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WI: Liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley says she'll seek a fourth term in 2025

This shit. AGAIN.

Help! Willow wants to eat my charging cords!

That bird is extinct! -- It was alive when you bought it!

FL: Two Broward School Board members face touching allegations; chair calls for investigation

Texas federal judge rules to halt FDA approval of abortion pill - WFAA

From what happen in Tennessee and Texas, we MUST have massive turnouts in every election, and

Fresh cannon fodder for the front in Bakhmut - Break the Fake - TVP World

Jonathan Capehart was too nice to that asshole debating him on public TV. The a'hole was sitting in

Unfair Labor Practices Charge Filings Up 16%, Union Petitions Remain Up in Fiscal Year 2023

Biden's guide to 270ev.

Save the date: One year until total solar eclipse sweeps US

BREAKING: Judge suspends FDA approval of abortion pill mifepristone, but government can appeal

Just read this description about grief.

A short documentary on the vaquita, the world's most endangered cetacean.

Tranche of purported U.S. and allied military secrets leaked online in possible major intelligence

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about new Fox decisions and the pillow guy....

Tweet from Michigan AG re. the abortion pill's status in the state.

Scott Walker blames those meddling kids for GOP's losses in Wisconsin

Cancer and heart disease vaccines 'ready by end of the decade'

She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby ⚡⚡

Judge in Washington orders feds to keep abortion pill access

Is Mandela Barnes political career in WI statewide politics over will he win a statewide election in

Detroit Renaissance High School becomes home to national chess champions

Pentagon Investigates More Leaks of Secret Documents

Abortion is a losing issue for cons

Criminal defendant Trump could face Stormy Daniels in court as D.A. vows 'intimidation' won't work

Does the Slobfather have insiders leaking shit to Russia

AK: Election results: Anchorage Assembly stays blue

Outrage at GOP could propel expelled Democrats right back to their seats

Insect Farming Is Booming. But Is It Cruel?

House GOP Majority Struggles on the Easy Stuff

If I'm DOJ, I go *right* to #SCOTUS.

Biden invites Tennessee lawmakers subjected to expulsion votes to White House

Tucker Carlson Guest Flies Off the Rails, Calls for Secession! - Luke Beasley

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

BREAKING: Trump-appointed judge makes most DANGEROUS ruling yet - Meidas Touch

News & Commentary March 31, 2023

A little good news . . . Texas House blocks school voucher funding in blow to Gov. Abbott

USC student verbally threatened political group during event at student union, police say

*DoJ will appeal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk's decision. according to AG Garland, per MSNBC.

This punchable-faced shitbag is Andrew E Farmer, TN State Rep who wrote the expulsion motion:

Friday Talking Points -- Merry Arrestmas!

This Week at Justice - April 7, 2023 - The Justice Department

Memphis could lose funding for major projects if Pearson appointed back to seat

another red eyed tree frog shot from the rain forest

Biden proposes rule for transgender student athletes that allows for some restrictions

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel & Cactus (live at VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, 10/15/2002)

Political outrage grows after expulsion of two Black Tennessee lawmakers - ABC News

Champion cyclist Ethan Boyes hit and killed by driver in SF, police say

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel & Cactus (live at VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, 10/15/2002)

Major advertisers worry about Elon Musk's 'racist rhetoric,' report says

Vice President Harris meets with ousted Tennessee lawmakers - CBS News

IL Governor Pritzker rejects major part of Mayor-elect Johnson's tax plan.

Pro Choice image dump

"Covenant Mom" breaks down while embracing Justin Pearson

NV: Proposed bill would establish 'Bill of Rights' for people with disabilities

Pharmaceutical Firm - Cancer and Heart Disease Vaccines 'Ready by the End of the Decade'

Abortion pill case likely heads to SCOTUS after two judges issue conflicting rulings - All In - MSNBC

The BBC World Service broadcasts to the US is on my local NPR station @10pm, eastern

Anybody have enough money to file to have the FDA's approval of Viagra

Woman hoping to adopt foster children sues Oregon over LGBTQ expectations

Wow! This has been one hell of a news day and week!

