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I was wondering the same thing.


Is Twitter all a joke to Elon Musk?

IA and IL WARNING - supercell storms with multiple tornadoes likely

Are the polls closed in Wisconsin?

The polls are now closed in Illinois.

Trump Hit With 34 Felony Charges - Raw News And Politics

NC Democrats call for Rep. Cotham's resignation as she is expected to switch to GOP Read more at: h

Gov. Inslee announces Washington purchasing 3-year supply of abortion drug

America now a "3rd world dictatorship": GOP mirrors Trump tactics -- deny, reverse, attack

Just a quick history refresher: "let's make America great again" was used by

Gov. Inslee explains why Washington is purchasing 3-year supply of abortion drug

Jeopardy 04/04 *SPOILERS WARNING*

WOW CNN commentators saying little or nothing there in indictment

CNN, FOX and some local stations are going to carry tfg's speech.

Donald Trump Reportedly Wanted a 'Perp Walk' to Get as Much Press as Possible Out of His Arraignment

The 4 criminal investigations into Donald Trump, explained

Van Jones just said Bragg is the first person to take on Trump and deserves our support.

U.S. Keeps Critical HIMARS Ammo Supply Line Flowing to Ukraine

It's taking quite a while to get his hair repaired and his make-up troweled back on.

He did not lead anyone down the boulevard. He slunk in and out of the courtroom as fast as possible

Trump nightmare comes true: Arrested for fraud and election crime - The Beat - MSNBC

How #45 Thought His Day Would Go ...

Waxing Gibbous, 96% visible

Donald Trump has been charged. The swamp is finally being drained

Just a silly side note. One of THE DEFENDANT's lawyers, maybe Joey Tapioca, corrected an . . . .

and the orange piece of shit is talking now on CNN.

Um, where was Melania?

"Millions of votes stuffed into ballot boxes and caught on

mSNBC not airing pisswig.

The Documents Case

My FB image/text for Arrestmas!

MSNBC ain't having it, says NO to tRumps speech, good on them.

'Defendant' Trump indicted for 2016 plot: See Ari Melber's breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

NYT Opinion: We Finally Know the Case Against Trump, and It Is Strong

Chicago mayoral race close

Good on MSNBC!

Springtime for Twitler!

Trump will break his silence at his Mar-a-Lago estate after he was charged with felonies.

Not newsworthy

Just over 2,000 votes separating Vallas and Johnson.

Here's Why the Trump Indictment Charges Are Felonies

Summary - complete Bull sh-t

Heads up Pekin & Peoria Illinois: Tornadoes heading your way

For everyone who thinks the media is bad because they are covering Dump, MTG,

Girls just wanna have ...

Trump fingerprint card leaked..😂

US is providing Ukraine with $2.6 billion in military aid

Chicago is dead even.

I thought the judge told tRump to shut the hell up on all his BS talk, and texting.....

The Authoritarian Behind Peru's Massacring of Protesters

Ari on the MSNBC panel rn

To anyone watching the Slobfather speaking-

At my arraignment: Trump rebuked by D.A. for threats at first appearance as a defendant - The Beat

Guatemala's Death Squad Dossier Case Being Dismantled By Corrupt Political-Legal Systems

Right wing heads exploding

Obviously and massively guilty. Which leads to the question...

Florida lawmakers eye more election changes with penalties for voter groups

Judge Merchan may want to

I flipped over to CNN!

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Look Out Any Window - Bruce Hornsby, The Range - Live

Advocates Object to Mass Bison Hunt

Here we go... NYT election results

Tennessee Republicans move to expel Democratic lawmakers who joined gun protest in Capitol - PBS NewsHour

Between Guns and Trump Donations

Donald Trump arrested in New York - Brian Tyler Cohen

Washington AG joins federal antitrust lawsuit against Google

Trump claimed tonight the documents he took were automatically declassified when he took them

92-Year-Old Rupert Murdoch Will No Longer Spend 'Second Half' of Life With New Fiance

Question for lawyers, can any conviction of any court of any jurisdiction be overturned by the US

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race General Updated 36% vote in

Wasserman seems to be predicting Johnson defeating Vallas

I have just written a sonnet for TFG!

A ship for windpower takes shape in Louisiana oil country

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about clarifying Trump NY coverage....

Alex Wagner made a great point

UPDATE on my Classroom Situation Yesterday: Saw this news story and I'm disgusted!!

First Votes In: Wisconsin State Supreme Court

'We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conduct': Bragg addresses media after Trump arrai


Just a quick meme for the acronym fans out there ;)

I Went to a Trump Rally, You Must See What Happened! - Luke Beasley

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $62 Million for Drinking Water Infrastructure Upgrades in Puer

US businesspeople against including Cuba on terrorism sponsor list

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear lawsuit from wrongfully convicted Milwaukee man who served 24 years in

Trump's Mar-a-Lago "speech" reminded me of a scene in Stallone's movie "Cobra."

WCPT Chicago's Progressive radio station has great coverage of Chicago/Wisconsin races:

There is NO Humility learned; as to what happened today. trump's Response:

CBC News spring vaccine recommendations:

Recruits, Especially from the South, Are Getting Injured at Alarming Rates in Basic Training

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Results, LIVE

Brandon Johnson up over 7k votes in Chicago.

Trump Slams Judge Presiding Over His Case - And His Wife and Daughter

TN Kids: Lawmakers, Pull Your Heads Out From Under Your Desks & Pass Gun Policy

I have seen enough. WI SCOTUS

Just read that chump can still...

