

If a gun nut starts quoting The Founders, always look up the context

The stupid bobbleheads at WaPo just stated that this is the beginning.....

Six words no American should have ever had to speak

So, they closed FDR drive for Motherfucker

Kingwood, TX, assaulted family's Mom: My son told me he was trans when he was two years old!

15 million to lose healthcare. Morning Joe praises Obamacare, slams GOP failure: Get out of the way!

GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Endorses Trump's 2024 Bid On His Arraignment Day

AHHHHhahahahaha, LMAO....

I had about given up talking politics here, but this changed me, PLEASE read this EVERYBODY

Accurate & damning analysis of 60 Minutes' MTG fiasco by Vanity Fair's Jeff Sharlet

MMAGA equals

I just LOVE Jamaal

So, go ahead---say I'm being childish and vindictive.

US strike kills 'ISIS senior leader' in Syria

"Jail to the chief"

Putin lives in an 'information vacuum' and never uses a cellphone or the internet, a Russian

I wonder if he'll make some sort of "I am not a crook" speech

The Defendant Is In The Building

Judd Legum: The opaque $70 million scheme that could make Trump the next president

This week, The Creature has what he wants most. The spotlight.

As I watch Djt's caravan moving downtown..

"Absolutely Disgusting" Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks With Stuttering Boy

Dear CNN...

Amidst all the talk of a "sad day", consider the fact that . . . .

Trump is officially under arrest. 👍

Why do Republicans want Americans brutalized by continuous school shootings? My guess is they

I can't get over that U.S. history books will contain the name "Stormy Daniels"

Florida Democrats are trying to use Ron DeSantis' book laws against his own recently published book

"You have the right to remain silent"

CNN has reporters on the 15th floor calling the plays from inside right now.

19 Words for Cranky or Disagreeable

Is Everbody In?

Reality sets in for the con

*Following up again: Returning to Johns Hopkins next Monday,

Close friend of arrested American reporter speaks to CNN - CNN

ABC and NBC have special reports on the arraignment on now. CBS doesn't. EDIT- now they do.

Lol: Jailhouse Rock (2023)

Jewish space laser chic got her ass handed to her in NYC

DU seems to be of two minds about Trump's arraignment.

Twitter video of George Santos being r u n n o f t in NYC today

Does this guy still stand by his words?

Republicans and Democrats still can't agree on a plan to save Americans from a debt ceiling catastro

Should PA primaries become open primaries? At least one big hurdle remains

Kid Rock posts video of himself angrily shooting an image of Dylan Mulvaney w/ his rifle

Big changes and new names for the Sounders gray whales

Marjorie Taylor-Greene should resign and return to her modeling job

Big breakfast for a change

Is the propaganda network showing the cons arrest ?

Osprey likes owl box, and I was able to get to perch for myself.

When do you think we'll see more indictments?

Oil prices dip as demand woes outweigh OPEC+ surprise cuts

My birthday wishes today

Is there a count of times MSNBC is saying "sad" & "sad day for the U.S."?

Why did the doughnut maker retire?

Trump Has Lost Whopping $700 Million Over Truth Social's Failings -- So Far -- Per Forbes Report

Time for the mug shot!

What happens if a defendant dies before or during a trial?

There is an element missing.

Reminder: only 25% of the electorate identifies as Republican

I currently have this on repeat.

New Lyrics To New York New York..I'll start..

Republican Voters Rally Around Trump Amid Indictment! - Luke Beasley

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Protest Flops

Voted at 12:30pm

Just had a MAGA Tax Assessor come to my property for a revaluation.

Douglass Mackey Verdict Sinks 'Shitposting' Defense

Chain Gang - Sam Cooke

The Defendant insisted on a perp walk

No cuffs. No court film. But tonight, he'll fling his lies at America from Mar-a-Lago

Merry Arrestmas Day Everyone!!!!

Trump is being arraigned today. Hillary is being honored.


The enemy of democracy is ignorance

Donald Trump's father was arrested, too. Twice.

I'm so glad President Carter lived long enough to see this:

Not sure who the hottie cop is on the CNN feed, but she can...

Someone seems happy

The "perp walk" such as it will be is in a few minutes


Whelp, Motherfucker just made America great


Ari Melber makes a dubious claim (regarding the orange guy.)

He looked pissed.

I've never been so happy to see Trump looking unhappy.