Tennessee lawmakers expelled from state House in latest example of political division - Washington Week

Federal judge suspends the FDA's approval of Abortion pill - ABC News

A "brilliant story about...JustinPearson" from Tennessee.

The Trump investigations you should actually care about

NYC: Voting in Other Languages: Registration Hindered By Lack of Translation

07 Apr: Ukrainians demolish Russian positions with tanks - Reporting from Ukraine

MAGA Tennessee Legislature Makes APPALLING Antidemocratic Move - Talking Feds

Missouri AG doesn't want the public to know he's pushing wild legal theories in abortion cases

Expelled Tennessee State Rep. Justin Pearson on his path to reinstatement - All In - MSNBC

New Mexico governor signs over 200 bills into law

Biden administration appeals judge's ruling ordering abortion pill off U.S. market

"stand back and stand by" :D

Yeah, Exactly Like Jesus (Ferret)

LA: Teens take on anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in conservative St. Tammany

Dennis Kucinich "advising" RFK JR on his campaign. May become his campaign manager.

Southern California ports shutdown highlights high-stakes contract talks

Kacsmaryk's decision absolutely embraces fetal personhood. this goes WAY beyond Dobbs

I'm so GLAD that Faux News showed the whole TN debate and vote live.

Trouble in Disinfo Paradise : "Matt Taibbi is leaving Twitter"

Texas Republicans target Harris County in voting bills

Are you still proudly defiant or contrarian or whatever fuckshit excuse you use to sleep at night?

Ars Technica : Florida officials deleted data, stats from dubious COVID analysis: report

Germany to host biggest NATO air excercises in history - DW News

Gun Control IS Pro-Life

We are 'just beginning,' Tennessee GOP boasts in fundraiser after expelling Democrats

Appeals Court Makes Major Jan 6 Ruling - Raw News And Politics

The Lawless Ruling Against the Abortion Pill Has Already Prompted a Constitutional Crisis

Danco Laboratories, the manufacturer of Mifeprex aka mifepristone, also appeals to the 5th Circuit

Expelled Democratic Lawmaker BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN with most POWERFUL speech of the year - Meidas Touch

University of Oklahoma reports an active shooter is on campus

Jim Jordan lands himself in surprise legal trouble - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sometimes I forget that ..."Today is a Wonderful Day"

AMA: Texas mifepristone ruling flies in the face of science

Wyden to President Biden and FDA after Texas Ruling: Ignore Any Ban, Keep Mifepristone on the Market

What Happened in Tennessee Is Scarier Than The Expulsion of 2 Lawmakers

Must disgusting words in the media, "active shooter."

Active shooter at Univeristy of Oklahoma

Randy Rainbow hard at work;

six shot at south carolina beach?

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Peace talks must focus on creating a 'new world order' - DW News

Is this gonna take all night? - not what anybody thinks

Active shooter, U of Oklahoma, Norman

The Indicted One isn't the headline.

A music video that is like a movie.

Mehdi Hasan debates Matt Taibbi on the Twitter Files and Elon Musk

I wonder if there should be a National Boycott of the state of Tennessee?

This is how a hack Federal Judge describes a medication abortion

What is the most famous site in Illinois?

Clarence Thomas and torture memo author John Yoo discuss Harlan Crow.

U.S. Coast Guard is helping Ecuador protect against Chinese and Russian fishing incursions

Tennessee Democrat on ousted colleagues: 'The world is watching' - The Last Word - MSNBC

what the hell? why didn't anybody tell me?

Honduras Again Extends Emergency Powers to Fight Violent Gangs

Fuck you Alito. eom.

The judge ruled the FDA's authorization of mifepristone was done inappropriately.