Expert Analysis of the Trump Arraignment - Amanpour and Company

4 bodies found in a lot near one of Cancn's beachside hotels, officials say

WI: Dave Wasserman calls it for Janet.

Vox: The dubious legal theory at the heart of the Trump indictment, explained

Wasserman calls WI Supreme Court for Protasiewicz

5th Active-Duty Service Member Arrested on Jan. 6 Charges

Sing along

What about that WI senate seat?

Officer refuses to hold door for Trump

Hm, Wisconson is looking kind of good compared to 2021.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Kicked like a mule, bit like a crocodile

European and Brazilian police bust a cocaine ring in South America involving Bolivia, Paraguay and B

And the next indictment will come from?

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Stops By For Trump's Arraignment Day

Steve Schmidt reacts to the goon's remarks after the 34 felony charges

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

Drug trafficking blamed as homicides soar in Costa Rica

Dave Wasserman is about to call Chicago for Brandon Johnson.


Wisconsin called for PROTASIEWICZ.

*JANET P Projected to have won in Wisc!

JANET PROTASIEWICZ wins a seat on WI Supreme Court!!

sporadically getting a 403 forbidden response when posting. Using Microsoft Edge.

AP also called the Wisconsin Supreme Court race for Janet Protasiewicz

Wisconsin. Abortion Rights. Again. .... It's a winning issue.

Child teaching her puppy to use a stepstool:

Is this is just the start of TFG's deep shit w/DA Bragg in NYC?

Decision Desk HQ projects Janet Protasiewicz wins election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Liberals will control Wisconsin Supreme Court ahead of abortion case

Seth Meyers - Trump Arrested, Arraigned on 34 Felony Charges in Manhattan Criminal Court: A Closer Look

Wisconsin. Thank God. nt

Wisconsin: Welfare Benefit Requirement (Ballot initiative), projected to pass - NYT

"bookkeeping error" is the new "only tourists" is the new "process crime" is the new

Just found in some garbage in a ditch near my place...

Gen Z strikes back Re:WI

Has fox called the Wisconsin SC race yet?

Wasserman calls Chicago mayoral runoff for Brandon Johnson

dave wasserman has seen enough. brandon johnson elected.

Guy found a snowboarder buried and saved his life:

Pedro Pascal Cries From His Head While Eating Spicy Wings Hot Ones

One concern left in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Senate District 8 Special Election - NYT, update

Listening to Trump rubbish

First time in 15 years that liberals have majority on Wisconsin SC

If the Chicago results hold. It looks like Ken Griffin won't be our Mayor. I'm good with that. nt

Your DJ name

WI: Labor-backed challenger ousts Walker apointee to Court of Appeals

Did Trump confess to taking the boxes of documents at his "rally" this evening? Sure sounded like it

Elon Musk is dethroned from top spot on Forbes' annual billionaire list by Frenchman Bernard Arnault

Link to the New York Times Wisc. Supreme Court Election:

Just incase you're wondering

CHICAGO: Wasserman's seen enough.



Not seeing much discussion of the Special Election

Mrs Betty Bowers nails it...

Donald Trump is stinking manure to most Americans.

Poll: Majority Want Trump Held Accountable - Raw News And Politics

Quiet part out loud

Fuck! Republicans win WI-SD08.

Whiskey In The Jar

BREAKING: Janet Protasiewicz wins Wisconsin Supreme Court election, NBC News projects - MSNBC

Welcome to the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

freerepublic... some reality over there...accepting that abortion is winning issue for Dems

LINCOLN MAYOR: Incumbent Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) will face Suzanne Geist (R) on May 2.

RACINE MAYOR: Progressive Mayor Cory Mason Elected to Second Term

Note to Kimberly Guilfoyle ...

This 64-foot hydrogen electric yacht uses solar and sea water to power itself with 'unlimited range'

Decision Desk HQ projects Brandon Johnson elected Mayor of Chicago.

Messaging: Communities that thrive VS chaos that divides.

So Protasiewicz wins, but looking like R might win WI Senate seat

Progressive Brandon Johnson wins Chicago mayor's race

The moment Janet Protasiewicz walked in to declare victory

I'm not a lawyer, but I don't see why Trump's 1st degree felony charge

Kelly is throwing a tantrum, like I predicted...

Block or charge

*MPT ch 22 Amanpour, trmp case NOW.

*MPT ch 22 Amanpour, trmp case NOW.

Indicted Trump lashes out at prosecutors, justice system in wake of arraignment - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

So, when they told him he had the right to remain silent...

I can't stop laughing at this one today..

GREEN BAY MAYOR: Progressive Mayor Erich Genrich Elected to a Second Term

94% in - Wisconsin State Senate District 8 Special Election - NYT, update

Can't get email on my iphone. I get 'em on my laptop

Can't get email on my iphone. I get 'em on my laptop

I feel like we're all on the same page when I say FUCK THIS GUY!

MADISON MAYOR: Progressive Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway Elected to a Second Term

Arlington 2-year-old dies after shooting himself with sibling's gun, police say

What favorite types/type of candy did you like in your Easter Basket? I liked Reese's peanutbutter

Brandon Johnson giving his victory speech now!

Vitezslava Kapralova's 'Suite en miniature', Univ. of Mich. Symphony Orchestra

Exonerated Central 5 member transforms Trump's ad calling for his death into his first campaign ad

We just ran this infected Animal out of NYC!!