He did not look happy walking by... NT

New: Sen. Hyde-Smith will not return blue slip for Scott Colom, Biden's court nominee in Mississippi

trump in slow motion walking into courtroom!

Rethugs need to understand, Bragg did NOT indict Trump...

Cartoons 4/4/2023

Rep. Jamaal Bowman strikes again!

Camera got him walking out of booking room and into court. He looked kinda sad.

Plant-based meat alternatives producer to take over Stanwood plant

Make No Mistake Marianne Williamson Is Moving Forward

A Lone Protester

Compass Health closing downtown Everett triage center for up to 3 years

gawd this is so satisfying.

Trump a 'stress test' for the U.S., its institutions

Ya can take the boy out of the porn, but ya can't take the porn out of the boy.

Just had a slice of German Chocolate Cake. Have not had it

The video of the Trump perp walk

St. Louis Blues to host Pride Night, though without Pride-themed warmup jerseys

The Defendant

At this point he doesn't know the charges

The criminal in court

Is this the first time Trump has ever been fingerprinted?

Bringing Lolita home: How to release a long-captive orca?

Maybe no mugshot but this photo from the courtroom will stand in for it.

Can we use this as a mug shot?

Chicago chooses between progressive, moderate for mayor

Trump is already fundraising off a fake mugshot

Train derailment near The Hague kills 1, injures several

All thirty four counts are FELONIES

First pic of Drumpf inside courtroom, Sky News. Who needs a mugshot?

Marjorie Taylor Greene run out of New York

Confirmed - 34 Felony counts of falsifying business records

It has happened! Finally. 23 years of working and 8 years of Hollywood lying and gaslighting

Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

Perp walk

I see the Orange Roughy is still wearing the same hideous, wrinkled blue suit.

How Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'pedophile' slur made it to '60 Minutes'

Fox News says Carlson, Hannity, Bartiromo set to testify at defamation trial

It has happened! Finally. 23 years of working and 8 years of Hollywood lying and gaslighting

Indictment unsealed but not available on website yet - 2 women?

I want to see the mug shot!

Russia's economy (finally) feels the burn of sanctions

"Prospera" - The private city in Honduras where no laws apply - DW News

I am hearing 34 FELONY counts

Diagnose this person.

Russian Teen to Be Given to 'New Family' After Dad Is Jailed for Slamming War

He's a war criminal': Elite Putin security officer defects...AP article.

How do I restore a trashed thread?

Those still photos from the courtroom show a guy who has just learned his limits

NC is likely gone forever now

Not all super heroes wear capes!

Heard on MSNBC that all 34 counts are felonies...

Receipts please! I do not believe tfg has raised the amount that is being reported.

Trump in Court, looking upbeat ... not

From Hail to the Chief to Hell to the Ex-Chief.

Anybody else think of the opening chords of "Law and Order" segments as you watched that car

Food for thought from one of my customers today...

I thought it was nothing but misdemeanors in NY?

Jill Biden wants to invite both LSU and Iowa basketball teams to the White House

Is it too early to start drinking in celebration of 34 felonies?

Creedence Clearwater Revival:

Bret Hume said many legal analysts think the charges are "flimsy" which is weird considering they

Some Trumpies wonder why so many Democrats react with

Sarah Longwell on The Circus - The Republican Accountability Project

Donald Trump Jr. has posted a photo of the judge's daughter on Twitter & Truth Social

Anna's Hummingbird & Water Droplets

Where is his happy face?

The court officers very much did not hold the door for Trump when he walked past the pool cameras

Now reporting on MSNBC its felonies tied to conspiracy and taxes.

Stephen Colbert Takes a 'Mug Shot' on Donald Trump's 'Arraignment Eve'

Jeff Tiedrich tweet regarding 34 Felony Counts for tfg

Bragg press conference 3:30 p.m today

NC Democrat expected to change parties giving Republicans super-majority

Don Jr already committing obstruction

The DA raised issues about TFG behavior

The judge was very concerned about Trump's public rhetoric.

Wreath-laying ceremony in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Live)

Chinese Economy & Housing Crisis; Japan-China; Ideology - China Update

Oh, so he FIRMLY said "Not Guilty"....

"Accused Criminal"

Mask Bloc PDX, receiving and distributing masks for those in need

Lock THEM up.