Harry Connick - Basin St Blues

Jessica Valenti: The Men Who Ruin Us

As Colombian volcano rumbles to life, villagers resist evacuation

Daniel Perry found guilty of murder in protester's death (George Floyd protests)

'Can't imagine anything closer to slavery': Joy Reid on anti-abortion movement's endgame for women

Nicolette Larson and Commander Cody - Stems and Seeds Again

My life as a Taiwan crime boss

So is this how it works in America now?

Ray Charles - A Song for You

Seth Meyers - Trump's Attorney Calls Final Charges "A Relief" - Monologue 4/6/23

Warming may push more hurricanes toward US coasts, especially in Florida, study says

Bobby "Blues" Bland - I'll Take Care of You

Tal Mahal and Keb Mo - Corinna

I went in to my doctor for my ACA annual wellness checkup today, and had the PA...

Musk's Twitter is now at war with Substack

Grateful Dead - Big River - 1978

Vibrant Hues of Spring

What good does the constant blaming of voters (or non-voters) do?


Cute marriage proposal:

'They break rules every day': Tenn. Black Caucus chair calls out GOP hypocrisy on expulsions - ReidOut

college "got" their kids.

Jorma Koukonen and David Bromberg - Hesitation Blues - 1986

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, Taiwan, and shipping....

Is this what the founding fathers wanted?

George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Wllie and the Hand Jive

How to understand the dueling abortion pill court rulings - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) won by 280 votes. She joined the effort to preserve access

So how did the anti-choice plaintiffs have standing to challenge the FDA's approval of mifepristone?

My prediction on what he'll do if convicted.

Why liberals retaking control if Wisconsin's supreme court is a big deal - The Last Word - MSNBC

Statement from President Joe Biden on Decision in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA

CCR - Midnight Special

Elie Mystal: Trump 'Did the Deed' but this Long Overdue Indictment is Built on a Shaky Foundation

OBGYN: Judge's order banning abortion pill is the 'beginning of the assault' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Oregon's Wyden urges Biden administration to ignore Texas judge's abortion pill ruling

My thoughts on the 2nd amendment.

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 9 2023 - The Postwar Years and the Television Era

TCM Schedule for Monday April 10, 2023 - Great Directors at Warner Brothers

The Hidden Role Of Food In Urban Conflicts In Central America

China's $9 Trillion Debt Nightmare as Local Government Financing Vehicles Threaten Economic Collapse

My friend in CA is no stranger to what life can throw

GOP drifts farther from U.S. voters on abortion as their aims make pregnancy less safe - Velshi - MSNBC

Give Your Bitcoin to the Poor, Salvadoran Economist Urges Nayib Bukele

Joyce White Vance: No More Mifepristone

A little GTA V face-to-face racing

Clarence Thomas offers weak response to exposure of his flagrant ethical failures - Velshi - MSNBC

Loving Longmire!

WTF? Stephanie Rhule has Andrew Yang on pitching the Forward Party.

Retired Salvadoran officer arrested by ICE, implicated in massacre

What is at stake at the EU-China summit? - Eastern Express - TVP World

TN explusions "3rd prong of long range strategy" 1. make voting harder 2. challenge election

daycare worker being rough with kid (she's been fired)

Court of Appeals Deals MASSIVE BLOW to Trump in Latest Order - Talking Feds

Buenos Aires airport turns into unofficial homeless shelter

Wordle 658 4/8 ***Spoiler Thread***

I just woke up to a BBC episode of "Guns In America" where they...

In these difficult times a word of encouragement from one of my heroes!

Saturday 8 April , 2023. Wrong date at first, my arthritic fingers are acting up

Kelly Brough faces Mike Johnston in Denver mayor runoff

Bonus Tweet of the Day

30 Poems in 30 Days

High Court: Trans girl can run girls track in West Virginia

One of their buddies ran off with my metal, insulated water bottle.

VP Harris meets w/ the Tennessee 3 after lawmakers expel 2 Democratic reps (full speech video)

Egret Preparing Nest

Born on drugs

Funky Town, March 1980 and Larry the Cat sent a tweet

"The Tree". What a wonderful movie!

US deploys guided-missile submarine amid tensions with Iran

On this day, April 8, 2013, Annette Funicello died.