New Post-Arrest YouGuv Poll-56% Approve of Trump Arrest, 31% Disapprove

FYI Paul Vallas conceded and called for unity Brandon Johnson thanked Vallas during

Trump tests judge with attacks on prosecutor, court - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump charged with 'catch and kill' scheme to cover up child out of wedlock story

Today was a pretty good day for Democrats.

A drug recall for a possible contamination that can cause 'life threatening infections'

Favorite video of the day...

Gov. Sanders requested a 100 percent federal cost share for tornado clean up

Nikki Fried: I'm out. And not ever backing down. Just fucking vote @FlaDems !!!

Rick Wilson from the Lincoln Project on the Arraignment. It ain't over yet.

Rick Wilson from the Lincoln Project on the Arraignment. It ain't over yet.

Democrat Brandon Johnson elected mayor of Chicago, NBC News projects - MSNBC

What's With The MAJOR AWARD Being Held Up Behind Joe Taco?

04 Apr: Ukrainians unleash Western artillery in Bakhmut - Reporting from Ukraine

Prosecutors allege that Trump met with Michael Cohen in the Oval Office to discuss Cohen's repayment

Trump family issues disgusting attack against judge - Brian Tyler Cohen

Forgive me if it's been said already, but what a good day it's been :)

Lawrence: Trump knows he'll never have anything like FDR Drive named after him in NY - The Last Word

Excellent Politics Girl blog discussion on Dem messaging.

Gov. DeSantis keeps low profile on day Trump is arraigned

Believe it or not, a decent discussion on CNN just now with a presidential historian

Dangerous severe storms again hitting Midwest, South

Guards Who Subjected Inmates to 'Baby Shark' Sentenced, pair can't work in law enforcement again

Wisconsin rules for removing judges

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump is the only defendant in history to attack a Manhattan DA's wife The Last Word

Tucker Carlson Spews Dangerous Rhetoric in Response to Trump's Indictment! - Luke Beasley

MAGA world having a meltdown today

BREAKING: Democrats Get MASSIVE Election Win - Meidas Touch

From the League of Women Voters, how to get a free state ID to vote

Is Lithuania ready to repel the Minsk regime? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Mary Trump weighs in...

Denver Council-Members at Large

Lanny Davis on Trump indictment: Follow the money. Follow the facts. Follow the crime. - The Last Word

Wisconsin Kelly's concession speech called "dark" and terrible by pundits

What does Finland's accession to NATO mean for Moscow? - Jayson Jay Smart - TVP World

Trump's official height and weight are 6'1 and 270lbs

Denver mayor election has Johnston, Brough leading as potential runoff candidates

Liberals win control of Wisconsin Supreme Court: Huge for 2024 Congressional/Presidential Election.

Joy Reid: Trump got away with Access Hollywood tape politically but will pay for it legally - ReidOut

IL: East St. Louis councilman unseats mayor

Dramatic video showing explosion killing Tatarsky (Pro Putin Blogger)

Michael Picard trolled the protesters-and Daily Mail fell for it

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, and if Biden wanted him in cuffs....


The Allman Brothers Band - Stormy Monday

CHICAGO: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth Wins 48th Ward Race In Upset

CHICAGO: Brandon Johnson won with a Black-Brown-Young coalition,

Bruce Springsteen - I'm Goin' Down

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Meets George Santos at Trump's Arraignment

Frank Sinatra - Prisoner Of Love

Defendant Trump arraigned on 34 FELONY CHARGES! And it looks like he has co-conspirators. Kirschner

Parliament - Handcuffs

Classics IV - Stormy

Josephine XV - I'm Happy They Took You Away, Ha-Haaa!

The Article V Convention is a secretive plot funded by millions in right-wing dark money

Legal system serves dose of reality to deluded Trump supporters - MSNBC



The Higher Lower Game

2 men electrocuted at power substation brought tools to dismantle metal parts

Indigenous anti-mining activist found slain in Mexico

I had a good day today

More Ecuadorians move to US, spared many others' hurdles

New York City's rejection of Trump compounds humiliation of arraignment - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Assassin for Sinaloa drug cartel extradited to United States

The Cave In Mexico Where Crystals Grow To Six Times The Size Of A Human

Migrant Deaths in Mexico Put Spotlight on U.S. Policy that Shifted Immigration Enforcement South

North Atlantic Fishing Boats Are Threatening Right Whales

Trump indictment blows up claim that hush money was to protect Melania - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

After Today I Hope That Tr**p Will Be Haunted By The Ghost Of His Father......

If you wanted to know what was in Trump's speech tonight but you don't want to hear his voice or wat

A rant about the news

Baby giraffe can't stay awake:

This guy is speaking my mind

2nd tweet--baby giraffe meets his dad for the first time:

Why do time travelers keep trying to kill me? I'm just a realtor.

From 2018: Michael Cohen had more than 100 Trump-related recordings.

