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Good Rats - Phil Fleish

See Tennessee House Democrat's reaction after GOP fails to expel her - CNN

What we just learned about theTennessee Republicans:

WOW,Rep. Pearson was expelled also in Tennessee

time to visit Tennessee

Racist motherfuckers. Boot the 2 black men, let the white woman slide. Fuck Tennessee. Fuck Rethugs.

Florida man tries to assemble stolen electric scooter in front of Target he stole it from

We need protests from NY to LA to Miami to Seattle

The reaction, as members walk out of chamber:

I know it is not a new phrase, but today the world watched a POLITICAL LYNCHING

Baseball should realign their divisions and get rid of the NL/AL past.

WITCH - Black Tears

Tennessee House Expels 2 Democrats Over Gun Reform Protest

Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie - Live ⭐

So the racist assholes in our legislature.

Paul Brady - The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

Right Wing Candidate Humiliates Himself with Vile Concession Speech! - Luke Beasley

It is way past time for Democrats to call out republicans as anti-black and anti-women

Florida: The fascist growing state in the Union.

Today makes it official, fascism is here.

Democracy is dead in America because the GOP murdered it.

Republicans are straight up fascist. They hate people, they're morally and ethically bankrupt.

Teacher happily trying to get student to say the N word "say it. N****r"

Cruise line will be a more regular visitor to Bremerton's waterfront in 2023

MSNBC, CNN, All talk shows Put these two men from Tennessee on

Do you think they will return to their seats?

"You ban books, you ban drag, kids are still in body bags."

So watching a CNN video on youtube

Tennessee Legislature Is Full of Hysterical Old White Guys Whose Fragile Pscyhe

So what are the Twitter accounts of the GOP Tennessee Racists?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's mouth, his supporters, and a judge....

Kansas lawmakers advance bill allowing parents to bar their kids from LGBTQ lessons

Rep. Jones hugs Rep. Johnson after expulsion from Tennessee state House - MSNBC

Maybe Cops Don't Know They're Lying? - Lawsuit (LackLuster)

Do not use children's song 'Baby Shark' to punish prisoners!

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop (Live at Madison Square Garden 1973)

Ron Johnson says he decided to seek reelection to advocate for the 'vaccine injured'

Both could get reappointment as early as Monday

How are ya? This band is solid

Justin Pearson's speech to the Tennessee lege was incredible .. and MSNBC cut it off!

Aquarius Y Luiz Antonio - Marta Sare

Trump Holds Emergency Prayer Call Following Arraignment - Ring of Fire

'Ethics be damned': Legal experts aghast over bombshell report on Clarence Thomas' luxury lifestyle

Biden's proposal on transgender athletes clashes with DeSantis' rules for Florida

PM Update: Much cooler and mainly cloudy Friday, with some showers around

LA Times reported about Justice Thomas' gifts 20 years ago. After that he stopped disclosing them

Tennessee protests are Viet Nam all over again. We were fighting for our lives, too!!

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - A Very Precious Time

Transphobes have decided that Daniel Radcliffe's pregnant girlfriend is trans & it's very dumb

Justin Pearson was like listening to a cross between Malcolm X and MLK.

I Found Out Why Customer Service Sucks - The Class Room - More Perfect Union

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

I'd try just about anything. However, I have my limits.

Carla Bley Orchestra - The Girl Who Cried Champagne

The TN GOP expelled the two black men "because they had bullhorns"

Is this normal?

TN removes Peaceful representatives, but Former Representative Weaver

Rightwing legal activist accused of misusing $73m from non-profit groups

Teen accused of plotting to attack former school

No Wisconsin wake-up call: Republicans go full steam ahead on abortion restrictions

Stefano Battaglia - Emilie Marie

The Future of Republican Governance is on Display in Tennessee

Easter Candy

'This is a predominantly-White supermajority undoing democracy' says Dem. lawmaker Justin Jones

Elie Mystal: Tennessee has now given the entire country an object lesson in critical race theory bet

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Jim Jordan, who criminally defied a congressional subpoena, issues congressional subpoenas! - Kirschner

KARL DENSON'S tiny universe - Because Of Her Beauty

See Tennessee House Democrat's reaction after GOP fails to expel her

The Blackburn Report

Assisted-living homes are rejecting Medicaid and evicting seniors

Tensions rise in the Middle East amid Ramadan and Passover - ABC News

Kevin McCarthy comes out in favor of dirty water

Kroger, Albertsons might need to sell more stores than initially planned

Israel launches strikes in Gaza after barrage of rockets fired from Lebanon

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - That Summer Feeling

If you want to win wars and stuff, do more than tweet without context or follow up

Trustees Project Three-Year Gain in Medicare Trust Fund Solvency

07 Apr: Ukrainians Conduct a Successful Counterattack - Reporting from Ukraine

Big Cat Easter!

