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I need advice dealing with my 83 year MAGA Mom

Attorneys file motion to dismiss Donald Trump's $50 million copyright lawsuit in Pensacola

Judge warns 'defendant' Trump: Ari Melber breaks down lengthy arraignment - The Beat - MSNBC

Happy Passover

5 men arrested and accused of carrying out a ritual human sacrifice at a Hindu temple in India

DC/VA/MD: Metro To Reopen Yellow Line On May 7 After Eight Months Of Construction On Bridge, Tunnel

Sometimes you get the shot you get, not the one you want

Trump is one more arrogant, lunatic, fool...

Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Trump Dump

I believe I know what's really bothering TFG besides the obvious.

Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media,' which is untrue

Mid Michigan lucked out with today's bad weather

Police: Naked man steals school bus with dead deer in back, leads officers on chase

Gus Bilirakis writes letter in support of Tampa Bay Jan. 6 protester

New cover of Time magazine

Lauren Boebert Dismisses 'Fake' CNN Poll About Trump Indictment

Liberal just won the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Republicans are already talking about impeaching

Fox Hosts FLIP OUT over Trump ARRAIGNMENT - Meidas Touch

Amid polarization, minority party lawmakers face penalties

NEW: Idaho Gov. Little, Republican, signs first-in-the-nation abortion travel ban.

Silvio Berlusconi, controversial former prime minister of Italy, reportedly in intensive care

Republicans seek to change Montana primary to thwart Tester

Michigan man charged with assault after hitting store clerk with frozen fish

Taliban bars Afghan women from working for U.N. in latest blow to women's rights and vital humanitar

LMFAO, Marjorie Taylor Greene was chased outta New York City with just these

One has to go. Which do you choose?

Kansas City police target minority communities with illegal ticket quotas, lawsuit says

Ok, this is a very solid early 90s country song. Alan Jackson's "Real World" at Farm Aid 1990

Florida lawmakers have new plan for insurance crisis: 'Insurer accountability'

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Anti-abortion group sues over Minneapolis clinic ordinance

Challenge to Biden 'Cost of Carbon' policy dismissed

Robert Kennedy Jr., a Noted Vaccine Skeptic, Files to Run for President

Coal use climbs worldwide despite promises to slash it

Tell me you don't want to spoon without telling me you don't want to spoon:

Kansas Republicans vote for forced inspection

Trump Paid $600K For Report That Said He Lost - Raw News And Politics

Kansas bans transgender athletes from women's, girls' sports

Florida man allegedly pulled out machete when karaoke song denied

Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (feat. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Some Clothing Workers in Los Angeles Earn as Little as $1.58 an Hour, Labor Department Finds

Trump, newly charged, urges defunding US Justice Department and FBI

Publisher drops children's illustrator for anti-trans notes

Cover of the New Yorker

Talk Talk - Living In Another World

Arkansas House OKs social media age verification requirement

Layne Staley died on this day.

Report shows 'astonishing' depravity in sexual abuse of more than 600 in Baltimore's Catholic archdi

Texas Man Who Bragged About Stealing $50K From Mexican Drug Cartel Goes Missing Hours Later

Marjorie Taylor Greene likens Trump to Nelson Mandela and Jesus

Brazil's Bolsonaro questioned about gifts of diamond jewelry

Brazil's Bolsonaro questioned about gifts of diamond jewelry

Arizona attorney general has bad news for Trump's fake electors

Maryland Catholic website writer threatened to "slaughter" LGBTQ+ people. He got arrested.

Excellent article about "woke"

The charges against Donald Trump explained in brief - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Joy Reid opened her show tonight bashing Garland

Trump and sons post online about judge and daughter

Almost half of human rights defenders killed last year were in Colombia

Liberal Redneck - Trump Takes Away from TN Travesty

South African Pilot Faces Horrifying 'Snakes On A Plane' Moment With Cobra In Cockpit

Texas Senate Ed Comm. considers mandating large Ten Commandments posters in all public school class

Chris Hayes: Why Trump's indictment may not be a 'political gift' - All In - MSNBC

Someone here said they wanted the height/weight from the arrest

This is not normal by any means. It's 80 degrees at 920p in DC on April 5. This would be a warm July

First they came for your children. This shit is scary.

New texts reveal how Fox became one giant infomercial for MyPillow - All In - MSNBC

Trump Attacks Judge at Mar-a-Lago Speech & Democrats Win in Wisconsin The Daily Show

Ugandan president calls on Africa to 'save the world from homosexuality'

Any auto buffs have thoughts about what will happen to the value of collector IC cars...

Every so often I think I have Sparks figured out...then they do something like this.