Trump Lawyer Gives More DISASTROUS Interviews about INDICTMENT - Meidas Touch

Why are some crimes described by Bragg not among Trump's charges? - MSNBC

Republicans' fixation on trans issues could backfire, pollsters say

Xena's Lucy Lawless Slams Hercules Star Kevin Sorbo for Transphobic Comment

It was just a tough day for the MAGAs

Trump charged with 34 felonies in hush-money case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Overall a good day for Dems...WI Chi NYC

Election gives Wisconsin Supreme Court liberal majority for the first time in 15 years - The 11th Hour

Washington state purchases three-year supply of abortion pill

🔥 Congratulations to Brandon Johnson on winning the Chicago Mayoral Race ✅

Wordle 655 (4/5) ***SPOILER THREAD**

Any of the GQP who comes out after today calling the Bragg investigation "weak" or "witch hunt"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/4/23

Led Zepplin. - Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

Resplendent Rufous

I am still sure he's with us

Missing Middlebury teen found dead

Anti-woke activist teaches Budweiser a lesson(Twitter) :

"A Confederacy of Dunces"

Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling

Zelenskyy visits Poland to thank ally and meet Ukrainians

Kool & the Gang - Celebration (Live at Glastonbury 2011)

Earth Wind And Fire September Live From Hyde Park, London

Trump's next court date pushes up against 2024 primaries

"Corporations Are Not People": Jayapal Files Bill to Reverse "Citizens United"

Opposable Thumbs Make You Easier to Fool (Sometimes)

Finally! Russia just failed its major objective. Putin wants to erase Wagner. - The Russian Dude

TFG Literally Lists All His Grievances in Post-Arraignment Speech

Roy McGrath - Former Aide to Maryland Ex-Governor Dies After Shooting Involving F.B.I.

"Honey, is it just me, or does the new TV kinda smell like sh@t?"

Poor Rupert!

How to identify the cool kids in 1960s grade school:

The kidcats were especially sweet, overnight

The judge needs to put a gag order on Trump and his family.


GOP fundraiser says he got millions to illegally lobby Trump administration


MO: Progressives strengthen grip on St. Louis politics as Board of Aldermen downsizes to 14

Sore loser!

I am really annoyed by people that think the NY case "is too small"

Bad News - Warriors of Genghis Khan/Video Shoot

Tim Scott gets Senate GOP nudge for 2024 bid

Question About Merrick Garland

NY DOT cuts back community garden.

It seems Melania skipped last night's 'event' and wasn't mentioned when he thanked his family

Poor Lindsey!

Wednesday TOONs - Lady Justice Approves

"Moscow is "not entitled to interfere" in US internal affairs, Kremlin says on Trump indictment"

Trump's Day of Martyrdom Didn't Go Quite as He Expected

Stormy Daniels must pay $122,000 in Trump legal bills

In Wisconsin, record spending and record turnout

Hey Wall St Journal!

The Weekly Pull: Poison Ivy, Stillwater, Planet of the Apes, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (4/5/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #227: The Golden Hour of Wait Till Free (4/4/2023 Edition)

The Rundown: April 5, 2023

TIME's new cover: Unprecedented.

Donny ...Please don't keep in touch. A Lily Allen song yes that one.

I got about 3 minutes of pleasure watching Fox lie their asses off about the charges against Trump.

When no one holds the door for you on your no good very bad day.

Will we see the same media spectacle in a couple weeks

"If Charleston Had The Leadership, Vision, Money It Needed . . . " - But It Doesn't

Private payrolls rose by 145,000 in March, well below expectations, ADP says

Just listening to trumps speech

Dan Kelly is a Nasty sore loser!!...

Breakfast, Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Amazing how Trump went from shutting down unfavorable information prior to the

UK LibDems Tapped Into Public Rage Re. Water Pollution Way Back When; It's Now A Top-Shelf Issue


Climate Scientists Slap Down Full-Frontal Idiocy From Right-Wing Queensland Senator On Warming

The Wisconsin SC race wasn't close, despite all the media hype about what a nail-biter it was to be.

he should be in contempt already. MSNBC clip

Lawsuit brought by two Christian businessmen may lead to thousands more HIV cases, experts fear

A little wisdom from my father....

Love Bizarre

A Metaphor for the Trump Era

UAE To Host Climate Summit As It Develops 7.5 BBE Of Oil/Gas, Including #2 Offshore Field On Earth

Happy Passover thread. Any plans?

The meme that is a metaphor for the entire party of Motherfucker

US Investor Dumps Already Financially Marginal Coal Gasification Plan In Indonesia

Snowflake wants to defund the police while he is under investigation

Rev. Barber on the Tennessee Three (expulsion of Dem. legislators)

Stanley Turrentine was born on this date.

Scientists film deepest ever fish on seabed off Japan

Tucker Carlson. Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo and Bret Baier will testify at defamation trial

On an impulse, I turned to SiriusXM 'patriot' channel after rump's appearance in court

Not Trivial

With the conman facing mounting felony counts and court appearances

BTRTN: He's Baaaaaaaaack

BTRTN: He's Baaaaaaaaack

At what point would IRS start looking into trump's income tax?

Roggensack's Daughter Endorsed Janet Protasiewicz

Democrat switches parties, giving GOP veto-proof majority in NC House got Lindsey Graham begging magas to pitch in $25 for a guy that owns a 757.

Bwa Ha Ha Ha! Shaman wannabe

Philly: FIRE is holding a "Free Cheesesteaks for Free Speech" event TODAY at 11 AM at ...

The Freudian slip of all time Freudian slips.

Hurricane Ian Assessment: Costliest Storm In Florida History @ $109 Billion In Damages

Voter Apathy Writ Large

Oh, Goody: As It Turns Out, AI Is Really Good @ Churning Out Climate Disinfo & "Scientific Studies"

Where are the screams of "Why does Melania stay?"

The word is "demagogue". It really fits well. Definition -

Meet The World's Smallest Pit Bull

115 years ago, today, my favorite actress was born. That would be Bette Davis.