A Certified Loon. (Mike Malloy)

About Kanye West

Billy Strings - Tennessee Stud - Live 🎸

Texas man killed bar owner after she refused to serve him drink

Indian government accused of rewriting history after edits to schoolbooks

Judge says Murdoch can be forced to testify -- experts say he may spill Fox secrets out in the open

'Abuse of Power': Alvin Bragg Slams Gym Jordan for Subpoena

Justin Jones & his actblue info

GOP Will Push Forward with Plans to Root Out 'Woke' Military Agenda

Dee Snider talks 'Masked Singer,' drag bills, Trump, free speech and more

Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island

Coolio: Gangsta's Paradise rapper died of fentanyl overdose - manager

Not that I expect most folks here to care, but...

grandkid gets out of house while under grandma's care and drowns. they let her take care of 2nd kid

LOL: Trump Just Posted This on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

Raphael Mechoulam, scientist who discovered why cannabis makes people 'high' - obituary

Cuba Sees Mass Exodus to USA as Economy Heads for Total Collapse as Blackouts & Shortages Continue

Report from the Tennessean

The GOP's Abortion Flop - Strassel WSJ

Chuck Todd: GOP 'driving off an electoral cliff' to appease staunch anti-abortion wing

Tennessee GOP expels two Black lawmakers for joining gun protest - All In - MSNBC

A Mechanism for How Air Pollution Kills, Nature: Lung adenocarcinoma promotion by air pollutants

What if George Soros had been paying for lavish vacations for a liberal justice?

Cameron Sexton is the Speaker of the TN House, and he has a Twitter Account

Homophobic Male-Karen Triggered By Rainbow Shirts For Kids

Tennessee rn

Tennessee St. Rep. Pearson speaks after GOP votes to expel him over gun protests - All In - MSNBC

Baby raccoon was found alone at construction site. This woman decided to raise her.

Smith & Wesson relocating headquarters to Maryville Tennessee

Peru ex-leader Toledo loses bid to stop extradition from US

Biden vetoes bill that sought to toss EPA water protections

Can blue states now expel Republican lawmakers?

Inside a US Neo-Nazi Homeschool Network With Thousands of Members

French Protesters storm Blackrock

George Santos Joins NYC Protests, Regrets It Instantly "tell us about your Nobel prize!"

So it looks like Critical Race Theory is really a thing after all.

TN Lawmakers Vote to Expel Rep. Justin Jones for Standing With Gun Reform Protesters

What's your favorite chocolate candy? milk,dark, white , or I don't like chocolate candy.

Rep. Johnson speaks out in support of expelled Tennessee lawmakers - All In - MSNBC

PBS American Experience: The Sun Queen- chemical engineer & inventor Maria Telkes now playing

Why Putin is Planning a Coup in Moldova - The Infographics Show

It was evident such that a blithering idiot could see Justin Pearson is intellectually and . . . . .

They have already raised 82K!!!-UPDATE 250K!!!

Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1. Anyone here familiar with this?

Racist Convicted Of Election Interference - Raw News And Politics

i was unable to find on google the name of the author of TN HR63 expelling Justin Pearson

Ex-Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson fired from Metro Transit police

President Obama issues a statement on the Tennessee Three.

Magats are likely triggering a whirlwind

They are both named Justin.

The Daily Show: Clarence Thomas's Secret Luxury Gifts & Jill Biden's NCAA Invite Drama

If Tennessee GOP can expel two DEM members for supporting gun safety...

Republicans in Tennessee may have lit the fires of resistance on gun control

Governor Walz assigns AG Ellison to take over prosecution in Zaria McKeever murder case

I will just leave this here.

Joe Biden's our winning candidate for '24

The Tennessee debacle...we have a series of true, harsh realities right now in the United States

Tennessee will be boycotted by black athletes

'We should be embarrassing those not outraged': Activist slams Tennessee GOP for expulsion of Dems

Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine - Live Mtv 1992

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee statement on today's events in Nashville.

Seems there are civil rights violations in TN.

Taylor Swift should cancel her 3 day Nashville concert

Tennessee Republicans caught pulling horrific scheme against Democrats - Brian Tyler Cohen

Everything seems to be coming to a head. The right wing is reaching an unreal level

Is there a list of Repgus who voted to expel In Tennessee?

'It's time for a movement': Bowman cites groundswell of support for gun safety - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Exposed-concrete stair pulls light and views into Porto, Portugal home by Tsou Arquitectos

ELIE MYSTAL: Do I believe Clarence Thomas votes *differently* because he's a corrupt troll

Only One Republican voted NO

Florida school district removes book about Anne Frank from libraries

Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Not to make everything about SCOTUS, but the GOP super-majority that voted 72-25 to expel

Heatherwick Studio designs Columbia, Maryland public library as "new type of community centre"

Twitter Accounts of the GOP Tennessee

Mitch McConnell Stays Silent On Trump As Other Republicans Go All In - Ring of Fire

Tell Him (Official Remastered HD Video) Barbra Streisand, Cline Dion

A few 35mm film shots from the mid 1990s

Lawrence O'Donnell On The Most Important Thing In Our History

Black Couple Says TX Authorities Seized Their Newborn Because They Chose a Midwife Over a Hospital

Backlash against GOP on abortion, guns boosts Democratic opportunities (if they take them) - Alex Wagner

Appels Architekten prefabricates black house in rural Bavaria

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about messages and Tennessee....