The Daily Show: Roy Wood Jr. & Jordan Klepper Take Audience Questions - After The Cut

Federal agents enter wrong Boston hotel room, interrogated man during training

Trump mocks failed Wisconsin judicial candidate for not seeking his endorsement

Seth Meyers - Trump's Post-Arraignment Mar-a-Lago Speech - Monologue 4/4/23

Do Critics of Trump's Indictment Have a Point? Good advice from Nick Kristof


Progressives invigorated after wins in Chicago, Wisconsin

Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Benin bronzes made from brass mined in west Germany, study finds

I wanna share my experience with religion

I've posted Temperence Movement songs before

Minneapolis DFL chair gets restraining order against DFL city council candidate

DFL cannabis bill's tax rates would be among nation's lowest

I believe THIS is why Musk's Twitter falsely labeled NPR "state-affiliated media"

LMAO - BREAKING: President Joe Biden unveils the official portrait for #45 (Tweeted pic)

Wonkette: Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Easter Classic 'The Passion Of The Trump'

Shots fired at Williamson Co. home of founder of progressive 'TN Holler'

Canada repatriating women and children from Syria - lawyer

Akron Rubber Ducks Canal Park loses it's collective mind.

Oh, the itch!!!

stained jacket in court?

Designer David Netto wd "rather get beat in the ass with a wooden plank" than work w Candace Owens

How 'Swatting' Led to Four Black Harvard Students Being Held at Gunpoint by Campus Police

Trump's DESPICABLE Kids THREATEN Judge's Daughter - Meidas Touch

Montana judge upholds suit over Native education requirement

Terror convict back in prison after meetings with Lindh

'DOJ really needs to bite the bullet': Legal expert on federally prosecuting Trump - The ReidOut MSNBC

First lady Jill Biden going to King Charles III's coronation, but presidents never attend

Ice sheets can collapse at 600 metres a day, far faster than feared, study finds

WTF????? Trump awarded over $121,000 in legal fees from Stormy Daniels in defamation case

If you give sea urchins actual tiny hats, they will wear them:

New Mexico governor signs bill to shield abortion providers

'This will be an albatross for him convicted or not': Political consultant on Trump's many cases

Adorable little Siamese kitten:

Republicans are bleeding the voters who helped Trump break the 'blue wall' in 2016: elections expert

Juvenile delinquent parrots:

LINCOLN MAYOR: Gaylor Baird (D) increases lead over Geist (R) in latest vote count

In Hannity interview, the orange defendant ADMITS to obstruction of justice, reveals his MOTIVE

Long Key Coral

Yoyoka plays What Is Hip and Fool In the Rain and Levee

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Takes On Trump's Indictment Rally

Where Denver City Council races stand as election-day ballots are counted; runoffs loom

Lawrence: On Lindsey Graham Crying for the Orange Toadwort

Lawrence: Lindsey Graham cries for Trump, but not for children murdered by AR-15s - The Last Word

Lawrence: Donald Trump knows his name will never be honored in New York City - The Last Word MSNBC

Nope, nope, nope.

A Stormy Daniels Tribute

A new twist on student loans at Scotus as for-profit colleges seek to block a settlement that would

At link.....50 Strangest Aircraft ever built

Very cool:

Angel Falls in Venezuela, the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.

Should President Biden attend the coronation of King Charles?

Derinkuyu, in Turkey, is an ancient underground city dating back 2500 years:

Mastodon meme:

"The Jews are responsible!"

WI Dem. Party Chair: 'This was a voter uprising' against GOP - The Last Word - MSNBC

Shofar blasts, an antisemitic sign and more Jewish angles to Trump's arraignment

A very pretty village *on the slopes of an active volcano*!

Builtengiebeden is back on Twitter!

Minneapolis DFL chair gets restraining order against DFL city council candidate

Beautiful lion cub photos...

What to expect next in the criminal case against Trump - PBS NewsHour

Great news travels fast...

Republicans are bleeding the voters who helped Trump break the 'blue wall' in 2016: elections expert

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls to Defund FBI and DOJ After Arrest; GOP Wants to Prosecute Biden: A Closer Look

Trump judge and his family receive threats after New York arrest

The hypocrisy of the orange one...

Liberals Flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court After Fifteen-Year Wait

Trump judge and his family receive threats after New York arrest

'This shouldn't be happening': levels of banned CFCs rising

WI: Protasiewicz almost won previously deep red Ozaukee County last night.

Don Winslow-#RepublicanSchoolDay

Don Winslow-#RepublicanSchoolDay

Lindsey Graham pleads for people to give Trump money after arraignment

John Fugelsang tweet about don't say gay bill:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP in North Carolina and Tennessee....