A Little Piano For Us

On April 7, 2019, the body of Mouseketeer Dennis Day was discovered.

Statement of Attorney General Garland on abortion medication rulings

On this day, April 8, 2000, "The Bruce Dickinson" demanded "more cowbell."

What the IRS is planning...

Why was the stock market closed for Good Friday?

"Empathy" and "Transparency"

Shrewsbury call-out paramedic stole cash from collapsed 94-year-old

News & Commentary April 2, 2023

403 Forbidden

Psssssssssssssst! MoscowMitch has not gone completely silent

"No Justins, No Peace"

Carl Sagan predicting our current "Celebration of Ignorance"

Kid Rot hates Bud Light

Gloria Johnson on Katie Phang.

A World of Chaos -Mike Malloy

TFG investigations you should actually care about

"Marjorie Toilet Greene"

anybody else wish we had a singles group here?

Tennessee House members who voted to stop debate in a deliberative body are the ones who should go.

Avian flu kills 3 California condors in northern Arizona

Photos: Bread Art

(I'm no Andy Borowitz but here goes): One Possible Future...

Clarence Thomas has made himself the *Great Value* quality Supreme Court Justice

Yip Harburg was born on this date.

Most catty bartender that I've ever seen

Steve Howe of Yes has a birthday today.

Would justice be served if indictments stop with the Manhattan "business records" case?

"I could do this all day!"

Per the TN Constitution the basis of the Tennessee Three's expelling was illegal.


NBC News last year warned that overturning Roe could end use of mifepristone, which is

Georgia DA expected to 'go big' with Trump indictment

Mischievous Cats Steal Their Moms' New Toy

Robert Kennedy Jr. is too conservative.

Not bad! Not bad at all! 📺

Regarding the "Rule of Law"

Of course it was a straight up lie

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts

Teck Spent $1.2 Billion On Cleanup, But Selenium Levels In Water Still 267 Times Safety Limit

In defending gifts from a GOP billionaire, Clarence Thomas raises more questions among his critics

Hey, Ronnie!

Masters Golf Tournament - an LIV event

They were hoping you'd be so afraid of our freedom you wouldn't mind sacrificing your own.

Wow. This is how it's done!

Fungal infection outbreak affects 90+ workers at Escanaba paper mill

An answer to which gun would I prefer to be shot by? First post(for the 2nd time)

GOP leaders don't want to talk about Kacsmaryk. Wonder why?

Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years

Weekend TOONs - Unethically Yours

60 Minutes never pushed back hard enough on the "pedophile" claptrap from Greene.

Question: Demopedia ?

China flies fighter jets near Taiwan after leader's US trip

Dogs of Chernobyl Are Experiencing Rapid Evolution, According to a New Study


Study shows dramatic insect decline is also occurring in forests

Lady Day And John Coltrane

You raised $10.00 on April 7, 2023 DU for Ukraine

"Happy Easter. You're still my counsel"

The view from 10,000 ft

Neat AI photo editing tool!

Republicans are out to steal democracy

Norfolk VA $2.6B flood wall plan - guess who doesn't get a wall

Same world, different planet: Trump's arrest lays bare US polarization

The case(s) against Trump: New York charges only beginning of legal woes

Fascinating article about how the uber rich have taken over the west, example Teton County.

Mary Osborne - Mary's Goodbye Blues

Steve Schmidt explains why clarence thomas is UNFIT for the Supreme Court The Warning

My Plan for Early Tomatoes/Updated 4/13 w/pics

Terry Pollard - Fedj

The gun problem is only getting worse

More on the deputies shooting man at wrong house?

People have accused me of having trump Derangement Syndrome...

Charlie Mariano - Brother Muthaiah

Activist group led by Ginni Thomas received nearly $600,000 in anonymous donations

You Don't Have to Cry - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Live 🌼

Tennessee becomes new front in battle for American democracy

US investigating whether Ukraine war documents were leaked

Are there not tax implications for accepting millions in gifts for Thomas? Just wondering

"Somewhere, deep in the jungle..."