Time to get organized. Just this year, as of March, the gun violence archive has counted 130

Clarence Thomas has accepted unreported gifts from GOP billionaire for decades: report - Alex Wagner

Lawrence O'Donnell: Historic ousting of Black TN Dems demands nation's full attention - The Last Word

Standing ovation for this man! WOW!

After two years of freedom, a 65 year old Florida man is ordered back to prison for life

Death of Democracy in America - The Republican ENDGAME

Huge Scandal! CNN breathlessly reports Trump's judge gave a whopping $15 to Biden campaign

Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old dwelling site of Hopewell Native Americans in Ohio

UN court says it can hear Guyana-Venezuela border dispute

Archaeologists Uncover First Direct Evidence of Drug Use From the Bronze Age

"Under The Tennessee Constitution, lawmakers cannot be expelled for the same offense twice"

Baby eagle DH2 has hatched.......DH1 did pass away at the Decorah, IA nest.

The Party of 'Family Values' Sees No Irony in Axing Child Labor Protections - Roll Back A Century

"Crisscross rhythms that explode with 'appiness."

AZ: Hobbs vetoes election, abortion bills

I mean is there an appetite in large swaths of voters for lax gun

Nashville Metro Council set to meet and send Justin Jones back to the Tenessee House.

Tennessee House Speaker declined to expel member who sexually abused three underage girls.

My friend John Duncan was elected to the Madison WI

Colombia Really Wants You to Move There for Work Right Now

The James Webb Telescope Just Took a Truly Incredible Photo of Uranus

Clapton & Friends- Call Me The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale 🌟

Somalia meteorite turns out to contain two minerals that are not found on Earth

Breakfast Friday 7 April 2023

Migrants Died In Detention Fire Because They Couldn't Pay $200 Bribe to Be Released

How Fox Chased Its Audience Down the Rabbit Hole

The Lesbian Bar Isn't Dead. It's Pouring Orange Wine in Los Angeles.

Wordle 657 (4/7) ***SPOILER THREAD***

The Daily Show's Desi Lydic: 6 Days of FOX News in Under 2 Minutes.

Bill Maher goes full MAGA - says Dems party of slavery and he needs to be harder on left than right

2026 and 2028 will be the year Democrats gain seats in the US Senate.

Kansas Might Tells Kids: B.O.A.C. - Bend Over And Cough with Genital Inspections.

Will China step in to end the war as Putin's forces fumble? - Times Radio

Easter Bunny has brought the Dumble sound too Duncanpup guitar institute.

Ever get the "Quote for today" emails?

Israel stages rare strikes in Lebanon, also hits Gaza Strip

Jobs report: March data to show hiring slowdown, growth likely 'too high' for Fed

Can Clarence Thomas be charged with tax evasion?

Russians "Advance backwards". Offensive is no longer an option. - The Russian Dude

A new solar energy deal will bring power to 140,000 homes and businesses in 3 states

(March 23) Walmart laying off hundreds of US workers at five e-commerce fulfillment centers

Too much Trump, but I suppose that's simply a sign of the...

On this day, April 7, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted.

On this day, April 7, 1954, Jackie Chan was born.

JulianBond v. Floyd (1966) Related cases in Civil Rights Movement & the First Amendment, Vietnam War

On this day, April 7, 1914, Ralph Flanagan was born.

On this day, April 7, 1962, actor Hugh O'Connor, son of Carroll O'Connor, was born.

Now the world knows that TN protects pedophiles, public pissers, racists and mass shooters.

Blue Tits "Mini & Pip" fights against intruder

On this day, April 7, 1935, Bobby Bare was born.

On this day, April 7, 1951. singer and songwriter Janis Ian was born.

Tennessee Republicans exit after vote to expel

Billie Holiday was born on this date.


Ukraine gives Russia two options: Leave Crimea peacefully or be ready for battle

the ONLY way to fix the gun problem is to repeal 2a.

Freddie Hubbard was born on this date.

Justin Jones is on

Billionaire who funded Clarence Thomas's vacations also given thousands of $s to Sinema & Manchin

Has Mitch McConnell been seen?

Friday TOONs - What So-Called 'Conflict Of Interest'?

Imagine Dragons - Believer (Jimmy Kimmel Live!/2017)

Elton John, Miley Cyrus - Tiny Dancer (LIVE From The 60th GRAMMYs )

ImagineIF Libraries Kalispell branch launches section for challenged books

Brothers Osborne - Tears In Heaven (LIVE From The 60th GRAMMYs )

😃🇺🇸🍺🗓️❗️What's your go-to brew? I like and drink a variety of beers but for 60 years my go-to....

The origin of Super Villians: Mad Mod

10 Best DC Omnibus Collections

The Rundown: April 7, 2023

Democracy is not what the Republicans want?