05 Apr: No cremation needed. Ukrainians deploy "meteorite" to Bakhmut - Reporting from Ukraine

Weisselberg role in Trump schemes raises questions of further involvement in legal cases - Alex Wagner

DeSantis' own book could be a casualty of his censorship crusade - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Religious group sues Minneapolis to overturn law restricting protests against abortion clinics

Democrats score MASSIVE unexpected win in Michigan - Brian Tyler Cohen

Liberal win could restore fairness of Wisconsin democracy; potential national implications - Alex Wagner

OMG: Marjorie Greene Just Got Brutally Crushed! - Luke Beasley

Willow says hello!

New cars have become luxury items

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Exonerated 5 and a letter to Trump....

Legal scrutiny of Trump reimbursements to Cohen raises tax questions for prosecutors - Alex Wagner

Indiana, Idaho governors sign bans on gender-affirming care

Musk labels NPR a state run media. Twitter is basically his toy box now

3 Tennessee Democrats face removal from office in Thursday vote after gun control protest on state H

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed To Death In San Francisco

Would they really do that?

Brandon Johnson Wins Underdog Victory - More Perfect Union

some close-ups i took tonight...

Trump Risks Being DETAINED With Inflammatory Rhetoric - Talking Feds

Man kills his 9yo son to keep him from receiving Covid vaccine (murder/suicide)

kid's book illustrator left violent anti-trans notes around Alaska, arrested, dropped by Publisher

11 Superb Whiskey Bars in Dallas-Fort Worth

Breakfast Thursday 6 April 2023

Denver students walk out of school to protest gun violence

In 2016 TIFG carried Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

(Jewish Group) US envoy Lipstadt: Antisemitism won't disappear, but we have the power to address it

(Jewish Group) Biden vows antisemitism fight in Passover message: 'We see this evil across society'

Pro trumpers trying to disrupt anti Trump rally

Your parents are dead. Here's a phone. - Break the Fake - TVP World

Pence won't fight order to testify before special counsel grand jury - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Visiting the Jewish Sites in Prague, Czech Republic

Ken Burns had nothing to do with this.

White House demands release of Wall Street Journal reporter - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'You can lead, just like me': Jacinda Ardern's farewell address as New Zealand Prime Minister - 11th Hour

Arizona Republicans Had Contingency Plan To Beat Kari Lake's Lies Before Election - Farron Balanced

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/5/23

Stephen Colbert: Guests NASA's Artemis II Moon Mission Astronauts

I found this photo from April, 2020. I'd forgotten I'd taken it . . .

Deftones - Ohms (2020) (Full Album) 🖤🖤🖤💛💛

The situation of Ukrainian refugees in Poland - Brian Bonner - TVP World

How Brandon Johnson Made Up Ground and Won Chicago's Mayoral Race

Dear heavens, Dear all the gods above. Please make all Trump stop.

Melber Presents & Interprets the Transcript of Judge Merchan's Protective Order & Legal Instructions

Please follow her twitter page to take down Ron

Is Tammy Baldwin's margin of victory in the 2024 WI US Senate Election going to be greater than

Minnesota Could Become a Trans Sanctuary State

Republicans seek to change Montana primary to thwart Tester

Tommy James & The Shondells - Draggin' The Line (LIVE)

R.E.M. - The One I Love (Perfect Square '04)

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (Live on Jools Holland March 6, 1993)

Congress has no business investigating itself...... however thanks to the video record and FBI tools

Wordle 656 4/6 ***Spoiler Thread***

"Not one step back!" Russians received devastating orders. Putin loses close friend. - The Russian Dude

When you'd like to speak to the manager.

Ok DU. I've been quiet. But now here is my ask.

was so happy to see the degenerate sewer rat in a courtroom I

As GOP sticks with Donald Trump and his felony charges, Democrats keep winning elections

Report details 'staggering' church sex abuse in Maryland

On this day, April 6, 1938, Roy Thinnes was born.

On this day, April 6, 1934, Guy Peellaert was born.

Top 10 scariest rides in the world!

I respect the voters who did not vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020 for their wisdom to discern his

Thursday TOONs - Hope You Weren't Expecting Chocolates

Who else loves Canada and would move there in a heartbeat

A must read about Clarence & Ginni Thomas and conservative/Republican connections

3 cats in rotating bowls:

Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire

Photos: Pysanky Easter Eggs

"Progressives for Trump"

Sarah Ferguson


On this day, April 6, 1958, Capital Airlines Viscount N7437 crashed on final approach to Freeland MI

Cuba Economy Heading for Total Collapse - Mass Exodus Due to Blackouts, Food & Fuel Shortages - Joe Blogs

The 80's

GOP's DeSantis visits Whitmer's Michigan, the 'anti-Florida'

Near replica of original 9:30 Club opening with Foo Fighters concert

Near replica of original 9:30 Club opening with Foo Fighters concert

Largest Coal Plant In Pennsylvania Closing In July; High Costs & Steadily Warming Winters Cited

The Threat from Extremist Groups Is Growing. Service Members and Vets Are Getting Sucked into the Vi

Judge Rules Dutch Govt. Cannot Cut Flights At Schiphol By Less Than 10% To Cut Emissions

Coal's Collapse Accelerates; Was 1/2 Of Generating Capacity 20 Years Ago, Now Around 17%

This Cardinal looks like he means business: (updated)

RFK Jr., Got the picture?