BOOYAH!! Exonerated Five Member (aka Central Park 5), Takes Out Full Page Ad on TRUMP

When the MAGA Trumpian mob finally realizes how they have been played...and eventually they will...

According to NYC booking records, #TraitorTrump has shrunk by 4" and gained 50 pounds if @RonnyJack

Throwback Tuesday: Sly and the Family Stone

do any of you get frustrated with constant metering ?

Street medicine pilot launches in Garden Grove

Got taxes done.

Don't get bogged down in why there were pay outs

30 Poems in 30 Days

To paraphrase Succession's Logan Roy: "These are not serious people."

Former USFL Owner Indicted On 34 Felony Counts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about notes for Republicans and Wisconsin....

So now, Trump is an in-distress Princess Leia, and Gym Jacket Off Jordan is his only hope, Obi Wan.

Democrats score huge surprise victory - Brian Tyler Cohen

Michael Phillips - Palm Beach Blues

When You Die, God Isn't Going To Ask You...

Reporters blaming Biden for not getting all the attention during Trump's indictment

This is who Donald Trump's people are:

The Parker warning from the judge to the defendant trump yesterday

Bagatelle - Trump Card

Confirmed Tornado Causes Damage In Missouri Community

Sutherland Springs victims say they've reached $144.5M settlement with DOJ

**BREAKING**: Trump Fingerprints Released To Public

Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused

Trump supporter gets taken out by a skateboard.

Knitting red while men speak and green when women spoke (tweet)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 5, 2023

Magaloon doing what they do yesterday

Donald Trump Charged with 34 Felonies; He Intensifies Attacks on Judge, DA & Their Families

68-year-old actress reveals baby was fathered by dead son - BBC News

Jacinda Ardern quits politics, joins Prince William's environment charity

Republicans attending Kelly's election night GASPED

Jim Jordan Vows To Defund The Police So Trump Can't Be Prosecuted - Farron Balanced

We need an insurrection conviction

Ralph Nader: Trump Arrest Was "Massively Overdue" After Turning White House into "Daily Crime Scene"

Text message scam?

21-year-old buys, renovates Southeast Portland house previously overrun with squatters

On this day, April 5, 1917, Robert Bloch was born.

On this day, April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain died.

State Rep. Dave Dobos, R-Hilltop, never graduated MIT as he has claimed for decades

DA Bragg explained prosecuting crimes like those the Defendant's charged with is 'bread and butter'

The Andrews Sisters sing Indictment (Randy Rainbow is Back!)

Incarcerate the m@thEQrf@quer now

Progressive Judge Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat in "Most Important Election of 2023"

On this day, April 5, 1929, Joe Meek, of "Telstar" fame, was born.

Top Chinese Diplomat Tries to Distance from Russia

Major tech figure killed in San Francisco

So, it'll take up to a year to try this piece of shit. which means...

I'm so afraid our pair of geese might loose what eggs they might have laid.

On this day, April 5, 1933, Frank Gorshin was born.

Did they require Trump to hand over his passport?

Super Dog

Now get a food box each week

Haven't heard anything about tfg's

Rep. Lieu, a former programmer, said on "Morning Joe" today that ChapGPT is going...

From Teacher & Union Organizer to Mayor: Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago Race in Upset Victory

A Metaphor for the Trump Era

That Damn Cat

Ali Alexander whining that they can't cheat in 2024

Tennessee Republicans Move to Expel 3 Democratic Lawmakers for Supporting Student-Led Gun Protests

On this day, April 5, 1922, Gale Storm was born.

Lindsey Grahm is always freeky, but this is over the top weird . . .

Trump's trial is on a collision course with the start of the GOP presidential primaries

Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin ♥️

On this day, April 5, 1949, a fire started in a hospital in Effingham, Illinois. 77 people died.

They GOT him! At least as far as...

I don't see anything about that assault in the TN (House? Senate?) on a state congressman.

did anyone notice the new du emoticon ?

Trump, facing criminal charges, calls for defunding the FBI

On this day, April 5, 2010, twenty-nine coal miners were killed in an explosion in a coal mine.

did anyone notice the new du emoticon ?

Schadenfreude, or just plain comedy?

The MAGA War On Trans People Is An Electoral Loser

Among all of the daffodils

Gov. Shapiro's proposed Pa. State Police fund saves road dollars but raises accountability concerns

Looks like they're hatching! (Decorah, IA eagles)

Yesterday's Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market!

Missouri tornado kills multiple people, sows destruction

Heather Cox Richardson

Stacey Abrams, First Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics at Howard

Column: America's decline in life expectancy speaks volumes about our problems

Things I'd pay good money to see

McDougal, Daniels, Cohen, Pecker, Weisselberg ...

Stacey Abrams, First Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics at Howard

peak stonekettle-

Trump admits he lost 2020 election in speech raging against Manhattan prosecution

Taiwan Spots Chinese Carrier Ahead of Tsai-McCarthy Meeting

Senate blue slips take down another Biden nominee

Hiker found dead on Mount Si trailhead

2004 , it was Easter weekend, The Masters golf

Shout out to Wisconsin.

So I wonder, given the Wisconsin results last night, and with an eye to 2024....

"he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1"- from his own DoJ

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 5, 2023)

#BlackWomansEqualPayDay is today, Wed 5April 2023

When your Mom asks........

Daughter of Rep. Chuy Garcia Dies at 28

On this day, April 5, 1965, actress Lana Clarkson was born.