34 felony counts.Trump pissed. Expect major acting out.

Any idea what that very tall van in the motorcade was? nt

Hideous One is on the move

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets what she deserves in New York surprise - Brian Tyler Cohen

Jewish chair of Florida's Democratic Party arrested at abortion rights protest

HOw MUch Is This Travesty Of A Circus Costing NY?

Ky lawmaker's friendship with Jewish woman helped inspire viral speech decrying anti-trans legislati

My wife asked me what I wanted for dinner to celebrate tRumps arrest? I answered...

(Jewish Group) Kentucky lawmaker's friendship with a Jewish woman helped inspire her viral speech...

Looks like Melania wasn't with him

So, no gag order, more of an Austin Powers "Oh, BEHAVE..."

Waiting for Bragg

Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers 🎇

Where's Mrs.Trump?

Per MSNBC - Next Hearing Date: December 4, 2023

JUST IN: The Trump indictment is now public

Link to Statement of Facts - trump indictment

How it started/How it's going

Joe Tacos defending the bat pic

with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof

Reply here to kick the chump in the ribs

Per @MSNBC : indictment includes $30,000 payment to silence a doorman at one of Trump's buildings...

OMG. We need an SNL actor to do Joe Tacopina. He's comedy gold playing there thug lawyer.

On MSNBC now: This is why people hate lawyers.

Repeating Radio Signal Leads Astronomers to an Earth-size Exoplanet

The meat of indictment is in the Statement of Facts

Trump's lawyers (Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti) just finished gaslighting reporters.

First hilarious meme from the courtroom ⚠️ Language ⚠️

Had to turn TFG lawyers off

I asked about Paula Reid a few weeks ago--

Seems they have too much security for DJT when he travels.

I object to this asshole getting a police escort through NYC traffic.

NEW: North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham plans to switch her party affiliation from D to R

READ HERE: Trump Indictment and Statement of Facts

34 Felonies. Get your bottle today.

Trump's attorneys are not painting a very good picture of being innocent!

85 today in Lawrence, KS!

Has Trump tried to visit his secret child?

Prosecutors address Trump social media threats after Don Jr. posted a photo of the judge's daughter

Triple threat indictment for the Defendant

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about top Florida Dems getting arrested....

The last 24 hours there have been an unusual number of military flights.

I don't know...he just doesn't look like a Trump to me...

Before Trump, which other world leaders were charged or jailed?

AOC on Don Jr posting a photo of the judge's daughter on Twitter & Truth Social

Momentary lapse of apologies DU.


Here is a good link to the Indictment and the Statement of Facts

Has anyone seen "Cocaine Bear"?

So much for speedy justice

The former guy's next court date is in December

Welp, time to tune it out....

CNN has tfg lawyer Jim Trusty minimizes the case. No surprise there.

The Death Of Democracy

"Sadness of the day," someone on TV gets it right

AP: DA Alvin Bragg holds news conference after Trump arraignment

District Attorney Bragg Announces 34-Count Felony Indictment of Former President Donald J. Trump

NC Democrat expected to change parties, granting the Republican legislature unfettered power

DA Bragg is doing a superb job of explaining the charges.

And a mannequin leg has made an appearance after TFG arraignment (Twitter video)

Back of the envelope math

My boyfriend just gave a good analogy to why trump wasn't prosecuted 20 years ago

Meanwhile, the getaway plane

Let's hope the other indictments and trials come soon

I wonder if the doorman will testify?

The perfect storm: the US city where rising sea levels and racism collide

Is it safe for him to fly back to back while feeling angry and humiliated?

He's so totally pissed

Dun Dun, Donnie!

"We today uphold our solemn responsibility to ensure that everyone stands equal before the law"

Ketchup will be all over the walls of the plane and Trump's dump!

I'd be a very rich person if I had a dollar for every post speculating that Trump go on the lam.

Prosecutors detail Trump's alleged hush money 'scheme' to influence 2016 election

tRump Indictment Playlist:

He has to testify in 3 weeks in the E.Jean Carroll case

Iowa's Caitlin Clark wins Wooden Award as best player

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 4, 2023

So, is Manhattan under siege from the AK army?

Mike Luckovich-Chickens came home to roost

Woke the plank! Were pirate ships actually beacons of diversity and democracy?

Runaway, Motherfucker

Sentencing guidelines?