Mississippi's GOP governor signs Confederate Heritage Month proclamation and dates it ... April 31

Indigenous Peruvians condemn US ambassador's visit to palm oil company

Indigenous Peruvians condemn US ambassador's visit to palm oil company

Merle was born on this date.

Fox's Dana Perino seems to have abandoned the MAGA talking point

Gerry Mulligan was born on this date.

Trump will be hit with more indictments "in pretty rapid succession": MSNBC's Glenn Kirschner

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/5/2023

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 4/2/23

Petromasculinity, Marketing And The Reptilian Death Machine That Is The American Truck

Art of the Week: Week of 04/05/23

The Rundown: April 6, 2023

Why We're Going Back to the Moon - NASA's Artemis II Moon Mission Astronauts

For the lawyers in the house...Can the Feds stop this? It looks like blackmail & intimidation...

Feds set to charge former Michigan House Speaker Rick Johnson (R) in Lansing corruption scandal


2023 Masters TV schedule, coverage, live stream, channel, how to watch online, streaming, tee times

Leonard Leo (Federalist Society) accused of misusing $73m from nonprofit groups

The 'fascist dystopias' are bigger than Trump. David Rothkopf...

Mango Mussolini's Stochastic Terrorism is having it's Effect

Trump Wants 3 Things For His Manhattan Trial

A picture is worth a thousand words

Not just Trump's indictment: The MAGA movement is having its worst week ever

Censorship or just hypocritical politicians?

How is the turtle doing these days ?

This sounds like a win-win situation.....

kid rock bud lite and drag queens

Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire

There is a cognitive dissonance shrouding the MAGA movement.

Pittsburgh schools urges court to overturn judge's order of possible tax breaks to property owners

defund the police is a clumsy slogan.

In The Midnight Hour/Happy Full Moon

As Young People March for Their Lives, Tennessee Crushes Dissent and Overrides Democracy

Twenty police officers in California face possible decertification, which would end their careers

Protests again grip France but Macron not backing down

Guy Spends A Year Winning Over Feral Dog In The Desert

On this day, April 6, 1966, the members of Buffalo Springfield got together in Los Angeles.

'Aggressive' wolf dog meets a good human and here's how he reacted

Watching "Peppa Pig" with my granddaughters.

Live streams for TN House Expulsion hearings

Politico: Freedom Caucus and progressives lock arms -- and that could be bad news for McCarthy

WI-SEN: Wisconsin Supreme Court victory adds wind to Democrats' sails

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; layoffs jump in March

"Fact-checking" is a feeble, inadequate way to respond to racist, antisemitic incitement

19 more days

NY-17: Dems eye Michigan gov's sister for battleground House race

Time for DoJ to open another investigation - Clarence Thomas

Anti-vaccine activist (and pal of trumpers) Robert Kennedy Jr announces run for president

New Jersey Governor Signs Order To Safeguard Gender-Affirming Care For Trans People

Sorry, But Watching Trump Suffer Is Great.

US Jobless Claims Show Emerging Cracks in a Strong Labor Market

Protesters are gathering in Tennessee!

How Herschel Walker's Wife Tried--and Failed--to Profit Off His Campaign

Idaho governor signs 'abortion trafficking' bill into law, 1st of its kind

Тяцмp's livelihood explained Meme

Anti-abortion group sues over Minneapolis clinic ordinance

How Trump Stole The 2016 Election

Texas abortion 'abolitionists' want to punish women who have abortions

6-week abortion ban on its way to State House, its future depends on FL Supreme Court

NY: Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance endorses Queens DA Katz for re-election

Josh Groban performs reversed role in Phantom of the Opera

The NATO Principle

Democrats do not hang out with roger stone.

Ohio Supreme Court hears case on transgender birth certificates

I'm listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on WREK by way of Radio Garden.

Macron Counting on XI to "bring Russia to its senses"

Stray Cats Become Inseparable Once Adopted

He's actually hating this. Don't be fooled.

Report details 'staggering' church sex abuse in Maryland

Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire

The angry MAGAT at my door (continued)

Switching parties

Madoc is in a LOT of trouble, this morning

Ted Cruz tweeted this photo of Clarence Thomas swearing in 5th Circuit Judge James Ho.

Renewing my call for RFK Jr. to be traded to the Trump family for Mary Trump...

Tennessee legislature Live, you can hear protestors outside

ChatGPT Isn't 'Hallucinating.' It's Bullshitting.