Axios: The GOP's epic losing streak

Politico: Kevin McCarthy's blame game sweeps Capitol Hill

Better tasting matzoh

Can you imagine how young girls must feel about

Troops to Tennessee; Thomas OFF The Court to save Democracy. Countdown

Politico: Why Gavin Newsom may give red state Democrats the blues

Politico: Former Michigan House speaker charged with accepting bribes for cannabis licenses

The 2 black legislators were on the house floor protesting

Politico: Defense Department detains hotel guest in training mix-up

On this day, April 7, 1928, James Garner was born.

Dominion Gets New MAJOR WIN Against Fox as DEFAMATION Trial Nears - Meidas Touch

On this day, April 7, 1805, Ludwig van Beethoven's Third Symphony was premiered, in Vienna.

Jobs report: US economy adds 236,000 jobs in March, unemployment rate falls to 3.5%

So if the two expelled legislators get reinstated pending special election...

Politico: 'Buckle up': DeSantis escalates Disney dispute, eyes hotel taxes and road tolls



Biden review of chaotic Afghan withdrawal blames Trump

The Wisdom Of Chickens...

Brazil says Ukraine should cede Crimea to Russia to end war, Kyiv says no

Saudi, Iran restore ties, say they seek Mideast stability

ChatGPT: Mayor starts legal bid over false bribery claim

Speaking of guys in dresses........

Abortion, Trump and Swing Voters

'Adults pushing children out of the way': Ohio mall apologizes after Easter egg hunt chaos

In My Head - The Mysterines


There are 2 kinds of cats

Very relevant 90 second clip of historian Simon Schama on voting rights at Montgomery Alabama.

Is it a sin to get your kidcats stoned on catnip, on Good Friday? Because I just did.

Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny

Clarence Thomas Broke the Law and It Isn't Even Close

WHO - As Warming Continues, Dengue, Zika & Other Arboviruses Expand Their Range

Mecklenburg Democrats want campaign donations back after Rep. Tricia Cotham's party switch

Reproductive Rights - Luckovich Cartoon

How do we know that the billionaire feeding Thomas isn't a funnel for others seeking favor?

Gruesome cache of severed hands (ancient Egypt) - Ars Technica

Pacific Fisheries Board Closes 2024 California Fall Chinook Season; Other Closures Pending

The best criminal defendants always travel with a camera crew.

Pre-El Nino, Planetary Sea Surface Temps At All-Time High In 40-Yr Instrumental Record

My granddaughter pointed to my face and asked: "Is that your beard?"

Rebekah Jones' son in handcuffs.

Trump Brand Arrest - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Republicans caught off guard by the left's ferocious backlash

Egypt debt, inflation and currency devaluation

My friend Johnny did have one of those early dark green

Everybody "hates" Trump. How could he ever get a fair trial?

AAR: Broader economic factors hurt U.S. rail traffic in March

The shitshow in Tennessee belongs, 1000%, to the Roberts Supreme Court of the Confederate States

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Party In A Nutshell

First defamation lawsuit over ChatGPT content

First there was AOC. Then Maxwell Frost joined her in the House of Representatives

Hmm...just what exactly are MAGAt morons gonna drink now???

TN House didn't so much expel two black member as they ENDORSED the right to have . . . .

There'll always be an England...

The best Supreme Court that money can buy.

Tesla cuts prices on all models, 3rd cut this year

When a Kid Rock song comes on at Buffalo Wild Wings

How Extremely Wealthy People Manipulate People in Government.

Matt Taibbi asked to criticize Musk: "No I don't particularly want to."

Black farming community fights to get fair deal as state takes land for Ford plant roadways

The Passion

Anaheim investigation, stadium deal loom unsettled as Angels play home opener

What happened in Tennessee yesterday is a microcosm of our justice system.

Terrifying Investigative Journalism

Blaire Erskine: southerners when it's fixin' to rain

Adam Schiff Crushes His Rivals in Fundraising

So much for Stormy being on our side - she opposes prison for Trump over indictment

This article terrifies me (Crib Note version)

"He is visualizing burning things and blowing them up": How Trump may be coping with being caught

Video Tweet - Check your pockets before doing laundry!

You know how people say dogs often look like their masters?

Whether convicted or not, the Manhattan indictment was a necessary first step...

Steve Bannon Encouraged RFK Jr. To Run for President to serve as a "useful chaos agent"

"This is why he declared early," was a comment on CNN before the arraignment

Steve Schmidt on the fox Sewer

Magat Meme

Most oppose Social Security, Medicare cuts: AP-NORC poll

Money pours into early days of Adam Frisch's second campaign to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert

Barack Obama Meme

BREAKING: THREAD: This is significant. The appellate court has REVERSED judge Nichols ruling that 18

Best FG arrest pic??