Told You So

WOOOOO!!!!!!! Highest Atmospheric CO2 Since Human Ancestors Diverged From Old World Apes WOOOOO!!!!

WAPO: The Texas judge who could take down the abortion pill: Intro here:

Cat grooms ground hog; ground hog says don't stop:

The start of the greenhouse project...

Gorgeous cat with unbelievable coat:

Osibisa - Woyaya

North Dakota Republicans just voted to raise their meal reimbursements to $45/day, after blocking

Tiny kitten with high hopes:

Saturday funny We have an answer for the first joke, NEW-what did the alligator say to the fish?

Two tweets: cookies & cream; sweet dog shares his cookie with a friend:

We're going to find out sooner rather than later [if] Kavanaugh truly meant what he wrote last June:

A 'Covenant Mom' embracing Justin Pearson 😢

2 doggy daycare tweets--Dogs rush out to big play yard; Back home after 1st day at Doggy Day Care:

It's not just the lavish personal travel, Crow paid organizations which in turn paid Ginni

Walter Greene & William Lava - TV Cues from "The Pink Panther"

Feeding a baby penguin:

German Shepherd & kittens:

Russia's 'Merchant of Death' Warns Donald Trump His Life Is in Danger ... Que!


She's feeling the vibe:

The Alliance Defending Freedom are behind the Texas ruling to stop the FDA and mifepristone.

Border collie plays kickball with his boy:

Monday Artist Date in Dayton?

North Korea claims another test of underwater nuclear drone

An AR-15 Uses The Same Exact ...

Oldie but goodie: I don't know who this dog is, but he looks like a lot of fun--

Crook Thomas' Gifts in Perspective

When a bull decides to leave the bull fight 🐂


How good is this goodboi?

Toon. Worth clicking on link.

I do what I want, Karen:

Best kind of bath bomb:

Northern Cardinal & Baltimore Oriole

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 8, 2023)

Great idea re: gratitude lists

At the Masters: "How am I supposed to chip with that going on?"

Debate over expelled lawmakers brings more bad publicity to Tennessee

Can anyone explain this Georgia grand jury thing to me?

Happy Fertility Symbol Day

TCM tonight:

DOJ files appeal after judge reverses FDA approval of abortion drug

Esther Satterfield - He's Gone

DU format

He's back!🍫🍿🥤

Odyssey - Easy Come, Easy Go/Hold De Mota Down

Jackson Browne - These Days - Live 🌻

Goofed on earlier thread. I meant Robert F. KennedyJR running for President Will it hurt Joe or TFG?

Clarence Thomas' defense of receiving billionaire's gifts collapses under scrutiny: fact checker

Enforcing Heteronormativity Part 4

Iowa won't pay for rape victims' abortions or contraceptives

House Oversight Democrats say Chairman Comer held back evidence, misled on witnesses

No One Should Be That Shocked by What's Happening in Tennessee - Politico

Iranian women are changing cities by determining dress codes, defying authority

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - The Allman Brothers Band - Live 🌸

Mea Culpa: An Assault on our Democracy

Georgia Prosecutor May Go Big on Trump Indictment

Republicans Will Lose with Trump as Their Nominee

Susan Collins' Dire Warning About Matthew Kacsmaryk Proven True

Florida bill would allow supporters of Confederate monuments to sue over their removal

Dog With Only Child Syndrome Not Thrilled About New Puppy Sister

David Bowie and Moby - Cactus / Everyone Says Hi (Tonight Show 8/12/2002) + Moby on friendship w/DB

Democrats ask chief justice to investigate Clarence Thomas trips: 'It is your duty'

Op-Ed in 2019: Tennessee is a racist state, and so is its legislature (w/Justin Jones pre-election!)

Washington shutters pot businesses due to dangerous pesticide contamination

If Trump is the front-runner for the 2024 GOP nomination

Why won't you ever go hungry in the Sahara?