The invitation to the coronation has stirred some controversy, due to an image of The Green Man

Tuesday's election showed just how dangerous suburban trends are getting for Republicans

Can you recommend a reliable coin dealer?

After alleged rape by Michigan athlete, a mom appeals to Jim Harbaugh

Andrea Mitchell looks like death warmed over.

Political Retribution?

Steve Bannon Encouraged RFK Jr. to Run Against Biden for 'Months': Report

Judge warns 'defendant' Trump: Ari Melber breaks down lengthy arraignment

Kamala Harris to Announce Huge Solar Panel Deal

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pence's pragmatic political power play....

Clarence Thomas has accepted luxury trips from GOP donor every year without once disclosing them

When Trump gave his victimhood speech in Mar-a-Largo, he basically admitted that....

Gretchen Whitmer's Sister May Run for Congress

Jim_Jordan subpoenas Mark Pomerantz to appear for deposition.

White House Says GOP Is Helping Mexican Drug Cartels

Joan Baez song To Bobby

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 6, 2023

After demand by President Woodrow Wilson, United States entered First World War today, April 6, 1917

Calls Grow for Russia to Free Jailed U.S. Journalist Evan Gershkovich Accused of Espionage

TN legislature is run by auctioneers

Rebekah Jones' Son Taken By Florida Cops at Gunpoint Over Snapchat Meme

Melania Trump Completely Snubs Her Husband After His Arrest - Farron Balanced

Judge warns 'defendant' Trump: Ari Melber breaks down lengthy arraignment

The Lincoln Project-Justice Clarence Thomas is compromised.

The Lincoln Project-Clarence Thomas is compromised

Justice Clarence Thomas accepted several luxury trips paid for by GOP megadonor, ProPublica report

It looks like I should go out and buy more yard waste bags! Next week will be in the 70's!!

Mrs. Aristus is still reveling in the joy of being liberal.

Bragg and Disney: We can play "what about" too.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 6, 2023)

Jen Psaki and Gov. Whitmer talk gun safety, abortion rights and presidential politics - MSNBC

Rebekah Jones story is corroborated by Pensacola News Journal

Does everyone get a drop-down list when they start to enter a thread or reply title?

Reporters Without Borders Denied Entry to Visit Assange in UK Prison; No NGO Has Seen Him in 4 Years

The Arsenal

"Lock her up. Lock her up. What? They locked HIM up?...

Juan de Pareja, Once Enslaved 17th C. Artist Was Misunderstood for Centuries, Velazquez: Met Exhibit

"The Undertow": Author Jeff Sharlet on Trump, the Far Right & the Growing Threat of Fascism in U.S.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

GOP vendetta against Rep.Justin Jones precedes recent incident by years

30 Poems in 30 Days -- April is National Poetry Month

Sunrise, southern MD 4/6

Weighing penguins:

Cat looking to buy some nip:

Fox News panel can't support Trump's call to defund police - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Seymour Stein, music industry executive who signed Madonna, dies at 80

Cat plays peekaboo like a boss:

GOP war on 'woke'? Most Americans view the term as a positive, USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds

Do you make anything special for Easter meal? I recycle my Christmas meal menu-ham, potato salad,

Sails on river, southern MD 4/6

Jordan subpoenas former senior prosecutor in Manhattan DA's office in connection to probe of Trump

Video surfaces of Joe Tacopina denouncing hush money payment

I think I can smell the picture': Trump's stained suit collar goes viral

That MTG is amazingly disgusting

Pupper handles photo shoot like a pro:

Craig Breedlove, Land Speed Racing Legend, Is Dead at 86

Crochet project. 🐘 ❣️

Things "animal" Empty Green denies saying

Jon Stewart eviscerates the media over the Motherfucker indictment

I chatted with Koz & got permission from him to say this

When you try your best but it's not enough:

So I just replied to an e-mail from Walgreens

Jim Jordan Issues Subpoena to Ex-Prosecutor

Saudi, Iran restore ties, say they seek Mideast stability

Abe Fortus resigned from the SCOTUS

Batshit Crazy Michelle Bachmann fears the "15 Minute Electronic Leash City"

Texas abortion funds cautiously resume services following legal reprieve

New rule for buying an AR-15:

Is any DU-er following the French breaking into BlackRock headquarters in Paris?

Why Ron DeSantis is fighting with Disney

Evidence Suggests Russians Stealing Art from Ukraine

A story of two hams

Donald Trump knows a loser when he sees one.....

I'm A Soul Man

Stormy Daniels says she would 'absolutely' testify against Trump if case goes to trial

Republicans vowing retaliation for Trump's indictment hit with bad news - Brian Tyler Cohen

Billionaire who funded Clarence Thomas's vacations also gave thousands of dollars to Kyrsten Sinema

Seattle evaluating its own capital gains tax following new state law

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps."---says Clarence Thomas

Question for someone who has access to Lexus Nexus.