Happy Holy Week

#BlackWomansEqualPayDay is today, Wed 5April 2023

I have a theory which is mine, belongs to me, and is mine too:

#BlackWomansEqualPayDay is today, Wed 5April 2023

'We Need More American-Made Semiconductors,' Says Man Who Barely Understands How A Stapler Works

Youngkin names Dr. Parham Jaberi interim public health commissioner

You want retribution MoFo? MoscowMitch lets an indicted Trump twist in the wind

On this day, April 5, 1908, Bette Davis was born.

Amazon tripled spending on labor consultants last year amid union push

Cartoons 4/5/2023

Just wondering about the contractors he stiffed

Meddling by prescription 'middlemen' needs to end

Twitter Adds Warning to NPR Twitter Account

National security officials tell special counsel Trump was repeatedly warned

Judges Orders Already Violated. It's time for JAIL.

Paying for paradise? Hawaii mulls fees for ecotourism crush

April 3's eastbound California Zephyr is nearly 12 hours late.

John Elway no longer with Broncos as contract ends

Democrats' choice wins key Wisconsin Supreme Court race

No matter how much practice they get, Republicans are still terrible losers.:

Ohio Republican lawmaker falsely claims to be MIT graduate

On the night of April 5 - 6, 1936, the 1936 Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak happened.

"Alaska Daily" on Hulu

Federal Judge Sends Books Dubiously Deemed 'Pornographic' Back to Texas Library Shelves

On the night of April 5, 1944, Siegfried Lederer escaped from Auschwitz.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just repealed Michigan's 1931 abortion ban.

Dan Kelly calls Wisconsin Supreme Court winner Janet Protasiewicz a 'serial liar' as he lashes out

'Operation Cookie Monster': FBI seizes popular cybercrime forum used for large-scale identity theft

Dan Kelly Throws Emotional Tantrum After Losing Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

I think it's time to start laughing.

On this day, April 5, 1952, Mitch Pileggi (FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner) was born.

Far-right county throws out voting machines - with nothing to replace them

On this day, April 5, 1954, Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgway was born.

Dog imitates human's squat at the gym:

Looks like it's OFFICIAL: North Carolina state Rep. Cotham gives the GOP a supermajority

So let him slide? (Frum Atlantic piece)

Trump campaign fundraises with fake mug shot

Cuddle me, too, please:

C'mere, you! (Cute cat "fights"):

I'm getting tired of typing. April 5 was also the birthday of Gregory Peck '16 and Spencer Tracy '00

I've noticed that many wingnuts take the " lLie travelling a...

Pre-dawn, southern MD

GOOD morning!

Mama cat needs another bowl:

Stupid Twitter has suspended Buitengebieden, a favorite site for cute & funny videos.

The Defendant

What Do You Give As A Gift To A Guy At His First Indictment Party?......


The founder of a liberal Tennessee media outlet had his home shot at multiple times this weekend.

5TH CIRCUIT upholds Biden Greenhouse Gas Cost Metrics, reversing Louisiana district court

Olbermann calls on the Judge to JAIL the orange deviant NOW!

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) officially signs a repeal of the state's 1931 abortion ban.

American Oligarch Eloon Musk has labeled NPR as "US state-affiliated media"

A day in the life of a panda caretaker:

Why would any American minority person be a Republican?

Bear feet:

Gov. Whitmer signs repeal of Michigan abortion ban

The Day After The Indictment.....

Back on owl box!

Give paw:

Some cats LOVE to be on camera:

The next hearing for Trump isn't until December?

Question on TFG's hearing in NY.


Afternoon, southern MD 4/5

I had a great birthday yesterday

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Fatally Stabbed in San Francisco

Pumpernickel Rye! I'll say no more!

From George Lakoff:

Unique Event: Easter, Passover, and Ramadan All Happening At Same Time

Chipotle Peppered With Complaints Over Salsa Spiciness

Let's take a huge step back for a second

Chicago mayoral campaign retrospective

Would it be legally valid...

SWAT officers respond to rifle-wielding woman at Trump Tower: sources

Virginia company accidently posts the "Only..White" note with the job offer notice

Mastodon meme:

Florida adds late amendment to SB1438 to effectively outlaw public Pride events.

I was raised Fundamentalist Christian. I know you all know stories, but here's mine:

I would settle for his EXILE even in luxury and without suffering and remorse

A love/thank you note to EarlG, Elad, and the entire DU community. Do you

Mike Luckovich-Drag Queen

Al Green - Take Me To The River 💙

Pence will not fight the order that he testify before special counsel grand jury

Anna's Hummingbird & Blossoms

After a huge progressive win in Wisconsin, the right wing is whining

Explains a lot.

Backlash against LSU Women's Basketball star Angel Reese shows double-standards in sports

Ha ha ha, Russell Crowe is way to busy to play tRump.....😂 🤣 😂

'Scary' new data on the last ice age raises concerns about future sea levels

Pence will not fight the order that he testify before special counsel grand jury

The Lincoln Project: President Fraud

(MAGA) Make Accountability Great Again. Mastodon.

Alcohol recovery startups Monument and Tempest, anyone here use them in the past?

Alcohol recovery startups Monument and Tempest, anyone here use them in the past?