30 Poems in 30 Days

NPR hasn't tweeted since Musk had Twitter label it "state-affiliated media" for unclear reasons

New Mexico Police Shot and Killed a Man After They Went to the Wrong House While Responding to a Dom

Elon Musk Is a Sentient Poop Emoji

Lead Jan. 6 felony charge is constitutional, federal appeals court rules

North Dakota Senate Hikes Meal Reimbursements

Pro-life Alaska Republican says society benefits when child abuse turns fatal

LA Times reported about Justice Thomas' gifts 20 years ago. After that he stopped disclosing them.

Trump, just before sentencing

A theme song for the time we are in

The GOP's Epic Losing Streak

Dogwood +

Clarence Thomas blaming the advice he got from his peers.

Walmart will add thousands of EV charging stations to stores by 2030

Remember when the Roberts court declared racism over as they scrapped part of the VRA?

Full Text of DC Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Re-instating Obstruction Charges

Cadillac In The Swamp

Otter Tail Power reverses course, will stick with North Dakota coal plant

Fox News demands Dominion trial not mention January 6 insurrection

Dozens of cats removed from south Fargo hotel room

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about reactions to the Justice Thomas news....

The entire Republican Party is showing its cowardice after Trump's latest threats

Now it makes sense. Tennessee is gun land. Never stand in the way of money.

Texas Republicans Plot to Break the Internet to Deny Women Abortions

arrest the tennessee GOP legislators

Justice Thomas responds to report he accepted luxury travel from GOP donor for years

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 7, 2023

Stephanie Miller: While We Are All Paying Attention to Trump... Look What's Happening in MS, TN & FL

Clarence: "Oh, really? GEE! I didn't know! What a shock. I'll report everything now, i promise."

Mastodon meme:

Cat Ridgeway - Give Me Love feat. Shawn Mullins

"A Public Lynching": Justin Jones, Black Tennessee Lawmaker, Responds to Expulsion from State House

Don't understand how stupid some Republicans can be.

Every second on the yacht I wished I were in a Walmart parking lot

Suede - Brass In Pocket

Lead Jan. 6 felony charge is constitutional, federal appeals court rules

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 7, 2023)

Majority of Nashville Council members vow to reappoint Justin Jones to the state House

The Hunna ft Kelsy Karter & The Heroines - I Don't Like You..OK

Ted Lasso Leadership Lessons: (Hopefully Republicans watch)

Who had "revenge toll roads" on their 2023 Bingo Card?

Famous Bigfoot Footage Stabilized Using AI, Making It Pretty Clear What It Is

Meaning Behind "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads (American Songwriter)

Nice guys finish last... and they know it

How the Supreme Court Let Cities Off the Hook For Police Violence

Palestinian Poet Mohammed El-Kurd on Israeli Apartheid, Growing Tension in Region & Raid on Al-Aqsa

Dance Yrself Clean Live

Panel: Wisconsin Supreme Court loss a warning sign for the GOP ahead of 2024

Watch a Vintage Chevy Corvette Fall off a Transporter in Botched Delivery

Breakfast thread Monday 10 April to Friday 14 April

A positive and a negative spin on the jobs report.......I always kind thought one of our local

US Air Traffic Control Shortages Are Now Causing More Airlines To Cancel Flights

Trump Moves to Hire Laura Loomer, Anti-Muslim Activist

Clarence ruled on bribery case while taking lavish gifts from GOP donor

Hey Florida man, hold my beer...

What are people supposed to do if...

Should Clarence Thomas Be Impeached? GOP Megadonor Gave Justice Free Luxury Vacations for 20 Years

The brothers are keeping an eye out for any danger while I putter around the front garden.

Anyone else apprehensive around crowds these days?

Report: Russia charges Journal reporter with espionage

Whoo! Alright - Yeah...Uh Huh. - the Rapture

SLEET in the 50s?

US panel approves salmon fishing ban for much of West Coast

India Confronted Myanmar About Chinese Spy Post on Remote Island

GOP shocked by abortion backlash and now risks 'tearing itself apart': columnist

Retired Tampa Green Beret sentenced to 7 years for weapons conviction tied to Jan. 6-related search

My question would be

Russians are offering up equipment and heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine's surrender hotline

Dog missing for 7 years had 'touching' SC reunion with owner weeks before his death

Shun Lee or Not Shun Lee? For Chinese Food Lovers, That Is the Question.