Watching the movie 'King of Comedy'...

Someone used my credit card again. This time for 43 cents. Bank notified me and are sending me a new

The scary part is that it's probably true...

Tennessee Hearing: They're now discussing giving the right to private schools,

Watch All In with Chris Hayes Highlights: April 5

If this is true then it supports my contention that

Special Report: Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

@SenatorDurbin 's statement on reports of undisclosed gifts accepted by Justice Clarence Thomas.

China's Collapse In US Relations; Chinese Economy: Trade & Tech War; Taiwan - China Update

Biden admin acknowledges mistakes in Afghanistan exit but defends decision to leave

Rebekah Jones' 13-year-old son arrested in Navarre, Florida for 'digital threats of terrorism'

Worse Than a Mob Boss

A message from Lindsey.

Trump Ignores Judges Order And Starts Attacking His Entire Family - Farron Balanced

Harvard professor lobbied SEC on behalf of oil firm that pays her lavishly, emails show

Chicago Mayor's Race: Geographic Distribution of Votes

The state of Texas requires rear AND front license plates

Ohio Republican lawmaker falsely claims to be MIT graduate (AP)

Anonymous 'dark money' donors are spending millions in the Philly mayor's race to support Jeff Brown

Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Clarence Thomas To Be Impeached Over Gifts From GOP Mega Donor

The GOP's 'Abusive Relationship' With Trump

South Africa snake on plane: Deadly cobra in cockpit forces emergency landing

Keith Reid, Who Brought Poetry to Procol Harum, Dies at 76

The Testimony Jack Smith gets this week builds on work from over a year ago

IRS overhaul aims for tenfold increase in audits of the wealthy Officials plan to use funds from

Clarence Thomas may have violated financial disclosure law, ethics experts say

The SCOTUS needs Congressional Oversight and RETROACTIVE term limits

Does anyone know when the vote in TN will be?

Robert Reich on Mastodon:

Probe widens into federal watchdog over missing Jan. 6 Secret Service texts

Anacostia River 'bridge park' aims to bring people back to river.

"$35 political contribution to Democrats raises fresh scrutiny of Judge Merchan"

I don't think our kids signed up for this

To the folks of Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and the other "blue" engines that drive TN's economy

The 4 Political Neighborhoods Of Chicago

Bing Newcomb, Whose E*Trade Transformed Stock Trading, Dies at 79

Astronomers discovered two black holes close to Earth unlike anything we've seen

Staring Down a Debt Crisis, McCarthy Toils to Navigate G.O.P. Divisions

IRS overhaul aims for tenfold increase in audits of the wealthy

On this day, April 6, 1942, Anita Pallenberg was born.

Death threats, trolling and sexist abuse: climate scientists report online attacks

I.R.S. Unveils $80 Billion Plan to Overhaul Tax Collection

Duplicate nt

Supreme Court denies West Virginia's request to enforce anti-trans sports ban

#SCOTUS denies West Virginia's application to lift a stay on ban against trans kids in school sports

Trump Joins MAGA House GOPers Who Are Now Suddenly Into Defunding Fed Police

Supreme Court rejects West Virginia bid to enforce sports ban against transgender girl

BREAKING: In a 7-2 ruling, the Supreme Court has rejected an effort by West Virginia to block a 12-y

If someone from Boston or NYC went to a southern city and talked about how smelly and disgusting it

Anyone here familiar with MEER?

DU ham radio operators-

4th Circuit throws out the permit for Joe Manchin's natural gas pipeline

Tennessee Legislature live on CNN. 3 members fight for their jobs.

Brad Pitt let his 105 yr old neighbor live rent free - per Elvira

OK, you lefties! Who's been pouring spice down throats?!?!?!?

Ron DeSantis' long-haul strategy against Trump comes into view

Cartoons 4/6/2023

Update to the Rebekah Jones story (Florida)

Snohomish County poised to redirect millions into rental assistance

NPR protests as Twitter calls it 'state-affiliated media'

Physicists Simulated a Black Hole in The Lab, And Then It Started to Glow

Probe widens into federal watchdog over missing Jan. 6 Secret Service texts

Probe widens into federal watchdog over missing Jan. 6 Secret Service texts

Republicans Vowed to Grill Bragg About Trump, but It's Not So Simple

Assisted-living homes are rejecting Medicaid and evicting seniors

Comedian Adam Conover: A.I. is B.S. (VERY funny, and very accurate)

Question for astronomy buffs.

Shorter Charlie Kirk: What's A Few Dead Kids Compared To Owning An AR15?