Defund Federal Law Enforcement

Florida Election Bill Could Suppress Student Vote

NV-SEN: Rosen announces she's running for reelection in Nevada Senate race

A realization about tfg's lawyer

Fulton DA clarifies timeline for Witness Testimony

AZ-03: Arizona state Sen. Tern announces bid for Gallego's House seat

Stay tuned folks

💕 Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Mass shootings leave America's mayors on edge

Conservatives manipulate with disgust not

Move by Tennessee Republicans to oust 3 Dem lawmakers startles state

The Crisis Which Threatens China's Entire Financial System; Chinese Economy News - China Update

Job market milestone: Shrinking employment gap for Black workers

So whatever Mike Pence tells the grand jury......

North Carolina Democrat Switches Parties, Now Says She's Open To Abortion Restrictions

Pence likely doesn't have to answer questions about Jan. 6, even if he does appear

Missouri Dems Erupt After Human Rights Chair Moonlights as Anti-LGBT Church Lobbyist

Tennessee Senate joins House in passing narrow abortion exception bill

Kansas Legislature OKs bill that penalizes doctors for some abortions

ChatGPT sometimes makes up facts. For one law prof, it went too far.

Trio of Anti-Abortion Bills Near Final Debates in Montana Legislature

They admitted it

Ohio Ballot Board fights back against abortion amendment lawsuit

This Questionable Study Caught Fire in Anti-Vaccine Circles. How Did It Get Through Peer Review?

Bill intended to force Texas prosecutors to pursue abortion, election cases passes Senate

Maryland AG: At least 600 children were sexually abused by Baltimore's Catholic Church over 60 years

"A Weapon by the State to Silence Our Voices"

Between laughter and cursing, Kansas House overrides veto of transgender sports ban

Trump plays Monopoly

West Jordan man charged with killing teen killed another teen 5 days earlier, charges say

Feisty Fox Stuck In A Fence Gets Rescued

Woman who killed Russian pro-war blogger 'thought she was auditioning for journalism job'

When Tasmanian Devils attack:

MT-SEN: Bill targeting Tester U.S. Senate race passes Montana Senate

Staff of Houston state Rep. Jolanda Jones resigns, citing hostile work environment

The GOP electoral dilemma:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about whether NY is still the weakest case....

Lawmakers to ask AZ voters to block ranked-choice voting in 2024

Anyone up on the three ballot measures which all passed?

"Constitutional" Sheriff in MD faces criminal charges of illegally acquiring machine guns

Prosecutor talks Trump gag order - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fulton DA clarifies timeline for witness testimony in Trump probe


How did you decorate your chicken eggs for Easter? My first Easter eggs were decorated with these

State Sen. Suzanne Geist (R) resigns from Nebraska Legislature to run full-time for Lincoln mayor

ANOTHER Russian Oligarch Dies Mysteriously in Putin's Russia CHILLING

Swiss cut up to $66M in bonuses for top Credit Suisse execs

Shooting targets founder of progressive news site Tennessee Holler

Canada: Body of indigenous woman found in landfill

Maryland Supreme Court clears way for teacher to serve on Harford County Council

Molly Jong-Fast: Trump's Biggest Trick: Making GOP Voters Feel His Indictment Is Targeting Them

43 years ago - Paul Weyrich, Heritage Foundation - "I don't want everybody to vote"

MN: Cub workers announce historic strike at 33 grocery stores ahead of Easter weekend

Someone explain it to me like I'm a toddler

IN: Holcomb signs ban on gender-affirming health care for minors into law

Stop wasting money on jarred spices.

South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

US, Britain walk out at UN on Russian wanted for war crimes

Justin Kanew (Tennessee Holler) says gunshots were fired into his home on Saturday

NATO chief responds to Putin after Finland joins NATO - CNN

Will Donald Trump face a gag order, and what happens next in his case?

Judge willing to force Rupert Murdoch to testify in the Fox News-Dominion trial

Dominion can force Murdochs to testify at Fox News defamation trial, judge says

Denver's more moderate mayoral candidates pull ahead

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 5, 2023

A hero to election deniers, Michigan clerk has a new fight: keeping her job

Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison 🎹

Texas Senate votes to defund libraries where drag queens read to kids as it tries to limit the perfo

The Greene Insults You Didn't Hear on 60 Minutes. The Daily Show

Things growing, along the path

At least 600 children were sexually abused by Baltimore's Catholic Church over 60 years

Philly Mayor's Race: Domb, Gym With Deep Pockets Entering April

CNN Interview with Trump's Lawyer is a Total Disaster! - Luke Beasley

So tell me...

PA: Allegheny County voters could see term-limit ballot question this November

Derek Green has a family-focused approach to running for mayor of Philadelphia

Re: DjT's counsel, Mr. Tacopina's, repeated deception

MAGA Luncheon

Why are the U.S. and U.K. not defending Ukraine as they agreed to under the Budapest Memorandum?

Ohio lawmaker falsely claims to have graduated from MIT

How Many Counts?

Team Putin Brutally Mocks Their Beloved Trump in Arrest Skit 'POOR TRUMP'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 April 2023

Please help me DU experts

It's April 4th, the ground around our foundation just thawed

From abortion and guns to TikTok and transgender rights, Ohio lawmakers fight culture wars

Gender Fluid Teen Pushes Back Against 'False' Viral Story Their Mom Gave to Conservative Outlet

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! RFK Jr files for presidential run!

Ex-Magellan Diagnostics execs charged with concealing lead-test defect

Why doesn't "free speech" apply to those Rep in TN being expelled for standing with students and

"The only crime I've committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it"

It's so satisfying. For decades, he's stiffed contractors, construction workers and lawyers

with all the anti gay bills going on in florida , i hope that lawsuits are being preped .