Watch what happens when The Daily Show's Desi Lydic views Fox News' coverage of Trump's indictment

Trump Boys Ask Melania If They're Getting New Daddy Now

3 Middle Age Riot tweets:

Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love 竹内 まりや (1985)

State Court Abortion Cases Are Not Going the Way Sam Alito Hoped

Pupper confused that cat seems to have disappeared:

Famous killer whale 'Chainsaw' returns to Salish Sea

Gun violence protections are at risk in the 2023 Virginia legislative elections

Study: Hydrogen Power Is Also Bad

Petting otter hands:

Appeals court upholds 'obstruction' charge used against hundreds of Jan. 6 rioters, for now

Kansas approves bill to end gender-affirming care for minors

Baby elephant holding caretaker's hand:

One of the dogs just gave me the best laugh I have had in a long time

Star Wars - Ahsoka Trailer

Ron DeSantis, sore loser

The Party of 'Family Values' Sees No Irony in Axing Child Labor Protections- Roll Back A Century - L

Paul Krugman says Putin's plot to weaponize natural gas prices is a failure, and Russia's superpower

I think I've decided on a fave track from the new album by 3 Lesbian Besties ... errr boygenius :)

VP Kamala Harris to meet with 'Tennessee Three' in surprise visit to Nashville

Steve Inskeep puts the Tenessee House "insurrection" in perspective:

Litigation in the Fight for Abortion Access, a Leadership Briefing sponsored by Planned Parenthood

Foxes are cats running on dog hardware.

Tell me how this is not bribery from Harlan Crow to Clarence Thomas via Ginni?

Republican accusations are CONFESSIONS. Chinese Intelligence operations in the United States

Biden congratulates Johnson on win in Chicago mayoral race

Lunch today

Give this child an orchestra to conduct:

Red state Democrats have some advice for Gavin Newsom

The Brunson brothers have finally pissed off the Supreme Court...

New York, New York

Republicans Make Rock Stars Out of the 'Tennessee Three'

Arms dealer Viktor Brut urges Trump to seek refuge in Russia as his life is 'in peril'

Clarence says he likes RVs and parking lots in documentary financed by same GOP donor

Liberal-Leaning Students More Likely to Avoid Iowa For College

DeSantis has taken on Disney, a corporation with over $200 billion in assets ...

Cat and parrot BFFs:

Black unemployment has reached its lowest level in history

Kamala Harris to Meet with the 'Tennessee Three'

Kansas Legislature votes to revoke licenses of physicians who perform gender-affirming care

What is holding up the Georgia prosecution by Fani Willis?

Justice Thomas Impeachment Strategy REVEALED after Massive Crimes EXPOSE

Kids at work: States try to ease child labor laws at behest of industry

Cub grocery workers call off strike after reaching tentative agreement

Enjoy Mehdi Hasan (MSNB) dismantling #Mattydickpics Taibbi on Hasan's show this week.

Calculating the Fastest Road to an Electric Car Future

Hummingbird - Colombia

22 Mich. lawmakers join national letter backing Tenn. lawmakers expelled for gun control protest

Most oppose Social Security, Medicare cuts: AP-NORC poll

Alvin Bragg statement in response to the GOP subpoenaing Mark Pomerantz:

CT legislators OK reproductive health bills, nix parental notification

Love to see someone write a song for the Tennessee Three

Friday Trivia--The word swims is the same upside down Any others?

DeSantis's charisma on display:

Cache Of Secret Videos, Photos Found By Jeffrey Epstein's Estate Could Spark FBI Investigation

Survey shows Idaho's maternal health doctors are leaving the state, or soon will

The Conservative Party and Putin's Russia: a story of total moral failure

JACKSONVILLE: Daniel Davis (R) and Donna Deegan (D) to debate at UNF ahead of runoff in mayor's race

So Tennessee dumps two black state congressmen for breathing while black

In a way it kinda seems like the law is throwing a bunch of charges at Trump to see "what sticks"

Good Carbon Friday: German Electricity's Carbon Intensity Is "Only" 1234% Higher Than France's.

The pair, 2 years ago:

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Campaign ad attacks Donna Deegan (D) for attending Black Lives Matter protest

Cartoons 4/7/2023

'It's punishment politics:' City of Jacksonville pushes DONNA Foundation to reschedule 5K race

Indicting Trumpism in the court of public opinion

House backs hospital staffing standards bill by wide margin

young moose strolled through the front doors of a Providence Alaska medical facility:

Key Black Republican leaders offer 'no comment' on mayoral attack ad focusing on Deegan at BLM prote

Another moose--in Alaska a moose meanders into a hospital to escape the cold :

In Trump's tale of two cities, it's the worst of times

Broad-billed Hummingbird - Arizona

Marysville grocery workers protest Kroger-Albertsons merger

Hope Church shelter plan stokes heated debate from dozens of neighbors

Drumpf got jollies watching J-6 on t.v. - Whether Nero did *it* or not,

DeSantis and RFK Jr. misconstrue Fed's digital plans in warning of government overreach

WSJ report: Sinema will run for re-election as Independent, not Democrat

Hidden, back on owl box

Despite Wisconsin Supreme Court election loss, Republicans in other states push for new abortion

DeSantis: I'll kill Reedy Creek deal, consider hotel tax, tolls at Disney World

The Clarence Thomas situation recalls this classic:

Officers kill homeowner after responding to wrong address

Sean Spicer Exits Newsmax a Year After Losing Prime Spot, Vows to Be a 'Force for Good'

Tennessee: "You ban books, you ban drag-- kids are still in body bags."

AZ-SEN: Sinema Preparing Re-Election Bid as Independent

'I wanted to be more me': Teens propel a trend toward gender-neutral mitzvah ceremonies

Sheldon Whitehouse re Clarence Thomas: Oh, please.