Washington's wolf population continues to grow with 8 new packs in 2022

Washington State House passes bill to end 40-year exclusive real estate listing contracts

Biden should defend Black cities having their power stripped by white outsiders

Texas Judge's Abortion Pill Ruling Brings Awful 19th Century Law Back to Life

I saw a CNN story on OBGYNs leaving practice in rural America. I forget where.

Two of the 'Tennessee Three': 'The Tennessee legislature is a very toxic work envi

Report: Florida officials cut key data from vaccine study

How a decorative shrub introduced by the British to India is now threatening tiger habitats

Federalist Society purports that Hamilton's view of "judicial restraint" is its guiding philosophy

Damn, have my ham in the oven and the transformer blew on our street. All electricity was out. Don't

Reintegration: Brazil and Argentina to return to UNASUR

An excellent Welsh Folk Tune "Yma o Hyd" sung by Dafydd Iwan"

Jill Filipovic: The Anti-Abortion Movement Will Sacrifice Anything to Control Women

Why Tortuguita's Murder is only The Tip of The Iceberg

E.P.A. Is Said to Propose Rules Meant to Drive Up Electric Car Sales Tenfold

Kamala's fiery speech in Nashville.....Just wow! Joe picked well.

FUCK YOU, GOOGLE! Just bought a new phone with Android 12...

Politico: Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it's Republican quicksand.

Elie Mystal: A Zealot Judge Has Ordered a Nationwide Abortion Pill Ban

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Wisconsin GOP talking about impeachments....

IOKIYAR in TN - Molestation, Spousal Abuse & Urinating on a Members chair NO Expulsion

New UK Times interview w/last surviving Spider from Mars, who at first thought Bowie "was an idiot"

Megyn Kelly is Big Mad That Stormy Daniels Was in Vogue Before Melania Trump (Hill Reporter)

Leaked Documents Reveal Depth of U.S. Spy Efforts

New UK Times interview w/last surviving Spider from Mars, who at first thought Bowie "was an idiot"

The Hideous Resurrection of the Comstock Act

Clarence Thomas faces punishment over undisclosed gifts - Brian Tyler Cohen

Why the Wage Gap Differs Among Asian American Women

BREAKING: Abortion has been safe and free in Cuba for over half a century (and still is)

How Will I Die? (found on facebook!) ♥ nt

Why the Wage Gap Differs Among Asian American Women

Why the Wage Gap Differs Among Asian American Women

OnlyFans performer may be fined for shooting a porn film on a sacred site in Colombia, report says

Why the Wage Gap Differs Among Asian American Women

UN chief demands Taliban revoke ban on women staff

Food stamps

UN chief demands Taliban revoke ban on women staff

UN chief demands Taliban revoke ban on women staff

Putin is scared: Pentagon Gives Ukraine "green light" for liberating crusade. - The Russian Dude

UN chief demands Taliban revoke ban on women staff

Lawmakers face budget for climate our kids will see

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts

Legal analysis request, re: legalizing medicines WITHIN states

Cartoons 4/8/2023

EMS levy lid lift would increase property taxes in Mukilteo

Haiti - 220th of the death of Toussaint Louverture : Ceremony of floral offering

'I Oppose the Mandatory Hijab' Button Campaign Puts Iranian Women's Rights Front and Center

Snake River dams' benefits replaceable; salmon aren't

'I Oppose the Mandatory Hijab' Button Campaign Puts Iranian Women's Rights Front and Center

Dangerous Zealots Defined

'I Oppose the Mandatory Hijab' Button Campaign Puts Iranian Women's Rights Front and Center

'I Oppose the Mandatory Hijab' Button Campaign Puts Iranian Women's Rights Front and Center

Mature forests do more for climate, wildlife, water

My son who is 29 just celebrated his 10 years of sobriety this week.

Tweet of the Day

Standing Together for Freedom: A Commitment to 14 Democratic Principles

Standing Together for Freedom: A Commitment to 14 Democratic Principles

Standing Together for Freedom: A Commitment to 14 Democratic Principles

Don Junior Tries To Take The Fall For His Dad In Hush Money Prosecution - Farron Balanced

Who is Matthew Kacsmaryk, the judge who suspended approval of the abortion pill mifepristone?