Kansas lawmakers OK bill on live deliveries during abortions

Red-Whiskered Bulbul Nestlings

So let's sum up (much of) The Republican Party

"You bet!" John Kirby takes Fox's Peter Doocy to the woodshed

Chump told Hannity his motive for taking the US documents

Seen on Facebook

Conservative Defends SLAVERY During Unhinged Debate

The Nation Is Watching This Live from the TN Legislature

Algerian imam allows brief paws in Ramadan prayers:

Et tu, Mooch. Et tu.

Nicklas Lidstrom, Calvin Johnson, and Ben Wallace threw ceremonial first pitches at the Tigers game.

Gloria Johnson (TN state rep threatened with expulsion for anti gun protest) tweets new info:

Got this text from Comcast

Clarence Thomas IMPLODES After Incriminating Paper Trail Uncovered

Biden issues second veto of presidency to save his administration's hallmark water rule

NV: Senate bill aims to protect Nevada doctors who provide gender-affirming care

The Court Kills by Garry Wills

Idaho House fails to override Gov. Little's veto of library materials bill, adjourns for the year

NC: New raft of bills target transgender youth in sports, health care

Found on FB

Oklahoma AG files motion to vacate conviction of death row inmate Richard Glossip

Kansas House passes bill allowing parents to remove children from 'objectionable' lessons

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Clarence Thomas, gifts, and disclosure....

About the Rebekah Jones son's arrest story. This link says that Rebekah Jones turned her son in.

MI: Allen Park Starbucks workers unanimously vote to unionize

About two weeks ago I filled my gas tank at $2.99

If the Tennessee three are expelled

A Good Friday funeral in Texas. Baby Halo's parents had few choices in post-Roe Texas

US would bar full ban on trans athletes but allow exceptions

At schools across Houston, students and parents protest Texas Education Agency's takeover of state's

I just spent a bit of time reading about Rosalind Brewer, ceo of walgreens boots

Former elections chief Chris Hollins drops bid for Houston mayor

My favorite Easter hymn

Easy Pan-seared Brussel Sprouts Recipe with Crispy Cheese (video)

Anyone get a racing heart when they have strong coffee? I

As word play abounds on DU I like to remember puns are their own

Corn: Revenge-Obsessed Donald Trump Is Pushing the Right to New Levels of Retribution Rage

Trump Speech Goes Horribly Wrong! - Luke Beasley

Rightwing legal activist accused of misusing $73m from non-profit groups

Jones from Tennessee has been expelled. n/t

So the racists expelled Justin Jones

As California's drought improves, Texas is drying out

Tennessee GOP expels first Democratic lawmaker over gun violence protests

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 6, 2023

Well that fucking sucks.

The TN GOP just opened an ugly door. They had no just reason to do what they did.

It's Easter week, and in Tennessee

Wow! Fuck Tennessee!

Democrats are not pedophiles or baby killers, and other myths, fallacies and conspiracy theories.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene calls New York City disgusting, filthy and repulsive" - multiple sources

Arrested Development - Tennessee

If we're not going to impeach Justice Thomas, can we bribe him instead?

this is about 4 years old , but can u survive 49 days at sea?

Tennessee GOP expels first Democratic lawmaker over gun violence protests

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-10: Best Of #27: Sanity Plea Edition (official Top 10 #298!)

House Judiciary Chair subpoenas former Bragg prosecutor - MSNBC Reports

Republicans are offended by outspoken POC and women but not by dead kids.

Macro Conundrums - And also ??s about image dimensions on DU

Mehdi Hasan confronts Matt Taibbi over "Twitter Files" errors and glaring mistakes

TN: Bill to ax policy giving teens access to vaccines without parental permission advances

These anti-democracy douchenozzles are starting to REEALLY PISS. Me. Off!

After people have been elected to represent them, is it not unconstitutional to deny them

Angry Caller Upset Over Actual History of AR-15, Believes Weapon of War is Fun.

Mehdi Hasan absolutely wrecks Matt Taibbi

Clearance Thomas' Docket Pocket - Luckovich Cartoon

House GOP fires off first subpoena in probe of Trump indictment

Biden administration says schools may bar trans athletes from competitive teams

Steve Bannon spent "months" recruiting anti-vaxxer RFK Jr. to run against Biden as "chaos agent"

Tennessee's Anti-Drag Bill Doesn't Exist in a Vacuum

I can see a state that legally permits teachers to pack heat in the classroom

Trump Could Be Barred From His Own Trial If He Doesn't Shut Up - Ring of Fire

If you look at what TN has done and STILL don't fucking believe this is a war

Wow. Students are standing outside the Tennessee House right now and chanting, "Fuck you fascists."