Millions of Americans at risk of losing free preventive care after Texas ruling on ACA

No, the Trump indictment didn't open Pandora's Box for Democrats

Get off your lazy dead ass and go to work grandpa - Kansas legislature

Black Couple Says Authorities Seized Their Newborn Because They Chose a Midwife Over a Hospital

I nearly had a heart attack when I left school today. A car backfired,

'Mentally unstable and documented liar': Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Trump's latest hiring move

Gunmen kill at least 46 people in attack on rural village in Nigeria

Gym Jordan should be removed from congress for not wearing a jacket

NYPD officers brag about milking overtime, call detainees names in accidental recording

Auschwitz Memorial calls WWE 'shameless' for using its image in a match promo

Expelled Tennessee lawmaker Justin Jones: I was voted out for being 'an uppity Negro'

Expelled Tennessee lawmaker Justin Jones: I was voted out for being 'an uppity Negro'

Tribe warns US government against moving ahead with mine

VP Harris coming to Nashville to meet with ousted Dem. lawmakers

Caitlin Clark's Lesson for White Athletes: Don't Be a MAGA Pawn

Sculling Down The Arno

Watch what happens when two men taunt a moose New York Post

Sam Altman's "Moore's Law for Everything" and where AI-derived wealth should go

Clarence Thomas has the ethics of a wilted turnip.

Oklahoma AG to drop charges against GOP Rep. and his wife

NYPD officers brag about milking overtime, call detainees names in accidental recording

(Jewish Group) Translated into 49 Jewish languages: the Jewish spring ritual of counting the Omer

The kids are alright

Founded in the late 1800s by a pair of Jewish immigrant brothers, Joseph and Isaac Breakstone

Now translated into 49 Jewish languages: the Jewish spring ritual of counting the Omer

7th Circuit: High school did not have to accommodate an anti-trans teacher's ["religious pratices"]

CA's Gov Newsom is fundraising for Tennessee Democrats!

OMGOSH.....Spring IS truly here!!! Saw my first convertible of the season!!!!

Weren't the gifts to Thomas taxable income?

Watch Putin caught in an awkward moment

Former Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller

Who is Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jon Stewart: We got out of 20 years of war and the Pentagon got a raise.

Historic failure

The anthem Wasteland of the Free is as relevant now as it was when Iris DeMent released it in 1996.

Clarence Thomas' Lost South Africa Connection

Is lawrence o'donnell switching times

I just sold my homing pigeon on ebay

Joyeux anniversaire au Petit Prince !

Sunset Over The Algarve

Guy Finds A New Roommate On The Side Of The Road

One Ohio hospital recently ended their maternity services, another will soon follow suit

The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt is carrying a massive bloom of brown seaweed toward Florida and th

This Dog Is Proof That Love Can Make Miracles Happen

WI: Opinion Ben Wikler and the 'industrial strength' campaign that won

The Deafening Silence of Florida's College Presidents

Lawmakers Call for Investigation and Ethics Reforms in Response to ProPublica Report on C Thomas

A Very Very Solid Case

Liberal law firm to argue gerrymandering violates Wisconsin Constitution

This needs to be said.

For the first time, a monthly average figure at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory closes at 421 ppm.

Texas Republicans Try to Break the Internet to Deny Women Abortions

In a state fraught with racist history, GOP expulsion of "Tennessee Three" hits a nerve

Democrats push abortion rights to the ballot in 2024, using an old GOP playbook

It Only Seems Unprecedented

Jordan seeks testimony from senior counsel to Manhattan DA in connection to Trump probe

SCHOOL BUS driver rant goes viral after expletive laden tirade...

The Abortion Ban Backlash Is Starting to Freak Out Republicans

1,800 Yr Old Venus Statuette, Goddess of Love, Artifacts Discovered In Roman-Era Trash Site, France

FL: St. Petersburg City Council votes 'no' on giving money to abortion care fund

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 7, 2023

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the report on leaving over there....

PA: As Allegheny County district attorney primary heats up, attack ads begin

Really? Travis Kelce?

Fed up Manhattan District Attorney issues bad news for House Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

This ain't over.

Anna's Hummingbird

PA: School Board Candidate Rick Haring Aims To Restore Stability To Central Bucks School District

I literally got to "carry the cross" this Good Friday.

MAGA Vandal Gets Busted After Leaving Trump Stickers At Crime Scenes - Farron Balanced

Trump Calls for Defunding the Police! - Luke Beasley

New Batch of Classified Documents Appear on Social Media Sites

NYC Cops confiscate arrestee's phone, dont realize it's still recording for 8 hours

Illinois among states considering ban..

Majority of Nashville council members say they will vote to reinstate expelled legislator

5:27pm EDT on Deadline White House...