DOJ files appeal after judge reverses FDA approval of abortion drug

Trammell Crow Jr. Named in Human Trafficking Case

Young People Don't Know Their Emergency Contraception Options

Young People Don't Know Their Emergency Contraception Options

Young People Don't Know Their Emergency Contraception Options

Young People Don't Know Their Emergency Contraception Options

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Was the Most Honest Election In America

Idaho AG walks back opinion on prohibiting referrals for out-of-state abortions

School's transgender policy trumped teacher's religious rights, U.S. court rules

5th Circuit Pitchbot




The end goal of the right is fetal personhood and the abolition of legal abortion in the U.S.

My first efforts at seed-saving and starting seedlings indoors.

Trump Supporter Goes From Awkward To Offensive In 15 Seconds

Homage to Young Frankenstein, Florence edition

Trump Faces 34 Felonies & Allegedly a Love Child - What a Week - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

About Tennessee. About racism. About us.

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts

A few photos from my last project for my photo class.

Will Congress take steps to impeach Clearance Thomas? What is your take on this?

Republicans Are Terrified That Trump Indictments Mean Accountability For Everyone - Ring of Fire

Bonus Tweet of the Day

As abortion ban looms, Florida may soon authorize 'baby boxes' for unwanted infants

Ron DeSantis and the Florida GOP want to make it harder for public-sector unions to collect dues

It's not just Tennessee. Let's not forget this proposal introduced in Florida to outlaw the Dem..

Western Tanager - Texas

Student Loans: New Lawsuit Doubles Down on Ending Student Loan Payment Pause Before June

Chinese Economy Already In Trouble?; Taiwan Public Opinion; Semiconductors - China Update

anybody dream of running a small town b&b? how about a brewpub?

PM Update: Clouds depart late tonight as we turn frosty. Sunny and warmer tomorrow.

One of my heroes has just passed, Ben Ferencz

Can a sitting president create protected classes?

Phil Lynott - King's Call (with Mark Knopfler)

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Contraception Prohibitions

Most amazing thing about using the computer for me is that it takes my mind off of everything else.

Iraq, Syria's Kurdish leader condemn attack on airport

Battleground states where the Democrats will hold onto the US Senate seats.

Flying Spaghetti Monster caught in the wild!

What does 1870s Comstock Act have to do with abortion pills?

news 5 nashville series on abuse of power in tn from before any of the current nonsense.

Founder of "Protect Our Kids First" arrested for allegedly downloading child sex abuse material

Duluth NAACP demands dismissal of man's gun charge

Dobbs Claimed to Return the Issue of Abortion to the People. We're Seeing Now How Ridiculous That Is

Mysterious black hole gases create stars

Guatemalans commemorate Holy Week with colorful street carpets

Iranian police plan to use smart cameras to identify "violators of hijab law"

On Assignment with Richard Engel: Ukraine - Freedom or Death

Supreme Court Established

Ok, I give up. I agree that a judge in Texas can overrule the FDA. Therefore...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia not being able to deny it anymore....

ACA policy with zero monthly premium!

For my 10,000th post--Killing Democracy

Who knew so many fools were willing to buy snake oil from a con man?

Deaf Man TASED For Not Complying - Lawsuit (LackLuster)

I was thinking of a sad memory of Easter--those colored real live peeps. I remember getting my new

Amanpour & Co: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Consequences of an AI Revolution

Great Egret with Nesting Branch

Maybe we should go back to Unwed Mothers Homes.

Shy shelter cat kept doing this in her new home

Some evangelicals are marking this week as the Passion of Donald Trump

So what are women on Idaho supposed to do?

The EU's New Plan to Handle China - TLDR News EU

What's for Dinner, Sat, April 8, 2023

So what's the deal with "processed" foods?

Scotty Walker tears: his LEGACY CONSERVATIVE PROGRAMS are at RISK!!!