Do they have hijack proof cockpit doors on SchlumpForceOne.

Hal Sparks just started his live stream today ... link ...

Are we still paying for trump's secret service?

Which three are you picking at the ballpark if price is not an issue?

Earth is on fire

The Most Consequential Politics Story in the US Isn't the Trump Arraignment: RR

Trump met with Pecker and thanked him for executing the catch and kill scheme.

Cop Lies About Attack - Sued Multiple Times - Gets Promoted (LackLuster)

Chain reaction involving 2 drunk drivers kills 3 UC Davis students

Just curious to see what others think.

A man named Pecker..........

Maryland man threatened to 'slaughter' LGBTQ+ group after Covenant School shooting

The Criminal Defendant

Hillary responds

Amazon to shutter Book Depository, a UK-based online bookseller it acquired in 2011, on April 26

So there is more trump spawn out there?

Waiting for the height and weight numbers from the court.

CBS should have had Michael Rapaport interview MTG

No matter what, Trump's address tonight should not be covered by MSM in prime time.

So, the email lady gets eviscerated in 2016 by the media for nothing

my ass got arrested (2 tweets)

You grab a doughnut and take a bite out of it.

Sometimes, I think I keep my Costco membership for the lulz

White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation

Hoo boy: Trump & Michael Cohen "met in the Oval Office at WH" to confirm the false repayment scheme

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 April 2023

so what has been the media's reaction

Despite police outcry, DeSantis administration bans Chinese drones

Thanks Admins!!!! I just spotted the Trans Smiley! Yay!!!!

This is hilarious and tragic at the same time! (TikTok vid)

Drag Queens vs. Priests Gianmarco Soresi Stand Up Comedy

Franklin Co, C-bus (& surrounding counties?) No noon Wednesdays Wooos

Michelangelo Defends His Art to Angry Florida Parents - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

The accused is headed for Mar-a-Lockup, how's WI voting going?

So DU'ers Are We Celebrating Tonight????

when did CNN turn into Faux News??

Scaramucci: Donald Trump 'may pull out of the race'

Here's a critical point for anyone asking whether this case is "big enough" to take to trial.

WTF??? Van Jones says Trump "looks sad... That is a granddad having a very bad day."

So, in trump's speech tonight . . .

So HRC caused foaming at the mouth and snorting of nostrils for 0 felonies.

Some Of The People You Meet At The MAGA Carnival Outside Trump's Arraignment

Gas Station Tip

This is what Russia wants its people to be afraid of - Break the Fake - TVP World

What a great day it will be when he is indicted for the January 6 coup.

I dunno...this courtroom sketch isn't too shabby, either.

List of trump court cases

Courtroom sketch artists are just the best

what do you think pissed Trump off more?

So what's next? Jack Smith documents? Fani Willis? Or Jack Smith insurrection?

I never knew that WaPo cartoonist Michael de Adder was a former courtroom artist!

MAGA Ain't Getting Acquitted

Do you think

Here is a great courtroom sketch

trump is posting on truth social

Any info on a GAG order?

Hillary Clinton's mood.

Eyedrops maker couldn't ensure factory was sterile, FDA says

La. councilwoman crashes, doesn't cooperate with cops, police chief shows up, sings with her

Appeals Court denies Slobby's bid to block Meadows testimony

So Trump's next hearing isn't until December 4th?

GOP frustrated as House investigations fail to find dirt on Biden: report

Please add your thoughts - When will the Manhattan NY Trump trial begin?

Will Trump's speech tonight disregard and step over the proper speech advice of the judge

Musk changed Twitter logo to a dog.

Target of "Lock Her Up" Movement: 0 Felonies, Leader Of "Lock Her Up" Movement: 34 Felonies

Opinions on selling naughty items

Jesus and President Fraud. TLP


"and here's to the state of richard nixon"

Couldn't agree more with Andrew Weissman (MSNBC)

Incarceration Bingo

The probability that **** isn't going to be convicted of a felony is 0.

Johnson & Johnson to pay $8.9 billion to settle claims baby powder, other talc products caused

Just FYI, Bill "Bullfrog" Barr Just Referred to The Mueller Investigation As...

Forbes 30-Under-30 winner Charlie Javice is arrested on fraud charges

December sure seems like excessively long timeframe in which to schedule the next hearing

Did people here know about Reuters Trust Principles?