Trump's Indictment Really DOES Make America Great Again

Kari Lake Interview is a Disaster, Horrifies the World! - Luke Beasley

I feel sorry for my cat, Scoutie

If you're on Twitter, now's the time to drop a comment or two for Tennessee

For Uganda's Vanishing Glaciers, Time Is Running Out

Tennessee Rep Gloria Johnson said that because she refused to vote for the Speaker

A brief history of Tennessee expelling members....

Florida school district removes book on Anne Frank from libraries..the version with naughty bits

Tweet of the Day

I've pretty much come to accept that I am NOT the Alpha female in this household

Tennessee wouldn't have done this if the dems weren't Black and one Female.

Scared Kitten Learns How To Be A Happy Cat

Some of the most irritating phases in news media today...

What becomes of that expelled rep's constituents , do they just lose representation?

If ANY of the US Congress critters gave aid/comfort to the J6 insurrectionists

Vote to expel Gloria Johnson fails.

Woah! Expelled the person of color but not the white woman?

Tennessee has now voted to let Rep. Johnson stay, but.....

"Please clap" - Break the Fake - TVP World

How Jimmy Carter Transformed U.S.-Latin America Relations

Rep. Pearson live

Justin Pearson for Congress, please. n/t

GOP having 'full-blown freak out' after being punished in elections this week, "five-alarm fire"

Jim Jordan Gets ROASTED In Every Possible Way

Chants of Gloria break out after she survives the expulsion vote

U.S. Congress terrorizes Cuba: GOP seeks power to designate island a terrorism sponsor

Durbin Vows Judiciary Committee 'Will Act' Following Reports on Justice Clarence Thomas

PSA for all DUers. Start paying attention to how your GOP state legislatures work.

Russia prepares for next election - Eastern Express - TVP World

Desi Lydic Foxsplains Trump's Indictment The Daily Show

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING (6:35p Thursday) inside Beltway...

Well, they did it... Tennessee statehouse expels Democrat for gun control protest

Founder Of News Site Covering Tennessee Gun Protests Says Shots Fired At His Home

AZ: Cochise supervisors ordered to pay legal fees in election certification suit

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Take your mind off all the bad stuff in this country:

Ukraine War Plans Leak Prompts Pentagon Investigation

Arizona lawmaker tweets about shooting people after Hobbs aide quits over gun tweet

3 charged with human smuggling, forced labor in Woburn

Remember what Adm. Yamamoto said after Pearl harbor?

Biden tweet about Tennessee GOP

You are 15-30% more likely to die if operated on by a male surgeon

BREAKING: Tennessee Republicans expel first Democratic lawmaker over gun protests - Deadline MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Tennessee won't change but this plays horribly nationally

Biden Blames Trump for Chaotic Afghan Withdrawal

Lithwick: Clarence Thomas Broke the Law and It Isn't Even Close

Do Republican politicians actually LIKE mass shootings because it might increase gun sales?

Switched over for a sec to Fox

Shuttered Texas abortion clinic opens New Mexico location -- and spreads the word in Austin

Think about this Tennessee: Two days after the 55th anniversary of the assassination

OK Now I get it - Justin Jones was one of the activists who

Exclusive: U.S. Role in Notorious Nickel Mine Deal Revealed

Why doesn't this surprise me? ...

Over and Over

What do rethugs want to do with public schools?

My first drag story time!

Justice Thomas CAUGHT in MILLION DOLLAR Criminal Fraud - Meidas Touch

I'd never heard of this artist (David Ambarzumjan) till I ran across his work on Twitter

How best to look for a tarot reader for a party?

Wow that Rep Justin Pearson is awesome

Man pleads guilty for arson, hate crime in 2021 Congregation Beth Israel synagogue fire

Man pleads guilty for arson, hate crime in 2021 Congregation Beth Israel synagogue fire

Officials in Trump case continue to receive threats

Gotham City (The Lincoln Project)

Florida Governor DeSantis Looks To Ban Biological Females From Wearing Pants

Ukraine War Plans Leak Prompts Pentagon Investigation

Justice Thomas took lavish trips paid for by GOP donor, investigative report says - PBS NewsHour

Sunset and storm, southern MD 4/6

A Good Friday funeral in Texas. Baby Halo's parents had few choices in post-Roe Texas

Deodato - Crabwalk

Watching right now

LIVE NOW: Tennessee House Votes on Expulsion of 3 Democratic Members - Now This News

Fox News Makes Terrible Decision To Let Hosts Testify At Dominion Trial - Ring of Fire

Over a million were without power: Ice storm in Quebec and Ontario

Fox asks judge to bar references to January 6 attack at Dominion trial

some new insect photos

Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

I feel like the public view of RFK Jr is as a crank and a clown, sadly.

Tennessee Republicans fail to expel Democratic lawmaker Gloria Johnson - The Beat - MSNBC

So they expelled the two black men

He Spent 25 Years Infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and Biker Gangs