Molly Shannon is hosting SNL tonight

Abortion Pill Cases Appear Headed to Supreme Court

Democratic US Senate nominees that will perform better than the previous US Senate Election.

wow, it all looks like 3 centuries of the WORST conservative ideas

Just out of curiosity, how many automatic "don't need to hear no stinkin' arguments!" votes

Philadelphia mayoral candidates discuss public health crises

DeSantis War Chest Obscures Challenges Ahead

The Best Retro, Revamped, and Redesigned Motels and Hotels in Los Angeles

Ironic or tone deaf or sarcastic?

OPINION: Philadelphia mayoral candidate Cherelle Parker stands out from Democratic pack

This week in Philadelphia's race for mayor

The aspiring dictator strikes again

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Mayoral candidate Cherelle Parker building diverse coalition to win

Current WI Lt Governor Sara Rodriguez vs Former WI Lt Governor Mandela Barnes.

NE: Final primary results suggest a tight race ahead for Lincoln mayor

Chinese planes cross Taiwan Strait median line; Tensions rise - Times Radio

re the church sticking their nose in my business-

CO-03: Democrats eager to take on Boebert again after near-upset

North Dakota Senate Votes To Expand Free Meals For Its Members -- And Not For Kids

Tennessee Becomes New Front In Battle For American Democracy

Carry On - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 🔆

Orlando paper epically takes down Ron DeSantis for his obsession with punishing Disney

Trump Supporters Create Chaos For Ron DeSantis During New York Book Signing Event - Ring of Fire

The gag order the Judge put on Trump

joe biden should offer clarence thomas a nixon special pardon if he steps down.

DOJ to investigate leaks of apparent classified US military documents - CNN

After House vote signaling opposition to school choice, Gov. Greg Abbott says the fight isn't over

DUI driver uninjured after 1 killed, two cars knocked on to the beach.. Pacific Coast Highway

PA-01: Ehasz Running For Congress Again

weird story. Shop teacher rents car, doesn't tell owner that his shop students will race it.

Pa. primary election 2023: Supreme Court candidates with party backing show fundraising advantage

Great reddit thread: Federal judge halts FDA approval of abortion pill mifepristone

Ron DeSantis And Florida Republicans Have A Plan To Squeeze Public-Sector Unions

Trump's Secret Service detail was willing to quickly hand him over to Manhattan investigators: repor

Another strikeout for Representative George Santos

Rosa Parks and Emerge, the black national news magazine, had Clarence Thomas pegged decades ago

Happy Caturday from Larry the Cat

The Depravity Of A Republican Budget

When you need a mouse pad...

Justice Clarence Thomas's ethical lapses are likely also crimes. Time for an investigation. - Kirschner

Cop Fatally Shoots 17-YO Father After Startling Him From Sleep

Outsmarting the dog

John Prine's last recorded song

Who adopted who?

Bank Of America Ends Conference After Pro-Russian Bias Noted

Afghan religious scholars criticize girls' education ban

Afghan religious scholars criticize girls' education ban

Excellent Read: "It Only Seems Unprecedented"

My son works for Compass Housing Alliance in WA State.

News & Commentary April 3, 2023

I was giving Carys a cuddle and looked up to see this

Exonerated Central Park Five member mimics Trump with full page ad against former president BY CHEY

The state of America 55 years after MLK's assassination - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

After strike, LA school district workers approve labor deal

After strike, LA school district workers approve labor deal

I am old, so don't know how to do this

I apologize 4 a post on a "Tennessee Boycott." I was totally wrong, and I am sorry to everyone here,

SCOTUS Justice Abe Fortas resigned from the Court when scandal was discovered

OMG, my friend, a fellow attorney, is still swigging that Trump Koolaid advertised on FOX.

Texas judge delivers on the hopes of his antiabortion world

New books on Waco and the KKK provide context for understanding Trump: review

Fmr TN State Rep. Justin Jones: 'They say the South will rise again, I say the South will rise anew'