Russia Uses Security Council Meeting to Twist Charges of Child Abduction

Chag Pesach Sameach

My trans nephew has absolute shit parents.

Statement from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Biden's Travel to the United Kingdom

In most of Europe, abortion is 15 weeks or less

Watch as Sean's pleasure abruptly ends:

Defeated Right-Wing Judge Refuses to Concede to Victor He Deems Not 'Worthy'

Donald Trump calls for defunding federal police after his arrest in New York

Who is Jack Smith? Trump Suggests Special Counsel Has Fake Name

AZ: Bill criminalizing drag shows for children one vote away from Hobbs' desk

Nicole Sandler Show - Mid-Week Meandering on the Circus

Kansas Republicans have legalized child genital inspection

Republicans in Tennessee 'shrugging' after school shooting, White House says

Don Lemon's Misogyny at CNN, Exposed: Malicious Texts, Mocking Female Co-Workers and 'Diva-Like...

LSU's Reese on White House flap: 'We'll go to the Obamas'

AZ: Ansari and Shah Declare Their Candidacies for Congressional Districts One and Three

Nevada bill targeting train safety gains steam amid national derailments

An unusual bodyguard

What would Gadsen think?

Possible children's book ban in Indiana draws concerns

Hope other Dems interested in better messaging

DLCC Celebrates Michigan's Repeal of 1931 Abortion Ban

What Does It Take To Win Your Love - Jr Walker & The All Stars⭐ 🎷⭐

Losing This Race Would Have Been Disastrous For The Left

DLCC Calls on North Carolina Rep. Cotham to Resign

Nobody Likes Mike Pence

How Biden Is Using Federal Power to Liberate Localities The president's quiet effort

Steve Bannon urged RFK Jr. to run

DLCC Statement on Tennessee Republicans Attempting To Expel Democrats Over Support for Gun Violence

Tim Heaphy: Jack Smith is laser focused on Trump's intent - Deadline - MSNBC

Tricia Cotham switch to R. Heard she's sleeping with GOP House Speaker Tim Moore.

anyone here ever have work insurance and Medicare Part A at the same time?

A wall of fall...

NPR pushes back after Twitter designates it as 'state-affiliated media'

NYC: Democratic Queens DA candidate courting far right Republicans

Happy Passover!

BREAKING: Jack Smith LANDS BIGGEST TESTIMONY Yet Against Trump - Meidas Touch

In Hannity interview, defendant Trump admits to obstruction of justice, reveals his motive - Kirschner

LGBTQ activists barnstorm Manhattan for Trump's arrest

NORTH CAROLINA: I'm hearing state rep. Cecil Brockman (D) is considering switching sides too???

Your most memorable bird sighting or experience?

NJ: Jersey City lawmakers set to introduce 'right to counsel' bill for tenants facing eviction

Trump justice- I'll cream my jeans.

Blinken says U.S. working on 'wrongful detention' label for WSJ reporter

Just my opinion, but why does it seem that so many Catholics are nonpracticing or nonbelievers in

Sunset, southern MD 4/5

President Biden delivers remarks on "risks of artificial intelligence"

BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. reacts to his father's indictment...

HAPPENING NOW: Tennessee House Republicans vote to advance bill to allow teachers to carry guns in s

Race to fill Nury Martinez's LA City Council seat likely headed to runoff

Conservative calls for GOP Oversight chairman to be 'sidelined' after he admits to breaking the law

This is cherry blossoms petals blowing in the air, not Snow

Recall effort against LA City Councilmember Kevin de Len over his racist remarks video has failed

"An Unprecedented Disenfranchisement": How Republicans Are Stripping Nashville of Political Power

Heartbreak Hotel 🕶 Bill Clinton on Saxophone 🎷

Zangnan part of China: Beijing after India rejects renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh

VA: Bagby, Clark House seats will go unfilled till January

Kansas Republicans overrode the governor's veto, enacting a law that allows for genital inspections

South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

Nevado del Ruiz: Residents evacuated from slopes of volcano

Bob Casey takes significant steps towards a reelection bid

North Carolina Democrat Switches Parties, Now Says She's Open To Abortion Restrictions

Thousands of Russian Officials Fail Putin's Paranoid 'Loyalty' Tests

Study: Antarctic Glaciers/Ice Sheets May Collapse Far More Quickly Than Anticipated

'We're not takin' it': Maddow explains why MSNBC won't air Trump's Mar-a-Lago speech live - Maddow

Andrew Wissmann Just Blasted Merrick Garland

Chinese spy balloon gathered intelligence from sensitive U.S. military sites, despite U.S. efforts..

Trump Gives Instructions to Republicans To Defund the Police

BREAKING: We're suing the Idaho Attorney General for threatening health care providers who exercise

Wisconsin Rout Points to Democrats' Enduring Post-Dobbs Strength

Trump Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad Calling For Death Penalty For Himself

So, what's Pence up to?

Trump's indictment is no sad day for America: Let's celebrate our justice system working

Group calls on Kentucky prosecutor to investigate Rep. Comer over allegations he leaked stolen email

AG: Washingtonians overpaid millions for chicken; $35M recovered in lawsuit

'Trump arrested': See U.S. reaction to 'defendant' Trump's case in Ari Melber's breakdown - The Beat

South Seattle encampment cleared after outreach teams moved 74 people into shelter

Israeli forces storm Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, arresting hundreds of Palestinian worshipers