China's Systemic Financial Crisis Risk; EU-China Developments - China Update

30 minutes of MAYHEM: Julia Child's 3-course steak dinner in half an hour

My Easter weekend movie:

HeadsUp VP Harris will speak in a few minutes

Army sergeant guilty in fatal Texas shooting of BLM protester

JAX MAYOR: Donna Foundation Mother's Day race will happen as scheduled after city asked to move it

Poetry Man - Phoebe Snow - Live

VP Harris to meet with expelled Democratic lawmakers in Nashville - MSNBC Reports

GOP candidate says teachers "poisoned" his child & turned them nonbinary bisexual

50 Shades of Cray: Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Laura Loomer as "Mentally Unstable" & a "Liar"

Tweet of the Day


Fmr. TN State Rep. Justin Jones calls expulsion 'a mockery of democracy' - Deadline - MSNBC

Florida health officials removed key data from COVID vaccine report

AZ-GOV: Lake: Don't sanction me because I believe my fact-free claims

12-year-old, 2 teens accused of fatal Florida shooting of 3 other teens

DeSantis the republican wants to own and over throw Corporate USA which obviously has GOP backing

Jamie Dimon weighs in on the impending debt ceiling standoff - CNN

RFK Jr is assembling a crack team....

Friday news dump: Judge rules FDA's approval of mifepristone is stayed.

A TN House member who urinated on another members chair was not expelled.

BREAKING: Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk issues nationwide ban of abortion drug mifepristone.

Appeals Court DESTROYS Insurrectionist Argument in NEW Ruling - Meidas Touch

🚨 BREAKING: Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk halts FDA's approval of mifepristone

The Maga-publicans' 4 suicide pills:

tweet: BREAKING: A federal judge in Texas just issued an order invalidating the FDA's approval of mi

California considers slavery reparations for Black Americans - Al Jazeera

I just had to share this.

BREAKING: American Taliban Handmaid's Tale Judge Issued Order Banning Mifepristone

Abortion Pill to Be Blocked Nationwide Under Judge's Order

Tish James and Hochul seek to toss House lines in New York

WSJ: pentagon leak includes more than just Ukraine briefing materials

Tenn: Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller, Dorothy Dandridge, Nicholas Bros- No.1 Song Dec. 7, 1941

Sunset Over Pacific

Doris Kearns Goodwin on expulsion: These events becoming turning points - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?

Sunset Over Pacific 2

The reason the expelled Reps used megaphones.

Memphis could lose funding for major projects if Pearson appointed back to seat, commissioner says

Texas judge suspends FDA approval of abortion pill mifepristone

Utah Republicans Accuse Mitt Romney Of Treason For 'Helping' Democrats - Ring of Fire

The Dems Need To Capitalize On This Thomas Story & His Paid Trips.....

🚨WA judge just issued a dueling injunction PROHIBITING the FDA from pulling mifepristone off market

As it happened

To ANY liberal/progressive, anywhere, who refused to vote for Hillary in November, 2016

Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump's media group, sues Herald-Tribune columnist for defamation

An Argument for Religious Freedom for Children?

Clarence‼️ TN‼️ TX Abortion pill ban‼️ FL‼️ ****‼️

VP Harris Delivers Remarks at Fisk Memorial Chapel

Trump reportedly directs aides to hire 'pro-white nationalism' failed GOP candidate

You lowlife, disgusting, offensive, hack motherfucker

ProPublica: Justice Thomas' decades long friendship with Republican donor - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

We are at war for the soul of the nation

Memphis could lose funding for major projects if Pearson appointed back to seat, commissioner says

Between Dobbs and tonight's decision to ban the abortion pill,

Sunset, southern MD 4/7

VP Harris is wheels down in Nashville. Meets with "Tennessee Three," legislators

Suddenly, the US is a climate policy trendsetter

Tennessee protests the day after the expulsions

Homeowners' insurance just went up $125/mo.

New Batch of Classified Documents Appears on Social Media Sites

I want to congratulate Joe Biden on winning the 2024 election

Statement of Senate Majority Leader Schumer of Texas abortion medication ruling

Today in WA state, a FEDERAL judge ordered the FDA to NOT withdraw the abortion pill from the market

Marjorie Taylor Greene's stunt backfires in humiliating fashion - Brian Tyler Cohen

Statement from President Joe Biden on Expulsion of Tennessee Lawmakers for Acting on Gun Safety

Vice President Kamala Harris meets with expelled Black Tennessee lawmakers

Magdalene Laundries - Joni Mitchell

Raskin and Comer trade barbs after internal memo reveals new details on six House Oversight subpoena

MTG plays "pot calling kettle" with Lara Loomer; tfg scraps plan to hire Loomer

New Batch of Classified Documents Appears on Social Media Sites

I'm exhausted but hopeful: Black lawmaker discusses expulsion - Morning Joe - MSNBC

All of entertainment tonight is about Michael J Fox.......the whole show.....

Circuit Judge from 9th & Circuit Judge from the 5th issue opposing orders

Lindsey Graham Breaks From Trump Demand After Emotional TV Defense

Who's playing at the Gorge in 2023? A full list of artists, bands