DA Bragg's Statement of Facts

Watergate and Trumpgate, both were brought down by following the money

Trump loses again!

Fort Pierce police officer hits child with patrol vehicle, then lies about it

small earthquake in Milpitas CA just now

The REAL Reason Insulin Prices Are Falling - More Perfect Union

JCCPD officer who shot his sergeant: 'I thought he was going to rape me!'

Crucial Election Today Could Decide the Fate of Democracy in Wisconsin - And the 2024 Pres. Election

BREAKING: Trump hit with DEVASTATING Court of Appeals Order - Meidas Touch

Charles Kushner was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering

Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsification of business records - PBS NewsHour

showing intent might not be as hard as previously thought

Oh great. Ari Melber commenting on the Trump case possibly being weak

If you answer a robocall and say "hello" can they steal your voice for voice recognition?

Bragg: We won't 'normalize serious criminal conduct' - CBS News

Good dog keeps the baby safe:

Merry Arrestmas!

I have one request to solidify our independents.. period

The historic--and entirely predictable--indictment of Donald Trump - Time Magazine

'He's frustrated, he's upset': Trump attorneys respond to indictment - MSNBC Reports

Did anyone take a closer look at Trumps lawyer in the arraignment picture?

Say it really, really slowly . . . .

Google's People also ask - Who is the crazy senator from Arizona?

CNN reporter describes Trump's mood inside courtroom - CNN

Neal Katyal: DOJ documents case against Trump could go to trial before hush money case - MSNBC Reports

So whoever the woman trump fathered a child with out of wedlock?

I just can't.... Can anybody fill me in on Fux Youz right now?

There is always a tweet. Or a quote from the newspaper.

Melber is interviewing that dingbat Sam Nunberg. Why?

CNN and faux got the same memo

Anybody have a good link to the WI SC election results?

CHICAGO: No single age group dominating voter turnout.

So Sorry

NEW: These are students at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Clare waiting in a long line to vote

First Lady Jill Biden walks back idea of inviting Iowa women's basketball team to White House

This lowlife never stops does he?

Though his list of crimes is too long to even number. The ONE THING I cannot EVER forgive

Thumbs up! 👍

Prosecutors detail Trump's alleged hush money 'scheme' to influence 2016 election

Sam & Dave - Wrap It Up 🎷

Trump spoke so softly the Judge said "I can't hear you."

What's happening in DC; Tuesday, 7:00 PM EDST

Carys' leg is MUCH better

Peter Paul & Mary "If I Had A Hammer" 1963 Performance (about 2 minutes)

Miles Davis: "You're Under Arrest"

Pecker May Be The Star Witness

CBS Miami says Trump's speech tonight will be at 8:15 EDT,

PM Update: Patchy fog tonight ahead of a warmer and somewhat muggy Wednesday

Kansas passes trans bathroom bill; Arkansas OKs own version

Anyone remember "Early Edition", 1996-2000, Kyle Chandler

WI: Pretty good turnout in Madison.

This guy needs to buy a lottery ticket...

I just saw Mick Mulvaney interviewed on PBS Evening news.

One of Trump's attorneys remains a constant - he is with him all of the time.

Was there some stupid untrue thing you learned as a kid and believed into your adult life?

AOC Drops the Mic on Republicans

Member of Putin's Guard Flees Russia, Discloses Details in the Life of 'War Criminal'

Most New Yorkers Don't Get the Trump Treatment at Arraignment

New polling suggests GOP line on Trump's indictment isn't working

The Trump campaign's fake mugshot T-shirt added 2 inches to his height

Questions re possible outcomes in DjT's legal cases

More charges from New York?

US embassy welcomes Finland to NATO with meme on Finnish snipers, a lethal force legendary for punis

Jeh Johnson: Enforcing a gag order would be 'exceedingly difficult' against Donald Trump - MSNBC Reports

CNN has cameras


F.D.A. Plans to Allow a Second Updated Covid Booster for Vulnerable Americans

Can we have a trans flag profile pic to match our new smiley?

Sunset, southern MD 4/4

A New York court just declared unconstitutional NY's extreme risk protection order law

Anybody here remember our dictionary of FReeperisms?

Trump is already fundraising off a fake mugshot (showing he's 6'5" lol) on a Not Guilty t-shirt

New Washington state law requires speed cameras in highway work zones